Simon Spurr Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 13, 2012

Taking its inspiration from Robert Frank’s iconic photographs of umbrella-toting, derby-sporting, bespoke-suited men in the London fog, this collection almost made us cry, it was that beautiful. We don’t know what the hell anyone else in that room was feeling and we didn’t much care, because seeing these stunning pieces walk just a few inches away from us – on some unbelievably good-looking men, it has to be said  – was something like  a religious experience for us. If anyone happened to be looking at us, we have no doubt our facial expressions were akin to those of rapturous saints and martyrs.  Or 15 year old-girls at a Beatles concert. Sans screaming, of course. Give us a little credit.

It’s a cliche to say that something fits like a second skin, but these suits are so perfectly tailored that there’s no other way to describe them. Like liquid, they were. You know how it’s often said of old school masters like Valentino or de la Renta that they “Love women” or “Love to make women feel beautiful?” Simon Spurr dresses men like that; like it’s a calling for him to make men look as good as possible by first and foremost giving them impeccable clothes to wear.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking but we’ll sum up with our final two breathless thoughts as we were walking out.

Tom: “If that collection’s not an incentive to get rich, I don’t know what is.”

Lorenzo: “Don’t give me any of your shit about “age-appropriate,” I want it ALL!”

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  • I’m a girl, but this is the sort of stuff I want to wear.
    I can appreciate a gorgeous gown but I wish there were collections like this for women.

    • Anonymous

       I agree. I would settle for seeing more men around dressing like this, though.

    • Anonymous

      I am so with you on this one. I love tailored “men’s wear” clothing for women and the color palette here is to die for.

    • I’m the same way. I’d love to have some menswear for women, not “menswear-inspired” clothes for women, if that makes sense. I want the same type of tailoring and detail in my clothes. 

  • Anonymous

    I am generally not excited by menswear colletions, but hot damn!  Look at those pants!  and some of that outerwear is *diviiiiine*

  • Anonymous

    Dear Universe, 

    Why don’t more straight men wear clothes like these? Please adjust accordingly.



    • AMEN

    • Anonymous

       Straight men are more likely to have beer guts and bad posture.  Is that prejudiced?

      • Pennymac

        Is it prejudiced if it’s true?

      • Anonymous

         Plus, it’s not ‘manly’ to care about your clothes.  They have to prove how macho they are by wearing cargo pants a size too big that were balled up in the corner for 3 days with a free tshirt from a radio station.  Going out to the club?  Swap out the sport sandals for sneakers.

        •  Sad thing is, there are fewer places to wear suits now. Most jobs don’t need them, and even if they did I’d hesitate to wear a suit that costs more than I make in a week.

          • Anonymous

             True.  But it would be nice to see a guy in a pair of jeans or slacks that fit with a dress shirt and shoes every once in a while though.  I wouldn’t care if they came from Old Navy or Target, I’d just like to see a little effort.

        • Anonymous

           I think that’s changing.  The men I work with react really well if I compliment their shoes or clothes and talk about men’s fashion. 

          It’s changing unevenly across time and place, though.

  • Anonymous

    the subtle use of stripes is inspired. Not so out there like plaid suits, but with enough interest that a lot more men can wear them.

  • Anonymous

    J’ADORE. This is AH-MAY-ZING. As a girl

  • Anonymous

    TOTALLY with you on that one…

  • MilaXX

    I like most of it except for the crazy cowl necks on the sweaters. I also don’t think a lot of guys can wear the stripe=y suits except maybe Alan Cummings or Brad Goreski.

    • Alan and Brad would totally rock these.

      • MilaXX

        Watching RuPaul’s Drag race & Ru could totally rock those stripe-y suit when she wears boy clothes.

        • Yes, Ru would look fantastic in one of those suits.

    • I like the black-on-black jacket, though: just enough stripey interest to be different, not so much that it’s scary. If only I had a man to buy it for. And the money to buy it with.

    • Anonymous

       Ryan Gosling. 

  • Anonymous

    REALLY gorgeous, expensive looking clothes.  Not sure about the moncho in the 6th row though…

    • Anonymous

      moncho?!  hysterical

    • The moncho is my favorite! Of course, I’m imagining stealing it for myself ….

  • It’s really amazing how even in photographs, you can see how luxurious the fabrics are.  I am down with everything except the poncho in the sixth row.  No matter what, I can’t help but see a depressed Teletubby.

  • TLo: L – I am totally with you. I want them ALL also!

  • Anonymous

    I would love a women’s suit that looks like the center of row 3. Please. I’ll take the model with it. Please.

  • Fabulous collection. Impeccable yet interesting.  If I were a stylist with some up and coming male clients, I would have made some inquires already. Hoping to see this on the RC soon.

  • Anonymous

    is it possible for menswear to glow?  because those fabrics have a beautiful sheen that is so so so luxe.  T, I do hope you get rich!

  • Anonymous

    Dear lord, it’s like a spy movie line up. I’m actually casting them in my head right now.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, this is one that rewards a 2nd-5th look.  My 1st thought was “huh, guess pics don’t do it justice”, nice clothes obviously, but ….. But then the more I look, the more I see.  I definitely don’t think some of these are actually very wearable outside a highly specialized clientele, but then again I don’t suppose they are intended for anyone else anyway.  Now, Swizz Beatz I could see in any of this after his Grammy showing.  Most of it though, any (fabulously wealthy) guy could wear, and he would look both wealthy and fabulous.

  • Anyone who uses Robert Frank as his inspiration is OK in my book. 

    I really love that jacket, bottom row center.


  • Anonymous

    I want that blue houndstooth redux suit so much I may sob uncontrollably until I make national news and someone buys it so I stop crying.

  • I need to find me a sugar daddy to be buy me all these gorgeous clothes I will never be able to afford. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes to the yes to the yes!  A teeny bit more colour might have been nice but I’m totally digging this new life for the boring suit…

  • Grey, navy, brown, black. Sigh. Still some lovely clothes, but really–can we men not have even a hint of color? Especially in such an otherwise fashionably garish time?

    • I’m sure that a good stylist will add a punch of color to liven things up.

  • Anonymous

    I will take everything except the gray poncho in my husband’s size, please. I think I could even get him into that abstracted houndstooth.

  • Anonymous

    Spectacular. Just spectacular.

    Also, I think both T and Lo could rock the shit out of several of these looks.

  • Anonymous

    The first row second and third pics the suits look almost too tailored to a point of being too tight.  I could also be due to the bulky sweaters underneath but still…

    Anyhoo in an alternate universe all men would be skinny, goregous and rocking these looks. 

    Although I’m much more partial to the DKNY menswear collection.  Now that was a collection of clothing the everyday man could wear.

  • i don’t think i have ever seen anything so well tailored in my life. THAT is how you wear a suit boys…

  • I want all of these. I want to wear boldly-patterned suits everywhere I go. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks boys for working so hard for all of us kittens! I hope Mr. Spurr grants you some free pieces for his line, it is so lovely and we all agree you deserve it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous…I LOVE those prints.  I also really like the different textures in the same garment.  Very cool.

  • I love the shapes, but its all just so,….gray.

    • Anonymous

      Grey suits are why God created beautifully tailored shirts in tone-on-tone weaves & subtly textured silk ties.

      And, possibly, they might have something to do with cashmere sweaters as well, but now I’m guessing.

  • Ben

    RJ King opened the show <3

  • Attention celebrities:  This is how a suit should be fitted for appearances on the red carpet.  Please make that happen.

  • The very first three piece suit is breathtaking.  Gorgeous collection, your assessment is dead on TLo, so many men would look fab in these clothes.

  • Anonymous

    For once I am extremely jealous of the clothes you boys get to wear.

  • Anonymous

    This is the kind of collection that makes a difference.  I’m gasping; had to look closely many times.
    It’s visually stunning — color, texture, silhouette, edge, everything.  
    If I were a boy I’d dress like that.  Actually, I occasionally do dress like that.

    (P.S.  I loathed the recent psychotic collections of Van Beirondonck and Thom Browne.)

  • Anonymous

    Oooh.  Gorgeously rich and layered.  TLo – gotta question – almost all the guys’ hems are a bit bunchy at the bottom.  Is that okay for straight leg pants?  Or is it still a bit off?  Need to know, cause need to know how to dress my man (or at least bug him until he hems his pants correctly).  Much love to you both.  (And if I could – I would buy you this wardrobe in thanks for all the smiles you bring to so many of us).

  • Wish I had the body to wear any of these (I guess only some of the outerwear would work). Love it.
    Are the shiny sleeves in the second pic and the trousers in the last pic of the eight row leather?

  • Anonymous

    Gimme!  The clothes AND the men.

  • Anonymous

    I love a fella in a good looking overcoat… hey wait a minute…I’m married to a fella in a great looking overcoat….
    Happy Valentine’s sweetie…

  • Anonymous

    I would love to own anything in this collection except for that hideous poncho with the giant reflective square on the front.

  • You know how most women’s fashion shows have clothes that can’t be worn by most women? This is a men’s show that cannot be worn by most men. Look at how tight the crotch is on these 30 inch waist models. Imagine your guy’s proportions in those pants. Now imagine him sitting. And then standing again. How’s it look now? I’m all for a well packed basket, but seriously.

    And these pants are way too long. And see how the coats just barely close in the front? Now imagine your man’s cute little tummy in that. Would you put a horizontal stripe across your love handles?

    Now look at the collar of the shirts. The eye is pulled out, emphasizing the width of the neck and shoulders. Gorgeous if you’ve got a 15 inch neck. Maybe not so flattering on a 16 1/2. Strong becomes barrel chested mighty quick.

    The line is exquisite. The colors and fabrication are perfection. The shoes elongate the line without becoming elf costumes. I always get scared when women say, “Oh I wish men would dress like this!” Mes cheres, most of us aren’t built that way. 

    • Anonymous

      Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, here. A sad sauce made with a reality base.

      (But in the dream world in which we all wear these expensive clothes, I’m sure we all put in enough gym time that expensive tailoring can cover the rest . . . and we’ll blithely ignore genetics.)

  • Anonymous

    I have to say “no” to the large-patterned suits.  They remind me (okay, I’m dating myself, the youngsters won’t even know what I’m talking about!) of the test patterns that came on the television screen at the end of a broadcast day.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, the blond model in the middle of the 2nd-to-last row has almost the same hairdo as me . . .

    Love all of the navy jackets.

  • In a perfect world, this would be my wardrobe. 

  • I would wear this!  Where do I find it?

  • Anonymous

    There is some exceptional outerwear in those photos.

  • I completely love this line. This is more my style. 

  • Anonymous

    Best men’s collection I have seen in a while.  Edgy but not forcefully so.  

  • Anonymous


  • R. L.

    These really are beautiful clothes for men.  Thanks for showing what the other half might wear.  If I were a man I would want a lot of these.

  • Yes, please! Er, for Beloved. Who is naturally natty, but would look even more smashing in these clothes.

  • Not loving the patterns, particularly disliking the diagonals.