Revenge S1E15: Chaos

Posted on February 18, 2012

So, in light of this insane episode, we must ask the question that’s begging to be asked, even if no one else is asking it. Namely, Which Evil Soap Opera CrazyGay would win in a cagematch, Tyler or Downton Abbey’s scheming Thomas?

Think about this one, now. Tyler’s more openly homo-cidal and quite a bit more unpredictable than Thomas, but the Downton footman survived a couple of years in the trenches of World War I AND didn’t get institutionalized or killed on a beach. Clear winner: Thomas. On the other hand, Cora would be a smear on the mat about 30 seconds after getting into a cage with Victoria, so there’s that. And we’re not entirely sure what the outcome would be if Ashley faced off against O’Brien.

You’ll have to forgive us. When we got home from Fashion Week, we watched a ton of shows all at once that our DVR thoughtfully recorded for us, and everything’s tending to blend together. Plus, we’re super-excited that our theory last week about Tyler being the one who broke into the Batcave turned out to be true! Especially since we totally pulled that one out of our asses and were half-convinced that it was Ashley. And besides, much as we love the Dowager Countess and her family, nothing can compare to a CrazyGay and PsychoStripper facing off on a Hamptons beach. No melodrama can compete with the high camp factor of Victoria Grayson running in slow motion on a beach in a red gown and whispering “Don’t say a word” to her suddenly amnesiac dullard of a son. Top THAT, Lady Mary. Your dead Turkish lover seems quaint now in light of Revenge’s dead CrazyGay in a tux.

We’re gonna miss that nutty little ginger power bottom; aren’t you? Were you pissed about the fakeout? Because we admit, we had to watch this episode a second time just to get a handle on all the events. We couldn’t understand why we saw Daniel collapse on the beach in the opening and we’re still not entirely sure what happened there. Obviously, we’re supposed to think Fauxmanda pulled the trigger on Tyler, but we’re not sure that’s what happened. There were, in classic soap opera and murder mystery fashion, a lot of people on that beach, but we suspect someone was there we don’t know about yet. It seems that almost everyone at the party was accounted for when the shots were fired, but Emily’s Revenge Sensei certainly seemed to be flitting from place to place with impressive speed and discretion.

And what is that guy’s deal, anyway? Is Fauxmanda in danger because she got into the car with him at the end or is he going to protect her and help her get away? If he’s as cold-hearted as he comes across, then there’s no way Fauxmanda’s getting out of that car alive, since she’s such a loose cannon. With sparklers attached to it. We once said this about Kate on Lost but it applies equally as well to her: The girl can’t walk out of a room without setting it on fire.

In other Grayson family news, William Devane as the Joe Kennedy-like Papa Grayson is deliciously evil and far more dangerous than anyone else we’ve met so far. Plus he’s serving up classic night-time soap realness. The man’s got a pedigree. Also, Daniel is a big pussy who changes his life plans every ten seconds, depending on whether he trusts his mother or loves his fiancee. We’re almost disappointed he’s not dead. Amnesia can only be an improvement for this mouthbreather, cute though he may be. Charlotte needs to realize that she’s not actually a Grayson, which could make her quite dangerous to the family should she set her mind to it (and Just Say No to Drugs). Also, the divorce papers have been filed and it’s looking like Victoria’s got some anti-Conrad testifying on her mind. And she and Emily now pretty much openly express their emnity toward each other. With each snipe, we see Victoria becoming just a bit more impressed by her potential daughter-in-law. She framed it like a warning to her son, but to have her admit that Emily’s quite a bit like her is actually the highest praise Victoria could ever give anyone.

And speaking of mouthbreathing dullards who let their dicks make all their decisions for them, Jack decides to flee the country and become a saint in light of his heart being broken by a Psycho Stripper. But wait! Psycho Stripper shows up at the last second and bleeds all over his plans! Leading Jack directly into a murder scene! Sorry, Haitian orphans! You’re on your own!

Now, the big question is, does mouthbreathing dullard Daniel really have amnesia? It’s a bit too convenient after Tyler revealed all of Emily’s secrets, don’t you think? Also, just what can we expect Hamptons Batman to do next? Is this all part of her plan? How exactly is Revenge Sensei involved in all this? And of course, if Fauxmanda didn’t kill Tyler and Daniel didn’t kill Tyler, Who the hell killed Tyler?

GOD, we love this show.




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  • I missed the amnesia part. That seems awfully convenient….  Have to say, though, somehow I have been emotionally wrapped up in the assumption that Daniel would die not knowing Faux Emily’s real intentions (hey, I’m a softie), but now…. ? Not sure how that’s going to play out. 

    You know, I think Thomas would win the death match with Tyler. Something about him having considerably more patience, waiting for the right moment, opportunity…  I think Thomas is considerably more cunning, smart…

    The thing I’m confused about is that I thought this episode was going to be the culmination of Real Amanda/Emily’s plan but she seemed to have little to do with the culmination of events in this episode, and I have no idea what her specific end game is, how exactly she wants things to go down.  Not sure how this is going to continue for another season, come to think of it. 

    • I missed the amnesia part also. Maybe it was in the previews?

      I already deleted the episode. Why did I do that? I’ll have to check ABC On Demand to see if I can find it, because this episode requires at least one extra viewing. So much stuff went down.

      I’m actually excited that I don’t know what’s next with Our Emily. Her plan has gone totally sideways, as I’m sure she never intended for anyone to die.

      Holy cats, I love this show!

      • Anonymous

        I think the amnesia part is when Daniel was asked what happened and he stared blankly and said he didn’t know.

        Daniel Grayson is less than a Grayson than Charlotte is. The man has no balls.

        • He’s also dumb as a bag of hair.

          • Anonymous

            I can’t believe how quickly I’ve turned on Daniel. I really liked him at the beginning, but after last weeks “it’s so hard being a billionaire’s son” interlude, his complete acceptance of Victoria’s lies, and his ridiculous plan to run off to Paris, I’m sick of him. He might be a nice guy, but his unrelenting naivety is incredibly annoying. I hope he doesn’t have amnesia and remembers what Tyler told him about Emily, because It’s time for Danny boy to grow up. Jack is naive as well, but at least he’s somewhat realistic about how the world works. Jack’s a man who’s actually had to work for a living and experienced some hard times in his life. His father’s death for instance. That makes him a much more sympathetic character to me.

  • Finally! I was waiting for this recap since you guys came back 🙂 Great job as usual.

    Sensei sees his little apprentice is loosing control so he swooped in to clean up the mess. He took care of Tyler, and he will take care of fauxamanada the same way. Assuming he doesn’t have a different agenda that goes beyond our little Amanda which seem very plausible because why the hell would he care this much otherwise.

    Daniel is just a naive idiot who’s in shock from the events, his fragile nature can’t deal with the events.

    Interesting idea that Ashley is still working with Tyler, don’t see it tough because she made it clear she’s in it for herself. Now that she sees Tyler can’t help her “advance” herself, why would she bother?

    • Yep I think your right on the money with Sensei killing Tyler! 
      I think next episode we’re going to see something emerge out of the vixen Ashley! Well… I predict and not very confidently either.. haha! Maybe I’m just hopeful! 

  • Unless Ashley has got much more going on than we’ve already seen, O’Brien would wipe the floor with her.

    • Adriana_Paula


  • Anonymous

    Was it me or are Sensei and Nolan in cahoots now?  Nolan seems to have a moral compass and he wants Amanda to be happy.  Did he hire Sensei to achieve that?

    • Anonymous

      Yes! I saw the episode twice and noticed the slight nod. That really has me wondering what they could be up to because they seem to have different agendas – Nolan wants Emily to abandon her quest for revenge and run away to live happily ever after. Sensei wants her to stop letting her emotions make her decisions and stick to the plan…Hmmmm.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that look and nod between them too. Is it possible that Sensei, like Nolan, knew her father and that they are both acting to protect her on his behalf?

  • I had to watch it a second time and freeze frame it when Daniel first fell on the sand. That was CLEARLY daniel. There is no mistaking that. If so, whats the deal Revenge writers? That was a total fake out. Me and my friends were literally screaming at the tv. And honestly, I wasn’t to upset with the fact that Daniel would be gone from the show. But now we have this trial coming up and I thought to myself, is this what the show is going to be now? This show takes so many forms that I don’t know what to think of it anymore. Is it a revenge, a drama, a comedy, and now a trial type show? I mean. I’ve seen so many shows where they focus on a trail for a period of time and I always lost interest. All the interviewing and taking the stand. Blegh. Its like the Casey Anthony trial all over again. JK. I love love love this show and hope it keeps getting better. 

    • Sobaika Mirza

      According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they got a stunt double that could pass for either Tyler or Daniel and gave Tyler’s hair a darker wash this episode. Maybe you say the stunt double?

      •  I’m thinking someone (Sensei?) knocked Daniel out, and that’s what we saw in the beginning and why he’s bleeding from his ear and has potential amnesia. That same person then killed Tyler (or maybe Daniel shot him first and then the mystery person finished the job). So many mysteries…such a good show!

        • that’s kind of the perfect explanation. if i remember correctly (always a dicey proposition), there was one shot, followed by a quick 2-3 shots? i though that tyler had shot daniel, and then someone else shot tyler with the other shots. but i like your explanation better. there wasnt really enough blood on daniel to indicate a shot, even a graze.

        • I thought that too! Do you think he was knocked out AFTER Tyler was killed, so he knows who the murderer is? MYSTERY!

    • Anonymous

      I think it wasn’t a total fakeout.  Daniel got hit over the head, the picture in his hand was taken away, and he couldn’t see who shot Tyler.  So we did see him falling, but we didn’t see him get shot.

    • Anonymous

      Could Hamptons Batman have framed Daniel for Tyler’s death?  Mebbe she wants to see Queen V have to visit her son in prison for 20 to life….

  • Anonymous

    There was one person that was not accounted for at the party or the beach…

    Sensei’s Geisha… who wants to bet she’s a ninja too – because Sensei has a track record of training them.

    • Oooh. That’s the first time I’ve seen that theory. I like that. Talk about the person least expected to…

      You get 100 extra “Likes” for that.

    • Anonymous

      Like Kill Bill…..

    • Anonymous

       Where was Papa Grayson?

      • Noshmek

        You mean the Papa Grayson who blackmailed his own “granddaughter” into not seeking psychiatric assistance after she found out she wasn’t even related to him in order to protect his name? Daniel is supposed to be the next CEO of Grayson Global and the very last thing Papa Grayson would do is put HIS name at risk.

  • Jenny Hill

    I’m really impressed that all the guests were able find clothing in the same shade of red. Did Victoria provide the dresses for all the women, or did the invitations include a fabric swatch? LOL!

    •  HA HA HA Maybe she sent them all to C.Herrera, isn’t that who Ashley said was doing her dress?

    •  Maybe there were instructions that they all had to match the ribbon that came with the invitation.  Good catch!

    • Anonymous

      And all the men wore white tie and dinner jackets EXCEPT Nolan, who wore white tie and red jacket!  (Hint hint!)

      Even the costuming on this show is intended to maximize the entertainment value!

  • Anonymous

    I think the Sensei killed Tyler. 

  • Anonymous

    We couldn’t understand why we saw Daniel collapse on the beach in the
    opening and we’re still not entirely sure what happened there.

    I’m thinking whoever killed Tyler knocked Daniel out first, hence the collapsing.

    What’s confusing me (and it could just be that the scene film got flipped in post-production or a continuity error or whatever) is that Daniel shows up, and there doesn’t appear to be any blood on his face, but when Victoria’s hugging him in close-ups, there’s blood by or coming from his right ear, which she wipes away. Going back to Emily’s POV you don’t see the blood on the face anymore, but then the up-close shot with Victoria telling Daniel not to say anything, there’s the red smear.

    • Anonymous

      Also, Screencaps of the episode if anyone wants to look through them:

    • Anonymous

      Ah, that makes sense. Fauxmanda, realizing that Emily set up Tyler to protect her from the rap for Frank’s murder, switches back to Team Batman. So she knocks Daniel out to keep him from finding out the truth, before killing Tyler to keep him from telling anyone else (and also keeping the ransom money for herself).

      • I think she PLANNED to stop Tyler, but I just don’t think she actually shot Tyler. I think someone else got there first, and she knows who it was. Which is why it’s doubly interesting that Revenge Sensei whisked her away.

    • Anonymous

      Sensei Takata probabaly gave Daniel the Vulcan pinch….. thus the passing out and amnesia.

  • That was amazing. I will now refer to them as mouthbreathing dullard Daniel, Fauxmanda, and Revenge guys are awesome

  • MilaXX

    My own crackpot theory is Sensei & maybe a team of nimble ninja assassins  knocked the mouthbreather out, shot Tyler and retrieved the box to return it to Emily.

    so glad I gave this show a second chance.

  • Anonymous

    The matchup I want to see is Grandpa Grayson vs. the Dowager Countess.  (William Devane is a fantastic addition!) 

    I agree that the Revenge Sensei is involved in the events on the beach.  I’m also betting that Nolan let him know just how out of control things were.  Best part of next season is going to be when we get Sensei’s backstory.

    I’m betting that Tyler didn’t have time to monologue all of Emily’s secrets so Daniel got some intriguing hints of the plot against his family but didn’t get the whole score.  It will be more fun to watch Victoria put the pieces together than to have everything revealed to her, and the one thing predictable on this show is that it will be fun. 

    • Sadly, I think Grandpa Grayson has more potential as a dirty street fighter and would probably take my beloved Dowager Countess out. Although she might surprise him with at quick cane to his privates. 

      Yep, this is the REAL matchup.

      • Anonymous

        I could TOTALLY see the Dowager Countess taking a cane to his privates!

        • Anonymous

          I think she would do him in with a cutting remark….

  • Anonymous

    Gawd, I love William Devane.The only way this show could top his presence is to bring in Joan Collins as his ex-wife. 

    • Anonymous

      Or…. Joan Collins as Victoria’s mother…..

      • Anonymous

         No way Victoria has relatives who know where she is.

        • Anonymous

          They are likely well paid to stay away.

        • Noshmek

           You all know damned well Victoria’s relatives are really just one lucky strike of black gold to pack up the family and “move away from there”

    • Anonymous

      Omigod that would literally be the best thing on earth. Or Susan Lucci! She has that Grayson essence.

    • Mary Stansbury

       My bet is that he will have an affair with Victoria. There was definitely some chemistry when they were dancing together in a previous episode.

  • Anonymous

    This is the one show I wish I started watching.  After reading your recaps I know I’d be a fan.  Now I fear I’ve really waited too late & can’t catch up.  Kicking myself.  The recaps are fun and I know I’m missing out.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Do some couch potato-ing and catch up! It’s off the air for the next two weeks so you have some time.

    • nah, it’d be great for a marathon catch-up! Then you don’t have to wait like the rest of us for a whole damn week between episodes. Hulu had them all when I was catching up. 

    •  You can catch up easily, and enjoy every delicious soapy moment 🙂 I just re-watched all of them during the Revenge dry spell and thought it would be boring but it was just as much fun as the first time around.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t start watching Lost until Season 3 and had to catch up on two seasons via DVD. It was so much fun. And with Revenge you don’t have nearly as much ground to cover. Go for it!

  • Anonymous

    I could hardly focus because of the horrifying dinner jackets with white tie. The Dowager Countess does not approve.

  • Whenever someone asks “who would win in a fight between x and y?” my first instinct is to say “Or maybe they’d just make out” and in this case I think that would definately happen.  I would love to see Tyler and Tommy team up to claw their way to the top (although I’m sure they would destroy each other in the process).
    I don’t think it would have made narative sense to kill off Daniel so soon, but I kind of wish they had.  I miss Tyler already.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I wish they’d killed Daniel. I know his character is cute and popular with the audience but I wish they had actually gone through it. Would have been shocking and taken a bit of guts to do. I mean really, who didn’t see the Tyler thing coming? From the very second he slimed back in and put on the white jacket.

    • Anonymous

       Is Daniel popular with the audience?  He’s annoying as shit to me.

      But it would be hard for ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS to play their games without Daniel as a pawn.  And he was apparently born to be one.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        Among comments here, it seems pretty agreed upon that Daniel is dumb, cute, annoying, and a chess piece in Emily’s big game. But based on other blogs and message boards, it looks like he is a really popular character, especially with teenage girls.

        • Anonymous

          teenage girls…. well, they are wild for insipid Beiber.  

          • Helen C

            Well, the male characters here are very weak in general.  Among the four young guys, Jack is boring, Declan is too young.  At least Daniel is cute.  Though I wonder why teenage girls are not obsessed with Nolan :p

          • Anonymous

            Nolan is one of the most interesting multi-faceted characters on the show.  Plus, he is better looking than the others.

  • Soo, SillyDaniel got wacked on the head and that’s like the reason for his convenient amnesia… Sensei is one tough cookie, must be him cleaning up on the beach. I’d prefer him to get rid of Fauxmanda – she’s sooo tiresome, espesially with Jack the Bore.

  • Anonymous

    Dammit, I wqtched one episode at my parents’ and now I have to go and watch the whole damn thing!  Crack! Total crack!  Love it.

  • 3 shots were heard… 2 in Tylers back and one more ….in Daniel?

  • Anonymous

    Loved this episode. Although I guessed it was Tyler who found the box of secrets and thought he might be the one who gets shot, I was still on the edge of my seat until the turned the body over. Nicely suspenseful. My biggest question is what’s Revenge Sensei’s true agenda? Surely he’s motivated by more that sim

  • I have been waiting on TENTERHOOKS for your recap, boys. One thing you missed, though, that I was hoping you’d comment on: is Nolan now plotting with Sensei BEHIND EMILY’S BACK? What was with him brushing the sand off his hand?

    •  It was Emily brushing sand off her hand, after R-Sensei gave her back her box-o-Dad’s-secrets disguised as a gift and advised her to bury it. Emily hastily took it out and buried it on the beach, presumably so she could come back and retrieve it later after the party was over. It takes place at approx the 29 minute mark.

  • M N

    So all we can say about the shooter is that he (or she!) has mad arm hair.  Possibilities: Nolan, Conrad, Daddy Grayson.  Nolan seems to have stayed in place all night, but the other two?

    • Helen C

      Or it could be Ridiculous Sensei.  Have you seen the arms of the Japanese male gymnastic team?  

    • Anonymous

      I think it might have been the Sensei’s henchman (or Nolan’s bodyguard… same guy? maybe THAT’s what that little look between them was!)… the arm blowing a couple of rounds into Tyler’s body looked like it was in a BLACK suit jacket (not Fauxmanda’s dark sweatshirt thingy)… and the bodyguard was the only one I saw at the party with a black jacket on. 

  • Anonymous

    All season long, whenever Daniel was in a scene, I disregarded him, thought– there’s dead guy, inconsequential chess piece, nothing he says will matter…..

    • Anonymous

       Him not dying doesn’t alter what you thought of his scenes by much, though, does it?

      • Anonymous

        not so much, actually

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that Victoria agreed to the settlement without fighting for keeping an interest in the company because she’s going to do something to make the company worthless.  That way she keeps the fortune and destroys her husband both.

    I hope when they switch the show over to an extended trial that it stays interesting.  Sometimes courtroom dramas lose momentum and get overly drawn out.

  • Helen C


    The actor is awful.  He overacts everything and Tyler ends up as laughable to me, instead of crazy-scary-psycho.  

    And he’s so hard on the eyes too.  Definitely the worst-looking actor here.  At least Declan has some boyish charm to his face. 

    I think Real Amanda has made too many mistakes and now maybe needs a reboot from Fantastical Sensei.  

    I’m still waiting for Ashley to be more useful.  

  • Anonymous

    I noticed the BLACK jacket too. And it was clearly a BLACK jacketed arm that plucked up the picture lying next to Daniel after he fell.  

  • Anonymous

    I loved it when Nolan told Emily to run away with Jack, fall in love and make “little volunteer babies”. Nolan’s seems truly loyal to her. In the beach scene at the beginning shows Daniel falling but no bullet wounds to the back. Whoever picked up the picture Tyler gave Daniel was wearing a BLACK jacket. And why did Charlotte run screaming into the party about “my brother”? Was she that out of it that she couldn’t see it was Tyler? 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure Daniel’s suffering from amnesia. I read it more as shock. Think I have to watch the episode again, because I’m also not completely sure we know exactly where Jack was when Tyler was shot. If he knows Tyler is the one who shot Amanda, he’s certainly got reason to pull a trigger.
    It ain’t “who shot JR”, but its the best #2 soap in forever.

  • I was indeed pissed about the fakeout. It was just so dumb! Who sees a body face down on the beach and assumes it’s their brother without actually checking? At a party where all the men are dressed the same? And Declan sees his brother standing and facing them (ok w/a hoodie on) and doesn’t recognize him? But the facedown guy in the generic white tux must be her brother so let’s go run half-naked screaming without checking who it is or I don’t know…that he’s actually dead and doesn’t just need medical help? I’m all for twists and surprises and such, but when the visuals (we did see Daniel fall) and the characters’ behaviors are manipulated beyond belief just for the sake of a twist? Ugh. Badly done, show.

    Almost as bad as the miracle dog. (How old must that dog be?!)

    • Real Amanda was 10 when she got him, wasn’t she? So he should be around 17? He is old, but not impossibly old.

    • Anonymous

      Who sees a body face down on the beach and assumes it’s their brother
      without actually checking? At a party where all the men are dressed the

      Someone mixing prescription pain meds and alcohol.

      • You make a good point.

  • I’m ready for something as crazy as Tyler’s brother taking him out. Loving this show!

  • OH MY GOD! I haven’t been this excited/amused/giddy about a TV show EVER.

    I missed the amnesia part. I’m going to have to watch it again now (which is also awesome).

    I definitely don’t think Fauxmanda killed Tyler. I wonder if Tyler is evil enough to have killed himself to ruin their lives. I don’t think so, because if nothing else, he’s a consummate survivor, and too self-absorbed to want to miss the delicious aftermath. I would love it to have been Daniel, and for the idiotic amnesia thing to be a gambit. That would be TOO awesome.

    Revenge Sensei is a definite possibility, though. He’s just so terrifying. I’m pretty sure Revenge Sensei is going to off Fauxmanda, too, but I think it’s bad, because I also think she knows what happened. I think she might have clobbered Tyler to save Emily, but I don’t think she would have been so confused and scared if she’d been the one to actually kill him. She didn’t seem to have any problem killing that other guy.

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE. Revenge is getting moved to the top of the DVR list.

  • Yes, what WAS with the sand thing? So weird. I really hope Nolan and Sensei are plotting to keep Emily safe. They’re both such great characters. Nolan is easily the most facially expressive, emotionally charged person on the show. The only thing I wonder is, how LONG has the plotting been going on? And even though they’re telling her opposite things, are they calculated to get her to do the same thing, i.e., focus on the plan and make it work?

    I have to watch that episode again.

  • Anonymous

    That Revenge Sensai has been the one steering Amanda/Emily.  I think he’s pissed she isn’t following his plan.  I don’t think he has her or David Clarke’s best interests at heart.  My prediction?  It will be undead David (Nolan has been his helper in trying to get Amanda on a love path) against Sensai next season- after we find out in a huge trial reveal he is still alive of course!!

  • Anonymous

    I love everything about this show! It just keeps getting better.  However, I was somewhat dreading this week’s episode, because I didn’t want the mystery of who was killed on the beach to end. The endless speculation about that night has been so much fun, and I feared once we found out the truth some of the excitment of the show would end. Boy, was I wrong! The writers just used the end of that mystery to jump into an even bigger one. I feel sorry for people who aren’t watching Revenge. They’re really missing out.

  • I was very confused about the Sensei. I obviously missed something some time back ‘cuz I had no idea where he came from, how he fit in or why he was even a part of the episode. Oh well, just shows to go you that you’ve gotta watch these things religiously. As to the Tyler/Thomas cage match–Thomas is totally the worst–after all, have we all forgotten that he actually shot himself in the hand (or caused himself to be shot) to get away from the front. And what he did to Isis is totally unforgiveable. Tyler for all his evil is at least certifiably wacky.

  • Susan Crawford

    Who killed Tyler?? I would put some money on Sensei. Not my last dollar, of course, because this is a really twisty little story, and at any minute we could be down another vengeful rabbit hole. I might put some spare change on little Ashley, who obvs has quite a budding agenda. And any time William Devane pops up, grinning that wicked half-smile half-snarl – well, put a few cents on him to have engineered the beach murder.

    I sort of had an idea that Charlotte was going to get all dolled up, pop all the Oxys and wash them down with Champagne after leaving a vicious little suicide note on top of the fire and ice cake. . . but no. So we can look forward to a drug-addled Charlotte flaming out and acting – I hope – more nasty now that her whole identity is in the crapper.

    On the other hand, the fire and ice ball dresses were insanely glam, especially Emily’s. That girl can rock a sheath like nobody’s business.

  • I think that pretty much the most adorable thing is Nolan’s little boy-crush on Jack. 
    He was so sad to see him go, I’m fifty-fifty between whether it’s because before Jack Nolan never had any real friends (Emily’s not REALLY a true friend, but she’s trying) or if he’s secretly lusting after him.
    Nolan just has the worst of luck, doesn’t he, that gangly billionaire.

  • Moondancer5

    Sooo, we’re POSITIVE Emily’s Dad is dead? Right?

  • Nadya Bogoeva

    Could you write some about the styling on this show, I mean it does deserve it, just like Mad Man. This episode was like true red carpet.

  • This wasn’t exactly in your review (besides you just mentioning the ginormous idiot that Jack tends to be) but I really REALLY REALLY REALLY


    do NOT understand Jack’s deal with moving the body and getting himself seen by his brother and Charlotte. Okay, okay…you do stupid shit for Fauxmanda and all, but why not just GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE BEFORE ANYTHING WORSE HAPPENS AND YOU GET SEEN BY ANYONE? I understand the necessity for soap-opera related drama and all, writers, but COME ON. That just had me screaming at the show saying “WHY ARE YOU MOVING THE BODY? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!”

    I’m getting annoyed with how Jack’s character is written at this point. I’m not sure what they’re trying to do with him. I suppose we’re supposed to realize he’s an innocent do-gooder of a character who gets caught up in all the stupid mess of the Graysons but for the love of GOD can we give one of the hunky male characters on the show half a brain? Jack seemed put together and at least mildly intuitive in the beginning of the series…are we really to assume that Fauxmanda has messed him up this much?