Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 12, 2012

When the opportunity arose to attend the presentation for this collection, we cleared our schedules immediately. There was no way we were missing this one. As we said to each other while we waited outside to be let in, “No matter what, these clothes are going to be impeccable, perfectly styled, and presented fabulously.” Spot on for all three counts, but add “stylish as hell” to that. Like many designers who presumably couldn’t get “Moves Like Jagger” out of their heads this season, Rachel took a Mick-inspired route. More accurately, there was a mod ’60s feel, with tailored long coats and high-waisted pants, lots of velvet and (faux) fur, in a range of bright and vivid colors. Add in that Zoe penchant for elegance and glamour, and you have a home run of collection. These looks were gorgeous and sent us on a fashion high that lasted for hours after.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    I would wear every single look in this collection.  I can’t ever recall thinking that about an entire collection before.  

  • Kyle Crawford

    nothing ground breaking, but I like them all… Will she start to have a problem thought if you look TOO much LIKE Rachel Zoe when wearing her cloths ?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but was Brad there? 

    Did he and Rachel warily circle each other, shooting daggers with their eyes before a claws out bitch fight erupted?  That would be reality television gold.

  • Anonymous

    Not crazy about the fur it it’s real, but Rachel does know what she’s doing.  She designs clothes that are fashiony, but wearable and that’s a really smart market to go after.  

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s the photography, but the fur looks fake to me.  And not the good fake that makes no pretense to be real.  The cheesy fake with horrid hand feel.  

  • Wow. LOVE ALL of this…. Can’t remember liking a collection as much as this before. And that surprises me because I find her a bit unbearable and I did not care for her first collection, found it cheesy and amateurish. But dang… Some of it I might actually be able to pull off, too. Maybe. If I could afford it… I really hope to see some of this in action on the red carpet and elsewhere. Nice. 

  • All of the outfits involving the color blue = mine. 

    • Anonymous

      Ok, but I get the top right outfit.

      • done

        • Rand Ortega

           Love how Minions, Bitter Kittens & Unborn Fauns are so deliciously diplomatic.

    • Call me Bee

      Well–and I’d love to have the last suit with the long pleated skirt and the fur jacker over it, ok?

  • Very wearable and stylish.  Rachel Zoe hit the mark with this collection!  Great job!

  • The word LUXE comes to mind immediately, love this, it’s classic, wearable, you have something for all shapes and sizes and the collection covers a wide spectrum from casual to polished.

  • Anonymous

    love everything. referential to past eras without being gimmicky. can be worn by women of various sizes not just sample. color story and fabrics are fab.

    im all in.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve liked all of Rachel’s collections, but I’m loving the development of her clothing line.  In the beginning, every look was like hit you over the head with what Rachel’s style is.  This, while still Rachel, has more appeal to people whose style isn’t a carbon copy of Rachel’s.  I really love this collection.  The blue dress is my favorite.

    • MilaXX

       You said it so much better than I did.

    • Anonymous

       The fact that they even went so far as to have her hair and makeup on most of the models made it outright creepy last go around.

  • top right is hot as hell.

    • It’s so hot that I don’t even mind the plaid, and I despise plaid with a hot, flaming passion.

      • I am seriously beginning to worry about you:  first capes, now plaid… ;P

        • I know! I’m worried about myself. I might have to stage my own intervention.

  • Anonymous

    Love #3, #16, and #21 best, but they are all pretty good. I am not always a huge fan of hers but she is coming along as a designer. 

  • I’m gonna need that white dress with the black boots.

  • Anonymous

    Could never pull any of it off (just wouldn’t fit right), but I love it.

  • The dresses are ok but I’m loving all the pants!

  • Amy Ellinger

    ohmigod…i die….uh-may-zing

    Seriously, this is classy fabulousity. Would wear every thing (echo, echo).   PANTS!!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    RZ’s nailing it–one of those mysteries of life–how anyone that vapid and whack-a-doodle can be so damn good at this, but RZ does have a great eye.  She knows how to make intriguing street looks.  Love the black plaid suit–and I’m not big on plaid.  The blue dress is weirdly great.  She makes me like stuff I don’t normally like.

    That said, the long lace drapey thing (black one and white one) don’t work for me, it looks like she grabbed the bedroom drapes and threw them on over the other clothes.

    • I think you just wrote my comment for me. From liking the plaid to not liking the lacy drapy thing, a big “ditto” to everything you said. The blue dress is all kinds of fabulous.

      I feel like my world is all upside down today.

  • Anonymous

    I like the tailored looks the best. She did a good job of creating a feminine take on menswear.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely…but that mullet thing? Row 6, first pic. What is that?

    •  Actually, I think thats a divided front skirt worn over pants.  The model appears to be holding the skirt back by keeping her hands in her pants pockets.

  • It’s the first time I’ve seen asymmetrical hems that I like. 

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the long sleeved blue/purple draped dress that’s second from the bottom on the left. The rest of the collection is great, too. The models all look like Rachel, though. Which I suppose is not unexpected.

  • Gorgeous. I don’t think a shorty like me could wear most of them, but the looks are beautiful.

  • Call me Bee

    Now this is a beautiful collection.  It references the late 60s and early  70s without being literal and exact.  It looks fresh, even the pussy bows on the blouses.  It must be the styling or the colors, because the silhouettes are very similar to Nicole Miller’s collection, but it seems so much more modern.  I like it. 

  • Loved the clothes. But the pic in row 5 center,…those legs?  OMG that is some seriously scary skinny.

    • Anonymous

      I think my forearms might be bigger than those legs (and I’m a size 4/6!).  *shudders*

  • Anonymous

    some of this stuff I can’t imagine me wearing,but I still want it.  Gurl done good

  • Anonymous

    I want to be ensconced in velvet

  • Anonymous

    I would love if people actually started dressing like that.

  • MilaXX

    I have to say I like this collection a lot more than her last collection. This time it looks like she’s dressing other women instead of a bunch of Zue clones.

  • Anonymous

    The legs on the girls with the purse close-ups are scaring me, but I want the entirety of that third outfit.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah!  I bet half of those models are too thin to menstruate.  Being Rachel Zoe, though, she probably picks the ones who specifically look like they could be in a medical textbook chapter on anorexia.

  • Anonymous

    My only styling issue is with the red sleeveless outfit with the fur hat and the long gloves. Where would you go outside dressed like that? (Since she has her purse on, I assume it’s outdoor ready). This kind of thing is my personal pet peeve but otherwise the rest seem appropriate. 

  • Anonymous

    very wearable!  Love the pants.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, like, with reservations, but I need to look for bigger pictures.

    I’m not sure how wearable a lot of this is (meaning flattering) for us average-to-short gals. Especially, god help us, if we’ve got hips. And I’m getting the impression that a lot of the models have mysteriously lost their waists, though their legs are still stick thin. (red velvet thing-under-the jacket in the middle of the final row, most egregiously).

    Love the knit dress with knit sweater jacket over top and the cream wool(?) mini-skirted suit, like the menswear style suits with vests, although those cropped and/or very narrow at the ankle slacks are really unflattering. Actually, the very narrow legs & cropped lengths on a lot of the slacks/leggings are not AT ALL forgiving.

    I once owned & LOVED a pleated skirt like the one in the final photo, but until I can see the shoulders & cut of the jacket unobscured by the faux fur, I’m not signing up. If that’s (as it seems) a vaguely safari-feel jacket with an actual or faux belting at the waist, it’d better be cut perfectly and NOT noticeably narrow at the shoulders, or it negates the long sweeping line [at least some of] us short gals want such a skirt & jacket to achieve.

    Overall, I have reservations.

  • Fashion gods help me, I think this is mostly flat out fabulous. It’s classic, modern, and stylish, and it actually speaks to me. I want practically everything here.

    All those words I just typed are words I never thought I’d say about anything having to do with Rachel Zoe.

  • Pennymac

    WOW. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    I will take the whole third look, the whole eleventh look, the purple velvet pants, the blue print caftan-vest-thing, and the blue paid velvet dress mmmkay?

    Seriously, I cannot wait for all of these high-waisted pants to trickle down to my price point. I’m just starting to see the Prada-influenced stripes at places I can afford and it has me giddy.

  • Tres chic. But, well, sans her styling, some of these pieces are a little on the snoozy side. Let’s face it, the girl can make anything look good. But when I look at some of these pieces – the pale yellow pea coat, the lacey overdress, the snakeskin dress, the pussy bows, the gray suit? meh. Nicole Miller ruined me. I crave new and different and I’m not seeing it here.

    • Anonymous

      I did like Nicole Miller better. But I think, especially if one can wear the narrow-legged pants, this collection has more ‘basics’ in it. Which might just be another way of saying ‘snoozy’!

  • Kristen Taylor

    Wearable?  Really?  To where, exactly?  There are maybe four looks that would actually be viable at lunch, dinner, cocktails or work in L.A. or N.Y.  I am super tired of parsing looks to find wearable pieces.  To hear everyone yelling, “Wearable!” in response to this collection is absurd.

  • Rand Ortega

    Well Done, RZ! Every piece is quite impeccable. I especially adore the tweed suit w/ the long 3/4 jacket, green ensemble & the 1 shoulder gown. Kudos also for using faux fur.

  • Anonymous

    There’s lots to like here, but my favorite is the 3rd outfit in the first row. That’s classy!

  • Susan Crawford

    There is much to celebrate in this collection: I love ALL the jackets, which are clean-lined, elegant in a slouchy, cool way. Loved the
    slinky one-shoulder dress, and those Russian-inspired (faux) fur hats. Way to go, Rachel!

    What I DIDN’T love: the model’s legs in the middle picture in row 5. Let’s face it: when your thighs are even skinnier than your skinny calves, you are scary-skinny. Please – give that girl a chocolate croissant and a Yoo-Hoo, for God’s sake!

  • Anonymous

    really t-lo? a fashion high? i say big yawn. in fact looking at the picture gallery as a whole i would have thought you poached looks from 10 different designers to illustrate a “what to wear to work now” editorial.

  • Is that black lace thing a dress? Isn’t that slit a bit vulgar? And with those boots!? Does the cheese stand alone here?

    • Anonymous

      No, you’re not alone.

  • You can tell the woman loves to spend time in vintage stores, finding the perfect pieces. Every one of these looks like a perfect find by a designer who should have made it big in the 60s or 70s, but was too ahead of his time. Love the collection.

    • Anonymous

      no it does not. it looks largely like late 60s early 70s YSL knockoffs. & i would know. the only thing i like here is that she used fake animals instead of real ones. kudos to that. the rest of this moves like jagger, if you will, like jagger moves now. slow but trying.

      edited to add:
      w/ maybe a little beene, maybe a little blass– but knockoffs. before life in lockdown [aka the 80s] those two guys were good, really good. so her influences, if you will redux, are not bad. but she has not improved upon them. she has updated them & made them current which, i guess, is something. but not enough, at least not to me.

  • Anonymous

    I really like that Zoe uses faux fur, but all of these clothes look like things I have had in my closet over the years. I don’t see the excitement here. Maybe they just don’t photograph that well??? 

  • They aren’t all home runs, but there are some fantastic pieces here! Kudos to Mrs. Zoe, I’m impressed with her design skills.

  • Anonymous

    of these three faux & roll collections, the nicole miller is by far the best. but, as gorgeous as some of it is, even it cant compete w/ the originals. not at all. the other two are just puffs of plastic smoke. & mirrors, obviously, distorting mirrors which aim to sort of reflect a past their creators are too young to know [even i remember the late 60s but barely & i am a lot older than RZ, at least] –too young to know & from a time where the values & senses of purpose are so different they cannot understand what they cannot know.

    which is, here you go:
    bill gibb, probably the greatest designer of the era:
    ossie clark, a hairsbreadth from as good, not quite as original:
    fong leng, holland’s bill gibb:
    granny takes a trip:

    i could go on & on & on & on & fill this whole page but i am very sick & i dont have the energy. i guess i am just annoyed by trivia & all this work gathering all this fuss is exactly that. people still wear ossie clark on the red carpet today, yesterday, last week, next week. is that really gonna happen w/ this stuff? really?

  • alma julieta felix

    I…. DIE…

  • Anonymous

     Like those!

  • Anonymous

    Her simpler pieces are chic — Once she gets into complications, she loses me.  Bet it was a fun show to watch.  I can’t help it — I like her for all her tics and foolishness — like her husband also who seems the soul of patience.  And she’s got a great eye and the passion for fashion of a true obsessive-compulsive.  I’d love to be able to wear any of the more casual or bz. looks.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got terrific style. I love the fashion-forward suits — too often professional wear is ignored by designers. Honestly, I wear a cocktail dress and heels once a week, but put on “boss” clothes five days a week. I’d rather have more emphasis on that end of the closet. At least 6-7 of these looks would kill at work.

  • allisankelly

    it’s all gorgeous and all in my favorite colors…one of each please. Oh, wait. I didn’t win the powerball? Darn.

  • Nice. I guess I take Rachel Zoe for granted. I’d probably respect her more if she stopped showcasing her “personality” on TV.

  • Susana Reyes

    WOW. I loved it all. I wish all this was in my closet.

  • Anonymous

    one of my fave collections. i want all the shoes!!

  • Anonymous

    None of these pants look particularly high-waisted to me (except maybe the 3rd look, first row).  Am I missing something?

  • k op

    It appears I’m alone in not liking RZ’s color palette at all in this show.  Jewel tones and mustards?  Those pale golds will look like dirty doilies in natural light.   No like at all.

    Another consistent problem I have with her clothing is the focus on legs.  Yes, she knows how to drape, slit, accentuate the lower half of a woman’s body, you have to give her credit.  But then she creates a heap of textures, cloth and bangles from the hips up.  It’s not a bad template for a few styles.  It could even be her signature to an extent, but can she do nothing else?  Her one form-fitting outfit above is her worst.


  • Anonymous

    I wanna see the top of that gold dress!  

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, maybe I’m losing my Kittenness, but I am unwowed by this collection.  The lace looks cheap and I feel like the amount of fabric used is aging.  Hmm.  Maybe I should go back to bed and reboot….

  • I don’t particularly care for Rachel or her show, but girl can design some clothes!  I can see Iman in some of these…

  •  5th down, on the right.  The white dress with the KILLER boots.  MINE. 

    All of them are very wearable, though!  It’s a nice departure to see a collection which doesn’t need to be altered down (or up) to real human size.

  • I love all these looks as well, but I gotta admit that the most eye catching thing about the collection was the anorexia factor. It’s getting harder and harder for me to see the clothes through the sickly bodies displaying them. 


  • Fio

    Zoe has quickly gained a spot in the fashion world with a name of her own. This new collection from the Zoe house is proving that her style, aesthetic, and her point of view this collection is like a billboard song that quickly escalated to gain praises. The Fall collection is versatile and hard to dislike.