RuPaul’s Drag Race: FROM NOW ON, QUEEN.

Posted on February 16, 2012

Darlings, we’re packing up and heading out today, New York Fashion Week only a happy memory in our minds. Yes, we are quite behind on our TV blogging. All we ask is that our Bitter Kittens remain patient. We’ll be in transit most of today but from Friday to Sunday, we’ll get caught up on all those shows we missed, including Walking Dead, Glee and Revenge. Keep checking back, precious unborn fawns.

Say what you will about Ru, she’s got a heart in her the size of her wigs. Everyone who knows her says this about her and just an hour talking on the phone with her confirmed it to us. It may be wrapped up in show-businessery and glitter, but she really is someone who has a knack for empathy and for reaching out.

In other words, whatever control she exerts over the rest of the show, we have no doubt this challenge came straight from Ru. Only she would have seen the ways you can connect Piyah’s life to that of the average drag queen: through beauty and the power of transformation; presenting your very best self to a sometimes-hostile world. A truly lovely and inspiring message that never got preachy and always remained in the realm of fun.

Can Project Runway do that? Can America’s Next Top Model? Not on their best days.

So… teams…yadda yadda yadda … no one wants Jiggly… blah blah blah… but she winds up on the winning team anyway.

That’s quality recapping right there. Aren’t you glad you had to wait days for it?

Deserved win. There were some brokedown-looking butterflies on those wigstands. This team figured out (or lucked into) the idea that she would need something up and out, rather than close to the head.

So Phi Phi and Kenya become team leaders for the main challenge.

Next up: A new way for Ru to plug her recordings! At least she’s upfront and honest about it.

For some reason, they came up with an ’80s greatest hits commercial theme, which made no sense, since Ru didn’t really become a star until the ’90s.

Willam was kind of flat — and looked disturbingly like Cloris Leachman.

Next one to go home, amirite? Never really seems to bring it.

Just okay.

Princess, bless her, doesn’t have the chops and it was more obvious than ever with this challenge.

Chad is awesome. She can move from comedy to glamour without dropping an eyelash and she’s sweet about it all to boot.

So, we were sitting in our seats at Fashion Week, when the guy next to us recognized us and struck up a convo. Hi, Joey, the Curly Haired Kid! You probably won’t read this for a while because you said you were behind on your RPDR, but we bet you just spit up your drink!

Anyway, Joey immediately brought up Kenya and asked us if we were as disturbed by her as he was. We were thrilled that someone voiced what we’d been thinking because we didn’t want to touch it. As this video showed, the girl’s got it in spades and knows how to work it, but the hypersexualized child vibe she gives off is really, really squirm-inducing. It’s not her fault she looks like she’s 13, but all that licking and grinding gets to be way too much.

Did Phi Phi’s team have a theme? Besides offensive racial and ethnic stereotypes? We watched the episode on our laptops in our hotel room, so you’ll have to forgive us if we missed it.

We didn’t laugh simply because Jiggly has no comedy chops, not because we were offended by it. If you were offended by it, you have every right to be and we wouldn’t dream of saying otherwise. But the thing is, this is drag. This is what it is. It’s supposed to be at the very least, irreverent and not politically correct, but at its most potent, drag is designed to make you feel just a little uncomfortable. And it has a long history of skewering (some would say, “reveling in”) racial, ethnic and gender stereotypes.

Such a pro. LUV. HUH.

Girl is A MESS. Doesn’t seem to understand how to present herself and has more personality out of drag then in it.



That is frikkin STYLE, bitches. Both of those looks show world-class makeup-artist and costumer levels of technical skill. Phi Phi tried to sabotage – because that’s what all that passive agressiveness was about: getting the strongest gal to fuck up so she’d get sent home – but Sharon’s got way too much going on for something like this to stop her. Granted, her performance was dicey at best (although it was at least one of the better ones), but her character was complete, right down to the voice, and her looks were gorgeous.



Michelle Visage and Billy B got into a twitter fight this week over who we love more when we realized we haven’t really shown her the love this season. True story (and one that we think she’d find hilarious): Just before she started with the show, LOGO sent us the press package for that season, along with all the bios and pictures of the drag queens. Concerned about a discrepancy, Lorenzo contacted LOGO. “I’ve matched up all the bios with the pictures, but there’s one drag queen in the pictures who’s not named and I don’t have a bio for her.” LOGO rushed back an answer: “ROTFLMAO, you silly queens! That’s not a drag queen! She’s the new judge on the panel!”

So, we love you Michelle. You are free to lord it over Billy until the next time he looks cute on camera.

How sweet was she?

We always think it must be strange for a singer to watch – and be expected to judge – a drag queen lip-synching her song, but she was AWESOME throughout the lip-synch, calling out and raising her hands, then going completely nuts when Dida nailed the hardest line in the song. She would know better than anyone how tough that one line is.

Judging on completion, i.e. a fully committed and cohesive look, this one’s an 11 out of 10. But we can’t say we exactly love it, What makes it great is that it demonstrates once again how amazing her transformative skills are. No queen looks so different from look to look as she does.

The irony here is, in any other week, this look probably would have been a contender for the win. She really does look pretty incredible here; best she’s looked on the show so far. But she’s been awkward and unsure of herself since she got there. Either she’s not ready or she’s just not good enough for the show.

When they announced “This Will Be” as the lip synch, we said, “Kiss your ass goodbye, white girl.” We had serious doubts about Dida bringing it, but we just couldn’t imagine any of the white queens, let alone Princess, who’s performance-shy, nailing a song like that. It takes a sister. Still, we were curious to see how it would shake out, since Dida’s as weak as Princess most of the time. But when a queen is pushed up against the wall, she either crumbles to the floor or comes roaring back, ten tons of fierce in your face.

Guess which option Dida chose?

That was one of the most amazing LSFYL segments the show’s ever had. Dida transformed right in front of our eyes, from a wallflower to spotlight-commanding diva. It was, as Latrice put it, “High Drag,” which is like High Mass, only the dresses are shorter and the purses aren’t on fire.* Princess never stood a chance; not because he was white, but because he obviously didn’t want this as much as Dida did.


*Line repurposed from OG drag queen Miss Tallulah Bankhead, who reportedly once stumbled into a Catholic Mass halfway through it and said to the priest, “Darling, I love your dress, but your purse is on fire.” That story has been passed down from older gay men to younger ones for generations now.



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  • Cory Stottlemyer

    bless you guys. the last half of the recap had me guffawing. 

  • Dida turned into the love child of Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole. It was drag church all the way.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to high drag!!!!

  • Cory Stottlemyer

    also, I think all gays should be paired up with some gay uncles like yourselves to teach us everything we need to know. 

  • I’m a 5’0 white Jewish girl, but I’m confident I can lip-sync “This Will Be” with all the sass and soul of any of these queens. Just sayin’. 

  • Sharon Needles’ dancing in her informercial shocked the hell out of me… she was AMAZING!

    And after her Main Stage look, I think she should consider a new career as a Michelle Visage impersonator.

    • I hadn’t even thought of that, but now looking at her again, the resemblance is kind of uncanny.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe for the Snatch Game episode…which we seem to get every season.

        • That would be funny, but I’ve seen pictures of Sharon doing a dead-on Peggy Bundy from Married with Children and I kind of want to see that in action. Are fictional characters allowed?

          • Anonymous

            I think so, but if not she could do a killer Tammy Faye.

  • Anonymous

    finally! enough of celebrities and models, we need DRAG QUEENS!

    so sad to see the princess go. i wont deny that her performances were flat, and that she never seemed like a real contender. but i really really liked her, and her looks were fierce. i think i will remember her long after ive forgotten many other queens who made it further. (see also: tammy brown).

    sharon is fierce as fuck! she can join the rupaul drag pantheon. latrice is another top contender. i also like chad a lot.
    kenya is another top contender, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way.

    dida & milan can go now, followed by laqueer & jiggly.

    • sweetlilvoice

      Tammy Brown, you are still loved and missed.

    • Anonymous

      don’t forget to take  phi phi with you when you leave, girls.

      • Anonymous

        phiphi can stay for now, cuz shes such a clueless smack-talking bitch. as long as she doesnt outlast the truly talented girls.

  • Diana Martinez

    One of your best recaps, boys.  =)

  • Anonymous

    I didnt think Dida had a place in the competition until I saw her lip synch. That queen TURNED it!!!!! no other words. I now luv huh. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I loved her lip synch, but I still think she looks pretty busted. She’s got the potential to be a great beauty, but all of her looks so far have looked pretty cheap to me.

      • I agree Dida never looks as well as she could. If she is going for busted on purpose (which would be interesting) she should really commit to it and wallow in trashiness. I think Ru would appreciate that. 

        • Sam

          This, 1000 times. Dida always looks like she’s wearing whatever she just found. There doesn’t seem much work put into it. I mean her infomercial look says it all. She went 1950’s house wife with a 90’s sweater and a mis-matching limp circle skirt. If you’re going to go for it, go big.

          • Anonymous

            once again, she needs to pad those hips and tone down the shoulders.  in this costume, a full skirt with petticoats and a thin sweater with no structure would have helped.  does she have on shoulder pads in that sweater?  looks like it, but that could just be her big old man shoulders.  maybe a personal trainer could help her re-sculpt her body. 

          • Sam

            Even just a petticoat would have done wonders for the look, girl needs to wear something to give her the illusion of hips.
            Weird she hasn’t figured this out for herself yet.

      • sweetlilvoice

        I’m glad she retired that horrid blond wig…so cheap looking.

  • Anonymous

    You SO called it…William was straight up Cloris Leachman, from her Facts of Life days.  Wow.  Last week she channeled Holly, the Wiccan Waitress and this week Beverly Stickle.  Can’t wait to see what’s next…I’ve got my fingers crossed for something a la One Day at a Time.

  • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

    Loved this episode…the Untucked was hilarious as well (“Is the carpet comfortable?” Haha!)

    • I go back and forth between loving and being irritated by Willam, but that line cracked me up. And my daughter and I never fail to LOL at “your tone is very pointed right now” ~hair flip~

      • I too adore that. In fact, I plan on stealing it to use the next time someone starts going off on me (which blessedly is not often!). Willam posted on the last RPDR post here on TLo by the way…so she’s definitely reading 🙂 I hope she gets far, she’s one of my favorites. 

      • Anonymous

        i find willam’s sense of humor hilarious.  the pointed tone remark is a favorite as well as, in response to jiggly saying she recognized him, “then you must own a television.”  she can easily make another queen look dumb with her straight lines and disaffected attitude that go right over the heads of the slower girls (jiggly).  she’ never out of character, the smartest and prettiest and most conceited girl in her san fernando valley trailer park.  i think i went to high school with her.

      • I just *really* want her to learn how to some makeup! Is it a curse of being a television star-someone else has done her makeup so much?

      • Anonymous

        Our household favorite is ‘This is not RuPaul’s Best Friends Race’ complete with tone and slip neck disc.  We bust up every time.

  • I was surprised when one queen (can’t remember which one) channeled Whitney Houston and it wasn’t re-edited. I’m sure this episode was filmed months ago, but Whitney passed last week, and this episode aired several days later. Wouldn’t they have had time for a quickie re-edit? It was only a few seconds of footage, but seemed disrespectful to include it, without acknowledging her passing in some way. 

    • Anonymous

       Yeah, that kinda damped the fun vibe for a bit. It’s weird how RPDR (with guest judge Amber Riley) had a Whitney moment on Monday and then Glee had a Whitney moment on Tuesday when cast member Amber Riley sang “I Will Always Love You.”

    •  No, no, no. Whitney passed Saturday evening. This episode aired Monday night. And truly, it was kind of a nice tribute for her–gone, but never forgotten. Not like anyone made a cocaine joke or anything.

      • O Superman

        Yeah, I agree – her passing doesn’t mean we have to remove all references to her existence. All Milan did was list off some of her song titles.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t think of that – she is just such a part of mainstream musical culture that it didn’t grate at all.

    • Also, I work in television, and trust me – re-editing a day before a show is supposed to air, and a weekend day to boot, is almost impossible.  It’s a huge undertaking.  Plus it’s already gone off to network long before that.

  • Anonymous

    I have been highly, HIGHLY unimpressed with Dida so far, but sweet, buttery Christ on a cracker, she BROUGHT IT in the lip synch. You’re not wrong, it was one of the all time best. If she can tune up her busted look and bring that kind of performance skill on a more regular basis, she could really be a contender.

    Sharon, Latrice, and Chad are the queens to beat, though. 

    • I’m totally with you about Dida. I was sure her lip synch was going to be boring ass as hell. But she was outstanding, and, yep, that was one of the best LSFYLs ever. I did not think she had it in her.

      But, like you, I’m behind Sharon, Latrice, and Chad all the way.

  • Anonymous

    Dida’s LSFYL took my breath away – I rewound and watched it a couple times. There was just so much joy – any self-consciousness just dropped away. It was really, really good performance. The first challenge was very touching, without any sappiness – bless Miss Ru. 

    I found the infomercials rather lackluster. It seems that taped performances are always a struggle for the queens on this show. I imagine it is because they mostly hone their craft in front of a live audience, and depend on that energy to focus and fuel their performances.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and I forgot to say, Sharon Needles=SWINTON of drag queens. In other words,

    • I cannot argue with the truth. She exudes fierceness from her pores. Just fucking awesome.

  • Sharon just blows my mind.  Her makeup skills are incredible.  She’s funny and quick witted.  And the bitch can create a character just by moving her body.  She melts my brain in the best way possible.

    Chad is a pro in every sense of the word. She makes everything look so effortless, and does it while being a total sweetheart.  My first impression was that she’d be a one note queen.  I was so very, very wrong.  She had better be a professor on the next season of Drag U.

    Latrice puts the “queen” in drag queen.  She just exudes an air of royalty.  I love her voice and her phrasing.  Does anyone else want a series of audiobooks narrated by Latrice?  Because I do, darlings.

    • Anonymous

      I am so rooting for Sharon, Chad, and Latrice to be the final three. Sharon out of drag annoys me but as you said, her ability to assume a character is very impressive and her make up and costume skills are amazing. Have to say though, that after that LSFYL, Dida could be a dark horse if she can bring THAT to the remaining challenges … and fix those broke-down wigs of hers.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite three. I love each for exactly the reasons you voiced.

  • jeneria

    I adore Ru precisely because she is upfront about the endorsements and plugging her own stuff.  She owns it and she’s honest as all get out.  I also adore Ru because, unlike Tyra, I believe she really cares about her girls. 

    Of course, I could be basing a lot of that on Drag U.  But it’s hard for me to see Heidi or Tyra or Padme showing such kindness and genuine interest in their contestants.

    • Ooh, I’ve never watched Drag U; since I watch everything online I don’t see any previews. Another show to check out!

  • Latrice was LOSING IT in the background while Dida was performing.  I think that I rewatched that performance at least 3 times.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I want to know why Princess’s team put her up front for the opening of the infomercial if they didn’t want to sabotage her. They know she’s pretty lackluster when it comes to acting…

    I’ll miss her, though. She seemed genuinely sweet and light, and her looks were fiiiiierce! But in a show about image, it’s all about giving yourself the most memorable character that you possibly can.

    • I got the impression there was so much disorganization between having Kenya as captain and Milan butting in that no one really thought about it.

  • Too bad Willam’s Pit Crew sniff didn’t get incorporated into the commercial.

    I thought all of Phi Phi’s dancing with the piñata, before we saw the actual commercial, was weird and hilarious.
    Also, Jiggly dancing in the hot tub cracked me up because the effect of it looked so bad and half-assed.

    Dida’s outfit looked bad on the runway. Again. Do not like. Good thing she turned up her performance for the lip synch.

    • Anonymous

      dida needs to rethink her scheme for padding and dressing her body.  her shoulders are so broad and her hips so skinny that she always looks like a guy.

      • Sam

        Also, I noticed that she has a very short lower torso, but very long legs. I think that using a skirt, however short would really help her. True she couldn’t show off her butt anymore, but I think it would really help her proportions.

  • sweetlilvoice

    How amazing did Natalie Cole look? Damn!!! She was a sweetie too, loved how excited she was during the song. Such a good vibe. I’m glad the LSFYL has gotten classy again, it’s a nice change from body throws and ripping off wigs and clothes. And although Dida is not a strong contender, she nailed that song. Nailed it. I had to agree with the decision.

    Ok, I didn’t get the double meaning of Sharon Needles name until it was mentioned at panel……

    Ru has been looking amazing, I thought she looked the best yet last week with the blond fro. Amber looked great too, she was very sweet! Loved her singing along.

    • Mariah J

      Yeah I felt so stupid. “There was something to ‘get’ about her name???…..OHMAIGAWD LOLOLOL”

      • Anonymous

        man, you guys are slow on the uptake.  i got it right away when she was on PR.  guess that shows what kinda crowd i used to run with.

        • That wasn’t her- on her tumblr she discovered there was another Sharon Needles and joked about Googling your drag name before you decide on it. 

          • Well thanks for clearing that up. I always wondered why an established pro would be on a show like this.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the footnote, quite informative! 

    I’ve seen Latrice Royale perform at the Palace in Miami Beach.  She’s such a commanding presence and I’m so glad she’s pulling out all the stops on RPDR. 

  • MilaXX

    DIda needs to bring that LSFYL energy to the rest of her performing. That was awesome. Also the wig she wore was the best one she’s worn all season.
    Phi Phi & Jiggy can shut up any time now.
    Sharon Needles is all kinds of WIN

  • Sam

    I’m having the hardest time getting into this season. I have yet to really find anything they’ve done as funny. Sure they try to be funny, but so far I have yet to see anyone have a decent delivery.
    God help me, I even think Shangela is better than these girls…

  • Anonymous

    let it rip boys! a great recap!!!

  • Anonymous

    That was a mighty nice recap amidst the Fashion Week exodus!! And agree that was one of the best LSFYLs. I’ll put it up there with Morgan McMichael’s “Two of Hearts,” Ju Ju’s “Black Velvet” and Milan’s “McArthur Park.” “This Will Be” has a weird rhythm and seems very hard to dance to, but DAYUM — Girl’s legs were specially designed for that number! She should put that song in her act!! Don’t you think she would have Natalie’s blessing!

    • Anonymous

      ooops, I meant Manilla’s lip synch, not Milan’s

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I love Dida. I love her run down ho look and she totally pwned the Princess during that lip synch. I don’t remember a queen getting so badly upstaged during a LSFYL (though Alexis Mateo did fuck Stacy’s and Shangela’s shit up pretty badly in season 3). Anyway, I think after this she will be safe at least until they get to the final 5 or so.
    I think the next ones to go will be Kenya and Madame La Queer, then Milan and Jiggly, then Willam and Dida, then Phi Phi and Sharon, with Chad and Latrice going head to head for the tiara. Refreshingly enough, the three strongest queens (Latrice, Chad and Sharon) look like they will make it to the finals and I would be thrilled to see any of them take it. Looks to be a great season.

  • The way the commercial segment was edited (I assume) William was really pawing Salt while Pepper just stood there. Not that I blame her (pornstache and all).

    • Ooooh no ma’am Ramon. I’ve known Shawn for years. He worked at my company Boxmeat which books gogo boys for about 20 clubs in LA.
      As for pawing Salt and neglecting Pepper- I’m from Philly and grew up on black dick. I love BBC. One could even say I was ‘reared’ on it. Jason’s fine as hell just didn’t wanna objectify him.

      • Anonymous

         May I just say how much I love your deadpan delivery and am so looking for a way to slip “your tone seems very pointed right now” into a work conversation? Thank you for being hilarious.

      • Sharon may be Queen of the Dead, but you, my dear, are Queen of the Deadpan.

        “How does the carpet feel…?” 
        You make Untucked worth watching

  • Logo Girl

    Just now getting caught up with the season… Can’t believe how distracted I am by the fact that I used to have a dog named Dida (who ran away, sniff)

  • After watching Untucked, it’s confirmed. I want Latrice as my momma. She’s a great drag mom to many, I’m sure, but I think she’s just a terrific person all around, experienced, wise, compassionate, but still has sass and isn’t trying too hard to be nice, and I want her as a straight up momma.

    • Anonymous

      YES. YESYESYES. She needs her own show. I would watch the hell out of a drag Oprah-esque show. 

      • Pinup Ghoul

         YES. RuPaul, please make this happen!

  • James Levinsohn

    Adding to the felicitous (well, eerie) multitude of evocations of Whitney in this episode, I second a commenter who said Dida bears a striking resemblance to Whitney Houston c. 1990. Her face looked great in this episode, although her outfit bothered me. As for Sharon, I also wasn’t crazy about her runway look this episode; the bottom was off (a pair of tights or skintight pleather pants would have been better), as was something about the pompadour wig. I think Chad should really have won this episode, actually. Her commercial segment was a bit better than Sharon’s, as was her “Solid Gold”-dancer runway look. 
    I feel like Princess is an underwhelming version of Raja. They’re both basically clothes-horses, they don’t bother to change their voices to create a “persona”, and neither is great at performance. Raja, however, has a more sophisticated fashion sense, is more confident, has more attitude, and has a more developed persona. Phi Phi is a bitchier, younger, edgier version of Alexis Mateo, ranging from passive-aggressive to overtly aggressive, but always unbearable and without a shard of humor about herself or others.  Her chola character had potential, but was just Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson from Mad TV as Melina and Lida. No real creativity.

    • Anonymous

      I thought Chad should have won, too.  Although I liked Sharon this episode more than you did.

  • Mariah J

    Princess is great style and makeup wise but she doesn’t have the performing chops. AT. ALL. And that’s what this competition takes. However, I don’t think anyone nailed the infomercial either which worries me that this is a weak lot.

    • Sam

      I completely agree. I haven’t seen a queen here yet who can really nail an actual stage performance.

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet jesus lord, that LFYL was EVERYTHING.  God.  I need a cigarette.

  • Anonymous

    Phi Phi needs a good, solid smack in the face. Seriously, what the fuck is her problem?? Jealousy?

    • Anonymous

      When you aren’t secure in yourself, you spend a lot of time trying to tear down other people so they feel as miserable and insecure as you do. I suspect that’s a root cause of a lot of this attack-dogging.

      • Anonymous

        True, but why the laser-like focus on Sharon? The only thing I can think of is it’s because Sharon’s a contender. She’s got it all over Phi Phi.

        • Because she is the MOST threatening so far…Phi Phi wouldn’t care if she was busted…wouldn’t have even wasted her time on insulting or dragging her down. It’s too bad, because Phi Phi is really pretty and looks like she would have a pretty funny personality if she didn’t waste all her time being a jerk.

          • I agree that Phi Phi is feeling threatened by Sharon (and she’s right to be. Miss Needles could wipe the floor up with her), but that doesn’t explain why she so nastily went after Jiggly in the first episode. I’m guessing she did it because she sees Jiggly as the weakest and wants to keep her there. What was especially gross about it was that she also seemed to having a little too much fun doing it.

            I hope someone puts her in her place soon, because she’s becoming unbearable.

    • Sam

      Also Sharon’s gotten a lot of positive feedback from the judges. It’s kind of like sibling rivalry.

  • Anonymous

    Look, I’ll be devastated when I lose my mom (in 50 years and no sooner, I hope), but Jiggly’s keening and moaning, especially during “Untucked”, stank of TV theatrics. Just reeked of bullshit. It was annoying, and made me dislike her even more, rather than “humanizing” her as I’m sure was the intent.

    • Anonymous

      I know it’s mean and horrible, but she sounded like a braying donkey.

  • The footnote made me gush.  Darlings, you must be exhausted; let me air-kiss your weary cheeks and tell you how privileged I feel to hang out with you fabulous queens.  Mwah.

  • I have never heard that Bankhead story, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for it. 

  • By the way, are the Pit Crew available for hire to cart people around on a platform like that? It just seems like a desirable way to travel.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I’d rather be carried on something about 6 feet behind them, thanks.

  • I seriously love this show so much. The hour and a half I spend watching this and Untucked is the highlight of my TV week :p

    A few observations:
    -Jiggly finally seemed a little more humble this week, but dang. Girl broke down AGAIN. I think she needs to be spending some money on talking to a professional – she’s clearly not over her mom’s passing at all 🙁
    -Phi Phi totally has it out for Sharon – she sees her as a complete threat…which is interesting considering she spends half her time bringing her down
    -Willam has the best one liners of any contestant that’s ever been on this show as far as I can tell…”How does the carpet feel?” – I DIED. DIED!!
    -Dida is outta here unless she she can bring her LSFYL performance to the rest of her drag…
    -Latrice is the business. I want to meet her. That’s all. 

    Also: if I never hear the words “serving up ____ realness” ever again it will be too soon…I think I heard it at least 5 times in the show last night :-O It’s become so…trite. 

    • Yes!  That Willam line had ME on the floor.   You don’t see a lot of deadpan humor in drag, which is why I think some of the other gals don’t get what she’s laying down.  

    • “How does the carpet feel?” made me laugh out loud. Willam just kills me.

    • Willam stole a teeny piece of my heart away in the first episode, when Latrice was fussing with the globe and she made the Magellan comment. Loved. It. I wish I had a quarter of the wit she seems to have.

  • Anonymous

    I love RPDR *beyond* beyond. One thing that tends to bug me a little is that the queens bring their own costumes.  Clearly established pros like Sharon and Chad can afford much more expensive looks than younger, less established queens like Dita or Jiggly.  Class issues can be overcome (especially by truly talented queens), but it’s a huge advantage to be able to bust out something couture-ish on the runway instead of a Ross Dress for Less ensemble. The judges are all over queens that look tacky and sometimes that’s pretty unfair (Pandora Boxx, I’m looking at you).

    • I think it would be interesting to have them start from the same box of tricks more often. Or take them to a store and have them put together an outfit. But Sharon won this “make something out of shit” challenge.

      • Anonymous

         Sharon’s combination of talent and money is pretty amazing.  She’s got what it takes for sure!

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t bother me so much–I think seasoned queens make better contestants overall, and younger gals are at a financial and experiental disadvantage that would be levelled by making everything on site with materials provided by the show. But the younger queens know what they’re getting into by auditioning, and in the end I don’t think it really hinders A Very Talented Queen. Shannel seemed to have costumes for days and it didn’t really help her THAT much.

    •  Pandora’s “tacky” clothes are part of her schtick, it isn’t because she doesn’t have the money/experience, so that’s not a good analogy. Pandora has a very put together “look” for what she is going for — the judges just didn’t like what she was going for.

      And boo hoo — some people have more money & experience thing others –no one promised any of them a rose garden– each comes there with their own set of experiences, personality, drive, etc. You make what you have work or you go home.

      • Anonymous

         Pandora made her clothes and got continually slammed for not being able to do couture even when she tried.  And I’m not saying life should be fair, just leveling the playing field might make the outcome very different–and possibly better.

    • Anonymous

      Latrice doesnt appear to have highly expensive costumes yet she is listed among everyone’s favorite on this blog.  You either Have IT… or you don’t.  Money might help, but Talent is the great equalizer.

      • Anonymous

         As I said, some queens can overcome not having money, some can’t.  I still think Pandora got the axe because they didn’t like her homemade costumes.  The runway always factors in heavily to the eliminations, and the judges are biased in terms of who can turn out a polished look. 

  • This was the first episode of this season that I’ve been able to watch, and that LSFYL was so ON FIRE! Dida turned it out, because she had to. Natalie Cole deserves it!

    • Anonymous

      Dida is one broke down lookin’ bitch but she could wear a slanket down the catwalk and as long as she turns it out like she did she is unbeatable. It would be a very Unique persona (as a previous poster mentioned) to be a busted, broke down queen who Turns It High Drag during LSFYL.

  • Roey Thorpe

    Ru looked incredible in that silver dress with the cowl.  Absolutely breathtaking!

  • “Darling, I love your dress, but your purse is on fire.”

    I. DIE.

  • I actually thought Phi Phi deserved to win. I think that after episode 1, people are really just hating on Phi Phi. She was no more offensive than Manila was with her interviewer segment in the QNN challenge last season. Phi Phi came in with the idea of a drunk chola, and delivered. I don’t think she’s the hater anymore so much as everyone else is hating on HER. 

    • Anonymous

      She seems really nasty, at least from the editing.  I still don’t like her performances though.  I agree with Willam when she said that it was hard to hear her.

    •  That is just unfair — Manilla may have been offensive to some (although I’d argue that no drag queen can be “offensive” as that’s the whole point of drag to be subversive about cultural & gender stereotypes — something a lot of the younger, “pretty” queens seem to be unaware of) but Manilla was FUNNY. I don’t dislike Phi Phi’s performance because her “drunken chola” character was offensive — I disliked it because it wasn’t FUNNY.

    • Anonymous

      She was also no more funny (actually, probably a bit less) than Manila was with her interview segment and didn’t turn it out as well as Manila did on the runway. I think she was rightly safe, but not really top 3 material. 

  • Or at least she should have been in the top 3 group. I thought the same thing last week. Her performance in the wrestling challenge was leaps and bounds above Madame Lequeer’s and Kenya’s.

  • Question.  While I adore Chad and think she has fabulous style, charisma and performance chops, does anyone else find her very obvious plastic surgery disturbing?  Her face out of drag freaks me out, and in drag it seems very much like ‘cheating’ to me.  What does everyone else think, or am I just being naive?

    • Mariah J

      She actually addressed her “injections” on Untucked. She said she was convinced to get it done years ago to look more like Cher and regretted doing it and went on about how dangerous what she did was. Generally she was being very mature about the whole thing. Now that it’s done there isn’t much she can do about it, and I think you’re not going to win on face alone so who cares.

      • Oh I don’t watch ‘Untucked’, so didn’t realise.  So sad that she regrets it now…

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I don’t think it’s any different than any other performer getting plastic surgery, so no, I don’t think it’s ‘cheating’ at all. Everything’s a competition when you’re a performer, and if she felt that having the surgery would make her more desirable to book, go her.

      It’s a shame what she’s had to go through involving her surgery, but I’m sure her story will inspire other performers who are thinking about a similar procedure to seek out a reputable surgeon to do it.

      • Anonymous

        It wasn’t surgery, period.  It was just having silicone (probably not even medical-grade silicone) injected directly into her face.  It’s called “pumping,” and it’s still all-too common among trans women.   I didn’t even realize that drag queens did it too, or used to do it. And it can’t really be fixed, or completely extracted, because it infiltrates the underlying tissue. They would essentially have had to cut off her face.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           I appreciate you taking the time to clear that up. I had no idea that it was so unsafe. Like I said, I hope her testimony inspires other young performers to seek out reputable alternatives. How horrible for her!

  • I was looking forward to this post; my friend introduced me to your website a week ago and I’ve been backtracking your recaps of RPDR. You’re funny and on point <3

  • Anonymous

    “!!! SHE STOLE MY LOOK! Who wore it best?”

  • Dida’s lipsynch was AMAZING! High drag indeed. But will she be able to maintain that energy level?

    Season faves: Miss Needles, Miss Royale, and Miss Chad Michaels. The others will drop like flies.

    I’ve said from the first episode (in these very comments) how disturbing Kenya is. Eek!

  • Team Sharon Needles! And yes, the point of drag is to skewer the crap out of stereotypes. To me that’s already the point with gender, so it’s easy to translate it to everything else. It’s interesting how attitudes and ways of playing with and rejecting -isms change and morph through the subculture lens. I’ve seen misunderstandings bloom out of nothing more than terminology that is acceptable to one subculture and is wildly offensive to another. 

  • Just when I thought I couldn’t love you two more, you go and give us a Tallulah!  At the end of Fashion Week no less!
    Since apparently I am not alone in my near obsessive adoration of Sharon Needles, I have decided to call those of us so enthralled “Tourniquettes”.
    Now if only Logo would give her own spinoff, hosting B movies a la Elvira and Mystery Science Theater.

    • I would pay large amounts of money if 1) MST3K returned to television, and 2) Sharon were somehow involved.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for serving up some fierce TLo realness. Or is it serving up some real TLo fierceness? At any rate…I will love this season even more when Jiggly goes home. It’s not fun to watch someone so emotionally unstable try to compete in a reality competition. Girl’s a mess and needs professional help. I could also do without Phi Phi, who isn’t beautiful, particularly talented or funny and who brings enough nasty for six girls. I feel sorry for Madame LaQueer and continue to appreciate her performances – will someone please pick her first? She’s a Puerto Rican Lainie Kazan and deserves more support from her peers. I want Latrice to adopt me (please be my mom, Latrice!), and I hope that she, Chad, Sharon and Willam stick around to the bitter end. Oh, and Dida! That was a true “you’re going out there a chorus girl and you’re coming back a STAR” LSFYL moment. Can someone explain to me how the queens know what song it’s going to be? What if they don’t know it? 

    • Anonymous

      Jiggly gives the impression of not having the benefit of a Drag Mother. The trauma of losing her mom has left her so raw, she appears to be without “inner resources” of Creativity and Talent. She has Nerve, but it’s a raw Nerve, in your face ghetto screaming and indiscriminate nastiness (to Milan “You look like a horse!”). She has uniqueness as well, but she has not plumbed its depths ”cause she’s too busy worrying about what other bitches have going on.

      Here is where I’ll jump on Latrice “Oprah” Royale’s bandwagon ’cause she nailed it when she called Paolo out for not loving himself. I’m still irked by Jiggly’s stupid comments about queens not being Real Men, therefore ineligable as boyfriend material. This is the kind of stupid shit you say when you’re young and ignorant, and eager to flap your gums and have an opinion about SOMETHING. By now I assume some wise queens have pointed out to Jiggly that by her own definition she is not a “Real Man”, and therefore unlovable y another entertainer.

      To wrap up this thesis I’ll just say that when Jiggly gets Sashayed she should be fostered to Latrice because this girl still needs her momma, and there is no better candidate.

    • They all get told what the LSFYL song will be, and they all get recordings of it. In past seasons, we’ve seen some of the queens on Untucked listening to their iPods to be sure they have the lyrics down in case they have to perform. It has also been clear at times when a queen doesn’t know the words. They usually just open their mouths really wide and flail their arms about and hope no one will notice they’re doing the muppet version of a lip synch.

  • Anonymous

    my week is made. I’ve been wading through fashion shows and superstars just waiting to read about my everylovin’ queens. Ah-ley-loo!

    Totally agree Sharon Needles, Latrice and Chad Micheals – top three. Experienced and they know they’re the shit. That’s how it’s done, yunguns’. The rest is just waitin. 

  • Anonymous

    We need to send Dida to Drag U!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand what the hell phi-phi was doing, Drag chola?! One of the most fun songs on the album was represented by an ugly stereotype </3

    DIDA WERQ'D IT OUT! I am still dizzy from that awesome lipsync!

  • Love the footnote…it’s amazing!

  • Did anyone else catch Sharon saying something to The Princess in Untucked that sounded like “You know we’ve kikied since we’ve been here”? Am I hearing things?

    •  Ha! I heard that too & just posted (in my wall of text above) the same thing. I was shocked at the way she threw that out there.

      • Anonymous

        Heard it and wondered, but read the princess answer a question about it this week on tumblr or twitter or somewhere saying no they didn’t. Despite the “Meth Look”.

  • I love Sharon Needles & Latrice Royale but they are both playing for 2nd place against Chad Micheals, IMO — Chad Micheals is a total pro — I’m talking RuPaul level of fierceness here & as much as I adore the other 2, it will be a total injustice if she doesn’t win it all. I do, however, have a bad feeling that that ridiculous “you are TOO perfect” critique they gave her last episode (and how sick was that gold dress on her!) is the start of their paving the way for Chad’s ultimate (and unjust) ouster. 

    Dida did kill it — most on point lip synch since Morgan McMicheals “2 of Hearts” Season 2 BUT I really don’t think it was right that The Princess was in the bottom 2 — Madame LaQueer should have had her spot. I don’t dislike Madame LaQueer as much as some of the other Queens seem to (I’m looking at you, Kenya & Phi Phi), but no way was her performance or runway outfit better than The Princess. I think the judges (i.e., Ru) had already decided that they were bored with The Princess & she was going to be bottom 2 & going home whether Dida killed the lip synch or not. And how Jiggly wasn’t in the bottom 3 (or even bottom 2) over The Princess I’ll never know. Lord forgive me, but besides being a train wreck looks-wise, I find Jiggly incredibly fake with all those over-dramatic “look at me!” tears.

    And did anyone else catch in Untucked Sharon telling The Princess when she was explaining her comments to the judges that The Princess should be bottom 2 “You know I like you. We kiki’d here” — WTF? Did I hear that right? I thought Sharon had a boyfriend (Alaska) that she got a video from, yadda, yadda, yadda. Guess it’s an open relationship, but still I was shocked the way she threw that out there.

    Kenya’s looks are awesome but something was always bothering me about her too — I think Tom & Lorenzo hit it on the head — she does look like a 13 year old & the bumping/grinding/tongue stuff is kind of creepy – it is like I’m watching some crazy Toddlers & Tiaras episode instead of RPDR.

    It is one thing that Phi Phi was trying to sabotage Sharon (who can handle herself & it *is* a competition, as long as she doesn’t push her down the stairs Showgirls style, I’m OK with it) BUT Phi Phi has no self awareness — on Untucked it was clear that she actually thinks her low-rent JLo impression was so fantastic that she should have been in the top 3 & she totally thinks Sharon Needles has “one look.” Get your head out of your you-know-what, babe — your Drag will improve exponentially.

    • Anonymous

       By “kiki’d” I think Princess was referring to hanging out together – like “sharing some t.”  The term doesn’t always refer to queen on queen sex.

    • Anonymous

      Ki-ki is not the same as kai-kai. It’s easy to mix them up though.

      •  Easy to mix it up? Impossible not to, since it is the same thing whether I misspelled it or not (my context clues make it pretty clear what I meant despite any misspelling on my part).  I only know the term ki-ki — excuse me, kai-kai — from watching this show (season 1, RuPaul said it & it was defined as 2 drag queens having sex in writing for us non-Drag Queens on the screen). I didn’t mean to spell it incorrectly. I am so sorry for the inconvenience I have caused.

        • Anonymous

          Kai Kai (where the “ai” sounds like “eye”) is sex in drag. Sharon said she and The Princess would ki ki (pronounced kee kee, where the “i” sounds like an “e”).  As rose88 and hoez (politely) pointed out to you, ki ki means hanging out, sharing gossip, etc.   Two different phrases, which are spelled, pronounced, and mean two different things. Your original question wasn’t a bother; just a common mistake.

          • Thanks for the clarification. I was very confused.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I just watched.

    Is it just me or is the overall level of talent higher than ever?  There are some pretty fierce, polished bitches at the top of the pack. I love that the most talented (IMO) are also the most level headed and charitable.

    And Latrice Royale?  She can come be my mother hen any day.  I’m older than her and still want her to hold me to her bosom and quietly cluck grandma’s wisdom to me in times of need.  She needs to bottle that shit and sell it.  “Latrice the Beast”–ha!  What a quality human being.

    Dida’s lip synch reminded me of how Shangela nailed that stand up comedy thing last season.  Hope Dida learns and grows.  If she puts that energy into everything she does, she’ll be killer.

    Loved the judges tonight.  Overall, I thought this was a wonderful episode–competitive, funny, high energy.

    Whew!  Had to get all that out somewhere!

  • Anonymous

    “She’s serving Elvis and Elvira, she’s ELVIRUS. And it’s contagious.”

    Best line of the show.

  • Anonymous

    Until this week I thought Dida just looked busted and I couldn’t understand what she was doing there – but did she ever WERQ that LSFYL!  Wow!!!

    Still Team Sharon Needles for me, although if Chad or Latrice took it, I wouldn’t be at all disappointed.

  • For me it’s Sharon, Chad or Latrice for the win.  I’m leaning more towards Sharon……but wouldn’t bitch if one of the other two ‘bitches’ won.  All three have everything Ru says she wants in a winner: ‘charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent’.  And they rarely, if ever, ‘fuck it up’!

  • vmcdanie

    I haven’t been sold on Dida (although I like her) but she surprised the hell out of me on that lip sync. Totally earned her place. Now please, stop with the raggedy wigs and makeup. I say that with love.

    Sharon. Fucking Sharon is going to be a star when this thing is over. Also, I love Latrice and Chad so much I could plotz.

    Yes, Kenya disturbs me too.

    Between the other contestants and the judges, I feel like Madame La Queer needs a hug from us.

  • Geoff Dankert

    About the only time Milan has shown any personality this season was her doorbusting entrance in the first episode, done up like Diahann Carroll’s long-lost sister. I don’t know if she’s intimidated by the staggering amount of shade being thrown around in the workroom or she’s just freaked out about the whole experience, but TLO, you are (as ever) right: girl has GOT to go.

  • AWStevens

    Perfect review TLo and LOVED the RuPaul interview!  FABOOSH!

  • Anonymous

    LSFYL was amazing.  Where has THAT Queen been the last few episodes!  I enjoyed it so much I watched her performance 4 times before I let it play through to the winner announcemnt.

  • Latrice Royale giving church lady realness

  • Im surprised at the lack of interest for Willam here, she’s hardly mentioned as top three. I think she is way up there, she seems the smartest and quickest and could possibly look the cutest.
    Thats said, I do think she needs a Dida runway masterclass, and I wasnt fond of her 5oclock shadow last runway either. But other than that F*** YEAH TEAM WILLAM!

  • marywv

    I liked The Princess and I think she’s pretty, it was a shame she’s a little too shy and reserved for the platform. She doesn’t seem as committed to drag as the rest of the ladies and doesn’t seem confident in her persona. She’s a pretty queen though and I’m interested to see what she does next.