PR All Stars: Reruns

Posted on February 24, 2012

It’s kind of sad how quickly this show became formulaic. We suppose that’s to be expected when every participant in the contest knows how to game the system because they’ve been through it once before. Not that we’re accusing anyone of cheating; just that we don’t really think anyone’s producing their best work. They’re just rehashing pieces they made before.

So congratulations, Mondo. That’ll show those bitches who didn’t give you the win last time. Just remake your most-talked-about piece but remove the polka dots!

Don’t get us wrong; it’s fine. Great, even. And the chevrons in the back were masterfully done. But when we heard through the PR grapevine that All-Stars would be showing us beautiful clothes week after week, we assumed that meant beautiful clothes we hadn’t seen before; not reruns of past glories.

Which isn’t to say he did anything wrong. They’re ALL doing it – and it’s getting worse with each challenge because they’re tired now.  We don’t know what the show could have done to prevent this from happening except to come up with more completely bizarre challenges to throw them off their game. This was, after all, just another “make a pretty dress” challenge with flags added.



This Schmauf pissed us off because Mila’s one of the few who have been consistently pushing themselves each week to do something different.


Sure, she still uses black and colorblocks a lot, but those are techniques. She’s not making the same looks that she made the first time she played in this sandbox. As soon as this walked out, we both declared it as too conceptual for Project Runway. There was no way she was going to win for this, but there was no way she should have gone home for it. There were several lazy-ass entries on that runway that deserved a Schmauf way more than this one.

Do we think this is perfect? Not at all. The transition from short skirt to floor-length is too abrupt and jarring. We like the organic feel of the line cutting down the middle of her back and we wish the front of the dress reflect that better. If the black sort of blended and curved into the red going all the way down, with the black skirt gradually dipping down to meet the red skirt instead of slashin a line right across her thigh like that, we think there would have been more elegance on display. Still, it was striking as hell and Mizrahi was full of shit when he threw out “Communism” as a critique.


She never was a game-player, which is why she comes across so sour on TV. She’s serious about what she does and she puts a lot of thought into it. To be honest, we think she was probably the most talented designer in this group, but she’s just not reality TV material.


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  • MissFern

    KENLEY was in the TOP????  That dress had literally nothing to do with Chile and it is the same dress she’s made every fricken week.  “I made ruffles, and that makes it Spanish, and they speak Spanish in Chile, so there you go!”  UGH.

    • CPK1

      I found their love for Kenley’s inexplicable. “In Chile they wear a lot of prints and ruffles.” Really? I don’t think so. So her inspiration was whack and the dress was the same boring silhouette she has been turning out every time. I know we haven’t got to her dress yet but it was so annoying….

      • pepper76

         I wish we could have seen what the heck was in those dossiers they got for each country.

        • lilazander

           Yes, me too.

        • Gayer_Than_Thou

          From the looks of things (and the nonsense everyone was spouting at the runway show, it was apparently a list of the five most ignorant cliches about each country.

          • right?!  “when i think of chile, i expected to see a poncho”  really???

      • I think the judges are terrified of cats – and they know Kenley’s history

      • introspective

        Kenley once again puts out a garment that is literally imprisoned within her wheelhouse, and she gets to the top with it. Im clueless. I surely saw her as racing to the bottom with Jerell.

      • Aly Light

         I thought Kenley’s dress looked like a Patriotic rag doll– you’d buy a Raggedy Ann wearing that outfit at a bad craft sale in Georgia.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I was thinking of a very embarrassed Cabbage Patch Kid wearing that

      • I liked her dress, I like her. There I said it, don’t hit me.

        • bluefish

          I like her too and I loved her dress.  Her clothes, love them or no, are always very well made and totally put together.  And she’s got a definite style. 

          • Pam Winters

            I had a few problems with Kenley’s. (1) I didn’t see the country/flag in it. (Then again, I don’t know what was in the dossiers. Her references to “Spanish” were really bugging me, though.) (2) The ruffles were fraying! Is that OK now? (3) That particular narrow red-and-white striping read as uneven pink on my TV, and probably on most TVs. (I’m willing to concede that it might have looked better in real life.)

            I don’t hate Kenley as a designer. I don’t like her as a TV presence. She’s got a thing she does with clothes, and she’s very good at it, and that’s fine. I find her aesthetic far too narrow to be interesting in an ongoing TV competition.

            If I give her credit for anything with this one, it’s in making something that’s sufficiently different from her regular (often very well made) work to be (IMHO) downright fugly. It’s like someone on “24-Hour Catwalk” was given a box of decent-quality Goodwill donations and given 2 hours to make a costume for “Colorblind on Ice.”

          • bluefish

            I hear you.  I like her in large part because I do find her clothes well made and she reminds me of the best decade of my life — the 80s — when the fashions of the 30s 40s and 50s were still available for a song up and down the East Coast in awesome thrift and vintage shops — and the 80s plus vintage look was going strong.  I was that girl who wore ankle socks with her high heels and her 50s frocks and beaded sweaters–with a buzz cut and 80s earrings.  I used to go to the little girls’ aisle to buy the socks with all manner of frills.  Good times.  Tears for Fears and we weren’t subjected to having birth control debated on national tv.    And the boys and young men were divine.  So she reminds me of all that and I pull for her to actually get a win.

            Her clothes bring a lightness and fun to the show  — And I imagine what she would be able to create if given time and proper budget — and if she weren’t doing her whatever band business is these days.  But I do hear you and understand why she’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  I’d love to see her collaborate with Mondo — the other pop diva of the bunch. 

            Cheers … I will look up Colorblind on Ice.  Sounds fun.

          • homespunner

            OMG! I think we hung out together. In the 80s. (Not pulling for her to win, but identify with her asthetic more so than some of the others.) 

          • bluefish

            I know right!  There were many of us out there back in the day and I know you must have been awesomely wonderous in your look(s).  Tom and Lorenzo are like that group collective opiate that keeps on reverberating … Those were some fine times for young ladies and gents who liked to look fine and have fun.  And the Kenley Machine brings off that vibe.  That little dress on view last night should have gotten the win.

          • That was my childhood, and I prefer not to be reminded.  I still can’t wear bright colors due to the emotional scars… 🙂

          • bluefish

            Oh No my beloved Shannon Stewart — Say none of this is true!  TLo got me into listening to SuperTramp which is way before Kenley and her scar-inducing.  Goodbye Stranger.  So hoping no emotional scars and yet pining for a few decades back — long live Mondo, Kenley, and Mila.  And I still love Austin and always will.

          • formerlyAnon


            Such a blast from the soundtrack of the past.

            [Now that damn song  – you who were alive during the half decade it never left radio rotation know which one – is looping in my head!]

          • bluefish

            Paul Thomas Anderson brought ST back to life with Magnolia.  Such a great song — along with Breakfast in America and many others Roger and Co created.  TLo should have an old folks corner!  Goodbye Stranger It’s been nice  Hope you find your paradise.

            I wish Proj Runway would do a challenge about their favorite songs and letting them have a few days, smoke dope, screw one another if they want to, giving them 1000 bucks each and letting it loose.

          • The music I will grant you.  And the movies were fantastic.  But I have memories of some truly horribly items in both my childhood wardrobe and my big sister’s — more hers than mine. 

            Besides, my mother wouldn’t let me have a perm so I couldn’t be truly fashionable. 

          • bluefish

            Your mother was wonderful not to let you get a perm.  No one I knew back in the day who was cool ever had perm hair.  A total Hollywood trope.  Yeah, Mom!

            Must be said — much of the cool stuff going on in the 80s was in AA, NA, OA, and SA — backlash from the 70s and the 60s both.  Some of the coolest, most elegant, been there done that folks one would ever have seen.

            Giving myself away for sure … It was a great time.  And your mother was right.  Nobody sported that permed crazy hair look unless they were ridiculing the moment.

          • tignor

             Apparently you didn’t grow up in SW Virginia. The permed hair with the huge bangs that had to be at least shoulder-length was all the rage and if you didn’t have it, you were a total nerd.

          • Middle of nowhere Illinois, too.

            Her reason was just that it was too damaging for my age.

      • TheOriginalLulu

        I know, I just love those generalizations. So when I get off the plane in Santiago, I can expect to see everyone running around in ruffled skirts everywhere they go? I guess she thinks everyone in France wears berets and everyone in Brazil runs around in thong bikinis all day too. Tsk.

        • bluefish

          Ponchos!  Santa Maria Mae de Deus. And bananas.

          • TheOriginalLulu

            Yes, LOL. Plenty of bananas. And swinging from vines. While eating bananas. That’s how we roll.

          • bluefish

            I’d be happy to bet that Lifetime is getting two tons of merda for the ponchos comments from any variety of groups.  Outrageously dumb of them even on this franchise which has been going down down and down over the course of the last four years. 

            The whole flags concept screams to me of a show that is looking to be put down.

      • Sweetpea176

        I think it probably a matter of arbitrarily needing a top three and bottom three.  Let’s be honest, there was only one even halfway good dress on the runway, and you know they aren’t going to have a top one and bottom five.

    •  Right on!   Oh, and if I had to listen to Jerrel, of all people, refer to the style and dress of India as “ethnic” I was going to punch a hole in the screen. What a condescending remark to make about one of the oldest and most diverse cultures on Earth.

      • siriuslover

        And what an offensive getup, playing on every single stereotype of South Asia he could pull. The face paint? Seriously? But I will wait until we get to his post.

      • Terrie_S

        When I heard  the basis of this weeks challenge, I knew at least one of them was going to descend into cringe-worthy stereotype. For me, it’s a toss up between Jerrel’s use of the “ethnic” and Mila’s comment about “tribal” looks.

        • Now see, I didn’t interpret it that way. I felt like Jerrel was throwing around the word ethnic carelessly. OTOH, I got the impression that Mila said she was trying to incorporate some kind of tribal element in the design without making it look like a costume. Those are 2 different things, aren’t they? I interpreted it as Mila making an effort to NOT make it a costume or stereotypically “tribal” or “ethnic”, whereas Jerrel took every element from every Bollywood film he’s ever seen and threw them at the dress form to see what would stick. 
          FWIW, tribal is a legitimate word in Mila’s case – there are something like 700 or 800 different tribal languages recognized in Papua-New Guinea. It’s incredibly diverse and ‘tribal’. So finding some kind of common ground among all those tribes might have been hard. Not sure what was in her dossier, but I would imagine it had photos of different tribal dress. All you have to do is google search to see that the most common photos show people with painted faces and grass/palm-leaf skirts. 

          • Terrie_S

            At the very beginning, Mila made a comment about ditching everything but the flag colors, because the local dress was all “tribal.” The closest she got to incorporating anything was the dots on her models face. For me, it was that, just like Jerrel, she treated it as a generic block, but just took it in the other direction.

          • Melvis Velour

            The dots on the face are more reminiscent of India to me than they ever are for PNG.  Having lived in and traveled to India numerous times, I’ve seen MANY bindi sets the look just like the makeup she chose.  Also, it looked like more like a freaking sari than that hot mess Jerell sent down the runway…

          • Terrie_S

             I’m actually more familiar with PNG than India. A common motif in the men’s face makeup is a strip, usually along the cheeks or nose with dots. But if it is more Indian, then that’s another way she failed the challenge, I suppose.

        • Nixonesque

          Don’t forget that Mondo’s has that “One Love” thing going on on the back of his dress…which I actually like.

        • Spicytomato1

          Jerrel has come across as extremely inarticulate, so I took his use of the word “ethnic” with a grain of salt. It’s like he grasps for words hoping for one that comes to close to describing his thought process. At least that’s my impression 🙂

      • Actually, if you notice, Isaac’s eyebrow went up when Jerell made that “ethnic” comment.

        • Thanks! I’ll have to re-watch so I can see that.

        • Isaac has been around long enough to know that you can’t get by with saying things like that or you’ll offend too many people.  This is a business built entirely around public relations, after all.

        • siriuslover

          I really like Isaac on these shows. I feel like as catty as he can be on TV, he generally takes it down a notch (or seven) for these shows and makes some very good critiques.

      • bluefish

        What Jerrel made was one of the ugliest garments ever to walk down a PR runway.  He should have gone home.  Hideous clashing greens, horrid white stripes, and ridiculously ignorant comments just to sweeten the deal.  I hated last week’s Godspell challenge but this UN flag one managed to top it.  The show and the franchise feel like they are dying a slow death on the vine.

        • JohannaEG

          And so badly executed. I don’t get it.

      • paginatrix

        Dear Jerrel:
        Everyone has ethnicity.

      • darkindiangirl

        I don’t get it. I’m Indian. We love our sarees, embellishments and prints. While I think Jerrell’s dress was hideous, I didn’t find anything he said or did racist or offensive. What’s wrong with the word “ethnic”? I’m not countering your point, just asking because it seems to have connotations that I am not aware of.

        • FashionShowAtLunch

          To me, calling a culture “ethnic” makes it an “other”.  Like paginatrix up there said, we ALL have ethnicities.  

          Like, there is the default culture (usually White America), and everything else is “ethnic”. 

          • darkindiangirl

            I see your point. Within the context of America and American fashion, isn’t that the truth, though? There is a default culture, fashion in this context, and everything else is a costume.

          • fnarf

             It’s not just that it makes it into an “other”; it’s that it makes it into ONE other. “Ooh, it’s ethnic” means “I can’t tell the difference between Indian Indian, American Indian, Asian, or South American. Huichol, Bengali, Yoruba, Mandarin, you’re all so ETHNIC, I just LLLOVE it!”

            “Ethnic” in this context never means “Czech” or “Ukraine” or “Irish” either. the dominant culture respects white people more than that. “Ethnic” means quaint brown people who won’t notice if we steal bits from them and mash them together without thought. Gross. Futzing around with people’s cultures when you can’t even be bothered to find out what they are is extremely lame.

        • It’s a rather sad commentary on the culture of the US that the terms “ethnic” and “tribal” are voiced with a subtext that defines them as somehow inferior. I had meant that I was surprised that Jerrell would have fallen prey to that sort of superficial misconception.

          • i agree.  I’m a white American–first generation.  To me and my other FG firends, our ethnicity was important–our ancestral culture (Scandinavian) is much different than other European cultures (say, the Greeks.)  And we grew up celebrating that with all other cultures in Folk Fairs and ethnic festivals, etc.  So to me, the words “tribal” or “ethnic” are just what they are. 
            But I know for others, those words do imply “inferior”, and they are just ignorant.  

          • darkindiangirl

            Exactly my point!

          • chloemerchant

            Read FashionShowatLunch’s comment above. It’s not that people infer that “ethnic” means inferior. But, calling something ethnic is just a way of saying that it’s different from the norm. Which implies that there is a default, normal culture.

          • Which is particularly problematic in the US because we don’t have a default — there’s definitely a culture but not an ethnicity linked culture.  Because you’re talking about citizens from literally every ethnicity on Earth, it’s offensive to many when white Americans of multiple generations act like theirs is the norm.  Then you add in things like the history of slavery and segregation that lasted FAR longer in the US than in other white countries, and it just gets messy.

          • darkindiangirl

            Thanks. That’s interesting. Though it’s no surprise that other cultures might be considered inferior by some, I didn’t know that the word ethnic itself had that subtext. If Jerrell meant it that way, I completely missed it.

        • Thundar99

          Thank you for being the voice of sanity!  Since when is “ethnic” a slur? I think he made a fugly dress too but let’s not manufacture drama.

        • Terrie_S

          It’s not the word, so much as the context  in which it was used. Every time I heard him use the word, I heard “shallow stereotype.” I came away feeling like he used “ethnic” because he couldn’t come up with any other words to describe India.

        • It was more clueless than racist.  He kept saying “ethnic ethnic ethnic ethnic” but his only apparently point of reference was the vague idea of a saree.  It seemed like he was using “ethic” as shorthand for “my stereotype vision of what is India.”  I don’t think that it’s because he’s racist, but because he’s Mr. Embellishments who lives at the Magical Trim Factory, so when he saw India his thought pattern seemed to be: “India?! Sarees! GOLD TRIM! AT LAST! I CAN EMBELLISH TO MY HEARTS CONTENT! AH HA HA HA HA!”

          • formerlyAnon

            “when he saw India his thought pattern seemed to be: “India?! Sarees!

            I kind of love him but I feel in my heart you are right!

    • I 100% agree with your post! That was my big frustration last night… Kenley & her heart print dress. On what planet, except the elementary school playground, is heart print fabric part of a country’s “culture”. Hearts have NOTHING to do with Chile’…. NOTHING! And it was the exact same, tired, style of dress she’s made every single week. I like Kenley, I like her prints, but the judges were way off last night with their critiques of her.

      • siriuslover

        yeah, I think Malandrino may have pushed Kenley into top two category

      • SewingSiren

        Hearts of a lot to do with Chile. The pre-Columbian  Incan Empire was located in current day Chile. The Inca empire was know for its human heart sacrifice.

        • cindy_giang

           somehow, i doubt that was in kenley’s mind when she picked out the print.

        • terekirkland

           I thought that was Peru? Where they do indeed love some color and pattern mixing.

          • Kaonashi

            That’s because it IS Peru.

            The Incan Empire did stretch over a vast area, so it’s entirely possible that what is now known as Chile was one of their conquests. So SewingSiren can also be right. 🙂

          • SewingSiren

            Very vast. At it’s height stretching more than 1/2 way down the South American Pacific coast including Parts of current day Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia ,and Chile.

          • Kaonashi

            Very true. I guess I associate Incans with Peru more because of Cuzco and the bigger cities they built in that area 🙂

            Are there also Incan ruins in Chile as well?

        • Now, if that would have been her actual jumping off point, that would have been really cool and impressive — even if she’d made something ugly, it would have interested me because of her storyline.

    • EditKitten

      I am really fucking tired of the judges’ love for Kenley.

    •  I was yelling at the TV screen about Kenley’s entry every time it showed up. It had NOTHING to do with Chile, she continually uses the same silhouettes and polka dot like prints, it was RIDICULOUS. I was really really hoping she or Jerell would go home this week (his entry was ATROCIOUS), but Ugh. Disappointment. Really sad Mila went home, I thought her dress was strangely beautiful and very striking.

    • SewingSiren

      Ruffles are quite prevalent in the national dress of post Columbian Chilean national dress. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Word. Kenley made her version of a flamenco dress, and seemed to equate Spain and Chile. Of course, since her frame of reference seems to encompass only the America of the 40’s and 50’s, that isn’t surprising…

    • geeeque

       same dress every week? try same dress from her own season! she made that same fucking dress what 4 years ago?! my colleagues and i were guffawing at the williamsburg girl who’d try to walk that down bedford. puhlease!

    • ccm800

       I loved it. The ruffle and the color were her homage – the rest was her aesthetic. It was an adorable dress.

    •  Maybe the red in the flounce was intended to represent the blood of Salvador Allende?  Who knows with that girl.

    • Mili Sandokan

      I am from Chile and in here everyone dress on gray, black and brown. And we don’t wear ponchos!
      Certainly, NO ONE uses ruffles, let me assure you.
      It’s sad because I was so excited when I saw my flag

  • Mondo’s dress looks nothing like the polka dot dress, except it has black on it.

    • Sure, so long as you ignore the fit and silhouette, the sleeves, the open back, the head wrap, and the high neckline.

      • The one thing I really appreciated is that he did incorporate the criss-cross from the flag on the front of the dress in black-on-black.  Very subtle.  

      • The one thing I really appreciated is that he did incorporate the criss-cross from the flag on the front of the dress in black-on-black.  Very subtle.  

        • TheOriginalLulu

          You know, I hadn’t noticed that detail, but you’re right. Very nice and very subtle. I love how he just let the dress be all about that back.

          • Nixonesque

            Yes, yes! And again, the back is in a heart shape and the chevron’s kinda look like a 1=One Love! Bob Marley, yo! So sublte! So smart.

      • DeborahLipp

         I totally just said that. You GUYS.

      • Cathy S

         Yeah, but the neckline was different. This one had a kind of V. So there.

        • Nixonesque

          I don’t think that code worked.

      • bluefish

         Dear TLo — Doesn’t matter and don’t mean a thing when the show ain’t got no swing.  All one has to do is basically ignore the clothes and listen to how insane the judges were last night to come to the sad conclusion that the only flag missing is the white flag and that PR is done done and done.  Boring, cheap, and sad.  Done.  Isaac praising in any way shape or form Jerrel’s monstrosity with Georgina going for the white stripe.  Pass the coke, honey.

    • DeborahLipp

       Oh sure, nothing at all like the polka dot dress except for the length, the shape, the sleeves, the fabric, the rounded plunging back, the high neck, and the way the whole thing is put together.

    • Gotta agree with this. The neckline is different in both shape and height, the seaming is different, the sleeves are different, the shoulders are different, the cut of the back is different… pretty much the only things they have in common are that they’re form-fitting through the torso, full-length, and made by Mondo.

      • I have to agree here. I think it would have been unwise to make this dress stand beside his polka dot one, but the main design elements I remember there (the patterned pieces, scoop back, the exaggerated shoulders, the cuffs) are missing here. I guess it’s all what sticks out to you, and if what you remember is “high neck, long sleeves, form fitting, long skirt” then fine… but I’m not sure, looking at these two side by side, that you could argue that this one fails to totally refocus everything.
        I think it definitely calls to mind his polka dot dress, but it’s one of those things where once you have the pictures up together, the argument that it’s the same dress kind of falls apart.

    • SewingSiren

      Mondo’s dress could have easily been cut from the same pattern he used for the finale gown, only re-drawing the style lines.
      I have no problem with this at all. Except that so many people are saying that Kenley is repeating. 

    • bluefish

      I agree — I didn’t even think of the polka dot dress when this came down the runway.  And, now that it’s been pointed out, I still don’t care.  Stupid challenge and one bound to be offensive given that these folks are under big pressures and may not be the most sophisticated once you take them out of their environment.  To include the judges.  Could not BELIEVE the poncho talk coming out of the mouths of Isaac, Georgina, and what’s her name.  Catherine was protected by virtue of being charmingly unintelligible.

    • I don’t know – the fit is really similar. It was my gut reaction when I saw it: “Oh look – the polka-dot dress that should have clinched his season’s win, remade in black.” It’s not a bad thing, since it’s beautifully cut and makes the model look amazing. It’s just that it’s a silhouette we’ve seen before. The reason that it doesn’t seem like the same dress is the fact that the polka dots and solid sides play tricks on your eyes. In solid black you can really see the shape more clearly.

  • I completely agree with your critique of the show that none of them are doing anything new enough, but I couldn’t help but do a little gasp when Mondo’s dress walked out last night. It was just so sexy, in the best sense of that word.

    • megohd

      I so agree. I really loved this dress, though I agree with TLo that it feels very like the polka dot. But that chevron on the back just blew my mind. So simple, but so bold and beautiful.

      • TheOriginalLulu

        Absolutely. In the immortal words of Heidi Klum, I would wear that.

        •  Morticia Addams would wear that.

          • You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • introspective

      indeed. I loved the way that silhouette hugged the curves of the model (or gave her curves?) and the chevrons were expert, and created a back that made any woman wearing it look sexy without trying.

      so i see the polka dot dress as being cousins with this dress, and maybe even inspiring this dress, but certainly not a rerun, on the order of Kara and her ruffle dress. Which was carbon copy isf you ask me..

      • TheOriginalLulu

        Yes, as Tim Gunn has pointed out many times, if you’re going to make something very simple, it has to be executed impeccably and fit is everything. In addition to the stunning back on Mondo’s dress, the fit was divine. It hugged her curves in all the right places and made her look sexy as hell, without being vulgar or trashy in any way.

    • It’s perfectly fitted on his model. She looks fantastic and, yes, so sexy in it.

      I love how he incorporated the colors into the dress. It was, I think, a nice little surprise for when she walked back up the runway.

      •  For me it was really a wow moment. I can’t remember a time on this show that I wanted a dress more. She made me think of a Bond-girl  in a completely sophisticated and not at all campy kind of way. I had a reaction where I felt that if I took that dress and put it on I would look just as stunning as she did. Unfortunately clothes aren’t magical like that.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          I know! That dress had me wishing I still had my 22-year old body, so I could track Mondo down and beg him to make one for me, whatever the cost.

        • Bond Girl! I didn’t even realize it until you said it, but that’s perfect.

          Clothes should be magical like that.

  • I still can’t believe Jerrel with his native costume is there and Mila was thrown out for actually designing something.  Does Jerrel have to send someone out naked before he’s finally auf’d?

    I thought it was awesome how on After the Runway, pretty much all of the designers said they would have sent Jerrel home instead.  I hope the judges actually listened to that.  Morons.  >.>

    • FunButNutz

      Except that After the Runway was probably shot recently, while all of All Stars was shot early last year.

    • BethR52

      Michael sent out someone almost naked, and he’s still there.

    • I found After the Runway last night because my DVR picked up the beginning of it. Please tell me this show has not been on all season. 

      • FunButNutz

        it has not.

  • So very sad to know that Jerrell’s atrocious mess did not get him sent packing while Mila’s clean, interesting and beautifully worked piece, got her the schmauf.  

    I must admit I had totally forgotten Mondo’s polka dot dress, till you brought it up, gentlemen. However I must say it doesn’t feel like a rerun moment, except in shape.  The feel of the two garments is very different for me.

    • the silhouette isn’t even the same, really. The polka dot has strong structured shoulders, and is tapered towards the feet. The Jamaica dress has neither of those features.

    • JosephLamour

      I feel like its two garments from the same collection. Different enough, but kind of lazy.

      • I might also say it was lazy if they had more than 5 minutes to make something. That goes for everyone, not just Mondo.

        • JosephLamour

          Yeah, but the idea part doesn’t take any time, really. And as an artist, you know pretty much everything you’ve done. Especially for national television. So it’s likely he knew he was doing a remix of sorts.

  • Greg Yoder

    It really is a game show, isn’t it?  Mila was never on the producers final three list, I reckon.

    • tallgirl1204

      Yep.  Sad.  I think her collection vs. Mondo’s could have been really, really interesting.  Color-blocking vs. pattern, both beautifully made.  I would have liked to have seen that.  (Making the dramatic and boldly original (not) assumption that Mondo is a pick for the top 3)

  • AMEN! You hit the nail on the head; I think my tolerance may have hit a stonewall after last night’s show.  Austin’s dress was 10th grade Home Ec and Jerrell totally did India Barbie…..and it wasn’t even sewn well.  The show is quickly losing its credibility.  Mila has a long steady career ahead of her.  

  • Honestly, I can’t stand how smug Mila is ALL. THE. TIME. but I do think that this look should not have sent her home. Jerrell got LUCKY.

    • siriuslover

      yeah, I’ve never liked Mila, honestly, but she is a good designer (if not to my tastes) and paired up with Jerrell, she shouldn’t have been sent home. I expected her (and Rami for that matter) to go further.  I’m a bit surprised that both Kenley and Jerrell are still there.

    • barbiefish

      I think it was Austin who got lucky, being excused before the final two worst.  Yes, Jerrell’s was a disaster in most respects but, to me, Austin’s dress was offensively ugly.  Everything about it grated — color combination, weird ruching around the neck, the fug belt . . . I could go on and on but don’t want to have to look at it again to gather ammunition.  And I like blue and yellow together just fine but not the hues Austin chose and what he constructed with them.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Unless in a subsequent episode Austin completely blew it, I suspect that he was a lock to make the finals of this season.

      • Cathy S

         Poor Austin. When he falls, he falls hard. It really should have been down to him and Jerell at the end.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Austin is one of the designers for whom I’ve always had much affection, and I’m genuinely sorry to see him floundering. 

    • While when I first saw Mila’s I thought of the cartoonish half man, half woman character; in comparison to Jerrell’s, Mila’s was haute couture!  Her sewing is always impeccable and the neck on that Indian mess was crooked (unintentionally I think) and I won’t even address the hideous thing on the sleeve or the God awful drapey mess.  I don’t understand Jerrell or Kenley (Chile?  really?) still being on.

      • TheOriginalLulu

        It must be said that the sewing skills of this bunch of designers are really amazing. Mila, Mondo, Rami, Austin, Kenley. They all put out some really beautifully sewn clothes. Kenley, whether or not her stuff is your taste or my taste, you have to admit that the girl can fit and sew an outfit expertly. Especially when you think of the disasters we have seen walking down that runway over the years. Dresses literaly falling apart, barely held together with spit and a prayer.
        Jerrell, unfortunately, as much as I love him, just isn’t on the same level as the rest of these guys, especially when it comes to editing. 

  • Michael or Austin should have gone home. Kenley has been coasting along in the middle for so long. How many chances are they going to give her. Bleh.

    •  And how could I forget Jerrell’s monstrosity? He’s been a mess since week 1. I guess I had Downton Abbey amnesia.

  • AgingWell

    This might be the episode that finally cures me of my PR addiction. Mila’s auf made no sense, except in the game show world. 

  • DeborahLipp

    I thought Mila’s was a contender for the win. I see the flaws you’re defining, no question about it, but I think it was close to the top, and both Mondo and Kenley remade dresses that were in their finale collections.

  • I don’t think I see the polka-dot ripoff as much as you guys do – definitely a somewhat similar silhouette, but with more maturity and grace (while still being fun and undeniably Mondo).  I love the incredibly subtle lines cutting across the shoulders – they give depth without embellishment.   The back is just stunning, totally flattering, very interesting, very unexpected.  I agree about Mila’s dress for the most part, but I don’t think its undoing was that it was too conceptual – I think the concept just wasn’t entirely thought through.  It felt like a strong attempt to do a truly unique and startling dress, but it just ended up looking like two different dresses pasted together.  There needed to be some continuity between them.  Also it felt very heavy, and the shoes made that effect worse.  No way she deserved the auf over Jerrel’s hideous monstrosity.  The fact that he’s still here is like some bizarre joke.

  • Frankendress.  Beautifully made and lovely in thought, but still a Frankendress.

    • introspective

      agreed. I felt like Mila’s was disturbing to look at in a way- to quote Mizrahi but not because of communism… cause she cant help if papua new guinea’s flag had a color scheme similar to the communist russian flag. communism isnt nearly the problem. It was exactly as TLo described, needing a more graduated hemline in the front for the black part to go with the flow of the colorblocking of the back. It was easy (and therefore easier on the eyes) in the back than in the front as a result. the front started to feel like a mullet dress.

      • Pam Winters

        My husband and I were standing in front of a freeze-frame of the two bottom dresses and holding papers up to the screen to “reshape” them. I wanted a straight diagonal from the black upper thigh to the red just-below-knee area on Mila’s. For Jerrell’s we just got a big piece of paper and covered the whole damn image.

        • RroseSelavy

          OK, I’m a little jealous of your marriage.

    • Terrie_S

      I looked at it and immediately saw the “half-man, half-woman” from the old carnivals. 

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        YES!!!  I was thinking of a particular scene in Victor/Victoria. 

      • donnaINseattle

         I thought of Julianne Moore.

  • Frank_821

    Everything you brought up about mila’s dress occurred to me as well. It was a great concept that was too angular and extreme in its execution. beautifully made but disorienting. It was better than jerrell’s though. It was a typical overlaid and overcomplicated and poorly executed dress.

    It speaks volumes that Kenley was runner up. We’ve seen it before. I will grant you it was well made and probably the best version she’s done of that sort of dress. At least they called her out on it. Then again I seriously now wonder her desire to compete on the show has less to do with the prize and more with showing the fans she’s no longer the maniac child she was during her season

  • afabulous50

    Mila – I will miss you…
    I did love Mondo’s look sans polka dots….the back with the chevrons was done perfectly.

    • I thought the back was technically perfect but contrived- it didn’t really add anything to the design

      • Onymous

         Color wise, yeah all it added was an excuse for green and yellow, but having the strip and the joined shoulders as a result let the back open wider, and the chevrons help (to my eye) create the illusion of a more interesting, heart shaped, opening

        • Stubenville

          I think it also recalled the diagonals in the flag without being slavish.

      • Sweetbetty

         Even though the chevrons matched perfectly and the construction was very well done, I think  the chevron band needed to be just a bit shorter.  Notice how it bubbles at the small of her back.  I assume the dress is made from a stretch fabric so making the band shorter shouldn’t have interfered with the way the dress would fit on the body.  I also would have liked it better if the front gave some hint of what was to come in the back since as it is there’s no connection and, as was said above, adds nothing to the design.

        •  I believe he said that he was using a matte jersey, so it was a stretch fabric.

    • homespunner

      Couldn’t figure out why the judges were so unenamored with the chevron back. C’est la vie. They gave him the deserved win.

  • ihatefacebook

    I actually felt kind of sorry for the designers with this challenge.  With this type of “inspiration” challenge, I’m sure they are a little paralyzed because they have to walk such a fine line between the judges saying that they were too literal and that their designs look like flags or national costumes, or conversely, that the judges don’t see the country in question in their designs. I think that trying to come up with something that is neither too literal nor too unconnected to the inspiration might have also been a factor in most of the designers returning to past designs. With only one day to work, they felt overwhelmed trying to reconcile it all.

    • elmhurstgal

      Did anyone think the Malandrino dress shown as inspiration for the flag challenge when they introduced her might have been criticized as too literal had something similar been submitted? 😉

      • Onymous

         Yeah it would have been shit on pretty hard, it’s the sort of thing that needs to be in a collection with more subdued pieces and professionally photographed for dramatic effect. Otherwise it’s too literal, too costumey, and way too ruffled and worked.

      • Pam Winters

        Absolutely. And as someone who was raised pretty conservatively, I wondered whether there were Americans who found the Malandrino dress to be disrespectful to the flag and, also, whether any of the contestants might somehow insult the national flags in using them as inspirations. (Note: I’m not saying that I personally care about the notion of “respecting” a flag; I just know that it’s out there.)

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I don’t think Mila’s deserved to go home, either.  There’s a point where “conceptual” becomes “fugly,” and she crossed it, but it wasn’t gapping around the back (Michael) or looking like a piece of random cloth dumped over Calcutta Barbie (Jerrell).

    • siriuslover

      And the construction on Jerrell’s was HORRIBLE! Even I could’ve gotten that white racer stripe down the arm to lie flat. And WTF was that stupid stripe there for anyway?

      • Onymous

         So, I just looked up the flag of India because I realized I didn’t ever get a good shot of it in the episode.
        India’s flag is three equal stripes of yellow/orange, white and green with a blue wheel in the center.

        So yeah, that’s probably where the poorly thought out token inclusion of white came from. Of course it might just be there cause Jerrell has never said no to an element in his life.

        • siriuslover

          The wheel is the loom. If Jerrell were really thinking conceptually, he would have gotten a cotton fabric (or some homespun elements) to symbolize the traditional Indian cottage industries propped up by Gandhi and other Indian nationalists as an alternate economic growth. Now THAT would’ve been designing with the flag!

    • Qitkat

      Calcutta Barbie =)
      Oh, you nailed it. I would liked to have seen either Jerrell or Michael sent home. Or both. Why are either of them still there?  Both offensive to their respective countries, Michael’s was so pageantry, and so trite; Jerrell’s was beyond ridiculous, and almost bordered on parody.

      I agreed with everything TLo said about Mila’s. Ugly it was, but at least she was on to a germ of an idea that several more hours might have refined. Mizrahi has reached the saturation point for me. K.M.A.

    • homespunner

      My Calcutta Barbie would never be caught dead in a dress that hideous.

  • Scarlet39

    Mila’s was one hell of an ugly dress.  But it wasn’t the worst out there.  Sad, considering these are “All Stars”

  • ThatPeterG

    Jerell’s was a tacky, hideous mess! Didn’t care for Mila’s all that much, but it was interesting, and not a costume from the Miss Universe pageant.

    • YoungSally

       Big mess seems to be Jerell every week…..followed by Jerell’s shirt getting “airier”

  • My strategy for watching this show is I tune in in the beginning and find out what the challenge is and then I check back in forty minutes to see the runway show. It’s about all I can tolerate at this point. Sigh. I wish PRW truly understood their viewing audience, we are hungry for real creativity and not game-show tropes. It’s an insult to our collective style intelligence that Jerell stayed and Mila went home.

    • AuntieAnonny

      This is exactly what my watching consists of now. I used to liveblog every episode but now I just find myself getting angry and annoyed with it all.

      I think this All Stars deal = jumping the shark, tbf.

      • I’m doing the same, although I’m about to stop watching the judge’s comments, because they are so weirdly inconsistent and obviously producer-manipulated.  I think BM has taken the All Stars and driven it into mediocrity — the designers are all talented enough not to take it to the hot mess that the regular PR has become.

        • Sometimes I listen to the judges comments but then avoid the final decision once I see that they are about to break out the crack pipe. Last night I unfortunately stayed to the end and then I wished I was on what the judges were smoking. * high paying salary*

  • Logo Girl

    I feel like judging like this is a form of gaslighting. “No, you didn’t really see a ridiculous foofy frock making a thin attempt to represent a vibrant South American country. You saw something kicky and fun and fresh, that any young Chilean girl would be proud to wear to show up her mom. Now go take your sleeping pill and go to bed.”

    • YES!  That is exactly what I felt and almost what I did.

  • crash1212

    I’m fine with Mondo’s win – beautifully made dress…blah blah blah. I am NOT fine with Mila’s schmaufe – what a crock. COMMUNISM??!! Really Mizrahi – that left me screaming at my TV. I agree totally with T Lo in their assessment that Mila was the only one pushing herself creatively and thoughtfully moving out of her comfort zone…and what did she get for her trouble? Schmaufed! Schmaufed in the face of one of the most horrifying schmattas produced by Jerrell yet. Jerrell stays; Mila goes – it’s a mad, mad, mad world.

    • elmhurstgal

      Totally agree with you regarding the communism comment!  How can that dress reflect a political philosophy??  Is it because red was a predominant color?  Anyway, the comment only served to make Mizrahi look really stupid….surprised the producers allowed the comment to be aired because it doesn’t seem in their interest to make one of the judges look so dumb!

    • Lori

      Pretty sure he was talking about the anarchist communism flag, and he’s not wrong.  He could remember it for the same reason I do, thinking back to how right-wing loonies went ballistic over the Narciso Rodriguez dress Michelle Obama chose to wear the night Obama was elected; they said she was deliberately sending a message by wearing the colors of communism.

      • Which is really loony.  But–my MIL was off the boat from Estonia, where they have no use for Communists, of course.  She never in her whole life after leaving her home country after WWII wore a red garment.  Never.  Not even a scarf. 
        She was a understandibly loony, too.  But it is out there for sure. 

  • Thathoodwink

    I thought for sure that Kenley would be going home for making yet another of the one dress that’s she’s been making this whole competition. My favorite moment of the show was when Mizrahi called her out on it and warned her not to do it again. “I mean it”. And for her to wind up in the top three was a joke. I also thought Mila’s dress was very dramatic, and she certainly did not deserve to go home. Austin has been a big disappointment to me for the most part. He has shown that type of gown how many times this competition? And it’s not good!

    • RroseSelavy

      And Kenley, “Oh, really?” like she hadn’t realized it. 

      • Thathoodwink

        Yes, and now I’m DYING to see what she comes up with in the next challenge. I wonder if she’ll be able to bear not using cutesy polka dots, or pink, or both….

    • homespunner

      Really? Kenley for the schmauf? Next to Jerrell’s? I like her asthetic. (Not her!) She’s been there, done that over and over and I’m glad she was called out on it because I think she can probably do something else and do it well. Whereas Jerrell? No way. Agree about Mila and Austin.  

  • Shoelover1512

    I gotta admit I’m kind of getting tired of Mondo and really hope he doesn’t win. Although I was hoping for a Mila win overall and now that is not going to happen.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I think Mondo and Mila are the only two who have strong points of view as designers. Mondo has been successfully refining his to meet the demands of the judges, and losing a bit of his Mondoness in the process. But good for him: let him win and get enough money and attention to be able to strike out on his own and reclaim his Mondo Mojo.  

      • Shoelover1512

        I agree 100% that Mondo and Mila are really the only ones with strong POV. That’s why I was hoping Mila would stay til the end. For some reason I’m starting to dislike Mondo but with no justifiable reason lol But out of the remaining I couldn’t say anyone really should win but him.

  • StelledelMare

    Yes, Mila’s was a total Franken-dress but it was way better than that mess that Jerell made. 

    •  It’s unfortunate that she also went with the Bride of Frankenstein hair with it…

  • Jerrell should have gone home home home!! I agree with you about Mila. It’s just off-putting.  I have to say though I loved Mondo’s dress, even though it was a rehash. I loved seeing it again. 

  • siriuslover

    I can get on board with Mizrahi’s critique as the red part, with the yellow line going down it, reminds me a bit of the Chinese flag (and gymnast outfits) rather than Papua New Guinea.  I think he actually liked the concept of the dress based on how I interpreted his critique.  I think Schmeidi has some Jerrell love going on, because she’s the one who seemed most enamored by his piece of crap up there, and that’s twice now it (in my own opinion) she saved his ass from being schmaufed.
    And Mondo’s win was deserved, but not well deserved. Lined up next to the rest of them, who else would get it?

  • tired_mommy

    Haven’t watched yet and am trying to get the countries they got. Did Mila have China? Have no idea what Mondo had???

    • Logo Girl

      Mila=Papua New Guinea

      • tired_mommy

        Thank you! Safe to say I would have never guessed Papua New Guinea or Jamaica. 

        • Onymous

           If you haven’t seen the rest of them: you’d never guess most of their countries. Except Micheal’s where you’ll roll your eyes, and Jerrell’s where you’ll want to punch somebody.

  • Thank you for that last paragraph! It’s a relief to have it acknowledged. As another serious girl, I’ve often found myself wincing sympathetically from the hateful comments she gets for nothing more than minding her own business and doing her work. God forbid a woman not constantly stop her life to maintain a pantomime of childlike benignness for strangers. Too bad she was auffed.

  • allisankelly

    So, Jerrel has some incriminating photos of some producers, right? WTF?  He has sent so much WTF-ery down the runway and last night was no exception. I just don’t get the judging. Kenley has yet to go out of her comfort zone and let’s not even talk about Michael’s “gown”. Come On.

    Mila getting “Schmaufed” was not what I was anticipating at all. While her look maybe didn’t flow, she certainly had a story to the design for Joanna. Maybe she should have used her “red is freedom” part of the story on the runway and Isaac wouldn’t have used the word “communism”, which WTF?

    Side note….Love Catherine Malandrino!

  • Violina23

    I thought what both Mondo and Mila excelled at in this challenge was the whole being referential of the flags without being too literal.  Austin had a misfire, but at least captured the “beachy” feel”. Michael’s SHOULD have been another in a string of “Beautiful looking gown, but nothing fashion-y about it”, but it was a big dissapointment with a dollar-store blue ribbon bow in it.  And Jarell? Joanna NAILED it with her critique again: It looked like a slutty, borderline-offensive touristy doll.  Kenley made the same dress again, but I’ll give her props for actually mixing two patterns that actually look good together. But progress over previous weeks != winning.
    I’m still enjoying this season way more than the last two “official” seasons. I really like the judges & Joanna. I feel like it’s back to the clothes and the designs, which is what I loved about PR in the first place.

  • andcoh

    I’m shocked really.  And I think Mila was definitely the best of the All-Stars.  The fact is that this season, much like the all-stars mini, is designed to give certain people (Mondo and Austin) the gold.  They had Rami and Kara in case the others screwed up too much, but really, the whole point is to give the money to Mondo this time around.

    • I agree that the show was conceived to give Mondo the win that he deserved for the last season when the win was stolen from him. I believe that the store that is giving  space for the winner has a great deal to do with who wins. I don’t believe Mila had a chance of winning because of that. Please remember that the person who wins this is going to have to be able to create a line that is retailed in a store. That is why we are getting so many sports-day wear themed separates this season. 

      • andcoh

        Ooh!  Thanks for that.  No, I’m only reading this blog about the show.  I realized that I enjoy judging the clothes without the personalities.  But, I didn’t realize that was part of the prize package.  Thank you for explaining a huge chunk of this season to me!

  • jeneria

    I fear that they’re going to give this cycle to Michael “The World Is Against Me and I Must Whine” Costello.  I liked Mila’s and how Jerrell’s tacky Indian joke was allowed to stay is beyond me.  Austin’s was dull, but not bad.  And Kenley’s was insulting.  My Chilean friend was livid that they praised that twee inelegant mess as being representative of the country.

  • umeboshi

    mondo’s dress was great, but what about the challenge to incorporate the CULTURE as well as the flag? who wears a floor-length long-sleeved gown in jamaica?

    that goes for most of the contestants. PR all-stars is really getting annoying with their arbitrary enforcement of challenge stipulations.

  • MzzPants

    Confessional:  I have not been watching since about episode 3.  It’s so weary.  The quality of design and workmanship have lagged since Seth Aaron & Emilio Sopa, including this ‘all-stars’ bullshit.  I wait for your reviews to see the work.  I’ve turned to RuPaul for drama and desperate innovation.

    He called it ‘communist’??  What is that?  ‘Schizoid’…’unbalanced’….’ready for Juliane Moor’.  Those comments would have made more sense.

    So over it.

  • Annie Leung

    I was so confused about this episode. I love Austin but his dress was horrible and Jerell? How many times has he made it through by the skin of his teeth in this season alone?! He should have gone home weeks ago for his street wear look and to see Mila go home for a well made garment made me so angry. I do think her look could have been improved if the black had the long sleeve and the red sleeveless to give it an easier line to follow with the eyes but she most certainly did not deserve the schmauf.

    I’m tired of Kenley, aren’t they bored with her dotty frocks yet?

  • Mila’s schmauf proved that bravery and pushing yourself are not what this show calls for. Austin made the same tired, flowy, poorly made thing he’s been churning out, Jerell sent a horror down the runway, Kenley made the same party dress as ever, yet they are safe and Mila is out. Wrong call IMO. It’s time for Jerell to go, for god’s sake.

    • Scarlet39

      For me, it’s not just that Kenley is resurrecting the same designs, it’s that for this one in particular, she resurrected a design that was clearly reminiscent of a Balenciaga “copy” she did in S5.

  • Pamdela

    After last night, all I can say is thank you for posting about “The Fashion Fund”, which I’ve been watching every week on Hulu as a kind of palate cleanser. So refreshing to watch real designers, real industry judges, and most of all, really gorgeous clothes and jewelry. Even though “Project Runway All Stars” has its merits (ie, Georgina Chapman and Joanna Coles), I just can’t with the boring, borderline hideous clothes. Sadly, it really seems that this franchise is played out.

    • “The Fashion Fund”?  I have missed this.  On Hulu?  I need a palate cleanser in the worst way – or more Ru Paul drag race.

      • Pamdela

        It’s well worth watching. Tom and Lorenzo posted on Facebook about it a few weeks back; 5 of 6 episodes have now run and I have loved them…check it out.

      • More Ru Paul is always called for, and especially now. Nina and Michael must have left the crack pipe laying around back stage somewhere.

  • jw_ny

    I totally agree that Mila’s schmauf was not the right decision.  I actually believe she should have been in top 3, with Michael being in btm 3….Jerell being schmaufed.  The front of Mila’s dress was abrupt…wish the black would have flowed downward like she did in the back.  I like Mila and like her aesthetic and believe she’s one of the most talented that has appeared on this show.

    Mondo’s win…ok.  It was the best of the lot I guess, which really isn’t saying much.  I liked the chevron and back detail…surprised that Issac gave it a negative comment. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Wait  – am I wrong or did Mondo also win the challenge last week?

    • jw_ny

       yes…he won the Godspell challenge. 

  • tired_mommy

    In the past I would have never checked the blog prior to watching the show. Now I just want Mondo or Austin to win so I check to make sure they weren’t auf’d.

    Disappointed to hear Mila is leaving, but I think she did a fab job overall of showcasing her talent by sticking to her aesthetic and executing to a very high level of quality.

  • THANK YOU!!!! Everyone on every board I subscribe to has been saying, “Kenley made the same dress as before,” and I’ve tried to point out that this is Mondo’s polka dot dress in black!!! Lord, is it tiring, watching this female-phobic panel (not ONE female designer has won a challenge this season…honestly, PR, that’s shameful) heap praise on the little guy who should have won his season, no matter what he throws out there, is getting dull.

    • andcoh

      I’ve found that pretty interesting.  I mean, I don’t want them to just give it to a girl, but I feel like they’ve ignored the awfulness of some designers to knock out the gals.

  • CozyCat

    When Isaac mentioned “communism” wrt Mila’s look, I was hoping he was making a reference to the wonderful graphic arts displayed in Soviet propogranda posters:

    But that would have been a complement (and an interesting new place for Mila to look for inspiration).  Unfortunately, he seemed to mean it as a criticism. 

     You could argue that she didn’t represent the culture of her country, although without more information about that country the best any of them could do would be stereotypes, which is exactly what Kenley, Michael, and Jerrel did.  Even Mondo only alluded to Jamaica by giving his model “dreadlocks,” which, of course, the judges hated. 

    Mila did really stretch herself with this look.  And she’s criticized for “not putting much thought into it?”   Where did they see any “thought” in Michael’s or Jerrel’s look?   

    • I thought Isaac was trying to be funny?  I got it as a joke because of the red and yellow, which did show brightly next to the black.  Her red was just about the same shade (in my mind anyway) as the red in the Chinese flag – which IS red with yellow stars (?).  I think it was a joke that belly flopped.  

      Agree totally that Jerrell was ready for the auf.  His sewing was NOT impeccable, his “drapery” was a disaster, and, his dress WAS insulting to the Indian people!  

      I don’t think any of the designers evoked the culture of their countries – except for the hated dreadlocks/headwrap. 

      • If that was a joke, then it indeed belly-flopped, because Isaac sounded deadly serious to me.

        A couple weeks ago someone here said that the judges didn’t get Mila. I said she was probably right, but that I didn’t see what there was to “get”. Mila’s aesthetic is pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, there’s no doubt in my mind that the poster nailed it. The only other explanation I can come up with for her elimination is the judges were being deliberately obtuse. I did not like her dress, but it was totally on trend. The only thing Jerrell’s mess was on is drugs, and lots of them.

    • LeoBloke

      Thank you for the link to a really cool website, CozyCat!

      And as much as I thought Mila’s look was doomed to be dissed, I found myself liking it more and more when compared to Jerell’s ghastly confection. If there had been any more time to mix up the henna, that poor model would no doubt have been covered in mehndi body art.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Michael drapes the equivalent of bedsheets around his model, creates yet another backless hoochy look, and he’s still here?

  • h123456

    I was just starting to really like Mila. Didn’t care for her much during her first season. Sorry to see her go. 

  • Lori

    I think whoever told you there would be “beautiful clothes week after week” was playing you or maybe their idea of beautiful clothes is far from mine.  I did love Mondo’s gown though, and I agree with others it isn’t all that similar to the polka dot, there are significant differences.  I prefer this one, and I’d kill to wear it. 


    • BrooklynBomber

      I did love Mondo’s gown though, and I agree with others it isn’t all that similar to the polka dot, there are significant differences. I prefer this one, and I’d kill to wear it. 

      There’s a Lifetime Movie Network plot in this. . .

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        the new PR movie spinoff….”Not without My Dressform”…designers plot their escape from PR

        •  If we could get Santino to be in it, I’d watch.

          •  Hell, Santino could play every role, ala Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            In a very special moment shot in a Red Lobster

        •  If we could get Santino to be in it, I’d watch.

    • I think you make an excellent point.  It’s not that the designers are repetitious, but the challenges are D.U.M.B.!  When greeted with such idiocy, what else does one do but go back to a comfort zone?  It also seems that they are really stressed to the point of insanity at this stage of the “game” and that will weaken the best of them.  I’d love to see this show where time wasn’t such a factor in the creative process. 

  • There is no way in hell that Mila’s dress deserved to send her home over Jerrell’s bullshit. I loved Mondo during his season but I am not feeling the love this time around. I don’t know why. His friendship with Michael annoys me for some reason but I think has more to do with my dislike of Michael. Also, Bitter Kittens, correct me if I am wrong but has there even been a female winner during this season? I’m not saying that Kenley deserved to win this week but I find it interesting that we are down to 5 designers and no female winners at all.

    • Sally Brownson

       No, you’re right, there have been no female winners… now that I think about it, it’s pretty weird. Also keep in mind, though, that Michael and Mondo have dominated the wins thus far- not very many designers have been winners.

  • Well that’s a shame. Mila is easily my favorite from this cast. Rami 2nd.

    I enjoy the recaps, but they haven’t drawn me into watching at all. I’m glad I didn’t get myself invested in the outcome. Farewell Project Runway. If this season isn’t the final nail in the coffin, I can’t imagine what would be.

  • I agree.  If she would have curved that black down to meet the red, it would have been fabulous.

  • Jerrell’s dress looked like Xena goes to India, which ordinarily I would say like it’s a good thing, but in this case, no.  Mila was one of the designers whose work I always looked forward to seeing–for that matter, one of the few designers whose work I could see myself wearing.  Conceptually the red and black dress certainly had issues, but at least it wasn’t a literal costume (though it did give off a certain Star Trek: Next Generation vibe 😉

  • Why was Angela Lindvall shouting the details about the design challenge at the UN? All of the designers speak English.

    The Communism critique was lame-o. Of course yellow and red are going to evoke the old Soviet flag. Mila uses the flag’s colors and gets slammed because they remind a judge of a more popular flag, and Austin gets slammed for his colors not matching his flag close enough.

    I’m appalled that Mila was schmaufed for this. There was a lot of boring, expected, and downright ugly on the runway last night. Her’s wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely pushing the boundaries of safe (as opposed to EVERYONE ELSE last night).

    Austin (god love him) is obviously being saved for a greater purpose. And Jerrell and Michael are doing what they did in their respective seasons, skating through to the end by eking past more disastrous entries.

    • Stubenville

      Why was Angela Lindvall shouting the details about the design challenge at the UN? All of the designers speak English. 

      Even if they didn’t, shouting doesn’t help. Speaking slowly and enunciating your words does. 

      Schmeidi really is a terrible host. I wish they had gotten Alexa Chung.

      • alyce1213

        Re shouting: They were outdoors; the UN is right at the East river, and it was probably windy, and since it’s on First Avenue, probably noisy with traffic.

        • Stubenville

          I wonder if the UN wouldn’t allow them into the building? 

          • alyce1213

            Possibly, security. It is prettier outside, sound problems notwithstanding.  They do a lot of outdoor setups — they shot in summer. It’s also less expensive (for cheap B/M) to shoot outdoors when they can.

        • Well, the editors managed to edit out the street and wind sounds and I was left with the shouting.

          • alyce1213

            Traffic and wind sounds are diminished by the use of directional microphones and wind screens. I’m pretty sure she was shouting because SHE was hearing all the traffic and wind, and it’s a natural reaction to raise one’s voice over it. 
            The sound recordist should have told her to stop yelling.

          • She also could have stood closer to them. It looked like she was a block away. Or how about a megaphone? That would have been useful.

            Anyway, I thought it was hilarious.

  • mjude

    i so agree about mila, especially since she lost to jerrell’s which was terrible.  you boys are right about the rehash of designs.

  • SewingSiren

    I really don’t have a problem with the designers re-using ideas that they have already developed. Most of them are freshening them up a bit. I do have a problem that they are only calling Kenley on it. She really has used a variety of lengths and silhouettes this season. The are all similar the fabric pattern choice that they could fit in the same collection. The same “girl” could wear the outfits for different occasions. 
    I liked Mondo’s entry and I thought he deserved the win. I would have also supported a Kenley win. But it seems that Isaac was dead set against it. Oddly my favorite part of the dress was the chevron pattern on the back and that is what Le Miz Hated. Clearly according to some of the other critiques they were bound to the color scheme in the flag. If he had not used the chevrons it would have just been another long black jersey sheath with no design element what so ever. And yes it is extremely similar to his finale gown from his season right down to the head wrap. Which is okay. But why not warn him too?

    Mila’s was the most original look on the runway. She deserved to be in the top three. It fits the criteria and it fits her point of view. It could use a little tweaking but that seam in the center back is fabulous . It reminds me of a YSL dress from the 60’s with a half silhouette of a woman. It is really unbelievable that she was in the bottom for this , much less sent home.

    • nosniveling

      totally agree with all your points…
      they will wait until Kenley does something “different” and then auf her for it.
      Jerrell really should have gone home this round, his was awful.

      • andcoh

        The idea of Jerell and Michael making it to the end is appalling really.

        • CarolinLA

          I don’t mind Michael making it to the end but Jerrell?  Please.  

    • andcoh

      You and I agree quite a bit about this show.  I rarely bother commenting, because you already said what I feel.

    • I agree with not having a problem with designers using already developed ideas.  I think the warning to Kenley is that nothing she has done is even an inch outside her “aesthetic” of 40s/50s retro; hearts instead of polka dots; no peter pan collar this week though.  Seriously, most of the others, sometimes hideously, have shown things outside their preferred pov except for Kenley – or perhaps that’s all I remember whenever I see her, because she reinforces her concepts with her own clothing?

  • The clothes this season are just boring. I haven’t had a single wow-moment yet. Besides not going home there is no incentive for the designers to produce interesting clothes.

  • Jerell’s outfit was crap on a stick.  If I were Mila, I would feel like I had been slapped in the face that they chose to keep him over her.  I guess they need the drama each week.  I said it a few weeks ago…Austin is going to win this thing, no matter what kind of slop he sends out.  Even if Mondo has won three and Michael has won two, Austin will still get the grand prize.

    •  I hope you’re right.  I do love Austin and I thought he got the short end of the stick in season 1.  I would have loved to see his final collection, which would have not had a completely sheer dress with no bra involved.

      …Did they even go to fashion week for All Stars?  How are they doing final collections?

  • Stubenville

    I’m happy for Mondo, even if he’s reaching into his bag of tricks. I was afraid the hair would knock him out of the top three (and it did get roundly criticized.) But Isaac was being a bit crazy when he called out Mondo for actually using the flag colors, after Austin had been criticized for not using exactly the same shades from the flag. Consistent much, judges?

  • Presumptuous Insect

    When Isaac said communism, who thought immediately of this?–

  • fringebenefit

    Mondo was fine for the win, but no way should Mila have gone home, when Jerell and Michael produced such schlock. During After the Runway, it was gratifying to hear–even in front of Jerell–that the other designers expressed the opinion that Jerell should have been cut over Mila. Also gratifying to hear Isaac say that he often second-guesses his decisions afterward and they haunt him throughout the week. I think the decision re: Mila is bound to be one of those regrets.

  • Stubenville

    Sigh. I was rooting for out glum little Romulan Mila. Apparently the next big designer can’t be too far ahead of the judges view of what is current. I am gobsmacked that both Rami and Mila have gone before Jerrell. Perhaps Jerell’s bedazzled style appeals to Georgina Chapman and she’s been saving his @$$?

    I suspect if Mila had toned down her silhouette and used an even hem and a less asymmetric neckline, she would have been top three. And I wish Mila had called out that windbag Isaac on the colors; “I get communist from this.”  She should have replied  “Those are the colors of the flag, Isaac.”

    • Exactly. I got a real American/French/British vibe from Kenley’s then. 😛

      • Stubenville

        Thailand would have been horrid to deal with; the expectation would have been something breezy and tropical with Asian influences, but their flag is red white and blue!

      • Stubenville

        Thailand would have been horrid to deal with; the expectation would have been something breezy and tropical with Asian influences, but their flag is red white and blue!

  • I liked Mondo’s for the win–I don’t see it as THAT much like the polka-dot dress, though a similar silhouette. Mila’s I expected to see in the top three. While it certainly didn’t scream “Papua New Guinea,” it was a polished and interesting design.

  • sashaychante

    Both Jerrell and Michael deserved schmaufing for the hideous garments they sent down the runway.  Jerrell’s was just laughable. The green drape did not help, as Joanna pointed out in the work room.  Michael’s bordered on pathetic…seriously, this is what you come up with in a DESIGN competition.  It was a sheet draped over his model.  The addition of a big blue bow doesn’t make it “designed”.  Michael’s love of draping equates to laziness, whereas Romi’s always looked effortless, but was constructed so well, that you absolutely knew skill was involved in the effortless look.

    OK…done complaining about those two.

    Mondo…what the heck did this have to do with Jamaica?  The head wrap was the only thing that looked stereotypically “island”, and everyone hated it.  It’s obvious that Mondo isn’t really into this competition, or at least it’s getting edited that way.

    Mila…I sorta liked this dress.  It’s an unusual design for PR.  It didn’t reference communism, which I think is a much darker, structured, restricted feeling.  I agree with TLo’s assessment that Mila was really trying to push past her usual boundaries with each challenge, as did Kara…and they both got schmaufed for it.

  • I screamed when Mila got schmaufed. I was at a friend’s house so it would have been rude to punch her TV but if there was ever a reason… Sure, it was a Frankendress but it had potential if tweaked to be really cool and arresting. There was nothing fashion about Jerrell’s Barbie costume, it was simply atrocious and I was sure he was a goner until they lit that crack pipe.

    Austin was a disappointment, though those primary colors in his flag could throw anyone off their game. Kenley’s was cute, I’d wear it if I could but it has nothing Chile about it. I abhored Michael’s gown. That blue bow. Ugh. An awful, tacky, pageant gown.
    I actually love everything Mila personally wears. It’s a look I aspire too. She looked so cool and cute last night in her outfit and I’m sure she was in shock she got the boot while standing next to Jerrell. 


    I was hoping the final three would wind up being Mondo, Kenley, and Mila, but that clearly isn’t going to happen.   Last night I thought Kenley was the clear winner of this challenge and I still think so, despite the obvious hostility of some the more hysterical commentators here.   Much as I liked both of the pieces shown in this post, they both have their problems.   Mila’s dress doesn’t even begin to suggest Papua New Guinea, though she did use the colors of the flag very artfully.   For me this brings to mind, very much, Russian Suprematism and Constructivism.   Unfortunately we live in a society that is generally ignorant of the contributions of those artists to the field of textile and dress design in the early part of the twentieth century.   Actually I’ve always felt that Mila’s work owed more than a little bit to the paintings of Kazimir Malevich and the paintings and dress designs of Lyubov  Popova.   For me, it’s no insult to bring up Communism, though that may be how Mizrahi intended it.   El Lissitzky, Stepanova, Rodchenko, all the great artists of the early years of the Revolution, distinguished themselves in practical design.   Actually, both Mila’s and Mondo’s work this week owes a great deal to principles put forward then and there about a hundred years ago.   Obviously, I don’t think Mila should have been removed from the competition for this truly gutsy design.   Then again, Mondo didn’t deserve to win for his.   Both of these garments took remarkable skill to construct, but in both cases the results are somewhat awkward.  

    • CozyCat

      We obviously think very much alike.  I (see my previous post) also thought of these Soviet influences.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s what Isaac meant….

    • RroseSelavy

      Well put. I actually think that IS what Isaac meant. He’s a knowledgeable designer. Maybe his thoughtful contributions were edited out. At any rate, he’s right that the constructivist aspect doesn’t quite match her description of the freedom she meant to invoke for Papua New Guinea. And I say this having really liked Mila’s dress.

  • miagain

    Mila’s dress reminded me of those old comedy routines… man on one side, lady on the other.  Why the two skirt lengths?  Just could not get on board with this dress… gimmicky and dumb.  

  • granddelusion

    Mila was an adult. She thought like an adult, spoke like an adult, and behaved like an adult. I’ll miss that from the workroom, and the show in general, because the rest of them are spoiled/damaged children, incliding Mizrahi. That gets wearing and dull. And really, if they want the designers to come up with something fresh, give them more time!

    • guest2visits

      Talk about adults and children; I found Kenley’s choice of outfit for the after show odd and abit disturbing.
      I know the designers will often wear some strange concoctions, (Mondo’s for example); but this was just
      too juvenile and off-putting. Not really a good representation for her.

    • “Mila was an adult. She thought like an adult, spoke like an adult, and behaved like an adult.”

      That’s one of the many things I love about her. I mean, she’s not perfect. She got a little too riled up about Kara and Kenley’s friendship, which I thought was weird. But she was there to make fashion, get her name out there, and maybe win a nice little prize package.

      Echoing what another poster said upthread, it bothers me that she’s judged harshly because she’s so serious when she works. She’s been called a bitch and a dried up old hag. I totally understand why some people don’t like her, but “bitch” and “dried up old hag” seem really over the top to me.

      I miss her already. It’s bad enough that she’s off the show. It’s completely crazy that she was eliminated while Jerrell was safe.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        An adult on a reality competition show?  Surely you jest…I’m saying this with my tongue firmely planted in my cheek.
        I’m really disappointed that both Mila and Rami have been schmaufed while lesser designers are still in the game.
        I think that you can characterize both Mila and Rami as adults who didn’t, unfortunately, provided the phony, contrived drama that now seems to be a must for PR. Quel dommage….

        • I think Rami was born old. 🙂 I’d been thinking about other designers behaving like adults, and Rami immediately came to mind. OK, he was kind of tough on Sweet P when they teamed up in season 5 (he made her cry), but those two were just not meant to work together. At any rate, he’s the only one I could think of off the top of my head. I imagine people who are aloof or subdued just aren’t very likely to try to get on reality shows.

          • I didn’t think he was that hard on her, honestly.  I thought she was being kind of a wuss about it, probably because it was an insane schedule and she was tired and vulnerable and had been hearing her work ripped apart (whether constructive or not, it still gets to you).  As opposed to Angela and her “Poor little me, feel bad for me because my mommy and I are crying, and make sure you hate him for it too” act. 

      • I can understand her issues with Kara and Kenley — for one thing, anyone Kenley forms a friendship with leads to loud, distracting noise in the workroom:)  And for another, all the women shared an apartment.  When it dwindled to just Kenley, Kara, and Mila, she probably felt quite excluded.

  • I was sorry to see Mila go. I’ve always liked her work. This dress wasn’t perfect, but I mostly liked at least what she was trying to do.
    I’m always glad when Mondo wins.

    The others? I just don’t know anymore what the judges are thinking. There’s obviously so much more to it all than what meets the eye, its hardly worth even getting worked up about it. I feel like its all just orchestrated to make ‘good TV’, at the expense of actual talent being rewarded.

    And I really hate that ‘after show’. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      My personal take on this season is that the powers that be know that Mondo and Austin were very popular during their previous turns on PR, and that they invited those two hoping/planning that both would make it to the final round. Some of the other designers appear to be there for potential phony reality drama-Michael C., Jerrell, Kenley, for example.

    • Stubenville

      And I really hate that ‘after show’.

      Agreed. Although it was pretty funny to see everyone squirm when Joanna asked if Jerrell should have been schmauffed before Mila… since they all seemed to think the judges were wrong.

      • CarolinLA

        I think Joanna is prepping the designers for their stint at Marie Claire by asking such pointed questions.  The winner is going to have to make their case in front of a group and be bold in doing so.  

        • homespunner

          Questions like, “Will I be able to wear a bra with that?”

  • CarolinLA

    It’s always the problem with ONE-DAY challenges.  People keep going back to their wheelhouse because it keeps them in the running.  They’re all too tired to be super-creative within a 24-hour time span.

  • tallgirl1204

    Glad to see your positive review of Mila.  She is the only one out of this group who I would seek out to make something for me (“I would totally wear that!”– well, maybe not THAT, exactly, but any one of a number of her outfits.)  I agree that she comes off as not playing to the cameras, and so they’ve edited her to look sour, but I have a real sad about not seeing her final collection.  Best of luck, Mila, and I’ll look to see your collections on the Interwebs. 

  • leave_Blake_alone

    I’m really mad about Mila’s offing too. Jerrell or Michael Costello both should have been sent home before her this week. They both looked like parodies of “[Insert Country] Barbie/Pageant Runner-Up” dresses.

    Kenley is definitely always playing it way too safe and way too in her wheelhouse, but if we’re going to send her home for it, can we please send Michael Costello home with her? None of his looks excite me, and at least Kenley’s look fun.

    • RroseSelavy

      I think it was Mondo asking, “Why is she still here?” Well, it’s because even though she makes the same items over and over again, they’re fun, well-made, young, and appealing. Contrast with recent productions of a designer such as Austin or even worse, Jerrell. I always like Kenley’s clothes.

  • lilazander

    I agree with you totally. At least the dress was not boring and predictable (though as you said too conceptual for PR), and sooo well-made!

  • granddelusion

    Just read through all the comments, and I agree about Mondo’s dress. It may be a reference to the dot dress, but it still looks very different to me. And I love the way it makes art out of the model’s back. Unintended, i’m sure, but very special.

  • samo_samo

    Sorry guys…I’m going to have to disagree with you. I don’t think that Mondo’s dress was a remake of his polka dot dress. The necklines are different, the fit is different (the polka dot has a straighter column fit, the Jamaica dress definitely hugs the curves more) and the bottom of the Jamaica dress is more flared. I think his dress last night was more sophisticated and actually better constructed than his polka dot dress. One of the other commenters had it right…both dress could have come from the same collection, but different enough to stand apart from each other.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Mila’s is problematic, but that curve down the back is great, and if she’d had time to refine and edit, this could have been terrific.  But even w/ its problems, this is more about fashion than, say, Jerell’s party dress (which was a perfectly fine party dress until he draped sheer curtains over it). Mila’s was not successfully realized, but there’s some kind of vision and point of view there. 

    PR used to make a point of talking about Fashion vs. mere clothing. But awhile back the focus shifted to clothing, and now the judges generally base their decisions on what’s conventionally “marketable” and “wearable.”

    And that includes Mondo’s which, for me, was not the winner.  I think it did win because it looks very well-made, and is an attractive silhouette. To my eye that chevron is ugly, and integrated into a design idea only in the most superficial sense, but even if I liked it I’d still say it won not because it was the best design, but because it’s clean and sophisticated and, most important, easily understood.

    • donnaINseattle

       The back of Mila’s was WONDERFUL! I was totally seduced by it.

      The severity of the hem difference was jarring, but my goodness, there should be a side by side comparison of everyone so far and we can see who has really pushed herself in different directions. Her work is clean and well done. Even last week’s dreadful piece was thoughtful and well-made. I will miss her, especially a final collection (if that is how they end it). I think she had grown in ways since her last final collection and I’d LOVE to see what she would have done. Her and Rami were the ones I thought had grown and expanded their sensibilities since last time around.

      Bummer. But I will still watch and am looking forward to next week.

    • donnaINseattle

       The back of Mila’s was WONDERFUL! I was totally seduced by it.

      The severity of the hem difference was jarring, but my goodness, there should be a side by side comparison of everyone so far and we can see who has really pushed herself in different directions. Her work is clean and well done. Even last week’s dreadful piece was thoughtful and well-made. I will miss her, especially a final collection (if that is how they end it). I think she had grown in ways since her last final collection and I’d LOVE to see what she would have done. Her and Rami were the ones I thought had grown and expanded their sensibilities since last time around.

      Bummer. But I will still watch and am looking forward to next week.

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    Someone clue me in: Why are we calling her “Schmeidi” and why are we calling it “schmauf’ing”?  Because it sounds hilarious to me, and I want to know what I’m laughing at.

    • Qitkat

      It’s a reference to Heidi Klum, her German accent, and her goodbye to offed (aufed) designers.

      • FashionShowAtLunch

        As a long-time PR watcher, I’m familiar with Heidi and the auf-ing process. I’m just curious why we’re adding the “sch”.

        • Qitkat

          Sorry, I didn’t realize from the way you worded it that you were familiar with Heidi.

      • Stubenville

        I thought it was a Seinfeld reference, no?

        • Qitkat

          Probably, lol. I miss these kinds of references sometimes. It’s been so long.

    • jw_ny

      Schmauf(ing)is kind of a play on Heidi’s cantch phrase “auf”(ing) like Kathy Griffin’s reference to the other part of the Emmy awards show that isn’t televised, that Kathy has used in her comedy routine…she calls it the Schmemmies.  Since this show is not quite the real Project Runway with Heidi…the new hostess (whatevahernameis) is referred to as Schmeidi….and schmaufing…well, is obvious. 

      • FashionShowAtLunch

        Aha! – Kathy Griffin reference. Thanks. I know about auf-ing but I was curious why we were calling it schmaufing.

        And yeah, Angela Lindvall is no Heidi. So Schmeidi sounds about right.

  • As soon as I saw Mila’s, I thought of this:

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    I agree completely.  Mila did not deserve the boot for this.  

    I find the back on Mondo’s dress to be absolutely breathtaking. 

  • I agree that Mila shouldn’t have gone home.  Though her dress did clarify why no one makes dresses like that.  The long half was just sortof flapping in the breeze, and it wasn’t very pretty.  Half a skirt is really just a sideways loin cloth thing…. not good.  However WHY DID THEY LIKE MICHAEL C AND WTF JERREL.  SO much crack.

  • Stubenville

    Two more thoughts; the back detail of Mondo’s dress looked a lot like Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass patterns. And the hair on Mila’s model looked unfortunately rather Imelda Marcos-like.

    • jw_ny

       I honestly had the same thought regarding the back of Mondo’s similarity to FLW’s Tree of Life…probably why I like it!  🙂

    • Susan Crawford

      Yes! Those chevrons are a major FLW design element. And I love Wright’s work – even went on a pilgrimage to Chicago and Oak Park, and visited Fallingwater and have toured the Usonia houses many times. Bravo Mondo! If you have to pick a design genius to influence you, you made a hella good choice!

      • Stubenville

        Oh I know it’s off topic, but I visited Fallingwater in December a few years ago (they’re open the week between Christmas and New Years) and it was even more magical in the snow, with a fire in the big living room fireplace.

        • jw_ny

           I visited Fallingwater a few years ago…loved it and will go back.  Not only impressed with the house itself, of course, but the furnishings and priceless artwork were incredible.  I’m lucky enough to live near the Darwin D. Martin House…and have visited it numerous times.  In recent years it’s gone through major renovations and restorations.  Definitely worth a visit if you have the opportunity.   🙂

        • formerlyAnon

          Nice image.

      • Falling Water is just breathtaking. I’ve seen the Oak Park house too, and I absolutely loved it. I hope I have the opportunity to see more of his work at some point.

  • bluefish

    I like Mila and I like her clothes.  This one I thought was a real bust.  Had she not gone for the long red, she probably would’ve been saved.  As it is, she seemed happy to go and to be released. 

    Mondo made a goodlooking dress in short order.  I didn’t get the dislike for the chevron back — I’m thinking of Isaac’s criticism, I guess.  Beautifully made. 

    This cycle has turned out to be pretty insipid.  I blame the challenges which have been pretty lame.  That and the fact that the hamsters are given virtually no time to create the looks — and that we, the audience, continue to be treated to mere glimpses of the clothes as they come down the runway.

    Also, the totally ignorant comments about Chile, Chileans, and their “ponchos” were dismaying.  Que ignorancia!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The comments about Chile were cringe inducing.

  • DeborahLipp

    You’re right. That look read so generically Michael to me that I didn’t associate it with a specific dress.

  • ShivaDiva

    What a terrible, boring episode.  No one made anything inspiring in the least.  This was probably the hardest week yet for determining who should go home, because no one brought it.  Mondo won because his design was the best rehash.

    I think Jerrell should have gone home, or maybe Austin.  But I can’t disagree with MIla, either.  Sadly, she made an attempt to create something new, but it just didn’t work.  

    Maybe Two-Face could have a communist gun moll from Papua New Guinea in the new Joel Schumacher Batman flick.  Holy fug, Batman!

  • I appreciated TLo’s comments about Mila, because I’ve never disliked her — she’s intense, and not interested in being a quipster, a gigglepuss or fascinatingly quirky.  It has to be why she was booted before Jerrell’s atrocity.  I could not believe they were praising that “Nike swoosh” accent on the sleeve and what a great design element that was.  What the hell???  

  • VanessaDK

    Exactly! On all counts. I loved Mila’s but the hem could use tweaking, and I saw polka dots the momentMondo’s came down the runway.

  • ShivaDiva

    I also thought it was hilarious how overblown the challenge description was.  “We’re so privileged to have the UN sponsor this episode by allowing us to sit on the lawn across the street!”  They could have at least had Ban Ki-Moon as a guest judge or something.

    • rowsella

      Oh, and having Catherine Malandrino as guest host because she based a collection on a flag.  That was stupid.  The pic they showed was nothing anyone would wear in public outside of some fashion editorial or some advertising campaign.  Maybe it was her French accent instead.

  • Helen C

    They used “Communism” as a critique????!!!  And of course on the one woman here who’s got an Eastern European name?

  • Scott Lichtman

    Is it just me, or did Austin’s abomination look like he just stole one of Endora’s old dresses from “BeWitched”? How does he stay in? Everything he does looks like Laura Ashley/Stepford Wives on crack.

  • eight_of_nine

    I loved Mondo’s dress.  Maybe I wasn’t paying close attention to the workroom part, because I didn’t realize there was going to be that pop of color in the back.  I was like, “so he just made a plain black dress, I don’t get– OHHHHHHHH.”  It was a really striking effect and he did take a risk.  Thank goodness they didn’t give the win to Kenley.

    I was sad to see Mila go, even though I kind of hated this dress.  Asymmetrical hems like this are just a personal dislike.  But did she deserve to go before Jerrel?  Absolutely not.

  • Lattis

    I am sad to see Mila go. I was hoping she’d be in the final three. 

    To my eye it was a toss up between Austin and Jerrel for the bottom. Jerrel’s because it stunk, and Austin’s because it also stunk. 

  • I hate to admit I forgot to watch last night because I’ve been so bored with this show lately, but I watched on the web this morning and was still bored.  And frustrated as hell that Jerell once again did not go home.  I had Mondo and Mila as 1 and 2.  How could they send her home over some of the other crap on the runway?

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    One of the disappointments of PR AllStars for me has been that so many of the challenges boil down to “make a pretty dress”, and last night’s was more of the same. 

    If I could have reached through my TV screen I would have happily bitchslapped Isaac for that fatous comment about seeing communism in Mila’s design. What the ?????? Ditto for Catherine Malandrino blithering about the styling of Mondo’s model’s hair.

    Agree with TLo that MIla’s design was too conceptual for this challenge. At least Mila remained true to her POV, and bless her, she won’t play the drama games that sadly B/M now demands for this show .

  • LJCdoc

    Oh, hell no. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I just looked at the pictures, and with the exception of Mondo, any of the other looks should have been schmauffed before Mila’s. Stupid show.

  • Kate4queen

    I didn’t think Mila’s was the worst by far-but she made no effort to incorporate any element of her country in the execution. she just stuck to what she likes to do. In that way I think she is rather like Kenley. 
    Mondo’s was fine and I knew it would win the moment it walked out-because what else was there?

  • Susan Crawford

    So disappointing to see Mila go. She does have a very recognizable style, but PRAS gave her some room to kick it up while remaining true to her skills and personal aesthetic. I saw evolution from week to week, and while there were definitely some issues with this dress, it was NOT deserving of a schmauf. The high-low skirt was a major problem: as has been pointed out, it was too abrupt, and definitely needed a transition. The sinuous yellow was stunning and sexy. I was LIVID at Isaac for that flippant “Communism” remark.

    Mondo’s dress was pure Mondo, but it had me cheering for him as soon as I saw those chevrons – VERY cool, very rum punch on the patio of a luxe Ocho Rios resort, and the hair that got critiqued? Well, it’s Jah-maica, Mon! And when you go to the club to dance and shout, you rock some hair, girls.

    I am champing at the bit for more TLo recaps, because I have some things to say about Jerrell and Michael’s work. Oh, yes, I do. Bwahahahah!

  • I think the designers might do better if they had more than 1 day for the challenges

  • I thought Jerrell should have been auffed instead of Mila. I agree with your critique of her dress; it wasn’t perfect, but with some tweaks, it would have been more stylish and less conceptual. Jerrell’s was a mess of too many elements and just ugly.

  • Onymous

    I straight up dig Mila’s. That’s including -not in spite of- the abrupt, discordant front transition. I disagree with her styling though, it looks too severe and pushes the outfit into Star Trek territory, I think a softer style would have helped soften the dress.

  • 3boysful

    My two cents: 

    Even if Mondo’s was similar to his polka dot dress, at least he hasn’t made it EVERY week like someone whose name begins with “K”.

    Happy as I am that Austin wasn’t schmauf’d, he should’ve been–that monstrosity reminded me of when I would twist colored Kleenexes into Barbie dresses.

    And a challenge inspired by a flag–really?  disparate colors? rectangles?–isn’t so wonderful, even if you include the cultural references as something to be inspired by.  Yes, we get Greece and Chile, but who knows anything about Papua New Guinea?

    The stills may prove me wrong, but from the workroom stuff I thought that Jerell’s dress–BEFORE he added the sari-esque swath of green–was one of his better efforts.  Nonetheless, he is still clinging on WAY past his expiration date.

    I didn’t care for Mila’s, but it was better than Austin’s and Jerell’s dresses.

    Perhaps they need to award points to everyone each challenge, so that each designer has a bank of points, and when someone really talented–Rami?– screws up, the judges can save them.  Clearly they informally saved Anya a million times . . . .

    But I must add I have been impressed with Georgina’s thoughtful comments.

    • SewingSiren

      Which dress has Kenley made this season that is like the one she presented here. I suppose it is vaguely similar to the first challenge dress that had a swag on one hip. But only vaguely. And it is somewhat similar to a dress that she presented in her finale show in season 5 , again only somewhat. Many construction differences (not just decorative ones) you would have to make a new pattern to be sure.

      • This season, Kenley hasn’t produced this dress. But she did it in her season:
        (with tulle instead of ruffles)

        • SewingSiren

          I remember that one. Yes it is similar , but there are may significant differences from a pattern makers perspective. Only the bodice (which on season 5 was extremely short , so I’m not even sure about that) would be used again. The sleeves on the season 5 are a considerable fuller at the cap and 3/4 length. The skirt on the season 5 dress  as a drape on the hip, the angle that divides it from the decorative hip element is basically the same, but that’s all. The fullness on the opposite hip is layers of multi colored tulle gathered into a slight bubble shape. The two dresses  have a similar silhouette, but  the  pattern maker not similar enough to use the same slopers. 
          At any rate certainly not cause to say she is doing the same dress  EVERY week .

          • You have an eye! I did not notice any of those things; I noted the similarities in the diagonal skirt reveal element, the tight bodice, and the shoulders. Thanks for the lesson!

      • 3boysful

         You got me–what I would have articulated if I hadn’t been going with the thought flow was that her stuff has a serious tendency to look the same each week.  If the challenge was “va-va-va-voom cocktail dress,” I swear she’d produce a full-skirted 1950’s-esque number with a Peter Pan collar.  Even the judges finally called her on it.  I guess you can give her props for a consistent point of view, and others, e.g. Rami, have had that tendency as well, but how about a V-neck, or a straight skirt or something.  Maybe it’s just the overuse of polka dots.  I did really like her Godspell coat, UNTIL she ruined it with the feather trim.

  • Susan Crawford

    Two more general comments:

    (1) I’ve gradually grown to like Joanna Coles and appreciate her style of critiquing in the workroom. But what was up with her sudden underwear obsession? Where did that come from?

    (2) Where have the folks at Mood been hiding Swatch? I truly miss him!

    • dawnboo

      Yes, where is Swatch??  We’ve been looking for a Swatch-sighting and there’s been no sign of him.  We are worried that Swatch might have passed away… I hope not!

      • Stubenville

        Perhaps Swatch is busy filming her own reality show.  =) 

    • RroseSelavy

      I for one am glad that Joanna decided to start bringing up practical concerns in the workroom. I think she just looked around and thought, “oh crap, not one designer is thinking about how to wear a bra with this” and decided to call them out on it one by one.

      • Yes, one of the two designers who clearly had underwear in mind was schmaufed. When they auf Kenley, It’s going to be braless wonder time.

  • RroseSelavy

    This schmauf pissed me off, too. I understand what Isaac was saying — it looks like Russian Constructivism — but that’s a point in its favor, in my opinion. I actually loved the dress and would love the woman daring enough to wear it. It was a top 3 dress for me — so much better than Jerrell’s and Michael’s Nations of the World Dolls.

  • Vincent Dall

    Agree, TLo, about Mondo. It’s ironic hearing him talk about pushing himself when he was basically remaking something he’d done before. (Not saying he was consciously doing this, though. It’s likely the result of fatigue, both emotional and physical.) I also can’t really disagree with anything you say about Mila, but I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing her eliminated if for no other reason than I was tired of hearing her whine and complain. She was just too much of a sour puss. Having said this, it is pretty shocking who is left on all-stars. Contrary to Joanna’s (scripted) comments, this is not the most talented group of designers left on PR – and that’s sad to say on an “all-stars” season. 

  • Mondo’s was okay. It wasn’t that creative, sure. When I saw the green and yellow chevrons, I could not help thinking about those signs that go on the backs of cars in Japan when there is a student driver driving.

    In communist Russia, dress wears you. Maybe that’s what Mizrahi was thinking when he saw Mila’s dress, looking so bold and daring on the runway. That still doesn’t excuse the auf. I thought it looked interesting, clean and presentable, unlike some other entries. I liked the gold jewelry with it… Well I liked the whole look. If I saw a person dressed like that somewhere, I would not think they were ugly or negative (communism) at all. 

  • Jerrell should have been auf’d for that travesty of a dress. Mila dress was jarring but impeccable – I wanted to see more from her. Let’s just give Mondo the win and get it over with. Yawn!!

  • TheOriginalLulu

    THANK YOU. I was also pissed at Mila’s Schmauf. I’m not a fan of mullet dresses, but this dress was quite striking. Agreed that the color blocking on the back looked way better than the front, but you can see what she was going for and it was really cool. I actually liked the thin stripe on the front that the judges hated. It added visual interest in a good way.

    I loved Mondo’s dress, but I do get what you’re saying about the rehashing. But still. that back was awesome.

    I adore Jerrell, but he just doesn’t know how to edit and it doesn’t matter how many times the judges call him out for it. He should have gone home for that cluttered mess.

  • I loved Mila’s look.  I thought that her look and Mondo’s were a cut above the rest.  So to have her Auffed for this is just ridiculous.

  • I think the problem is we don’t have Heidi, Nina and Michael there to say “Bitch, your season called and wants its dress back!”  I say problem, but new judges can be a refreshing change as well.  I don’t know.  Obviously they don’t care what was made in the past, they care about what they’re seeing here and now.  I thought Mondo’s was the best thing that came down the runway.  I guess he figured he almost won his season making that dress so why the F not!  How many times have we seen that draped gown from Michael before?  Except done better.

  • cakesandale

    Just what was the point of this challenge? Was it to be inspired by the design of the flag and/or the country? I’m not sure what I could read into a red, yellow, and black outfit that would bring Papua New Guinea to mind – and I grew up in Queensland. Just how did Mizrahi expect that those colors would ever bring Papua New Guinea to mind before something like Communism. And what elements would you bring into a dress to express PNG? 

    I liked how Mondo incorporated the saltire from the flag into the top of the dress. I just wished he’d used the green and yellow in the front, even if it were just with some piping. 

    • Stubenville

      Well the designers hands were tied on the colors; the expectation was that they would use the EXACT colors of the flag in each look.

  • ShivaDiva

    I don’t think Isaac intended the “Communism” comment as a slam.  It seemed more like he was making a point about the effect of the garment. i.e. it didn’t look like it had a *stitch* of Papua New Guinea in it, but looked like something else entirely.  I suppose the judges decided that making a “Small World” costume for each country was a lesser sin that ignoring the inspiration for the challenge.

    I like Mila quite a bit, and I think she has the potential to be more successful than most PR alums out in the real world.  But no one is going to win the PR dog and pony show by adhering to a singular aesthetic.  Doesn’t mean she’s a bad designer, just not good reality contest material.

    • cakesandale

      I agree that Mila just went with her aesthetic and there was not a “stitch” of PNG in her outfit but I’d love to know what Mizrahi himself would have done with this challenge without it being costume-y. 

  • formerlyAnon

    O.k. with the win.  The auf was absolute b.s. (and I have soft spots for several of the weakest links . . )

  • BethR52

    Last night, I didn’t notice the subtle make-up above the eyebrow.  Very nice.  I agree with your comments about Mila.  This schmauf proves that PR has no interest in creativity.

  • Spot on commentary, gentlemen.  When the schmaufed Mila instead of Jerrell, I had fit.  Mila’s dress was sharp and focused and really interesting.  However, it didn’t read “New Guinea”, meaning she took her inspiration from the flag colors but not the culture of the country.  There’s nothing “south seas” about that dress.  But, if the transistion between the short and long had been less abrupt, she’d have stayed, I think. 
    Mondo’s dress was surpizing as well; nt in a good way.  It, too, didn’t have anything to do with the laid back culture of Jamaca, only the colors of the flag.  It was a great dress, but, as you said, a rehash of the polk dot dress.  It was disappointng, and I believe he only won by default–the rest of the pack was even more disappointing. 

  • jjfg

    I can’t believe Mila went home instead of Jerrell.  Really?  REALLY??  Mila’s design aesthetic is not to my taste, but I can at least SEE what she’s doing.  Jerrell’s was, to paraphrase something someone said last night, bad Indian Barbie dressed by a six year old.  

    Monzo’s dress was OK; I guess I can’t argue that there was a better one but it really wasn’t all that inspiring.

  • CarolinLA

    I do love how loyal Mondo and Michael are to each other while at the same time being critical of each other’s work.  

  • kat89

    I completely disagree with most of what you said about Mila. I get that you guys are clearly huge fans of hers, so your opinion is going to be skewed in her favor, but come on! You said she color-blocks a lot. She color-blocks virtually everything! Maybe her designs are different each time, but when every single garment is color-blocked, after a while they all start to look alike. It’s hard to get past it after a while. Yes, I think it was Jerrell’s time to go home, rather than Mila’s, and I think that Isaac is a douchebag as a judge anyway, so his communism comment was just him being his usual asinine self, but don’t say she doesn’t play they game. She does. She’s just not very good at it. The reality is that Project Runway is a game show. All of the other contestants recognize this and play accordingly. They all know that life won’t end if they don’t win, and their careers will still get a small bump. Mila took it all way too seriously. You would think that by now, she would be on to how the game is played.  I also think she was very jealous that everyone else was making friends and she wasn’t, and because everyone was so talented, no one was fawning over her and her extremely healthy ego couldn’t handle it. I think the other designers are enjoying the ride and seem to have the whole thing in perspective. Winning would be great, losing won’t destroy them. Mila is a serious designer, but so are all of the other designers. Being serious doesn’t mean you can’t have a personality too.

    • Stubenville

      I think you’re reading an awful lot into the little we saw of Mila on camera. Lighten up, it’s just fashion.

      • RroseSelavy

        Oh, my heart just wept a little for that season of PR.

  • I like Mila a lot and I do think she’s very talented but that dress is just too clearly two different dresses. I almost expected her to have two different hairstyles and makeup styles on each side of her face.  I don’t think she should have been auf’ed, I think it should have been Jerrel but… weird dress. 

    I loved Mondo’s dress and just because it’s long and black doesn’t make it a re-hash of the polkadot dress. 

    I thought most entries were crap-tastic for this challenge. 

  • Cathy S

    I thought she was going to win. I really did. And then they threw her off? Over Jerell? And Michael’s schmatta was in the top 3? What the fuck? She had the only original dress in the whole show. I’m so disappointed.

  • I completely agree with what you guys wrote about Mila — my mouth was literally agape when she was schmaufed over that hot mess of every Indian-cliche hybrid Jerrell vomited all over the runway. Heck, I was stunned when she was even in the bottom 2 for “doing what she wants regardless of the challenge” (an actual critique they gave her during the judge’s pow-wow) when they praised Kenley for doing the same thing (Kenley’s colors, btw, were no closer or reminiscent of the Chilean flag than Austin’s was). Bottom 2 should have been Jerrell & Austin with Jerrell being smaufed because that really was the tackiest, most vulgar thing I’ve ever seen. 

  • Lerae Kroon

    I am baffled by the fact that Jerrell is still here. I liked him on his season, but this time around he’s consistently been sending really horrendous stuff down the runway. This week was no exception. Maybe if he had been showing good garments up to this point, but they’ve almost exclusively been overdesigned, bedazzled and… well, ugly. I don’t get why the judges are keeping him around. 

  • Tracy_Flick

    I cannot believe Jerrel is still around.

    I also cannot believe that no one utter the words “Star Trek” in reference to Mila’s dress. It was ugly, but Jerrel’s was ugly and poorly made. So was Austin’s. I’m just shocked that either of those two disasters didn’t get auf’ed instead of Mila’s.

    • Qitkat

      If you look at Mila’s IMDB credits, she is currently working on an untitled Star Trek sequel!

      • spititout

        Awesome, she can remain true her aesthetic …

      • MilaXX

         Oh is that what she’s working? I just saw some leaked clips. One with Spock & the new Sherlock guy and another with Uhura. Good for Mila.

      • minnye

         How exciting!  Will make it that much more fun to watch.

  • Tracy_Flick

    I cannot believe Jerrel is still around.

    I also cannot believe that no one utter the words “Star Trek” in reference to Mila’s dress. It was ugly, but Jerrel’s was ugly and poorly made. So was Austin’s. I’m just shocked that either of those two disasters didn’t get auf’ed instead of Mila’s.

  • mike__tv

    The worst part of mondos dress was the flag bit, why? because flags are garish! especially the Jamaican flag, green, black, yellow. It’s weird to me that Georgina was obsessed with the dresses using the flag colours and Isaac seemed to hate it; which just goes to show even the judges don’t understand their own challenges. Now hurry up and review Jarrells dress I’m bursting!

  • mike__tv

    The worst part of mondos dress was the flag bit, why? because flags are garish! especially the Jamaican flag, green, black, yellow. It’s weird to me that Georgina was obsessed with the dresses using the flag colours and Isaac seemed to hate it; which just goes to show even the judges don’t understand their own challenges. Now hurry up and review Jarrells dress I’m bursting!

  • Qitkat

    Little known factoid. The producers refer among themselves to the actual title of the show:

    Punk’d: Project Runway AllStars

  • I agree that there is a bit of rehashing going on, but I think that as the season progresses we are starting to take for granted the quality of work we are seeing from some of the designers.  I can’t think of one time last season that we saw a dress the quality of Mondo’s.  Originality be damned, I’m still enjoying the hell out of actually seeing something pretty on the runway each week.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    The bras thing was weird – as if the male designers on PR invented showing outfits on a runway that the average woman can’t wear.  Next week Joanna Coles will berate them for using models that are too thin and tall.

  • mrspeel2

    Congrats to Mondo!! I thought Mondo deserved the win. Even though it may have been a repeat garment, it certainly was the most striking and beautifully made dress on the runway.

    On the other hand, as much as I regretted seeing Mila get the schmauf, she was (one of the two) who was deserving of it. When her dress came out, I thought it would have been better suited to an Avant Garde Challenge than it was to this one. I felt badly for her model too because the dress looked like it was difficult to navigate the runway in. Bye Mila; we’ll miss you!

    Can I just add something that is off-topic? While I was watching last night, it reminded what PR was like back in the good ol’ days. You know, when construction and design counted more that snappy one-liners. In a perfect world, I’d much prefer to see the All Stars Judges replace MK and Nina.

  • can someone tell me how JERREL IS STILL ON THIS COMPETITION? I was assured about that tacky mess he sent down he was gonna get voted off. At least Mila’s dress had some originality and good construction going on. Plus this season I actually started to like her because she proved herself a good designer, regardless of the “sour” personality. sad elimination 🙁

    • meowing

      I see Jerell as Mila’s polar opposite:  he’s sweet, adorable, funny (he won me over on his original showing, with the syrup bottle soliloquy), but hardly a grown-up in the design department (“Shiny! Must use!!! More is better! Always!!!” Exclamation points included).  Mila’s a bit too grown up, needing to have more fun and laugh more often.

    • MilaXX

       I’ve developed a bit of an appreciate for her no nonsense approach. Not every occasion requires a witty remark.

      • I appreciate that I think that’s who she actually is.  Like Anthony’s constant comments never bothered me because they seemed very authentic to him personally, but I hate the people who are trying to be that reality gem and you can just tell they aren’t actually that person.

        • MilaXX

           I agree. I think unfortunately that was why she didn’t fit in here. Mila was still in design mode and most of the people here seem to be in reality tv mode.

  • spititout

    Was Mila’s dress “unresolved?’  Word is getting overused by judging panel, even though “resolved” was a good constructive description by Mizrahi in the past. 
    I must say that I appreciated Mila’s offering and disagreed with the judges. I wonder what caused the knee jerk “soviet/communism” reaction in Mizrahi, James Bond 007 movies?  In spite of that random comment, Mizrahi, Georgina, and many of the all-star guest judges are far preferable to Kors, Nina, and the Kardashian-style guest judges in recent PR seasons.  For the most part, Mizrahi and Georgina have been very thoughtful in their critiques.  Refreshing, but I guess all-star designers require more respectful handling than rookie contestants.
    I was ready for a changing of the guard a couple of seasons ago, and DO NOT look forward a return to the old guard of Michael, Nina, and company in the future.

    • nosniveling

      good, points, Spit- agree about the judges!

  • girliecue

    I’m not sure I’d ever invite Mila out to lunch or brunch, but she clearly is one of the most thoughtful and professional designers this show has ever had. At one point during the episode I shook my head sadly and said, “Girl, this is not your show.” My very best wishes for success, fulfillment and vindication, Mila. You very much deserve it.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Agreed. She’s not the most interesting reality TV contestant and she has a pretty narrow range, but what she does she does extremely well and there’s certainly a market for it. I too wish her much success.

    • CozyCat

      Actually, Mila might be a very good lunch/brunch companion–quite, thoughtful, interesting conversation.  Or, maybe not.  We really don’t know.

      But you’re right–she’s not cut out for what this show has become.  She’s too serious for the instant quips, but not nasty enough to make a full on villian. 

  • hughman

    Not meaning to be too political but of all the country flags in the world and one of the six (?) the producers pick to use was Jamaica, one of the most avidly anti-gay countries on earth. Really? Was Uganda’s too boring? 

    This may seem like a small deal but given the designers orientations and the viewing audience, it just seemed so tone deaf. I wanted Mondo to make a dress with fake blood on it and have the model wear duct tape over her mouth like the “No H8” campaign. 

  • Geno Boggiatto

    I was so upset to see Mila go! I agree that she was the most talented in the group. Her finale collection from her original season is one of the best the show has seen, and she’s been consistent this season in producing eye-catching looks.

    At this point, it just looks like they’re out to course-correct the Season 8 debacle, and award Mondo the win. To be honest, this season he hasn’t been impressing me as much as he did the first time around. 

  • Glammie

    I’ve been reading your recaps with interest, but I’ve found that I’m no longer watching the show–I don’t think the best designers are being kept.  Mila and Rami are gone, but Jerrell, Kenley and Michael Costello are still around, really?  Really?

    I just don’t believe, at this point, that this is a season where there’s not a game plan to anoint a particular winner.  Mila’s work has been consistently striking and strikingly undervalued–she never should have been in the bottom for the Miss Piggy challenge.  

    I hate Bunim-Murray for destroying my favorite reality show.  I thought I’d enjoy All Stars because these designers are talented and can sew, but even here, there’s a weird favoritism that destroys the show as a competition.  

    Ironic thing is that Mila, of all the designers, was the one most likely to design clothes that would sell in Nieman-Marcus.  She’s the one designer who consistently clothes that have clean lines, but an edge.  I wish someone would fund her.

  • Qitkat

    Tom and Lorenzo, would you consider interviewing Mila?

    Of all the aufed designers, it would really be interesting to hear from her via one of your excellent interviews.
    […shamelessly sucking up…]

    • MilaXX

       I’m dying to know what movie she was doing costuming for.

  • TSkot

    Every designer retools signature looks, so Mondo is in good company and deserved the win.
    Mila’s styling and the red structure of her dress did say communism.  PNG wasn’t represented at all.
    Austin deserved the ouster this week, at least Jerrell tried to reflect the culture.

  • “Tlo said: This Schmauf pissed us off because Mila’s one of the few who have been consistently pushing themselves each week to do something different.”

    But alas…it wasn’t in the storyline. Very disappointing. I agree she was one of the best this season and should have been a finalist, but she has too much dignity to play the sob story game. If only she had tearfully dedicated the dress to her father, who was a small time actor who was killed by a Mr. Softee truck while on his way to star in a dinner theatre production of Victor/Victoria, and say she hoped it made him proud as he’s watching her from heaven. She’d still be in there.

    However, she DOES have a real career (as opposed to a pretend reality show one).


    • jw_ny

       Now there’s a storyline for S4 of Downton Abby!  😉 

      I cannot stand how reality shows love to bring in the sob stories.  I don’t care!

  • Rosington

    Whhhhy is Project Runway trying to give me a migraine or an photo-induced epileptic seizure?!?  I ALWAYS have to cover my eyes for the runway transitions as light flashes give me bad headaches.   It makes watching the runway part very hard cuz I have to predict how long the flashes will be and sometimes I get it wrong.  Grrrrr…..

  • funkypeanut

    You know what I would like to see to shake them out of their ruts? Bring back the velvet bag and randomly assign each of them another designer from the group, and each one of them has to do separates inspired by the work their assigned designer has done so far in the competition — or by a winning design that person did the first time on the PR merry-go-round. So give Kenley Michael’s ugly hat dress, Mondo Austin’s corn husk dress, etc.

  • BPlease

    Agreed on all points about Mila.  She is so talented.  This was some bullshit. 

    Mondo’s incredibly overrated IMO.  I knew this was going to be the ‘make it up to Mondo’ season.  Even his unattractive crybaby fit about his entry last week didn’t net him the kind of criticism Kenley gets for breathing.  BAH.  

    • Glammie

      Yep, basically, let’s pay back this designer by shortchanging other designers.  

      You know, I never felt Gretchen’s win was evil in the way Anya’s was.  I think Michael Kors really did think she was the more mainstream sportswear-oriented designer and Mondo was too quirky.  It may have been the wrong choice, but I don’t think it was corrupt.

      But Anya’s win was corrupt and I think this season is corrupt.

      I wish Bravo would come up with a workable fashion competition because I’d be there.

    • Glammie

      Yep, basically, let’s pay back this designer by shortchanging other designers.  

      You know, I never felt Gretchen’s win was evil in the way Anya’s was.  I think Michael Kors really did think she was the more mainstream sportswear-oriented designer and Mondo was too quirky.  It may have been the wrong choice, but I don’t think it was corrupt.

      But Anya’s win was corrupt and I think this season is corrupt.

      I wish Bravo would come up with a workable fashion competition because I’d be there.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, they need to give the designers more time.  With a few more hours, Rami could have fixed that weird seem, Mila might have tweaked her dress a bit and the back of Mondo’s dress would have fit even better.  When Austin Scarlet starts using tape to finish his seems, there is something really wrong.

  • I think they eliminating the serious competition so they can clearly give the win to Mondo. Who’s left?  What serious designer is left?

    • Glammie

      Exactly.  They’ve got Austen who’s even quirkier than Mondo.  But otherwise?  Michael swath-em-in-satin-curtains? Kenley rip-off-retro? Jerrell bedazzling-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink?

      Mila might have put out a clear winning collection, but she’s not lovable and BM wanted to avoid *that* at all costs.

    • Glammie

      Exactly.  They’ve got Austen who’s even quirkier than Mondo.  But otherwise?  Michael swath-em-in-satin-curtains? Kenley rip-off-retro? Jerrell bedazzling-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink?

      Mila might have put out a clear winning collection, but she’s not lovable and BM wanted to avoid *that* at all costs.

  • MilaXX

    Jerrell continues to be made of teflon, because I cannot imagine how Mila was sent home over his costume.  I wasn’t in love with Mila’s dress, but I agree she has been trying to do something different and I could see the dress working with a less jarring transition from short to long.

    • SewingSiren

      I was thinking the jarring transition of the two lengths was a reference to the traditional and historical culture of the country and/or  the colonial and post colonial/tourism culture.

      • Stubenville

        Do you read a lot of architectural monographs? That sounds like you’re quoting Peter Eisenman. He writes VOLUMES of meaningless stuff like that.

        • SewingSiren

          Psssst.. I just made it up ;).

          • Very impressive. 🙂

            I do understand that artists in any medium get their inspiration from the most random things, but the inspiration stories on PR (and, for that matter, from fashion designers in general) have always both amused and irritated me. I’m no fan of Wendy Pepper, but I love that, when asked about the inspiration for her collection, she said she looked out the window and saw the pretty fall colors. No long story about political upheavals or quantum physics or whatever-the-hell else artists come up with. She just thought “Ooh. Pretty.” It was damn refreshing, even if she was a wacko.

      • MilaXX

        I have no idea what her thought process was, but I can guarantee you that your idea is much too thoughtful for what PR is looking for.

  • Toto Maya

    Mila should have been in the top, in my opinion. I mean, it wasn’t great. But pretty much every piece of the Runway was awful, and hers was better than most of them. I agree with Mondo’s win, I liked it a lot better than the polka dot dress actually. But Mila’s aufing was insane.

  • Uh-oh.

    I would have to say that Mondo has been pushing himself just as much as Mila. Consider Mondo’s output thus far. Look at what he produced for challenges 1,2,4,5,7. All of those garments reflect Mondo’s penchant for combining prints, patterns, and colors in imaginative ways. They also demonstrate his willingness to attempt new things while remaining faithful to his aesthetic. I mean, come on. He’s done a kimono-inspired look. He’s done a deliberately graceless and versatile Broadway look. He’s done a black and edgy unconventional-materials look. How the hell hasn’t he been pushing himself? I like his look for this challenge. I have a couple of issues with it, and I’ll enumerate them below. That this look resembles his polka-dot gown is not a problem at all. Sometimes one has to revert to what one does best. Time constraints certainly can inform this. It’s not realistic to expect each of the designers to come up with a never-seen-it-from-them look for each challenge. The important question is not “has he pushed himself in every challenge” but “has he pushed himself sufficiently to permit a falling-back-to-what-you-usually-do-and-do-well”. Anyway, here’s what I don’t like about his look here:
    1. Execution
    (Execution is near perfect, but there’s quite a bit of puckering both in the dress and in the back panel.)
    2. Literal-minded take on the challenge
    (He replicated the colors of the flag. That’s not really his fault. Had he not done so, the judges would have been up his ass screaming about the flag. The judging for this challenge was piss-poor. I wanted to see from Mondo a look that conveyed more than the colors of the Jamaican flag. He should have tried to marry his design sensibilities with the cultural elements of the country.
    But that’s OK because the dress is beautifully cut and fitted, and that chevron panel, however literal, looked very striking.

    As for Mila, I’m terribly sorry to see her go. There really wasn’t much wrong with this garment at all. It’s striking and graphic as always. I didn’t mind the disparity in length, though I wish she had somehow reconciled the beautifully curved line at the back with the severely cut line at the front. Like Mondo, she replicated the colors of the flag. Again, that’s a problem with the brief and with the judging, not with the designers. The designers are taken to the UN to be inspired by the flags *and* the culture of the countries. But the judges would berate them for not using the flag colors. Come on, yo. Why didn’t you give them fabric swatches from which to draw inspiration then? I thought the designers were supposed to evoke something of the country’s culture in a general sense and something of the country’s fashion, in a more specific sense. Then Mizrahi says “communism” and “it looks like Russia”– these ignorance-laden comments are more than enough to knock him off the judging panel. Best of luck, Mila. It was Austin’s (with his consistently problematic execution) time to go, not yours.

  • olsonam

    At least Mila went out on a high note – it’s an impeccably made dress and there aren’t many people saying she deserved to go home.

  • I think Mila was given the auf for the same reason that Anthony was – this dress in no way shape or form referenced the culture or aesthetic or anything about Papua New Guinea. Maybe Communism wasn’t the right reference – though the red and long sleeve and yellow piping do give it a  militaristic feel, so I can see where Isaac was coming from.  But essentially Mila just didn’t participate in the challenge. She got all caught up in the that bird of paradise = freedom bullshit when the judges were clearly looking for a more obvious inspiration, and only has herself to blame. Couldn’t she compromise enough to create a pareo-type wrap skirt, or maybe a Wilma dress or just add some beaded jewellery?  And the previous weeks monstrosity was obviously still fresh in the memory.
    I like that the judges are making the designers stick to the rules, though it’s sad when it means we lose some of the more talented of the bunch.  But seriously why come on this show if you’re not prepared to push your aesthetic just a little? 

    • bmLA

      It was mentioned before above and it bears repeating. Papua New Guinea is a country strife with political AND cultural turmoil. Mila’s dress was meant to reflect that in a very conceptual way. I’m sure if the damned editors hadn’t edited out the most important part of the conversation with Joanna, it would have perhaps been more clear. It’s touched upon in the little bit of that conversation when she mentions the cultural use of the colors of the flag and it’s no mistake that those are the ones that hang to the floor.

      To say this dress had NOTHING to do with PNG take a VERY narrow minded view of the history of PNG… it hasn’t been all friendly “tribal” kumbaya crap. It’s basically a story between cannibalism and colonialism. 

      In this respect, I find the dress that much more interesting. And just for transparency, I do know Mila personally here in LA and she IS that smart…

      • rowsella

        Oh, please if you know her, Let her know that rowsella in Central NY was rooting for her!  I love her design aesthetic and her skill and… let me say I have never been put off by her affect on the tv.  She comes across to me as professional and focused.  Needless to say, I was quite disappointed by her auff and felt her dress was actual fashion, unlike the schmatta and reruns produced by the other designers.  I felt she followed the directive, she designed a dress that was conceptual and well thought out.  I can’t believe that Austin and Jerrell are still there.

      • minnye

         Tell her… well I know people don’t say “you go girl” anymore, but tell her that anyway!  =)


        Gah! If you really know her, do tell her that this guy here (and clearly many others on this site) is wishing her ton of success! In my opinion, she’s easily been one of the most talented designers of the past several seasons. She has a modern and clear aesthetic that would appeal to many, the drive to continually push boundaries, a love for what she does, and crazy mad skills to make it all happen. I truly wish the best for her.

      • Glammie

        I hope someone with brains funds her–she was my favorite back in her season and she was my favorite this season.  Let her know her creativity and uniqueness really are appreciated out here in the virtual world.  She was robbed.

    • Caaro3

      “[T]he judges were clearly looking for a more obvious inspiration, and only has herself to blame”  If that were true, then Michael, that ass, should have won.  His inspiration for the blue and white Greek flag was, “I’m half Greek”, ‘Blue’; and ‘Draping’. Talk about an ugly, tasteless, vulgar, butt-baring dress.  Give me Mila’s thoughtful, well executed EFFORT any day of the week.

  • HeatherChandler

    Am I the only one whose biggest problem with this episode was the totally random choice of countries?  Because the first thing I think of when I think of the UN is DEFINITELY the Seychelles.  

  • rainwood1

    I’d have a lot more respect for PRAS if the following had happened right before the ins and outs were announced.  

    Heidi walks out on the runway and says “Okay, Schmeidi, you’re out.  But thanks for being such a terrible host that you made me look like a rocket scientist in comparison.”

    She then turns to the designers:  “Jerell, Scarlett, Michael, and Mila.  Those are all hideous.  Jerell, Jerell, you never disappoint with your ‘opulent bits.’  They sucked last time, they suck now.  Scarlett, Nancy O’Dell called and doesn’t want her dress back.  Michael, thanks for being the same little shit stirrer you were on the season that shall not be named. And Mila.  Star Trek again.  What a shocker, but this time you even recreated Uhuru’s hairdo. Thanks for being on Project Mondo, but all four of you are out.”

    She turns to the remaining two designers:  “Don’t you get it, Kenley?  You were one of the most despised designers ever and that’s why we brought you back.  You weren’t supposed to be all nice and design cute dresses every week so that even viewers like Rainwood started to like you.  We can’t have that.  THIS is Project Mondo.  We were even going to do a challenge with cats next week so PETA would be all over your ass, but we can’t risk it.  You’re out.”

    She turns to Mondo:  “Congratulations, Mondo.  You are the winner of Project Mondo.  And this time I didn’t need that idiot Jessica Simpson’s help. Now get off the stage.”

    She then turns to the camera:  “Are you happy now?  Stop being such babies and whining about Season 8. It’s time for Season 10.  You better watch because I can’t have my cash cow run dry now that Seal and I are getting divorced.  Tim is going to say this season has the most talented designers yet.  We’ll have a hot tub in the workroom and we’ll never give the designers more than 4 hours and 25 cents to work with.  And we’ve selected the biggest batch of drama queens and psychopaths ever.  THIS is Project Runway.” 

    Fade out.

    • Stubenville

      FOR THE WIN!

    • SewingSiren

      I drink a lot when I watch the show. So somebody tell me, did that really happen or not?

  • This was quite a lackluster episode. And season, actually. I was expecting grandiose and got meh. 🙁

  • I was really shocked when Mila was voted off the island. 

  • Joyce VG

    Mila is too good for these shenanigans anyway. 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Can someone tell me which flags were assigned to Mila and Mondo? I am guessing Mila got China and Mondo got Jamaica, but do not know since I have no access to the show where I am

    • Caaro3

      Stefanos:    Mondo had Jamaica and Mila had Papua New Guinea.

  • butter nut

    Mila really did not deserve to go home. her’s was in my top 3.  i don’t know how those judges could sit there & declare her garment schizophrenic.  didn’t Lanvin do the same exact schtick a couple of seasons ago?  and for her to go, over Jarell’s big mess?  heck, didn’t Austin just remake the same dress that got him schaufed by Nancy O’Dell?  and FFS, Michael & Kenley, of all people, are still cranking out their typical blah-ness…  this is bullshit.  mila deserved a spot in the final 3.

  • fnarf

    Mila got robbed. I actually liked hers best of all, though I knew they wouldn’t give the win to her. But the auf? Bullshit.

    Kenley’s and Jerrell’s shared the “most likely to instigate a riot in the referenced country” award. Really insulting bullcrap.

  • I don’t think I have one thing new to add. Thank you boys for saying it for me.  Mila is so talented and I just love her clothes.

    Oh yeah,  and only Georgina Chapman would think Kenley’s dress was cute. Those two should be shut away in the same pink bedroom somewhere.

  • Really great recap on Mila.  I never thought about her that way, but I think you are right. 

  • I’m still in shock that Jerell made it through.

  • judybrowni

    Ah c’mon, Mila created a Franken dress, and it destroyed her.

    I’m only sad that the Indian monster dress Jerret made didn’t sprout a dozen Kali arms and strangle him.

    • pippitypup

      While I agree it was disturbing, that was more due to the abruptness of the black hem than anything else.

      Jerell’s–now THAT was disturbing. Yikes. I guess Kali was off duty or something.


    I has a sad for Mila. She was easily my favorite and I ALWAYS looked forward to what she was going to produce. Girl has skills, a very strong aesthetic, and motivation to spare. Bullshit shmauf through and through.

  • muzan-e

    My recommendation: weekly prizes, and a not-so-big one at the end. If you have the opportunity to win smashing huge gobs of money PLUS a pony at the end of the competition by squeezing by every week and then showing big at the end – well, you’re going to squeeze by every damn week, that’s what. 

  • I grew to love Mila this season. That’s probably the biggest surprise of the season.  Didn’t think much of her before.

  • piperkitty

    I was never so bored or disgusted by PR as I was last night (exception being the finale when Anya won).
    It was the same old same old. Austin made that exact dress in his season, different colors. Mondo, minus polka dots, same dress. Kenley, same. Jerrell, more embellishments on some shiny material. Mila, really, just really? Who would wear this and where? And why?

  • piperkitty

    Awsome comment!

  • VicksieDo

    MONDO MONDO MONDO!  Love that dress unconditionally.

  • Even tho Mila’s was somewhat schizophrenic Jerrell deserved the schmauf for that hideous costume he threw up on the runway.

  • minnye

    This is another of those challenges that looked good on paper but failed to bring the goods.  Contrast-y, basic colors like those in flags just aren’t so fashionable.  All the color criticisms were silly, except where they pointed out that Austin’s fabric didn’t quite match his flag, which seemed legit.  Miz’s Communist comment was uninformed and ridiculous – is he really that much of a buffoon?

    I figured that since one of the prizes is a Nieman Marcus boutique, potential sales would be a major factor in determining who advances, right out there front and center without trying to pretend otherwise.  Because she has produced strong collections and done fairly well with these short challenges, I thought Mila had a lock on the final 3 and a good chance for the big prize.


    I love the hair and makeup on her model.

    Love Mondo’s whole look, even the white girl dreads and head wrap.  Elegant and funky.  That’s the cool girl at the party for sure.

  • littlemissstrange

    Jerrell should have totally gone home, it is ridiculous that Mila was kicked off instead of him. I don’t even like Mila and I do like Jerrell but the boy just isn’t a good designer.

    And I seriously HATE Schmeidi, what the fuck was up with her last night? Chileans wear ponchos? And the way she was talking was excruciating…

    • ChristinaRi

      Yeah.  Schmeidi.   I think she might have had Peru mixed up with Chile.    

      No Santiago girl is gonna be wearing something that looks like a truncated flamenco dress.  

  • How was Mila out while Jerrell(!) and Austin were in for those wrecks?  I mean Jerrell has made some offensive stuff but this latest one really takes the cake!  All I wanna know is what color is the sky where you are girl?  Anyway, Kenley made the same dress but added some ruffles and if anything looked too “junior”, something they called Mondo out on previously.  And Chile, really?  In the 1950’s?  Please.  And Austin, thank God the producers love you because girl…why is his styling always 80 years old?  

    Maybe I’m off but I thought Mila’s was the one which (while not without problems) came closest to the brief.  (I like Mondo’s but in Jamaica all that fabric and in black?)  Ah well.

  • LadyJane22

    Project Runway is full of crap. Kenley should have been booted long ago. AND Jerrell. TACKY. Why is he still there at all? I’m really annoyed that Mila was kicked off. She and Mondo are the only ones who are truly great, IMHO.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I think Mila’s dress, if done on the bias, would have moved so much better. I still liked it, though…

    • FunButNutz

      I like the back of Mila’s dress on the pictures shown here.  When the model was standing on the runway the seam appeared to run straight down the front of the dress (Albeit off to one side slightly).

  • ChristinaRi

    It’s a travesty that Mila’s design went home over Jerrell’s mishmash of a costume.    

    As for it not being like Papua New Guinea, I daresay that Isaac isn’t an expert about that country, and it didn’t appear to me that Mondo’s dress invoked the culture of Jamaica either — nor did any of the other dresses invoke their countries’ culture except the ones that looked like garish costumes — yes, Michael and Jerrell, I do mean you all.   

  • Mila’s entry reminded me Julianne Moore wearing Lanvin. Agree that she is the most talented designer on the show. It’s a toss up for between Mila and Mondo. 

  • Sweetpea176

    I thought this week’s results ranged from just okay to really bad – with Mondo and Mila on the upper end and Austin and Jerrell on the low.  Overall, not a great week.  I’m concerned that Mondo feels like he took a risk and was rewarded for it, but the judges thought he was too safe.  Doesn’t bode well.

  • rorschach1992

    Mondo’s was terrific, love it, and the model’s hair. My only thing was it was a black dress, I’ve seen similar before. Nonetheless, its beautifully done.

    I for one enjoyed Mila’s. And I’ve seen similar dresses, cut-wise – short one side then long, in some stores, so the judges other comment about being awkward to wear goes down the drain for me. But yeah that communism line was total BS. And agreed she’s the most talented, she was my favorite in S7, and again here. No way should this have gone home, especially over Jerell’s Bollywood costume.

  • Zippypie

    Mondo’s did do some different elements than his polka dot dress – the chevrons and colors blocking down the back, the cut of the bottom of the dress is flared a bit, the neckline is different, so yes, while he referenced that dress, he didn’t remake the polka dot dress and this clearly deserved the win of all the crap on the runway.

    Poor Mila – she was edited to look like she didn’t follow the challenge and just did her thing, but now reading on comments of people who watched the extended footage, it’s clear she had a concept reflecting her flag’s country.  It’s unfortunate that she didn’t blend sides of the dress better – it’s so jarring.  But I do think her colorblocking, assymmetrical style in every challenge is just as unfortunate as Kenley’s polka dots and that contributed to her schmauf.

    It’s criminal that Jarell didn’t go home for that serious pile he sent down the runway.  Pass the crack pipe!

  • Zippypie

    Mondo’s did do some different elements than his polka dot dress – the chevrons and colors blocking down the back, the cut of the bottom of the dress is flared a bit, the neckline is different, so yes, while he referenced that dress, he didn’t remake the polka dot dress and this clearly deserved the win of all the crap on the runway.

    Poor Mila – she was edited to look like she didn’t follow the challenge and just did her thing, but now reading on comments of people who watched the extended footage, it’s clear she had a concept reflecting her flag’s country.  It’s unfortunate that she didn’t blend sides of the dress better – it’s so jarring.  But I do think her colorblocking, assymmetrical style in every challenge is just as unfortunate as Kenley’s polka dots and that contributed to her schmauf.

    It’s criminal that Jarell didn’t go home for that serious pile he sent down the runway.  Pass the crack pipe!

  • FunButNutz

    Is it possible that ALL contestants on Project Runway have ALWAYS pulled old designs from out of their hats, and the only reason we notice it on All Stars is that we’ve seen them compete before?

  • cleep1000

    No way should Mila have gone home. She was robbed. Jerrell should have gone, no question. And Michael’s look was pitiful.

  • I rarely comment… but i fewel i must. I Completely agree, the most talented designer got the auff. Pity she aint no attention whore.

  • unbornfawn

    Mondo’s was the clear winner last night. Nothing else came close. Mila’s looked like two completely different dresses cut in half and sewn together.  It made me think of the old schtick when a performer dressed as half a man and half a woman. I think this dress is a miss on Mila’s part. I would not have given her the auf…. It was constructed better than several garments on the stage last night. 

  • Lilithcat

    This is ridiculous.

    “Design a dress based on a country’s flag.”  So when Mondo designs a dress clearly not based on the flag, other than the chevrons thrown in as an after thought, what do the judges do?  Criticize him for the only element that meets the challenge.

    And they praise Michael and keep Jerrell for designing costumes.

    Man, talk about crack-smoking judges.

  • Lisa

    I was just totally disappointed all around.  For the first time on PR, I didn’t like a single outfit that came down the runway.

  • Linderella

    If Mila had kept a consistent length instead of the jarring short-to-long, I’d have given her the win.  LOVED this design, just not the two lengths.

  • texashistorian

    I agree. Mila’s work is absolutely beautiful and different. I would take her dresses over anyone else’s any day.

  • ziarah

    This is the first time this season that PRAS has truly made me angry. I thought Mila’s was a close second behind Mondo’s. Yes, it had flaws, but it was gorgeously made and really did fit the challenge. She put a ton of thought into it. Jerell’s was ugly and horrifying and he should have gone home for what he did in the name of India. 

  • JustJenn142

    Loved Mondo’s dress but okay I get what TLo is saying here and yes it is disappointing.  They really do need to shake it up..but that is probably not going to happen.

    Extremely disappointed in Mila’s aufing.  I was never her biggest fan but this aufing was completely uncalled for.  This dress was at least interesting, and is NOT the same pretty dress that gets pushed down the run way week after week.  Sorry Mila, you were robbed. What bullshit this was.

  • GTrain

    Mila is probably my favorite designer in the group; I would love to wear her stuff. It’s a travesty that she lost to that monstrosity Jerrell made. I didn’t love this dress but I though it looked a lot better from the back than from the front.

  • geeeque

    i never understood all the hate for mila in her own season way back when. i love her style–it’s NOT retro. she’s inspired by a clean wearable silhouette that happened to be super hot in the 60’s and she’s made it ultra modern and now. it’s so freaking flattering on so many bodies. but i’ve been waiting all this season for her to be thrown off, as t-lo said she’s just not reality material. she’s using this medium as a platform and doesn’t apologize for it–you go honey.

  • How Mila went home before Jerell I can’t even conceive of. 

  • Why_do_I_even_watch_this_show

    Couldn’t agree more, Mila should not have been sent home.  I really loved this dress.  Michael C or Austin should have been cut for those Barbie dresses or Kenley for the same ol’ thing.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    the one thing i do have to say for this is my heavens, that dress mondo made looks good on the model. in fact, i think it’s the kind of dress that would look good on many, if not most, women. the only thud note is the stuff he had to add to fulfill the contest’s constraints. the yellow & green are not the best colors for such a sexy & dramatic dress. too primary, even though theyre secondary, if i make sense. too grammar school for such sophistication.

    but he didnt have much choice. &, again, i think this dress would fly off the racks at just about any store. just like bert’s stuff last season [& unlike, of course, anya’s]. not that mondo & bert have a similar aesthetic. they dont. but they both design exquisitely made, attractive, enhancing, wearable clothes. as does michael, of all people. he doesnt have either mondo or bert’s panache–but women are gonna buy what he sells, & for reason too.

    count me among the enormous mountain of people who really does not think mila should have been eliminated this time around. i explained this on another thread & i’m too weak & weary to write it again [nor do i think whoever bothers to read what i write should be forced to read it twice] so i’m gonna refrain from respeaking. other than to add that it’s one of her better garments this season &, while i ordinarily despise double cobbled dresses, i like this one.

    i also think the contest is fixed yet again. although not only could i be wrong but i’ve yakked about that too & i really dont wanna even begin to ruin the show for people so i will refrain redux. it’s sad though if it is.

  • I agree with T/Lo.  Mila shouldn’t have been eliminated.  I also with the boys on this:

    If the black sort of blended and curved into the red going all the way down, with the black skirt gradually dipping down to meet the red skirt instead of slashin a line right across her thigh like that, we think
    there would have been more elegance on display.

    If she’d done that, it would have been damn near perfect.  I’m sorry she’s gone.  Her work could always be counted on to push the envelope.  I may not have liked every design – but each and every offering was interesting as hell.  She’ll be missed.

  • ccm800

    AH-greed!  1000 percent. PS: Austin Scarlet – it’s official for me – Likable (though not so much this round) , crowd favorite, and over-rated. 

  • Peeve

    I loved Mila’s designs during her first season, and was pulling for her to win. This season, I haven’t been as in love with her designs, but you’re right, TLo, she has been designing different looks each week, not the recycling of same-old, same-old. With all the complaints about always color-blocking, you are also right–it’s a technique, not a design. Week to week, Mila’s been pushing herself, unlike many others. Although Mila comes off sometimes as sour, I also think it’s just her serious nature. I would find some of the antics, particularly by Kenley at the top of her grating voice, to be distracting while I’m trying to focus. In terms of design highs and lows, Jerrell, Kenley, Austin, and Michael should have gone before Mila.

  • turtleemily

    I kinda loved Mila’s dress and was shocked she went home instead of Jerell. Would’ve been interesting to see how Mila’s dress would’ve fared in front of Heidi et al after knowing their reception to this one:

  • Pterodactyl111

    I don’t know why they were all bitching about the panels on the back of Mondo’s dress. I thought they were awesome and really made it. 

  • MaryMitch

    I can’t read 12 pages of comments, so I apologize for any duplication – Papau New Guinea is a country occupying half an island. If Mila had mentioned this as part of her inspiration, it might have helped her explain the dress.  I can see this dress – with a much shorter red side – in a store. I think it would sell.

  • MaryMitch

    I can’t read 12 pages of comments, so I apologize for any duplication –
    Papau New Guinea is a country occupying half an island. If Mila had
    mentioned this as part of her inspiration, it might have helped her
    explain the dress.  I can see this dress – with a much shorter red side –
    in a store. I think it would sell.

  • Anathema_Device

    Ha. I read the Jerell/Kenley post before this one and said the same thing about Mila pushing her aesthetic. I don’t care for the frankendress thing, even when done by top designers (Lanvin, right?), but I would have kept Mila in and sent Jerell packing.

    I didn’t even think about how similar Mondo’s dress was to his bubble dress. Still, I’m glad he won but only because I like Mondo.

    This wasn’t the best batch of designs the designers have put forth this season. I have no idea who I would have picked for the win.

    • guest2visits

      I also did not think of Mondo’s bubble-dress until TLO mentioned it; and that was kind of jarring– because I got the
      Jamaica-vibe as soon as she walked out. I feel it as a different dress; even though it’s pretty obvious now that its
      almost the same design. Unfortunately whenever I think of the bubble-dress now; I think of what Heidi did to it when
      she decided to wear it.

  • wayout46

    Whoa, I thought exactly the same ting as TLo re Mila’s design – if the black half had dropped in a diagonal to more smoothly meet the red half, t would have been a stunning dress that would have also looked more like a flying triangular flag.

  • Vickiefantastico

    None of the looks excited me this week. I agree with you guys completely. It’s all stuff I’ve seen before. Mondo’s was pretty – I actually liked the back a lot although the hair was atrocious – but nothing earth shattering. Mila always stays true to herself, which is not good for a competition. I didn’t like this look, but I did see her artistry in it. And I agree with you all again that she is the one who seemed to be stretching herself the most. I’ll miss her.

  • Jane Dough

    Mila is my favorite Project Runway designer of all time, and if I had more money I would buy her clothes in a heartbeat. I think the producers just don’t think she makes interesting TV. If only they would realize that the design process is interesting in and of itself. I wish we could see more about their creative process. And couldn’t they devote a little more time to explaining the parameters of the challenge? Were they just supposed be inspired by the flag itself, or was it a requirement to design something that also reflected the country? It wasn’t clear. 

    • SewingSiren

      I think they deliberately make the parameters of the challenge murky so they can give the win to whoever the please, regardless if the design meets the challenge.

  • Judih1

    TLO – since I don’t watch Project Runway anymore – I just read your recaps – can you let us know what the challenges are about? I gather that this one was to make a dress inspired by a particular country or something like that?

    • They went to the UN, had 6 flags to choose from, and make a dress representing that flag/region, without being too costume-y. I hated the challenge. Hated all of the dresses, except Mondo’s. Loved it, loved the back chevrons, thought the hair was a hoot. Felt sorry for Austin, he seems on a verge of mini-breakdown. Girl needs sleep and maybe a massage from Santino. Where’s Santino? This show needed a little of Mr. Rice’s goofiness. I have never liked Mila, anyway, no loss.

  • alyce1213

    Oh come on guys when you said: “Just remake your most-talked-about piece but remove the polka dots”   it just wasn’t fair.

    The only similarity is the silhouette – long, form fitting with sleeves. 
    The neckline, back, shoulders, the whole construction, are not at all like his polka dot-bubble dress.

    What – he can’t make TWO form-fitting long dresses?  He’s not versatile enough?

    I liked this a lot. It’s hot and sexy without any vulgarity, and to me it definitely reads Jamaica, without looking like a flag.

    I don’t get why the hair was so hated — I thought dreads were a perfect choice to set off this somewhat subdued dress.

    • leilah

      Every comment was absolutely on point.

    • DesertDweller79

       I thought the same thing.  It isn’t really the same dress.  Unless you think every floor length, form fitted dress is the same.  The changes to the back and neckline and shoulders are fairly substantial, no?

      Not that I don’t agree with the critique in general.  Designers are relying a lot on past work.  Of course, the challenges are uninspiring and they don’t have much time.  I have liked having a new set of a judges.  But, now is about the time I am starting to wish the old judges were back.  Perhaps the designers wouldn’t be so likely to rely on old competition designs in that case.

  • bitterk

    I like Mila but that dress was schizophrenic

  • Dagney


    I just watched the episode and when I saw Mila’s dress on the runway I thought, Wow!  THAT is a stunning dress.  And more importantly, she DESIGNED it.

    I would have kicked Kenley’s fake fucking 1950’s repeat bullshit UNdesigned crap off this show in a New York minute.

  • fridacormorant

    I looked at the back of Mondo’s and screamed (well, silently, inside) “ANYA!”  It’s the same extreme racer back cut she put out there Every Single Week.  Just for that inside joke, I gave Mondo the win.  

    And yes, I haven’t gotten over Anya’s pure fuckery win and I probably won’t, ever.

    • hearkentoit

      I’m stunned you can remember any of Anya’s garments well enough to even think of that. I know I can’t.

      • NasserShaheen

        Even calling what she made ‘garments’ might be going too far.

  • I agree with you a 100% I thought Mila was the most talented and the one who kept giving us new garments! The rest of them… GOD.

  • Jeff Drummond

    I was excited to hear they were doing an all-stars season but was disappointed in the female contestants coming back. While I wasn’t really a fan of Mila’s designs, I’m more saddened by the fact hat Kenley is the last female contestant this season.

  • Mariah J

    A few episodes ago the judges found the crackpipe. Only reason why Jerrel and Kenley are still here.

  • Kathryn Howell Dalton

    Granted, I’m not a Mila fan, but I have to say, I have been saying, “Suprematist fashion” since her first episode, so I finally exhaled when Isaac said Communism: 

  • Let’s just face it: this entire series was designed to give Mondo a Project Runway Champion title.

  • Jase37206

    I agree with everything you said here TLo. Mondo was the clear winner this challenge, but Mila should not have went home this week. Jarell should have, as he should have for weeks now. 

  • completely agree on your assessment on Mila. I hope she does well.  

  • Tatiana Luján

    I Loooove Mila