PR All Stars: Shouldabin Schmaufs

Posted on February 28, 2012

Darlings, let’s take a break from looking at all those world-class gowns at the various Oscar events and jump back into the reality television pool, where the gowns are considerably lower than world-class.


This dress smells like flop sweat. It’s got “panic” written all over it. And to be perfectly honest, we have no idea why. Maybe Austin’s better when there are more restrictions put on him, like corn husks instead of silk. After all, this was mainly a “make a pretty dress” challenge with the only restrictions being that the colors were assigned and there had to be a tip of the cultural hat (which is such a broad thing to impose on a design that it’s practically meaningless).

So why couldn’t he just make a pretty gown in some version of his flag’s colors? Why did he wind up making this tortured, unattractive thing?

And as much as it pains us to ask it, why did he not get Schmauf’d for it?

This dress also pains us, but we can’t stay mad at it because it did manage one thing that made us very happy.


It finally forced some Project Runway judges to admit that Michael makes ticky-tacky pageant-y looks nine time out of ten. We’ll get a lot of shrieking at us for that, but that’s how we see it. He can whip out an impeccably made garment and we have no doubt he can serve a Palm Springs clientele, but from a fashion perspective, there’s a serious taste issue and there always has been. Most of the designers struggled with the idea of doing something culturally appropriate, but Michael was the one who went straight for the Miss Universe national costume parade.

Honestly, we think even this, as impeccably made as it was, was more worthy of the Schmauf than Mila’s garment, which was thoughtful, also impeccably made, and something we hadn’t seen before. If this show actually was a design competition, she would’ve been near the top (if not the outright winner) and something as pedestrian and tacky as this (or Austin’s mess above) would have gone home instead. But this is a reality show and they have a story to tell, regardless of talent or how well individual people do in challenges.

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  • Austin’s dress and model are making me think of sad Lavinia Squire

    • Oh my god – that’s been driving me NUTS! You’re exactly right…

    •  Holy shit! Truer words have not been spoken today.

    • serenitynow02

      So true. And she even looks a bit dead.

      • Ceur

        I think she thinks she’s doing the ‘etheral beauty’ thing. She’s not.

        • DominoEstella

          I think it’s the styling more than the girl.  Austin’s choice of hair and makeup are dreadful for her.  She would look more fresh with less gold dust and some actual lip color.

          • introspective

            His choice of hair and makeup has been pretty dreadful for weeks now. See the godspell challenge and the seasonal travel outfit challenge and get a load of how awful hes managing to make what looks to be an attractive woman. Im suspicious of his taste level increasingly this season…

          • She’d still be making the fish face.

          • ElitheMonkey

            I doubt any styling Austin could do would make her eyes look less life-less or force her to close her mouth at least ONCE on the runway. Football helmet maybe?

    • MissMariRose

       A sad, jaundiced Lavinia Squire. What is going on with that makeup?

    • Stubenville

      What was the quote from Victor Victoria? “Darling, do you have to look quite so funerial?”

    • Yes — all that’s missing is the hacking cough and some inane dialogue about how it’s better this way. 

    • I thought the same thing when I watched this past episode!

    • Exactly! That’s the first thing I saw too!

    • ziarah

      Wow. Now I can’t unsee it!

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i’m not sure who lavinia squire is, but this girl is one of the worst models ever.  look like she been whupped with the ugly stick.  i’m not just speaking of her genetic gifts or lack thereof, the way she approaches the runway is like someone who’s been beaten into submission.  and the clearasil colored lipstick is not helping.

  • Pupioso

    I think Austin’s and Jerrell’s were the absolute worst. I didn’t get the Schmauf for Mila on this one at all. I thought the judges were more with it than the regular PR judges but they missed the cut this week. Michael’s was bad and I don’t care for most of his stuff but I don’t think it was as bad as Austin’s or Jerrell’s.

    • BerlinerNYC

      Word! Jerrell’s managed to be ugly, tacky, banal, and borderline-offensive all at the same time. India is so “ethnic,” you know? He’s almost deserving of a prize for managing to accomplish all that with one garment in so little time. The only thing worse would have been if he had accessorized with a feathered headdress and Pocahontas beads because he was unclear about what “Indian” meant.

      • Violina23

        This!  Right on!

      • VicksieDo

        Is it too much to ask that ‘designers’ understand genres of design in fashion!!??  I think NOT!

      • Rachel Sawyer

         I actually thought Jerrell’s garment was easily the ugliest garment in all of Project Runway history.

  • RroseSelavy

    What irritates me about Michael is that he went right for the Greek knowing he could do some variation on the goddess gown, which he has done a thousand times before. The sheer obviousness of that strategy shows not even an effort at creativity or busting out of the cliche zone.

    • muzan-e

      In my opinion, creativity is not Michael’s strength.  He can create an impeccable gown, he can create a beautiful gown, he can create a gown that many, many women would love to wear. He can recreate anything you’ve seen in someone else’s shop. It’s just rare that he’ll give you something you haven’t.

      • k op

         You’ve really hit the nail on the head, there.

        Part of Micheal’s support is based on the mobbing he received on his original season.  We expected Micheal to be a terrible designer, awful sewer, and despicable human being based on the judgements of *she who will not be named* and Ivy. 

        As it turns out, Micheal has a gift for mimicry and even improving the designs of others.  He can sew beautifully.  His aesthetic comes from a bizarre world I still can’t fathom.

        Seeing someone like Micheal vindicated it very satisfying.  That doesn’t make him a designer of note or particularly original.

        • muzan-e

          Thank you, and I quite agree – except that I think Michael’s aethetic is unfathomable simply because he doesn’t have one. He’s accomplishing tasks: assigning the appropriate gown to one challenge after another. There’s no aesthetic there; instead, there’s a firm grasp of what others will appreciate.  As you said: it’s mimicry, and it’s definitely improvement as well.

          That’s what frustrates me about this entire season, really. I’ve no interest in watching a sewing olympics, which is what you get when people are producing nothing more than the expected outcome, completed in the minimum timeframe with the least errors possible. And they’re keeping people like that, over designers who will take a challenge and give us something unexpected, something we’d never have thought of. 

          At the end of the day, I’ll take a hundred of April’s oddities over one of Michael’s perfections, because April says to me with her work: Look at this. Bet you never saw it coming.

          And Michael says: Here you go! Just like you imagined!

          • random_poster

            k op and muzan-e:  Thanks for expressing this so well. 

        • Carol Ostrowski

          I just watched Michael’s season for the first time since it originally aired.  I had much more sympathy and, dare I say, respect for him the second time around, although I really wished he would man up (or at least junior high school boy up) and cut the crying.  I wanted to tell him “honey, you’re going to live to fight the design fight another day but we won’t hear another mention of ‘she who will not be named’ or her little mean girl posse.”   

    • what really bothers me about michael’s is that he didn’t even do a variation of a grecian goddess gown. there’s nothing new or innovative here at all. his gown looks straight off the parthanon. it’s a cliche and nothing more.

      • Diane_G

        Honestly what Bert made last year is much more Greek than this monstrosity. This is a walking cliched Greek statue.

        • CozyCat

          Actually, I thought it was more like a costume for one of those movies where the gods sit around on Mount Olympus talking in fake Shakesperean accents before releasing the krakans….

      • BethR52

        There’s nothing that tacky at the Parthenon.

        • Mefein

           True.  The ladies on the Parthenon could wear underwear!  I get the feeling Michael’s influence is a bit more post-Classical, and if he had his druthers he’d hose the model down and go for the full-on wet-drapery Nike of Samothrace look:

        • heh, well said.

    • I can’t stand how low the neckline hangs, the strap is too long and droopy and sad looking. Reminds me of how I feel about Michael, actually.

  • kolokOlchik


  • BuffaloBarbara

    Actually, I think one of Michael’s comments nailed it–he wants to design just like Marchesa.  And who’s judging?

    Austin’s was not good.  I wanted it to be, but it wasn’t.  Still, I’m glad he didn’t get the Schmauf, even if he arguably deserved it, because… Austin!

    • ampg

      I know – I have to admit that this was a really poor entry from Austin, but I’m rooting for him to face off against Mondo in the finale, so I’m glad he made it through.  Plus there’s the fact that Jerell and Michael are objectively worse designers, so I don’t think it’s fair for them to outlast Austin.  I know “fair” doesn’t come into play when you’re talking reality television, but sometimes I wish it would.

    • k op

       Micheal said that???  Works for me, since Marchesa makes me itch.

    • RroseSelavy

      I love(d) Austin, but that is now past tense. He hasn’t brought game in a very, very long time.

  • Lynn Landry

    I am in total agreement with this post, but the best thing was linking to your comments on Miss Universe national gowns. How in the hell did I miss that. I’m going to go back and read it again. Hilarious!

  • Did they have to blur that poor model’s crack? 

  • Anathema_Device

    Most of the designers’ output this episode was surprisingly shitty, given the generous parameters. Michael’s was pretty bad. I can’t believe how awful that blue ribbon looks on the dress.  The fit in the back is pretty sloppy and near-vulgar.

    Austin did founder and I can’t figure out why, either. The bronzer on the model’s face takes into Kors territory, and her dead fish expression isn’t helping much either.

    I think both of these were in because they had the germ of a decent idea.

    I still think Jerell should have gone home, with Michael a close second for the aufing.

    • JohannaEG

      I think Austin bought the wrong fabric and never recovered.

      • cluecat

        He remade one of his old looks – the Nancy O’Dell grammy dress which, as I recall, bought him an auff.  Ironically,  I believe it was praised at the time for being better suited to the Oscars!,,20355856_20437609_20486604,00.html 

        • Thank you! I knew I’d seen that dress before.

    • BethR52

      Not near-vulgar IMO.  All the way to vulgar.

      • Anathema_Device

         Well, she’s not actually showing butt crack… LOL

        • Ah, however, if she ever had to bend over or sit down we would be treated to one helluva view.

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    THANK YOU.  I cannot stand Michael’s aesthetic, and I’m really surprised that he has so many supporters.  On top of that, I find his personality (at least his TV-edited personality) quite irritating. Quite, quite irritating.

    • Violina23

      I think he makes some nice looking clothes (when he’s at his best), but nothing fashion-y. Therefore, he has no business doing as “well” as he’s done on Project Runway, if it was, as TLo said, purely a design competition

      • Joe J

        Bingo.  It’s like watching “Top Chef” and seeing someone make it all the way to the end making toast and scrambled eggs.  I don’t care how well-made they are, I want to see something innovative.

        • TxMom2011

          Nor pasta and meatballs… js

        • CarolinLA

          But have we really seen anything innovative from any of the All-Stars?  Other than Mondo’s Godspell outfit, has anything been a wow?  I don’t think it’s just Michael.  

      • Anathema_Device

         Yes, he and Kenley are kind of the same in that way. They do what they do well enough, but they are closer to dressmakers than exciting designers.

  • Frank_821

    The dumb part with Michael’s is he could have done something drape-y without being so obvious. If he had made it a short cocktail dress or threw in some lounging pants he could have verered it completely away from pagenat

  • kimmeister

    Oh goodness – Austin’s dress looks even worse up close.  I thought he was as goner for sure.

  • Was Leap Day William a guest judge for this episode?  That’s the only explanation I can think of for why Austin wasn’t Schmauf’d.

    • MilaXX

      This comment just made me laugh out loud in Starbucks.

    • Anathema_Device

       I am now picturing Austin as Leap Day William. It works, doesn’t it?

  • Joe J

    Given that Michael’s was one of the top three scorers, I can only assume there was a gigantic chasm in scores between the top two and the rest.  Like, Mondo and Kenley were in the “B”/”B-” range (no one brought the “A” this week), Michael was a “D”, Austin a “D-“, and Jerrell and Mila “F”s.  And Mila’s “F” is for “Fearless”, in my mind.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Michael’s was bad, and a total cliche, but I think there’s the germ of an idea of a classy, modern white gown buried under the mistakes. Whereas Austin’s – I can’t see any way to fix it, poor guy. He was totally lost, as I think he’s been for most of this show, and this dress amounts to nothing more than chiffon scarfs badly sewn together and tied with a rope. So for me, Austin should have gone home.

  • janetjb

    With a little effort Micheal’s dress could have been somewhat nice instead of pageanty.

    I felt bad for Austin as he seemed to flounder.  He didn’t seem to be able to imagine a dress that used so many colors.  Doesn’t he occasionally use prints?

    •  That’s the thing with much of Michael’s stuff- it’s seldom outright awful and even the worst could be salvaged with some tweaking. It’s just that he has no individual style and some serious taste issues. He’ll have a following- deservedly- but he’ll never be a big name.

    • Had it been me, I would have headed straight for the printed silks at Mood. That would have addressed the issue of all thos colors with ease.

      • I agree totally or if he had made them into a little sundress would have worked too. The gown was just too much. A short dress with a hankercheif hemline would have worked much better with the daytime colors he had to use.

    • Had it been me, I would have headed straight for the printed silks at Mood. That would have addressed the issue of all thos colors with ease.

    • Had it been me, I would have headed straight for the printed silks at Mood. That would have addressed the issue of all thos colors with ease.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Aw, MAN… words have failed me.

  • Diane_G

    Wrong designers for the wrong countries. I would’ve loved to see what Rami would do to this (even if he also is very obviously drapey-toga style, but with more finesse, I think…and his designs look better on a neutral color palate like white)..and let’s be honest. Uli would’ve knocked Seychelles out of the park with whatever she’d design for it. I would LOVE to see what she would’ve done for this.

    Can Austin please get rid of his model already, too? She always looks like she just woke up and hasn’t had her morning coffee yet.

    • BrooklynBomber

      No more model selection anymore; I kind of miss it. Seems they’re assigned models, and that’s that.

    • DinaSews

      Ugh, I agree.  Austin’s model is the worst.

  • RebeccaKW

    I’m having a bit of a flashback to Austin’s season 1 grammy gown.  It’s not exact, but it is similar.

    These were both hideous.

    •  And that’s what got Austin auffed

    • gabyripple

      THIS. Didn’t Austin get auf’d for this exact dress?

  • elleg929

    Preach, TLo!

  • leave_Blake_alone

    You are sooooo right. My bottom three would have been Michael, Austin and Jerrell. In a perfect world Michael would have been sent home (and Jerrell would have already been sent home 2 weeks ago).

  • Michael, I luh thee, but the back of that dress was thisclose to rating this episode an NC-17. 

    Austin’s dress is just sad. 

  • Michael’s ol’ buddy Mondo thought it was tacky and pretty much told him so, so obviously he didn’t care.  I love ya, Michael but give us something new.

  • Lilithcat

     Michael was the one who went straight for the Miss Universe national costume parade.

    My thought, exactly.  And I am so tired of the way the backs of his garments are always cut practically down to the ass crack.  

    I think Joanna Coles has the right idea.  “Designers, for this challenge, you may design any garment you like.  The only restriction is that the woman must be able to wear undergarments with it.  You may not build the foundation into the garment.”

    Then watch their heads explode.

    •  They should be forced to design for some really BIG Drag Queens like Latrice Royale.

    • ampg

      That would be a freaking brilliant challenge, since it would absolutely trip up tons of PR contestants.

    • SewingSiren

      I agree that they should at least have one evening challenge were the dress is required to be under garment friendly. But constructing the dress on to a foundation garment designed to support the wearer and eliminate the need for additional undergarments is an extremely sophisticated and VERY high end way of solving the problem. The wearer in this case never has to worry over slippage  or underwear showing or grinning through. Needless to say that Michael has NOT been constructing a foundation piece with any of the garments he made this season. Not even the one that looked like a foundation piece (repurposed street wear) was constructed correctly to serve as a foundation piece.

      • I would be impressed with a designer who built foundation garments into the dress while starting from scratch on a model — I do it regularly for friends but I generally re-use some of their old bras for pieces, like the wires, because it’s easier.  And I’ve been working on their bodies for YEARS.  Without those advantages, it’s very time-consuming and difficult to do well, so a designer pulling it off on PR would be a BIG deal.

        • SewingSiren

           I agree that they don’t have enough time to do it properly, but I am almost certain that Anthony draped a foundation for his Opera gown. He mentioned it several times during the episode (although I never saw it on the dress form) and it was an engineering marvel that the dress stayed in place as it did and a built in foundation would have accomplished the task. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Perhaps the extremely low back/front that MIchael so often uses is what his clientele wants, but I’m so tired of what to my eyes is a very limited idea of what constitutes sexy.  Michael can certainly sew, produce a garment quickly,but he has a limited bag of tricks, so to speak.

  • Yes, after the runway portion, I told my husband that I thought it was between Mondo and Mila for the win.  Instead, she gets schmaufed.  I thought for a moment that perhaps the planets had gone out of alignment, but then I remembered that it’s a reality show, and Mila is a bit, how shall we say, grim for the group.  I like her just fine, as she’s very talented and professional, even if she does look like a Romulan, but I guess the guys who should have gone in her place (I’m looking at you Jerell and Austin) are indeed more fun.

    • donnaINseattle

      Planets out of alignment . . . perfect description of how I felt. And I also told my husband it was between Mondo and Mila. And I actually was confident she won it. Oi.

  • jw_ny

    absolutely…Austin, Michael (and Jarell) shouldabin the ones up for schmaufing.   (Jarell’s was still more worthy of the schmauf though, imo)

    I thought when Rami left that the judges and production weren’t going to play favorites…let the “buttons” fall where they may.   😉 Nope.  Austin and Jarell have gotten pass after pass for shoddy work…Michael too on this one.  It’s quite clear that Austin will be one of the finalists…no matter what schmatta he throws down the runway.   

  • DinaSews

    I have no evidence to support this, but I wonder if Austin does better with the 2 day challenges?  He seems to try to get a bunch of detailing in which there isn’t time for in the one day challenges.

  • serenitynow02

    Honestly, Michael’s looks like a bedsheet with cheap fabric store trimming. And the fit is just criminal.

  • BethR52

    Thank you for the link to the Miss Universe costumes.  Made my day.

  • Austin avoided another schmauf. The producers love him a lot.

  • Kate4queen

    I think Austin’s was the worst thing out there.

  • GorgeousThings

    Michael’s aesthetic has never been to my taste, and his whiny demeanor hasn’t helped his cause. This dress was definitely pageant fodder, but it was so much better than Austin’s dress that the two are painful to watch side by side. I hope Austin finds his way and starts having a some fun. If he does, then we’ll see some gorgeous pieces from him.

  • donnaINseattle

    Attacking the Austin God again?

    Thanks. This was awful . . . again.

    And I am sorry, no beauty pageant contestant would have worn Michael’s. Awful, awful, awful. Tasteless, tasteless, tasteless. Trite, trite, trite. Unimaginative, unimaginative, unimaginative. Okay, that last one doesn’t flow off the tongue as well, but it is also true.

    I canNOT believe Mila was aufed on a stage that contained these two. Reality TV or not, I canNOT believe it.

    • BarniClaw

      Right?! I had such high hopes for this show in the beginning. But when Rami went before Jerrell, I started to get worried. And now with Mila aufed before Jerrell? I’ve lost all hope.

      • donnaINseattle

        I’ll still watch because I still like watching clothes be made. I do still like watching a bit of creative process. The drama is boring, but no place else can I see sewing and creating on tv, so I put up with it.

  • siriuslover

    Jerrell’s still beats these two.  I like Michael, but I totally agreed with Mondo (and I was a bit surprised he didn’t listen to Mondo’s critiques, as he usually does). And I kinda get what Austin was going for. At least I seem to think that the colors and the design (such as it is) provided some kind of complement to the way the Seychelles’ flag has that outpouring of colors.  It could’ve been good, but I agree, he panicked.

  • vanity_affair

    I can’t stand the way any of those dresses look on those models. The girls look so freaking unhealthy and zoned out.

  • Logo Girl

    It is becoming clearer by the week that PRAS is a set-up for redeeming that “________ was robbed by the mean girl” and nothing else. Michael, Mondo and Austin will be the finalists, regardless of what any other contestant produced.

    • andcoh

      Hey, don’t forget, Jerell lost his finale spot to the original “Mean Girl” of PR.  Four finalists seems to be the norm now, and Kenley’s time may be coming.

    • Joe J

      Yup, if I remember right quite a few posters predicted Mondo would win back when the cast list was announced, in part because of his talent (of course), but also because it felt like an opportunity to “redeem” his loss during his season.  Given the storyline of Anya last season, that would not surprise me one jot, although Mondo has clearly done good work so far.

      It smacks of Daniel V. winning the all-stars challenge back when season 6 started, where it felt more like he was being gifted a win for being a losing fan-favorite in his season, rather than what he actually put down the runway for that challenge (I still cannot believe how badly Uli got hosed there).

      • Uli was in season 3 though. She lost to the Angry Peanut.

        • Zippypie

           Joe J is referencing the one show all stars that was on, what, 2 summers ago?  Uli got completely hosed by Daniel V’s mercy win in that show.

  • bluefish

    I don’t think that the back of Michael’ gown is impeccably made.  It looks loose and floopy, like one could easily drop a pillow back there.  I can’t really fault the boys and girls for basically blowing this challenge — it was especially dumb, confusing, and bound to bring on the flop sweat as you say.  Poor Austin — just so ugly and insipid.  I’ve been a staunch fan of this show since the very start but I’m starting to drift and not care and to catch it when I can. 

  • SewingSiren

    I didn’t see Austin going home for this dress. But it is very similar to one of his less successful dresses. The one he did for Nancy O’Dell, which he went home for in his season Also kind of similar to his Vanilla Madagascar dress (which the judges ignored). It is similar in tone to Bert’s Parrot (which he went home for)dress and to Gordina’s much more artistic cathedral dress (which she went home for). I don’t think he copied Bert or Gordina by any means, a multi layer chiffon dress is original to no one in this century. But I don’t know why he would pick this out of his trick bag to re-issue.

    Michael’s is not only tasteless. He also has done it before. Line for line in his decoy show. Really have no problem with except that Kenley is the only one that gets called out on it. This dress should have been in the bottom. Mila should have been third and Jerrel should have gone home.

    • UsedtobeEP

      I was scanning the comments to see if anyone else commented about how similar in construction this dress was to the dress that got him aufed. First of all, this proves the recycling point people keep making about everyone. Second of all, why would you go back to a bag of tricks when you know that particular trick got you sent home? 

  • MilaXX

    This season is so dreadful & fake I can’t even argue with a word of this post. Austin’s dress is surprizingly bad & Michael made a pagent dress.

  • Noted that the powerless cruise ship was drifting off the various coasts of Austin’s Seychelles.The first, and probably, last time it will ever be mentioned on the news.

  • tired_mommy

    I dunno–I didn’t think Austin’s or Michael’s dresses were that bad compared to Jerrell. Austin’s belt was FUG and the dress was a re-tread of his Season 1 newscaster’s grammy gown, but at least it was a dress not a complete costume. Michaels was kind of a costume, but at least it was passable compared to Jerrell’s mess. Seeing these again reminds me Mila got robbed.

    • alyce1213

      I agree.  With all the faults in Austin’s and Michael’s this week, nothing compared to the crap Jerrell sent down the runway, as he has done a few times this season.  I can’t get over the fact that he’s still there and Rami and Mila are not.

      • kentiesgirl

         I wish I could like that a hundred times. Rami’s exit interview on the lifetime blog is pretty telling…he skirted around saying the producers have a set storyline a couple of different ways. There’s a reason, there HAS to be a reason Jerrell’s still there. I mean, C’MON!

        And Mila’s was a little poor in certain areas, but was so innovative, and the back was breathtaking. It’s just..UGH.

        • kentiesgirl

          Since I brought up story lines, the lifetime blog has both Anthony and
          Kara saying how poor a designer MC is in both their interviews, word for
          word. I pointed it out, and lifetime responded by saying it was an
          accident…but they’re not correcting it. I know reality shows are not reality, but it reminded me of this one from last season…”don’t insult our intelligence by jerking the judges around like puppets.
          As we said, Michael doesn’t seem to care so long as he gets to spout
          his patented one-liners and Heidi only cares about what makes good
          television, but Nina looks more pissed off with each episode. Thank god one of these bitches can’t keep her feelings off her face.”

          Granted, these are the interviews, but still.

          • kentiesgirl

             Ugh…meant to edit that, deleted it, now I can’t do anything. Oops. Just meant that I expected more from the all stars season; the talent level is so high there’s not a need for so many stunts and wringing any possible drama out of the proceedings.

  • afabulous50

    Austin most certainly needs a new model – this one is awful.

    • shiftercars

      Yes! His model has done him zero favors all season. She always looks put off and bored.

      • vanity_affair

        Don’t forget drugged out. o,O

    • vanity_affair

      She really, really is horrific.

    • He would be better off doing it himself.

  • tired_mommy

    Kinda funny how Mila was irritated by Kenley praising other designers work. Maybe Kenley was intentionally praising crap??

  • shopgirl716

    I don’t care for Michael this season.  He either is or is being edited as bitchy and derivative.  I don’t understand the praise for his looks at all.  He keeps sending out drapey, chiffony, backless gowns and getting major kudos. WTF? Poor Austin is coasting on goodwill at this point.  

  • JimiG

    Wow. After all the Oscar pretty it was hard to look at these again. I had forgotten just how bad they were.

  • Qitkat

    I completely agree with you about Michael, and have always thought he was vastly overpraised. It’s actually quite enlightening to see this post after viewing the Academy Awards gowns. Even the ones that were considered bad are several steps above both these schmattas. Austin is one of my favorites but he is failing so badly that unless he totally werks it for the next challenge, he doesn’t deserve to win this competion.

  • As much as I dislike Michael as a designer and personality on tv . Austin should have been sent home for that dissater he made this week.

  • Stubenville

    I call bull$#!+ – Jerrell’s thrift store “ethnic” and Austin’s sad bundle of chiffon rags held together with rope were better than the avant garde look Mila sent down the runway? In what universe?

  • NasserShaheen

    Still cannot believe how shitty Austin’s dress looks. Look at the back! Look at the front! That belt thing! He deserved the boot but the producers decided Rami was the shock elimination this season so Austin is going nowhere just yet.

  • In the very first Project Runway, which Austin won with cornhusks, didn’t the loser go home with a shower curtain? How is Michael’s dress not a shower curtain?

    • Scarlet39

      No.  Daniel Franco went home due to tailored butcher paper.

      • You’re right! I wonder what I’m remembering.  Thanks for the correction.
        I still think Michael’s dress would make a nice shower curtain.

        • Scarlet39

          You’re welcome!  I think it was Jerry in S5 who used a shower curtain and was auf’d. 

  • Stubenville

    And I didn’t see Michael’s toga as terrible enough for a schmauff, it’s just more like a “classy” cover-up you’d see made in terrycloth, to be worn at a Las Vegas pool. Not one shred of originality.

  • Pennymac

    I was hopeful for PRAS because I liked the designers they chose to be on it, and I hoped the judging would be less “sound bytes” and more constructive criticism. For the most part I still find it entertaining because of the familiarity of the personalities, and I find myself liking Joanna Coles more than I thought I would.

    That being said, though, I think my greatest disappointment is developing from the lack of innovation and the fact that most of the remaining contestants seem to be phoning in their work. Nothing seems new or fresh. I thought Milas’ dress was rather hiddy, but it was different and had a germ of something interesting, and quite frankly, they sent her home for stepping outside of the box. All of the remaining designers are sending versions of the same things we’ve seen before down the runway, and not very good ones, at that.

    I wish I could quit you, Project Runway. Our relationship is like a bad, dysfunctional marriage. As co-dependent as I am, I know I’ll keep watching anyway, hoping for the best in our future and expecting the worst in my heart. Sigh…..

  • alyce1213

    Oh gosh THANK YOU for the link to Miss Universe.  It was my favorite post of yours and I laughed just as hard going back again.

    All I can say is that all of the dresses on PRAS last week, with the exception of Mondo’s, were either horrible or unwearable and I’m disappointed.

  • ShivaDiva

    Ugh.  Austin, yer killin’ me.  This immediately made me think “Spock’s mom.”  From the original series.

    Michael is losing his luster, but I have a feeling he’ll coast into the finale, deserved or not.  It’s looking like Mondo, Michael and Kenley.  I can’t see Jerell there, and Austin seems to be circling the drain.

    • jo

      Lady Amanda had better taste… more like one of Kirk’s conquests…

  • Michael, you are killing me with that ribbon. Mygodthatribbon. That cheap, grandma’s attic, Christmas decoration ribbon. My. God. That. Ribbon.

  • jorinde

    I loved Mila and her designs much more this season than I did in season 7. I’ve got the feeling that they just wanted to make a show for Mondo to win. And sent the two in my eyes most dangerous contestants packing just early enough, namely Rami and Mila. 
    Not that I have something against Mondo winning. I was a Mondo fan since the very first episode of season 8 and I am still. 

    • Sort of like extra help and money to help Anya win, there goes Mondo’s competition? Interesting theory… But the producers should give the viewers more credit than that. People like Mondo, but they don’t want a rigged game.

      • jorinde

        of course not as obvious as they did with Anya, this has been just downright stupid.
        but as everybody knew the contestants already, I imagine it hard for the jury to have no winner in mind from the beginning on. And since there was only so little time between Mondo’s season and the uproar in the audience about his second place, I think it was clear that if Mondo did well he would at least end up as one of the final three or two.
        It’s not really a theory of mine that they sent home Mila and Rami to make sure Mondo will win, but it’s really the only way I can explain to myself why Jerell and Michael and Kenley are still in and these two aren’t. I simply can’t find any other explanation. 

  • Dagney

    So on point T and Lo.  At this pint it seems like a pretty easy wrapped up win up for Mondo.  He is the only designer that can combine a tiny bit of innovation with “on trend” and throw in a little quirky personality as a garnish. I would have loved a Rami, Mondo, Mila, face off in the final.  Ah well.

  • Scarlet39

    I keep thinking Austin’s inspiration was Sweden.  Or Philadelphia.

    • mhleta

      Ha! Yes, doesn’t Camden, NJ have a flag that’s awfully similar?

  • VicksieDo

    After the Oscars, Austin’s dress looks even MORE horrible than I remember.  That is terrible!

    Michael’s saving graces (in my opinion) are the speed at which he can work, and that he can sew (cough–Anya–cough). But yes, taste issues have come up quite frequently.  Some of those dresses I still liked, but this is just an inch from mooning everyone, and no one wants to see that!  LOL

    • Caaro3

      You know, I think M. is EDITED to look like he’s speedy.  His -ahem- designs are not intricate.  IMHO, his sewing skills are basic.  Anyway, I can’t stand the ass, so MHO isn’t worth much.

      • No, he really is fairly fast — in his original season, he would finish a dress more than halfway, scrap it, start over, and still have a finished piece to send down the runway regularly.  In the single day they give him, that requires a decent amount of speed. 

        Compare to Anya, whose designs were no harder to execute — in my opinion they were generally much easier, and out of more forgiving fabric, since Micheal has a habit of going shiny — and still sent unfinished crap down that runway (including at FASHION WEEK — STILL pissed about that…)

      • alyce1213

        Oh, he’s fast — they all acknowledge it, including Joanna.  And his sewing skills are excellent, far above basic.  Not defending him or some of his designs, but credit where credit is due.

  • I can’t decide if Michael’s is closer to what my 7 yr old does with a bedsheet when she’s pretending to be Athena, or a reference to Animal House.

  • DinahR

    Forget the dress, Austin’s model looks like she wandered over from the Walking Dead. I wouldn’t be inspired working with her either. At what point did PR models loose ALL their personality? They used to be fun, have opinions and add just a little spark to the show.  Now I just want the girl to close her lips and try to look like she has a pulse.  Poor Austin! 

    •  Kenley’s model looks like a sweetheart (exquisite smile) but even she is starting to look a bit tired.

  • I could not agree with you guys more. 

  • YoungSally

    Maybe Austin panicked because he didn’t have the right matching outfit for the challenge.

  • lrhoff

    Well said!  Sad state of affairs for this show…..which is why I don’t watch it but only rely on your site.

  • I completely agree, T-Lo.  Mila’s dress was impeccably made and interesting.  This wasn’t a red-carpet challenge or cocktail party challenge, so I’m not sure why wearability was necessarily one of the criteria the judges used to criticize her dress.  Looking at all the pictures you post from fashion weeks illustrates that many if not most of the outfits aren’t exactly wearable.  But they are interesting and they can be toned done into something that distills their essence and is wearable.  Mila’s outfit was beautiful in an interesting way, while these two (Austin’s and Michael’s) were ugly and boring.  And don’t get me started on the tickity-tack parade that was Jerrell’s.  This was the worst schmauff of the season so far.

  • When Jerrell was declared Safe last week, I knew Austin had to be a goner. Nope. Saved for a higher purpose while the more talented designer (IMO) goes home. And judging by who is left, I’m much less excited about the final three.

    Michael skates through another week because he works fast and can finish an attractive, inoffensive garment, which explains his success during his own season. And this dress was straight-up trickbag:

  • dorothea_brooke

    A very close call, but I think Austin deserved the schmauf over Michael.  They’re both ugly, they’re both derivative, they’re both tacky, but the colors and execution on Austin’s makes it worse for me.

  • another_laura

    I wa kind of P.O.ed at the Mila aufing and have been P.O.ed at the Michael praise from day one.  

    I think they’re just setting up a Mondo/Kenly/Michael final three so they can show some bitchery and accusations of cheating, copying, blah blah blah I’m sorry I’m even watching this now.  P.R. is finally, once and for all, dead to me.

  • marilyn

    Michael’s dress is both see through and has a back that is WAY too low.  How tacky. 

    Austin’s dress looks like a tie-dye nightmare.

    Maybe both should have been sent home.  

    • Actually, I like the idea of tie-dye for that flag… it could have been very cool.  (My very soon to be sister-in-law loves tie dye, so I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make tie dye work somewhere other than Woodstock)

  • jeneria

    Michael is surviving  because his model is fierce!

  • crash1212

    My oh my, Michael’s model is beautiful…the dress? Not so much.

  • sashaychante

    someone please come up with an alternative word for impeccable. 

    • Lilithcat

      Meticulous?  Flawless?

    • Caaro3

      ‘Stitched, not pinned or stapled”

  • Caaro3

    Austin’s dress looks like the model threw up on it and she’s still feeling nauseous.

    • meowing

      that would explain her facial expression

  • mhleta

    A) I’m actually rather furious that Mila was eliminated. Her design had something most of the other garments lacked, which was an actual Design. It was thoughtful, innovative and well made. A tad conceptual perhaps, but still infinitely more successful than the other attempts mentioned here. (She’s currently designing for the next Star Trek film, and I’m betting a version of this dress makes an appearance.)
    B) It was actually brilliant of you, Tom and Lorenzo, to draw us back to viewing these garments after our eyeballs have been climbing all over the Red Carpet delicacies, because it offers a REAL contrast between what is and isn’t a well executed design.
    C) I believe Michael’s model is the only thing saving him. The girl is flat-out gorgeous and has a walk that makes you want to slap your mama. Austin’s model, however..aye-yi-yi. She looks like she’s just wandering from the loo sweaty and traumatized after a terrible a bout of dysentery. Her head is always lolling off to the side and her expression is one of perpetual pain and suffering. She’s slouchy and has a rather graceless walk. I’m sure she’s wonderful in photographs and is probably a lovely person, but to this pedestrian, the runway is just not her thing. 

    • Judy_J

      I was thinking the very same thing about Austin’s model . The poor girl looks horribly depressed, like the “before” photo in the Cymbalta ad.

  • Zippypie

    Austin…  I like Austin, but I really just don’t think he has shone in this competition at all.  This was just horrible and deserved a schmauf.  Actually it should have been a double elimination of Jerrel and Austin.  I am pissed Mila was aufed – no reason for it except that the producers don’t like her soundbites.

    Michael – it was not good, but it wasn’t horrible.  Just disappointing.  Georgina seems to be the one hanging onto Michael.  No surprise there.

  • DesertDweller79

    Hmmm, I didn’t see the episode.  But, after looking at these, I am very surprised Mila was schmauf’d.  Michael’s is tacky and silly.  And I have liked Michael’s stuff better this season than his first appearance.  But still.  Austin’s is kind of generic.  But, it isn’t ridiculous like Michael’s.  Mila’s was pretty interesting.  Now I kind of want to hear what the judges were saying. Because this decision makes no sense to me.

    • Silly is a very good description for Michaels. 

  • Vickiefantastico

    I absolutely love Austin, but that dress is hideous. The seams are literally falling apart, the colors clash horribly, and the design is boring. I didn’t hate Michael’s, but I agree, it was very beauty queenish. Mila shouldn’t have gone home. And is it just me, but is Austin’s model supposed to be a representation of beauty nowadays? Seriously? Not to be rude, but c’mon!

    And by the way, thanks for the link to the Miss Universe parade of gaudiness. Hilarious!

    • I just realized- Austin’s dress looks like something Endora wore on Bewitched.

      • serenitynow02

        And Endora would have been a much better model than the one Austin is stuck with.

      • rowsella

        Or on some senator’s wife in Spartacus.

  • Austin’s dress looks like the dress that got him “auf’d the first time – minus the colors

  • Also with Mila gone – everyone on the show (except maybe Mondo) are desperate – I know that a lot of people on this site do not like Christian Siriano, but he is always going forward and understands what he needs to do to be successful

  • OK, everybody left has issues, (ok, LOTS of issues) but since it was pointed out last week, what can Austin do about having an absolutely terrible model?

  • Austin, Michael & Jerrell (and seriously, mostly Jerrell) were all more schmauf-worthy than Mila this last episode. It is one thing when it comes down to one other person because at least you can say “well, the judges saw something in that one look that I didn’t,” but there were THREE looks worse than Mila’s  — 3 out of 6 total! That just stinks because it seems the judges were just looking for a pretext to boot Mila. Sadly, they probably were.

  • rainwood1

    Austin’s was so Nancy O’Dell 2.0 that it was eerie.  It wasn’t good, it wasn’t well-made, but it wasn’t the worst thing out there so he lucked out.  

    Michael’s was tacky, tacky, tacky.  I’m not sure he’s always pageant-y in his designs, but he’s never fashion forward.  I’m hoping the lack of innovation eventually gets him the schmauf before Project Mondo gets down to the final 3. 

  • Austin gets a pass just because I love him! I think he just got overwhelmed by too many colors, which is weird. But I agree, no way Michael Costello should be here so long. Waaaay too literal and, like most of his other designs, tacky. I didn’t love Mila’s but it had a lot more thought and subtlety. 

  • Costello’s reminds me of a piece of lingerie that is intended to hint at imminent sideboob and bumcrack exposure, being worn by some rich guy’s mistress in a swanky hotel room on his birthday.  

  • ElitheMonkey

    Austin’s dress gave me flash backs to Bert’s bird dress and subsequent auf’ing. I’m a die hard Austin fan, but even I can’t understand how he didn’t get eliminated and Mila did. 

    • nosniveling

      Bert’s bird dress was 1,000 times better.

    • spititout

      Bert’s bird dress was my first thought when Austin’s came down the runway.  Looking back at Bert’s bird dress reminded me that Bert and Austin seem to design for a similar demographic.  I do love both Bert and Austin, I hope Austin pulls himself together so we can enjoy him on the show longer.  What is Bert up to these days?

  • DominoEstella

    I hate they way Austin style’s his model.  She looks just like a female version of him, washed out and bland each week. I am sure underneath the shimmering makeup and horrible gold lipstick she can look pretty.  

  • Sorry, no sane woman would actually wear Mila’s dress, no matter how impeccably it was made. It looks like a reject from the Star Trek costume closet. 

    • Onymous

       No sane woman would actually wear about 90% of what gets sent down runways, I don’t really see it as a mark against an outfit unless the challenge has a specified a client or a “ready to wear” criteria.

    • I’d wear Mila’s dress with one of two minor changes — either curve the red so that it meets the black more nicely, per TLo’s suggestion, or shorten the red so it’s only an inch or two longer.  It’s dramatic and intense and unique.  (Though to be fair, no one has ever used “sane” as a description in my case…)

    •  And some one, any one, would wear Austin’s or Jerrell’s? (I’ll give Micheal a pass here, because with proper fit, a beauty queen would wear it).
      And I beg to differ than no sane woman would wear Mila’s dress — I present Julianne Moore, Exhibit A:

      (not vouching for the look; just saying some women would wear Mila’s dress).

  • butter nut

    the producers really want austin in the finale.  and that’s fine, i do too.  but this dress was tragic.  it reminded me of the last dress he made in season 1, that got him auf’ed.  

    michael – he’s just gotta go.  

  • Austin should have been out. Haven’t the judges gotten tired of his consistent execution issues? Austin did admit that he can’t deliver a perfectly made garment in the time allotted. But he whisks his feather duster, powders his cheeks, tickles his lips red, and the judges fall over him. The dress? It’s a joke. Droopy drapes. But Austin’s got the porcelain look. He stays.

    Michael made an equally bad dress. Impeccably made? THAT? How about the gaping in the back? The draping ain’t bad. The trim is tacky, and that bejeweled velvet bow should be banned. But he’s got the wide-eyed look, and he tears up when other contestants get sent home, and he contorts his face like he’s bursting with empathy, and he’s entertainingly dim-witted. He stays.

  • guest2visits

    It looks like sometimes the judges will use the ‘curve’ based on passed challenges; as a safe-pass for a
    poor design. (Austin, Micheal.)  But somtimes they don’t. (Jerell.) -?-
    I don’t appreciate Mila’s style like everyone eles; but in this challenge she was top 3.
    I wanted Austin and Michael to do so much better.

  • Onymous

    As terrible as Austin’s is, fuck the judges for that “well it’s not the exact colors of the flag” complaint.

  • I’m sorry, I just can’t with that HORRIBLE, AWFUL, HORRIFYING TRIM!  It’s PAINFUL to look at!  OMG, what would possess anyone to buy that trim?!?

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i cant comment on this show much any more, i am pretty sure it’s fixed. this makes me sad for a whole bunch of reasons most of which are deeper & graver than boy, it was a whole lot more raving & rollicking fun when it wasnt–but theres that too.

    as for these: of course michael made a pageant costume, his aesthetic is fixed in upper middle class palm springs. upper middle class palm springs has got to be a foundation rock for the pageant costume in california. the saddest part of his garment, i think, is that underneath that atrocious trim is a nice, or at least nice enough, dress. better rendered in a different color, of course. still, he’s got some technical skills which impress some people. some of which may be diane von furstenburg, someone who knows her way around making a technical skill appealing. so, of course, theres that. theres probably more too but i have a sinus headache so it wont be me bringing at least it up.

    otoh, austin’s output this season is far, far sadder. what is he doing this stuff for? it’s a real question. does he hate so much his placing w/in the rigged schema? but it isnt a bad placing if the schema i’ve read is the correct one. has he run out of ideas? obviously no–not if the rainbow connection videotape is an indication of what he can do. once one gets past his grasping for notes that thing was truly touching, truly wonderful. i would love to say it reminds me of people i know. i would love to say that & i would say it, too [ask anyone who i still talk to IRL] even though it’s not technically accurate. not any more. the thing is i no longer know them only cos they are no longer among us for anyone to know. i’m sure i am not the only person here who understands all of that. & if austin can hit that note, that emotional note [nevermind the ones on the scale], he has still got plenty to tell us.

    but he’s not doing it here.

    it’s hard to watch this show now, in fact i’ve stopped, cos there is no rhyme or reason to the judging. & pretty much everyone on camera seems to know that &, perhaps, what lurks beneath. & pretty much everyone on camera seems depressed. & i would so much rather watch people make neat things that are real things even if they are forced to be catty about it. anyway.

  • Susan Crawford

    The screencaps for Austin’s dress revealed even more horror than I suspected. First of all, it looks as though it was made of nylon shower curtain liners. That hideous twisty ropy thing and the bizarre headpiece were just plain awful. Tragic, Miz Scarlett. Just tragic.

    Michael Costello’s “Homage to Greece” – land of his ancestors, except I sort of dimly also remember him talking about being Roma during his season, but perhaps I had spent too much time at the T-Lounge. Aanyway, this dress was freaking vulgar and cheap-looking. The blue and silver trim looked like something from the $1.00 a roll ribbon bin at the local Craft-o-Rama. The yards and yards and yards of sheer polyester curtain material still managed to make that poor model look like an extra in a low-budget porno set in ancient Athens: a knock on the Temple door; our heroine slithers over in Michael’s dress and opens the door.

    “Souvlaki delivery for the Goddess Clitora,” says the strapping youth in the laurel wreath and sandals.

    “Come on in, sweetie. You look exhausted from all that souvlaki-delivering. How about relaxing in the pool for a while? My twin Sister-Goddess Lubricia would love to meet you.”

    Cue the music: Bow-chicka-bow-bow . . .

    Michael, please, just go away and be Mondo’s friend. If Mondo sees something lovable in you, well, bless his little heart. this old beeyotch is SO done with you! Schmauf with your head!

    • Yeah, but at different points you’ll hear me refer to myself as Scottish, Irish, German, English, Dutch, Swiss or Spanish.  All of them are true.  (Though generally it’s really only the Scottish or the Irish I mention:)

      • Susan Crawford

        True, Shannon. I’m mostly Scottish, Irish and English, but I think there’s a bit of Norwegian in there somewhere. So Michael should celebrate ALL his ancestors and their cultures . . . just not with hiddy droopy dresses trimmed with tinsel-bedecked velvet, pleasepleaseplease!

        • There is no way I would ever allow a trim that ugly on a dress that represented my ancestors!

  • Glammie

    Now that I’ve seen all of them, I really, really don’t like the judges/producers for the Mila auf.  She should have been no lower than third.  Austin’s is old-fashioned with ugly colors.  Michael’s has some seriously tacky trim–reminds me of the Halloween costumes my mom used to make–they were great Halloween costumes, but that kind of detailing is very loving-hands-at-home.  Jerrell’s was a horror story.

    Should have been Mondo, Kenley (yes, she’s got her one look, but that version wasn’t a bad version–esp. in light of the rest of this.)  Then Mila for doing something different in her graphic way–then Austen, MIchael and Jerrell, with any of the three schmauf-worthy.

    There’s a N-M in my town and, wow, of the remaining designers, I don’t see any of their lines being a natural for Needless Mark-up.  Mondo’s a bit too costumey, though he does some good separates. Maybe Austen for some things–evening wear.  The other contestants–not a chance in hell.  Rami and Mila really were the two whose aesthetics worked for the NM customer.  Kara Janx, though she missed the boat on the challenges, has also designed stuff that worked.

  • BrightsideSusan

    I completely agree with you about Michael.  I think they have given Austin a number of free passes because they know he can do so much better.  I thought Mila should have stayed and Jerrell should have gone.

  • Both of these should have been schmauf’d instead of Mila.

    But Mila doesn’t whine or scream or pout or do any other assorted reality show fakery. So auf she goes.–GothamTomato

  • HelenNPN

    Honestly neither of these dresses are even good enough for pageant wear.

    • No, pageant girls take their wardrobe seriously — I have a friend that gave up her toenails for life for Miss Minnesota.  (Size 9.5 shoes make your feet look too big apparently, so she stuffed hers into 8.5’s and her toenails eventually died.) 

  • Damien W

    I would have schmauf’d half the cast that night. There was nothing that was win-worthy. Worst bunch of looks since the stilts, or maybe evne Tiki Barber.

  • adnama79

    Followed the link to the Miss Universe pageant and that is some awesome stuff.  I hope the HUNGER GAMES people got some of those Miss Universe people to do their pageant/entrance costuming.  BTW, yes, Hunger Games is a silly young adult series, but it reads like an action movie that combines Battle Royale with Project Runway.  Go.  Now.  Consume the books.  Blood sport + Project Runway.  You know you want to.

    Oh, and I was really worried for Austin.  I’m glad he’s still in the show–yay for cumulative judging.  Although if it were 100% cumulative judging, Michael and Jerrell would be long gone.

    • I actually can’t wait for the next Miss Universe so I can read T&Lo’s captions.

    • CarolinLA

      Why would Michael be gone?  He won the Miss Piggy challenge (did he win two in a row?  I can’t remember) and he’s been in the top quite a few times, right?  Sure, he’s had some missteps but certainly not along the lines of Jerrell.

  • quiltrx

    I really don’t have anything to say about these two overwrought nightgowns, BUT…

    …I have to say that I want to slap the shit out of Austin’s model every time I see her.  Is she mistaking an immensely pissed-off expression for a sexy one??

    • If she looked pissed, I could live with that — she just looks like a petulant teenager girl who’s pouting because Daddy wouldn’t pay for all the upgrades on the Benz for her.

  • Rroxy

    Thank you! Tacky, tacky, tacky! In fact, “tacky” is Michael C”s middle name. And I do agree that Austin’s dress was far more schauf-worthy than Mila. He should’ve been bottom two with Jerell… and Jerell should’ve gone home. Honestly, that caricature of a dress is an insult to the Indian culture. Still, I’m glad Austin’s still in it. What a diva!

  • Call me Bee

    Auston’s dress is really similar to his Grammy dress from Season One.  Same chiffon, same shape, very similar details on the neckline.  Everyone loved that one and hates this one?  I guess I’m not seeing the difference.  And I’m not saying it’s a great dress, but it’s not awful.  I thought he incorporated the colors of the flag nicely without getting too garish. 

    Michael’s annoyed me to death.  The only thing that kept him from the schmauf was Leslie, his model.  She rocked that mess like her life depended on it. 

    • I don’t know that people loved that dress so much as they didn’t think it deserved an auf.  Besides, something that was great 9 years ago looks quite dated now.

  • thekitchenat401

    This may have been mentioned in threads below, however I’m being lazy and have failed to read all 199 of them. However – Austin’s dress…dead ringer for the purple/blue/”ombre” concoction from the Nancy O’Dell challenge in season 1 that got him auf’d. Kenly’s dress – dead ringer for the hand painted flower dress with side ruffle and high neckline from her runway show. Imma kinda over the recycling this season. As much as I’m loving Issac, I wonder if if the Tangerine Queen or Miss Nina would have called them out on this. 

  • miatamam

    Absolutely agree with the Michael comments!  This one not so much, but I always get the feeling Michael’s dresses should stay away from open flames.  They just somehow always remind me of Polly Ester.


    Huh, I don’t remember Austin’s dress at all. I was shocked when I scrolled down and saw it was his. 

  • Judi Townsend

    This is exactly I no longer what the show, just read about it here. The design focus of the competition has been lacking for a long time. The show is a shadow of what it used to be. And in reality outside of Christian Soriano – what have any of the Project Runway winners accomplished?

  • I think Michael’s is at least kinda pretty.  Austin’s “dress” looks more like a 8th grade Home Economic Homework.

    The remaining designers are kinda disappointing.  Mila at least has some edge and fresh ideas.  I’m so sick of Kenley’s Cheap Baby Doll dresses and Austin’s ugly messes.   Jerell also fails to impress. 

  • I didn’t like Michael C’s dress-but maybe I’m as “ticky tacky” as he is, because I found that strap in the back kinda cute and interesting. (I’m sure it’s been done better elsewhere before, I just haven’t seen it much). I wish he had not cut the back so “porn star butt cleavage-ish”, among other things. 

  • I completely disagree with T-Lo. I thought that these were the ONLY two good outfits on the runway. I was a little weary of Michael’s design, until he mentioned “Greek Goddess” then it made TOTAL sense. I was so happy that Mila was sent home. I also thought that Austin should have replaced Kenley in the top 3. I thought that Mondo’s was… boring. I can’t believe I just typed that. Obviously Jerrell should have been sent home.

  • Catiline

    With all due respect to the Seychelles, I think Austin screwed himself with his choice of flag.  Michael had two colors to work with, blue and white; Mondo and Kenley had three; Jerrell and Mila had four; Austin had five equally dominant swaths of color on the flag he chose.  At the beginning of the episode I wondered how he was going to pull that off, and I wasn’t surprised that he choked (although I was hoping he’d pull something out!).

  • guest2visits

    Do you ever re-design these ‘looks’ in your head; – Especially for the designers you knew could do better?
         I wished Michael had stuck to the first dress he pinned to his form (beautiful,- classic Greek); and taken that
    blue fabric (whatever it was) and made a small jacket with his own twist.
         I was the invisible spectre behind Austin at Mood shouting nooo!…put that shit down….don’t listen to Kenley!
    I would’ve made a long flow-y white gown and a long elegant blue coat over it. The rest of the colors could’ve been put
    into a long airy scarf just letting the ends catch the breeze.  There. Fixed. Another couch-creation for the win!! yay.

  • bitterk

    At one point throughout this season I have thought that each of the designers have taste issues.  There are no Laura Bennetts this year.  After looking at the parade of mediocrity on the red carpet this past week, I’d venture to say there is a big market for Michael’s ticky-tacky pageant dresses.  Especially considering the dresses we saw on the carpet were not made in a day, on a $100 budget from Mood, to match a flag. 

  • You keep mentioning Mila as so fabulous and creative but.. that look with the rabbit chubby and the skirt made out of a scarf….well, if you asked me to wear either Kara’s piece or Mila’s and walk down a NYC street for 15 minutes, for safety’s sake, I would’ve worn Kara’s.

  • You keep mentioning Mila as so fabulous and creative but.. that look with the rabbit chubby and the skirt made out of a scarf….well, if you asked me to wear either Kara’s piece or Mila’s and walk down a NYC street for 15 minutes, for safety’s sake, I would’ve worn Kara’s.

  • Austin’s dress here was an almost verbatim repeat of the dress that got him auf’ed in season one…