Channing Tatum for UK GQ Style

Posted on March 19, 2012

How about a little meat(head) for your lunch, darlings?

Channing Tatum featured in the spring/summer 2012 issue of GQ Style photographed by Jack Pierson and styled by Fashion Director Luke Day.

That’s probably the least flattering picture of him we’ve ever seen.

On why he became a stripper: “I had wanted to tell people. I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t regret one thing. I’m not a person who hides s**t. I was young and dumb and stupid and wanted to make a little money. You can work ten hours a day for minimum wage – that’s the opportunities for kids without a college education. Get some s**t job that you’re really going to have to bust your hump for. Or you can try something else a little crazy.”

We’re all for meatheads with stripper pasts here at T Lo Meathead Assessments, Ltd. We’re also for meatheads wearing really tight clothes for our enjoyment.


Not the most interesting editorial in the world, but who cares? Channing Tatum in tight pants, y’all. Do we really need to explain or justify that?


[Photo Credit: Jack Pierson for via and]

    • Ms_Flyover

      Haven’t really seen this kid on screen, and he’s probably very charismatic.  But all I get is “generic gym rate in clothes.”  Of course, I’m not exactly the demographic to whom they are marketing him…

      • Anna Daugherty

         This dude is a charisma black hole.

      • ccm800

         charisma suck! None what-so-ever but the new flick is getting big ups.

    • Carla_Charlton

      Meathead is right!  I don’t find him attractive at all.  Give me Ewan McGregor any day.

      • Aniela Marie Perry

        Yes please thank you.

      • lordandtaylor

        Really? Ewan is your go to guy?

        • Sara Munoz

          He is mine! Or Mark Ruffalo. I’m flexible.

        • dress_up_doll

          Ewan McGregor. Totally.

      • Larkin21

        Agreed. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice person and I know that his body is
        ridiculous but nothing about him does anything for me. Including his
        ridiculous body *shrug*

    • J

      Starring Channing Tatum in “Bye, Bye Birdie!”

      • Jill_3

        Seriously, that’s just what I thought! That cover shot looks STRAIGHT out of 1963. All the teen girls would totally post him up on their walls next to Bobby Rydell, Rickie Nelson and Frankie Avalon.

      • miwome

         I would actually like him much, much more if he did a midcentury period movie. I think the look really works for him.

    • EmilyMullasWilson

      It’s called eyebrow waxing, Channing.  Look into it.

      • AnaRoW

         Noooooo! Then he’ll look as weird as Joey Lawrence, although it won’t be as much of a loss since he’s not nearly as attractive.

        • EmilyMullasWilson

           He doesn’t need to overdo it, like Joey.  He just needs to grab a couple of tweezers and do some deforestation.

      • ecallaw

         I disagree.  Unless a guy has a unibrow, I’m for minor tweezing at the most.  A full on waxing is overdoing it.

        • EmilyMullasWilson

           Okay then, tweezing.  But something.

    • RebeccaKW

      The cover is reminiscent of Tiger Beat-style teen magazines.  Not exactly what I would think GQ is going for.  I must say, I prefer pictures of him in tight clothing that films of him in tight clothing.  I don’t need to hear him speak.

      But I do like that he owns up to his past, instead of trying to make excuses and downplay it.

      • AthenaJ

        Heh heh I know, that GQ cover is cracking me up. I’m expecting the tagline “We have a crush on Channing Tatum!!” below that pic of his great meat head.

      • formerlyAnon

        I was thinking late 50’s Photoplay covers.  But same difference.

    • drdirection

      He’s growing on me.

      Sort of has a Chris Meloni look/build to him

    • SapphoPoet

      I dunno. He fills out the clothes, but he doesn’t look very interesting. Pass. 

      I’ll be returning to the Woody Harrelson editorial you featured a few days ago. ;)

    • Kiltdntiltd

      I admit he certainly packs those “very carefully selected by the no doubt gay stylist”, pants. Otherwise? Meh.

      • Cindi Williams

        My first response was “Hellllooooo crotch!”, so yes, I agree. :)

      • Derek_anny

         I seem to remember that he lost a nut when his groin got burned.  I could be mistaken.

      • Derek_anny

         I seem to remember that he lost a nut when his groin got burned.  I could be mistaken.

    • lalahartma

      Yeah, he doesn’t appeal to me.  I like some definition between the neck and jawline.

    • TAGinMO


      I know there are a lot of commenters here whose boats Charming Potato doesn’t float. But what can I say? I appreciate clean-cut, generic types with bulges in all the right places.

      Actually, this one strikes me as the basic equivalent of the latest new toy you got for Christmas as a kid. You’ll probably be bored with it after two days, but oh what a glorious two days of play it would be!

      • JasmineAM

        I absolutely love him and his stripper past. 

    • alyce1213

      The cover — color palette, styling, everything — is spot on Teen Idol ca. 1957. So is the rest.
      Like Meghan McCain, I’m strictly dickly, but I do NOT appreciate an obvious penis bump off to the side. Makes me uncomfortable because I can’t not see it.He’s more pinhead (neck wider than head) than meathead IMO. Ditto to the eyebrow waxing comment.

    • Elizabeth Wakefield

      Does nothing for me, unfortunately.  My type is more Henry Cavill…only slightly meathead-ish. :)

    • jw_ny

      mmmm….meat!  ;)

    • cmb92191

      Terrible cover.. it even looks worse in the thumbnails.. my first thought was Mr. Potato Head wears a sweater.

      Another person said it gym rat in nice clothes..  The 2nd picture is awful and the third is passable only by definition of the tight pants.

      • Kristin Hanson

        Mr. Potato Head is right.  The texture of his forehead is bizarre compared to the smoothness of his cheeks.  GQ gets a yellow flag for a photoshopping foul!

    • serenitynow02

      He still looks like a generic small town football quarterback to me. If I were 17, it might be a plus.  I like the sweater combo, but I’d rather see it on someone else.

    • Ellie Rowe

      He looks like a giant thumb, but credit where credit’s due, he’s not afraid to admit stuff and I can respect that.

      • Carla_Charlton

        LOL and a big “AGREE”

    • JanieS

      I can’t even enjoy the rest of him, because his neck is so. damn. wide.

    • bellalozza

      pin head. blech. 

    • Erin

      I still can’t be attracted to him (honey, quit looking like you’re puzzling out what somebody just said), but I respect the man for his willingness to be up-front.  Maybe Lorenzo isn’t *so* crazy with his non-Tom crushes.

    • boweryboy

      That neck!   

       He does nothing for me – largely in part because he looks like a high school jock who bullies gays and geeks.

      • mmc2315

        Yep, his look sets off a negative reaction in me, too.

    • Amy Watts

      I saw 21 Jump Street over the weekend and he was way funnier and charming than he had any right to be. I’m totally Team Channing now.

      • mshesterp

        WORD.  I thought it looked absolutely terrible from the previews, and the reviews were so good that I went with a girlfriend.  It was HYSTERICAL, and Tatum was part of what made it so great.  So I’m right with you there.  Anyone who can make fun of his own stereotypical “jock d-bag” persona is a winner in my book.

        • Amy Watts

           Yeah, his SNL appearance gave a glimmer of it, but with Jump Street, you definitely get that Tatum’s in on the joke of his “meathead” persona. That wins anybody a lot of points from me.

          • Andrea Rossillon

            He has been picking more and more interesting projects. He did that short film with Joseph Gordon Levitt, which was very much a filmic and theatrical in-joke–he had a killer handle bar mustache and he worked those eyebrows. It was amazing. So people whose work I find interesting, seem to enjoy working with him, which leads me to believe that he is also interesting.

            I think the meathead thing got him his start, and now he’s moving out from there.

      • lordandtaylor

        Loved the movie too…very funny. I am joining you on Team Channing. Any relation to Carol?

    • kingderella

      he really is the ‘dumb jock’ dream come true, isnt he? i approve.

    • AlieMichelle

      He just… bores me. Bland-o-rama.

    • Christina Brennan

      That cover is so unbelievably fug.  Otherwise <3 u Channie!

    • PeaceBang

      Meatless Monday for me, thanks.

    • Pants_are_a_must

      I question your choices, overlords. I question them.

    • Sara Munoz

      The twinset is pretty silly.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      There is filling clothes out, then there is wearing clothes that are too damn tight!

      Bad pictures, really. They really get worse the more you look at them.

    • Dorothy & Michael n/a

      I’m sorry but all the hunky-ness in the world is essentially invisible when those ears are sticking out like balanced antennas.

    • NatalieD28

      I never felt any way about Channing before this weekend – didn’t love, didn’t hate. But after seeing 21 Jump Street I have to say, he’s converted me to a Tatum fan. He was absolutely hysterical and sweet, and the movie was a whole lot better than I thought it’d be! So Charming Potato has won me over!

    • MilaXX

      They photoshop females to he’ll and back. They couldn’t the fix his brows? 

    • AthenaJ

      That neck is seriously scaring me – it’s bigger than his head! And…WHAT is that in his pants?! It seriously looks like it’s trying to break free, guys. Hold me.

    • Jenna Kuhmann

      You absolutely do not.

    • J D

      I’m really loving the cover design.  Very retro in a great way.  But man, Channing has some serious butterface going on.

    • TonyGo

      Really?  A sweater twin set for guys?  

    • Dawn Sinclair

      Well at lease we all know he dresses to the right now. Not keen on the 50’s jock look they are going for and wish they’d gone edgy instead.

    • kimmeister

      The neckline on that green sweater is terrible.  Makes his neck look even shorter and thicker than it already is.

    • Bozhi

      Nice – thank you.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I rather get a kick out of Channing, especially after seeing him in “The Eagle”-I honestly expected him to chest bump his buddy at the end and yell, “We got the eagle, dude, Awesome!”

    • lordandtaylor

      How can you not think this boy it hot? The cover photo is bad news…photoshopped to make him look like an android on star trek. More tight pants photos please. I like the idea of TIGHT PANTS THURSDAYS

    • lordandtaylor

      I guess you haven’t been to macy’s lately.

    • BeeBeauNYC

      Lavender is a terrible color on him (and not a color that appeals to guys much). And a light blue background goes terribly with lavender. Who styled that cover? They need to be taken out to a field and shot. It’s not hard to make a man like Channing look hot on the cover. 

    • Rand Ortega

      What’s really funny? His 1st half of the answer didn’t answer the question. He answered the “Are you ashamed you were a stripper?” question.

    • kirkyo

      Totally digging the 50s album cover design and fonts on the cover.

    • sockandaphone

      I love how Tlo just understand our need for men in tight pants.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      Duh, stay out of Riverdale!

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      No, no justification needed. And thanks, my lunch needed a little meat(head).

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      Why is he happening?  The one meathead who shows it all, and I don’t want to see it.  I want naked Skarsgards and Manganiellos.

    • Julie Fountain

      This guy just doesn’t do it for me. Something is all wrong about his head-to-neck ratio. He is working those tight pants though.

    • Pennymac

      Canned ham. That is all.

    • foodycatAlicia

      Is the men’s twinset going to become a thing?

      • Susan Crawford

        If there is a shred of decency left in the galaxy – – – this should NEVER happen! Gaaaah!

      • Melvis Velour

        As Grandma would say “…hand me mah reticule child, I’m having an attack o’ tha vapours!”  Twinsets are just so wrong on so many levels…unless you’ve got the chutzpah to mix up colors that were never intended to be together.

        • foodycatAlicia

          I can’t agree with you there – I wear twinsets a lot (with sweater guards…) but I am a girl so it is OK. But for boys? no. 

      • formerlyAnon

        I’m guessing it’s a faux twin set? Not sure if it even unbuttons.

        And not among heterosexual men in my part of the world, except for a few seriously ironic hipsters. Maybe.

      • BradWatson

        I’d pay cash-money to see it with the rhinestone-clippie-chain that keeps it on when it’s just draped over his shoulders. 
        Lunkhead-chic was never my thing. But the boy does put the chi in chinos.


      I don’t find him particularly swoon-worthy, but I wouldn’t argue for a second if this brotha was asking for entry.

    • ccm800

      There is bad photoshopping and overdone photoshopping and then there is both. This is the latter. 

      • Sally Brownson

         If they did so much photoshopping, why on earth didn’t they fix his eyebrows?

        • ccm800

           HAHAHA! like I said “…and bad.”

    • Pterodactyl111

      I just do not find him attractive at all.

    • another_laura

      I dunno, T Lo, I like the cover photo because he looks less like a no-neck and more like a likable person.  While I appreciate the full-body shots, from the neck up he is much less appealing in those.  But I may be alone in this assessment. 

    • kim i

      he looks like the product of dynastic intermarriage.

    • Kerry McCombs

      Yuck. I don’t get it. I don’t like when someone’s neck is as big as or BIGGER than their head! He’s a big unattractive monkeyman to me.

    • ri_dic


    • Ashleigh Boutelle

      give me a well fitted (ok TIGHT) shirt and muscles A N Y  D A Y

    • Lisa

      He’s dull.  Just not my type. Now, if he wanted to show us some of his stripper past, I wouldn’t object.

    • aristida_girl

      Justified! He is lovely…

    • Vivi N

      He does nothing for me. At all.

    • Linderella

      He is SO not my type (I like my meat much, much leaner), but I’m just madly in love with him.  He gorgeous and his total no-bullshit attitude is a massive turn-on.  Channing in tight pants?  Please, sir, may I have some more?

    • Melody McFarland

      what a stupid name though. He could have come up with something better than that forced, over-the-top crap.

    • Melody McFarland

      crap! that is his real name!

    • kattyatlaw

      So, employment options for young men are either bust your hump or hump a bust? HEY-O.

    • umeboshi

      why does this editorial look like tiger beat? 

    • Sarah Hankins

      Channing Tatum whatever, I WANT that vintage powder blue football sweater.