RuPaul’s Drag Race: Catwalk Kitties

Posted on February 29, 2012

Hit it, hos.


This, to us, is the most boring kind of drag queen. There’s no “character” here; it’s just a queen in a dress and wig. Totally dime-a-dozen. She looks pretty enough, we suppose, but totally generic.


We were with the judges on this one: if you’re going to do Janelle, you better make sure you don’t just look like a man with some makeup on. That suit needed to be much more fitted.


KILLING IT. We don’t normally respond well to the body queens, but you really can’t take your eyes off this look.

God, can’t Ru just pull a lever and drop Jiggly, Milan and Phi Phi down a hole so we can get to the actual fierce and talented queens duking it out?


When is someone going to seriously address the fucked up way she puts on her eye makeup? And how does she manage to go from cute 20-something boy to scary 50-something woman so easily?


Not world class, but at least it’s a look that consists of more than “Look at my SICK legs!” It had a little wit and personality to it.


Speaking of wit and personality… looks like Max’s little dressing down last week had little effect on her choices. Sharon’s going to be true to Sharon. Off-putting? Sure, but it tells a story and tells you who this character is. Instantly.


Easily the most glamorous big girl the show’s ever had, but she’s in danger of falling back on too many pretty dresses. Willam, Chad, and Sharon are serving up unforgettable looks week after week, girl. Best step it up. A diva dress isn’t going to be enough for much longer.



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  • milan was sporting some sammy davis jr realness.

    • andcoh

      I didn’t mind Milan’s as much, but that’s because he looks so much like a woman.  So, I didn’t really read him as a man because of that.

      • vmcdanie

         Agreed. I have my problems with Milan but this look wasn’t one of them.

      • I’m sorry, Milan is definitely one of the least fishy queens this season. All I see is “dude in a dress.” And Dida Ritz is a close second.

  • nancymae

    latrice or someone must have taken dida aside and given her a 5G talking to because she looks so much better without her usual straw colored wigs.
    milan’s makeup blew me away even as i found myself too bored with her to care if she sashayed away.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      and how much cuter does dida look with that fluffy full skirt?   that’s what she needs to balance and draw attention away from her big ol’ shoulders. 

  • Zaftiguana

    Was Sharon’s quote this week “When in doubt, freak them out” or something like that? Does anyone remember it word for word? In any event, LOVE IT. 

    I wish they’d made a special exception and sent two girls home this week. There were three worthy of the Sashay, and Phi Phi, phrankly, should have been down there lip synching. 

    Jiggly and DiDa’s days are clearly going to come, too, but the two of them (mostly DiDa) at least have a certain something and show improvement and the ability to take and process criticism. I’d actually love to see DiDa turn it around and become a real contender. She makes me wish that the show had a “Most Improved” or “Best Potential” award along with Miss Congeniality. Get some of these fierce-yet-busted queens some wig cash!

    • I’m always of the mind-set that if you’re outside of the norm, you’ll never blend in, so you might as well stand out on purpose.

    • GeekChicSuperfreak

      I believe you’ve got it right – “When in doubt, freak them out.” Or freak ’em out. I’ll have to watch again at some point to see exactly how she says it.

    • andcoh

      I agree that both Jiggly and Dida seem to be able to respond to the criticism.  I believe Dida just needs to be pushed.  Seems like she responds well to a challenge.  Jiggly just needs a little light-handed, gentle guidance.  I honestly wish she had waited a season or two, because a part of me feels like if she dealt with some of her personal issues she might bring something really interesting.

      • Zaftiguana

        I agree about Jiggly. DiDa just needs some funds and a bit more experience, and I think the exposure from this show, including her world-class lip synch, can make that happen. Jiggly, on the other hand, mostly seems to need therapy (said genuinely and with love).

        • andcoh

          Yeah, pretty much.

        • Dida has really grown on me. She takes the critiques and runs with them, and gets a little better every week.  She’s not going to win, but she has a lot of potential. Plus, she has that dorky cute thing going on when she’s out of drag.

    • I need ‘When in doubt, freak them out’ on a t-shirt!!!

      • Zaftiguana

        That and “Jesus is a biscuit, let him sop you up,” which I do think Latrice actually put on a shirt.

        Kenya’s “Jee-soos ees uh bees-queet” would also be fun.

  • Here’s my other big complaint with Jiggly’s look — it’s JUST pretty.  If you’re going to just do a look as a drag queen, without character or wit, then it should at least be a fierce, fabulous look.  Something OTT and interesting and with some kind of an edge.  Not a local-level pageant queen.

    • RebeccaKW

       That’s what I thought!  Crooked eyes!  The left one is like a car accident-I can’t stop staring.

      • For a particularly egregious example of this kind of thing, see the movie Troy.  I still don’t know what other horrible things can be said about it because I spent the whole movie wondering why the eyeliner was thicker on one eye than the other 😛

      • LambeeBaby

         Me too. I actually thought she looked like she had a glass eye but it looks normal when she is just doing her usual bitching.

    • MilaXX

       I wouldn’t even say Jiggly is pretty. It’s okay, but never worth a second look and her outfits are equally average.

    • Zaftiguana

      Okay, I’m going to stride boldly into Armchair Internet Psychiatrist territory here, so bear with me if my head gets a little too far up my own ass. 

      Between Jiggly’s gender issues (“disgusted” by ki ki, really uncomfortable with Milan’s tux drag) and self-esteem issues, I think being pretty may largely be what she wants from drag. It’s her chance to be a beautiful girl. Not saying she’s necessarily trans (though who knows, I don’t know her life), but she’s really personally, viscerally invested in drag being very feminine, and she’s a queen who’s closer to norms of what’s traditionally considered attractive or sexy when in drag vs. out. 

      • That’s a great observation re: what she wants from drag. It comes across as as though she has no imagination, but it’s entirely possible she’s acting out on something.

        A few people here have speculated that she has no drag family. If so, she’s out there on her own, which must be scary as hell for her. She doesn’t even have her mom around anymore to support her. No wonder she’s a mess.

        P.S. You have a long way to go before you get too far up your own ass. What you said makes a lot of sense to me.

        • LeoBloke

           Her brother, however, seemed as sweet and supportive as a (presumably) straight guy could be.

      •  That’s quite possibly the case, but it will not make her America’s Next Top Drag Queen.

        • Zaftiguana

          Not by a long shot. It’s just not that interesting or entertaining or remotely innovative a flavor of drag.

          Jiggly has a lot of personality and seems capable of a lot more than she’s delivering at the moment, but she’s got some internal shit to work out before she’s going to get there.

      • Farthingale

        Great observations and now I’m wondering what did Ru see in Ms. Caliente to include her in the group this year? Last week I said Jiggs should have sat this season out and someone said it this week too. If we can pick up on her lack of “finishing” (Remember! “This is not RuPaul’s School for Girls”) Ru and the savvy producers certainly should have. Unless they just wanted a lose cannon to keep things lively. Which if true, is so disappointing because it’s an overworked reality show trope.

    • I think Phi2 puts false lashes on the top and bottom and they get tangled together, causing one eye to sort of “fuse” shut. Even without that, her makeup is just a hot mess. 

      • She looks like a tacky suburban 1960s housewife in that make-up. Maybe one of Mrs. Robinson less glamorous friends.

        I can see that tangling happening. Hell, mine sometimes get tangled up and I sure as hell don’t wear false lashes. But you’d think she’d figure out a way to keep it from happening.

  • GeekChicSuperfreak

    Sharon is so fabulously fierce. Love the spooky. Love the freaky. She’s damn fun to watch. Keep it up, girl. Werk!

    And that little catchphrase- “When in doubt, freak ’em out.” Mopping it!

    (Oh, and I have those tights. Just wish I had his/her legs.)

    • I would buy that shirt. Or that mug. Or that whatever. Sharon Needles, get on Etsy!

  • hughman

    One thing I love about Sharon (among many) is she takes the Hollywood/Celebrity look and extols it while poking fun at it in the same breath. Bitch knows her stuff. Let’s face it, there’s always at least one or more of the judges she could be covertly poking fun at here or with her other looks. Comparisons to Raja are natural because their drag and characters come from a cerebral perspective, not just flash and dash. 

    • RebeccaKW

       Yes.  Raja and Sharon are 2 beautiful queens who fuck with your mind.  Love.

    • TxMom2011

      Yeah, the styles the same….. but I actually LIKE Sharon. 

      • PantherontheRunway

        She seems more genuine and kind! Raja was pretty and sorta mean spirited

  • RebeccaKW

    I love Willam’s look…total dominatrix (I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I don’t know if that’s what he was going for or unintentional but I like it).  And weirdly, this is the softest his face has been IMO.

    Latrice is beautiful, but needs to step it up.  More oomph, darling!

    I can’t stop staring at Phi Phi’s left eye.  Girl, do you not see yourself?!

    And Sharon Needles is ridiculous. Love.

    • Yeah, that is totally the best face Willam has been serving all season. So I’ll give her props for that. 

    •  Latrice has more character off stage than she has on it. I think she should LSFYL just so we can see what she’ll do under pressure.

  • MK03

    I AM SO SICK OF PHI PHI. “I’m known for this, I’m known for that, BITCH I DON’T LIKE YOU, I’m real, I’m fierce” blah blah blah STFU. Her Gaga was fucking atrocious. So bad, in fact, that I have my doubts that she’s EVER performed before. 

    •  Phi Phi has GOT to go. And she will.

      • PeaceBang

        Please Drag Gods, please make Phi Phi go away as soon as possible. NO talent, crappy attitude, pathetic make-up skills: girlfriend is a triple threat in the not-good way.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    WHY are Jiggly, Milan, Dida and Phi Phi still on this show? So damn…dull.

    Which according to the logic of RuPaul, probably means that one of them will win, or at least make it to the finals…ugh.

    • andcoh

      They are on the show so we get more episodes with Sharon, Chad, Latrice, and Willam.  And that, my dear, is totally worth it.  

      PS, I sorta love Dida too.  

    • Dida has gotten better- there’s definitely some potential there, plus she seems like a nice person.

      Milan—great raw material and some killer moves. She’s like a good back-up singer who’s never going to make it to the spotlight.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        Dida does have some potential…she needs to go back to Drag School for another term or two…

        • Farthingale

          Might I suggest “RuPaul’s School for Girls”?

  • dbs104

    Sharon = brilliance.

  • Milan can certainly move, but everything he does is beginning to reek of desperation. I wish Dida had his resources. She could be really fierce with the proper guidance. I have to say though, if Manila had been in this season those beauty queens would have had to quit on the spot the way those contestants did when Suzanne Sugarbaker came out in her Bathing suit during Miss Georgia World. 

  • JimMcC

    I find Latrice and Sharon to be the strongest competitors, with Chad and Willam just behind. And yet I still find myself rooting for Dida. She’s just So. Damn. Likeable.

    Is there a Miss Congeniality award up in this bitch?

    • andcoh

      I agree.  Dida keeps showing that there is something there, plus she is so damn likable. 

      • PeaceBang

        Dida is a sweetie. 

    • Zaftiguana

      There is, but it’ll probably go to Chad or Latrice. I’m thinking Latrice. Love DiDa, though!

  • Oh, and is it me, or was Ru really pissed off at some of the queens? He couldn’t have liked the mess Jiggly, Kenya and Phisquared made of the Snatch Game.

    •  They did a lot of editing- we hardly got to see Dida or Latrice

    • PantherontheRunway

      I agree, they were so terrible, and it was too-too hard to watch as a viewer, so I can only imagine Ru, who’s trying to make drag more open and inviting to america, to watch them make such a huge ass of the whole show.

      • Sweetpea176

        Ru did seem pretty irritated to me during the judging.  It almost seemed to me that she didn’t even want to bother with the LSFYL and just wanted to send both of them shantaying away.  I could just be projecting, though. 

        With the Snatch Game mess — she could’ve stopped the cameras at any point and reeled those girls in, and I’m sure she has a lot of control over the editing, so I think she was perfectly fine with letting them make asses of themselves.

      • Farthingale

        I always imagine Ru is terrible disappointed when queens rely on stupid outrageousness and unentertaining cliche rather than wit and nerve during Snatch Game. Ru was overjoyed when Mariah announced she would do Joan Crawford and very let down when it consisted of busted makeup and a wooden hanger. 

        Ru was so genuinely pleased with Sharon (as Michelle) because like Chad (as Cher) he had a nice little routine PLANNED OUT and knew the references and jokes he was going to make. 

        So yeah, I thought Ru looked fed up and disappointed during portions of Snatch game and when he told Beyonce to “calm herself down” or whatever, I heard real anger there. 

  • MilaXX

    I really want Sharon to win this season. I seriously love her.
    I’m with you on wishing that  Milan, Jiggly and Phi Phi were gone. Milan is boring, Jiggly is boring & Phi2 manages to paint 30 years on her face AND screws up her lashes every time..
    Didi is trying to step up her game, but i think she’s just not ready yet.
    Love Latrice, but I need some more personality from her.

  • YAY LOGO’S WEBSITE IS BACK UP! The national nightmare is over! *off to watch Untucked*

    • I HAD THE SAME RESPONSE. It’s about damn time though.

  • AudreysMom

    Audrey and I are starting the MInneapolis-based Sharon Needles fan club (or joining the one that’s here). This girl, her talent, her guts and her outoftheboxness is incredible. I loved me some Raja and Pandora Boxx and have a soft spot this season reserved for Chad Michaels and Latrice, but SN is just my kind of drag.

    As far as Willam – OK the body and the Jessica Simpson worked this week. But the sudden blast of vulnerability at judges table was just so off putting. let’s pick off the rest of the no talents and then it’s buh-bye, honey.

    • MK03

      Yeah, that felt awfully calculated. And rude. 

    • Do it. I’d go back to the 90s for Sharon.

  • ElitheMonkey

    I love watching Milan, but I just don’t see “drag queen” in him, I think he’s in a different sphere.

    Jiggly and Phi Phi can just go now please. I’m sick of Phi Phi’s wonky eyemake and Jiggly just bores me. Dida has SO MUCH potential, but definitely needs some polishing up and some better wigs. Latrice FTW!

  • So glad the website is back up!!! I’ve noticed they aren’t showing NEARLY as many commercials as they usually do. Only one in every break. I’m sure they’re trying to satiate everyone who missed the show for the past 24+ hours hahah

    I agree with TLo, bout time to just drop Phi Phi, Jiggly and Milan, but at the same time I wanna see they’re failures and meltdowns over the course of the next few weeks.

    Watched the episode again and I think Willam is brilliant! She totally played them off as fools for asking her to show her vulnerability. This is a competition and she’s doing what she was meant to do. Be a fierce Diva! She prob won’t win, and she’s not who I’m rooting for, but girl has talent and sass for days.


    • PantherontheRunway

      can we have phi-phi just sit off to the side instead? haha
      he’s so cute! good eye candy!

  • Can someone please pull willam aside and address his Fred Flintstone makeup? Looks like yellow five-o-clock shadow!!!

  • “She ordered those tears from China.”
    Best 1-liner in Drag Race herstory.

    • cheesebomb

      I started crying right after she did, but I think it was because I was laughing so hard. I’m sorry but all of that topped with the “and I’m not acting!” line was absurd and clear pandering. 

      • y’all are missing the point though, which I guess means Willam’s character is working. Just like Phi Phi was mad about her fake crying and emotional moment, Willam got one over on y’all too. His character is meant to be dead pan, snarky, full of himself. That’s the genius of it. and his moment of crying and sad that he has to send some of his fellow contestants home to win and his constant reminder of “I’m not acting” when in reality he is, is what makes him so damn funny and cerebral.

        • cheesebomb

          I get the argument that William is always in character and see where it is coming from. I just find it absurd and pandering. I get that moments like that are his character, I just don’t like his character. 

          • Sweetpea176


          • Julian Betkowski

            Still, though, his character is so consistent, it’s really hard not to respect that dedication. For the purposes of the show, at least, he is entirely sunk within that character. It must be incredibly hard work, and once he’s so entrenched, I would imagine it’s hard for him to pull out of it. By which I mean, I respect the formal elements of his work: he’s just so refined. 

            But I worry that he’s too refined to really be entertaining. His drag is like reading a dry critical analysis of Hollywood Culture, whereas Sharon and Chad’s drag styles are like reading a memoir of a witty, coked out diva twenty years after she’s retired: they’re both addressing the same issues, one is just more open (which feels odd to say about Sharon’s deliberately vicious, distancing, and sardonic performances, all of which I say with love).

        • Zaftiguana

          I get and typically enjoy Willam’s shtick and hope he sticks around a bit longer to dish it out, but I also found this particular moment to be cloying and off-base. Pointing out that he’s acting is kind of irrelevant. Not all acting is good acting. Everyone follows a bad instinct now and then. 

        • PantherontheRunway

          🙂 I’m a bit of a dum-dum, so bear with me:

          We’ll looking for america’s next drag super star! not the most complex character actor….I’m assuming I’m like everyone else who enjoys the show and I’m looking for a dash of beauty, comedy, style,
          in one polished performer. And I think Willam has those things 🙂
          BUT !! I want to like Willam for Willam, not the 24/7 character Willam plays or his inner child, or imaginary alter ego or whatever the heck he’s supposed to be. lol

          WHOEVER it is… this case, I question the sincerity of the tears, I kind of feel as if it was mocking. now more so if you’re trying to say he’s a character playing a mindfuck.

        • Catiline

          I *get* it, I just don’t find it all that special or entertaining.  As I said on the previous RPDR thread, for me Willam’s act lacks a sense of fun (despite her occasional funny one-liners).

    • I was wondering if she came up with that off the top of her fabulous head, or if she’s been saving it for just the right moment. Either way, it was brilliant.

      And, oooh, the death rays coming from Willam were awesome.

    • PantherontheRunway

      I wish I could believe he was actually crying for venerability sake.
      But the fact that it came right after she was told that….and he’s an actor(and a good one at that) 
      I can’t tell if its real D:

    • Better than swiffering with taint??? I don’t know about that.

  • lilazander

    I love Sharon!

  • Stubenville

    Milan should have looked at more than one Janelle Monae video; she’s wearing the outfit from Tightrope. In Many Moons Janelle sheds a similar jacket in white and then you can clearly see that she’s a girl wearing saddle shoes, high waisted black trousers, a white blouse and a black ribbon tie. Same makeup, same Elvis hair. Milan, hon – it was an easy fix.

  • Is it just me, or was Sharon inspired by Patsy Stone as well as plastic surgery? The last shot of her REALLY looks like Pats.

  • Joe J

    LOVE Sharon’s look – Ab Fab’s Patsy meets Nip/Tuck. If she doesn’t want to impersonate Michelle Visage, I bet she could do a killer “Sweetie-Darling” Joanna Lumley. Total agreement with Donna.

    • Zaftiguana

      YES. She and JuJubee should tour as Pats and Eddy.

  • irielle

    This was the first episode I actually liked MIlan. Not in the Snatch Game of course, but on the runway, I loved the energy, dancing and finesse. Milan seemed to have a glow and a realness I’d never seen from him before, and I really didn’t think the look was as manly as the judges made it out to be.

    • PantherontheRunway

      I respect her ability to work it out LSFYL 🙂
       but she’s got to bring more than great dancing

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Ok, I’m just now watching Untucked… Is Latrice naked? No shade, I’m just genuinely curious, because I’m also the type of girl to take off her tights the second she gets backstage.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Never mind! She took off the dress, but is still in her hose.
      Now we know that Latrice doesn’t pad! Realness for REAL!

      • PeaceBang

        I was also wondering about that. Too funny that she just did the whole episode holding her dress in front of her.

  • miatamam

    I don’t know, PhiPhi coming out with glued together eyelashes is pretty hilarious.  And I’m diggin’ Willam’s subtle humour in spite of his glaring lack of humility.  The only thing missing from Milan’s look is a mustache…seriously, never seen a man show up on Ru’s catwalk before.

  • Sharon Needles looks like Marilyn Manson. That’s gonna give me nightmares. Dida and Willam look nice. 

  • PantherontheRunway

    I feel so bad about how embarrassed Latrice was at the snatch games, it was horrible! It’s like taking something cute and witty like Will and Grace and turning it into Ren & Stimpy D:

    But WOW for Willam, Chad, and Latrice! They looked STUNNING!
    Maybe Latrice should change her looks from not so many gowns, but not today! That blue dress she was serving it and I certainly wanted seconds!

    Dang it all! Dida please just once, run a brush through your wig

    • formerlyAnon

      Is it remotely possible that Dida doesn’t realize how stage lights can emphasize a stringy or frizzy wig? 

  • Team Sharon Needles! She is so rad. I love the often off putting nature of her outfits. I like my drag extra subversive. 

    • Mefein

      I know, how about that skeleton dress?  She was the ultimate “social skeleton,” having not only lifted her face, plumped her lips, but liposucked herself so much she was wearing her ribs on the outside of her lingerie.  Sickening!

  • Mefein

    Even the way Sharon stands is just outstanding.  I want to put myself in traction just looking at the curvature of her spine, but she looks so cool and slinky.  She’s like a cartoon of a society woman in a 1920s New Yorker.  Holding a syringe like it’s a cigarette holder.  Just awesome!

  • hearkentoit

    I’m with you on Latrice and the pretty dresses, but girl has the best makeup skills of the bunch. Sometimes her foundation isn’t quite blended, but I always end up admiring her eyeshadow on Untucked.

    • PeaceBang

      I’m just desperate to get myself some of Latrice’s trademark insane blue sparkle eyeshadow. She should start a cosmetics line.

    • Latrice’s eye make-up is so fab that I’m dying with envy.

      So many people at the AV Club have been bitching about how awful it is. But someone mentioned that she’s probably doing stage make-up, which is apparently not the same as make-up you’d do for the camera. I don’t know if that’s true. I did make-up for years, but it was just normal make-up. I don’t know anything about what you have to do for the stage or the camera.

      Anyway, I think her skills are damn impressive. Girl knows how to build a face.

      • Zaftiguana

        Make-up for TV and film is very different from stage, particularly with the newer, sharper cameras and digital technologies people are using. If something’s in HD (I don’t think this show is, but I’m not sure), forget it. For that reason alone, I can forgive a queen for a little underblending. Queens who get TV and film work usually get painted by a pro trained in that specific field.

  • Billy B told Phi that she was painting badly and too old and Visage dismissed him and stuck up for her. eyeroll. Yes Willam killed it and looks simultaneously pretty and cool. Dida looked cute. Latrice is serving pageant queen from south Florida. Over and over and over. Delta Work’s runways were more daring, creative and equally polished. Give or take one or two, IMO. Latrice has these dresses from her real life (like the rest of them) . Let’s see what she can CREATE say, like last season’s cake challenge. 

  • Markatha

    ATTENTION TLo & Fellow Followers: 
     NO WE DO NOT want a Double or Triple elimination!  That would only mean less episodes, duh!
     And RPDR, even with distasteful queens, is better than no RPDR at all!! 
    The only way that Jiggly, Phi Phi & Milan can get dropped down a hole (not saying it’s a totally bad idea)
     is if Ru drops them one episode at a time. 
     How can you even say such things?

    Don’t make me come over there!

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Yes, ma’am!

      Markatha isn’t going to deal with any sass-mouthing, either!

    • Zaftiguana

      Nah, you just use that extra episode to cut a Top Queen a break when she has an off week (because it always happens). Like the RPDR version of PR sending four people to fashion week.

  • Untucked was awesome this week. Willam is indeed very sharp, as Latrice said. But what kind of Sharon impersonation was that in the gold lounge? Ha!

  • I thought that Sharon’s comments this week were both pseudo-edgy and mean-spirited. The whole “I’m fascinated by extreme plastic surgery” pissed me off. She basically compared Chad to a zoo animal.

    And in Untucked her comments made Kenya cry. But hey, at least Sharon knows how to give hugs, right?

    • andcoh

      I thought both of those comments were hilarious. 

    • Catiline

      Yeah… although I love Sharon as a performer, I was turned off by that.  As well as a few episodes ago when The Princess rightfully called Sharon out on her inconsistency (claiming that all drag was valid after criticizing The Princess for having a deep voice onstage). 

      Not that I’m under the illusion that I’m watching RuPaul’s Best Friend Race.  Just, if you’re going to throw shade, own it. 

      • PantherontheRunway

        I thought it was odd, because if Sharon was up on her dragrace history, she’d see raja and tyra had very deep voices and somehow still pulled the illusion on!

  • Latrice’s jawline contour is getting more disturbing every week.  I know, drag makeup is meant to be seen from a distance, with lots and lots of blinding light, but there is such a thing as too much, particularly when it results in such hard, unblended lines.

    • Farthingale

      I wish Latrice would model her foundation technique after RuPaul’s. Of course, the production team will never take the time to light each queen like they do RuPaul, but there are lessons to be learned right in front of Latrice’s face if she is willing.

  • Okay, a quick question, and please forgive my ignorance, but I want to use the proper terminology so as to not offend anyone.  I noticed in another post that someone referred to one of the drag queens as he/she.  I recognize that all drag queens aren’t necessarily transvestites, but don’t they generally want to be called she? And if so, does that only apply when they’re in drag, and they want to be called he when they are out of drag?

    Edited for typo

    • They’re interchangeable really. No offense taken. Even me as just a gay man, we refer to each other as she/he. We tend to consider feminine pronouns and feminine qualities (though not always) as a badge of honor rather than a put down.

    • discordany

       I was told by friends who do drag that it’s generally appropriate to address them according to how they’re dressed. Therefore, out of drag, they would be “he”, and in drag, “she”, unless they specify otherwise.

  • PeaceBang

    Willam’s insane boobs almost ruined her look, but her make-up was KILLAH. Gorgeous! I was so embarrassed by Phi2’s geriatric looking legs, and loved that the judge called her on it. Looking at the screen caps, you can just see what a miserable spirit Phi has. She’s not fierce, she’s just poisonous. Send her home, stat! I love Milan’s androgynous moment but it didn’t belong on this show. Sharon was her usual subversive and soignee self. I love her because she does her gothic/dark thing with such sincere affection, I’m never offended by it.

  • Milan looks like Arsenio Hall here.

  • TieDye64

    Gawd, how much do I love Sharon Needles? F’ing love her look. Sorry, very late to the party but Sharon and Willam just killed it. Thanks, guys, for the recaps. My schedule has me way out of the loop and I so appreciate being able to peruse your blog for these updates. Bless. LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS!

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    BAHAHA!!! You nailed it! 

    I just discovered your blog and RPDR recaps guys, and I gotta say – reading your commentary is just as good as watching the episodes!! <3

  • Dida Ritz: brush your fucking wigs.