RuPaul’s Drag Race: Claws out on the Catwalk!

Posted on February 19, 2012

Hit it, ladies!

We hate to say it, but we are so not feeling this one. And her catwalk performances always seem frantic and weirdly robotic at the same time.


Serving up Joan Van Ark-at-the-’86-Emmys realness.


Enh. Not memorable. Bitch needs to start cashing those checks her mouth keeps writing out.


Love the look, but we felt like something stronger needed to be done with the hair and face.


Awful. And kind of odd, considering how impressive her “dressing her shape” skills have been up until now. This is not flattering, dear.


Kind of underimpressed with this one, too. It’s a cohesive look, we’ll give it that. But it’s not very imaginative or creative. It just kind of … sits there.


The girl can work that body, we’ll give her that. She needs some serious help with the fine-tuning of her look, but she’s got a great base to work with and as she showed us this week, she can call on the power of fierce when she needs to. Polish it up, hon.


Latrice always has it going on, but we’ve gotta say, that’s not such a hot wig.


Completely and utterly forgettable. Seriously, were we asleep when she walked out?

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  • Anonymous

    Those glasses, and her perpetually open mouth (as my fella pointed out), gave the show’s editors a chance to give Jiggly the best reaction shots, though. We laughed every time.

    • Anonymous

      This is the only eposide this season I’ve been able to watch.  I really couldn’t make myself like Jiggly :s  I’m not sure what it is…

      • vmcdanie

         She strikes me as someone that would be exhausting to know personally. Too much drama, no ROI.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         I’m kind of the same way. She’s cute as a button, but she needs to stop stressing! Either she’s hard to watch, or the editors made her seem that way, but dang.

  • Willam could be such a beautiful queen, but… I can’t get over her lack of make-up. Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s my eyes.. But I feel like it’s Shangela all over again when it comes to the stubble department. That being said, I’ve started to like Willam more and more, she’s in my dream top 5.

    • Anonymous

      I hear you on the stubble.  It was so bad this week I was wondering if it was intentional.  I’ve seen her do some really girly stuff, though (ever see the Vagina Song video?) so I know she can turn it out.    

      • Anonymous

        Willam has admitted that he normally has people do his makeup when he’s shooting something, so whatever you’ve seen her do in the past probably wasn’t her work.

    • I saw those pictures and thought “God he’s a beautiful man” – not really the look Willam was going for, I suspect!

      • Exactly. And the nipples through the chains really wasn’t helping – it was androgynous at best for me. I like Willam but there’s something very off about her look. 

      • Terrie_S

        Yep. Total “man in a dress” instead of “drag queen.” I’m all for a pretty man in a pretty dress, but I don’t think that’s what he was going for.

  • Anonymous

    I know there’s a lot of Willam love in the house, but every time I look at her, all I can see is “trailer trash drag.” Which might be an intentional style, and if it is, then she wins, hands down. But it doesn’t seem intentional to me, so I just can’t get behind her. Loves me some Chad Michaels and Latrice Royal. Those two, plus Sharon Needles are my fantasy top-3.

    • I think it is intentional. You should go see “The Vagina Song” on YouTube. It’s trashy (on purpose) and hilarious.

      • Anonymous

         oh my. D: you’re right. Though just on the show, she hasn’t seemed to nail being either a trashy, comedy, or glamour queen. I think that’s why she confuses me. She has chops, but I don’t “get” her.

        • Anonymous

          You took the words right outta my mouth. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s right! Chad, Latrice, and Sharon!

  • Willam cracks me up. The deadpan lines are the best. Weirdly, something about her look reminds me of my Aunt Susan. Kenya freaks me out. It’s half because she looks so young and half because she looks like an animated doll, and dolls freak me out. Now that The Princess is gone, I’m all about Willam, Sharon Needles, and Chad Michaels. I just love this show, and my husband really wishes I would stop talking about drag queens.

    • Sally Brownson

       But why? My boyfriend watches with me 😀

      • I don’t know. He just doesn’t appreciate drag queens the way I do.

      • amywinns

        Mine too! Aren’t we lucky!?

    •  Kenya looks too much like a girl, even out of drag. i actually think of her as a girl and can’t bring my mind that there’s a man somewhere.

      • Anonymous

        There doesn’t seem to be much transformation with Kenya. She looks feminine in and out of drag.

        But I think my biggest issue with her is what TLo covered in their last RPDR post. There is something very unsettling about the horny middle school girl vibe she emits. Super creepy.

  • Anonymous

    Especially his curly wigs, Willam needs to channel that Bernadette Peters realness for Snatch Game!

    • amywinns

      Fingers crossed for next week!

  • I can’t help but everytime I see Kenya, I get all girlish and giggly.  I love her but I guess because I love Lil Kim.

    • Love Lil Kim. A lot of the Nicki Minaj stuff-I can see why Lil Kim was saying she cribbed it from her. (I don’t feel one way or another about Nicki, but if you’re going to call yourself “The Black Barbie”-know that someone did it before you did)

  • MilaXX

    TLo you spoil us. Whenever you guys post on Sunday I fee like I just put on and old pair of jeans and found $5 in my pocket. Especially after the marathon Fashion week posts. Thanks.

    So onto the show;
    Milan is pretty but there’s really no personality there.
    Chad Michaels is great. between her, Wiliaam, Sharon Needles & Latrice you can easily see who the seasoned pros are.
    Madame LaQueer’s outfit is awful, but it’s also scarily similar to the outfit Katy Perry performed in at the Grammys and I didn’t like it on her either.
    Jiggy just needs to take her busted self home.
    I love Latrice, but I agree with you about her wig here.
    Kenya is starting to come off as just too weird for me. Also is the stomp, stomp runway walk something all the tiny queens do? I seem to recall Ongina having a similar walk.

    • Anonymous

      Kenya’s stomp was fierce at first. But it loses something when it’s deployed in every episode. And when the day comes that Jiggly is sent sashaying, I will not be sad. So over her.

  • Anonymous

    I usually love to here your opinions on shows. And typically see your point(s) but I am so confused why you don’t like Kenya.
    Maybe this look wasn’t the greatest but it had more going on than the boogers of this season, and she certainly knows how to perform and give energy!

  • Anonymous

    lol boogers being phi-phi, milan, jiggly and dida, though dida has huge performing powers!

    Go team Sharon, Latrice, Chad, and Kenya!!!!

    •  Enough with the whole ‘boogers’ thing- it was crappy and mean spirited last season and it hasn’t gotten any better.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, I cringed last season watching Raja and the “heathers” say it, but honestly

        I can’t think of another term that suites the others who aren’t really impressive :/

  • I used to love the snappy runway commentary, but I also notice that this season it’s been “serving up ____ realness”; “serving up ___ realness,” on and on. Come on. Drag has a fantastic, vibrant language of its own – one of the reasons I love it. Would love to hear a bit more distinction in the commentary.

    • I said in the other thread that if I heard that line one more time I was gonna stab someone. Sweet jesus in a sidecar. The other thing about it is that the queens can hear them when they’re walking (it’s not dubbed in post-production). So they could have a lot of fun with it when they try….

      •  What I’d like is a little more attention to “Realness”- and I don’t mean just looking like a real woman, I mean a real TYPE of woman. Latrice Royale did it nicely in her record promotion segment- pure Church Lady, and I loved it.

        • I don’t really need that much “realness” in my drag queens. I don’t see it as an effort to pass as a real woman. Being a drag queen seems more like a parody of femininity. That’s why the fishy queens, while impressive, don’t really have that much dimension to them. It’s like, oh hey you can look like a chick… What else can you do? That’s part of what I love about Sharon Needles. She has so much character, and can change it up and bring something new to it other than just being another Elvira. It’s okay when it’s obvious that it’s a man in a dress, if the performance is exciting and entertaining. We don’t need to believe that these are ladies. (Just my $0.02)

        • With Ms Latrice I saw a combination of Patti LaBelle and of course Aretha combined with some good churchgoing gospel lady, 

          •  Agreed- my point is that I like to see her bring something to the table besides a showgirl fantasy, though there’s nothing wrong with THAT.

      • Anonymous

        Sweet jesus is on the move! First on a biscuit and now on a sidecar. That just made me smile from ear to ear!

    • Hearing that phrase so often during the catwalk was getting me more and more irritated. I don’t want to be irritated with Ru.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVED Willam’s look. Her wig makes her look oddly like Britney Spears.

  • In my next life, I’d like to have legs like Dida Ritz.


    • Anonymous

      Right?!? Girl has clearly got the raw goods, and with some new wigs and polish and performance confidence/consistency she could really have something going on.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see past “man in a dress” with both Willam and Dida.

    • marywv

      I’m pretty sure that’s part of Willam’s schtick. He’s pretty famous for his drag persona and it always has that is she or isn’t she thing going on, so I think it’s intentional. Which may be why the judges never comment on it – they know it’s the character. That or they really like her and they are giving her a pass until the field narrows.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno why, but I just can’t get into Willam. I certainly don’t dislike her as much as I did at the beginning, but…I”m just not feeling it. I don’t think I get her looks. 

  • Mariah J

    Chad really nailed the catwalk this week. Everyone else fades into the gold and silver background. 

    • She was like a vision. She’s so gorgeous, and she has a personality.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         And so much POISE! Ru wants to pass the crown to another classy, hilarious, seasoned, and beautiful queen? I think Chad has it, more than any of the past candidates. Chad also seems like a great role model, too.

  • The post I’ve been waiting for. Loved the statment; ”
    And her catwalk performances always seem frantic and weirdly robotic at the same time.”-Well Said.
    Chad-Gorgeous. Jiggly-busted as hell-I’m sure she’s a nice person, but she can’t go fast enough for me. She’s a drama vortex. The most disconcerting part of the episode-Mme LaQueer: WHY? would you choose to reprise that look from Stacey Lane, especially after basically seeing how it would look on you when she wore it. (and Stacey did it better, it fit w/the “theme” of that episode, Queens In Space)

    •  I believed Madame LaQueer when she said she’d brought the outfit along and had to wear it. At this point there are enough queens in the contest that she knew she had a chance of staying safe.  She’d better step up her skills quickly now.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I actually like Milan. She looked really beautiful during the wrestlin show but I suspect that was because of the input of her team mates. When left to her own devices her instincts fail her. I do believe she tries hard but I don’t think she has the wit and personality to give her looks that extra oomph. Same thing goes for La Queer and Kenya. They can work the runway just fine, but I don’t think there’s a really witty and engaging personality behind it, just a couple of girls trying way too hard to be FIERCE. I don’t get the feleling that Ru is impressed with them either (though the other judges love Kenya) so I would bet that they will be the next to go. Chad Michaels and Latrice Royale for the first two way win in Drag Race history.

  • Anonymous

    Love me some Willam in the deadpan comedy department (and I liked her quirky 80’s bit better than you guys seemed to), but I don’t get what’s going on with her make-up from the cheekbones down. Is there stubble? And did she do kind of a weird lower-primate highlight on her whole upper-lip-to-chin area? I can’t figure out what’s going on here. I’ve often wondered with some of these queens of the demands of drag make-up for TV/film are dramatically different from those for stage and session photography, because she’s far from the first experienced queen to seem to be struggling with it.

    I’m over Milan. Her personality certainly didn’t shine in the group work environment or on Untucked, and she’s never blown me away in a challenge or runway.

    Chad is a truly glamourous and charming creature. Just adore her. Such a pro.

    Phi Phi has got to stop running her mouth so much if she can’t bring it better than she has been.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I think Phi Phi is almost better looking OUT of drag. She’s such a cute boy, but the way she does her makeup really ages her.

  • Kenya pulled out the same moves on the catwalk as she did in the previous episode. She did a little bit of the robot. She did the head turn followed by eye- and mouth-widening… Can she do anything else?

    I loved Milan’s giant afro, and would like to wear her disco fabulous outfit for Halloween.

    Chad’s glittery dress was so sparkly that it did not look as good on my monitor as I am sure it would in person.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me? All I can see when I look at Jiggly is her missing tooth. How can you attempt to serve glam with bad teeth?

    •  Tyra Sanchez had AWFUL teeth which people made jokes about and managed to win Season 2.

    • I hate to talk any shit about Latrice, but her gnashers are busted as all hell. Yet, she’s serving all seven shades of glam anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not on the Willam train.  She’s up there with Phi Phi in the “mouth writing checks your ass can’t cash” department IMO.  Although I thought there was potentially a cool androgyny to her runway look, that makeup job has GOT to be one of the worst in RPDR history.

    Dida looked straight-up hot.

    • I think Willam’s make-up is bad, but then when you look back at RPDR history and all the broken down queens, she starts looking a lot better. I mean, just even thinking about Mariah’s ‘Joan Crawford’ will make you appreciate every inch of Willam’s stubbly face. 

    • boweryboy

      I don’t dunno.  I like Willam for the fact that when he’s in the Interior Illusions lounge and the other bitches are throwing him shade he remains every inch the lady and doesn’t rise to their bait.

      Calm. Collected. Poised. 

      The other gals can learn a thing or two from him (and Latrice) in how to behave like a lady but still throw a bit of shade.

      • Catiline

        See, for me Willam comes across as less “poised” and more “IRL troll.”  Which, I’m certainly not gonna deny that’s entertaining!  But for me, it’s only entertaining up to a point – it gets tiresome when the shade-thrower doesn’t have much else to offer (see also: Shangela). 

  • Anonymous

    My comments on this episode:

    Kenya: I was okay with her up until this episode. Her comments about Madame LaQueer (which sounded a lot like sour grapes over LaQueer’s challenge win) totally turned me off of her. There’s drag queen bitchy and just plain mean. This was the latter. Also, I am completely tired of her horse walk. A lot of comparisons have been made to Ongina, but Ongina had a sweetness and a joy that Kenya lacks.

    Chad: Awesome. Visage made some comment about being too perfect. WTH? I hope Chad doesn’t take this to heart because it’s just plain stupid in a competitive setting. “Yeah, I am going to half-ass a look so that I may get sent home because one judge wants me to be less perfect.”

    Latrice: Awesome. Speaking of a girl who knows how to dress her shape. The wig is so-so, biuts till better than 99% of Dita’s.

    Jiggly: I still have sort of a soft-spot for her, though she looked a bit sausagey here.

    LaQueer: Great skills (make-up and hair), but dumb outfit choice.

    Milan: Meh.

    Dida: Meh until the lipsync, but this was still her best look in the competition by far.

    • RE: Chad; I think I could see where Visage was going with the critique. Ms Chad is so polished and SUCH a chameleon (I freaking loved her Joan Jett turn last episode) that it may be hard for a judge to see what “the Real Chad” is. We get to see how awesome & kind she is, but do the judges?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, also about Kenya. I would have been fine about her unnecessary comments abot LaQueer if she had owned up to it in Untucked. However, she blatantly lied and redirected, which made me like her even less. UGH, in addition to the little girl/little boy porn images she conjures up.

  • Damien W

    “Bitch needs to start cashing those checks her mouth keeps writing out.”

    Thank you for summarizing my feelings about her so succinctly. But I have a feeling there’s a tearful “special episode” of Untucked on the horizon, when we will find out just what in Phi Phi’s life turned her into such a bitch. The bitchery is too broadly aimed for it not to be about something else on her mind.

  • vmcdanie

    I am loving this season but there are a surprising number of lackluster queens. Milan is right at the top of the list. I’m re-evaluating Dita after that LSFYL and a much less raggedy look. Plus, I like her.

    Madame’s outfit wasn’t great this week but her face was gorgeous I thought. I think she wins the India Ferrah award for the most amazing transformation.

    As much as you are indifferent to Kendra, the judges frigging love her. She still creeps me the fuck out.

    Every time I decide to hate Phi Phi (and that’s at least once an episode), she tells a story about being the target of gay bashing and goddamn it, I have to scrap my plans. I still find her interesting to look at on the runway even if her look isn’t bringing anything new to the table.

    Perhaps I judge Jiggly too harshly but she just strikes me as a black hole of solipsistic drama.

  • Nope, still not feeling it over all.


  • Markatha

    I loved the crazy suit Ru wore in the Mini Challange.  I’d even be brave enough to wear the jacket.

    I give Dita props for the lipsync but that’s been the only thing I’ve liked from her and I think that song did give her a slight advantage.
    There are weaker Queens than the Princess.  I’d rather someone else had gone home.

    • Zaftiguana

      I don’t know, I’m not sure I can put a finger on who was weaker than the Princess in a performance capacity, and that’s what this week was about. I don’t think it helped that she’d had consistent problems in that department from jump and that her excuses (telling Ru she hadn’t been given the opportunity? What was that?) made it seem really unlikely that she was going to improve.

      I’m fine with her fabulous fashions getting her through the first couple of episodes, but bland girls can rightly only get so far in this competition, and her time was up.

      • boweryboy

        I can’t agree with you more but it makes me sad that IMO the hottest ladyboy out of drag in all four seasons had to go  home.

        He was a hot looking man with a really mellow personality (part of his downfall).  I’m usually not into peircings, tats, or strecthed earlobes but DAHUM!

        • Zaftiguana

          It is truly an eye candy tragedy of epic proportions.

  • Lingus
  • Lingus
  • Love how Kenya was Santino’s fave. UGH.

  • Cathy S

    Have you all seen Ru’s tribute to Presidents Day? He’s both Barack AND Michelle Obama: