PR All Stars: Ruffles and Bindis

Posted on February 24, 2012

This is a pretty clear redux of things Kenley’s done before, but we don’t think it was entirely fair for the judges to ding her for it, since at this point in the game, you can say that about almost everybody’s entries.



We don’t hate it, nor do we have any problem with the rather tenuous connection to Chile (“SPANISH RUFFLES!”). We weren’t seeing much of Jamaica in Mondo’s or Papa New Guinea in Mila’s either. It’s cute, it’s perky, it’s entirely Kenley. Worthy of a win? No, but worthy of the praise it got. It’s eye-catching and has an interesting shape to it. She’s getting tossed soon, though. We can feel it. She’s stubbornly inside her box just a bit too much. It’s one thing to pull something out of your trickbag; it’s another thing to keep pulling similar things out of your trickbag.


The grand irony here is that Jerell did actually try to incorporate some cultural elements into his design, unlike most of the other designers, but the result was an ugly mish-mash that bordered on parody.



The problem here is that Jerell zeroed in on aspect of Indian clothing design at the expense of all others: “embellishment.” It’s a word he used over and over to describe his work. But embellishments have never been a weak point with Jerell’s work. In fact, the most consistent criticism you can make about it is that it’s over-embellished, in almost every case. He’d have been much better off tamping down his own grandiose tendencies and focussing on shape and form first, with embellishment bumped somewhere further down the list. There are some semi-decent ideas here, we suppose. But it sure is hard to find them under the treasure chest of trim and jewelry he piled on the poor girl. Shouldabin Schmauf’d.

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  • Jordan Brodley

    Jerell has been sliding by on being not as bad as someone else. This is going to end for him soon.

    • zelavie

      True up until this week.  With this dress, he was CLEARLY worse than Mila and probably even Austin.  I mean, how could the judges overlook that piss-poor construction, if nothing else?  This is the first time this season that I’m flat out mad at the auf, because it absolutely should have been Jerell.

      • Glammie

        Jeez, Mila was sent home over that!!!  What the FUCK?  I mean, c’mon.  This is inexcusable.  

        Well, TLo, thanks for covering this–since I realized that I couldn’t keep watching (though I’ll try to come back for the finale)–I can sort of track things through you, but with some lovely right-minded snark.

      • JosephLamour

        I don’t get how they could complain about how jarring Mila’s hem was, and praise how jarring his white ribbon racing stripe was. Also, is it just me or is Jerrel’s face so smooth it looks like hes been power washed? Jealousy- of his lovely skin and not of his designs.

        • sleah_in_norcal

          that man does take care of himself.  he’s always running around the apartment with some treatment on his face.

      • annieanne

        Agree wholeheartedly. This was the very definition of hot mess and he deserved the auf. As much as I think Mila is someone without much range to her design skills, she was head and shoulders above this.

    • adnama79

       The bad belly dancing outfit should have gotten him sent home.  Failing that, this should have.  It’s awful and costumey and cliched and ugly.  I don’t know why he was in All Stars to begin with.  I really don’t know why he’s still here.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        this is the second act of the bad belly dancing performance, with homemade costumes out of things from your dorm room.

  • MoHub

    Kenley’s reference to Spanish goes hand in hand with Top Chef describing cuisine with the generic term Asian. Many countries have Spanish a a primary language, but that doesn’t make their cultures identical. In fact, I once worked on a book about doing substance-abuse work in Hispanic communities, and one of the stories it told was about a Cubano social worker who moved from Florida to Texas and tried to bring European Spanish-based celebrations to his new venue. Unfortunately, the Mexicans didn’t have quite the same love for the Conquistadors or the ties to Spain that the Cubans did, and he nearly got ridden out of town on a rail.

    • JMansm

      Not to be nitpicky but your comment piqued my interest so I feel I need to discuss it. I think that those two issues are completely different problems. I agree with the Spanish thing – just because Spain had influence in Chile doesn’t mean that that particular Spanish influence is present in Chile (although you could also make the argument that not everyone in Spain likes those ruffles, so sometimes when we start to critique generalizations it becomes a bit useless, when we’re talking about inspiration/reference I think we’re allowed to be a bit vague and general). The part I have a problem with, though, is the Top Chef comment. I think that on Top Chef when they say Asian they are using it two different ways and neither of them are problematic 1) As an umbrella term for the various types of Asian cuisines (and they do specify between Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. when it’s necessary) and 2) when they’re referencing Asian fusion (combinations from two or more specific regions) or Pan-Asian cuisine (food that draws general inspiration from multiple Asian cuisines). I don’t think that they use it in a “generic” way but more when they’re trying to talk about more than one thing at once. 

      • MoHub

        But even then the Asian catch-all stays to the Eastern side of the continent and doesn’t recognize—as most Americans don’t—that most of the Middle East, a huge hunk of Russia, and India and its neighbors are also in Asia. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see Floyd Cardoz among the Asian chefs on Wednesday’s show.

        They just don’t seem to teach Geography—from reading maps to understanding other cultures—in the schools any more.

        • Melvis Velour

          Amen!  I told someone I was from the Middle East and her response was “Are you from Cleveland?”  And she is a teacher…

          • Oh my. That’s scary.

          • Please tell me your answer was “yes”

          • Melvis Velour

            Oh hell yes!  You think this Bitter Kitten would pass up an opportunity like that?

            She then asked me what neighborhood I grew up in and I told her Beirut and you could see her little brain trying to figure out where that was in Cleveland.  I left her still blinking with that “…uh…what now?” smile frozen on her face, got my boyfriend and got the hell out of there…

          • cmb92191

            Hey, now for people that used to live in Cleveland… watch it!   It is a very lovely city with a fun little vibrant scene and the most decent people on earth.  If you can put up with LOTS of snow, it’s a great place.  That is a poor excuse of a teacher.

          • Melvis Velour

            I love Cleveland – despite the horrible weather – especially one rather strapping morsel who kept me well occupied during a snowstorm…

          • sleah_in_norcal

            speaking of snow, it’s snowing in norcal !  finally!  maybe now my house won’t burn down this summer when there’s no water.

      •  I’d prefer the even broader fusion, though.

    • VicksieDo

       That’s what I keep thinking.  They are fashion designers working within a world of cultures, and they should have a clue about fashion elsewhere and in the past.  They think they can just conjure things from their imaginations with no basis in a grounded understanding of these important fashion facts. Drives me crazy.  NOT that I’m that conversant, but I don’t call myself a fashion designer.


      In point of fact Chilean culture is far more Spanish than it is Indigenous.   As in Argentina, the ethnicity of Chile is overwhelmingly European.   Traditional Indigenous Cultures are far more pervasive in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.   I know this in part because I’ve worked in the theater with people from all of these countries.   I can also tell you that ruffles figure strongly in traditional Chilean dance costumes.   Look it up if you don’t believe me.   As long as you’re on the computer try using google; it doesn’t substitute for first hand knowledge, but its a start.      

      • bluefish

        No kidding and thank you for making this point.  And by that I mean the matter of overwhelmingly European ethnicity in Chile and Argentina both.  If Lifetime-PR-Judges et al are going to this route, they need to do their homework and get it right.  If only to prevent the contestants and themselves from looking like the ignorant folk they are. 

        • JohannaEG

          I wish the viewers had gotten to see what was inside the dossiers. Did the designers get any of this kind of info? And if they went to the UN, couldn’t they have taken trips to the country of interest’s consulate or mission to the UN?

          • I wish the judges had gotten to see what was inside the dossiers. The judges need to know exactly what the contestants have been told and what they have been given as source material. Too often the judges seem to be rating the designs by their own criteria which doesn’t match what we have seen as the designers’ assignment.

      • Melvis Velour

        Word – I was in Chile and remember the almost Czech like national costumes and folk dances we saw.  The guys on the other hand…in those boots with the gaiters and spurs…ai dios mio!

      •  We are the Brits of America! No, really.

  • Lattis

    Jerrel’s entry looks like he did it for last week’s challenge, the rich woman in Godspell. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Except worse, somehow.

  • Sara__B

    I’m in total agreement with your comments. Jerell should have been eliminated this week instead of Mila. Once again, he miraculously escaped to over-embellish another week. Kenley’s was cute, flattering, and unremarkable, a typical Kenley creation.

  • Jerell: Someone in the lounge said pinata, and that sounds right to me.  Gaudy, poorly put together, and ready to come apart. Kenley’s dress was not bad at all, though apparently the ruffles were not finished in any way, which bugged me. Except for Mondo’s, it was the only dress one could imagine someone wearing in public.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      kenley’s reminds me more of a pinata than jerrell’s,  with the strips and hearts and all those ruffles.  girl better watch out for young boys with baseball bats coming after her candy.

  • Chile or not, reductive of her other entries so far or not…I ADORE Kenley’s look and know 50 girls who would wear it out tonight!

    • Lattis

      ITA. There are probably 50 girls in every city in the US who’d wear Kenley’s dress (please see ModCloth ad at right).
      It’s probably true that she’s not going to last much longer in this competition, but I like Kenley’s trickbag so much better than Jerrel’s it’s hard for me to be impartial.

  • I am just stunned that he is still in this thing. That was the most crap-tastic thing I have ever seen. It looks like when my daughter plays dress-up and shoves scarves into her belt and tapes things to her arm.  Except the top on Jerrell’s is more poorly made than the costumes she wears. Put a picture of this in the dictionary next to the phrase: hot mess. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Haven’t seen the episode yet, but gawdalmighty, that bust on Jerell’s dress is creating a huge titscrepancy. 

    • Ennovi_R


    • OMG, titscrepancy!!!!! I love it.

      • Thathoodwink

        I think Tom and Lorenzo have used that term in their past critiques. Great word.

      • Pretty sure thats a gofugyourself term 😉

        • Nope, that was coined here by one of our readers years ago.

  • How come no one mentions that Kenley’s dress is unfinished. Those ruffles are just raw cut and not finished off– some of them are even fraying and raveling. I don’t think she MEANT to do that either. It made her dress look trashy.

    • The seam joining the two skirt sections is oddly curved as well, in a way that I’m pretty sure isn’t intentional. 

      • Yah, as someone who is over Kenley, I noticed that stuff right away. Assymetry does not originality make, miss thing. Same goes for Mila, who unfortunately got the schmauf, even though Jerrell’s assymetry was the worst of the night.

        • I don’t mind asymmetery — but that wonky seam wasn’t a design element, it was just badly done.

    • mhleta

      I didn’t mind the frayed seams. I did mind the half-assed collar, especially from the rear view. I could see this dress at Charlotte Russe. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “trashy, but it’s not terrifically high end. But, a lot of girls would wear it. But they’d wear it with Uggs or some dreadful thing and then I’d have to blind myself.  

  • Pupioso

    Jerrell totally should have gotten the Schmauf over Mila for this. That was terrible.

  • rainwood1

    I thought Kenley’s was super cute, and she did well considering she had red, white, and blue.  Jerell’s actually wasn’t so bad before he did the green fabric draping and if he’d skipped some of the jewelry.  Once he did those things, I thought he was a goner.  Not that it matters.  We all know this is Project Mondo so it doesn’t really matter what order all the others get schmaufed.

    • mhleta

      Rainwood, look at the profile of Jerrel’s dress again. The bust is so ill-fitting and ugly. It’s so bad. 

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I had some really high hopes for Jerell and India – I thought it was the perfect match. But that looks like a college girl’s Halloween costume after watching Slumdog Millionaire.

    And I find it annoying that ’embellishment’ is what most designers think of with South Asian design. It’s a big part of the aesthetic, but I would say the use of prints, color, and use of fabric are just as, if not a larger part, of the style. I wish the designers were allowed more research.

    • Geno Boggiatto

      It’s definitely tough to give the designers a challenge like this because the designs are almost always going to resort to stereotypes. I’d love to see what was in the packets that they were provided on about each country.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        Agreed. I thought a smarter way to incorporate foreign elements would be to actually meet with a working designer from another country, or at least see some pieces up close. Because, really? Even with Jerell going this route, his attempt at Indian embellishment was amateur. This is what it can look like:

        No Xena headband can evoke that.

        • Geno Boggiatto

          Meeting with a designer from that country would have been a great way to get some quick research in!

          • Stubenville

            But that would involve spending actual money which the producers are loathe to do.

        • Karn Mazzei

          Sari’s are beautiful, that green shit was no sari.

          • CarolinLA

            No, it was just sorry.

      • I wish they would have had each designer chose a flag and nation from their own ethnic background (like the astrological sign challenge in season 5).  I think the results would have been so much more interesting and culturally respectful. 

        • Elaine Lang

           I did a lot of cringing this episode.   Lots of dropping words like “ethnic” and “tribal” and the stilted intro and THs at the UN just added up to a whole lot of NO.  

          • Pinup Ghoul

             “Tribal” irks me in particular. For lots of reasons.

    • Kristin McNamara

      “But that looks like a college girl’s homemade Halloween costume after watching Slumdog Millionaire.”

      THAT IS THE EXACT SENTENCE THAT POPPED UP IN MY HEAD WHEN I SAW HIS WALK DOWN THE RUNWAY. So much of it is cliche and stereotype (and the parts that AREN’T direct cliches or stereotypes are referencing them! Read: the freakin headband on her forehead pretending to be a bindi), it’s borderline offensive, IMO.

    • I actually think of the color and prints FIRST.  The fabric itself is often quite ornate, which I think is maybe where the embellishment thought comes from — even a piece that isn’t embellished seems like it may be because of the fabric. 

      • Spicytomato1

        So true. Kind of ironic…if he’d let the perfect fabric take center stage and edited carefully he could have really nailed that “embellished” vibe without resorting to so much, well, embellishment!

  • Geno Boggiatto

    I’m really surprised Jerell wasn’t eliminated this week. Looking at his portfolio of work this season vs. Mila’s, it’s interesting that they chose him to go this week. His entry was arguably the weakest.

    It would have been more interesting to have the contestants pick a country based on their own background. That would have made the entries more personal and probably more culturally impacted.

    • Apparently I should scroll down before posting!  😀

      • Geno Boggiatto

        Great minds think alike 😉

  • Yes, a thousand times, yes. He could have done a modern gown with a sari-influence in lovely colors, and slid on through to the next round. Instead he threw the entire trims row of Mood onto fabric, threw a green sample from the remnants table over it, and piled more embellishments on for good measure. Atrocious.

  • “Ugly mish-mash that bordered on parody” = Jerell’s work in general.  Why aren’t the judges tired of it yet?

  • BrooklynBomber

    For me, Kenley’s dress could have won as easily as Mondo’s. The whole thing was a parade of meh.

  • Synnamin

    I bet Jerrell makes it into the top 3-4. Why? Every season they keep some completely whack designer for the top, apparently in an attempt to create “dramatic tension.” Ugh. I have no idea what the judges were smoking to keep this outfit over Mila’s.

    • random_poster

      Yes, unfortunately I think Michael and Jerrell are playing the tension roles together. 

  • Kenley made the same stupid dress in her original season. She is sooooo ONE NOTE!…Jerell should have went home. 

    • Wasn’t that one of her ripoff dresses, too? It’s one thing for Mondo to look back, but Kenley’s PR work was a few years before that.
      Though I think I might be more irritated that she can’t seem to do anything besides a basic block for her tops. Be a designer, Kenley… stop making your tacky fabrics do all the work for you.

      And yeah, Jerell should definitely have gone home. Mila’s was unquestionably a much better design.

  • serenitynow02

    Jerell’s really reeks of low budget movie costume. Auf-worthy indeed.

    • CarolinLA

      It looks like something someone’s mom would make for a high school musical version of Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

  • Ugh. Jerrell’s use of illusion netting does nothing except give the illusion of lots of sloughed skin folds. Sexy! The execution is horrible and her boobs look sad and saggy. And the Indian-or-vaguely-exotic-science-fiction costume aspect is laughable, made more so with the sporty racing stripes down the arms. Ugh. Shiny and puckered and weighed down! He hit the tacky lottery with this one. The Mood notions department must have made a mint between Jerrell and Michael.

    Sewing Siren pointed out the pattern-specific differences between Kenley’s Chile dress and her Balenciaga dress from season 5 ( I didn’t notice the diagonal line formed by the bottom of the solid portion of the skirt and the diagonal mock turtleneck on this Chilean one. Well, I just had a problem in Kenley’s description of her use of ruffles as “Spanish-like”; we’re discussing CHILE, Kenley, not Spain!

    Ugh. Has Project Runway All-Stars started World War III? I don’t think that Chile has nuclear weapons, but I’m pretty sure that India does…

    • India does, but India’s too busy with Pakistan to get involved with us 😉

      • Onymous

         Suffice to say Project Runway: Pakistan has been treading on eggshells all season.

  • hughman

    Sex and the City 3 – the girls go to India and Samantha spies Jerrell’s dress. “Bollywood? I know I would all the way to the Ganges. Rowr.”

  • beebee10

    yes, shoulda been schmaufed is correct. Mila was robbed. 

  • BuffaloBarbara

    There’s something odd in the proportions of Kenley’s–that giant top and really short bottom don’t work.  But you’re right about everyone grabbing things out of their trickbags–Kenley got called on it, and you can almost see the producer note in Isaac’s e-mail: “Kenley going next week; give her one good outing on top, but make sure to call her out on one thing  you know she won’t change: That 50s thing.  She’ll do it again, then you can rip her a new one and send her home.  Todah, darling!”

    • dress_up_doll

      It must be the proportions that are making me crazy because I think that Kenley’s dress is terrible. Not so much because we’ve all seen it before, but because it has a half-assed quality about it, is way too short, the ruffles are too raw and unfinished and her fabric choices are discordant. Maybe I’m getting old, but I actually find it shocking that so many comments have said how much young women would love to wear this dress. I just do not get it. At all.

      • cluecat

        Yeah!  I can’t believe there haven’t been more comments about the poor quality in Kenley’s workmanship.  Those seams – pucker city!

        I’m not sure what young women would want to wear that dress, either.  There’s nothing clever in the fabric choices or cute about the assymetry.  It looks like two garments fused randomly together.  Why Mila got the boot and not Kenley is beyond me — At least Mila’s Franken-creation was well crafted. 

    • I couldn’t put my finger on what was bugging me about Kenley’s dress, besides the fabric covered hip tumor, that is. You’re right. The proportions are way off. And I can see in the photos that it’s even shorter than it looked on the runway.

      I actually can see why some people love it, but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

  • What is up with the weird neck treatment on Kenley’s dress? (I won’t even bother to comment on the “Chile is just like Spain!” aspect.) From the front, it’s fine; from the back, it looks like a mistake, as if she didn’t zip her turtleneck up all the way and half of it got tucked under.

    • It looks like she was trying to mimic the angle of the seam in the skirt in the neckline.  Looking closely, it’s not a mistake–it looks intentional. 
      Also–someone mentioned the proportion of this dress and then it hit me why I don’t like it.  The top, with the high nek nd long sleeves, is way to much for the cute, flirty skirt.  It looks top-heavy.  Would have looked better with either a longer skirt, or keep the skirt and make the bodice with a scoop neck and/or shorter sleeves.

  • Mefein

    You know, it would have been interesting to see a Kenley-Austin team challenge.  When Austin goes wrong, it’s so often on the droopy side because he didn’t have his preferred “weeks and weeks” to work on a dress.  But you got to give it to Kenley, her looks are always incredibly polished and impeccably fitted.  Could have been interesting, his flamboyant flourish with her tailoring…

  • Jerrell should have gone home.  This was atrocious.  It did look like a national costume… and a tacky, ugly national costume.

  • What bugged me most about the episode was the judges constantly mentioning ponchos as the standard attire for Chileans. Like, do they think people in Chile ONLY wear ponchos? Really?! I know two people from Chile and I’ve never seen either in a poncho. 

    • piperkitty

      I laughed so hard at your comment that my husband woke up and asked me what was going on 🙂

      • AthenaJ

        I just broke out into laughter about the poncho comment at work! The other cubicle dwellers around me must think I’m nuts, lol.

    • RroseSelavy

      I’ve got to say, I know the poncho thing is way off, and ruffles are probably quite reductive, but I personally don’t have a better image in my mind of fashion in Chile. I’d love to see that dossier. I genuinely know more about Papua New Guinea than I do Chile.

      • I’d love to see the dossier on the Seychelles. I know NOTHING about them. I mean, NOTHING.

        • CarolinLA

          The only thing I know is that Sayid shot that guy on the golf course there in LOST.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Difference between Kenley and Mondo re the issue of re-doing the same clothes–Mondo might be pulling out a remake of something he has done in the past but hasn’t made the same clothes over and over on this very All Stars show. Though most of Kenley’s clothes are well designed, they are repeats of themselves and too polka dotted (and face it, the hearts were polka dots) and cutesie.

    • I totally agree with you. I thought that Kenley’s criticism about reusing the same elements on her clothes came from what they’ve seen so for on this show from her, not taking previous season’s showings into consideration.


    Not only did Jerell make his model look thick, he actually sliced the poor girl’s stomach open in four spots! And she bleeds gartuitous amounts of kelly green fabric!

    Really though, what a freakshow.

    • Maybe he was trying to get a job with the new Star Trek flick too — Vulcan’s bleed green…


        If that’s the case, I’m very excited to see these updated Vulcans that apparently are going to shoot lasers from their foreheads.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Oh, also, that seam that is supposed to be on Jerell’s model’s left shoulder is halfway down her arm!  WTF??  That is one sad, saggy, ugly ass look. 

  • I thought it should’ve been Jerell rather than Mila as well. When I saw Jerell’s dress before he added the green fabric, it didn’t look too bad. Mila’s had problems, but it looked pretty smart until you got below the hips and the red just kept going and going and going.

  • judybrowni

    I’ve said this before in comments, but although Mila’s Franken dress may have destroyed it’s creator, it would have been better justice if Jerrel’s Indian monster dress had isprouted a dozen Kali arms and strangled him.

    • RroseSelavy

      I could read that 100 times and still like it.

  • PastryGoddess

    Lemme just say that if Jerrell ends up in the final 2 or 3, I will personally drive the bus with studded tires that runs over the producers of this show.  Maybe if we clear everyone out, they’ll remember that this is PROJECT RUNWAY, not the lifetime movie of the week.

    Tickets are $30 each or you may pay me in shoes

    • tinyredlocks

      I’n in. What size shall I bring for you?

    • piperkitty

      Put me down for a pair,I’ll pay up front.

      • PastryGoddess

        I wear a size 9. I think we need to request a shoe post from Uncles TLo Stat so I can pick out my ransom favorite shoes

    • Pennymac

      Sign me up.

    • Stubenville

      Put me down for a ticket and I’ll chip in for gas, too.

    • I’m there with you.  I can snitch a pair from my size-9 wearing daughter–she has some fabulous shoes…

  • Kenley’s does make a little more sense seeing the pictures here. On my TV the blue hearts looked black and the red and white stripes read as pink. So I was wondering why they fussed at Austin about color palette when it looked like Kenley used black and pink instead of blue and red. 

    Poor Jerell, I was sure he was the auf. It wasn’t just that he went to literal, it’s that he even went overboard when it came to literal. I was sure he was the one who saved Austin’s ass this week. I still think he should have been the one to go home. 

  • dya2637

    The biggest problem with Kenley’s is not that it looks like everything else shes done but that from the back it looks like the girl got her dress stuck in side her panties. As for Jerell disqsus does not provide enough space to truly dissect the problems with that heap of fabric.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Wow, Jerrell’s dress was UUUUUU-GLY. True, he did incorporate cultural elements, but as per usual, he went way overboard with the embellishments. I laughed when he grabbed for that Indian flag like a fat kid grabbing for cake. OF COURSE Jerrell would want the flag of the country whose style of dress is known for its embellishments. If only he knew how to show some restraint, this could have been gorgeous, but the result was a little Julius Caesar goes to India and shops at the 99 Rupee store.

  • Jerell incorporated elements that would never be found on an (traditional) Indian woman:  wearing black, and sheer fabric. Add to that the awful, awful ’embellishments,’ and I still can’t believe he didn’t go home.  Watched last half of this episode last night (first one of the season) and was reminded with a smack upside the head why I don’t watch PR anymore.

  • Jerell’s dress was so sloppy, but I could see some good ideas in there and could understand the positive comments the judges made, even understand the guest judge’s fascination with it. That white strip on the arm is pretty cool.

    Her dress was cute, but I’m so glad Mizrahi warned Kenley about making the same thing over and over. I just wonder if she’ll listen. 

    When is there going to be another two day challenge?

  • Jerrell’s is simply ugly.  There’s really nothing attractive there.  It doesn’t feel Indian to me, either — though I’m far from an expert:)  When I think “India,” I think of the stunningly beautiful fabrics, and this not only doesn’t have that, but it doesn’t even manage to be reminiscent of them.

    Kenley… dear god, someone give that girl a stack of solid fabrics!  She uses so many prints and she picks such AWFUL ones!  I think she could be a much better designer if she’d stop buying those horrid prints.  I will say I love the neckline in the front.  The slanting high neck is cool.  She needed to line it up in the back, though, because that’s clunky.

  • VicksieDo

    Jerell NEEDS to watch the Chanel Bombay line to see just how far wrong he went.–chanel-fashion-show-27,0

  • MzzPants

    I cannot, absolutely cannot believe these are the looks that trumped Mila’s gown.

    • Stubenville

      I agree with you, but I think I may have the explanation. Despite the PR “next big designer” boasting, the judges (and perhaps the producers) have a very small comfort zone. So looks which are too fashion forward or even color combinations which aren’t current make them nervous. Hence Jerrell’s ugly but conventional stayed over Mila’s flawless but avant garde.

      • That plus the producers are eliminating any real competition for Mondo.  I’m convinced that’s what’s really going on. 

  • I was expecting Jerell to get aufed for that outfit – to me it didn’t say “India” at all, more like “Xena the Warrior Princess cosplay outfit”, and ill-fitting to boot. (That’s not to say I didn’t like it; if I’d seen it on an attendee at a fantasy convention I’d have thought it was pretty cool!)

    Didn’t love Kenley’s outfit, mainly because of my personal prejudices against polka dots (heart-shaped ones, yet – {grimace}) and pink frills, but it did seem slightly more on point than some of the others – even if it gave the optical illusion that half of her skirt was flying up.

    Hoping for a more interesting challenge next week; the previews make it look like more controversy’s coming, which could be good, but the previews (as we have learned to our sorrow) often mislead.


    • There’s no need for hearts on a garment for anyone over the age of 7.  And I love polka dots, so it’s not some prejudice against the style — hearts are just icky.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I think the style of Kenley’s dress is pretty cute, but it’s that print combination that’s a little migraine-inducing. Particularly that heart print. I can’t look at it without my eyes crossing.

  • Jerell’s is seriously one of the ugliest garments I have ever seen in my life. Horrid. I can’t believe Mila, who made a stunner of a dress, was aufed over this.

  • mjude

    i just dont get the whole jerrell not going home thing.  as for kenley even i recognized the design from her bryant park show.

  • DeborahLipp

    HOW can you look at that pile of bindi shit and SEND SOMEONE ELSE HOME?

    The mind boggles.

  • kirkyo

    The most interesting aspect of the challenge was watching the designers try to balance the cultural and flag aspects without going overboard. Kenley’s dress was super cute, although the fit of the bust bothered me just a bit. Jerrell’s dress wasn’t that bad until he threw that sorry green fabric over it.

  • Rand Ortega

    Guess who’s getting “Schmauf’d” next!
    Oh, Jerrell, you adorable little tacky smurf. Not only do I question your taste level, I have to wonder exactly what it is you put in your mouth to make it come out looking like what you send down the runway.

    • PastryGoddess

      I would tell you but that might get me banned

  • Thathoodwink

    NO! Kenley definitely is doing the same old dress every flipping time, more so than any of the other contestants. She DOES deserve criticism for it. I’m so sick of her and her same old dress being paraded out again and again. At least Mila didn’t bore us to death and tried something innovative. Kenley will not step out of her polka-dotted box. GO HOME!!!!

  • ShivaDiva

    I think the funniest thing about Kenley’s is that everyone was seemingly embarrassed about how little this had to do with Chile, but couldn’t help praising it.  The qualifications were hilarious.  (“This is what a cute, modern girl would wear…  In Chile!”  yeah, ok…) I actually didn’t mind it that much though.

    I think Jerell is going home before Kenley.  He’s narrowly escaped the schmauf at least 3 or 4 times now.  The one thing that might very well save Kenley all the way to the finale is that she is the Last Girl Standing… on a Lifetime show, no less.  I’m surprised it wasn’t Mila that outlasted the others, but there you have it.

  • Jerell’s didn’t say India: It said Middle East. Michael Costello’s dress was rightly called out for being pageant, but Jerell’s was pageant too. It looked like something Miss Lebanon would wesr to the Miss Universe Pageant.

    As for Kenley’s, yep, she’s done it lots of times before. She seems to think that using a different print is pushing the boundries. I think Kenley’s dress is costumey as well – many of hers are – but she never gets called for being costumey like some are. I actually like it, but if her model was wearing white boots she’d look like a drum majorette.


    • CarolinLA

      Jerrell has bragged before about making clothes for Saudi royalty.  I felt it went down the Middle Eastern route as well.

  • Susan Crawford

    Kenley’s ruffly number was exactly, 100%, right on the nose what I expected from Kenley. Because . . . Kenley does Kenley. Period. I think this was a cute dress – ALL her dresses are cute. It had nothing to do with Chilean culture (and referencing Spanish ruffles does NOT do it, but she managed to pull them over the eyes of the judges.) But it was clear that this might be her final round unless she can pull a different trick out of the bag next week.

    Mila was schmaufed and Jerrell is still in the game after sending that schmatta down the runway? The white strip down the arm? The sheer, badly fitted top? The bustier-dress that looked like it was made from Fimo clay at a Michael’s Craft Afternoon? The vomitous green chiffon that at least had the benefit of hiding some of the mess beneath it? And the “bindi”? And he’s IN?

    It isn’t enough any more to keep this guy around because he’s “good, snarky reality TV” material. It’s just an insult to the far, far better designers who have been kicked to the curb. It’s not enough to say that he has so many ideas, and his main problem is a need for a little editing down. Not when almost every week he sends something down that runway that looks like Mood’s entire inventory after being sucked through a jet engine and spat out. It is not EDITING he needs: it’s TASTE!

  • jw_ny

    I just can’t look at Jerell’s…it’s so garish!  It actually makes my eyes twitch and roll back, and my head spin.  How was he not  schmaufed?! 

    Kenley’s…I think is cute and flirty, totally suits her personality and style.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with staying true to her own style/brand either, just like Mila is to her’s.  Kenley’s designs, however, are not award and competition worthy of winning.  I do admit though that I like most of what she produces, and I think there is a market for her designs.  I’m not in her demographic though…none of the designers for that matter.

  • ShivaDiva

    For some reason I want to like Jerell more than I do.   He had one of my all-time favorite judging sessions (along with Nina vs. Santino’s lingerie):  the Little Bo Peep outfit for the Olympics that sent Michael Kors into fits of laughter.

  • StillGary

    Kenley has done the mixed Pottery Barn Kids fabrics A LOT — but hey, it’s her thing. And it’s way better than Maxi dresses. I’m probably not exercising great memory here, but I don’t recall a half ruffled, high-necked design from her. It was cute. The way I see it, Kenley is competing in a in a different competition — one that could show her in a more positive light. I thought the editing of her season may have vilified her (and while Leanne was very talented — GAD, she was insufferably self-rightous!). This all-star cast is ofcourse experienced, but they are among the more professional and mature characters. And it’s been nice to see Kenley friending and befriended. Good going Tugboat Girl!

    • It’s an amazing combination of looks 2 and 3 from her Byrant Park show:

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I don’t get the Kenley hate, either. She’s really good at what she does, and now that she’s had a chance to hone her image, is really likeable in my opinion.

      Besides, MANY female designers design with themselves in mind and see a tremendous amount of success. Georgina Chapman and Diane von Furstenburg come to mind almost immediately, but there are many more!

  • Scarlet39
    • Zippypie

      There’s the photo. I was looking for that.  It’s the same design, different fabric.

  • NCDFan

    Yes, Jerell should have gone. For some reason, Georgina seems to like him and has pushed him up more than once. I think this challenge was too broad. A flag and a culture with 30 minutes to both study the brief and come up with ideas? There’s hardly any way to do both the flag and the culture since they generally have nothing to do with each other. All you are going to get is a mishmash of colors/cultural references applied to each designers aesthetic.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Jerrell has rarely, if ever, met an embellishment he didn’t like.  The drape on this dress was just dreadful. 

  • joancarol

    Jerrell”s dress = Indian Wonder Woman

    • IDK–I don’t think Indian Wonder Woman would be caught dead in that thing…

  • I thought Kenley’s dress was really cute. Totally surprised Jerell didn’t get the boot for that hiddy outfit. 

  • voter1

    Jerrel’s outfit reminded me more of something a Roman Charioteer should were rather than and Indian Rani.

  • Stubenville

    MY EYES! Jerrell’s is SO much worse in the stills. Are the judges BLIND?

  • Stubenville

    I wonder why the judges don’t call Kenley out on her designs being SO youthful that a lot of her stuff *cough* that romper*cough* look pre-teen?

    • MagsRagsVintage

      You mean use the dreaded “Junior” word?

    • Sweetpea176

       Right?  Didn’t they slap one of Mondo’s looks for being too junior?  But not Kenley.  I have a hard time seeing any adult wear a lot of Kenley’s stuff.

      • Sally Brownson

         Keep in mind, some actual adults are Kenley’s age or younger and think there’s nothing wrong with dressing like Kenley.

        • Sweetpea176

          If I saw Kenley or any other adult wearing this dress or that silly romper, I’d laugh my ass off.

  • butter nut

    agreed.  this was the one to send jarell home for.  there is no way a woman would rather wear this than mila’s.

  • Speaking as a Chilean American, I would NEVER in a million years think Kenley’s design had anything to do with our flag or culture.  It was cute, but so not Chilean flag inspired……

  • belfebe

    I think that Kenley’s stuff would not look so similar if she hadn’t obsessed over polka dots this season.  Jerrell should have been shmauf’d a while ago.  He has turned some spectacularly horrendous stuff.  I think that they schmauf’d Mila because she had not been following the rules of any of the challenges.  The same criteria they used to boot Miss Antony.  At least they are consistent.  But I’m not sure how long he’s going to be able to keep it up.  Unless someone really, really messes up next time, I think he’s the next one to go.

    • How did Jerrell follow the rules and Mila did not? Her dress used the three colors of her flag and didn’t reference any cultural elements of Papua New Guinea. Jerrell’s used green, a little white, no orange, and a lot of black and gold and referenced Xena: Warrior Princess.

      • belfebe

        Oh, he should have been shmauf’d just based on the fugly factor.  One could say that he was trying to reference a national costume.  A rather unfortunate try, to say the least.  Mila referenced the colors of the flag.  I am not saying that I agree with her schmaufing.  Just pointing out what I believe the criteria has been. 

  • ChristinaRi

    What gets me about Jerrell’s dress/costume/trainwreck, is that it is SO poorly constructed.    It’s just an eyesore in terms of seaming and fit.   Say what you want about Mila’s design, but it was at least beautifully fitted and constructed.   Although someone might not have wanted to wear it, at least it could be worn.   I doubt that anyone could have worn Jerrell’s dress without it giving way at some poorly constructed seam.   And the judges referenced this, but still let it pass.   Really, really bad.   It was so bad that I was asking if the judges actually didn’t like female designers.

  • I just don’t know what to say about Kenley’s dress. It’s very her, and it’s cute, but I guess I was wanting, or expecting, something more…dignified when thinking about a dress to represent the Chilean flag and culture.  This is cute but somehow inappropriate. 
    What was more disturbing, though, was Kenley’s outfit during that silly After the Runway show. It’s like she threw on every disparate piece of clothing in her closet.  With gloves.  It was the outfit of a homeless bag lady.  Maybe a cry for help….

    Jerrel’s was so poorly made…I can’t even….beyond ugly and over-embellished.  But then–that’s all he ever gives us: simple silhouettes poorly constructed with a shitload of cheap glitz thrown on them.  I am irrationally irritated that he didn’t get booted for this.  It really shouldn’t bother me this much….

    • minnye

      Yes!  That wackadoo outfit.  She looked like a 13 year old who just discovered vintage stores and swap meets.  

  • I gave up on regular PR a year ago but I thought the All-Stars would be fun.  I’m thinking I should’ve stayed off of it.  What the what with this challenge?  The Seychelles?  Worse yet, the culture of the Seychelles?!  It essentially gave Austin a rainbow flag to use.  I thought the strange choices for national flags sucked.  WTH did the culture of each country have to do with it?  Bad enough they had to use flag colors.

    • Jessica Goldstein

      I agree, Pamela. The premise of this challenge was flawed. You could ask the designers to do a fun twist on National Costumes, getting rid of the idea of the clothes being wearable for every-day. Or you could ask them to make Olympic opening ceremony outifts for each country, translating all to sporty clothes. Or even just make a dress inspired by the culture of each country. But once you ask the designers to make a dress—presumably a fashion-forward one that is wearable—AND ask them to use the nation’s flag, you are asking for trouble. Some color combinations are just never going to be fashion-forward. That’s why I think the entries were so bad this week: they either made conventional clothes in flag colors (Austin, Kenley), veered into national costume territory (Michael, Jerrel), or got overly conceptual and lost the wearable aspect (Mila). Only Mondo figured out a way to work within the constraints of the challenge.

  • kimmeister

    I was fully expecting Isaac’s “it’s disturbing to look at” comment from the “coming up” scene to be about Jerell’s look.  Even without the costume-y and “ethnic” complaints, the dang thing is supremely unflattering and makes a thin model look thick waisted with weird torpedo boobs.

  • MagsRagsVintage

    Thank you for including a profile of Jerrell’s bodice. I can’t believe he didn’t get called out for those gold brocade cinnamon rolls sitting on top of her chest.

  • Sweetpea176

    Jerrell has been sending nothing but fug down the runway all season.  This is a travesty. 

    • CarolinLA

      I still don’t understand how he got chosen for the All Stars in the first place.  

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Haven’t we all known Jerrell has taste issues? If I were watching, I would be able to tell from a mile away this would happen. He either can hide his taste issue, or not, and this is just an example of the former. And that titscrepancy… wow…

    I am really digging Kenley’s. I like the ruffles tempered with the slight severity of the high neck. It would make for a great ice skating costume.

    • MagsRagsVintage

      You’re right. And isn’t figure skating the national sport of Chile? Or one of those Spanish countries, which to Kenley are interchangeable?

  • SewingSiren

    I thought Kenley’s was super cute. I agree with her second place finish , but would have been okay with a win too. It fits the bill as a dress inspired by the flag (red, white , blue , stripes and pattern on solid ground.) without being too literal as a star pattern would have been. As the traditional costume has ruffles at the neck and hem, I can see where she was coming from with that and it isn’t too costumey. I can see a young woman wearing this and looking super cute especially at a festive occasion. .And yes it does have a strong Spanish flavor too. Lets not forget that Chile was colonized by Spain for something like 400 years they have (like most colonizers) a rather poor reputation for preserving the indigenous culture and a strong record of replacing it with their own.

    Jerrel’s is just a no on every level. He has repeated that sweetheart bodice with the sheer yoke more times than I can count on this season. Still no mention. The dress under is a standard short, tight and shiny Heidi. The trims omg. Explosion in the trim shop. And the “Sari” green drape. Sorry. The armhole . Sorry. That armhole alone should have sent him home. Bad.

    • donnaINseattle

      “Jerrel’s is just a no” Ditto
      “on every level.” Ditto
      “He has repeated that sweetheart bodice with the sheer yoke more times than I can count on this season.” Ditto
      “The dress under is a standard short, tight and shiny Heidi.” Ditto.
      “The trims omg.” Ditto
      “The armhole . Sorry. That armhole alone should have sent him home. Bad.” Double ditto. The hem last week and the quality this week . . . oi.

      • Yes! And that neckline is killing me. Kill. Ing. Me. Do we think maybe they discussed the crappy crappy construction more on the runway, and it just got edited out, or were the judges deliberately looking the other direction?  (Or maybe something between the two, I guess…)

  • EliseC

    I actually loved KC’s dress, and would have given it the win.  Also, I have found her hundreds of times more likable, and even rather endearing, this season.  

  • thebitterkitten

    Maybe I should have watched last night cause I am thoroughly confused on how Jerell got to stay and Mila got the Schmauf. Her’s isn’t the nearly the assault on the senses that Jerell’s clusterf**k of India is. 

  • sockandaphone

    seriously. how is jerrel still here. HOW.

    And as a Chilean person, I am disliking Kenley’s dress as whoooole lot. And that’s a terrible reference. I wish Mondo woulda picked Chile 🙁

    • CarolinLA

      Why did Schmeidi say that when she thought of Chile she thought “poncho”?  Are they all the rage there?  If so, why?

  • rorschach1992

    I would have given Kenley the win, I thought her’s was a touch more creative than Mondo’s.

    Jerell’s looks like a cheap Bollywood costume. And unlike the judges say, those are not details, details are meticulous, Jerell just piled a ton of crap onto the dress. And Lord do I hate that sleeve, for me that instantly should have schmauf’d him. The stereotypical styling was the cherry on top. Definitely the shouldabin.

  • Zippypie

    I did not like Kenley’s at all – jarring and not in a good way.  Plus she won a challenge in her season with the EXACT same design – the floral print with the purple side ruffle/tulle, so though I know people are pulling shit out of their trick bags, give me a break.  It’s one thing to repeat an element, but to repeat a garment, down to the puffs on the shoulder seams and the high collar?  I thought this deserved to be on the bottom for that, though I know, I know, they’re not taking into consideration anything from prior seasons.  Whatever.

    Jerell should have gone home over Mila for sheer ugly-assness, but since they aufed Anthony for ignoring the parameters of a challenge, they had to do the same with Mila.  At least Jerell tried to make his look like his country’s influences, as trite as the whole thing turned out.  But man, from the colors to all the craziness to sticking that thing on her forehead….the boy needs to learn when to STOP.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    The region that was the actual inspiration for Kenley’s outfit – Dalmatia.

  • MilaXX

    I liked Kenley’s but wish it had been an inch or 2 longer. I agree Jerrell should have gone over Mila. As crazy as it sounds if he had left off the green mock sari, it could have been a passable entry.

  • Jerell’s paladin has a +2 against asymmetry it seems. Only reason I can see why Mila went home and he didn’t.

  • donnaINseattle

    “bordered on a parody”?

  • MissMariRose

    The only thing I liked about Jerrell’s dress was Malandrino’s pronunciation of “bustier.”  Alas, that melodious sound could not make up for the eye rape. 

  • cleep1000

    I cannot understand how Jerell is still there after sending this bad costume down the runway. It’s hideous. Real saris are beautiful and tasteful. Even if he’d taken it completely literally and sent down something traditional, it would have been better than this. Ugh. He’s turned out so many bad outfits. Why is he still there????

  • Kenley’s dream job would be designing for Katy Perry.

  • Re: Jerrell

    I think the judges have shiny silver pants syndrome.

    That’s the only excuse I can come up with, with some of the hideous work he’s presented this season.  And I love Jerrell as a person.

  • mike__tv

    Using designs that you’ve shown before the show is different to polka dress every fucking week. And jarell deserves no praise for good ideas I miss that good old PR phrase, ‘taste level’ . It was only when his judging ended that I realized my face had been sat on my palm the entire time. Why did the judges not tell him to get his act together? they should have been more direct. 

  • siriuslover

    As I said earlier, I think Schmeidi is the force behind Jerrell’s continued presence on PR All Stars. This was the most schmauf-worthy yet of a few of his schmaufable garments and yet he’s still in.  And I agree that Kenley’s not long. Isaac very directly told her not to do the same thing. That’s a setup for sure.

    • Stubenville

      Really? I figured it was the queen of frou-frou, Georgina. Perhaps they’re both boosting his scores.

      • siriuslover

        Now that you say that (with the addition of frou-frou), I can totally see that happening. She did talk about how there were good design elements in that cracktastrophe.  Maybe you’re right.

  • I haven’t been watching (can’t get it where I’m at), just reading the recaps, but I’m seriously shocked they booted Mila and kept this. God. Awful.

  • Kenley’s is cute. I like the pairing of the blue-hearts print with the linear red print. My only gripe concerns the ruffles. They’re not as impeccable as they should have been in a garment that’s all about asymmetry and transition. The ruffles look uneven in certain places and limp in others. It’s pretty garment, though.

    Jerell– Yep, I, too, feel that he was one of the very, very few (maybe even the only one) who attempted to address the cultural aspect of the country represented by the flag. I like the elaborate border running down the model’s arm, although it needed some tweaking to make it conform to the arm’s curvature. Oh, yes, there’s a million embellishments here. But as overwrought as this piece is, it has some good ideas and is a hell of a lot more impressive than Austin’s droopy drapes. Austin should’ve been out– no doubt about it.

  • Louise Bryan

    Jerrell’s dress looked quite nice in the workroom, before he threw a few yards of green fabric at it.  What he sent down the runway was a hot mess.  Still, I knew Mila was getting thrown off because of the editing and the judges comments.  I didn’t like Mila’s dress, but it was designed thoughtfully, and finished beautifully.  I was disgusted to hear, “Jerrell, you’re safe.”  Bah!

    • random_poster

      I agree.  I cringed when the finished product included that green fabric.  The loser edit was rather apparent for Mila. 

  • unbornfawn

    Oh, Kenley. I did not like her look. A ruffled butt. Toddler territory again. And the ruffles weren’t finished.  I don’t think she mixes her fabric patterns very well, the eye searing mess last week and this one is just weak. She’s getting more air time and the grating features of her personality are coming out. She can go anytime.  But then, so can Jerrell. I really don’t get why he is still there. He hasn’t been bringing it this time around. In his season, I saw a few things that showed fun and promise. I was hoping this time around he’d have learned better editing and execution. I think his execution did improve. His editing got worse.  With his flair for embellishment, I’d love to get him in a costume shop, he’d thrive. 

  • Markatha

    At this point I’m convinced The Allstars Team is playing one large elaborate prank on all of us. 
    Making everyone pretend that Jerell isn’t sending the worst crap down the runway every week. 
    Acting like they don’t notice the weekly crapfest and thinking we’ll believe it’s fabulous if they don’t tell us otherwise.

    I’m not falling for it you crazy Allstars producers.  I have eyes & his stuff has been nightmarish.

    They praised that white strip down the sleeve???
    The fact that he’s staying past all the female designers is Stupid.

    Now I’m pretending he’s not there so I can finish the season.
    Of course they are probably planning on crowning him the Winnah.

    • guest2visits

      Holy cats they talked about that white stripe as though it was some kind of genius.
      Does anyone have eyeballs after Jerell’s fashion parade?
      I would have ‘liked’ your post six times if I could just for exposing All-Stars’ twisted plan.

      • Markatha

        I thought I was in some alternate reality.

  • Lilithcat

    I was absolutely flabbergasted that Jerrell wasn’t sent home.  Because Austin(?) was right – that is the ugliest, tackiest, most vulgar thing to come down the PR runway in ages. 

    And the fact is that Indian clothing isn’t all about “embellishment”.  A sari is actually a very simple garment, and it is only on special occasions that you see a lot of jewelry, gold-embroidered fabric, mirrors, etc.

    You might as well judge clothing in the U.S. as being “all about embellishment” by looking at wedding dresses and evening gowns.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      jerrel is all about embellishment.

    • donnaINseattle

       There was some flabbergasting happening at my house too. My husband (who likes to peek in on the last 3 minutes) counted me saying “I can’t believe it” 17 times. He told me to tell y’all. But I am surprised it was so low.

      I still can’t believe it.

  • Lisa

    Jesus… Happy Halloween, Jerrell.

  • BrightsideSusan

    IO cannot believe they thoguth Jerrel’s dress was better than Mila’s.  They might not have liked her concept – but this is a hot mess – as have most of his designs.

  • I guess it’s a side effect of a non-hi-def TV-Kenley’s ruffles looked pink, and pink with black polkadots didn’t slightly say “Chile” or Chile’s flag to me. In the red, with, I guess, navy spots, it’s a little closer connected. Not well, mind you, but not quite so far off.

    • discordany

       Thank you! When they criticized Austin for not staying true to his flag’s exact colors, I kept yelling “since when is Chile’s flag pink and baby blue, assholes?”. Yes, I’m vocal with my TV 😉

  • ziarah

    I wonder if the judges will contort themselves into keeping Kenley so they won’t have an all-male final three. 

  • JustJenn142

    Hated Kenley’s prints but didn’t mind the silhouette.  I am glad she got called on the same dress over and over and over again though. Don’t get why Jerrell didn’t get the boot.  Don’t understand it. Flabbergasted.  I keep hearing and reading that there were good ideas in Jerrell’s costume but I sure as hell am not seeing them.

  • PantherontheRunway

    The whole runway show was disappointing honestly.
    The only salvation was they sent the color-blocking queen home.

    I would have loved Kenley’s way more if, it weren’t polka dots, that seriously makes it seems like a junior outfit
    I have no opinion about Jerell one way or the other, but COME ON DUDE….
    How does one seriously look something like his look and take themselves serious?

  • I haven’t watched the episode yet so I was sadly disappointed to see my guy Jerrell’s effort here. India + Jerrell should have been top three for sure. He really does need to focus on form first. That bodice was a bunchy nightmare and he should never have attempted those sleeves.

    I’m not going to ding anyone for repeating the same bodies/silhouettes/patterns that they’ve used before. Time constraints and all. When PR gives them a proper amount of time to select and buy fabric and to sew, then we’ll have grounds for complaint. 

  • how Jerell keeps on getting by is beyond me. He constantly makes ugly clothes that look cheap and trashy. This outfit was a freaking costume, a cheap costume. it was a far worse design than Mila’s. 

  • Oh, Jerell. No. 

  • Nonnah

    I didn’t see the episode.  Was this “Make a dress with sleeves” challenge? 

  • granddelusion

    Shouldabin. And Kenleys bodice doesnt fit right, and her ruffle edged were unfinished.

  • discordany

    What exactly is the judge’s strange obsession with Jerrell? It’s the only explanation I can find for him not getting aufed at least twice by now (and that’ only counting the TRULY GODAWFUL OHMYGODMYEYES designs, not the “Oh Jerrell. Really? Try harder” designs). Ugh Ugh Ugh. Also, I know you didn’t talk about Austin in this post, but I think the judges were unnecessarily harsh on him this time around. Wondering if they were told to throw some critic ism his way for good TV, no matter what, tbh.

  • geeeque

    oh man, what a disaster. i mean i really think he had the workings of an amazing little cocktail dress in there! i knew and worked with jerell way back in the day when he was much more humble and sweet as pie. i don’t know him now but having seen him in his own season and now all i can surmise is that reality tv has  made a monster out of him. oy vey. 

  • Parody! That’s the perfect way to describe all the Indian clichés Jerrell piled onto his “design.” I knew you guys would hit the nail on the head.

    I’ve actually been lucky enough to have traveled to India, and while it is true, the women do wear saris (which, btw, are quite beautiful), combine colors in a way that is both striking & unusual by Western standards and are fond of embellishments, I didn’t see anything like this hot overdone mess Jerrell calls “Indian.”  I don’t mean to present myself as an expert in Indian clothing, but, at least to my Western eyes, what I saw in India was certainly exotic but it wasn’t at all tacky (which Jerrell’s design most certainly is, IMO) and while the color combos I saw were unusual, they were more like “Wow! I never thought of those colors together — it looks so beautiful!” whereas Jerrells green sari-type thing with the black, red & gold clashes, IMO. (The flag of India, btw, is 3 stripes: green, white & deep SAFFRON with a navy blue wheel in the center of the white; no black, red or gold to be found in it).

    But even if the closest Jerrell has ever gotten to India is a viewing of Slumdog Millionaire while tripping on acid, that doesn’t excuse how badly made this garment is. Look at that neckline or that sleeve or that white embellishment thingy running down it — for the love of Brahmā! How bad, exactly, does what Jerrell sends down the runway need to be to get him schmaufed, because if this horror show didn’t do it, nothing will.

    eta: for typos

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i like jerrel’s better than most people do, i think, which is not to say i like it. i appreciate, i think, not his destination–his destination is stuck under piles of pounds of goldtone muck & shiny confusion–but his point of origin. meaning: he started somewhere interesting & went somewhere else entirely. & that somewhere else is kind of buried, kind of like the guy in the car in sweden only w/o it taking two months & while losing the crucial swedish ingredients of poverty, despair, eating only “ointment” [i read this in the press somewhere] &, of course, snow. it appears jerrel replaced these w/ quarterbaked crockpots full of peculiar, if stereotypical, notions about india. &, of course redux, actual notions. jerrel loves notions. jerrel loves notions more than anyone i have ever seen love notions & i, personally, have been inside shops that are wall to wall rhinestones. this would be heaven to jerrel. not that i dont like it, but nowhere near as much. & not w/ a long green curtain tied over it haphazardly.

    anyway. i dislike kenley’s more than most people do, i think, which is not to say i hate it. it’s okay. but the ruffles look less to me like ruffles than like patriotic pringles [even w/ their ridges. ruffles have ridges]. & the heart fabric is a bit too twee. twee nostalgia is kenley’s specialty. twee nostalgia drives me nuts. it doesnt have to be kenley making it or wearing it or parading it around or whatever, i just dont like it. i remember the world as it was & i cant remember a time when it was truly centered on cute. kenley’s too young to remember it in any way so i guess she is applying her fantasy to, i dunno, old movies & catalogs. which is okay, i guess, but for somebody else. i dont hate her, i dont even think she actually flung the cat–at least not w/ serious purpose or great gusto–but her aesthetic is just not mine.

  • brora

    Kenley’s dress is superb but it’s like everything else she’s ever done. She’s stuck. She can’t dop anything else. Jerrell’s dress though is murderously bad.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Barb from The new adventures of old Christine aka Jerell is really hating the women`s body, isn`t he? Two weeks in a row he is producing the most unflattering garment possible. Her right shoulder looks huge and her boobs… oh my. I wouldn`t want my boobs looking like embellished pancakes. 

  • Fio

    I found Kenley’s design a poor judgment of Chile’s culture. This can-can design is lazy and overly done because she keeps on repeating designs. I cannot translate the dots and stripes with Chile when their flag has basic colors found in the American flag as well. I look at this design like this if I brought a Yorkshire pudding to a contest entry as a typical American dish, any judge would claim, it’s cooked in America, but it’s a British dish. Also, the judges are the blame by letting her stay and celebrating her repeated and tedious design.

  • formerlyAnon

    I left my faith in MY vision for Jerell behind on the Godspell stage. I *still* like what he does better than it deserves and for reasons I can’t articulate – I mean, I prefer the spare and the structured, the collections at which the more knowledgeable here tend to yawn.

    There’s a collage somewhere in just about everything Jerell does that takes all the shiny fantasy parts of the carnival midway at night, movie-gypsy caravans circled for a party,’80s nightclubs when all the girls wanted to dress like Prince, and shakes them all up in the kaleidoscope. 

    And then it doesn’t quite coalesce into the garment I wish it would. Plus, if he is going to keep making similar bodices, I wish he’d learn to make them look like they fit right. Maybe he wants them to look kind of like they were made of lumpy & possibly melting clay painted to look like fabric, I dunno, but the effect is strong in this one.

    Kenley’s work doesn’t reach me at all and I am sure she wouldn’t mind because I see legions of young women who could and would wear almost anything she makes.  I don’t know why I look at Kenley’s work and see “virtually no twists on dated retro” and at Mila’s and see “minor twists on classic retro.”

    These two stayed and Mila left. Ridiculous.

  • Scarlet39

    I rewatched this episode, and I still don’t get the praise heaped on Kenley for this dress.  The more I look at it, the more it looks amateurish.  I’m now thinking she should have gotten the boot for this.

  • MattCooper27

    Jerell’s looks to me like an Indian version of Wonder Woman. 

    • That statement is insulting to both India and Wonder Woman.  I’d say it looked more like an arts and crafts store exploded on his model.

  • Anathema_Device

    yes, this was another time Jerell was the clear loser (to me, anyway). Mila’s wasn’t great, but at least she was thinking in terms of pushing her design aesthetic and not “lets stick some more shiny shit on this thing.”

    I kept thinking of the tango when I saw Kenley’s, but then I realized that was Argentina, not Chile. It is an awfully cute dress, but more of the same from her.

    I fear Austin will be sent home before Kenley. He’s getting a little lost.

  • wayout46

    Kenley’s dress had the colors and the “stripe” concept of the Chileanflag. Mondo’s dress had the colors and the chevron design in the back, which was practically an imprint of multiple jamaican flags. Mila’s dress had the colors – and if only she would have made the contrasting sides meet in a diagonal, it would have had a lot of elements of the Papua New Guinea flag. It’s not fair to say they doid not incorporate the flag

  • The reason everyone keeps saying they think “ponchos” when they think “Chile” is because the pan flute players who perform at the outdoor malls always wear ponchos.

    Case in point from the first page of a Google image search:

    And, look! One from the UK:

  • Change the sleeves, hem, and color and you have Kenley making, yet again, the same dress!  Excluding the opera challenge, she’s not doing anything new at all this season or even from challenge to challenge.  I actually think she is a case where the regular judges/mentor would be tearing her apart for this and she would’ve be auf’d some episodes ago.  And say what you want, but I don’t see Chile in that dress (not the flag, not the culture, not even as “Spanish” influenced, whatever that means…I say that as someone who is Spanish btw).

    Jerrell, yet again, proves that just when you think he can’t go any worse he actually can.  That outfit was just Wretched!  Not only was it poorly put together, put it was actually a bit insulting to India and flirted with parody.  What a joke…how the hell is this guy still around? It would’ve been J and Austin in the bottom for sure for me!

  • Vickiefantastico

    Normally, I am addicted to PR. Could talk about it all day, much to my husband’s chagrin. However, I am just bored with it this season. As for these two looks, I really couldn’t care less. Jerrell is the worst designer there, and I honesty have no idea why he’s still in it.

    • Vickiefantastico

      Don’t get why Kenley is either, as she makes the exact same looking outfits each week. Oh well.

  • DinahR

    If Mila’s dress said “communism” then Kenley’s dress screams “capitolism” and I had to remind myself her country was not America or even Great Britain, but Chile.  “Spanish ruffles”?  Whatever girl.  Maybe she is so far inside her all american retro looks she can’t even see outside of it anymore.  I do like her aesthetic and think it’s a cute dress except I don’t like the lopsided turtleneck collar.  

    I can’t even with Jerrell.  I didn’t want Mila to go!! 

  • Judih1

    Looking at the photographs ( don’t watch the show) – Jerrell should have gone home instead of Mila. I liked her dress and the execution ALOT better than this hot mess!

  • janetjb

    I thought I was sorely confused after Mila went home instead of Jerell.

    It’s so nice to come here where sanity mostly reigns.

  • GTrain

    Jerrell’s costume is hideous and I find it incredibly patronizing that the judges let him slide with it.

  • I hated both of these.  This is Kenley’s latest Barbie Doll Boutique dress,  the ruffly hem is just sloppy,  and the hearts in the bodice don’t line u, and the two fabrics together give me a headache.  However, it is gorgeous compared to Jerrels latest assault to womanhood.  His extra details crap all over what might have been an interesting bodice if the front fit and had no sheer sleeves or green toga– the bodice is way too lumpy and thick; then all that extra crap around the neck and A RACING STRIPE down the left sleeve???  SERIOUSLY??  That stripe gives the effect of curdled milk as it further distorts and destroys the delicate nature of of the black sheer. Cannot believe he wasn’t bumped off.  They’re obviously keeping him on for his personality.  I really wish Mila stayed.  Her gown may have been uncomfortable to wear, but it was beautifully tailored.  

  • bitterk

    The idea behind this challenge has promise but the contestants all fell short in my opinion in part because none of them had a clue about the countries (except Michael for obvious reasons).  Jerrell “I love India, it’s so ethnic!”.  Kenley “What Chilean girl wouldn’t want ruffles?”.  sigh.  

  • Tam Duong

    kenley’s looks exactly like her winning look from her season… just ruffles instead of tuile

  • HelenNPN

    What a false flag operation.  I usually like Jerell’s offerings but his was I believe the hands down butugliest thing on the show to date.  I’d rather see Gretchen’s underpants.  As for everyone else, snoozefest, except Mila but I just never liked her stuff and yet she was the most interesting, so how does that happen and why is she gone?  Whether he deserved it or not Scarlett’s “I can’t believe they let me get away with this” look was the highlight of the episode.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    What’s crazy is that this isn’t even the worst thing Jerrell has done this competition! (That would be the beachtowel-dress-plus-bikini-and-neckbrace monstrosity from a couple weeks back.)


  • sterlingrose

    Still scratching my head over why Jerell is still on, can’t figure it out.  He doesn’t really add to the show in any way: he isn’t particularly interesting and most of his outfits are just poorly designed and fitted.   I hate to admit this but I did get a bit of old Russia when I looked at Mila. I like her, but the severe haircut with matching dress looked like a costume.  Funny you complain about the sameness but so many designers get a look and become known for it. The wrap dress of Diana Von Furstenburg, the classic looks of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and even the outrageousness of the more radical designers.  So I don’t mind if they do something similar to what they’ve done before.  They don’t have the time or luxury of trying out a lot of new stuff, no time for trial and error which is where a lot of new designs come from. Although I too am disappointed in how boring the show is.  Even on challenges where they could show off – the season challenge- they all went fairly boring.  

  • I can’t believe Kenley is the last woman standing. I have a weird soft spot for her – probably because I’d wear 90% of her designs – but really? I’d LIKE to see a woman make it the finals, but it’s hard to imagine Kenley getting there. Ultimately this season wasn’t kind to the ladies…but maybe they just brought back the wrong ones. I would’ve loved to see Jillian, Althea, or Kara Saun back, personally. 


    I wrote something to use as a comment here, but decided to use it somewhere else instead, as it was far too long, anecdotal, and a bit of a tirade.   Put quite simply: what makes Kenley’s flag inspired dress better than Mondo’s is that hers improves, perhaps perfects, an old design that she used on season five where Mondo doesn’t improve on his polka dot gown, which was already perfect.   Of course they’re both really good and belonged with Mila’s in the top three of this perplexing episode.   I know more than a little about Chile and its various ethnicities and those of the other countries in the region; and wading through the comments here, I’ve read a lot of misinformation used as justification for attacking Kenley’s dress.   Yes, I know this is just a silly fashion blog and none of these cranks can actually do her or her work any real harm, and I have no personal stake in her success or failure; but from a Marxist perspective (and you may recall that Salvador Allende, who was slaughtered at the behest of ITT, Kissinger, and the CIA, was the first democratically elected Marxist President in Latin America,) all of this liberal sanctimony in reaction to Kenley’s charming little dress is pretty fucking funny.     

  • Don Howe

    First off, the entire premise of this episode was condescending and colonialist. (Believe it or not, Chilean fashion looks remarkably similar to Argentinian, Italian, Canadian. Luxembourgeian (?), Australian, and American fashion.) Second, what the hell was one of those judges (Mizrahi, I think, who was exceptionally idiotic this time) criticizing Mondo’s look for USING COLORS AND THEMES FROM THE FLAG, WHICH WAS PART OF THE DESIGN BRIEF? Thirdly, I could have created Jerrel’s look by spraying the model with glue and emptying a bag of cliches over her head. Fourthly, how sitcom-ditzy was it of Austin to gaze reverantly at the UN and explain to us that they “solve all the world’s problems”? Whew. No more problems! Thanks, UN!

    • NasserShaheen

      I want to like this post a hundred times. I also loved when they were asked what it was like to visit the UN and she said ‘It was an honour’. They didnt get a special award, they sat on a lawn outside the damn building!

    • HelenNPN

       Amen.  Nothing says “I’m a bubble head in a bubble of a world that is a little bubble around me” like the UN fawning at the start of this show.  Fashion isn’t absolutely required to be politically correct or astute, but the show producers don’t have to go out of their way to make the fashion world seem completely disconnected from the rest of the world either.

  • malvernite

    i’m curious about the various comments that mondo’s dress did not say jamaica. what exactly, did people expect to see? 

  • Damien W

    I finally figured out Jerrell’s aesthetic: every one of his garments is meant to look like a costume designed for deleted scenes from The Wiz.

    If there’s one thing that this week’s pieces proved, it’s that there’s a reason none of these “All-Stars” won their own seasons. Also it proved that this whole enterprise was produced to be “Mondo’s Revenge.” It’s not just Kenley that is stubbornly staying inside her box; most of these designers have been selfishly pushing their own pieces and ignoring the show. They seem to be more concerned with getting free advertising for upcoming collections that they are with winning challenges, or even the season.

    Mondo’s only real competition is Austin, and Austin comes equipped with his own self-destruct buttons, so I really don’t see how this season can end with any other result than Mondo being crowned, and maybe Gretchen being burned in effigy at the reunion show.

  • whatthehayle

    When is Kenley going home? I can’t stand the braying donkey voice or the same **&%^$* vintage-y pattern week after week. This isn’t “Project Forties All-Star”. If it were, the GOP would probably think it was some housewife baby-making and home economics contest and make her a keynote speaker at the RNC  convention in Tampa.

  • Thathoodwink

    It’s Tuesday morning…when will we see a critique of Austin’s dress? I think poor guy got lost in all of the Oscar excitement.