In or Out: Lily Collins in Peter Som

Posted on March 30, 2012

We think this is utterly adorable.


Lily Collins attends press event to promote her movie “Mirror Mirror” at the Empire State Building in a Peter Som dress.

We also think it’s really, really odd that movie-promoting events now require actresses to stand on rooftops. It’s like they finally ran out of space on earth to hold all the public appearance events for celebrities. By 2100, there will be floating press pods in the atmosphere to handle all the photocalls and book launches and vodka promotions that the average starlet will be expected to attend. Red carpets in the sky, as far as the eye can see.

We seem to have gone off on a tangent there, but what we’re trying to say is, we call this one an IN, no doubt about it. It’s colorful, chic, and it looks comfortable. But we thought we’d throw it out there for the kittens to chew over. Especially since many kittens have expressed a deep dislike for maxi-skirts.



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IN! Chic and different!

OUT! Looks like a bunch of dishtowels.



Voting on Ashley Greene’s “9 to 5” look is still wide open, darlings. Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen.

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  • Lauren Hall

    Oh yeah, and the dress is nice too. IN

    • Onymous

       They are fantastic.

    • Jill_3

      I know, right? They’re gorgeous. I find it cruel that they now dangle little starlets off skyscrapers these days. If I were her, I’d be crying. Another reason I will never make it in show business (including lack of talent, lack of desire): I’m terrified of heights.

      Dress is adorable.

    • siriuslover

      I love that more women are keeping natural eyebrows and not plucking them to extinction.

  • ErinSara5

    IN. Love it.

  • Monabel


  • IAmJ

    Cute! IN.

  • fireontiger

    In, no question. She looks fabulous.

  • PastryGoddess

    IN Her face is fantastic.  The dress is lovely as well 

  • schadenfreudelicious

    the dress may resemble dish towels, but they are very chic and flattering dishtowels!..she looks lovely, IN

    • JosephLamour

      I kind of love her a little bit, so she gets a leeway IN. I would have liked it to have maybe been sleeveless though.

  • Susan683

    cute and age-appropriate. IN

  • How could this be anything but iN?

  • Anathema_Device

    I’m voting a big IN to your tangent. Hilarious!

    I’m voting a regular In on this look. Very cute, and somehow the print is not overwhelming her.

  • J D

    Are those separates?  Absolutely not!

  • altalinda

    I’m not enthusiastic about the length, but she looks so darn cute, so In.

    • BayTampaBay

      Fill the same way about the length but still an IN!

  • CQAussie

    I like it too, IN!

  • serenitynow02

    In, but I wish her feet had not disappeared.

  • In-though I think it would be cuter if it was a short dress.

  • elleg929

    Very cute:  IN!

  • I actually don’t like the dress very much, but she looks good. Still IN.

  • kimmeister

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it.  It obliterates her shape, and I don’t like the print.  Guess I have to say out.

  • terpsichory

    Are those pics supposed to look like she uploaded them to facebook herself?
    Just lil’ ol’ me goofing around atop a skyscraper XDDD

    Maybe so kids can relate?
    Seems that what’s next is not so much a photocall in the clouds but in pjs and toe socks on the respective starlet’s couch.

    Maybe that wouldn’t even be too bad. She does look great and comfortable here…

  • LeBarron

    I have a deep dislike for maxi dresses, but I do like this one on her.  IN.

  • marilyn

    OUT.  It is too casual to be worn out in public.  The dress is fine itself, but should be worn for lounging around.  The pool.  Drinks and a cozy dinner at home.  When someone rings the doorbell and she needs to get dressed fast.  Etc.  This is not for a public ‘event’.  Other than that, it is very cute on her.  Right dress, wrong place.

  • In. I wouldn’t mind it being an inch or two higher, it almost seems too long for her, but it’s still cute.

  • JasmineAM

    She is ADORABLE. I’m not a fan of dresses like this, but I think she looks great. I also really want her brows. 

  • sagecreek

    Adorable! IN! (yeah, it should have been shorter. Oh, well.)

  • IN.  She is freakin’ adorable.

  • Nice look, big IN!

  • IN. Very cute on her.

  • lalahartma


  • nannypoo

    Really cute, and really cute on her. I saw her on a talk show recently and found her to be super irritating, so I’m glad to see her looking cute.

  • AlexisPayne


  • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

    I think it works for a young skinny starlet like her. IN.

  • In. I want to steal her face.

  • vintagion

    In, though I wish she had a big statement ring or something. Great hair for this look. Go, girl!

  • Dhammadina

    Cute. Cute. Cute. In.

  • In! Cathy Cambridge should look into maxi-skirts like this, I have a feeling they only look good on the slim-hipped.

  • charlotte

    Here I am with my deep dislike for maxi skirts, but whatever….I give this an IN.

  • RedRaven617

    In. She is very pretty.

  • Patricia Gillett

    IN. The dress is darling on her. 

  • SHe looks great, but wtf on the setting?

  • dishtowels.

  • crash1212

    Wow. OUT. It’s SO plain…it needed SOMETHING to zchooz (I have NO idea how to spell that) it up…so very, very plain. And boring. And where are her feets? She’s beautiful – dress is not.

  • fringebenefit

    In. But I’d prefer to see a bit of shoe…seems too long, even for a maxi.

  • Love love love. In.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    concrete, yes, but aye like it too.

    actually, i really do like it. i just wish they hadnt had her pose next to something made of the substance which looks like, when it was dry, exploded all over her dress.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    This would be SO kickin’ if it were short , and so sassy for a young girl.  I really think the maxi-skirt is not the length for her or for this print.  If young Miss Collins was up there in King Kong territory today, it would have been mighty breezy, so maybe I can give her a pass for warmth, if not for top style.

    Ergo, qualified “IN.”

  • PeaceBang

    Very pretty. Seems an obvious and easy IN.

  • brokephilosopher

    I’m not normally a big fan of maxiskirts but she looks ADORABLE and comfortable and adorable.  IN!

  • brokephilosopher

    I’m not normally a big fan of maxiskirts but she looks ADORABLE and comfortable and adorable.  IN!

  • Sara__B

    Not perfect, but IN. I’d like this better if the skirt were short instead of a hitting-the-floor maxi, but that’s a minor quibble.

  • Sara__B

    Not perfect, but IN. I’d like this better if the skirt were short instead of a hitting-the-floor maxi, but that’s a minor quibble.

  • TheOtherChristina

    Love this! IN.

    People hate maxi skirts? Where have I been?

  • TheOtherChristina

    Love this! IN.

    People hate maxi skirts? Where have I been?

  • She is adorable. Love it. IN. 

  • Joining the chorus of “Ins”.  Cute and fun.   All dishtowel dresses (Sweet P) should look so good.

  • Who hates maxi skirts?! Not I.

  • IN.

    Also, they’d BETTER cast her as young Liz in the Liz Taylor biopic.

  • lrhoff

    This suits her.  Nicely done.

  • nancymae

    Love. IN.

  • deliadee

    IN and adorable.  Just a skosh too long, though.

  • Small case in.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I’m giving it an IN, because she’s  doing her best to not let it wear her, but I do think this kind of dress calls for a taller woman.

  • elemspbee

    In. totally cute.

  • Lisa

    Out!  Not because it’s a maxi, although I’m not nuts about them either.  But it just doesn’t fit her well. It’s way too big.

  • siriuslover

    In. She looks really pretty and not in a princess-y way.

  • Judy_J

    IN. It’s a skosh too long, but she still looks adorable.

  • I like maxi skirts. Until I get schlerotherapy, I shall cherish their coverage. And she looks adorable, eyebrows and all.

  • In! I would totally wear this.

  • benjamin478

    completely IN!

  • Kira McAulay

    Adorable…in…. I love a maxi skirt and I do not care that I am barely 5′ tall and never wear heels!

    • MilaXX

       I’m 5’3″ and love them. Especially in the summer.

  • jen

    i’d love to wear this dress!

  • Would’ve been cuter as a knee-length dress. Floor-length skirts are either Fancy Pants Central (like Oscar gowns) or one step above pajamas for me. There is no middle ground.

  • In! She looks fun and youthful!

  • Excellence_and_Elegance

    Out. Shapeless, unflattering, and particularly uninspiring for a movie promotion. If she were going to a flea market this might be appropriate. 

  • quiltrx

    I think it’s really cute, AND a good logistical choice.  If you’re atop the ESB, you don’t want to have to worry about your short skirt floofing up and exposing your hoo-hoo.

  • MilaXX

    I LOVE a maxi and think she looks super cute here. The setting reminds me of the old studio system and the fake events and dates they would set up for the young stars like Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney or Shirley Temple.


  • Stubenville

    Dish clothes. From Kohls. On sale.

    • DCSheehan

      Praise be, I thought I was alone! We need to hide though because the others have all clearly been possessed!

      No matter how far down they mark those dish cloths ain’t nobody buying them!

  • sleah_in_norcal

    IN. she looks relaxed and adorably age-appropriate to use an already over-used tired cliche.  when i read your description of the no votes i saw “looks like a batch of towel heads”, and i thought well, thats politically incorrect, even on TLo.

  • ballerinawithagun

    In, perfect summer ensemble.

  • barfarama what an awful frock

  • margaret meyers

    The length is what makes it look like a bunch of dish towels.  It might have worked as a shorter skirt.

  • karena10

    I can’t believe all these ‘ins’.  My first thought was ‘yuk’ and I’m sticking with it.

  • alyce1213

    In, sort of.  I’m thinking (hoping) it looks much better in person.

  • Kirsten Henry

    SO CUTE! In!

  • Out. I like maxi dresses but this one is dreary.

  • LOVE. IN.

  • cleep1000

    So cute!  IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN

  • lesmaha

    Out. Too big and shapeless.

  • AWStevens

    Me no like.  Looks like a Mack truck ran over it a few times before she she put it on.  OUT

  • AthenaJ

    In! Totally works on her, and I actually think the ‘worn’ look of the dress fits in with the building and the NYC backdrop. 

  • efishfan

    If she was indoors, maybe. Since she’s outside(ish), it just seems wrong.

  • judybrowni

    Just a skosh too long, even for a maxi.

    Good thing there’s no escalator at the Empire State building.

  • TSkot

    How cute it would be short.  OUT

  • fashionablylate

    Not feeling it. Out.

  • LuisaNL

    love. want. IN.

  • IN, duh.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Out.  Dishtowels and she’s tripping on them.  I expect her to give herself a black eye slipping off the steps of that viewfinder.

  • guestela


  • mandy rees

    IN! Adorable!

  • FayeKat

    IN, no doubt about it!

  • Haley Buchanan

    Adorable.  I am one of the kittens that has the dislike for the maxi skirts, but I think I may only dislike them on myself.  There’s no denying that this girl looks bright and fresh and happy, regardless of her skirt length.  IN.

  • IN.  though I don’t love the fit on the top, its a cute print.  I’ll take a well covered starlet over that shitty blazer “dress” Rhianna was wearing any day. 

  • aimee_parrott

    IN, clearly.  She’s adorable.

  • Claire McLendon

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the line of this dress, and the bazillion others like it in the junior’s market this year, kind of reflect the influence of season one of Downton Abbey? Modern materials, yes, but it’s almost that early Edwardian profile with the extremely close-fit lower abdomen/front hip (accomplished at the time by a girdle, and now by Spanx) with a blouson top – I really wonder if there’s some link there. 

  • This has Easter written all over it.  Easter 1974, that is.  But I loved the 70’s, and I love this look.  In.

  • OK, in, but DOES SHE HAVE FEET?

  • I really hate maxi dresses, but I like the colors of the dress. Mixed, but I am voting Out!

  • Laura Valentine

    In. A lot of maxi skirts just end up looking frumpy or like lounging clothes.  The fit of this one is phenomenal and it looks comfy yet chic.  

  • She’s cute. IN.

  • Joey Melliza

    in but could’ve been a WERQ with a nice pin or interesting neck piece

  • bluefish

    Not a maxi dress fan but I love the fabric — and the cut.  Really great top.  She’s such a pretty young thing.  In.

  • It’s super-cute on her, but something about it screams Dress Barn.  And I have nothing against Dress Barn.  But that silhouette was worn by my fourth grade teacher in 1993. 

    God, I hate all the 90s redux going on right now.  Being on a college campus right now drives me crazy.  Why the hell do these kids think what they wear is cool?

  • formerlyAnon

    IN, on her & her cute young ilk.

    I don’t think the cute but shapeless top will do much for those who are already boxy, or buxom, or broad in the shoulder or beam.

    It will be *comfortable* however, which may lure some into wearing it who shouldn’t.

  • IN. Cute.

  • CatherineRhodes


  • Louise Bryan


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    disobey the Natural Laws. Your choice determines the consequences.
    Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.

  • saanrio

     They should have taken it up just an inch on the bottom hem, but other than that, I like it.


  • demidaemon

    OUT. I’m sorry, but that print is hideous, and it should have been belted.

  • ccm800


  • Sophie Collier

    IN.  Not much to say about it, though.  It’s okay.  She looks good.

  • mjude


  • Love it… she looks awesome and I hate maxi dresses. An ad for looking good in a maxi if I’ve ever seen it.

  • IN!

  • I don’t love it, or maxi skirts, but she’s just this side of IN. Also I had to say IN to soften the blow of what I’m going to say next: YOUR FATHER IS PHIL COLLINS EW EWEWEW YOU’RE WEIRD.

  • P M

    OUT. On principle alone. 

  • TieDye64

    IN. Different and cute. Suits her.

  • Nora Mulllin

    IN! And I’d like one myself, or at least a good knockoff.

  • in  very cute.

  • belfebe

    IN.  She looks adorable and she didn’t even have to show anything.  Not even her knees.  That’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

  • Greg Yoder

    In, certainly, but it would be a longer in with a shorter skirt. 

  • In.  I don’t know who she is or why someone felt it necessary to dangle her off the top of a tall building, but she looks uber-cute here.  Young and fresh!  And we all know how Hollywood feels about fresh…

  • aristida_girl

    IN, its pretty…

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    IN! Really cute even if I don’t know who she is.

  • In, but just on her and maybe a handful of other girls. Careful.

  • chitowndg

    Out: the maxi skirt is terrible,

  • Sweetbetty

    I don’t care for the dress but if she isn’t the spittin’ image of a young Liz Taylor I’m an orangutan’s aunt.  Did I hear Lindsey Lohan was set to appear as Liz in a biopic?  Take it away from her and give it to this sweet Lily.

    • Oh!  I think you are right – she would be lovely.  And young Liz was fresh and lovely like this.  NOT something you can say about poor LiLo now…

  • Beth G

    I love that she doesn’t look like sitting down would become a pixelated moment.

  • Totally OUT. It looks like it spend way to much time on the wash.

  • Aly Light


  • ThaliaMenninger


  • TheLaurenJean

    Out. Dishtowels were my first thought.

  • StrandedFashionista

    I like it. It’s cute. IN.

  • librarygrrl64

    Does nothing for me. A quiet out.

  • IN. she looks lovely. I like the dress because although it’s a maxi it’s not overwhelming. It looks comfortable and chic at the same time.

  • Agreed!  Total IN.

  • M

    I can’t get over her being Phil Collins’ daughter.  I have some sort of irrational feeling about her.  Like I am looking at Phil Collins in drag.

  • She is lovely & adorable all in one look!!  In!  And I personally really want that maxi.  🙂

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    She looks pretty but the dress looks like it’s made of old gum wrappers.  OUT.

  • DinahR

    IN  I think this is adorable.  Fresh and cute. She looks awkward and confused on that rooftop though, can’t say I blame her. 

  • Julie Fountain

    I think it’s cute! In!

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    It looks like she’s wearing her big sister’s dress.  Still, I’d give her an IN.

  • Anna Garces

    This looks like a distressed dress, out