RPDR: Drag Your Kitty Down the Catwalk

Posted on February 09, 2012

Darlings, we must dash off to fashion shows this morning, so we’ll have to be quick about this one. At least there are lots of pictures for you to look at.

Is anyone else just a little freaked out by her?


And it shows some shrewd thinking, showing the judges early on that she can do straight-up glamour like a champ.

To be honest, and it’s maybe unfair to say this so early on, we don’t really think she’s worth all the drama, y’know?


We thought her performance on the catwalk was a little odd. She needs to step it up. This is pretty, but kinda bland.


Y’know, if she was a comedy queen, she could totally work a “broke down bitch” look just like this, but since she seems to be playing it, you’ll pardon the term, straight, someone needs to tell her her busted wigs and drugstore makeup techniques are not as glamorous as she seems to think.

We think Billy B gives great critiques – some of the best on the show, in fact – but we had no idea what he was going on about with her. Sure, this wasn’t a fabulously original look, but it seemed an odd choice to single out for so much criticism, given what else was on the catwalk. Dida and Jiggly were better than this? She pulled it together for the lip synch, at least.

On the other hand, it was a pleasure seeing Billy tear into her look. We agreed with him on this one: there’s nothing modern or fresh here and it all makes her look decades older.


We always reserve a spot for at least one big girl, but we have never wanted to see a big girl in the finals more than now. Latrice is a pro, from top to bottom.

We think Willam is HILARIOUS and we don’t think all of the queens have quite figured out that he’s really never not in character. We don’t tend to respond well to pretty-girl queens except when they’re really good at it and even then we only wind up saying “Wow. She’s really pretty.” Willam’s definitely got the talent thing going for her, but we can’t say she routinely knocks us out with her looks.

[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • Anonymous

    Has everyone seen Willam’s music video for “The Vagina Song?”
    Bitch can sing, too.


    • Anonymous

       nice and whorey! LOL love her.

    • Anonymous

       “…with a big ol’ dick!”

  • I wonder if we just got more negative comments from Billy B edited in so that it would make more sense that the Princess was in the bottom two? Agreed, it felt a bit harsh.

    I think Willam is funny, but there was something about her look in that catwalk — maybe it was the makeup not being right — but she really screamed “man in a wig and skirt” more than she should have. Something just wasn’t quite right with that overall appearance.

    If we got a final two of Sharon Needles and Latrice Royale, I would be over the moon.

    • Anonymous

      To me, it was like a cross between Tammy Wynette and the that blonde witch from True Blood (Holly?) – that’s all I could think of looking at the runway.  William definitely went in a totally different direction from everyone else in terms of look…maybe it’s the acid-washed jacket?

      • Anonymous

        It has been driving me insane who Willam reminds me of, female actress wise, and your comment made me realize I’ve been thinking of Holly the entire time. I now want to see him work a Merlotte’s waitress uniform.

      • Anonymous

        That Wiccan waitress! I could not figure out who William reminded me of! THAT’S IT!

    • Anonymous

      Sharon and Latrice for the win!  It might be the only time I’d love to see a double crowning.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I thought, like MrsGuyIncognito, albeit in different words, that Willam went a little chain-smoker-from-the-trailer-park, which is a somewhat hard look to begin with.

      • Anonymous

        I need to not be so quick on the trigger and let those with better writing skills/imagery rock the comments and just sit back and like the shit out of them. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          You are kind, but oh no! The minionry needs (term used loosely) comments from anyone moved to make them (who’s not *too* mean.)  Some days a comment here is the biggest laugh of the day, for me.

      • Oh my god, that’s exactly what she is. She could have and should have gone even further with it.

    • James Levinsohn

      I think it’s because Willam plays a transsexual prostitute or cross-dresser on TV. In those roles, you’re always supposed to be somewhat legible as still being or having been a man. This still shows in her drag. As for Willam in general, my initial reaction was: “You’re not a drag queen…you just play a transsexual hooker on TV.” My stance on her has improved since then. Her schtick is a snotty D-list actress in L.A. who brags constantly about bit TV parts (as a corpse, for example), crossed with an ’80s mall girl/Valley Girl. It’s a couple of levels of meta-humor, since all those parts are playing transsexuals or cross-dressers, and the character doesn’t regularly acknowledge being a female impersonator. As another commenter mentioned, it’s a bit too sophisticated for Phi Phi, for example, to get.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, I think Dida is going to sashay fairly soon. Milan, The Princess and Willam are just kind of boring me. I predict Jiggly is going to stay a while for comic relief, but the girl just doesn’t have the chops to make it to the finals. And yes, I hope Latrice makes it to the end – the girl has a big heart in that plus size body. And finally, Sharon FTW!

    • Dida might be safe for a long while because no one remembers she’s there. I completely forgot about her until her name flashed up on the screen. And two minutes later I forgot about her again.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I kinda hate Kenya. I don’t know… something about her rubs me the wrong way. She’s like a sex crazed Yara Sofia, just twice as tacky and with none of the charm. However she pulls it together for the runway and seems game for whatever the challenges throw at her so I can’t complain to much.

    Love Latrice, Willam, Princess and Sharon. And am I the only one who thinks Phi Phi is crazy cute as a boy? Sure she’s an unrepentant bitch and more than a little bitter but I’d do him in a heart beat.

    • I kinda like Kenya, but I think my like of her is influenced by my love of Yara…. You’re right though, she doesn’t have the charm, but I loved her in this weeks challenge so maybe she’s gonna turn it out.
      Sharon Needles is definitely my fave overall right now.

      • Anonymous

         I irrationally hate Kenya- mostly because she is a cheap Yara knockoff without the heart and soul

  • Anonymous

    I freaking love Willam.  Honestly, there are quite a few girls here that I am really interested in.

    Agree about Jiggly, she’s already annoyed the crap out of me.  

  • Anonymous

    I liked Sharon and Latrice before this episode, but I really fell in love with them here!  Sharon’s comment about being creatures of beauty and the kinds of friends they make was freaking awesome (someone help a girl out with the exact quote), and Latrice’s advice in the Untucked episode was fantastic, professional, personal, and heartwarming.  Plus, they both looked gorgeous and attacked the challenge like pros! 

    It appears I’ve already chosen my top 2 … we’ll see how long that lasts.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Am I the only one who thinks that Willam could do an AMAZING Kristen Chenoweth? I mean yeah, she’s super short, but the face is THERE. It’d be a great choice for Snatch Game, I think.

    I am in love with Sharon Needles. Dreamy! From her Nosferatu drag (omg delicious) to her beautiful presentation this week, I think she’s a contender.

    And I loved The Princess’s look. She was totally Cyndi Lauper-ing it up!

    • Anonymous

      You know what gets me about Sharon Needles? She’s seriously funny! The undead drag is cool and all, but she backs up with a quick wit and great one liners!

      • Seriously, she’s always in character in front of Ru and the other judges and she always has a witty remark on hand. Her, Kenya, Latrice, Phi Phi, and Chad are the ones that I get a fully-polished drag superstar vibe from.

        • James Levinsohn

          I think those are the final five, right there: Kenya, Latrice, Chad, Sharon, Phi Phi. I don’t think Phi Phi or Kenya have a chance at winning, however; Phi Phi is too unequivocally bitchy and her fierce, hard-edged glamor both screams that bitchiness and is a bit one-note. She’s this season’s Alexis Mateo, albeit a bit younger and edgier; a technically excellent drag queen, but a bit generic and limited to being a “showgirl.” Kenya’s extremely fishy, and has a very polished fashion sense, but doesn’t have a “hook” beyond that. Latrice is the first larger queen to have a serious shot at winning, or at least making the final three. If Latrice, Chad, and Sharon predictably end up as the final three, it’ll be the first time a fashion plate queen not only will not, but cannot, win. None of the three fit that description. Sharon is between a club queen and an unconventional performer/personality a la Tammie Brown; Chad is somewhere between a celebrity impersonator, a glamor queen, and the Shannel mode of drag; Latrice is a club queen crossed with Divine (admittedly very ’90s, but still great.) That’s what is special about this season.

          • I dunno, I think Phi Phi has a shot at the top three- she’s so motivated, I could see her biting and scratching her way to the top. And I think being supremely bitchy is part of her drag “character”- I’ve talked with her on tumblr and she’s actually quite nice, though sassy. And her on-screen bitchiness doesn’t bother me that much because she’s normally pretty spot-on in her criticisms and she’s pretty damn fierce. 

            I can’t wait for the Snatch Game episode. It will be cool to see Chad really let loose in her element and I’m itching to see what everyone else comes up with, because I feel like there’s going to be some good ones. There’s a picture floating around on tumblr of Sharon doing a drag bit as Peggy from “Married with Children” and the resemblance is so fucking uncanny. Are fictional characters ok for the Snatch Game? I hope they are, because I really want to see Sharon’s Peggy in action. 

    • Anonymous

      Sharon has showed some fantastic versatility in just two episodes. I think she’s the one to beat.

    • Anonymous

      Sharon has showed some fantastic versatility in just two episodes. I think she’s the one to beat.

  • Why did Jiggly get so much crap for her outfit last week (yes, it being terrible) yet Dida wears some dreck and never get calls on it. Did her dress this week have a yellow sharpie diamond?

    • Anonymous

      Dida’s outfit got called “Sex in the Alley.”  

      • Pffft yes I forgot. I guess I mean more ‘why is she not lip synching for her life, I don’t like Jiggly much, the Princess and LeShaun I can take or leave, but I didnt think either are as boring or as poorly dressed as Dida was!

        • Anonymous

          Oh, in that case I agree wholeheartedly.  But really, the first few episodes of any reality TV show is just cutting the chaff that wasn’t going to make it.  Dida is not long for this world unless she has some sort of plan to suddenly give herself a world class makeover and stun the judges by how much she’s ‘grown’ on the show.

  • I love Sharon Needles. Her and Latrice Royale totally make my top two for this season, I already decided. 

    • Anonymous

      I concur!

    • Sharon, Latrice, and Phi Phi are my three picks for the online fantasy league game on the LOGO website. They round out my trifecta of quirky, big girl glam, and traditionally fabulous (Phi Phi may be a bitch, but she is one seriously FIERCE bitch). 

  • Willam is Missi Pyle…that’s all.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll rate from my faves, to my not-so-faves:

    Sharon – FABULOUS!  That bitch has C.U.N.T to spare and I’d call her FTW, except for one other contender…

    Latrice – Sweetie, the world is calling out for the new Oprah and we need look no further than you!  Give her a talk show and an Empire to run ASAP!

    Kenya – I don’t think she’s just another boring, fishy queen.  She was inspired in the wrestling challenge and she even let Latrice throw her like a weapon!  Would Tatianna or Carmen have been down for that?  No, I don’t think so.

    Milan – I like her look and her humor, but I’m still waiting to see if she has something special or if she’s a one note queen.

    PhiPhi – I have a soft spot for an old school queen, although I agree that her runway this week just made her look old.

    William – Tell me, William, have you ever been on television?  I almost forgot so please feel free to remind me another 10,000 times.  Also, her Toddlers and Tiaras: The Tragic Later Years look did nothing for me.  I think she has the T, but I’m not seeing the C.U.N. to go with it.

    The Princess – I agree her runway look wasn’t bad, but she was deadly dull in the wrestling challenge.  I suspect she’ll be the next to go which is a shame since I find her by far the hottest looking boy.

    Jiggly – She needs 5 years of intensive therapy more than she needs RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Girl has issues.  Serious issues.  Reality television isn’t the place to work that shit out.

    Dida – I’m from NYC so I’ve seen lots of unattractive drag queens in bad wigs and cheap makeup wandering the streets in my day.  With that said, I don’t expect to see them competing for the title of Next Drag Superstar.  Didn’t Shangela take a lot of shit for looking unpolished?  C’mon, even if you didn’t like Shangela, you have to admit she was better than this!

    Also, I’m loving Madame LaQueer’s whole Divine thing and I think Chad Michaels should be Latrice’s sidekick for her new talk show. 

    • I want Latrice and Chad to be my two mommies/daddies. They could give me makeovers and sage advice and bitch with me about the people I don’t like. 

      And in my blog post about Willam, I said that he was serving “Trailer Park Realness”. T&T: the Tragic Years, indeed. 

    • I want Latrice and Chad to be my two mommies/daddies. They could give me makeovers and sage advice and bitch with me about the people I don’t like. 

      And in my blog post about Willam, I said that he was serving “Trailer Park Realness”. T&T: the Tragic Years, indeed. 

  • Gail Kwak

    J’adore Latrice Royale!  I so want to be her when I grow up!

  • Anonymous

    I have to wonder (and kind of doubt) whether Billy really harshed more on Princess than the other girls or if that’s just how it was edited since she was in the bottom for having the worst in-the-ring performance. I agreed with him that the wig was pretty low-rent and I didn’t get the praise for it from other corners. Was that Michelle?

    Willam is HILARIOUS, and I’m not sure queens like Phi Phi who are three feet up their own asses are ever going to figure out her shtick. That intro clip for Untucked of Willam deadpanning “Your tone seems really pointed right now” gets an actual laugh out of me every. Single. Time. 

    Loving Latrice and Sharon. Smart, savvy queens who have figured out exactly who they are and what works for them. J’adore. 

  • I keep thinking Will Forte as Jenna’s drag queen bf and soulmate on 30 Rock when I see William.

  • Kenya kind of freaks me out in that look, but I think it’s because she’s so accurately channeling Nick Minaj, and Nicki Minaj freaks me out. 

    And I have no problem with Phi Phi’s makeup making her look older for this runway because I think she was going for a MILF look. That’s what I said in my tumblr post on the matter, and she “liked” it, so I’m going to assume my assumption was correct (Phi Phi, Sharon, The Princess, Willam, and I think Jiggly all have tumblrs- I actually had a decent conversation with Willam about my concerns about his look). 

  • Kenya kind of freaks me out in that look, but I think it’s because she’s so accurately channeling Nick Minaj, and Nicki Minaj freaks me out. 

    And I have no problem with Phi Phi’s makeup making her look older for this runway because I think she was going for a MILF look. That’s what I said in my tumblr post on the matter, and she “liked” it, so I’m going to assume my assumption was correct (Phi Phi, Sharon, The Princess, Willam, and I think Jiggly all have tumblrs- I actually had a decent conversation with Willam about my concerns about his look). 

  • Anonymous

    OK, I’ll just say it. Milan = too much gum. She seems sweet and has a sense of fashion, but I’m sorry – girl is just too gummy with that big old smile.

    meanwhile, in total agreement on Sharon N and Latrice to go the whole way (adding Chad Michaels to the trio). These old er uh, experiened queens definitely know how to bring it. Meanwhile – let the drama continue….

    • Thank you, thank you for adding Chad Michaels.  Chad has so much class he keeps on being left out of the best lists because he’s just too real.  I too have a soft spot for William and find him hysterical.  The video posted above was too funny!  Dida, is totally forgettable, and really, I’d rather see the windswept Princess than than gigantic bow on old hair.

    • MilaXX

       Jiggy has the same problem as Milan.  I think there’s also one more queens with bad teeth/gums. That’s why so many people were making bbq is closed jokes.

  • Anonymous

    LaTrice has moved right up to one of my favs…with Sharon and Chad.  LaTrice has got a great sense of style and for what works on her frame, as well she has a good heart and is likable. 

    I like the Princess also…like her wind blown hair too.  She didn’t deserve bottom 2.  Hopefully she’ll step up though, she does have a tendency to be overlooked.

    I’m tired already of Jiggly’s excuses and bitching.  The blame game will get her nowhere. 


    PhiPhi…does look decades older.  He’s such a cute young guy too…to bad he’s a little bitch.

    I don’t think Willam is pretty in the conventional sense, so to speak, more trailer-trashy pretty….if that makes any sense (and no offense to trailer dwellers.)  I do really enjoy her and Sharon’s senses of humor and schticks the most.

  • Alfie Tomi

    willam’s runway walk = Anna Faris in House Bunny.  I <3 it!

  • Anonymous

    I love Latrice too.

    Does anyone know what she went to prison for?

  • Anonymous

    I love how Sharon Needles did “glam” without losing her drag character in the process. She didn’t do female illusionism, she still very much kept her tongue-in-cheek DRAG characteristics. 

  • Sam

    I know I’m in the minority, but I do not like Sharon Needles at all.

  • MilaXX

    Kenya and Sharon both played it smart with their runway looks. Seriously was anyone expect Lil’ Kim realness from Kenya or glam from Sharon? It was a good way not to get pegged as one character right out the box. Jiggy needs to go. She’s all speshul snowflake drama & no fun. Didi’s wigs are more busted than those sad things Tatiana used to wear & she can’t beat a face to save her life. LOVE Latrice and darned if she really didn’t remind me of pre-surgery Star Jones. Phi did indeed look old and the rest really didn’t make much of an impression.

  • vmcdanie

    Jiggly was decent in the wrestling challenge but I’m already so weary of her and her fistful of traumas.

    Meanwhile Latrice is all, “My momma died while I was in prison.” Damn.

    I liked The Princess’s look but I fear she’s not long for this competition. Ditto Milan. Ditto Dita (surely the judges noticed those ratty wigs and just didn’t make the edit thus far.)

    Sharon looked adorable and even though she did look awkward in her pretty girl drag, she’s one of those people who can make the awkwardness work. If she and Latrice were top two, that would be two kick ass season finales in a row.

  • I think Milan is really underrated, to be honest. I can’t WAIT to see the full Janelle Monae costume we got a glimpse of in the  Untucked promos.

    But Sharon, Chad, and Latrice are KILLING IT for me.  Gorgeous, talented ladies with amazing personalities. Love them. Willam doesn’t do it for me on the runway, but her character/persona cracks me up.

  • I don’t get how Willam thinks he’s a pretty queen. I can’t even call him “she.” It’s too difficult. Unless that’s part of his persona, part of the act. He’s funny, but sometimes so serious about it that it can be difficult to tell if he’s joking.

  • Oh the tortured narratives! Last year all we heard was Raja demonization. Man in a dress. Voice too deep. Fake. Untalented. Not a serious person. Didn’t need the title since she had the nerve to be a makeup artist. THIS year, Not a PEEP. All the busted boogers and manly men voices and pathetic looking appearances are being glorified. Not to mention a convicted felon is somehow the new Oprah. She’s sooooo “different”. How is Latrice like Devine? Devine was known for trashy obscene behavior. Latrice is nothing more than just another showgirl working in bars. Just like everyone else. Where is THAT comparison coming from?

    • No one is comparing Latrice to divine; they’re saying Madame laqueer was channeling divine In The ring.

  • Anonymous

    My love for Latrice is deep as the ocean, wide as the sea. I would like Jiggly to go home, please, and get some therapy. She’s exhausting to watch at this point. Also rooting for Chad and Sharon.

  • Anonymous

    For the life of me. I do not understand how it was not Dida and Jiggly LSFYL.

    Twice now each have come to the runway with completely busted looks!

    And someone sell me on Willam. He might be talented, but then isn’t that what an actor is supposed to be?
     His drag look is not good at all. IMO

  • I don’t think I’m a pretty queen. I’m a dude. A cross dresser. I’ve said i’m an actor who does drag and i’ll keep saying that. So those that observe that i’m “in character” or always on are right. the WHOLE time. I’m acting. I’m not even funny . I’m just acting funny and some people believe it (i’m thankful for that).

    Can we just talk about the shoes though? They’re Versace and my Neiman’s card is FUCKED. 

    Hopefully my outfits/abs/soundbites make up for the manmug. 

    • I am so impressed you’re posting here…and can I just say I love in the opener to Untucked when you say “Your tone seems very…pointed.” completely deadpan?! LOVE.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re funny – not just acting funny, sweetie.

    • Oh man I just watched all the current episodes of “Untucked” that I had been sorely neglecting, and Willem you are such a riot! Your quips backstage are to die for. You are such a talented, genuinely hilarious queen. (And I’m dying to go to California and see you live!)

  • TN

    Dida Ritz had a really horrible outfit, from top to bottom.  In a way, I felt like she was MUCH more deserving of being in the LSFYL with Lashawn instead of Princess. 

  • Anonymous

    Latrice Royale, God I so love that queen! My absolute favorite. Sharon, Willam and Chad aren’t far behind.

  • AWStevens

    Chad Michaels will win.  Talk about a PRO! 

  • I love Sharon Needles. Never backed one contestant so hardcore before her, but I just LOVE her! She’s fierce, creative, very intelligent, witty, and it’s clear she’s a genuine person too. You better believe it’s Needles nation at my place! (Haha, okay. That came out wrong.)

    I hope the final three are Sharon, Chad, and Latrice. <3

    Jiggly, Phi Phi, and LaQueer are so not worth the drama they stir.