RuPaul’s Drag Race: Catwalk Follies

Posted on February 23, 2012

We’ll grant you that this is at least partially fueled by our dislike of his character, but isn’t Phi Phi’s face pretty consistently jacked up? Which is odd, because he’s one of the cutest boys out of drag, with a face practically made for makeup, all big eyes and heart-shaped. For all her talk, bitch just doesn’t seem to bring it. And the dress is a cliche.

We’re happy to see that Dida has newfound energy and purpose, but she’s still got to work on her makeup and hair. Also, “my legs are sick” are only gonna take you so far in this competition. Enough with the Jennifer Aniston dresses, girl.

She sure can bring the pretty when she wants to.

Just okay.

Fabulous. We LOVE when a drag queen unveils a persona we never would have thought of. Florence Welch! Brilliant! What will these queens think of next? We’re putting money on Adele. In fact, we’re a bit surprised she’s not already a drag icon.

Is it a little weird that she looks so much like former RPDR judge Merle Ginsberg?

Just okay.


Credit where it’s due: her catwalk looks are always very polished. Dated, but very polished.


We thought this was hilarious. Sure, she can be a little off-putting and she wasn’t very professional during the sitcom shoot, but the judges came down too hard on her this week. We stand by what we said earlier: she really wasn’t in any trouble; they just wanted to take her down a notch because she’s so clearly the front runner.  Max was just playing the part of the bitchy TV producer to the hilt because Ru wanted that from him.



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  • Zaftiguana

    Phi Phi and Willam both have some horrendous highlight habits. Willam paints himself a fierce Planet of the Apes mandible and faux stubble while Phi Phi goes for upper-middle class housewife who wore Jackie O shades on the tanning bed realness. 

    I find myself really pulling for Dida now, but I fear that while she could get a consult from one of the pros or another queen to improve her make-up and styling and have challenge opportunities to create new costumes or re-work what she’s got, she’s probably just stuck with the low-rent wigs she brought with her. That’s one of the tough things about this competition. The low-budget girls with potential are stuck with the wigs they could afford when they came.

    Chad and Sharon kilt it, as usual. I literally gasped when Chad came out as Florence on Florence’s best day.

    • Per Willam, he can’t help it.  He’s a quarter Thundercat and sometimes it just seeps through the makeup!

      • Zaftiguana

        Well, now I feel racist ;).

    • DinahR

      Dida needs one of those wig challenges to pop up right now where Ru puts out a whole smorgasbord of wigs that the queens get to ransack and keep for themselves.  Dida really deserves a leg up in that department because she could be really great.  I agree with you.  

      • Zaftiguana

        I’d love to see that, or even have it built in at a certain point in the competition as a standard thing to give girls who have the chops but not the funds a chance to shine.

        I wonder how likely it is that the other girls would lend her stuff. I know it’s not really in their best interest since this is a competition and after revealing her performance skills these past two weeks, she’s probably seeming like a bit more of a genuine threat these days. I remember when Morgan lent Tati a wig for the Snatch Game a couple of seasons ago because all of Tati’s were so raggedy, though, and Morgan didn’t even like her, so I wonder if it’s more common than we might think. But Tati had been such a train wreck up until then that Morgan probably thought it was harmless to give her a little boost. I sure noticed that she was right back to her mall shop synthetics for every challenge after that. 

        • H3ff

          Like the makeover part of America’s Next Top Model. Is that still on actually?

          • Farthingale

            Inexplicably, yes. Any now we get “America’s Next Top Model Allstars”, in which, if I’m not mistaken, we are asked to reconsider a passel o’ castoff wannabees AGAIN. Why?

        • Farthingale

          I thought of that as well….Tati won the challenge, right? Poor Morgan! (I need to regress to that season for a minute, Morgan lent that wig when Tati was all wide eyed “I don’t know what to do, I never impersonated anybody before”, and then she killed it, Pandora Box was robbed, but Tati HAD Britney. There was no way Tati wasn’t prepared to do Britney. She cried wolf again during the singing challenge, and did quite well as well. Tati was using tactics.)

          Back to the subject at hand….there was also the famous wig lent to Shangela by Raja pre-season 3 that caused some drama as well (Shangi returned it all broke down and fugged). Anyway, the “wig-lending” story line is one to watch out for. 

          • Zaftiguana

            Tati did win it, and I’d hazard a guess that that’s a major factor in why her wigs were never that good again.

  • MissFern

    She looks like MERLE!  Thank you, I’ve been trying to place that for weeks!

    • Zaftiguana

      I miss Merle. I like Michelle fine, but Merle brought a really nice groundedness to the panel. It’s questionable how much Ru really listened to her, though, much to the detriment of some of the judging decisions in the early seasons. 

      • H3ff

        Has Ru ever listened to anyone though?

        • Farthingale

          I think Rupaul definitely trusts his own judgement most, but I’m gonna say yes because there did appear to be some changes after season 2. Ru was not as mesmerized by the glam queens as he appeared to be in seasons 1 &2, and really stuck to the Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent criteria. 

      • Farthingale

        Well I loved Merle, but “a nice groundedness” is not what the producers are aiming for (I think). There’s a real “firecracker” element with Michelle–you don’t know what’s gonna fall out of Bitch’s mouth. Keeps everyone on their tippy-toes. 

        • Zaftiguana

          Oh, I’m sure it’s far from what the producers want for the actual tapings. I think it’s good for keeping the decisions a little less cracktastic, though, which the viewers tend to like. Like I said, though, that’s only when the folks in charge take it into account, so…

    • Zaftiguana

      I miss Merle. I like Michelle fine, but Merle brought a really nice groundedness to the panel. It’s questionable how much Ru really listened to her, though, much to the detriment of some of the judging decisions in the early seasons. 

  • Geoff Dankert

    Agreed all the way around. Sharon might in many ways be the most fully realized contestant RPDR’s ever had: a wide variety of looks, a biting wit, plus a kindness that’s extremely rare in the workroom (remember her comforting of LaQueer a couple of weeks ago?). Her showdown with Phi Phi displayed a disarming lack of insecurity, and the fact that Phi Phi turned it into an opportunity to shriek desperately about her own talents shows that the two girls are miles apart when it comes to confidence. Sharon FTW!

    • kingderella

       i love sharon – not just her character, but also her personality – but i think the catfight with phiphi actually revealed some of her insecurities. watching her having to build herself up (im the future of drag! im the future of drag!) was a little uncomfortable. well, shes just human, too.

      • RocknLox

        Yeah that “I’m the future of drag” thing threw me too. She does have insecurities and that was the subtext of her throwing Phi Phi under the bus. She wanted to apologize for what she had said and Phi Phi was right, she hadn’t done anything except advise her to pull together her strongest look for the CD commercial. I think Sharon couldn’t see that she was wrong to judge her so harshly, after all, Phi Phi is not responsible for Sharon’s failure if she is dressing as herself. 

        • Zaftiguana

          Well, I’m not really sure that is Sharon’s strongest look, and while she won, I’m not sure it was the strongest strategic choice for her considering it was something she’d already shown. Am I misremembering this, or didn’t Phi Phi kind of admit in some of the commentary that it was her hope to make Sharon look repetitive or like a one-trick pony or something to the judges? And then there’s the really dismissive way she referred to Sharon’s style of drag when telling her what to do. It was pretty shady, and I think Sharon had a valid reason to be unhappy with her and say the pretty mild things she did to the judges. 

          • Thank you!  I thought I imagined that Phi Phi sort of shrugged off Sharon’s character…and why I was so thrilled when Sharon won!  🙂

          • Zaftiguana

            Exactly, and I think it was fully a win in spite of Phi Phi, not thanks to her.

          • H3ff

            Yet I think PhiPhi somehow honestly believes that it was thanks to her that Sharon won the challenge, hence her anger at Sharon.

          • Zaftiguana

            Right? I think it’s also kind of that offense-as-defense thing since she admitted on camera that it was a strategy not intended to work in Sharon’s favor.

        • Geoff Dankert

          RnL, I see your point, but I took Phi Phi’s suggestion as TLo did in their initial recap: an attempt at sabotage to get the judges to see the strongest queen as a one-note performer and send her home. Yeah, the “I’m the future of drag” thing certainly sounds like insecurity, but compared with Phi Phi and Jiggly, she’s practically the Dr. Drew of that group.

      • StillGary

        She is kinda her own worse enemy! Hope she keeps it together!

      •  Hearing her blare I AM THE FUTURE OF DRAG took her down a notch in my eyes. Honey, just because you’re good doesn’t mean you’re THAT good.

        • I agree with the others.  She was repeating a mantra to build her confidence back up.  I certainly would have.

  • kirble

    Chad is untouchable when it comes to that runway. Haven’t seen her stumble yet. Sharon’s a pro, too (and full of surprises), but j’adore the luxe-ness of Miss Chad Michaels.

    Also, I think Jiggly Caliente deserves “most improved” for an outfit that (a) suits her body incredibly well and (b) doesn’t look like she glued on a bunch of craft store leftovers onto it.

    • Sweetpea176

       I agree that this is probably the best that Jiggly has looked so far. 

  • Frank_821

    I agree the judges were being way too harsh on Sharon. She had 1 of the most memorable catwalk and Nicole pegged her correctly. She’s more quirky and eccentric than weird and goth

    • Zaftiguana

      I tend to agree with TLo that it was either intentionally done this way or edited this way to avoid the really boring predicament of a sure-thing frontrunner this early on. And you know, a little criticism for a queen who knows how to take it can only help, and Sharon did, in the end, get her shit together and take it.

      I still think Mike Muchnik was just an uptight asshole because he’s an uptight asshole, though. Ru likes harsh, especially this early on when she’s got tough calls to make, but he just seemed ignorant. 

      • Paigealicious

         Agreed, especially considering his whole diatribe at judging–“I don’t like the name!” etc.  She’s in a *drag competition,* Mike. She’s not *actually*  auditioning for you.

        • Zaftiguana

          Right?!? He just took himself so. Fucking. Seriously. It’s like, “Honey, are you lost?”

          • Farthingale

            We need to keep a list of judges and then vote for our fave’s and most hates after the last episode. I soooo loved Johnny Weir as a judge. I’m pining for him to reappear. 

        • Farthingale

          Yes! Tlo being much to sympathetic here. 

          MM was not JUDGING Sharon, he was REACTING to her, and came off as small minded and insecure to boot. It was almost like he said “ooooooo, you’re making me feel icky!” and then vomited. He acted like a scared little brat. Sorry, I hate me some intolerance.

  • Phi Phi’s eyes look off. I can’t tell if it’s a fake eyelash coming off, natural asymmetry or just plain evil.

    • MissMariRose

       She always looks a little wonky-eyed to me. I had to look away during the backstage Untucked scenes whenever she was on camera because she looked so cross-eyed.

    • YES. I noticed in Untucked that one of her eyelashes wasn’t as curled as the other. It drove me insane, I just wanted to peel it off! 

      • Phi Phi annoys me to death,and I want to shake her really hard until her wig flies off, BUT I will give her this: Wearing eyelashes is uncomfortable. I hate it when the adhesive dies—I just keep poking my eye until the thing sticks for a second, then it pops off again. Then I peel the mean little thing off and find in the purse I used a year later, covered with eyeliner and dust.

  • Jessi03

     Off-topic, but I saw Sharon and Phi Phi performing together this past weekend.  It was ridiculous how much Sharon looked and performed circles around Phi Phi.  Phi Phi’s wig and outfit were literally falling apart on stage, never mind the fact that she just shimmied for 3 straight minutes, generally not even lip synching.  Also, the reading that went on that night was incredible.  I think Phi Phi was mostly thrown off-guard that Sharon brought such a huge crowd in Phi Phi’s home town.  Team Needles, Chad, and Latrice all the way!

    • SteveKl

      Saw the two of them in Philly a few weeks ago – same conclusion! (And some of the previous contestants from previous seasons were *totally phoning it in*).

      • I saw the show in Philly too, and I thought PhiPhi wasn’t awful, but not at all unique or memorable.  Not at all like Sharon – hel-lo – the girl killed it!  Freddy Kruger drag to the Eurythmics?  I’ll be talking about that performance for years.  Talk about Cunning-Uniqueness-Nerve&Talent!

        • MK03

          Is there video online? Because I MUST see that.

        • Jessi03

          Did Sharon do Marilyn Manson, too?  It was amazing here in Chicago!

    •  I almost saw them at Spin last week but was too drunk to leave the house. And I agree: Needles, Chad, and Latrice completely RULE! I’d be happy if any one of them won.

    • Farthingale

      So glad you saw it….I couldn’t get there. Did they perform together? We’re the shows at midnight and one different?

      • Jessi03

        They performed separately, but they kept reading each other between sets.  I only saw the first show, though, b/c they started 45 minutes late and it was really overcrowded.  Phi Phi said it was the biggest crowd she’d ever seen there, and Sharon replied “Oh, I thought this was YOUR hometown!”  Hahahaha!

  • AlieMichelle

    Sharon’s runway look was adorable. I know why they were smacking her down, but I wish they hadn’t dissed that look. It’s so nice to see something fresh and different from her every week.

  • vmcdanie

    I do think Phi Phi is pretty. Not original and uneven in the talent challenges, but pretty. Is anyone else bothered by her eye makeup? I don’t notice on the Runway but I see it during Untucked. Her eyes look odd and that whatever she is doing to them hurts.

    Dida’s wigs with the exception of the one she wore during her LSFYL are not good. I’ve decided I am firmly a Dida liker although she doesn’t consistently bring it.

    I don’t know what got into Sharon this week but I hope she’s over it.

    Please be the next three to go: Milan, Jiggly, Kenya.

    Please be the next to win a challenge: Chad


    •  I think Dida is going to be this season’s Pandora Boxx. She’s funny and talented but I don’t think she’ll be glam enough for the judges.

      I love Chad, but she’s a long established drag performer. I’d like to see the winner be someone a little fresher to the scene.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I used to have an issue with applying my eyeliner evenly to both eyes… maybe she has the same problem? She shouldn’t though, as she’s a professional. Really, I don’t think she even needs that much makeup. A lighter, more natural look would look just as lovely on that lovely face.

  • andcoh

    Phi Phi – her eyes  look really uneven.  Bothered me.
    Dida – She’s a stronger performed than I would have believed but still too low-rent.
    Willam – She looked pretty but I kind of hated that dress.
    Kenya – Eh.  Pretty, but I think she should stick with Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj looks.Chad – Was blown away by this.  Clever, unique, and totally current.  Florence makes a good drag icon.
    Jiggly – I like her more, but she’s just not up to snuff.
    Milan – The catwalk is her only strength.
    Sharon – A great look.  She was way too difficult in the challenge.  And even if Max was playing a part, I still think he went overboard.

    • Farthingale

      If Max was playing a part he should cast himself in his own fugging shows—-because he nailed tight-assed, whiney, bitch.

  • This season more than others its obvious who the top three were going to to be from the jump Latrice, Sharon, Chad however, i love Willam.  She is underrated but she isn’t the performer type that Ru likes.  she is not pageant or showgirl (nothing wrong with that), but just is TOO HOLLYWOOD for an old school girl.  Ready for Jiggly to go home, Milan just is just a nervous, sporadic mess, that lip synch was horrid, Kenya makes me feel like i need to be sitting in a room with Chris Hassen, Dida would be cool but where is the drama (hair, make up costume) looks like she went to Macys and got all her drag wear and stopped at the Chinese shop for wigs

    • Farthingale

      lol. “chinese shop for wigs”

  • jblaked

    I do like Chad, but it is painful to look at him when he’s not in drag.  Milan reminds me of the Lady Chablis.  Is she still around?  Need to google her.  Sharon for the win!

    •  Chad has had too much facial work done, and she’s come close to saying it. Looking exactly like Cher isn’t exactly the best thing in the long run.

      •  She *did* say it. She talked openly (maybe it was in Untucked?) about having plumbing silicone pumped into her face, and the endless corrective surgeries she’s undergone since. Sort of a “scared straight” kinda thing.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           I love that she’s so open about it, too. Her story could inspire other young queens to forego that sort of treatment in favor of something safe and certified. If I were a drag queen, I would be THRILLED to have someone like Chad as my drag mother. She’s really an inspiration, and very poised and classy. She’s my pick for the win… I think she could carry Ru’s crown with grace and wisdom.

  • kbrynafrogboots

    Willam is pretty but somehow also looks off to me. He also reminds me, seriously, of early-ish Britney Spears. There’s something almost too precious about Willam’s looks; I do like him, though, and more so every week. Chad was fabulous, and as ever, our girl Sharon Needles kicked ass all over the place. Dida, Milan, Phi Phi – they’re all so unmemorable. Phi Phi is noteworthy mainly for the degree of bitchery she brings in her diary/confessional spots, when she’s not even in drag [although she IS always wearing her bitchpants]. And I don’t mean bitch the way Latrice means BITCH.

  • introspective

    Willam looks cute enough here, but her looks never really do it for me. Im not in love with the makeup job/stubble and I feel like she’s one note in her wardrobe–trailer trash or trailer trash cleans up nice for a night out. But the girl is hilarious with the one liners and has the chops to make it far. Dida is definitely in need of a style makeover. She also has potential, but her looks are limited cause her drag experience (and thus the disposable cash to step up hair and wardrobe) is limited. I hope it wont count against her, but it probably will, so she better make sure to keep her performances top notch to work around the lack of style. Kenya does paint a pretty face, but her dress is totally quinceanera. Phi Phi is so outta pocket with her mouth and yet her style and her makeup always land with a dud. so heavy handed, and dated. Jiggly’s look is SOOOO hood prom. Im over her. not seeing anything about her that says drag superstar. Homegirl needs some more hatching time with her drag family at home before taking that act on the road. As for Chad and Sharon, perfection! those broads bring it with snaps up in a circle formation.

    • Farthingale

      Agree. Jiggles should have stayed home this season, DEVOURED this season, got her shit on point and applied for next season.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Kenya PAINTS a pretty face, but she rarely MAKES one. Her mouth is always hanging open and it drives me NUTS!

  • Mariah J

    I really do think Phi Phi is one of the weakest, which makes her screeching about how amazing she is all the more pathetic. 

  • PeggyOC

    Oh, I dunno.  We’ve been making Florence = Shemale comments here for months now.  It was inevitable.  And Chad actually looks fiercer here than Flo has been lately.

    • MK03

      And age-appropriate. I’ve yet to see Flo in a getup that doesn’t add at least 15 years to her.

  • Didn’t Manila say something last year about how good looking guys don’t often look the best in makeup (I think it was when they were making over the jocks).

    I saw PhiPhi perform before this season started.  It was ok, but pretty generic.  I really learned nothing about her personality from it.  Now that I see her on the show, she’s so nasty that I’m totally turned off.

    Jiggly was improved, but her dress looked like something a high-school girl would buy at Deb or Joyce Leslie.

    • vmcdanie

      Phi Phi reminds me of the person you know who is mean from the word go so you decide you don’t like them. Then one day they are strangely nice and you have a pleasant conversation with them and you think, “Hey they are nice after all. Hooray!” And then you see them two days later and walk over to say hi and they randomly scream in your face or act like they don’t know who you are and you are back to, “No, actually they do suck.”

      I hate inconsistency.

    • StillGary

      Right, she say something to that effect …out of drag  Phi Phi really reminds me of of a young Robert Downey Jr., he might go farther in entertainment as a cute guy.

  • My Mother, God rest her soul, used to say “If somebody has to constantly remind you how great they are, they just can’t be”   Phi Phi just seems to feel the need to run her mouth and point and hiss……I”m rooting for Chad, Sharon and Latrisse!

  • Adele  is already somewhat of a drag icon. Delta Work from Season 3 does her pretty well. However I somewhat suspect that she doesn’t currently make a great drag icon because of the content of her currently-popular lexicon of songs (downtempo, sad, jilted lover ballads). Higher energy, sassier songs tend to do better within the context of a drag show (IMHO).

  • Fendie Taha

    Dida, Dida, Dida…your wig game really needs some direction. They’re always busted and fried.
    Phi Phi, Alexis Matteo called for her wig and dress.
    Love Sharon Showing up as an old lady actress. Who was she chanelling with the white hair? A leggy Bea Arthur!
    Chad and Latrice, I LOVE. Class acts.

    • PeaceBang

      I was feeling a Carol Channing moment with the hair. LOVED it. But then she did the Carol Burnett ear-tug, so maybe it was a dual-Carol thing?

  • Stubenville

    Loved Willam’s snipe at Max when Max called him out:

    “Why didn’t you correct Ru?” (about mispronouncing Willam)

     “She’s got a $100,000 check.”

    • Willam never misses a beat. I love that about her.

      I’m convinced Ru intentionally called her William to see how she’d react.

  • Chad looks younger than Florence in that ensemble

    • RebeccaKW

       Flo should hire Chad to be her stylist and hair and makeup person.

  • MzzPants

    Sharon Needles’ runway was witty and fresh.  She’s not wrong when she claims she’s the future of drag.  Chad Michael–GAWD what a pro!

    And even though I’m sick to death of the west-coast-barbie schtick, Willam gets a star for the line of the week: ‘She just danced circles around you and swiffered the floor with her taint.’  LMAO.

    • amywinns

      I laugh for real every time I even think of that line. Damn.

  • xay

    I like Willam’s clothes and sense of humor but I really don’t like his makeup. One of the judges mentioned “Toddlers and Tiaras” a couple of episodes ago and that is all I see. I feel like Willam could really get the pretty look he is going for with a couple of changes.

    Jiggly – cheap.

    Dida – cheap wig, ASHY KNEES. Shea butter is your friend.

    Loved Sharon and Chad’s looks. I’m ok with Kenya’s walk, but the robot eyes and movements are getting old.

  • All I could think of when I saw Milan on the runway was Chad’s much more glittery gold sheath dress from the week before. And I so love Chad’s dress this week as well.

    Sharon was adorable on the runway! She can do so much more than her one goth look, and do it well. Just saying, Phi Phi…

  • i dunno, there’s something off-putting about willam. he just always looks like a boy in a dress to me, no matter how hard he tries to be glam. and phi phi was definitely channeling some alexis mateo with this look. i think he takes it too far, though, and ages himself way too much with his make up. he does talk a big game he can’t back up.

  • Whatever they do, PLEASE don’t show any more clips of Kenya shirtless.  It’s not right for anyone to see a 12 year old girl topless.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      I agree, Kenya topless is very disturbing and he does look like a girl on the verge of puberty.

  • MilaXX

    Phi Phi – her makeup is piled on too thick & she’s trying to rest on pretty.
    Dida – She’s improving, but there’s better competition this year. Her hair & makeup look a little better, but still aren’t where they should be.
    Willam – Another one who’s makeup skills are just okay. However, her sharp wit makes keeping her around worth while.
    Kenya – Girlfriend is bringing the strange and I can’t tell if it’s the language barrier or what.
    Chad – Great runway looks.  Florence makes a good drag icon.
    Jiggly – Do not like and her runway looks never impress. This is the one who reminds me of a quinceañera.
    Milan – The catwalk is her only strength, otherwise she’s bland & forgettable.
    Sharon – Not a handsome guy, but I love her in drag.

    • vmcdanie

      Kenya is bringing the strange but not the good kind.

      Sharon out of drag looks strikingly like the bush pilot from the Mad Max movies. Which isn’t a slam because those movies kicked ass. Two men enter, et cetera, et cetera.

      Dida reminds me more and more of a likable version of Shangela. She can bring it performance-wise but her look needs some polish.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        I dated a guy who looked like Sharon out of drag, but I like the skinny, pale look, I guess. Even my current beau is thin, but significantly more muscular and tan. I’m not criticizing or disagreeing with you, just saying that I think Sharon is a cute boy as well as a cute girl.

        Kenya IS strange. I am impressed with the variety of ‘shapes’ they’ve got this year, when there have been so many tall, statuesque queens in the past. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s awesome that this season has so many different kinds of queens competing.

    • Farthingale

      Sharon is not a traditionally handsome guy, which makes his transformation more spectacular.

  • Am I the only one who thinks William looks like Missi Pyle in those photos?

  • sleah_in_norcal

    i haven’t seen this episode yet, so these comments are based on t-lo’s brilliant recap and still photos.  let’s talk about the elephant in the room—dida’s SHOULDERS.  she got to do something about them, like camouflage and stay away from the gym or something.  and the other elephant—milan’s face!  she really does have a horsey look, but i’m not sure what she could do about it, short of pricey orthodontia.  it’s the teeth that do it.  maybe it’s just a personal dislike, i always find the girls in pageants ugly if their smile shows their gums.  phi phi= shangela 2.0, without the comedy chops.  willam—j’adore the personality and humor.  kenya—cute kid, give her a sticker and a sucker.  chad—at first look it was joan of arc, then i saw florence, but now it’s all merle ginsberg.  jiggly—dollar store chic.  she could do a mean adele, but she’s not that kind of queen.  sharon—never would have recognized her, what a transformation.  can’t wait to see the episode and find out what all the talk is about.  

    • PeaceBang

      Yep, those elephants have been bothering me, too. With Dida, it’s like, “Girl, you’ve got great legs, yea, but you need to work on the upper body thing, because you need to be a GIRL. Milan is horsey (sweet, though), and I think bigger hair would help with that.

      • Farthingale

        Why oh why has Dida not yet been called out for relying on (lower) body too much? They spanked Carmen and Tati repeatedly about it. 

        Santino is absolutely mesmerized by Dida’s body, he practically drools over her. Considering for the last 40 days his Tweets have been consistently focused on working-out daily, I’m beginning to think HE has some body issues. His judgement isn’t good this season. He only sees what he wants. meh.

    • andcoh

      Okay, everyone has been talking about what a great body Dida has so I assumed it was me.  She simply isn’t a body queen.  The legs are great, but I think she should try to over emphasize the shoulders.  Because she has some broad shoulders which detracts from this legging gal look.

  • MissMariRose

    I don’t know why people say Sharon is weird or freaky. To me, Kenya is far more bizarre. There’s just something about her that gives me the creeps. 

    • pdx71

      I completely agree about Kenya. I think 1) there is a real language barrier beyond pronunciation; I really don’t think she understands what people are saying to her, and 2) she seems dim on top of it, but maybe that’s related to point 1, but maybe not.

    •  Could it be that she looks like a 12 y/o girl when he’s not in drag?

  • leilah

    Dida Ritz:  Would be absolutely stunning with an extra 1-1/2 – 2 inches of neck (see William, Flo and Milan); do consider cutting back on the traps workout….
    Chad Michaels/Flo:  So lovely…like a red-headed, medieval Krystal Carrington….
    Milan:  Could actually stand to lose an inch of neck (perhaps donate to Dida); but, agree, “dated” — as if using Naomi Sims as an icon….

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    I love that the front runners seem to be Latrice, Chad, and Sharon.  I have gotten emotionally attached to more of the dolls than usual, so the aufs are going to start hurting me in the next week or two.

  • Sweetpea176

    I’m on Team Needles — could this be the season the doll I’m rooting for wins?!  I probably just jinxed it.

    • suzanne77

      You are preaching to the Pandora Boxx loving choir with that one.

    • suzanne77

      You are preaching to the Pandora Boxx loving choir with that one.

      • Sweetpea176

        I recently watched some youtube vids — Sharon’s Justin Bieber, Chad’s Celine Dion, for example — what we’re seeing on the show is just the tip of the iceberg with these ladies.

  • butter nut

    yes! merle ginsburg! i knew chad reminded me of someone.  thank you! that was driving me nuts!

  • For as much as I adore Willam personally, he’s been remarkably middle-of-the-road in terms of the challenges.  He really needs to pull something out beyond the quick challenges, because the girls on his teams are invariably showing him up.

  • Julian Betkowski

    Regardless of whether he was playing a role, Max came off as far more off putting than Sharon ever has. What could have been easily handled with a critique of her ability to work with others and take direction was delivered instead as ad hominem attacks and closed-mindedness.

  • JMansm

    Does everyone remember when Sharon Needles was on Project Runway for the Chris March drag queen challenge? I think Leanne Marshall had to design for her. 

    • spooki C

      Wrong Needles, this one hasn’t been on PR. If you compare pics they look nothing alike.

    • Alyssa W.

      I remember but I think that was actually a different Sharon Needles… looking at pictures they seem to be entirely different people

  • jw_ny

    Chad as Florence…perfect impersonation.  Her experience will keep her in for the duration.  She’s shown quite a bit of range aside from the impersonations so far…now looking forward to next episode where she gets to do her Cher!  🙂

    I can’t tell if Willam’s 5 o’clock shadow is really just a bad makeup job or not. Seems like it’s too white of a shade and not properly blended in with the harsh cheeks above. idk.   She could take some tips from Milan because her makeup is always flawless…perhaps not draq queen enough though.  Whatever she does, don’t take makeup advice from PhiPhi…so aging and severe! 

    Top 3, in no particular order, are Latrice, Chad and Sharon…imo.   The rest are just filler for a fun season. 

  • PeaceBang

    This was such a fabulous runway. I would love to see the lovely Miss Willam let go of the Thundercat thing (only because if it’s not part of her name, no one gets why the stubble and white muzzle) and brush her straggly ends. I want to raise money for a “Buy Dida Some Decent Hair” Fund, gasped when Chad werq’d Florence harder than Florence has been werking Florence lately, and died laughing and applauding when Sharon worked her fabulous, hilarious Carol Channing/Carol Burnett schtick, looking gorgeous. If Chad, Latrice or Sharon win I will be a happy lady. If Phi Phi goes home next, I will also be happy. She’s not fun-nasty, she’s just plain old wonky-eyed tired showgirl nasty. And that’s never pretty. 

    • I don’t think that there’s actually a thundercat thing, I think she’s just taking the shade about her makeup in her own way. I saw a comment she made somewhere about how she actually does have makeup chops, it’s just difficult to light her. That might be a load of crock, of course, but knowing how different my own foundation can sometimes look depending on the light, I’m inclined to believe it.

      • Farthingale

        I think there is some truth to this, because his face problems remind me of Shangela’s, who also had a “man-mug” problem. Their faces are both very sculpted. I saw a picture of Shangela after Billy B. beat her mug and it was much improved. Willam needs a consult with Billy B.

  • D.

    I thought Sharon Needles looked like Sally Kellerman with short hair.

    • Damien W

       I was getting Olympia Dukakis myself. with a sprinkle of present-day Michelle Lee. But yeah, I can totes see Sally!

  • Florence Welch? Loretta Lynn, more like.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I bet Chad could also do a fabulous Reba McEntire! Those cheeks! That smile!

  • Congratulations Willam on making Westwood dull

  • AWStevens

    Wow. I cannot get over how much I disagree with your critique.

    Kenya and Jiggly BROUGHT IT.  Maybe you two have something against yellow.

    I don’t like Phi Phi’s screechy bitchy personality but I thought her face, hair, and dress were gorgeous.  Maybe you are Team Needles and can’t give this girl her kudos.

    Milan has a pretty face but the angle has to be right.  Dida is so nasty with her grossly ashen knees.  These two need to GO and learn to be better queens.

    Sharon Needles stole her wig from Joan Rivers circa 1990.  Bitch please.  There is NO WAY IN HELL she is winning.  It’s going to be between Latrice and Chad because they are pros and they both deserve to win!

    • Zaftiguana

      If by “IT” you mean perfectly nice dresses on the markdown rack at Penny’s the Monday after homecoming, yes, Jiggly and Kenya totally BROUGHT IT. Don’t get me wrong, there are things I like an awful lot about both of them, but these aren’t drag looks to write home about.

      As far as Phi Phi, she’s unveiled some really nice pieces out there, but it’s kind of impossible to deny that she has some paint problems. “Photo negative of a wall-eyed raccoon” is probably putting it a little harshly, but it’s in that ballpark.

  • spooki C

    I just can’t get past Dida’s lack of neck. That combined with the broad shoulders always makes her just look like a boy in a dress. It’s too bad really because she seems pretty talented outside of the looks dept.

    • Sweetpea176

      It’s not really her lack of neck — it’s that she dresses to emphasize her short neck and broad shoulders.  That with the bad makeup adds up to boy in a dress for me, too.  Also Willam, who always looks boy in a dress to me — trashy boy in a dress.

      • Farthingale


        If Ru wore Dida’s runway looks she’d look very similar, but taller, so SHE DOESN’T WEAR THOSE LOOKS (not yelling at you, but at Dida). 
        Ru is illusion perfected and doesn’t compromise that perfection by exposing random parts that he’s proud of because it doesn’t serve the total package. Ru is very fashion savvy and gets proportion, which Dida has no concept of. Dida needs longer dresses with interest at the bottom and gigantic hair to bring those shoulders into check. That’s why Ru’s hair is massive, because it has to be to balance his proportions. And girl, please. Never,ever any spaghetti strap tops. A deep plunging v neckline would also help.  

        • Pinup Ghoul

           Yes yes and yes. Dida definitely needs to study queens who are shaped like she is, and Ru is a perfect example! I don’t think I’ve ever seen RuPaul’s thighs!

          • Farthingale

            I thought so too until I remembered the majorette-like costume from the “super-model” days…and the viva glam campaign. But he’s improved his illusion, and it shows.

  • PantherontheRunway

    Did Chad wear a gold gown like Milan’s last episode.
    And didn’t Chad make it look like a Million bucks and she makes hers look like 99cents lol

    I see now that Milan is HELL BENT on being pushy and trying to take over. And I think we can all sit here and know if should ever gets into a team leader position, she’s going to muck it up.

    And I really don’t know why the judges were so harsh with Sharon, she looked fabulous!

  • Willam and Dida consistently look like men in dresses to me, which is a shame because they both have tons of personality. I feel like Willam actually thinks he looks smoking hot – and granted, he looked his prettiest so far in the Westwood this week, but I still found him underwhelming (underWillming?). Everybody’s getting the same lighting, Miss W, step up your face.

    Dida is sad to me, because she’s turning out to be a hell of a performer, but even more so than Willam, she dresses like a crossdresser, not a drag queen. 

    I don’t know if it’s inclination or income – Drag is certainly expensive, and not everyone can afford expensive wigs and the glitziest of gowns – but other queens can make $20 look like McQueen. Sew! Accessorize! HOT GLUE! Start making some big ol’ hats to cover up those wigs!

    Dida’s make-up is always underdone, she doesn’t dress for her body (how am I supposed to see your pretty legs when I can’t stop staring at your shoulders?), and her challenge and runway looks are just…dowdy. They all look Goodwill 1997. A little hip padding would help de-emphasize the shoulders, but deep down, I just don’t think the style or taste level is there (remember the white t-shirt dress and ratty blonde wig? FOR THE RUNWAY?). 

    Latrice needs to adopt Dida for a year and show her how to be a REAL queen. And LOGO should film it. Because I would watch that for DAYS.

    • Farthingale

      I think Dida is the “most likely to succeed” or “most promising” of this class. Nope, not a drag superstar yet, but a shit-ton of raw talent and a lot of great energy. If Dida is smart and learns as much as she can now, her auf will be her beginning and not her end.

    • I’d watch the hell out of a show with Latrice being a mentor to younger queens. Actually, I’d watch the hell out of any show  Latrice does.

  • I seem to be mostly on my own in this regard but I love Kenya. She always looks gorgeous (though I think genes are in play there as she looks feminine out of drag anyway) and I think she really embraces the challenges, and hasn’t pissed me off with her attitude (PhiPhi, LaQueer, Milan)

    She doesn’t have that ‘star’ quality of Sharon or Chad but I still love her 

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Dida has SUCH a pretty face. I’d love to see her do something really high glam drag: lots of cover, playing with different silhouettes to shape her body. She could be a stunner if she gave it a chance.

  • Sharon here reminds me of Cristina Applegate in the first picture.

  • quiltrx

    I do love me some Florence, and Chad looks FAB!  Given some of Flo’s recent appearances, maybe they could get together and have a makeover session!

  • Jeremy Hanson

    When Milan walked out, my first thought was “Brown-skinned Shelley Duvall”

  • Delta Work does a fabulous Adele now.

  • frederieke

    I don’t think Florence Welch  drag is that creative because she already looks like someone in drag to me

  • halo323

    Phi Phi just looks like a bad Alexis Mateo knockoff, but without Alexis’ sweet personality.

  • Every time I see the name “Sharon Needles,” I immediately think of Betty Blowtorch. RIP, Bianca Butthole.  🙁