In or Out: Elizabeth Olsen

Posted on March 09, 2012

Elizabeth showed a little love to her sisters by wearing items from their clothing line to do a little poledancing.

Elizabeth Olsen promotes her new movie “Silent House” in NYC in The Row. Sunglasses by Elizabeth and James. Shoes by Jimmy Choo.

The Row Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Elizabeth and James ‘Lexington’ Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo Snake-print Pumps

And since there was some disagreement with our point that she consistently dresses too old for her age (but if your defense amounts to “I’m 40/50/60 and I love this look!” then you’re kind of making our point for us), we’re going to open this one up for minion voting.

Now, we love this look. We think it’s modern and eye-catching. But even here, we don’t love the styling. The shoes are just okay. They never would have been our choice for this look. We probably would have recommended sandals of some sort. The bag is too large by far. In fact, the combination of the shoes, bag and suit are making this look far more like a day look or a very showy business look. We like the suit and we even like the various accessories, but we’re not crazy about how it’s all being put together. And it’s the style right now, but we really hate the buttoned-up blouse.

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IN! Chic as shit!

OUT! Prince called. He’s looking for his drummer.

Some encouragement was offered to Julianne Moore for trying to keep things simpler, but in the end she was still voted OUT.


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  • 70s chic. A suit my mother and I would fight over. IN.

    • girliecue

      You are spot on. I bought my first velvet blazer when I was 13 years old in the 70s and have been unable to resist velvet since. IN!!

      • Scarlet39

        Hee!  This is exacly why I think she’s OUT.  I wore a suit that looked like this for a family photo in around 1975!  And I was around 7!

        • Lori

          Yeah, the 70s are the reason that I’m not generally a fan of velvet clothes (and definitely why I hate velour, aka velvet’s white trash cousin).

          • kentiesgirl

            I concur, and am now in love with “velvets white trash cousin”. That describes every christmas dress I was forced to wear as a young’un.

        • kentiesgirl

          I have that photo, my husband and his sister in the same darn suit looking miserable. In front of that orange/brown zig zag striped couch that every single person I know has owned at some point in the 70s/80s/90s as a hand me down for their first apartment.

      • Call me Bee

        Agreed.  I wish I could find more cotton velvet–so easy to wear! 

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In!  It’s different, and she’s making it work.

  • sarahofalessergod

    I would have unbuttoned the blouse one or two buttons, but otherwise I think this is great.  Reminiscent (almost imitative) of that wonderful Tom Ford for Gucci suit Gwyneth wore at the MTV Awards in the mid-90s. 

    • Good find!

    • Yes! My first thought as well!

    • MissAnnieRN

      Now that i’ve seen that suit, I can’t call this one any things but the lesser version of that.  I’m on the fence about this look.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  So I guess I’ll have to go with OUT since it produces no amorous feelings from me.

  • CPK1

    Prince called. He’s looking for his drummer. Hahhaha. Love it!!


  • Unalloyed hate.  OUT.  But her sisters should see her for a hair consult.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Agreed! I’m not really loving the severe middle-part here, but at least she owns a hairbrush.
      The other two always look as if they’ve just rolled out of bed.

    • NinaBoo

      Agreed. While the suit is interesting, the styling kills it.  And I don’t grade one part of the outfit…it’s the whole Megillah. 

  • OUT. She’s way to young to dress like my Grandma.

  • MilaXX

    small IN since shown us that she can do so much worse. I like the suit and I don’t mind the bag.  It’s the shoes and shirt that need to be changed in order to take this from and okay look to a great look.

  • blogless

    I think Faye Dunaway looks marvelous!


    • TheOriginalLulu


    • alyce1213

      I need to hit a LOVE button for that one.

  • DinaSews

    IN for me.  Sandals with a velvet suit?  I’d have to see it (successful) to believe it.  Wouldn’t it be reminiscent of Katherine Heigl?

  • fireontiger

    I agree that i don’t love the details (in particular, I think that bag should be holding a bowling ball), but I can’t deny that girl is pulling off the velvet suit. That alone is worthy of an IN, details be damned!

  • Who doesn’t want to look like Prince’s drummer?!??! OUT. (if it were 1992, i’d say in)

  • GorgeousThings

    Huh, I expected you to go all “It’s Tom Ford for Gucci circa 1994”
    I don’t care for this look, though I will say that I tried on some The Row pieces at Barney’s and I fell in love with their fabrications and cut. If I won the lottery tonight, I would buy an entire wardrobe of The Row.

    Well, except for the velveteen blazer/pant part.

  • NCDFan


  • Out.

  • fungstyle

    OUT. It’s a great suit ruined by bad execution and by being on entirely the wrong wearer. Hand this over to Diane Krueger, dear. 

  • Let’s just hear from the 23 year olds then on this one.  Curious…

    • out

    • Allison Stokes

      In. But my eyes are fixated on the sunglasses….want.

    • Love the sunglasses, but the suit is definitely OUT.

  • gabbilevy

    IN–although I have some quibbles with the waistline of those pants. Easily fixed if the jacket was buttoned, though.

  • Joyce VG

    I don’t like it.  It just looks all wrong to me. I don’t like the color or fabric, how it’s styled and it doesn’t fit. OUT.


  • She’s like a walking time machine.  Anything that she puts together sends her forward in the age bracket.  This is neither an “in” nor an “out,” it’s more of an “Uh, wha?”

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Yeah, it’s a great little suit in a really nice color, but I agree about the styling bringing the look down. I’m seriously over the luggage-sized purse trend. Go away already. She does tend to dress a little older, but not as bad as her sisters! Speaking of her sisters, do they demand that their models wear the same apathetic look that they always do when modeling their clothes?

  • DeborahLipp

    Out. That suit is skin tight, I appreciate that the shoes are walkable but they don’t work, it’s fusty and dusty.

  • PhillipWilde

    I like it.  Not perfect, but I’m just so glad to see her look under 30 for once. IN.

  • As long as I can get P. Diddy’s lint rolling man to follow me around to get the bits off as I stroll around in all velvet, I’ll give it an IN.  At least it fits properly.  

  • It reads Diane Keaton to me. Which I think means it’s IN.

    • dress_up_doll

      Spot on! Loooove Diane Keaton. I’ll give her a small IN because she looks undeniably good in the suit.

  • cluecat

    OUT.  Maybe, if instead of promoting a film, she was selling a luxury condo it would be an IN.  Maybe.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i have no problem w/ anyone dressing like a member of the prince entourage.
    otoh, i am glad she is not wearing the four wolves & foxes of the guy in the photo.
    the shoes dont make any sense: too dull.
    i like the giant bowling bag.

  • Judy_J

    I like it.  IN.

  • belfebe

    I actually like it.  Sure, the styling is not that great, but she’s looking oodles better than usual.  And the clothes fit.  IN

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    It could have come together a little better, but I will give her an IN on this one. I really do not like that bag, though.

  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    I saw A for effort, but OUT. It’s doing a weird thing around her lady bits, her bag, while awesome for every day, is not great for the event, and overall…I don’t know. It just doesn’t sit well with me. But I applaud her outside-the-box thinking.

    • RebeccaKW

      The bag is perfect for sneaking in loads of snacks, since the theater charges so much.  Then again, she probably doesn’t balk at $8 bags of popcorn.

  • MzzPants

    Not my thing, but IN, I guess….if I have to….

  • saanrio

    OUT.  Just not doing it for me.  She looks like she is going to a business meeting, not pimping her movie.

  • I mostly just hate the color. 

    Aside from that, there’s a growing trend among young 20-somethings to emulate the fashion of their grandmothers a bit more literally than the high fashion and entertainment industries would prefer.  Just going to have to deal with it.

  • Lizzyisi

    IN! Though the bag is all wrong

  • twocee

    OUT.  Refering to the 70’s with your outfit is ok.  Looking like you stepped directly off the page of a 1974 magazine is not.

    • Sara__B

       In 1974, we wore high-waisted, wide-legged pants and wide lapels, so it seems referential to me.

    • AudreysMom

      and hiring someone to walk by you who looks like Sylvester Stallone when he did Rocky, doesn’t help (see final picture)

  • Sara__B

    IN for a day look, but it’s styled too old for such a young woman. (I’m 60 and I’d wear this in a heartbeat — with a different bag. I like that bag, just not with this suit.)

  • Allison Woods

    I’m 45, and I LOVE this suit. Can I have it?

    Hate the styling, except for the shoes, which I don’t mind.

  • Allyson Wells

    IN… She could have done better than the buttoned-up blouse, as you said, but I like everything else. You’d recommend sandals with a velvet suit? Not sure I get that, but you guys know better than I do! 🙂

  • sweetlilvoice

    In, she’s trying! At least she doesn’t look like a bag lady.

  • amywinns

    What size is this suit if someone so thin needs one size larger? Seriously, sausage casing horizontal lines are always bad but in rusty velvet? NOOOOO. And that bag is horrible for this. OUT.

  • butterflysunita

    OUT.  I like the idea of a velvet suit, but the whole look isn’t working for me.  

  • alyce1213

    My husband had the exact same suit when he was in college in the ’70s.  We still laugh at the pictures.
    The bag’s too big.


    Nice shoes, though.

  • merciblahblah

    I like the suit, but HATE the blouse with it with the firey passion of 10,000 burning suns. Don’t love the shoes either – I agree sandals would’ve looked better, as would a softer blouse with buttons undone ALMOST down to there.

  • I love this look, so IN! I even think those shoes are a good choice. I wouldn’t think of pairing sandals with a velvet suit…but I do think a smaller bag was called for.

  • guestela


  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I think she beat up Florence Welch and stole her outfit. The suit is fab but the styling is eh, and as a 26-year-old (still older than her!) I have to agree that she dresses decades older than her age, though in this case maybe only one. Imagine this with a camisole in place of the buttoned-up top and a peppier bag.

    Still, I’ll give her an IN because it’s miles better than her usual.

  • Crap.  IN.  I can’t stand her.

  • Stephen Bornstein

    How would she carry her bowling ball without that bag…

  • Judih1

    what is it about celebs that they wear summer clothes when it is winter and fall clothes in the spring. I like the look (still think she looks old with her choice of styling) but would like it better if she was wearing it in Sept verus March

  • AgingWell

    In, because it made me smile. (And in spite of the fact that when I look at the first two photos of her, I keep seeing a bolo tie, though it’s just a strand of hair.) 

  • Out.

  • My mother might wear this- she’s 81

  • granddelusion

    Ick. I hate everything BUT the buttoned up blouse.

  • Susan Crawford

    I think I had this identical suit back in the 1970’s – it was even the same color. And I wore it until the velvet wore right off the seat of the pants. Despite the prim little buttoned up blouse and the ridiculous oversized bag . . . IN!

  • Lilithcat

    That buttoned-up white blouse ages the entire look.  I do like the suit, but it seems tight (as in too small) on her.  She should have gone up a size.  And unless she’s going off for a weekend trip, that bag is way too big.


    • meowing

      I thought it was an overnight bag at first.  As a purse, it’s the dreaded syndrome of everything-is-mooshed-together-in-the-bottom.  Unless she has purse minions to reorganize it for her every 15 minutes.

    • meowing

      I thought it was an overnight bag at first.  As a purse, it’s the dreaded syndrome of everything-is-mooshed-together-in-the-bottom.  Unless she has purse minions to reorganize it for her every 15 minutes.

  • PeggyOC

    Out.  Even when she’s wearing something that might be cute she just ages the heck out of it with the details.

  • RebeccaKW

    I love that suit.  That shirt is terrible with this.  I don’t think the shoes go, but I don’t hate them with this.  Maybe if the pants were a bit longer…Really, I think the shirt is what’s killing me.  That bright white with this rich rusty red and dark accessories.

    I don’t hate it enough to say out, but it’s a very cautious in.

  • She really is an old soul, isn’t she?  I do have fond memories of velvet from my 70s youth, so I’m going to give her an IN.

  • AlexisPayne

    Gotta say, love this look! In.

  • newleaf1

    Velvet jacket, yes.  Velvet suit – particularly in that color – no.  Love the shoes. Out.

  • Out.  Is she 79?

  • IN because VELVET. But out for most other reasons.

  • IN! Love a nice fitting suit on a woman.

  • I agree that  the bag totally overwhelms the  rest of the outfit, but I really like her Jimmy Choo’s and the suit is ok.  In by a hair.  

  • vmcdanie

    In. I dunno, I like this on her even if I want to reach through the picture and at least unbutton the larynx button. 

  • JosephLamour

    IN. Fabulous color, too.

  • I’m sorry, this is horribly rude, but all I can see is Michael Jackson’s nose when I see her.  Anyway…OUT!!

  • janetjb

    I like her suit, her shoes, and her bag, but not for her or all together.


  • kentiesgirl

    Out..agree that it looks like fancy meeting attire, not young starlet. Hate the buttoned up blouse, it reminds me of my Grandpa in AZ wearing a bolero. But he rocked it. But he was an 80 y/o man in AZ. So there, made your point for you, lol.

  • benjamin478

    Mismatched, but IN for style

  • jw_ny


    I like the color of the suit and it looks lux.  Shoes are ok, and yes, the bowling bag is too big.  My gripe about this look is the blouse and collar pin…screams late ’80s – early ’90s when those collar pins were all the rage.  It makes the entire outfit look dated and conservative…not modern…which she manages to do with every look she puts together.

  • prettybigkitty

    I like the velvet pant suit.  And love the shoes and bag.  But not all together.  So confused.  

  • Out. Did she hurt her hand or something? Walk like a normal person.

  • lrhoff

    She’s way too young for this.  She’s out — someone show her her birth certificate to prove the year of her birth!!

  • I love a velvet/velour blazer!  I have two.  But I’m not feeling this outfit.  What is up with these Olsen girls dressing thirty years older than they are?

  • Come on yall, this is a really distinctive and elegant look. I agree that the bag’s too big, but I actually like the shoes. And for the record, I’m 25. IN.

  • Liz

    I’m 28 and I love this look and my mother thinks I shouldn’t wear pearl studs so much.  So…point T-Lo.

  • Liz

    I just remembered that my birthday was last weekend and I am 29.

  • The color is prettier than it has any right to be (reddish brown?) but I can’t get behind the idea of a velvet pantsuit.  I thought the shoes were the best part.  Out.

  • IN.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Out.  The ’80s shape of the jacket – long and boxy – is overbearing and the whole thing isn’t flattering.

  • colleenjanel

    Am I the only one who sees Lori Partridge? All she needs are some collar ruffles. OUT!!

    • serenitynow02

      But I loved Laurie Partridge!

  • malvernite

    i like the shoes and the colour of the suit.  the creases are unfortunate, though – makes it look as if the suit’s too small. for some reason, i don’t like a white top with this, too stark. maybe a cream, or some other muted colour. but all in all, i think she looks more good than bad. IN.

  • kimmeister

    Don’t like the totally buttoned up top either, and the shoulders appear to be too tight, but still IN.

  • formerlyAnon

    In. Though you are right about the styling, I love me a good velvet blazer & even more, a velvet suit that doesn’t look ridiculous.

  • I don’t like it.  I don’t have any helpful insight into what is making me dislike the entire thing, but I really just don’t like any part of it.  Out.

  • VioletFem

    IN. This is the best she’s look. Not perfect, but really good.

  • Rokesmiths

    The buttoned up shirt would ruin any outfit. It gives me horrible flashbacks to the early 90’s. OUT

  • harleydear

    In. (I’d wear it, but was not alive for the ’70s to have ruined it for me.)

  • Greg Yoder


  • rainwood1

    IN.  I like the shoes with the suit  The bag is too big, but maybe she’s carrying one of her sisters in it. 

  • ThaliaMenninger

    OUT. I like the bag and the sunglasses, but they’re both too big for her. I don’t care for the color of the suit on her, the buttoned-up blouse makes her look like a sister wife, and the shoes are just wrong wrong wrong.

    I am over 50, and that I would look a hundred if I wore that outfit. I think I could get away with the sunglasses and the bag, though.

  • Aly Light

    I say IN for improvement– she’s had a real problem with wearing things that are dowdily loose on her, and at least this is fitted and in a chic color. I agree that the styling is off, but it’s so much better than her past attempts. IN.

  • NurseEllen

    Somehow I’m flashing on Twiggy with this pantsuit.  I, too, hate the “buttoned up to the neck” blouses that seem to be required nowadays.  And that bag: it’s big, shapeless, black, and the worst part is she probably has a lipstick and a comb in it.  OUT.

  • Thathoodwink

    Is that velour? It is reminding me of those outfits that I buy for my daughter so she can bloop around the house. Maybe those pieces worn separately would be better. That big old bag looks like it should contain a bowling ball.

    • Thathoodwink

      Oh, velvet…it still reminds me of a velour jogging suit.

  • altalinda

    Hmm, this is hard.  The bag is definitely overwhelming, and she looks older than she is, as you said.  On the other hand, she looks pretty sharp.  I think, in.

  • IN, especially once she unbuttons the shirt.  Nice to see an Olson who can smile.

  • JustJenn142

    It is kind of 50/50 for me, so I will grudgingly give her an in.  I like parts of it but put it all together and things are amiss.

  • RedRaven617


  • marywv

    IN. I love the look. I loved it more when Tom Ford did it for Gucci in the 90’s. There’s referential and there’s straight up copying, Olsen twinsies!

  • bitterk

    IN.  I want that suit but please tell me the button up shirts with broaches aren’t coming back.  First Flo, not this one?   Shoulder pads can’t be far behind. 

  • TieDye64

    IN, even though the accessories could have been better. I had a very similar suit in the early 80s. Same color.

  • I actually really love this. IN. 

  • SatelliteAlice

    In… I kind of love it though I can’t give you a logical reason.  It shouldn’t work at all when I break it down but for some reason it works.  Also side-note:  I want those sunglasses.

  • moja31

    love it. sandals would have been terrible with this, peep toes maybe, but definitely not sandals of any kind.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Joni Mitchell called, she wants her disillusioned lawyer back.

  • Vickiefantastico

    I’m voting OUT in protest of the buttoned up collar. I truly hate that look and wish it would go back to the late 1800s where it belongs.

  • quiltrx

    OUT.  Let these clothes fly free to Flo Welch!

  • NasserShaheen

    Out. Velvet. Bad.

  • marilyn

    OUT.  This is too old for her and MY GOD!!!!! IT’S A RUST COLORED VELEVET SUIT!!!!!  People make fun of that.  By the way, is the Rowe model a guy or a girl?  I can’t tell.  Her makeup needed to be more intense to go with the intense colored clothes she is wearing.  She iooks too washed out, her hair is too scraggley, and the rest is too bold and depressing.  The shoes are the only things I liked, so I don’t care if they go with anything else.

  • miwome

    I agree that the accessories are wrong. I’m not sure if the problem overall is that it’s too old for her so much as she can’t handle this. If Agyness Deyn showed up wearing this, I don’t think the notion of “aging” would cross our minds (and I’ll stand by that for Agyness five years ago or more). Elizabeth Olsen just doesn’t have the edge to carry this look.

    I love the buttoned-up blouse thing, personally, but I’ve only ever really seen it in fashion magazines. I have no idea how it really ends up working out in the real world (“real world”).

    So, OUT. I like these clothes, but it’s just not working for her.

  • Spicytomato1

    Jacket, pants and shoes all work for me. Since they are the bulk of the ensemble I’d say that’s an IN.

  • S R

    OUT. She looks 45.

  • Maya Laukaran

    Although I do agree about the bag, I’m giving it an IN

  • PeaceBang

    Out. That suit had potential but not the way she’s styled it.

  • MeiraNiibori

    It’s weird, I like everything here – separately! – but when you put it all together I have to go with OUT.  I mean, seriously, I like the color & cut of the suit – but not jacket & pants together.  I like the blouse – but not with the suit, & not buttoned up like that.  I like the sunglasses – if they are a bit nondescript.  I like the hair – very pretty & shiny & well-groomed, even if she’d be better served by a side part.  I like the shoes – I even like the shoes with the pants OR the jacket – but not with the whole of this outfit.  And I LOVE the bag – but it seems completely off & too casual for everything else she’s got going on here.  Very weird.  But definitely OUT all together.

  • snarkykitten

    it’s a velvet pantsuit. How is this ever an in?

  • I’m 25 and I think it’s an IN. She looks fantastic.

  • siriuslover

    I think she looks like she should be in Interview with a Vampire.  Out.

  • aristida_girl

    IN, I like it, but would have loved a softer, more feminine blouse.

  • ccm800


  • greatscoutm

    Very “Laurie on Partridge Family Gets a Job”.

  • demidaemon

    OUT. All that pulling at the crotch is distracting and she looks like she walked straight out of the 70s.

  • Yes, the purse is too big, but otherwise love the look and the styling. Funny how the suit makes her look more like her sisters. IN.

  • It’s not exactly young, but it suits her. Eye-catching and just enough unusual. IN

  • BayTampaBay

    IN!  She looks much better than she normally does.

  • turtleemily

    Only the accessories are cute. Out.

  • fringebenefit

    IN. I think she rocks the understated look. 

  • Merridith Kristoffersen

    OUT.  Styling ruined it.

  • tired_mommy

    OUT. The blouse ruins it for me.

  • IN

  • It’s a gorgeous suit, but should be saved for women in the 40+ demographic.

  • LordZoe

    chic chic chic – would have loved it with a little gold necklace under the collar instead of the different color fabric (?) there.  but agree bad shoes/bag.  those gold sandals j aniston seems to wear all the time would have been better.  ooh and a nice rough black leather square clutch with gold snaps would be great.

  • Sophie Collier

    IN.  Sort of balances out all those 40-something celebs wearing teeny-bopper clothing.  She looks chic. 

  • Call me Bee

    Hmmmm I did have this suit in 1978 or so (inspired by Mary Richards…) My mom made it and I loved it… so IN!

  • In. She looks older than 18, but she doesn’t look bad, stupid or weird. She’s not dressed like a bag lady, which is what I think of when I hear Olsen Sister. I’m not keen on that bag. Or rust colored velvet in general. It fits her well, though. All in all – In.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    I’m loving the look… so IN. I just don’t love the shoes, but I really don’t know what I would choose to pair with the look.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    IN. I think this is a super chic look. I agree that the bag is too big but disagree with you on the shoes, I think they’re fine for the look.

  • CatherineRhodes


  • LambeeBaby

    Diggin the red velvet. Don’t mind the shoes, but sandals would have been better. The bag is so big that it looks like luggage.

  • Katherine Brant

    You have to remember that The Row is the Olsen twin’s clothing line and their whole aesthetic is dressing like they’re 70 anyway.

  • Love the suit. Don’t love the blouse or giant bag. On balance: in. 

  • brookeinmn

    IN. Chic and flattering

  • Austin Powers is in the house. OUT! 

  • I LOVED This when I thought it was paired with black trousers, not so sure about the full velvet and those shoes. She looks incredible from the waist up though.

  • Candigirl1968

    This looks like the magazine pics where they show you day and then they trick it out for night. The bag is off and the collar needs to be opened. She looks like she’s trying to be Diane Keaton (ie, 30-40 years older than she is). Tepid in.

  • Jen

    Modern?  It’s Diane Keaton with blond hair.

  • Old lady fabric. Old lady color.  I’m an old lady. I should know. OUT>

  • chitowndg

    In – this is chic and not old but ageless

  • IN, though I think a different blouse would’ve been better. And I’m distracted by thinking how shitty it must be to be a celebrity handler caught in paparazzi crossfire. 

  • Put some ears on her and she’d be the Velveteen Rabbit.  I can’t decide whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

  • tsid2012

    Great suit, love the color.  Love the shoes, they work ok here.  But that BAG!!  Or suitcase, whatever.  I am soooo anxious for the big bag trend to end, it is just stupid looking 90% of the time.  And personally, I am tired of waiting at restuarants, stores, ect while my lady friends dig around in thier gigantic bags looking for wallets, keys, ect. holding the rest of the world hostage to their need of a suitcase.

  • Larkin21

    I think she looks great. I agree about the current style of buttoned-up blouses but still love the overall look. IN!

  • Cathy S

    In. Velvet’s not my fabric, but I think it looks great on her.

  • She should try to look as different from her sisters as possible. Out.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I LOVE those shoes.  Don’t care much for the rest of it.  She really doesn’t like to show much skin, does she?  I’ll give her an IN.  She looks fine.

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

     IN, even though i really despise most 70s silhouettes

  • IN. But I would have loved a fur shawl with that look, too.

  • OUT. i’m confounded by young starlets who want to opt out of looking attractive in favor of designer duds that aren’t doing them any favors.

  • Lauren Folden

    I’m 23 and I would wear this in a heart beat.  I would probably accessorize differently though, like TLo suggested.  She could have paired this with a sexy heel, instead of those granny Choos, and a sleek bag. And TLo, come on!  Buttoned-up shirt are this thing right now… haven’t you ever seen Alexa Chung?