The Blonds Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 18, 2012

Kittens, we may have attended this show on Wednesday night, but it had Saturday night written all over it, which makes it a perfect post for, well, Saturday night. With Adam Lambert and Lil’ Kim in the front row, and more drag queens than you can shake a clutch at sprinkled throughout the room, to say the vibe was high-energy is like saying volcanoes are a little on the warm side. Entitled “Live Fast Dye Blond,” it was wall-to-wall heavy metal biker chicks and snarling pretty boys in tight pants, walking out to the cheers of a roaring crowd. There’s nothing like The Blonds show during Fashion Week and this could not have been a more exciting spectacle and perfect way to end our week. High glam, high spirits, cute boys and great fun. We never cheered and clapped so much at a fashion show.

It’s Saturday night, bitches! Pull your pony tail through your motorcycle helmet and let’s go!


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    I’d have paid a hefty penny to be there

    • Anonymous

      I wonder what music was playing during the runway show.

    • Phyllis Craine

      Me too. The models in the helmets made me think of Brigette Helm in the original version of “Metropolis”

  • Anonymous

    Oh Hell yeah!
     Well, for this color-loving gay boy, who has just a bit of the Drag Queen blood running thru his blond veins, This fabulous collection really hits my sweet spot.

    I love it all. 
     REALLY LOVE the boys pants.

    This would have been my favorite show.
    I wish I could have gone. 
     You two are some hardworking lucky boys.  I am so jealous (but in a loving way).
    Now back for another look at the delicious eye candy!

  • Anonymous

    Dear god, what has that woman done to her face!  It’s almost as bad as Donatella Versace’s.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not a drag queen?

      • Anonymous

        I thought it was Nicolette Sheridan.

    • Anonymous

      Well, he started out as a man for one, so he has a little masculinity to his face.  But he is still a better looking man as a woman than Donatella ever was in any form.  To be fair I think Phillipe just has the makeup on a little heavy, is likely exhausted and that is a really bad shot.  He does not normally look nearly as bad as Donatella… I don’t think so anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, upon further investigation, that is a guy in drag. Here’s video of them from last year:

    • Christopher Rogers

      His name’s Phillipe Blond. He just has a naturally sharp bone structure because, well, he’s a man.

    • Anonymous

       I thought drag queen…

    • Anonymous

       Apparently, “that woman” has succeeded with his face!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a fun show to attend.  I don’t know anyone who would wear these clothes, but if I did, they’d probably scare me a little.  

  • Anonymous

    After more gazing (beyond the tight pants) I notice that the Blue & Orange Crystal numbers are so gloriously over the top beautiful.
    As is that hunk in the next to the last row in the grey pants & black cystal jacket….Oh my! Pass the smelling salts I feel faint.
    Yeah, I would have been yelling & clapping at all that.

  • Anonymous

    While I’m glad you boys had a blast, the clothes are, um, amusing? Mugler’s were wittier and more polished (though his budget was doubtlessly much much more). These would look fab on RPDR however. 

  • Anonymous

    Whee! I love it, sounds like a blast!

  • MishaFoomin

    The male models are far too clean-shaven to be dressed in some of those outfits.

  • MilaXX

    I love the sheer gaudiness of it all. I hope we get to see some worst dressed nominees in a few of these frocks.

  • Anonymous

    I want the Cleopatra necklace the golden boy somewhere in the middle is wearing.

  • Jenny Hill

    Love the Micheal Jackson – “Beat It” dress. (Five down on the left.)

    You know, I watch Project Runway, so I’ve seen their fashion shows, and I read lots of the recaps here, but what I’d really like to know is what really happens during one of these shows? Is there a party before/after. Is there more to the event than just the fashions walking the runway? How many fashions are typically shown? I’m curious, cause I know I’ll never get to one myself.

  • Sam

    This is clearly a decoy collection

  • sunandmoon24

    out versaceing versace :)

  • Anonymous

    Is one of the designers a drag queen (or Donatella Versace’s mini-me?)

  • Anonymous

    The guy in the middle – a few rows down – does he have glow-y balls of light in his pockets?

    • Anonymous

       Camera flashes off the sequins, maybe? 

      I see what you’re talking about.

    • Anonymous

      I think it might be part of the pattern on the material. Is it supposed to suggest eyes?

    • Anonymous

      If you look 2 rows up (from him), far right, the pants there seem to be made of the same fabric.  Looks like part of the design.

  • Anonymous

    I guess this is a bizarre comment, but I like the way the guys’ pants fit!

    I LOVE the blinged-out jackets (well, not the red furry so much, but all the others).  I swear, if I had one, I would wear it every day.

  • Anonymous

    The girls have all dropped in from the B-flick: Mutant Space Queens of Mars.

    The guys are their Biker Boyz Clone Robots.

    • Anonymous

      Not that it’s a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like Serena Van der Woodsen’s closet (and lingerie drawer) exploded all over everyone just before their Vespa parade.

  • accidental housewife

    Such a huge change from the beauty and elegance of the Herrera show. But I totally believe it was a blast.

    I am coveting the red thigh-high boots. The dress in the first row, on the right, is really gorgeous. I also like the suit, 3rd row on the left. And the blue bustier on the right in the same row is pretty damn fab.

    The head pieces are cracking me  up. They’ll be good for preventing head injuries should any of the models fall on the runway.

    “Live Fast, Dye blond”

    I told my husband today that I’m thinking about having my hair cut off and bleached out to platinum again. That motto is pushing me just a little closer to the edge.

  • muzan-e

    It’s the S&M Motorcycle scene from Showgirls – gone couture!  GLEE.

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    Great flashy eye candy.  some of these pieces are great “Make an entrance” pieces, but you could only get away with wearing them once.

  • Anonymous

    Super villainess and her boy harem… Sign me up!

  • Antonija Mitt

    So much fun!  And really–amongst the thigh-highs and helmets, there are some wearable peices in there.  Somewhere.  I agree with an earlier comment that it would killer to see some celeb in one of these outfits on a RC some time soon.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a collection clearly for drag queens. And Nicky Minaj.

  • Anonymous

    dayyyum! those corsets have “Mr. Pearl” written all over them. did he do the build on those?

  • Anonymous

    I keep looking for the punch line!  Very sexy. We should play a game. Pick an outfit from this collection for Michelle Williams, Tilda Swinton, and Channing Tatum. It’s going to take me hours to figure that out. :-)

  • Anonymous

    It’s like the “concept car” of fashion. Wearable? Probably not. Wanna wear it? Most definitely.

  • Adrian

    Oh, honeys, you were definitely bedazzled, ’cause this shit is tacky as hell. I don’t blame you though. It’s fun. 

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    loves.  I know I would never in a million years wear any of this but it makes me filled with joy.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re going to go all BadAss with your grannie panties and hinting at the good china, then THIS is how to do it!
    Swarovski must be orgasmic when these folks call up.
    That cutie in the first picture, he knows, he’s not taking himself too seriously. Gurls and boyz just gotta have fun 😉

  • Anonymous

    the boots are great, i’d buy the black ones in a heartbeat & i have, i think, at least twenty pairs of thigh high boots. i would. anyway. wish they hadnt used the exact same color red soles, seems like they wouldve thought past that. a couple of the other garments are fine [ie: red leather corset, corsetty thing in monotone paint slashes that comes right before it]. a bit of the rest of it looks too much project runway aquarium challenge, say, or some other PR junkdrawer challenge–which, in this case, might be more intentional than it might be in other cases. i can see these two eat knowingly eat televisual pop culture for breakfast, digest it over the afternoon, then do what comes natural w/ it in the evening.

  • Anonymous

    That blue crystal “thing” is ART – not clothes. (can’t imagine how it could be worn (practically)

    And the boys clothes looks like the intended purchasers (not wearers) might be on a sex offenders list – because as presented it looks like it is sexualized clothing for the under 18 /legal age boys.  Okay went back and looked again – the leather jackets could go a little older – but my goodness most of those boy models look “pretty baby” like  ?

  • Anonymous

    exuberant and fun!  I hope to see these as stage wear!  Come on, Beyonce.

  • Anonymous

    The flaming boobs outfit is insanely fun! Made me temporarily stop obsessing about the fantastic poufy hair in the Carolina Herrera post. And if I ever make a deal with the devil, it will definitely include the capacity to rock the shit out of crotch-high red leather boots. Hotamighty damn!!

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Spectacularly over the top dramafashion.  I LOVE it.  Sure not much is actually wearable by any normal humans, but who teh hell cares?  Its great theater and wonderful craftsmanship.  LOVE.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t understand why they don’t make helmets with ponytail holes. 

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t understand why they don’t make helmets with ponytail holes. 

  • Anonymous

    THIS is what I thought NYFW should be, some wearable pieces highlighted with over-the-top pieces.  You can envision Minaj wearing some of the pieces onstage just as easily as you could picture anyone wearing the dress top, far right.  I may not be able to wear any of this, but I seriously want to look at it close up.

  • foodycatAlicia

    It’s not particularly translatable to street wear, but it is gloriously tacky and over the top and fabulous. In my next life I want legs that can wear thigh high studded red boots.

  • R. L.

    Oh what fun!;Most-Recent-in-Fashion#c=R808KZ2HGVYMGN4B&t=The%20Blonds%20Fall%202012%20Collection

  • UltimaEsperenza

    For music inspiration, listen to the Born This Way EP over and over and over.

  • Therese Bohn

    As Nicki Manaj,  Gaga, and Lil Kim swoon from orgasmic exhaustion, their people rapidly order all the glorious excess they’ve just witnessed.  They’re set for the year. And Barbarella is fighting for the silver suit with danglies.

    I bet the red motorcycle jacket would look great without the furry gorilla arms.

  • greatscoutm

    Love every stitch. Brava!

  • aussie_guy

    I’m sure it’s just the pattern, or a trick of the light, or wishful thinking…but does the guy in the black and white pant (second last row, on the right) look like he’s a LOT happier to be there than his counterparts?

  • Rebecca

    I want ALL those bustiers. ALL.