Christina Ricci in Maiyet

Posted on March 16, 2012

Miss Christina is looking pretty adorable here.


Christina Ricci hosts Maiyet launch party at Barney’s in NYC in head-to-toe Maiyet.


Maiyet Crewneck Blouse

Maiyet Tanchoi Shorts

Maiyet Ceres Clutch

Maiyet Jackie Wedge


Not everyone could pull off those teeny-tiny shorts but since she’s teeny-tiny herself, they work on her. The whole look’s got a laid-back, comfortable kinda chic going on. Assuming, of course, that one is comfortable wearing teeny-tiny shorts and tottering around on a bigass pair of leather wedges.

She’s got just the right kind of jewelry on to pick the look up. Love the long chain. Digging the clutch, too. And the hair, which seems to be at just the right length without looking too severe. Well done, Miss Girl.


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  • altalinda

    Those wedges give the impression of cement boots; I think something a tad lighter was in order.  Otherwise, bravo.

    • portlandmermaid

       Cement boots, exactly.

    • I agree completely!

      • Carla_Charlton

        And her toes seem to be hanging off the edge.

    • Another one in agreement.  Love everything except the shoes.

    •  Yeah. I really hate those shoes and they aren’t working for this outfit, but from the calves up she is super cute.

  • I like this, but the fit on the shorts seems odd to me…. 

  • carolynmo

    The shorts look a bit large for her, don’t they? I’m not advocating skin tight, mind you, but they look too big.

    • Little_Olive

      It’s like she lost her hips. 

  • jen_wetherden

    I cant drag my eyes away from her saggy crotch. or the awkward poses. great in theory, but just doesn’t seem to work.

    • tired_mommy

      Agree–she always looks a smidge uncomfortable when posing. The shorts look a little like boxers–would be so much cuter in a skirt.

  • VicksieDo

    Crotch issues, so nope!

  • jw_ny

    I only wear my red silk boxers during the holidays…and never in public! 😉

    • uprightcitizen


    • Yup. Saggy mens boxers is the impression given.

    • MissAnnieRN

      Bingo.  I saw this and thought “men’s boxer’s.”  Cute color.  Great fabric.  Would have been better as a micro mini.  And I think I’m the only one digging on the shoes from the looks of the comments so far.

      • buildmeatower

         I love them, personally. Hate the clutch and wish the shorts were, as you say, a micro mini, but the shoes are lovely. I want a pair.

  • nannypoo

    Cute. She’s a good argument for bangs.

    • She looks younger! Good hair style for her.

    • AthenaJ

      Yay! I am also a part of the bang brigade (wait, that didn’t sound quite right…)
      Christina looks absolutely fabulous with bangs, I think it’s the perfect hairstyle for her.

  • I like her. I like the shoes, the outfit. But that hair is just too severe. 

  • Anathema_Device

    Really cute look. I rarely like shorts with high heels, but the wedges work here.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I beg your pardon, overlords, but my opinion differs: I get what she’s going for here, but all the proportions are wrong. The shirt hangs on her like a sack, the pants look like boxing shorts and those shoes are clunky as all hell. AND I hate the clutch.

    You may call me a Bitter Kitten for this, but I do think that she’s better than this outfit. It reeks of half-baked, overpriced fashion.

    • Judih1

      I agree with everything you said. BUT,, I do like the shoes, just not with this outfit

    • LuisaNL

       completely agree! From the neck up she looks great, everything else looks sad and cheap. Sorry, TLo, I hate it when we disagree, but it does. Christina, sweetie, love you, love your bangs. Now, please, go home and start over, mkay?

  • Sara__B

    CR is one of my favorite fashion celebrities, but this is a scroll down fug for me. From the hips up she’s fabulous, but the crotch on those shorts is so low it makes them look like gym shorts not “formal” shorts, and the combination high heel/ankle brace shoe isn’t very attractive.

  • beebee10

    picky minions, yes the shorts are saggy. But she looks so good and like she’s out and about and having  some fun. 

  • Okay, I hate shorts, especially in ORANGE LACE, but she looks cute as a goddamned button. It’s rare to see a casual celebrity look that’s this cute and put-together. Well done, Wednesday Addams. 

  • prettybigkitty

    Adorable.  Wish I had a spare $995 lying around to have my very own Maiyet Jackie Wedge shoe.  

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Hello, Mila! We’ve missed you dearly.

    • Absolutely, she does look like Mila.  And I hate those shoes, they make her feet look huge!

  • alyce1213

    I love the bag.  That’s it.  The rest is nonsense.

  • This is the best haircut ever for her. No more bobble heads!

  • I would love to see Christina rock a Louise Brooks bob.

  • greatscoutm

    Not an easy to look, but she WERQs it!

  • R. L.

    At first glance she looks well turned-out but on second look all I can see are crotch issues.

  • Those shoes make her ankles look thick. They should be burned.

  • Damnit I love that hair.  The rest can go.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    if Herman Muster wore an open toed shoe he would favor those…..

    • Judih1

      LOL. But I like the shoes anyway, just not with the outfit. Herman Munster could get away with wearing them with any outift though

  • MoHub

    She should never lose the bangs. Ever.

  • butterflysunita

    No, no, no.  Hate those shorts.  Might overlook if it was summertime, but even then wouldn’t really like.  

  • Super cute. I agree that the boots are heavy, but they’re still working.

  • SUPER-huge beartrap shoes.  It looks like the police booted her legs for loitering.

  • janedonuts

    Oh god, no, you guys. No no no no no. Those shorts are hiddy. I can’t.

  • Zippypie

    That is one insane crotch on those hiddy shiny shorts. NO NO NO

  • I love this. Both times I’ve seen her with bangs here, I’ve thought it’s by far her best look. The shorts struck me as cute and actually wearable, I love the shirt and jewelry. The shoes I’m ok with.

    Altogether a great look for her.

  • Hate the shoes so much, but love the rest. She’s one of the few who can really work the bangs. 

  • Hit one out of the ballpark!  I’d gladly drop 30 years to be able to dress like this again.

  • judybrowni

    Shouldn’t work, but does.  Individual elements, either meh or ugh. But all together: work.

    She doesn’t look as much like Christina Ricci with the bangs, but she does look pretty.

  • Nice to see she’s giving Frodo a break.

  • MilaXX

     I wish she was wearing a different color top. At first glance this looks like she forgot her pants. I like the parts, but not the color combo.

  • Susan Crawford

    Is it just me, or is Christina shrinking away to a mere wisp these days? Yes, I know she’s teeny-weeny, but this is ridiculous. I recall a time when she had some curves. And frankly, she looked so much cuter with a biot of flesh on her little birdie bones.

    Like everything but those clunky wedge sandals. Those frail little legs do not look strong enough for her to take a step, so I assume Barney’s had a couple of interns carry her around all night.

  • Lilak

    I don’t get it. 

  • PeaceBang

    I can’t ride this train. Those shorts are not chic. They’re gay boy panties and I’d love to see some hottie rocking them shirtless on the cover of OUT, but on a full-grown woman, no. And those shoes must be in violation of some international human rights law.

  • Beth G

    They kinda look like gym shorts….

  • Alright, I gotta ask. Is it really tasteful to wear open toe shoes when your toes hang off the end of the shoe? It doesn’t seem classy to me.

  • crash1212

    Huh. Not a big fan of this outfit. I like her so much better with bangs (and no crazy eyes) and I love the long chain with what looks like a class ring on it – very retro – and clutch is cute. Shorts are heinous. 

  • EEKstl

    Cute, and good to see her sporting bangs again.

  • quiltrx

    Those shoes are really fun…and she looks like she enjoys her outfit.

    I can’t endorse those shorts, though…they scream TAP PANTS to me, ergo it looks like she didn’t have time to finish dressing.

  • lrhoff

    This is a WERQ to me — bravo!!

  • indigospade

    looking like a young mila

  • kingderella

    love love love. serving janet jackson realness.

  • GorgeousThings

    Loves: clutch, bracelet, hair (Is that hers, or is it a wig? I ask just because I’ve worn wigs and that’s what they tend to look like)

    Don’t loves: camel toe, bad bra making the tee shirt hang up on it, shoes – too heavy.

    •  Does she have camel toe? To me it looks like the shorts are actually a little too baggy. Also, are her toes hanging off the ends of those shoes or is it just the picture?

  • Slightly random, but….her necklace is very “The One Ring”

  • maggiemaybe

    Is she maybe, just maybe, a wee bit too thin? She worries me.

  • I don’t think she’s aged at all, seriously. 

    She looks fabulous! 

  • TieDye64

    Other than the shorts seeming rather baggy in the crotch area, I’d say this is cute as hell. I even think the shoes work here. Thank God they’re not nude, platform peep-toes.

  • Verascity

    Adorable from the calves up, but I HATE those shoes on her. They erase her ankles.

  • ccm800

    Petty near perfect right there. 

  • NurseEllen

    Just when I was certain nobody would EVER look good wearing micro shorts at a photocall……she ruins my whole paradigm.  Nice going!  (And I have to say I have great trouble thinking of her as anyone but Wednesday Addams.)

  • KathKo

    ugly shoes but nice outfit.
    She’s still a bit too much on the Kate Moss side, so I think she should stuff herself a little but otherwise she’s very cute here.

  • She looks like a big toddler – the big head, the little shorts, the cutesy pose- but that’s her thing

  • Stubenville

    Actually this would be perfect for one of those staged “celebrity out running errands like an ordinary gal” sessions that keep cropping up.

  • Snaps!

  • cluecat

    Top:  office receptionist.  Bottom:  hooter’s waitress.  Shoes:  weekend dominatrix.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    Ooh, I REALLY hate those shoes but everything else about the look is perfect.

  • Martha Deutsch

    I’m sorry, no. Everything else looks great, but those shorts look like she raided some stylish man’s underwear drawer.

    • RedRaven617

      Was thinking the same thing. Completely different shape on her than in the other photo. On her they look like the men’s boxer shorts I wear to bed.

  • bellafigura1

    Nononono. Where are her hips?  Her thighs are not even thigh-like.  I’m presuming she’s also assless.  That all adds up to boring shorts, hot orange or not.  She used to be a soft, round, interesting-looking girlwoman.  This is just terrible.  Plus, needs a jacket.

  • That’s the first time shorts have looked right in that context to me. Brava!

  • StillGary

    the hair and emaciation is reminds me of 
    Karen Carpenter — I don’t like this look.

    • Lisa

      Ooooh, creepy!  But you’re right – now that you said it, I can’t unsee it.

    • kcmari

      I was thinking she looks a lot like Mena Suvari with dark hair, not quite Karen Carpenter thin though.

      • Lisa

        Well, you’re not wrong about her resemblance to Mena S.  Because honestly, I usually get them confused for about a split second till I focus on the hair color – “Let’s see, blonde hair, so that’s Mena.”  But I also see the Karen Carpenter resemblance now that StillGary mentioned it. She’s not *as* thin as Karen, but she IS way too thin.

  • Lisa

    Not loving this look.  She can do better.

  • siriuslover

    She does look cute. And I’m increasingly convinced that Pan Am graphic dudes CGI’ed her eyes to make them look like balloons, because in her press appearances lately, she looks beautifully normal.

  • xmixiex


  • I looove her haircut.

  • malvernite

    ummm…something is not quite right. she looks heavy in the arms and legs, and thin around the hips – like she’s midway thru losing or gaining weight. i dont think the outfit flatters her at all, especially not those silk underwear-ish shorts. i like her hair though. 

  • formerlyAnon

    The necklace makes the outfit.

  • I don’t think anyone should go out in their shortie pyjamas!

  • tsid2012

    I love everything here but the shoes.  They appear heavier and bulkier than she or the outfit can handle.  My eye skimmed over everything and went directly to the shoes, not a good sign.

  • There is no doubt that the first requirement for a composer is to be dead.

  • sagecreek


  • I agree with altalinda about the cement boots and I agree with all those pointing out the saggy crotch. And I don’t like the hair nor anything really. 

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    probably the best she’s looked on camera since she decided to embrace her eating disorder. not to be snarky, everyone who knows me knows i’ve done a similar thing. not in a pro-ana way, mind, which i imagine is the same for her. in theory & perhaps even in practice i like the way she looked before better; otoh, i am sure she gets more jobs this way [such is our culture], which is the reason to do it, if do it you must.

  • alyce1213

    Not into her eating disorder.  She looked so much better before – especially her face.
    To me she’s starting to look like an insect.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Love it. She looks awesome.

  • Julie Fountain

    I have been waiting years for her to finally get bangs!

  • That crotch is insane.

  • lordandtaylor

    Love her. Looks cute. Hate the Frankenstein shoes. I miss her on Pan Am.

  • OneTwoThreeFashion

    Come on, this is awful!