RPDR: Booty Slam

Posted on February 07, 2012

Can we just say – as we have said many times before about this show – that we are constantly amazed…

by its ability to provide delicious eye candy (although pornstache really needs to rethink the whiskers)…

with hilarious challenges that are so campy they’d make John Waters blush?

It’s like visiting a really fun, really well managed gay bar once a week. In a world that doesn’t seem to have much time for camp, RPDR stakes its claim on the concept and shows us all that it’s still ridiculously entertaining.


In a way, this silly little bare-bones reality show fills us with a little pride. The gays are assimilating to the mainstream at a dizzying pace at this point and the discussion of how to preserve gay culture while climbing up the equality ladder can be had by more erudite queens than us, but we love this show for providing a big, gay, candy-colored powder puff to the face and reveling in its overwhelming queerness.

We cheer our brothers and sisters who are seeking to be seen as no different than anyone else and we stand by them in that fight, but we will never stop clapping gleefully over our brothers and sisters who defiantly stand for tackiness, glitter, and greeting adversity with a snap and a quip.

Anyway, the best fake asses in the group (“When making your ass, always draw the shape of Africa – or as Latrice would call it, The Homeland.”) were Phi Phi O’Hara (ugh), Willam, and adorable mother hen with claws Chad Michaels.

We suppose Mimi Imfurst put the idea of a wrestling challenge in everyone’s head last season when she picked up whatsername during the LSFYL and got sashayed for it.

Jesus Christ, that sentence looks ridiculous.

We’re bad recap bloggers, we admit it. Because we found the entire wrestling sequence so entertaining and ridiculous that we really didn’t pay much attention to who was doing what or which teams deserved to win. We just thought it was all hilarious.

And doesn’t this seem like a challenge tailor-made for the big girls? LaQueer and Latrice certainly stole the show.




Both really cute and SUPER into it. We shouldn’t make a big deal out of a couple of straight guys having great fun alongside a bunch of flamboyant queens and we wish it was totally commonplace, but since it’s not, we loved these guys for their great senses of humor.



Chad Michaels and Madame LaQueer win the challenge and we have no opinion on it either way. Not because we’re ambivalent, but because, like we said, that whole wrestling challenge had us laughing from beginning to end. It was all good to us.

She’s whiny and annoying (although not nearly as much as Jiggly) but she pulled through for the wrestling. She’s also one of the best glamour queen big girls we think the show’s ever had. She really knows how to dress that body and her outfits are never too trashy or tacky.

We adore Chad. We thought this looked more Real Housewife than Paris Hilton, but whatever. She was awesomely maternal in the Untucked scene when they all turned on Jiggly and told her to get over herself. In fact, that whole scene was great because they were all reading her, but it wasn’t out of nastiness, it was because they’d all been there and were trying to get her to “woman up.” Basically, she’s Mrs. Garrett with silicone implants.


And it’s sashay away for Lashauwn. A totally sweet kid and a queen who could be gorgeous and glamorous with a little guidance. But totally wrong for the show. This one’s still baking.

We’ll run down the rest of the catwalk looks tomorrow, dolls.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • Madame LaQueer  was channeling more than a little Divine in the ring- and to her advantage.

    •  More to the point, Dawn Davenport.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if Dawn Davenport has a long lost twin sister, Sunset Sofa?  =)

    • Anonymous

      She totally reminded me of Hatchet Face from “Cry Baby.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m still a Sharon Needles fan, but Chad and Latrice completely won my heart this week.  Love all three of them so much.

    • Anonymous

       My friend David and I have totally seen Chad perform; unfortunately, we can’t say when or where but we have!

    • Anonymous

      It’s safe to say that my adoration for Sharon and Latrice was solidified this week. LOVE. THEM. And Chad. I think they might become my Holy Drag Trinity this season.

      • Anonymous

        Amen to that.

  • Anonymous

    For Rick Fox and John Salley to appear on this show is really important and I don’t know that can really be overstated. Both come from a generally homophobic world (professional basketball) and I think it’s great they not only did this, but seemed to dig it. That’s a hugely big step

    • Anonymous

      It certainly is!  I saw the photo of John Salley and I was just floored to know that he was willing to play along with this.  Good for him!

      • Rick Fox is dating Eliza Dushku and Vanessa Williams’ ex husband, so he was a natural fit.  And while I’m not the biggest basketball fan, I do know that John Salley’s always been pretty awesome.  Smart, sharp and funny.  A great commentator for the sport, but also just a great guy all around.  So while it is pleasantly surprising to see two such obviously “straight” athletes come on the show and be game for it, I wasn’t surprised at Salley really digging it because he’s always been cool like that.  Maybe it’s because his name is “Salley.”  And he’s 7′ tall. Not many people going to quibble with him.

    • I feel like anytime straight guys play with the gays it sets a great example for other straight guys. Even better, these guys were jocks. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again- there needs to be more visible and vocal straight male allies out there to show the rest of the straight males out there how to behave, because unfortunately, it seems like straight men are mostly the ones standing in the way for gay rights. It’s way more common to find a female ally than a male one.

    • Scott Isaacs

      Maybe not quite the right forum to post this, but along the same lines, I cheered a bit when the last Project Runway had a professional hockey player (whose name I cannot remember) as a guest judge. Straight, HOT, fashion-savvy, and also from what I’d imagine is a fairly homophobic world. Progress!

      • Anonymous

         Sean Avery

      • Anonymous

        I just wish it hadn’t been Sean Avery. He’s known in the hockey world for being a god-awful asshole on and off the ice and has been officially reprimanded for being really ugly toward women. A strange choice for Lifetime.

    • John Salley was also a judge on that reality show on TBS that had men dressing as women He’s A Lady a few years back, too.

  • Anna Vasquez

    Best line of the night: “You plus-sized JuJuBee!”

    Or was it this:
    “Star Jones called. She wants her old body back.”

    • Anonymous

      My vote goes to the Star Jones quote, but I’m a total sucker for a quality call so-and-so called joke. 🙂

    • My favorite was Billy B.’s “You had me at splat!”.

      I also loved this one from Rick Fox and Ru (I think):
      “She was going for Sex And The City, it was more like sex in the alley.”
      “Well, I wouldn’t turn that down either.”

      The judges were on it last night.

  • The two HOT HOT basketball guys made me happy in the way that the “transform the jocks into queens” challenge made me happy last year. It’s always important to realize that friends of the gays are just as important to the culture as we are.

  • Anonymous

    I know we started the Patricia Clarkson discussion with the Gwyneth Paltrow post, but I just realized how much Chad Michaels is channeling some Patty C in this look. I loved her (Chad, but Patty too) before but now I see why she’s appealing to me. Considering how truly awful Madame Laqueer’s badonkadonk was in the instant challenge (what was up with all that shit hanging out?), Chad should have claimed sole title as the week’s winner.

    The whole episode was tons ‘o fun. And I am with you about the two hunky athlete straight guys – they were totally into it.

    Still not feeling it for William, not terribly sorry to see Lashawn go, increasingly impressed by Sharon Needles (you go girl by getting all pretty girled up this week and showing the judges you can do that), and still wanting to be friends with Latrice.

  • Anonymous

    This is just a fun couple of hours of teevee (I watch Untucked  after RPDR.) I understand why Lashauwn was cut, but I think everyone is going to miss his surprisingly clear approach to the show, especially his “get real” conversation with Jiggly. It is the fourth season, so you had better know how sew, do your makeup and style your wig. And you had better figure out that Ru and the judges have fairly well known likes and dislikes (overdoing fake boobs, for example) if you intend to win.

    • Anonymous

      “It is the fourth season, so you had better know how sew, do your makeup [etc.]”
      Exactly. Otherwise known as the strangely recurring and eternally perplexing RealityT.V. question “Have you ever actually WATCHED this show you worked so hard to get on?”

    • So I have a RPDR tumblr and I wrote two SCATHING posts about this phenomena (one about Alisa Summers and another about Jiggly), and what appears to be Jiggly’s tumblr actually “liked” the post I made about her, so I guess she’s become aware of her mistakes at least after the fact. In case you want to see the posts in question, here’s the one for Alisa (http://thatqueensadrag.tumblr.com/post/16911560571/and-for-every-top-theres-a-bottom-alisa-summers) and the one for Jiggly (http://thatqueensadrag.tumblr.com/post/16962576540/jiggly-calientes-all-hot-and-bothered). 

      On the note of tumblr, I kind of love Phi Phi for how much she interacts with her fans on the site. I’ve had my posts about her reblogged and commented on by her from both my personal and RPDR blog. I like it when the queens realize how much goodwill they can earn from the fans by connecting with them like that. It certainly helps their image and lets them explain what they were thinking when they were less than pleasant on the show.

      • Anonymous

        OMG I think I follow you on tumblr too! You are crazy proficient with your post my friend.

        • Omg, thank you!!!!! I just have a lot of opinions on this show that aren’t particularly being voiced in any of the other recaps that I read, so I figured that I’d start a blog to spare my followers on my personal blog from RuPaul overload. XD

      • great blog, I’ll be checking it out again in the future

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch many of these, but I’m glad I was in a Logo-watching household last night. Though the company may have intensified the effect, this was hilarious and I was pretty impressed with how many of the girls were able to play off of each other rather than just perform in their own little bubble.  Pretty high adorable quotient among the judges, as well.

  • James Levinsohn

    Amen to this:
    “We cheer and stand by our brothers and sisters who are seeking to be seen as no different than anyone else and we stand by them in that fight, but we will never stop clapping gleefully over our brothers and sisters who defiantly stand for tackiness, glitter, and greeting adversity with a snap and a quip.”

    • Scott Isaacs

      Hear, hear! Beautifully said.

  • Anonymous

    An interesting aside, Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox were married.  And she was a fab guest judge as well.  Man, I REALLY need Logo. 

    •  And, it should be noted, they’re still doing the deed, divorce notwithstanding.

      • Anonymous

        OOOOh, get out chile!  I mean, I would too if I were either of them.  Talk about fine specimens!

      • Anonymous

        he’s living with eliza dishku these days so he probably checks in with vanessa when he’s ready to upgrade from cw to high end network grade fierceness. i think i teared up a little when they divorced….

    • Also, he’s now dating Eliza Dushku, another former RPDR guest judge.

      • Anonymous

        OOOOOH, do I smell a RU-SPIRACY?????  Vanessa was a great judge, I don’t remember if Ms. Dushku was one….

        • Eliza was totes a judge last season. The Ru-spiracy might be a thing

          • It might certainly explain why he’s a fan of the show. 

  • Maybe RuPaul needs to be a producer on more of the other reality style shows?

    • Anonymous

      Well that would certainly add a big dose of glamour to Project Runway Ennui.

      •  I would love to see a family oriented show along the lines of The Cosby Show (I think that was it’s title), but with the drag queens, and their drag families. I would love, love, love that. The little snippets we get of their lives and struggles are fascinating and too short.

  • Not about the episode, but I’ve met the lovely Jason at a RPDR event, and as pretty as he is in his skivvies, he’s actually a delightfully charming person in real life.  And even prettier in person.  Glad they brought the pit crew back for a second season.

  • Didn’t see the episode last night but let me comment on something that bothered me watching the first episode over the weekend. I was strangely bored. I didn’t think the humor was as clever as in the past nor was I overly impressed by any of the contestants or their designing/styling skills. I know the challenges were both designed to be ugly but I didn’t see anyone (even the winner) as creative. The blood has been done. The makeup for all was over the top but again only ugly, scary not creative. Clearly I was sorely disappointed. Now that doesn’t mean I’m leaving–just that I’ll be watching with a more critical eye. And dragging Shangela out again was just beyond the pale stupid. She’s had her 15 minutes (twice) and she isn’t worth anymore time. Put her back in her box and store her away, please!

  • Much as I need Phi Phi to just shut the hell up already, I thought her team was by far the best in the wrestling challenge. They were the only ones to really bring the story into the ring, and I liked that they actually had a “twist” rather than just one team crushing the other (it’s entirely possible that I’m taking this way too seriously). I was thinking they didn’t win because the producers wanted a mini-redemption story for Madame LaQueer’s ankle, but now I just realised they also wouldn’t have been able to send Lashauwn packing if she had been on the winning team.

    Aaaand now I want it to be next week already!I love this show so much.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! Sometimes I think Ru just flips a coin between the top two contenders and if you’re heads you win!

  • Much as I need Phi Phi to just shut the hell up already, I thought her team was by far the best in the wrestling challenge. They were the only ones to really bring the story into the ring, and I liked that they actually had a “twist” rather than just one team crushing the other (it’s entirely possible that I’m taking this way too seriously). I was thinking they didn’t win because the producers wanted a mini-redemption story for Madame LaQueer’s ankle, but now I just realised they also wouldn’t have been able to send Lashauwn packing if she had been on the winning team.

    Aaaand now I want it to be next week already!I love this show so much.

  • Anonymous

    This is a camp I could spend all summer at — so much fun and Latrice and the little un were so fricken hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    I thought Latrice and Kenya were robbed of the win – they were absolutely hilarious!  But overall, almost all of them were a lot of fun and totally down for that outrageous challenge.

  • Scott Isaacs

    1. Untucked was AWRSOME last night. Tons of tough love, emphasis on “love.” I don’t think Jiggly was quite ready for it, but at least she knows the shade being thrown her way wasn’t really shade. Latrice and Chad were phenomenal.

    2. Billy B: Yeah, he may be cute, but I cringed when I saw him last night. He’s the harshest bitch on the whole show, purely mean for mean’s sake. Santino is a cuddly kitten compared with him. I wish he would leave.

    3. Kudos to all the girls. All of ’em. Yeah, wrestling may be fake, but it’s not ALL that fake. Some of those slams and hits looked like they hurt!

    4. I’d have hated to be a judge for this one. An audience member, absolutely. But trying to make heads or tails of this challenge cannot have been easy at all.

    5. I actually love the little porn stache. It works for him. He can deliver a package to me anytime he wants.

    • Anonymous

      YES to #5! They better not dare shave that stache! It makes me all too hot and bothered.

    • I love that mustache. I doesn’t even look all that much like a cheesy pornstache.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with  you on Untucked.  It’s usually just a bitch fest, but I was rather touched by the queens doing an intervention of sorts with Jiggly.  Latrice has a heart as big as her ass!

    • Anonymous

      Aw, I dig Billy. I don’t think he was mean to anyone for the sake of being mean, I just think he’s a master of his craft who’s only there for a short time and wants to tell it to these girls like it is while he’s there. I can’t disagree with anything he said, and I think the girls who really listen and take the criticism to heart will absolutely be better competitors for it. Especially Dida. I don’t know what she’s thinking with these wigs. 

      •  Billy B is an old school bitch queen- you have to accept that. Once you get past the sting his criticism is usually spot on.

    • I agree with you about Billy B. He may have been right about the things he said but he was very harsh. 

  • glennethph

    Didn’t Rick Fox play an athlete on Dirt, who was found out to be into trannies?

    •  Actually, that was porn star-turned-Senate candidate Stormy Daniels, and she was playing a prostitute Lucy hired just to use a strap-on with Mr. Fox so that Dirt! could get the photos for Lucy Leverage.

      • Anonymous

        I really wish people would stop using the “T” word.  This shouldn’t have to be said anymore, but It’s every bit as much of a slur as the “f” word is for gay men, when used by people who aren’t gay themselves.  So unless you’re trans yourself, just stop, please. 

      • Anonymous

        I really wish people would stop using the “T” word.  This shouldn’t have to be said anymore, but It’s every bit as much of a slur as the “f” word is for gay men, when used by people who aren’t gay themselves.  So unless you’re trans yourself, just stop, please. 

        • Then you’re probably not going to like Drag Race all that much, because RuPaul (who is not a pre-op transwoman, but rather a professional female impersonator) has made it clear that he enjoys throwing ‘the T word” around with great frequency, not unlike Willam, who was in the cast of Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives alongside my friends Erica Andrews (who is a pre-op transwoman) and Kelexis Davenport (who, last I checked, was also still a professional female impersonator but in no way transitioning, though I haven’t talked to her in more than a few months to know for certain).

          If you want to be sensitive about it, that’s your party, but in this particular forum (speaking of the RuPaul business model as a whole — I mean, come on, the man has a song and accompanying video called “Tranny Chaser”), I would expect that you’re going to be offended at least once every week, most likely by the contestants/judges themselves, and as such, you might want to reconsider investing so much of your time in the show.

          • Anonymous

            I’m a cis woman and I actually do cringe when they use the word fish. I’m surprised that’s seldom discussed. But I get it, it’s part of the drag vernacular. I don’t let it take away from my enjoyment of the show. 

            I agree with Donnal – I hate the “t” word too, but I think Powell made a good point. You could even argue that everything they say comes with a sense of irony (different from a sense of humor). The problem is, I don’t think every viewer of this show “gets” that. There are people out there throwing that word around who have NO IDEA that it’s offensive to trans people. So real-life reminders are good every now and then. 

          •  Fair enough.

        • leo ridela

          tranny is also meant as transvestite within the context of this show, meaning guys who dress as woman, not transexual. 

          • Anonymous

             If Ru-Paul wants to use the word, that’s his business.  But that doesn’t mean it’s right for someone commenting (who presumably isn’t trans himself in any sense of that word) to apply the word to the trans women a fictional character was into. 

  • I think the right team won the wrestling. They made me laugh harder than the others, although there are mere shades of difference there. This was a really great episode all around.

    Untucked was pretty interesting too. Although there was, of course, some fighting, I was impressed by Chad’s willingness to talk about her black market silicone injections. When she started talking about how dangerous they are, I didn’t feel like I was watching a PSA. It was just Chad discussing his experience.

    “Phi Phi O’Hara (ugh)”

    You got that right. She was so awful last week with the way she badgered the hell out of Jiggly, I just couldn’t take anything she said last night as being sincere. She is the last one I’d go to if I needed a shoulder to cry on.

    I want to see Latrice, Chad Michaels, and Sharon Needles in the final three.

  • I loved this episode. Every single bit of it. Very proud of hometown girl Sharon Needles and her win last week.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, seeing that fan sign (Tuck & Cover) just sent me over the moon! I thought this episode was going to suck but it was one of my favorites, even with Jiggly and her low budget behavior. I thought Kenya would follow the Tyra Sanchez play book and just rest on her pretty but she was a beast in the ring! When she said, “I’ll teach you some Spanish” and smacked Phi Phi with that powder puff, I almost spit out my wine! She and Latrice together were awesome.

    And Rick Fox. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    That Avery guy, the Vogue interning hockey player should have been an RDPR judge instead of Project Runway. I’m confident he would have had a lot more fun with these ladies.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thought Chad Michaels was channeling Elizabeth Mitchell on the runway?

  • Anonymous

    I love this show so much.  It’s so fun & entertaining.
    Ru looked so beautiful last night I love when he’s in drag. 
    He has such a wicked sense of humor.  He’s hysterical when he introduces untucked.

    I guess there are those who don’t like “untucked” but I find it a great companion piece. 
    I like the new part where Ru is spying on the gurls in the lounge and the pink box.

    The judges on this show always seem to be having a blast and are really into it. 
    It’s really great when they add straight guys to the mix. 
    And everyone seems to LOVE Ru and the whole gay extravaganza.

    The wrestling was crazy ass fun and all the queens were surprizingly game.

    Ru & her group of behind the scenes gays work overtime to come up with some crazy campy stuff each week.
    Camp, wit, creativity & bitchy fun are some of the best attributes of us gays.

  • Here’s the thing.  Rick Fox is a year younger than me and is really starting to show his age, whereas Vanessa L. Williams, who is five years older than me, totally isn’t.  That makes me feel slightly ooky.

    • He was in college (UNC-CH) a few years ahead of me, but I’d see him on campus. Probably was the most beautiful man I’ve ever personally laid eyes on (back in the day). I was shocked to see him last night-even a few years back, he was still looking FINE. It’s like he forgot to take his youth serum and suddenly aged. Let me say again though, when he was in college, too gorgeous for words. 

      •  He’s just not using the scientific preservatives Vanessa uses. She gets pumped full of lamb placenta (or something) every night and sleeps in a cryogenic chamber. That must be it.

  • Anonymous

    Also I loved watching the judges faces during the wrestling. Their expressions where priceless.

    And Latrice popping the little “Pocket Queen” over the ropes was too funny. 
    As was vicious face slapping & powder puffing!

    • Anonymous

      The Latrice/Kenya pairing was genius.

  • Anonymous

    Such a ridiculously fun episode. And how much did I love to see a show embracing camp instead of assimilation but still having straight, masculine athletes included and taking part? That’s what equality looks like; being as different and outside the norm as you like and still being accepted and celebrated by those inside the norm. Love it. 

    I liked Latrice and Kenya to win it (how fun were they, and how unexpected was that for little Guppycita Kenya? Nice to see her making more effort and being unconcerned with pretty this week), but I think Team Chad was all around stronger which made she and Madame more eligible. Still a satisfying win. Lashauwn was better in the ring than Princess and far better on the runway than Dida (I don’t remember which studly basketball dude made the “Sex in the Alley” quip, but PRICELESS), but she was sum total worst and totally phoned in the LSFYL. I think you’re right, she needs to marinate a little longer. 

  • Such a fun episode, and I loved your take on it. Yay!

  • OMG That episode was so much fun!

  • Anonymous

    Huge kudos to team Chad Michaels. They all did fabulous! However, I bet you the majority (if not all) of their hilarious campy dialogue was written by Miss Sharon Needles (ala “Madame face is tired of looking at your ass!”). Also, her whole performance in Untucked was so amazing, and I would have given Jiggly a piece of my mind, too!

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I’ve got to admit that I’ll miss LaShawn. She was HOT out of drag. 

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous episode!  I laughed so much!  Unfortunately, Billy B. almost ruined it with his unnecessary over-the-top bitchiness. 

  • MilaXX

    Let me just say I love Latrice. I hope she stays a while.

    I was very happy to see in the Untucked that despite her thickheaded refusal to see beyond her own pain and self loathing, they all did really try to school Jiggy. However at this point she can take her busted grill and go home. Girlfriend works my nerves.

    I knew LaShawn wouldn’t last with that face. I loved her costume though. Imagine if Manilla Lozon had worn that. She would WERQ’d it like it owned her money.

    • Yeah, I think Billy B. was right on the money re: Phi Phi’s make-up. It not only made her look older, but it was old-fashioned (in a bad way) and kind of tacky.

      Latrice is so awesome that I think she has a shot at the final three. Her wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired, but everything else is spot on. She’s fierce.

      • MilaXX

         LaTrice may not have the greatest wardrobe, but she works what she has, does decent face paint & I’ll be danged if she didn’t look like pre-gastric bypass Starr Jones.

        • She does work the clothes she has. She’s loaded with charisma and stage presence. And I love her face paint. It’s crazy but beautifully done.

  • Anonymous

    small note:
    you guys are more than erudite enough.
    i thank you for bringing up the topic of mainstream assimilation, i never see it anywhere else.
    it’s something i think about all the time. it used to be called co-optation, i guess in a slightly different way.
    it’s ruined a way lot of cultures, it ruined mine. i dont think anybody knows what to do about it. i could go on & on, but even i dont & i’ve been worrying this one since i was maybe seventeen.

  • Anonymous

    I have a huge crush on The Princess.
    I can take or leave his drag but he himself is a sexy rough trade hunk of man.

    •  He’d be red hot if he never opened his mouth and let yards of taffeta pop out.

  • Anonymous

    I have a huge crush on The Princess.
    I can take or leave his drag but he himself is a sexy rough trade hunk of man.

  • spooki C

    LaQueer has a pretty nice pair of legs.

    Ru looks like some sort of tropical barbie, I love it.

  • Not just a straight boy but an ATHLETE — not noted for their comfortable acceptance of gays and gay culture. 

  • Anonymous

    All this talk of Queens put Ascot Hats in the suggestions.  I couldn’t not comment.

  • Woo hoo, I finally watched the episode! Kenya and Latrice were robbed! They were so enjoyable in the wrestling ring. Could be a second career. And is it bad that I think of a prancing show pony when Kenya walks the runway?

    I loved The Princess’s runway hairstyle. Boo to Billy B. I don’t understand how Dida Ritz was not up for elimination instead of The Princess. 

    Miss Beyond is a work in progress for sure. She had a good attitude. Both her runway outfits looked good to me, kind of sharp and well-made. I hope she keeps practicing.

  • Leslie Aa

    I was rooting for Kenya and Latrice because they obviously gave it their all and they really did set the bar for the others. I can definitely understand why Chad Michaels and Madame Laqueer got it though. I was an avid wrestling fan for the majority of my youth and from the first time I saw CM and ML on camera I GOT their characters- their look told a story, was cohesive, and was exaggerated in all the RIGHT ways. 
    I am really digging this season. Untucked in particular has been so real- this week was particularly touching and really made me respect the hell out of Chad Michaels and Latrice for putting it all out there. And as much as I don’t care for Phi Phi, I was really touched when she told Jiggly that they were a family and they loved her. I don’t really feel like any of them is creating drama for drama’s sake- even Jiggly, who is insufferable, annoying, and an instigator seems to be doing what she does because of all of HER issues and not to build a tv persona. 

  • Geoff Dankert

    Here’s what was great about Team Chad vs. Team Willam and Team Phi Phi: when given a choice of whether to be a “face” or a “heel,” Chad was the only one of the captains who picked “heel.” The other two wanted to be glamour girls, but Chad understood that being a baddie in the wrestling ring is a better performance opportunity, and I think Ru and the other judges recognized that in giving Chad and LaQueer the win. I think Chad is amazing and I thought her confessional on silicone injections was more real and emotional than anything I saw on OWN last month. 

  • I want to know where to get the hose that Madama LaQueer had on. Not a jiggle or bounce out of those thighs!

  • Mariah J

    I LOVE Madame LaQueer so far and I’m hoping the whining is just a phase because she brings it. I loved Chad serving up realness both on the runway and about her bad injection experience. Totally agree that Lashaun is not ready but she’s not the only one. Great episode, no real complaints. Queens should wrestle more often!

  • Anonymous

    The wrestling challenge, from the practice runs to the actual show, had me in hysterics. I was laughing so hard I was crying and my face was hurting. I had to rewind and STILL laughed my ass off. My husband thought I’d lost my mind. This is what makes me love this show so much. Loved it.

    How do you not love Chad (LOVE) and Madame LaQueer? How? Well, M. LaQueer is a whiny bitch.