In or Out: Florence Welch in Moschino

Posted on March 02, 2012

We’ve been increasingly hard on Flo for her fashion choices lately but the Bitter Kittens generally haven’t liked her choices for much, much longer than us. We almost feel bad putting the poor gal up on the voting block again, but we thought this was at least interesting and discussable.

Florence Welch attends the NME Awards at Brixton Academy in London in Moschino.

Moschino Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Kate King

In a completely insane sort of way, of course.

We don’t know… it’s still not quite the direction she should be going in but we have to admit this is a damn sharp little suit. No, really. We HATE the buttoned-up pointy-collared blouse and gaudy necklace she paired it with, but that’s an eye-catching print and an interesting cut. In fact, this might be called a Girl That’s Not Your Suit because the more we think about it, the more we realize we’d be doing joyous backflips if Tilda was wearing this but we feel only so-so seeing it on Flo.

The good news is, the makeup looks a little softer to us. The bad news is that hair.


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IN! I loves me some Flo style!

OUT! Are you NUTS? She’s wearing bathroom wallpaper!


Carrie Underwood’s surprising and exciting discovery of color was met with the most tepid round of INs the kittens ever mustered.


[Photo Credit: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images,]

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  • fiestyfashionfem

    The print is great – cute little jacket, too.  But the shoes are SOOOO wrong.  And, I don’t want to say any body shaming stuff, but her build isn’t right for that outfit.  I mean, you’d have to actually BE her size to wear it in reality — it’s just that it would look better, I think on someone with a bit more curves.  But, they wouldn’t actually be able to wear it.  

    So  – well – I’m – um – OUT?

    • MagsRagsVintage

      The shoes are the most egregious issue for me too. Once you get past the overall insanity, of course. That hem length looks so gawky and awkward with the foot baring pointy toe pumps – flood pants for sure, and edging into Urkel territory. I was surprised to see how not-eye-searing the length looked on the model when paired with paltofrm sandals. 

      • I was so blinded by the overwhelming combo of the jacket AND pants that I was temporarily blinded and didn’t even notice the shoes.  You’re right, of course.  I actually like Flo’s shoes but not with that outfit.  I think the lace-up sandals the model is wearing are a much better choice, probably because it makes her ankles look less white and contrast less with the black shoes in Flo’s case.

      • miwome

         I think she’s a little shorter than the model, which is killing the proportions on the length; the shoes just aren’t helping.

    • Kimbolina

      I’m not sure if it’s even a matter of her body type or anything.  I think the cut is just weird on her.  It looks much boxier on her than on the model.  The waist on the runway version looks a bit more fitted, I think?

      • MeiraNiibori

         I think that’s because the jacket’s not buttoned here.  It probably would’ve fit Flo similarly if it was.

  • My first thought on seeing the picture was “Girl, this is not your suit.”  Great minds, and all that. OUT.

    • KathKo

      My fisrt tought was “girl, that is nobody’s suit”.

  • Oh for fuck’s sake, that is horrid. Out.

  • BazoDee

    OUT. She just doesn’t have the demeanor  to pull this off. 

    • KathKo

      Well, who has it ? That suit is ugly. And I don’t mean pretty-ugly, just flat ugly.

      • BazoDee

        I could see Dakota Fanning or Hailee Steinfeld pulling this off. But if you hate the suit you hate the suit. I think it might have potential.

  • I like the way it’s accessorized/styled better on the model.  And what’s with all the rings, Flo?

  • Kimmu

    Out. I rather love the suit, but it is not working on her at all, and she just looks uncomfortable and awful and even more like a British man in drag in these photos than usual. I love me some British men in drag, but I don’t think that was the look she was going for here.

    •  I always think she looks like a man in drag.  I feel awful for saying that b/c she is uber talented, but just calling it like I see it.

    • Agreed – she’s very masculine here, even with the big flowers.  Out.

  • It is a great suit – but it just looks … off … on her. Plus, I’m sorry but she looks really, really tired. For God’s sake, will somebody get the girl some cucumber slices!

    • Clueless_Jock

      Yes the suit is interesting but on her the proportions look strange. Looks like it shrank in the washing machine.

      • NC_Meg

        Agreed. Those pants are a terrible, terrible length. 

        • EditKitten

          So agree. I’d be so much more OK with this if the pants were floor-length.

          • NC_Meg

            Even a skinny or straight leg at that length would have been better. The flare just adds to the awfulness.

          • I agree, they look less flared on the model.  Wonder if it’s just the camera angle?

          • NNgela

             exactly, skinny cut and i think this wouldn’t look half bad!

      • KathKo

        I disagree. The print is bold and amazing, but that’s all. And it doesn’t suit the suit (sorry for the bad joke)

  • JanieS

    I want to chop off all of her hair. Also that suit is hideous and wouldn’t look good on anyone. It’s not even bathroom wallpaper – it’s a shower curtain. OUT. O.U.T.

  • deliadee

    What makes it especially hard to look at is the backdrop — it all seems to blend together.  I like the print and like it with her hair color.  But the shoes are wrong.  At least she’s not wearing the matador hat.  Out.

  • Pterodactyl111

    Out … it was close though. I think the jacket paired with a different  bottom would have worked.

  • nannypoo

    I completely agree with the TLo assessment. I find her hair incomprehensible. Why on earth would anyone choose this hairstyle, especially a person who appears where there are cameras? An average group of college students living in a dorm can give each other more flattering haircuts than this.

    • mountainFashionista

      I know, right?  Even the *worst* roommate cuts from the college years never looked this bad.  WTF?

  • fireontiger

    The suit is great, but it’s poorly accessorized and, as TLo so rightly pointed out… it’s just not her suit. Love Flo, love the suit, hate the two together… so it’s OUT.

  • ChristySchiff

    I love the suit and its 60s-groovy vibe.  But she’s not making it work.  The details here all seem off.  The shirt, the shoes, the hair.  I’m going to have to call it an OUT.
    (But if she or someone else wants to try that suit again for some extra credit, I’m interested.)

    • MeiraNiibori

       Ditto – I like the suit, but I want to change almost every detail!  Hair (SO not her style!), makeup (better but still not good), accessories, blouse, shoes, button the jacket………  I guess that adds up to an OUT.

  • Remove the shirt and necklace, hem the pants a little higher and narrower, and this would be almost okay. The hair is tragic.

  • TheLaurenJean

    Makeup looks so so SO much better! I’m giving her an IN just for that. Though those rings make it look like she forgot her brass knuckles and is improvising with the rings from a Cracker Jack Box.

  • Jasmine Moten

    Oh, honey…no.

  • OUT. How many rings are you wearing, Flo? 

    Do you plan on punching us for calling this an out?

  • DeborahLipp

    Hate the collar and the shoes, but this is weird in a better way; this is a woman who wants to be weird, and she can work her way UP to SWINTON.


  • Hate the collar. Hate the hair. LOVE the pant. Love the idea. Glad she didn’t wear the torreador hat.

    That means IN. At least she’s not boring.

  • IN! so not boring!

  • Anathema_Device

    Hmmm…I like the outfit in theory. The flipped-back sleeve showing black lining is a good touch. Don’t the pants need to be a little more cropped to work with heels? Something about that length looks weirdly in between. I think that length looks better with flats. Anyway, enough obsessing on pant length… Make up is better, hair is not…

    Out, though it is close. She doesn’t doesn’t wear the head-to-toe print separates all that well, as we’ve see in past efforts.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Flo is clearly a gal who goes through fashion phases, and right now it’s hideous buttoned-up ladysuits, occasionally with a floppy hat. It’s a dark time. Slightly dark than the floppy skin-dress phase, but that was pretty bad too. The print here is nice but the shape and styling are just awful. I hope she finds a wacky designer who speaks to her particular sense of drama, becomes said designer’s muse, and gets fabulous dramatic looks created just for her tall, narrow frame and fair coloring. 

    OUT, I’m sorry Flo.

  • I like it but she’s really starting to bore me.

  • newleaf1

    I like the suit, I think it’s cute (but I’m from the south and it looks very southern sorority girl to me).  I wish she would do something about that cocker spaniel hair.  But IN.

  • OUT.

    I had a broach pin thingy like she has on neck  circa 1990.  It should have stayed back there and not on her shirt.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    That hair is definitely the bad news.

    I don’t like this suit on her at all. It’s one thing to wear something kind of out there, but ultimately it has to suit you. She doesn’t strike me as a floral pattern kinda gal. I mean look at her. She’s not exactly a breath of fresh air.

  • “OUT! Are you NUTS? She’s wearing bathroom wallpaper!” I could have not possibly put it any better.

  • MoHub

    I had a suit much like that in 1969. And does anyone else think Florence looks like a young Glenn Headley?

  • kcarb1025


  • j_anson

    I mean, I hate this personally, but it is well… put-together? And it’s certainly her sort of thing; I just hate her sort of thing. I dunno, can’t render a judgment on this. Nah, whatever, why do her favors? OUT! That said, the hair is exactly right for the image she wants to project. She’s a hipster hippie. That’s pretty much the only hair she can possibly have.

  • MzzPants

    A.  I’d be horrified if Tilda Swinton wore this.  Something about that print….
    B.  It fit’s Flo well and it is an interesting suit.
    C.  She’s styled like Great Grandma going out for tea.
    D.  Hair and makeup continue to make her look like a walking corpse.
    E.  OUT until she gets a makeover.

  • Sorry, dear – OUT.  Even those amazing shoes can’t redeem that outfit.  The only possible way to work that shit is to keep the matador theme the model had, and even that only works on the runway.  Sigh.

  • mhlmh

    OUT. It’s an interesting suit, but I don’t know if even Tilda would look good in it (though y’all love her and I can barely tolerate her look). I’m sure it would look great on someone, though. My first thought was Twiggy. Maybe Michelle Williams?

  • jw_ny


    I want to like it, but it’s too much print and the fit isn’t flattering.  I like the mod print for her.

    If she opted for either top or pant and paired with something plain and complimentary, I’d like it more.  Also, Flo is a tall woman and this suit with cropped pant, 3/4 sleeve and short jacket, makes it look like she stuffed herself into a suit a few sizes too small.  I do rather like her shoe with the cropped pant…so perhaps the top is the part that needs to go.  The high collar kind of bugs me too.

  • I actually kinda like the suit, but the way she’s wearing it – that blouse with that collar, that necklace, those SHOES – are all wrong for it. Sorry, Flo, this one’s an OUT. Still love your music, girl!

  • PeaceBang

    The big problem here is that the girl can’t pose to save her life, which makes even nice clothes look like crap on her. Then there is the issue of this suit, which is … potentially interesting for someone else, like maybe a flamboyant male ice skater. The proportions are all wrong for her, and she’s hunched over, and she looks like the corpse of someone who died very unhappy, and and and… well, the shoes are great.

  • So close. It’s still a little cray cray, even for Flo, but maybe if she would have opened the jacket or paired it with a plain jacket and left off the weird necklace, then maybe…just maybe. OUT.

  • I’m afraid I always give her an IN because she’s so gorgeous. I realize that makes me insufficiently bitter and precious, but I have not seen a picture of her where I felt the awfulness of the clothing and styling could overwhelm her good looks. And this one is not awful.

  • Out out out… that is one ugly outfit.

  • kingderella

    love her from tip to toe. IN!

  • AlexisPayne

    Love the shoes, but not with this suit. Love the suit, but not how she styled it. Love the make-up, hate the air-dried hair.
    So… Out. 

  • In_Stitches

     Flared clamdiggers?  I like the print, but OUT.

  • JMansm

    I like that print for a jacket and then a totally different pant or skirt, or event as a longsleeve max dress or something (or cocktail dress). BUT IT DOES NOT WORK FOR A JACKET AND PANTS. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but OUT. 

  • sleepycat

    I like it IN

  • Why the sour puss, Flo? The wallpaper not agreeing with you? She’s OUT. Bring on the Tilda.

  • belfebe

    I love it until I get to the shoes.  What’s up with that?  As for whether in or out, the jury is still out there.  I’d say a very, very narrow IN.

  • I like the styling on the model, and I love the print. But all of Flo’s accessories are wrong, and honestly for her I’d be inclined to choose either the printed jacket or pants (which I think I’d like better if they were tapered) and pair them with a solid colored jacket/pant. It’s a lot of look and she’s not really pulling it off. OUT.

  • IN because this is so much of an improvement, but the shoes and the length both make her look stumpy. I’m sure she has lovely long legs; these trousers just don’t show it.

  • I think on Swinton this would be an IN, but she’s jacked it up and it’s an OUT

  • out.  the 3/4-length sleeves and the short pants make her look like a weird puppet.  Sorry, Flo.

  •  k, but imagine this with a sleek blowout and no shirt, just a little collar bone peeking out.  There. Fixed. 😉

  • mightbewrong

    I think my reaction to Flo in general is ‘Girl, That is Not Your Style’. She knows what she likes, but I just don’t think it ever works for her. And I hate to say that, because I do love her otherwise!

  • Not her suit. 

  • Ugh, out. It’s a great suit. But, in real non-runway life, you pick either the jacket or the pants and pair it with something else that’s low-detail-yet-playful-color. She’s kinda hunched over lurch-like, too. Wearing that suit invites onlookers, so it’s too late to play coy or casual. Time to kick your heels and laugh with the audience, ya know…emote.

    Of course, I’m not a fan of hers. Think she’s WAY over-rated, so some bias may be at play.

  • RebeccaKW

    I love that suit.  But I hate the shoes with it.  It needs to be hemmed, b/c right now she just looks like has on highwaters.  The styling is off.  She doesn’t look terrible.  Better than she has on other occasions.   But the suit is doing all the work here.  Out.

  • velomango

    I dig it, and I’d totally wear it! In.

  • SapphoPoet

    Yikes…but then, it’s an interesting cut…but then, all those flowers…and the backyard bbq hair…but the outfit is different at least…but the shirt is so uptight…I dunno. I’m punting.

  • This is not my favorite look for her. But I will give her this, she knows /what/ she likes and power to her for rocking intense full body prints in an unashamed fashion.

    A reluctant Out.

  • She just always looks sooooo old!  Tilda has what, 20 years on her and looks younger.  

  • Violina23

    Awful Awful Awful Big OUT from me

  • I have to say I think I might enjoy this because it takes refuge in audacity. It’s just so outlandish on her that I feel like she’s come full circle, channeled a very talented drag queen, and is now werqing it. IN! The hair is still bad though, someone forgot to condition.

  • Zaftiguana

    The suit is in, the accessorizing and hair are out. Unfortunately so much so that the whole thing is OUT, which is a shame. Such small, simple changes could have made this fabulous. 

  • greatscoutm

    All I can think is if she were standing in my Aunt’s bathroom circa 1977, this “style” would look like a red wig hanging off a hook on the wall.

    Out (house).

  • Chaiaiai

    I love the suit.  Love it.  I feel you on the collar situation.   The rings I could do without but that’s her thing.

    About the hair….I feel like there’s a chic little cut in there, dying to get out.  I can’t put my finger on it….I don’t want to default to the Swinton cut for everyone.  But damnit, Welch, you got the skin and cheekbones to make a short cut SANG.  Get on it. 

  • PastryGoddess

    Ummmm yeah no

    O to the U to the T

    Her gays either have a substance abuse problem or are non existant 

  • ChelseaNH

    Is she a member of some religion that requires the neck to remain covered at all times?  I just have a general impression of necklessness from her.

    Anyway, OUT but with an ATTAGIRL for effort.

    • homespunner

      Exactly. Have we ever seen her neck or her chest for that matter? Why so stuffy?

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    It’s not the suit. It’s either the hair (terrible) or the attitude (worse).
    I expect it was the exact effect she wanted.There’s not a chance that it’s “in” so it’s gotta be OUT!

  • I like this. But I’d much rather see it on Janelle Monae. How fabulous would that be? 

  • lrhoff

    I like the outfit, but good grief — shoulders back, butt in, chest out.  Stand UP, for goodness sakes!!  

  • I like the suit and I think she could pull it off…but the proportions are wrong. The high-water pants, three-quarter length sleeves and short jacket (could be shorter, could be longer, but not that length) all make her look as if she took a pill that made her grow bigger since she left the house. Even her shoulders look scrunched. The hair is just sad. In fact, she looks sad. Let’s have some animation, girl!

  • mjude

    i love this, IN

  • LuisaNL

    she looks awful and she knows it hence the sour puss. and the hair is truly tragic.

  • Judy_J

    I really like that pantsuit.  I think it would look better on her if she didn’t slouch so much.  And I’m starting to see that she’s got what my mom calls “an old face”, meaning that she just naturally looks more mature than her age.  I bet if we saw pictures of her at the age of 3, she would still have this face.  I do wish she’d find something new to do with her hair.  The limp mop look is getting tired.

  • piecesofconfetti


  • As we often say to the boys on the RC, “You’re having your picture taken. [Take your hands out of your pocket and] button your G-D coat!”  That might have helped.

  • butter nut

    oh look! someone made a suit out of an old bed sheet!  

  • I love this suit, but as usual, Flo’s unflattering, thoughtless, boring hairstyle sucks all the joy out of it.  Not to mention her “pity me, I have scoliosis” posing.

  • demidaemon

    I think the tailoring is off here. It should be cut closer to the body. She’s looking a little bit boxy here, which is unfortunate considering the bold risk she’s taking. The shoes are inoffensive, but the shirt is a big no-no. She should have gone wiithout. Cumalitively, the detailing puts her firnly as an OUT.

  • Wallpaper.  Maybe if it was just the jacket in that…interesting…print, but to have the whole suit?  Grandma’s bathroom all the way.

  • Derek_anny

    In.  The pants are too long to be short, too short to be long.  Other than that, it’s good-quirky.  Oh, and the hair needs work.
    Still, in.

  • lizajane1776

    Out. Thank God I spotted the line between the jacket and the pants because my eyes were burned by the image of a jumpsuit! Plus the fit just isn’t right.

  • In. That’s pretty awesome.

  • tinyredlocks

    LOL! I saw the pictures and said “Wallpaper” before I got to the end and you said “Wallpaper”.  Brillant minds think alike. Oh, and out. I do like her shoes, though.

  • CheriCPat

    In.  The hem of the pants is horrible, but it is as the designer intended, so I won’t hold it against Flo.  Needs a haircut, too.  BUT – the print is eye-catching, and very few could pull it off, and the make up is good.  Oh, why are there fifty-three thousand rings on her fingers?  Could use some editing/tailoring (shorts?), but overall an In.

  • malvernite

    funky in a different way. IN.

  • I agree with you guys. On someone else it might look better…MIGHT. I say OUT.

  • serenitynow02

    I was going to give her an in, but then I kept looking at that limp stringy hair and her general air of not carrying it off and now I’m back to OUT with Flo.

  • Beardslee

    IN, for the reasons you mention.  She looks great.

  • Sara__B

    PLUS: Interesting print, no neck bow, nicer makeup than usual. MINUS: Too much interesting print; wide-legged slacks should never be worn that short; wrong shoes; bedraggled hair; too many rings; awful posture (as usual). Add it all together and she’s OUT.  (If she wore this look with energy, instead of with her standard listless tragic air, she might have pulled it off.)

  • sagecreek

    Now, see, you just never know. I’ve been among the bitterest of bitter kittens when it comes to Ms. Flo, but I actually like this. She pulls it off, and with panache.


  • Limp hair, hideous outfit… ugh. OUT

  • altalinda

    Out.  I’m not crazy about the print, but really my vote has more to do with the fact that she had to know that she would be standing against a busy backdrop, so when that’s combined with an outfit with a busy print the result, for me at least, is sensory overload.

  • The pants definitely need to be shorter, or just significantly less flared, and I wish she’d gone with gold shoes, but I kind of love that print on her, and don’t mind her accessories at all. I’m giving it an IN with a fine print “but see a tailor.”

  • Out, the print is just too much for an entire suit.  If the jacket had been paired with solid black pants or the print pants with a solid jacket, it would have been much better.

  • Aly Light


  • kelsita421

    No. Out.

  • OUT

  • OUT.  Bathroom wallpaper is right!  It would have been so much better if it was just the jacket, or as a skirt.  

    And why is it patterned skirts are nice but patterned pants are so awful?  It’s a mystery to me.

  • I would actually like it if the pants weren’t cropped. Surprisingly, that’s the onyl thing that bothers me about the look.

  • formerlyAnon

    IN! The hair style may irk, but the color & her makeup work with the colors in that print in a way that most coloring wouldn’t.

    Something I can’t identify is off about the trousers length and shoe but the only thing I can say I’d ABSOLUTELY change is what she’s done with the sleeves. That jacket needs the finished look of the sleeves un-rolled.

    And if the length of the sleeve hits her awkwardly so that they look outgrown rather than cropped, then HAVE THE DAMN THINGS ALTERED TO THE RIGHT LENGTH.  Seriously, that’s the kind of thing I *wish* I had the money to hire a stylist for  – the many things about proportion and line which I can’t see, especially on myself.

    Still, I think that’s a hard print to wear and she looks borderline great in it.

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    I like it. I don’t love the jewelry, but the suit is great and the shirt and shoes are fine. Cute.

  • The print is really interesting. I hate the shoes and the hair. I think I’d like this more if the pants were higher. The length and the flare of the pants is strange. I like the pants on the model better. OUT. 

  • Maddie_Faddenoid

    Not a nice suit, but at least she doesnlt look like she;s about to collapse of exhaustion at any moment this time.

  • annrr

    Those shoes kick ass. Unroll the sleeves and with a black shirt and I would like it…on someone else too mature for her

  • Hate the shoes, but I have to say the outfit makes me smile…I wore something a heckofa lot like it in the ’60s. 😉

    • Sara__B

      I like the cheerful fabric, too. (My mom made a shift dress for me in a fabric very close to this one. I wore it spring and summer through most of high school in the late 60s.)

  • BrooklynBomber

    No. One or the other, not both.

  • MK03

    OUT. OUT, OUT, OUT. Why is this even up for discussion?

  • NasserShaheen

    In. Love the print.

  • Linzenberg

    I think this is one of those rare moments where ripping from the runway (and ripping a sad pussycat bow*, at that) might actually help.  The length of the ribbon offers just enough black to break up the pattern of the jacket so it’s interesting instead of eye-bleeding.  It plays nicely with the androgyny of the outfit, too. 

    *Somewhere a 60-year-old Peggy Olsen raises her arms in triumph.

  • aimee_parrott

    Jesus Christ.  That suit is wearing her.  OUT.

  • Larkin21

    I love Flo but … the model is showing how great that suit can look. Sadly, OUT.

  • Cathy S

    I would have preferred it she wore the jacket with a different pair of pants. It’s too much pattern for me, especially up against the busy background there. I have to call it Out because it’s hurting my eyes.

  • lomogra

    classic tall-girl mistake. Flares suck.This print is unspeakable, especially the placement of the flowers.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Out.  Love the suit on the model, but the top doesn’t fit Florence in a flattering way.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Out. How can a woman with her unique and vivid coloring look so…washed out all the time? It’s a question for the fashion ages. I’d love to see Florence in, oh, a periwinkle ballgown.    

  • Joyce VG

    I wanna say IN because wow what guts to wear this.  It works on the model but not so much on Florence. So Out.

  • I like it! **IN!!**

  • She’s looking gaunt recently and it definitely makes her more masculine. That said, I don’t like the suit regardless. Out.

  • In! I think it’s fabulous!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    She is wearing a flowery suit and she looks about as, well, FLOWERY as  Eeyore. OUT.

  • I like it but she should have stuck with the ribbon tie. She managed to age this thing up way too much with that neck treatment. OUT.

  • I seem to be in the minority here but I give her a huge IN. I love the suit and love the shoes and aside from me wanting her to change up her hair (I’m sure she will soon), I think she looks fabulous. Very Flo which is half rock goddess/ half fashionista.  I think sometimes that her youth keeps her from giving good face. A few more years and a little more confidence and maybe she’ll transition from wearing clothes to werqing clothes.

  • NCDFan

    Sorry those pants are sorry. OUT

  • EverybodysStarling

    Her feet look totally weird. Can`t stop staring at them. 

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Maybe this is her tribute to Davy Jones. It looks like something he would’ve worn in 1966, only the pants would’ve been full-length on him, of course, being such a wee sprite. RIP Davy.

  • kolokOlchik

    Yeah, she needs new hair

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    great great suit. the only thing i would do w/ it is remove the little bells at the bottom cos they dont work at this length. in other news, you are correct about the pairing. blouse doesnt work. the tie on the runway does; however, if someone wore it that way it would just look silly & imitative. so–cant go there but it wouldve been better to find a different, less pointy collared house to visit.

    in even more news, at this & even runway distance it looks like someone semi-purposefully gilded all those flowers w/ diet coke. suit mightve looked a bit better w/o that? but that has nothing to do w/ its wear-ee.

  • The hair is bad news but for some reason I really like this look on her and I’m usually very hard on her (despite loving her music). I think she looks like a rock star. IN.

  • TSkot

    Out, out, so very OUT!

  • Out.  But she could have been a contender with a few tweaks.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Top to bottom OUT

  • janetjb

    Lose some jewelry and fix her hair.

    Thanks for showing us your shoes!


    Out…looks waaaay better on the model. I think it is cut a little shorter on the model.  Better length.   Button it up and tuck in the collar.  Also, maybe crack a damn smile!  Geez…

  • cleep1000

    Hey, she got bangs and parted her hair differently. IN for effort.

  • benjamin478

    ugh i love this and her. great print, cool style, and i like her hair. i don’t like the cut of the pants. IN

  • Mariah J

    No no no, not even on dear Tilda. OUT

  • IN! Because she managed to take the toreador out of it and make it all Flo.

  • KathKo

    Well. Let it be a lesson for all of us : if a skinny model is unable to make a garment look good on the runway and the designer styles it crazy to make it interesting, then you should stay the fuck away from it.

  • zelavie

    Dude, NO.  Not a fan of a large print on a suit – it reminds me of ugly Barbie clothes from the 80s.  Also, that hem length is all kinds of wrong.  O.U.T.

  • Eva_baby

    Out.  Just…no.

  • turtleemily

    The flower centered over her crotch made me wince. Out.

  • NurseEllen

    You know, this is just so much better than she has been doing, I’d like to give her a little ego boost and vote IN.  The styling needs tweaking and of course (as you pointed out), there’s “that HAIR”, but this is not a bad look at all.  And I love the shoes.  Hang in there, Flo!

  • Tracy_Flick

    Out. Unflattering and ugly.

  • marywv

    Ugh – Palm Springs Reject. OUT

  • Call me Bee

    This is the first time I have seen her actually kinda-sorta look like a 25 yer old!  For that alone, I say IN!!  (Also cuz she decided against the silly pussy-bow.) 

  • kimmeister

    Out. I actually wish she had kept the black bow, although that still wouldn’t have made this an in for her. 

  • J MN

    IN! I do love me some Flo!  She seems to favor patterned pant suits and I think she looks good.  It’s her look when not wearing flowing gauzy gowns.  She’s a rock star and hasn’t been on the fashion scene all that long.  As far as the outfit – the model has the same pointy collar shirt but has it inside the jacket.  Eh about the jewelry but at least she didn’t wear the flamenco dancer bow tie.

    • AthenaJ

      lol that bow tie is so little sailor girl

  • sleah_in_norcal

    IN.  this suit is hot.  i’d like the pants a little longer, or maybe even shorter as they appear on the model.  gorgeous shoes.  too bad about the unfortunate backdrop.

  • spooki C

    The pants do not hit the right spot on here. It looks more like they shrunk in the wash than the capris the model is wearing. Those shoes are gross and not at all right for this look and a bracelet would’ve been so much better than an ugly oversized rock on each finger.

    She always looks terrible to me, I just don’t get her appeal at all.

    • AthenaJ

      Her fashion sense is very…eclectic (and occasionally horrible). But her voice is AMAZING.

  • OUT, laughably so. It all looks like it shrunk in the wash and got too small for her.

  • AthenaJ

    Apparently Flo’s channeling the 60’s. The pants would have been better without the flare, but at least the makeup is much better, and the hair is a skosh improved. While this is not what I would normally ever like, it does look funky and rock n’ rollish in a psychadelic sort of way, so I’ll give it a hesitant in… but let’s keep climbing to greater heights on this mountain of cray-cray we call fashion, ok Flo?

  • Out. She always looks 10-15 years older than she actually is.

  • OUT! OUT! OUT!

  • naomiow

    it’s no so much the clothes, but her stance.  if she could just lift her head up, have some life in her eyes, & not have her arms just hang there (& of course a smile would go a long way)

  • thebitterkitten

    Bathroom wallpaper indeed…OUT!

  • S R

    Hideous.  It looks unusual and chic on the model, but awful on her. OUT.

  • gubblebumm

    so fashion is made for tall freaks of nature, but worn by average to short women….that’s why the proportions are always off, jacket too low on hips, too long, etc

  • Lisa

    See, here’s my issue with her – it’s not even so much the clothes, it’s the styling where I think she fails.  Like – she reminds me of the girls on “What Not To Wear” and “How Do I Look?” when they’re at that halfway point – they’re wearing the great clothes, but Nick and Carmindy haven’t gotten their hands on them yet for hair and makeup.  So that’s what I think Flo’s problem is – her clothes look great, but the hair and makeup need some serious help.  You can’t wear clothes that cool without the total package looking cohesive.

  • LittleKarnak

    Out…Not her suit and please work on your hair!!!!!

  • I want to like it on her, but I just can’t.  And seriously, why does she always look so much older than she actually is?  OUT.

  • LambeeBaby

     Eeek! Bad wallpaper!

  • mike__tv

    She needs to stop looking like she belong on a Broom cackling, maybe’s it’s the hair because I think she’s beautiful in an androgynous sort of way, and that severe buttoned up look needs to be buried and eulogized because it’s not doing her any favour. OUT. 

  • quiltrx

    IN, because she’s Flo, and the suit is really cute.

    (I actually think she didn’t need a blouse at all, and those are total Barbie shoes…but still, she’s FLO.)

  • The first thing I thought when I saw this was “wallpaper”. This girl needs a style intervention. She needs a cute haircut, and she needs to stop wearing suits and dresses that cover her head-to-toe and are made out of wallpaper. Until she fixes these things, she will keep being…


  • DinahR

    IN!!  I think she looks cool here.  The blouse and necklace I can ignore.  The suit is fresh and best of all Young.  Her hair is much improved.  I like this on her. 

  • shiftercars

    Love it. She is owning it. Her hair/makeup looks immensely better than it has recently. She looks interesting, a little intimidating and fashion weird.

  • Her fashion choices really piss me off and someone please.  Shave her already.  Just shave her and spare us the abuse.  This suit is not for her and with those shoes and that damned shirt?  NO. OUT MOTHERFUCKERS.  OUT.

    But yes, a total IN for Tilda if she had worn it.  C’mon Tilda.  Show these uncultured swine how it’s done.

  • IN. so in.

  • Vickiefantastico

    It’s almost an in for me, but the collar throws the whole look off. So OUT.

  • pokokpuding

    She’s got balls, I’ll give her that. 

  • aristida_girl

    out! Awful..I wish she would just give some good ‘ol rocker chick, I think it would suit her well

  • Sophie Collier

    Looks ridiculous.  OUT.  And stop standing like that.  You’re not Angelina Jolie in a side-slit dress.

  • ConstanceGrace


  • Susan Crawford

    With some mixed feelings, I have to say OUT. The design is actually gorgeous – the cropped pants with those wonderful d’Orsay heels is perfect. The cutesy little white collar and that necklace? Not so much. It just throws the whole look into chaos. (Although I also hated the runway look with the little matador hat thing going on; at least Flo didn’t copy THAT disaster!)

    While I agree about the hair (limp and droopy) and make-up (nicely understated for once) there is nothing about Flo that doesn’t scream, “Bitch is 38 years old, not mid-20’s!” OK, she has a strong, chiseled face – a bit “joli laide”, but she always looks MUCH older than her contemporaries, and it isn’t just her penchent for mature couture. She just looks SO much older than her PR kit claims.

  • CostumeChic

    I really want to say In. I do. Maybe if the pant legs were more tailored? The print is not that bad. Its just the styling. 

  • Judih1

    looks like something Mondo would wear – and style. I like Mondo, but this is an out!

  • Bozhi

    In.  I love it.

  • MilaXX

    OUT because it’s not her suit. Flo needs to fix that hairstyle. It immediately ages her 20 years. She further granny’ed this suit with the shirt/chain  combo and whatever it is she did to the sleeves. This needs the pants tapered, the sleeve like model and not shirt underneath in order to work. In order to work on Flo, she needs a hairstyle for a 20 something year old. Does she have a 5 head she’s trying to cover because those bangs are tragic. I wish someone would introduce her to side swept bangs because I think a side part would better suit her face.

  • Sweetpea176

    Put down the crack pipe, boys.  Out.

  • fashionablylate

    Cannot stand short pants on anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any reason. OUT.

    • PantherontheRunway

      THIS! A million times this!!

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    makeup looks great. it would be a full in if she had a french twist or small bouffant updo of some sort, and if the pants were cut a little bit closer to the body at the bottom. but it’s still an in. but just a little bit.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Eye-catching print?  It looks like a Hawaiian shirt with big dreams.

  • jorinde

    IN. But the hair. The hair…..

  • nancymae

    I like the pieces — the jacket, pants and shoes — but the sum is far less than the parts. OUT but in a oh so close kind of way.

  • miwome

    OY. She should have worn solid pants with the jacket. The cropped length of these trousers is wrong on her, the shoes are horrifying here, and she’s just not pulling off all the print.  I actually don’t mind the shirt, though.

  • tsid2012

    Is it just me or does this seem about one or two sizes too large on her?  It seems so shapeless…….

  • ri_dic

    Just because it has a designer’s name on it…doesn’t always mean it’s good.

  • Lilithcat


    I like this a lot, though I agree with you about the blouse.  She should have skipped it altogether, or worn a bow as the model did.  She also needs a new hairdresser.

  • Thathoodwink

    The print is pretty for perhaps a dress. However, in a two-piece suit with both pieces from the same busy fabric, it looks ridiculous. The sleeves are too short in an annoying way, and the pants look too short, even though that is the intention. It is unflattering. It looks as if the whole suit had shrunk in the laundry.

  • lesmaha

    out. so out.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    Ok, this is still an OUT, but much less of an out than some of her recent looks. Progress!!

  • adnama79

    A step in the right direction.

  • PhillipWilde

     She always has a sour look on her face in these posts, and that will make anyone look bad.  I think it’s something she could pull off with the right attitude (see: Tilda Swinton), but this is not the it.  OUT.

  • sashaychante

    OUT  Suit for a grandmother, and I should know, because I am a grandmother.

  • maggiemaybe

    I’m loving the suit. It’s got a 60’s rock star vibe that suits her nicely. It’s the hair that’s torpedoing this look. That hair makes me sad. 

  • bluefish

    Totally IN.  Love the short pants and the high heels and the fab print and cut of the suit. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Well, scrolling down, I was excited by the print of the jacket, and didn’t hate the makeup as much as the hair.  But then, seeing the pants in the same fabric?  No.  OUT.

  • The gold shoes the model is wearing brighten up the suit, and bring out the brighter tones in it.  And even if the pants were longer the shoes would still be a no no. Flo’s shoes deff bring it down.  I think that the print is a great contrast with cut of the suit, but Flo pairing it with that severe shirt is a no go.  Makes her kinda look like a tacky grandma.  I’m going to go with a OH Hell NO on this one.

  • marco5ny

    No idea why but love it on the model and loathe it on Flo.  Loathe.  But even if I loved the look, the hair can’t be encouraged in any way.

    • unbornfawn

      Same here.  It shows how styling can really make a difference. On Flo I get the impression there is too much of the print.

  • L.

    IN!  I like that the pants are a bit longer and that the styling isn’t as fussy as it is on the model. I wish she’d get her ends trimmed, though and have some reservations about the shoes.

  • crash1212

    IN. Of course…the hair…but I’m getting over that since it doesn’t seem like railing against it will make it change. I like the black bow thingy on the model better than what Flo did, but overall…cool suit, great shoes, nice makeup. 

  • OUT – not just bathroom wallpaper, but bad 60’s bathroom wallpaper.  Or is that an acid flashback I’m having?  I like her shoes better than the runway version, and she didn’t wear that bizarre straw matador’s hat. But the look might almost have been saved if she had skipped the collared blouse and fussy jewelry at the neck of said collared blouse.  IMHO

  • chitowndg

    In – I just read the all stars posts (so far), and think this is avant guarde.

  • Ezmartin


  • bitterk

    I actually like the suit.  Pairing it with that boardroom blouse and broach ruins it.  I give her an A for picking unusual, interesting designs but a D for styling.  The runway styling has a sense of humor and flair, almost a wink to the absurdity of pairing the huge flower pattern with a slim matador cut.  Flo, on the other hand, looks sad and self-conscious.   I think she has to ditch her stylist and wear what makes her happy.

    • bitterk

      Oh, and the shoes are TDF

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    I like it. IN!

  • OUT. i think this is the kind of suit that needs splitting up; it’s such an overwhelming print when together. it’d be great to see that jacket with a white shirt and black or even coloured pants, but not togehter… and florence has such a strong jaw, these high necked shirts she keeps wearing isn’t helping. she needs some space between those clenchers and her garment.

  • IN

  • AWStevens

    This looks retro 60s two minutes before Free Love began. I’m not impressed.


  • Print too big. OUT.

  • Anonymoth

    Ooph. So close. I know everyone will vote her out so I’ll throw her an IN. It’s insane but I kind of like that.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    IN only because I think most people would look absolutely ridiculous in that outfit.  She didn’t design it – she chose it.   And because she is a musician, not a fashion model, nor an actress, I give her the IN because it’s balllsy and brave and I like her necklace versus what the model did.  Hell, I’d give her an IN for not wearing the bullfighter hat. 

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Very out.  And it always looks like she is biting on her cheeks when she poses.  I have seen her look much softer in the face, and the hair doesn’t help.

  • letter_M

    So weird.  So wrong.  She’s quite the little victim, isn’t she?  But I love the shoes.

  • Laura Osborne

    OUT. Totally OUT. Out even before she put it on. Horrible outfit.

  • CatherineRhodes


    I can honestly saw that I do not ever recall seeing her look good. TLO, why don’t you revive the “If We Were Her Gays” column in her honor? I’m curious how you would perform a makeover on this one.

  • i want her to change he foundation make-up, it make her look like a drag queen. I think she needs something lighter and softer, and maybe some color on the cheeks.

  • Diego!

    OUT and WTF is she wearing? She looks as if she were the mother of Jane Fonda. Oh Dear…

  • It seems like a little smiling would go a long way here.

  • I literally said “Oh, no” out loud as soon as I saw the first picture.  No bathroom in my experience ever sported wallpaper like that. Out.

  • ccm800

    OUT. Just no. 

  • marilyn

    The bow and the hat made it.  OUT.

  • Louise Bryan

    I had to read the title twice, because I was sure this was a “This is not your……” post.  She looks uncomfortable, and not in a good way.  At the least, that is not her print.  Sorry, but it’s out.