In or Out: Mireille Enos in Rachel Roy

Posted on March 29, 2012

So. AMC’s The Killing returns for its second season this week.

Mireille Enos attends the premiere of AMC’s “The Killing” Season 2 in LA in a Rachel Roy dress paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Rachel Roy Floral Silk Dress

Giuseppe Zanotti Two-tone Glossed-leather Pumps

A lot of people — Hi, Mireille, we’ll get to you in a second – a lot of people have asked us, okay…a number of people have asked us if we’ve reconsidered our position on the show since our little hissy fit last year and were we going to return to doing weekly reviews?

Bitches, we aren’t even gonna watch that thing. Not one second of it. Have fun with it if you want to, but when the commercials started airing, the second we saw Mireille brooding in another ugly sweater in the rain, we started twitching with PTSD. We’re done with that one.

Okay, Hi, Mireille! We were just talking about you! Now we’re gonna talk about your dress.

It’s a cute dress, no? At least we think so. We don’t blame her one bit for wearing something bright, bold, and girly on the red carpet since the show goes out of its way to put her in some seriously lumpy sweaters. Who wouldn’t want to glam it up a bit for the poledance? We also really love those shoes, although we’re not entirely sure we love them in red and white and we don’t think they were a good choice for this dress. The shoes need to be as simple as possible, we’re thinking; at least on the color side of things. There’s enough going on in the dress that it doesn’t need a graphic pair of shoes fighting with it. We’re not super-crazy about the flat-ironed hair either. And we know it sounds crazy to add anything else, but we think some sort of necklace or pendant would have bumped things up considerably. So it goes like this: Keep the dress, switch out the shoes for black ones and slap on a bright piece of jewelry. Also, do something entirely different with the hair.

And you, kittens? Do you have thoughts?


Vote Now!


IN! It’s bold and mod! She looks adorbs!

OUT! 1970s bathroom wallpaper!


The minions didn’t agree with us on Jennifer Lawrence’s overly complicated frock, voting it IN.


[Photo Credit: David Gabber/PR Photos,,]

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    • Laura Rizzo

      i love the dress but surely another inch or even two on the hem wouldn’t go amiss? it’s short even for a mod length. love the look though. i like the shoes and the hair and other accessories are presentable. IN.

      • RebeccaKW

         Yes.  I was thinking the same thing re: the hem.

        • Monica Day

          No doubt. Obviously she’s on the red carpet posing but, for the 50% of the population who has worn that length and then sat with their naked thighs pressed to foreign furniture, the first thought upon seeing it isn’t good. Wearing something that uncomfortable to your own premiere comes across like forced cheer. On the model the fit is casual and easy, whither it were so on the actor.

          • Alisa Rivera

            Keep in mind she probably never sat in that dress outside of the limo. Actors generally don’t watch their own movies at the premiere. They show up for pics and then split for the after party.

          • RebeccaKW

             A big reason I never sit when I go to a club.  You see all the ladies with their super short skirts on, sitting on those cloth covered seats.  Ugh.  If I get tired, I’ll just lean against the wall.

        • Judih1

          me too. WAY too short

      • EveEve

        In, from head to the white tips of those lovely red shoes. 

      • funkycamper

        I would have like to see it just a tad longer as well but it’s still a big IN from me.  Love the shoes with the dress, hair is OK, makeup is nice and fresh.  Would have liked a yellow or cream bag.  A pendant might have looked nice if it’s simple but I really don’t think this dress needs jewelry.  Again, IN!!

      • guest2visits

        Yes; the dress would have been that much more pretty and feminine looking if the length had the proper balance/proportions.
        It’s not about being prudish; it’s about looking put together stylishly.

    • newleaf1

      In.  I love those shoes.

    • Kate Andrews

      In on the dress, and actually, I like the hair because it’s got a 60s feel like the dress. 

    • serenitynow02

      The dress is cute, but it is way too short on her and that doesn’t flatter her in the least. And in red and white, at least from afar, those pumps look Payless. I’m giving it an Out.

      I quit after 3 episodes of Killing, so I’m way ahead of you in the could-care-less department.

      • charlotte

         And I am way ahead of you because I quit after one episode. The Danish original is great though.
        Dress looks like she’s ready for a gyn appointment.

    • Liana Brooks

      OUT – If she wants to pull the 70s vibe she needs the go-go boots. 

    • Heron

      That bust seam is driving me BATTY.  

      • Scarlet39

        Agreed.  It looks atrocious. 

        And the dress is just too short.


      • ballerinawithagun

        That was my first thought. It doesn’t seem to serve any fit purpose and with that kind of print it just look like a mistake. Initially I thought there was a black line across the photo. 
        Also too short.
        Black shoes would have been too heavy looking but these cheap looking in this color.

    • pattyw

      I was all set to give it an IN until I saw the last picture. Scary hem length, scarier legs.

      • DinaSews

        Thanks for pointing that out.  I was going to give it an in too but no, OUT.

      • drdirection

        what is wrong with her legs?

    • foodycatAlicia

      OUT. I love the dress, I think she looks amazing but at that length it’s just unhygienic!

    • littlemac8

      IN!  She looks yummy and aren’t you the guys that are always encouraging starlets to wear prints!  I am trying to imagine a necklace that would look good on that dress and I’m unable to conjure something suitable.  She looks great – leave her alone!!  And now you’re going to by boycotting The Killing.  I’m going to start it and then we’ll see.

      • Alisa Rivera

        A necklace would compete with the dress. I don’t love the shoes but points to her for not wearing nude pumps and the dress itself is adorable. IN!

    • Maggie

      IN. I would never have even recognized her.

      I’m going to watch it again even after my tirades to everyone at the end of last season. But I’ll be watching it alone. My husband refuses to give it another chance.

    • Kimberly Southern-Weber

      In.  I think it’s great she’s not dressing like her character…

    • Daniela ‘Dani’ Weiss-Bronstein

      Out. Her hair looks horrible, the shoes make the whole thing look comical, and I have zero interest in seeing that much of her upper thighs. That dress was not intended to be panty area short.

    • Pupioso

      In. I like the pop of color and the shoes.

    • Emily

      Out. That dress is awfully short.

    • JimMcC

      IN! Maybe not the right shoes for the dress, but I think she looks wonderful overall.

    • fozziewaca

      In, even though it is too short.

    • Annegret

      Lengthen the hem, heighten the hair.

      The NY Times is reporting that the killer of Rosie Larson won’t even be revealed until the Season 2 FINALE. ARE YOU EFFEN KIDDING ME??!! Not that I was going to watch it anyway, but that’s just ridiculous.

    • Mori Clark

      what’s going on with her face? i hate the sort of smile that’s all gums and top teeth 

    • NostalgiaOD

      Total IN!  Best I’ve ever seen her look, since I’ve only seen her in Cosby sweaters and Mormon Bump-It braids.

      • cluecat

        I miss her totally badass sister wife character from Big Love.  The Killing would have been so much better if it was Jo Dean solving the crime, wearing prairie skirts and braids, squinting Clint Eastwood style and kicking ass.

    • saanrio

      There are just little things wrong with this… as other people have said, do the hair up at least a bit, and add an inch, maybe two to the hem, change the shoes, and even without something in the jewelry department this would be much better.

      Overall, I’m not feeling all that bitter this morning, so IN.

      Shinhwa’s return to the KPop scene is killing my bitterness. LOL  

    • Lisa Weaver

      We’re not watching season 2 – we had a free run of AMC last year, so we tuned in with great anticipation and were greatly disappointed. Angered, even.

      I’ll give her an IN on this dress (but, please – lose the shoes).

    • mommyca

      oh no… I was debating whether watching it or not… but without your recaps (or Alan Sepinwall’s for that matter) then I definitely have NO reason to watch it…. I’m so upset they made her cop partner the bad guy at the last minute (the only character I cared for basically – by the way, the same actor had a small part in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie-) that I have basically nobody to care about in the show…. but I have to say I’m still intrigued who did it….
      anyways…. regarding the dress, I give her an IN…. 

    • VanessaDK

      I’m with you!  Not watching. I even muted the commercials during MM premiere.

      Uh, the dress is OK.  In.

    • Alli

      I think it’s cute, in a 70’s couch kind of way. I think it’s mostly because I’ve never seen her outside of lumpy sweaters or sister wife (Big Love) costume.

      Also, the first season of The Killing is now on Netflix Instant and I gave it a shot over the weekend….nope. Just, nope. I don’t even know how you guys lasted the full season, I gave up out of sheer boredom halfway through Ep 3. And then started rewatching Twin Peaks because that’s what I really wanted to be doing all along.

    • MiracleMaxie

      OUT.  If the dress were even an inch longer, if the hair were more interesting, if the shoes didn’t fight with the dress for attention…  too many “ifs”.  (And does she always smile like that?  It’s more gums than teeth showing.  Unnerving, to me.)

    • G


    • Heather Barkman

      Love the dress, agree with you on everything else, but IN.

      As for the Killing, I still get annoyed thinking about the absurdity that was the season finale. Definitely won’t be watching, although I will google to see who the killer was (if they ever reveal it and if I know who it is when they do – I’m predicting that the shadowy figure in the car talking to Holder will be some new character we’ve never met).

    • Anplica Fiore

      Shoes are a bit much with this dress, but its an IN for me!

    • linda

      in, I think a necklace would have been too much

    • kelsita421

      in! love the dress, agree about the hair, but love the shoes too — fun!

    • In_Stitches

      Definite IN.  Sure the hair is a little over-ironed and the shoes are a bit of a mismatch (the stock photo pair in the blue and green would have been fantastic), but the dress and great and she didn’t do enough wrong to make me forget about it. 

    • Stella Zawistowski

      Love this look. All of it. IN.

    • Noelle Brower

      I was disappointed with the Season 1 finale, frustrated and angry. BUT, I am curious how the writers will get themselves out of it. You stuck with The Walking Dead through a lot of crap, I’d love to read your commentary on the Season 2 premiere. I’ll miss it if you don’t. 

    • Jecca2244

      way too short.

    • Beth G

      Yet another dress that there’s no way she’s sitting down in….

    • sagecreek

      Even while acknowledging it’s too short, there’s no way I can vote this out. And if you cannot wear too short dresses when you are a 20-something star, well, when can ya?

    • Loren S

      I think just sticking with the green and black shoes would have been enough.  Despite that, and even though the dress is on the gynecological side, I’d go with IN.

    • Sara Munoz

      IN, but I’m not overenthused about it.

      I think she would look great with wavy hair. I’ve never seen The KIlling, but loved her in Big Love. So when I see her like this, I just want to braid her hair.

    • mini_d

      In! I really like it.

    • Elena

      In. Gimme that dress.

    • belfebe

      IN!  I like it.  Perhaps the contrasting hair tips are a bit off, but other than that she looks great.

    • TheLaurenJean

      In! Girl is werqing the look, even if it isn’t werqing, if that makes any sense. You can tell she feels fantastic, and that’s enough for me!

    • guestela


    • jw_ny


      I really like the bold print and think the colors and style suit her.  It is a bit too short, seems to be a RC trend.  I really like this type of dress though, that is a mini with long sleeves…kind of a 60’s throw back style.   I kind of like her hair too.

      I’m going back and forth on the shoe choice…I like them and they do compliment the dress but perhaps there is too much orange in the dress that makes them too coordinated.  Basic black pumps just seem kind of ordinary for this outfit though…. 

    • Judy_J

      I love this look…even the shoes, although I would have worn the green/black ones.  IN.

    • enid soto

      IN. She looks great, shoes and all. The dress looks more like a shirt to me, but she has the figure to make it work; it looks better on her than on the model.

    • Katie

      Love the dress. IN!

    • enuma

      Her eye makeup always makes her look like a female French Stewart.  Her eyes are much prettier when they aren’t layered with so much liner that she literally can’t keep them open.

    • Catiline

      I kinda hate the shoes (though I LOVE the green version by themselves), but overall it’s cute and unusual.  IN.

    • nannypoo

      I like this dress a lot but it’s a little too short. Her hair is pretty bad and the shoes are wrong.

    • Michael Rios

      I like the idea of what she’s trying to pull off, but the print just isn’t that fetching and the side-part hairdo is reading a little Michelle Visage at last week’s RPDR judging panel. OUT.

    • sherrietee

      In on the clothes; out on the show. :)

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      IN because it doesn’t bore me.

    • DominoEstella

      IN!  and I like the shoes with the dress.  She looks great.  I’m not sure if we’re going to tune in to her show.  I guess we’ll see how bored we are during the time period in which it airs.  

    • fireontiger

      IN, but TLo, your points about the shoes, hair, and jewelry are all spot on, as usual…

    • ecallaw

      I think she looks completely perfect.  IN.

    • jtabz

      I would have thought the hem too short if I hadn’t already watched this week’s episode of Mad Men! My brain can only register shock at one hem per week.

    • judybrowni

      Like the dress, but not the “world is your gynecologist” length.

      For once, the model got it right.

      That and the hair irked me most.

    • PeaceBang

      Very cute. Too damn short, and since I don’t know who she is and can’t really comment on the hair, and I love the shoes in green so much that I don’t mind them in the red (or with the dress), it all adds up to an IN. 

    • formerlyAnon

      There’s too much wrong to call it in, but it’s too cute anyway to call it out . . .

      She needs another inch of length on the dress. I like the shoes and for some reason they elevate the whole look for me, even while they are definitely WRONG with the dress.

      Hate the hair.

      Hell, OUT.

    • Allison Evans

      In! The dress is super pretty, sure, she probably could have spiced things up a bit, but overall, it’s a good look!

    • Deitra S.

      OUT!  I actually don’t like the dress.  I guess I’m a prude, but it just looks like she forgot her pants, and the print is ugly.  I pretty much agree re the shoes, although I think she could have gotten away with a solid red pump, and wouldn’t have had to go with plain black.  And I wholeheartedly agree that the green & blue ones are fab and infinitely better than the red & whites – not that they would have worked for this outfit either.  And lastly, that hair is so sad it just killed a baby unicorn.  But her makeup looks really lovely!

    • cluecat

      IN.  I can see all the “problems” – short length, boring hair and makeup, but I don’t really mind them.  The straight hair is a nice contrast to her thick curls we see all the time, and it lets focus shift to the dress, so it can be the loud, attention whore dress that it is.  She has beautiful muscular legs, I don’t blame her for showing them off one bit.

      I like the way she looks, even the shoes.  

      • Barbara Lee Woodruff

        I agree on all counts. IN

    • marlie

      It’s cute. IN!

    • Judy S

      IN. I think the shoes are OK with the dress and the hair is appropriately swinging.

    • xmixiex

      hate the look.  hate the show. 

    • Amy Ellinger

      Give it another inch on the hem, and shoes that pick up that tiffany-esque turquoise from the dress (which almost matches her eyes) and it would be supercute.

      Tentative IN, but just for being ballsy with the pattern.

    • AC

      I can’t with the coochie-cutter dresses. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Out!

    • Katrin

      IN! Not crazy about the seam cutting through the pattern, but I still love it.

    • lizajane1776

      In. I think it is all of a piece, works well together. Re: the show? Never watched it at all. Not my bag, baby.

    • FayeKat

      I think it’s a great dress for a brunette or a blonde, not so much for a red-head, well, not this one anyway. Plus her hair is auful and the shoes are all wrong for the dress. It’s an obvious OUT to me.

    • Sunshine16

      Love it, IN!  However, I hardly recognized her with a smile on her face!

    • turtleemily

      I kinda wish she had a chic ponytail going on, but that’s a minor complaint. In!

    • CQAussie

      Too short on her, looks like she wore a tunic and forgot to add pants.  Plus – hate the shoes in that orange-y red-y colour, the green ones in the pic are so much better.  But not with this “dress”.  OUT.

    • Elizabeth Baker

      In, all the way – shoes, hair, the whole shebang. Can’t wait for The Killing to start! 

    • Michelle Argento

      In. So adorbs. I can forgive her for The Killing for one moment to give her some snaps. 

    • MissMariRose

      IN. She looks hawt!

    • janetjb


      Too short for real life but it works here.

    • AgingWell

      In. A fun look. Yes it’s a short dress, but those legs look good. Also, the dress isn’t a body-hugger, so a girl could sit and the hem wouldn’t travel too far north.

    • Aly Light


    • nancymae

      Super cute IN.

    • BrooklynBomber


    • marywv

      IN. just for a change of pace. 

    • granddelusion

      Love it. Love it all. She gets an in.

    • MilaXX

      IN, I like everything but those shoes. In fact I think I’ve disliked that shoes every time it has appeared on the RC.  It’s not the shoe, it’s how they have been deployed. See I would wear these shoes with pants. Every time I’ve seen them paired with a dress, the shoes distract or clash. I don’t mind the hair or makeup here, but I don’t think this dress needed red shoes and it definitely didn’t need red shoes with white toes.

      Oh and BTW, I ain’t fooling with this show either. One circle jerk was enough for me.

    • Joyce VG

      IN! Adorbs!

    • kimmeister

      OUT because it’s just too dang short.

    • KathKo

      In !
      she rocks that floral sh… !
      Well, anything is better than her ugly outfits in that show. Seriously, guys ? A competent and powerfull police officer that happens to be a woman and you can’t come up with anything else than sweaters ? I mean, I get that to “keep it real”, you wouldn’t go to the glamcop road taken by CSI and the like, but, sweater ? Really ?

    • Julie Chase

      In, but it’s far too short.

    • funkypeanut

      I think that perhaps this is simply not her dress. It seems to age her, or perhaps that’s the hair, which doesn’t suit her. I’m lusting after the shoes in green, though.

    • Tadiana Walton Jones

      Excuse me while I deal with my 70’s flashback.  Too short even by  Hollywood standards (or at least, it should be).  Out!

    • Dagney

      That’s a WERQ for me.  She looks stunning.

    • marilyn

      IN. My only issue is that the dress is a tad too short.  She is young, so the makeup and the hair are fine.  She is rather fair, but the boldness of all that black does not overwhelm her.  Her skin has a nice healthy glow, which stands up to the severe color of the dress.  Kudos. 

      I don’t even care about the shoes, but I am way tired of faux-Trojan/Roman-sandals.   That look has been overdone to the point they are getting way too elaborate, and the shoes should be showing up in second hand stores by now.  That look is not a classic, but a bad, long running fad. 

      A necklace would compete with the dress and be too distracting.  The earring is just perfect.

      If the dress were an inch or two longer, the whole thing would be perfect.  

    • MoHub

      Is there a way to report spam? I’m referring to the posting below from “AMELIA.”

    • MandyJane

      In, agree with your critique though.

      Also, totally with you guys re The Killing. The show started out so wonderfully, it’s a shame they ruined it. 

    • Renaissance_Man_ATL

      IN!  I think she looks great and I love those shoes with the dress.

    • crash1212

      IN. I think she looks way cute and I LOVE her hair! And also the shoes…with the dress.

      I ain’t gonna watch that silly show this time around either and had a similar reaction to seeing the promos for it. Blech!

    • Aniela Marie Perry

      Something about the length gives her vulgar looking chicken legs. OUT

    • Allison Woods

      In. And give me that dress, bitches.

    • annieanne

      I swear I made that very dress — in something very like that fabric — in about 1970.

      And for anybody planning on watching the show, you better hope they don’t follow the Danish schedule. They’re not revealing the killer til the end of season three.

      • Laura

        I think they’ve promised they will resolve this murder by the end of this season

    • up with pod people

      In, love it.

    • bailey debruynkops


    • Laura

      From the neck down = IN. Neck up = do not like. 

      As for the show…. I’m going to give the season premiere a try…. I am wary….

    • understateddiva

      It’s an out for me.  That print is wearing her, not the other way around.

    • Lilithcat

      That dress needs these boots.

    • Anne

      OUT. Hate the hair, hate the shoes, and honey, you forgot your pants.

    • chitowndg

      The shoes don’t go – it is pairing spectators with a mod print, i.e. the shoes have an entier different “feeling” than the dress.  I love the hair though – it looks very finished.   I don’t get why T-Lo does not likee the hair.

    • Tiger Gray


    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Oh this was kinda tough, but out.  She should have kept the length closer to the knee, and worn some yellow shoes. Its spring. Let’s have some fun with color.  I want the freaking green shoes.  Swoon.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Good lord she’s tall and thin!  Love the dress.  IN.

    • Sorana Tarmu

      IN for choosing bold and graphical, but it is ’70 bathroom wallpaper.

    • TSkot

      You’re nitpicking, guys.  She looks great head to toe.  IN

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      looks good but it’s a shirt.

      edited to add:
      at least in the last picture it is.
      it’s always hard to look at a sixtiesesque mini dress w/ eightiesesque heels.

    • Merneith

      Out I can’t get behind the shoes and the hair. And that’s a pretty challenging dress. I’m not sure she’s in the right weight class for it.

      I would have said it was too short but then I remember Megan’s party dress on Mad Men. Too short can work, sometimes.

    • Don Edwards

      IN. The hem is a little short, but I love the print. More women should wear prints like this.

    • Dorothea Brooke

      In on the look, in on the show.  Jeez, lighten up people.  

    • sockandaphone


      Also agree with Tlo – I am actually surprised this show got a second season. It was such a bore.

    • Larkin21

      I agree that the shoes aren’t great with the dress but she still gets an IN from me.

    • joe_tey83

      I was hoping you guys will do the watching and the recaps so I can be the one doing the reading and not watching.

    • ccm800

      In. Cute. 

    • lifetime_student

      Love the dress and I think the hair goes with the mod feel of the dress. Shoes are all wrong, but I’m giving her an IN. The show, on the other hand, gets a gigantic OUT. In fact, as we say in the South, not just no, but hell no!

    • butter nut

      IN.  the hair needs more volume & they should adjust the lights so she isnt squinting & making that weird smile. but all in all, a very good look for her.  

      also, im with you on the show.  it had everything going for it – great cast, great setting, beautiful photography & post production, but the writing is pure shit.  not going to waste another minute on it.  

    • altalinda

      In, although I do not like the white pointy thing at the toes of her shoes.

    • demidaemon

      IN. She looks super cute, and I like the shoes with it.

    • librarygrrl64

      IN! But I like the shoes better in green (although not with this dress).

    • Kerry McCombs

      IN. I think she looks fantastic. PLUS she’s married to Cameron Frye. For some reason I must give her props for that.

    • Sara__B

      OUT for having the dress hemmed too short and the hair ironed too flat and straight.

    • Louise Bryan

      The dress is cute, but it needs a Twiggy-esque person to wear it, and flats with minis!!!  That is not her dress, and the shoes are wrong.  Sorry, I’ve never seen The Killing and I don’t want to.  As for the pole-dancing (?) — Out!

    • Beth Gardner

      I had this very dress (in orange, pink, yellow and lime green paisley) in 1968, right down to the ruffled sleeves. Not that short – my mother wouldn’t let me, lol. Wore it with lime green shoes and HUGE ass yellow chandelier earrings – GAH. She needs to have a straight center part and some white/pink lipstick if she’s gonna try to redo that era.

    • Candigirl1968

      It’s an IN …. but, it’s at least three inches too short (you can tell in the hand on hip pose that it actually is showing butt cheek).  And, the hair is sad. 

    • Susan Walker

      I like the dress and shoes together but I wonder why they put a yolk on the dress which breaks up the pattern.  I really love the pattern and colors.  She is so pretty when not on that dreary show.  In.

    • Lexie

      I think that if she did what you guys suggested, this could have been a WERQ. That dress is fab.

    • AWStevens

      I was thinking more 2012 shower curtain but I still like it.  IN

    • Lilak

      You know something’s amiss when the sleeve ends that close to the hem.  
      Hairstyle a terrible decision.And I’m with TLo: this show remains Dead to Me.  Pre-season interviews reveal Sud & Co. still don’t understand last season’s finale furor AT ALL — not a good sign going forward.  And as soon as I read the new season includes some sort of ‘Mitch goes on a road trip and befriends a girl who reminds her of Rosie’ storyline, the ensuing eyeroll almost blinded me.Other opportunities to enjoy Joel Kinnaman are in the pipeline … I can wait.     

    • CatherineRhodes

      THANK GOD you’re sticking to your guns and not blogging that disaster. I thought maybe the past year had softened you, silly me. The PTSD comment was perfect. Likewise. “The Killing” has become the go-to comparison around our house for a show that mediocre-to-bad where you’re only hanging in for the expected payoff. eg: “This is turning into ‘The Killing’.”

      As for the outfit, I’m going IN.


    • DCSheehan

      In. Unlike her hoo-hoo which is hanging out..

    • aristida_girl

      In… Its nice to see her looking so happy, I barely recognized her

    • Sophie Collier

      That was a fast vote.  I woulda given her an IN just because I like to save my OUTS for jarringly bad outfits.  Also, want to mention that if Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts finally consummated their secret love, this is what their child would look like.

    • HobbitGirl

      Did she shorten the hem? It’s hitting her thighs at a weird level. A slightly longer skirt would make this look less like teenage go-go dancer.

    • Shawn EH

      In! Adorbs. Love that skirt length!

    • Eovaai

      OUT. The dress is cute but the styling is all wrong.

    • LilyPad

      Adorable from the hair down to the shoes!

    • Hilda Elizabeth Westervelt

      Honestly, it is the only interesting thing I have ever seen her wear, so I will give it an in.  And that show is so boring and depressing I am surprised that they brought it back at all.

    • TieDye64

      IN. I mostly like the dress and I think the hair works really well with this style. The shoes aren’t great, but imagine if they were black, or “gasp” nude, peeptoe platforms. At least she dodged that ugly bullet.

    • peter baker

      well, having watched the season 2 opener I can say with all honesty that you are missing out.  I actually thought of you both frequently throughout the double-episode opener.  I’m sure that had you discovered The Killing only now, and not had any sense of “being deserved an answer at the end of the first season” then you would have felt rewarded and enriched by the season two eps.  I have absolutely no affiliation with the network, nor the production team and I actually had a similar reaction to you at the close of season two but I wholeheartedly feel grateful that this story is continuing and feel it is being done so incredibly well. BTW, I kinda find this dress weird on her but, yeah, it’s kinda cute…