WERQ: Ashley Greene in Oscar de la Renta

Posted on February 03, 2012

This grew on us the more we looked at it.

Ashley Greene attends the Louder Than Words event in Hollywood in an Oscar de la Renta dress paired with Cathy Waterman jewelry.

It’s simple and chic, with just enough visual interest at the bottom to turn a couple heads. We’re digging the gray nail polish with it. Not at all digging the hair, though, which looks like something the Crawley sisters in Downton Abbey would sport. Still, not enough to get us to hate the look or to prevent us from saying, “You WERQ that Lady Mary shit, girl! Eleganza! Snaps up!”

[Photo Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images]

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    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Micaela-Cannon/1465504041 Micaela Cannon

      I want to steal this dress and wear it at tons of new years parties around the world.

    • http://www.thirteen.org/downton-abbey/category/the-downton-dish/ Gotham Tomato

      “Tlo said: Not at all digging the hair, though, which looks like something the Crawley sisters in Downton Abbey would sport.”

      Better to have Crawley sisters hair than O’Brien hair.


      • http://twitter.com/bredalot Bridget Smith

        It looks like knitting!

      • Anonymous

        But I can imagine some enterprising designer sending O’Brien hair down the runway and calling it edgy.  Sideburns AND ringlets, it’s downright genderbending.

      • http://asskickingadviser.com/ Ass Kicking Adviser

        ha, ha, ha!!  Oh GT – you made me laugh. Make sure you see the Dowton spoof from SNL last night.

    • leah besson

      really??  i think this is so ugly!!  cheap looking sequins, hideous shoes… just bad.

      • http://twitter.com/foodycatAlicia foodycatAlicia

        Definitely hideous shoes, and the waistline is too high on her so it thickens her around the middle.

      • http://www.GiftedCollector.com Nancy Abrams

        And what is that flyaway stuff at the bottom? Whatever it is, is needs trimming. Not a fan.

    • Anonymous

      The bottom is disintegrating as we watch.

    • Anonymous

      She always looks wierd to me.  Cute dress but she still looks strange.

    • Susana Reyes

      Love everything except the pointy witch shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Someone go and check the water supply by TLo’s, because I suspect poisoning! It looks heavy on the bottom, isn’t fitting her correctly to give her a waist, and the shoes are far from fine! Though the gray nail polish is in fact inspired.

    • Judy_J

      Whatever that is at the hem of the skirt looks like it’s frayed.  Kinda ruins it for me.

    • Anonymous

      The word “Parisian”comes to mind.

    • Anonymous

      Huh. Hate the nail polish, but the rest looks pretty great.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2P2ANLRZ6YAVGONA36I2AQJYGI VicD

      God, I HATE that zombie nail polish though.  Makes the wearer look like she’s been dead for weeks…

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Borrowing infamous bloggers’ term because it works so well here: Scrolldown Fug

    • Terence Ng

      I think i would have liked the bottom detailing more if it was a print, and not a fraying textured fabric.

    • Anonymous

      Love the dress.  HATE the nail polish.  It makes her look as if she had spent her last vacation at the bottom of the East River.

    • Anonymous

      Like the dress on her….also think she looks a bit like Marisa Tomei here!

    • Anonymous

       She does look fabulous in this. I really like the way the bodice fits her. No boob and armpit overflow! Her collar bone, shoulders, and arms are just lovely. I like her hair a lot. It is nice to see something other than long mermaid hair or tightly pulled-back hair.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno about this as a WERQ. I’ll respectfully disagree.  I’d think for it to classify as such that
      everything should be near flawless.  She certainly looks good/pretty and
      I’d give her an IN if it were an IN/OUT…but I’m not digging her hair or shoes and the dress is just ok.  She’s kind of not selling it either. 

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. She is not a WERK person, IMO. Bland.
        Cutesy dress, period. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Also respectfully.

        A black strapless sequined dress with a pair of black pumps = boring as hell.

        Imagining her with O’Brien hair definitely helps.

        I want to be O’Brien for Halloween.

    • Anonymous


    • Call me Bee

      Absolutely darling! 

    • Anonymous

      It’s a great dress, but am I the only one seeing a piano at the bottom?

      • Anonymous

        Ugh, not anymore. No unseeing that ever again.

      • Anonymous

        I see white flames.

      • Anonymous

        A melting piano.

    • Anonymous

      Whuck? Hair, nails, SHOES… all hiddy IMHO.  And the bottom of dress reminds me of those Louboutin lion toe shoes… which isn’t a positive, in case that wasn’t clear.

      Girl needs to be “out of WERQ”! (see what I did there?)

    • Anonymous

      The grey nail polish looks like a disease. Nasty.

    • Anonymous

      New nail polish color?? Necrotic Grey

      • Anonymous

        Right??  It looks like her fingers are dying.

    • Anonymous

      you guys just got me so excited for DA post Super Bowl!!!

    • Anonymous

      Not digging the ensemble at all. Her makeup is flawless, though.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty girl, thrift-store cape as a dress, witch shoes and dead fingernails.  Too long at the T-Lounge last night, guys?

    • Anonymous

      Werq requires a necklace and some damn moisturizer FGS how a white girl gonna have ashy hands? But there you have it. NO WERQ. 

    • Anonymous

      You guys are handing out Werqs like tissues these days. Tighten up fellows!  

      • Anonymous

        Too right . . .

    • Anonymous

      I generally love Oscar de la Renta, but not this dress. Hate the bottom.

      This is not a WERQ, by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Isana Leshchinskaya

      she’s no lady mary…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3AJ237ND3GAHDQJZ4TLCO4WLRA Emily

      love the dress.  not a fan of the polish with it…and hair is awful.

    • MilaXX

      I like this look and I really like the Downton hair with this look. WERQ it gurl!

    • Anonymous

      No.  Snaps down!

    • Anonymous

      Dig the dress. Not the hair.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Morris/1076502799 Jane Morris

      Amazed you would give this a WERQ.  Not that it’s bad. But it’s not great at all, what with the hair from 1918 and the icky looking feather poo or whatever that is hanging off the hem.

    • Anonymous

      Dead hands do not WERQ. And the dress is just okay.

    • http://pissiechrissie.tumblr.com/ Chrissie

      It’s just okay.

    • http://twitter.com/yankeefoxtrot Alex McGeagh

      That weird-ass hem looks tacky and cheap as all get out. Not a fan. Do love her makeup and hair tho! Also like the shoes – interestingly shaped.

    • http://profiles.google.com/shannonlstewart Shannon Stewart

      Didn’t have to grow on me at all — loved it from first sight.

    • Allison Woods

      Don’t like the hair…needs a necklace…proportions of dress slightly off…scary nail color….shredding hem…shoes are slightly off.

      I love my uncles enough to say that I hope they will forgive me if I disagree.

      Just don’t take away my litter box or my Bitter Siblings and everything will be okay.


      A Bitter Kitten

    • Anonymous

      Corpse nails. 

    • Lisa

      LOVE the look – really nice, and I don’t mind the hair!

    • Anonymous

      I’m with the rest of the commentariat.  Definitely IN, not quite WERQ.

    • http://profiles.google.com/niconiconico10 Nico Robertson

      i think u guys have gotten a touch soft with the WERQs… don’t get me wrong, i think most of the chicas who get WERQs deserve some sort of accolade, but i think they should be saved for hoes who are flawless HEAD to TOE, hair/accessories and all. but that is just me.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1046681022 Paula Berman

        Flawless hoes… the best kind  😉

    • Anonymous

      Um, I like the nails, don’t mind the hair, kinda bored with the dress.

    • Anonymous

      It reminds me of an ostrich.

    • http://twitter.com/nicolahearts nicole seligman

      loved the dress/makeup, but i’m here to say that i work for loveisrespect and having ashgreen was a HUGE deal. also, TLo, why aren’t you covering pan am anymore? she’s a lesbian and i need to know your thoughts!

    • Anonymous

      It’s a’ight. I would like it better if the skirt was a bit fuller.  It looks a bit limp.

    • Anonymous

      Nice dress. I don’t like her hair (which looks to be about one second from tumbling down about her face which makes me nervous) and I don’t like her sort of sideways smile; it looks a little odd (but my BodyPump instructor does the same thing). 

      I’m on the fence about the nail polish; it’s an unexpected color but it makes me worry about her circulation.  

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm. It looks like a cheap homecoming dress.

    • Lies L.

      That’s beautiful. It’s one of those red carpet looks I genuinely want and would wear.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty girl

      Pretty dress


      But not a WERQ

    • Anonymous

      when i first saw this dress, i thought the hem was made of feathers, black one with the tips down, white one overlapping with the tips up.  now that would have bee adorable.  i like the hair but can’t abide the gray nails.  looks like she hit each of them with a hammer.  or like she’s dead or dying.  don’t wear those nails to your cardiologist’s office.

      • Anonymous

        Yes! Hate grey nails! Like the dead or seriously, seriously ill. (Love your comment about the cardiologist’s office.)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1046681022 Paula Berman

        I thought it was feathers too, at first. I think she looks good, but not WERQ level good. Agree about the grey nails. It’s like the “before” picture in a commercial for fingernail fungus medicine.

    • http://twitter.com/pointlesswords jaymeglynn

      I’m so bored!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not really wowing me…..

    • Anonymous

      Really??  I hate this look…. including the hairs hanging at the bottom, the old lady hairdo, the witchy shoes and that godawful gray nail polish that make her hands look like they are on a corpse.  

    • oohsparkley!

      I agree with the Werq.