PR All Stars: Ladies with an Attitude

Posted on February 07, 2012


Totally forgot about this one. The hats certainly were popular this week, weren’t they?

It’s not bad. Well, the pants are bad, but the idea behind the outfit is sound and we like the way she combined the fabrics. The top’s probably a little too interesting for its own good, but without the extra straps and pattern-mixing, this outfit would have been deadly dull. She needed to put the interest somewhere. But it kinda looks unbalanced. The bottom is a vast expanse of nothing and the top has too many idea crammed into it.



Someone’s been checking out Mondo’s and Mila’s dress forms, it seems. If you’d shown us this dress, we wouldn’t have assumed it was Kenley’s.


It’s a great little dress and our hats would be doffed to her for making the effort, except Rami and Kara stole our hats and put them on their modles. The shapes she made with the blocking, especially in the skirt, aren’t all that flattering or pretty, though. Still, A for Effort. And it looks more expensive than it has a right to.



This is sharp and extremely well made.

But it also looks pretty much like everything she’s ever made. We like her aesthetic and she’s got some crazy mad skills, but she’s killing us here. They’re gonna dump you if you keep churning this stuff out, girl. No matter how well made it is.

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  • Mila makes the same pants every week. And it annoys the bejeezus out of me every week. I would have put both Kenley and Kara’s dresses in the top, though. 

    • Anonymous

      I think this is the first week that she has made pants. 

    •  I loved Mila on Season 7, but she just seems to be coasting here.

    • Kara didn’t make a dress.

  • Anonymous

    I like Mila’s pants so much, even the weird “I peed myself” dark patch through the crotch. I know, sue me. The whole outfit was pretty cool, but you’re right in that it isn’t groundbreaking at all.

    I liked Kenley’s dress, too. Not enough to put her in the top three, but she made something pretty fun and extremely well executed out of that combination of fabrics.

    Kara’s I probably like the least. It has its merits–I like the pattern mixing in the top–but those pants and the odd construction of the top put this the lowest of the middle group for me.

    • Mila’s screams attitude, and I love that. It’s pretty basic – leggings, a t-shirt, and a vest – but it’s very cool and funky. And I can appreciate that she settled on basic pieces and put her energy into construction. It might not be showstopping (although if I saw that girl walking down the street, I would notice her and covet her outfit), but I think it was smart on Mila’s part. The model did her job, too.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, and it fit the challenge.  It’s two sides of the same coin: she’s repeating herself or she has a really strong aesthetic.  What’s the difference?  

        I wish Mila would get funding.  Her clothes have a look and in the real world, you buy for a designer’s look.  I realize that may not be the way to win PR, but as a designer, Mila interests me because she’s so focused.

        • That’s a good question, Glammie. I know for some people she’s too repetitive, but for me, I just love her aesthetic. She genuinely knows who she is, what she wants to make, and who she’s designing for. I would love to see her become really successful.

        • Couldn’t agree more Glammie (and you too accid.hw.) I buy Michael Kors and Calvin Klein for their ‘look’  so why wouldn’t I buy Mila for her ‘look?’ There is a nary a garment she makes that I wouldn’t buy off the rack and wear.

      • BerlinerNYC

         Yes! I thought Mila’s look was WAY edgier than what she usually sends down the runway. It still has many of her signature elements, but she certainly took the challenge seriously, and I think she did show us something new.

    • I would wear 90% of the clothes that Mila makes and I badly wanted this outfit. Her clothes are what edgy girls in their early 20s want to wear. That being said, I don’t think she can truly break out of this mold (hello Miss Piggy challenge) so I don’t think she’s much competition on All Stars.

      • muzan-e

        Amen – and I’m not even an edgy girl in my 20’s! *g*  I don’t think I could pull off the look as is, but I’d buy them all as separates without hesitation, mixing and matching them very happily with everything else in my closet. For the first time in ages, I actually missed Michael Kors, who – despite all his other shortcomings – has an excellent eye for these sorts of pieces, and the real breadth of market that she could be selling to.

      • Anonymous

        I think her clothes have a youthful & edgy yet classic appeal. I’m 47 and would wear just about any of her clothes. I’d wear this look except for the skin-tight pants. In fact, I’m wearing skinny jeans, black booties, gray and white striped top, and a black leather jacket today. Maybe I am experiencing some kind of Mila subliminal effect?

        • Or you dig the same color palette I do — I just finished fabric shopping (I ended up stockpiling, ’cause there was a sale:) and the stack was hilarious, because it was all black and white and gray except for one VERY colorful print that was bought for someone else.

          I think she needs to find more ways to incorporate color because too monochromatic makes for a bad runway show.  Other than that, I really don’t have a problem with her focused look. 

  • I loved Kenley’s dress.  Maybe not the pink panel parts, but the dress does, as TLo says, look expensive.  And classy.

    • I don’t know, after a re-look, maybe the pink panels are good.  I would change the neckline and wear the shit out of this to work!  Love it!

    • Anonymous

       I can’t stand the pink bits–I think the shapes are weird, and the pattern stands out so much against the stripe that it’s drawing tons of attention to…what? Who wants a dress that emphasizes the kidneys?

      Those parts make me especially mad because I love everything else about the dress.

      • Elizabeth Davis

        All I can see when I look at her dress is oven mitts on the side. I like the look overall, but the pink houndstooth is really distracting.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it earlier, Kenley’s was my favorite. It seemed so much more effortless (i.e. non-overworked) than all of the top 3’s pieces. 

    And it was not only a great dress, it addressed the challenge perfectly. She took a soccer mom’s cute casual blouse and turned it into something chic. I could see her muse wearing it happily. 

    I actually thought it looked very much in line with what Kenley did in her “regular” season of PR, just more refined.

    • Anonymous

      I actually disagree about Kenley’s muse, which is why I thought she was in the top 3. Austin, Mondo, and Rami all seemed to think of their muses, the attitude behind the way they dress, and what they would wear. Kenley just made a nice dress. It’s a very nice dress, but I don’t think it has much to do with her muse.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Jerrell’s outfit scorched my memory, so I didn’t recall either Kara or Mila’s.  Mila is so narrowly focused it’s bordering on ridiculous…there is niche and then there is Mila.

    However, I do recall Kenley’s thieving-ass design. I wonder if she legitimately does not see what she does?  I said it the other day, but she’s too “referential” for my taste.

  • Anonymous

    I loved Kenley’s. I surprise myself saying this, though. She drives me up a wall and makes me want to throw a cat at her or something, but this…is fab. I also like the other two. I love when designers use print fabrics in an unexpected way, and they all did. Brava, indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s top here is very similar in styling to Michaels, IMO. 

    • Anonymous

      Good point. The thing that always bothered me about Kenley in her season is the way that she’d squish, squash, flatten, lower, and petrify the boobs on her poor models, which is weird, given that she uses a pinup-girl silhouette for herself. Anyhow, this model looks much better in that regard than her past work.

  • It seems like Mila found her muse in the mirror.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to say I haven’t much liked anything Kara has made this season.  This is no exception.  Not terrible, but hardly worthy of interest from a design perspective.

    Kenley has been taking notes, hasn’t she?  But she’ll never hold her own with either Mondo’s pattern matching or Mila’s color blocking, so it seems like a bad strategy.

    Mila will probably stay in the game if the other girls drop out.  As you noted, her stuff is well made, but hardly ever contains any surprise whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    Kara – I really wasn’t all that impressed with this. The pants are horrible and that top creats the impression that she has one giant boob and one itty-bitty boob. I’m sure that’s not what she was going for, but just look at it.
    Kenley – Loved this dress. It kind of does look like a Mondo/Mila hybrid dress, now that you mention it.
    Mila – This was a great little outfit and I know a lot of girls/women (myself included) who would wear this in a heartbeat. Actually, this could have come right out of my closet circa 1987. I’m not as thin as I was then, but I could still wear this, if it had some sleeves.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t stand Mila’s pants.  It looks like her model is wearing a cup!   And Kenley’s?  It’s a “Mondo”. 

  • Anonymous

    Kenley had LOOK AT MY HIP patches. It was insanely unflattering. 

  • Anonymous

    I swear Mila’s made those leggings at least ten times before. 

  • Sioux Fuego

    God, at this point, I don’t even remember what the challenge was.  Producers, all your shite is running together and boring me.

  • Anonymous

    Kara, Kara, Kara. FASHION FORWARD. Not Attention K-Mart shoppers.
    Sigh . . . I really like her, and I thought she did some really good stuff in her original season, but she’s so busy running back to get her Barbie’s hat (or whatever it was) that she fails to see the big picture.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s was just okay. Nothing about it says Kara designed it at least by my estimation. Kudos for getting three pieces finished, that’s about it.

    Loved Kenley’s . It’s totally a Kenley dress. It looks like a twist on a 1940’s make-do /re-do dress. Which is kind of what the challenge was all about.

    Mila’s style is so distinct that it is hard for them not to look alike. This isn’t really just like anything she’s done yet on this season. 

    I thought either Kenley or Mila should have been in the top three. I would have been okay with either of them winning the challenge actually.     

    • Anonymous

      I thought Kenley did a terrific job using and supplementing her muses blouse.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I didn’t remember Kara’s outfit either.  Oh, except Anthony complaining that Kenley helped her with the pants.  Deadly dull. 

    OTOH, I loved Kenley’s dress, and I can’t STAND that woman, especially when she opens her mouth.  What a grating voice.  Loved the dress, anyway, and liked Mila’s outfit quite a bit, too. 

  • Anonymous

     I liked Kenley’s dress…far more than I expected.  I think she embraced the challenge.  Well done, young-Miss-with a-voice-which- hurts-my-ears!

  • I hate to say it, but I feel like Kenley’s should have been top 3 instead of Austin’s. It looks much more chic and better made.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you.  This is the second week in a row that I’ve really liked what Kenley whipped up, even though I don’t like her one little bit.  I think this is a very chic dress, and it’s so well made that the stripes even line up!

  • Anonymous

    Really thought Kenley and Mila would be in the top 3, with Kenley for the win.  

  • I kind of wondered how much of Kenley’s was Mood fabric. I would guess maybe all the wide-stripe b/w material? It seems an obvious choice to go with the b/w stripe blouse, which she used for the yoke and waist inset. Presumably the yellow and pink stuff was t-shirts someone parted with. But if the wide-stripe b/w fabric is all from Mood–looks like more than 50% to me.

    • Anonymous

      Now that you’ve said that I’m trying to scour and find pics of her muse fabric. I think I was so blinded by her derivative work that I lost sight of that. If she did use more than 50% of Mood’s fabric then this episode ticks me off more than before

      • Anonymous

         Well, on one hand I agree that if she used less than 50% of her muse fabric, that violates the challenge requirements.  But, she did at least use the fabric on her dress.  Anthony didn’t.  He made an accessory out of the shirt, that was a hideous print to begin with.  Of the 2, I’d still say schmauf to Anthony, b/c his look didn’t use the muse fabric at all and Kenley didn’t choose muse fabric that offended my eyes.  And I love Anthony and don’t care too much for Kenley.

        They seemed to kind of gloss over the whole muse fabric thing, anyway, except in Anthony’s case.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I mean it’s spilled milk, but what irked me about the challenge was that it didn’t seem clear (to me anyway) that the designers had to channel their muse or just use a majority of their fabric from that one person – or just 50% of borrowed materials? If it’s using the majority of the “muse” fabric then Jerrell failed on that account too, as only that yoke was fashioned from from his inspiration’s garment. 

          For me, if there are rules/restrictions that’s totally vegan kosher, but make them clear and be consistent. Otherwise, it’s illogical and seemingly pointless.I think I’m focusing on this entirely too much because I turned in my resignation and am just all about wasting some time for two weeks. 🙂

          • Anonymous

             I agree-the rules should be clear and consistent.  But…when was the last time that happened on here?  It seems to always be “these are the rules…oh, wait, we don’t want to send him/her home today, so…now these are the rules.”

          • Anonymous

            I agree it wasn’t clear. When they first announced it, I thought the designers would have to find a “muse,” convince her to come on the show, and then use her clothes (augmented by Mood fabrics) to make an outfit for her. I figured this would be the “real person” challenge. But it wasn’t really about a muse at all; it was just about a kooky way for the designers to acquire fabric.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, so I re-checked and I can’t attach an image from Kenley’s muse, but the smaller stripped pattern in her dress (and maybe one/both cutouts) are off someone’s back. Excellent call…and now I’m going to pout with Georgia on my mind.

      • Anonymous

        That’s definitely not 50% – the second I saw her look I knew that she hadn’t met the challenge requirement.  But I suspect they weren’t using that as a criteria for landing in the bottom, only for the final elimination.  I think it’s pretty unfair, considering what a big deal they made out of Anthony’s.

        • Personally, I think if they use an easily measured metric like 50% (this is NOT UP FOR INTERPRETATION — total yardage/2… I know you all are designers but there’s no excuse for math skills that poor!) anyone who chooses to ignore it should be booted.  But I’m bitchy and stickler-ish ;P

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the exact same thing.  We saw her get the small horizontal b/w striped shirt, but the thicker vertically striped material?  I’m guessing it’s Mood all the way.

      And then I realized that if she hadn’t made her “found” fabrics at least 50% of her outfit, Michael C. would have shouted, ratted her out, cried, apologized, ratted her out again, declared he hated the bitch, cried, apologized, and demanded she be booted, along with Anthony.

      • Good point about the potential for criticism from Michael or others–but it’s all in the editing.  And remember how hyper Kenley was  that morning–maybe they were scared to say anything!

        • Anonymous

          Point.  If I were in the same room with her, I’d be scared of Kenley too!

  • Anonymous


  • I’m hoping that the judges have the good sense to dump Jerrell and Michael before Milla. These are three nice entries, but not without their problems.

    Like, not love, Kenley’s because of the weird faux patch pockets.
    Like Kara’s shirt a lot. Which is good because the pants and jacket look like come from the Macy’s misses dept.
    Love Mila’s. It would have been nice if she had a more colorful shirt. But this vest works better than Rami’s vest thing.

  • Marie Dees

    Ladies with an attitude – someone has been inspired by the Super Bowl half time show. 

  • Anonymous

    I loved Kara’s top, but it looks like something I would actually wear, which is not exactly what should be shown in a design competition. Unless of course the design perimeters are for the “everyday woman.”

    I feel like Maya’s leggings are too similar to the first challenge. The whole outfit looks like something you could by at Urban Outfitters.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    I just cannot get over how gorgeous Kenley’s model is. Am I the only one? Has she a name?

    Mila has such a strong aesthetic which, combined with her technical skills, should carry her far, even if “it looks the same”. Anyway, I am a fan of her work.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked Kara’s.  It’s not mind-blowing, but it’s cute.  I don’t even mind the pants – it makes me want to shake Josh from last season and say “THAT is how you do a high-waisted skinny pant that looks like it was made for an actual living woman.”

  • Mila has yet to disappoint me. I just love what she made here. The same with Kenley, other than that bizarre thing she made for the first challenge. Referential or not, the girl can make a really great dress. Even the hip patches are kind of growing on me.

    Kara’s been nothing but a disappointment. Most of the time, I can’t remember what she made. When I see it again, I don’t remember seeing on the runway. That’s really bad, as are those pants she made. The top looks like she made it out of desperation, and the jacket looks like a throw-away. I keep looking at the photos, thinking I’ll see something I like, and there’s nothing. What happened to her? She’s one of the designers I was really rooting for.

  • Kara’s outfit is practically auf-worthy, except that she had too much competition for the bottom 3 spots this week.  I liked both Mila’s and Kenley’s, but all the complaints here by TLo and the Bitter Kittens are absolutely on point.  Kenley: derivative of Mondo but not as well-done with the weird pink patches; Mila: same old same old. I still want Mila’s leggings, though.

  • Anonymous

    I like Kenley’s and Mila’s a lot.  I think that because I didn’t see Kenley in her original season, I’m not burdened by what ever history her personality has with the rest of the commentariat– from what I’m seeing this season, her stuff is girly, fun, and fits nicely.  I loved this dress– especially given that it’s made out of other people’s clothes.  And Mila’s stuff may have one point of view, but it’s a strong and flattering one that you don’t have to be a model to wear effectively– I wish she didn’t take herself so seriously, though.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s a great little dress and our hats would be doffed to her for making the effort, except Rami and Kara stole our hats and put them on their models.” You two always know EXACTLY how to cheer me up. 

  • But it was a street challenge??? And it’s Mila’s thing!! Oy. I am sorry but getting a better look at Mila’s outfit in this post just made me all the more puzzled as to why she wasn’t in the top three. It might not have been better than Austin’s but it was better than Mondo’s and  Rami’s. I’d wear that outfit in a heartbeat. I just think her brand is so wearable and chic.

  • I’m not sure about that shirt of Mila’s. It doesn’t look that well made but rather shoddy, I think. Deconstructed, I get, but I don’t understand the little tuck in front or the mismatched seams and uneven hem.
    Kara gets the worst styling award this week, in my book. I hate the hat, the shoes, the jacket and the pants. AND the shirt is kinda meh to me too (right boob baggy, left smaller, etc.) but could have looked better with a different…well, everything.

  • I’m not sure about that shirt of Mila’s. It doesn’t look that well made but rather shoddy, I think. Deconstructed, I get, but I don’t understand the little tuck in front or the mismatched seams and uneven hem.
    Kara gets the worst styling award this week, in my book. I hate the hat, the shoes, the jacket and the pants. AND the shirt is kinda meh to me too (right boob baggy, left smaller, etc.) but could have looked better with a different…well, everything.

  • sweetlilvoice

    It kills me to say it, but I also liked Kenley’s outfit. It was very cute. Unfortunately, I still find her voice extremely annoying. For long time TLo readers-Tugboat! Tugboat!

  • Anonymous

    the vast middle = “meh”

  • I love Mila’s stuff, but who wears outfits like that?  It’s so matchy matchy, like the kind of thing you’d see on a Barbie. The individual pieces are great, but with separates like that, using the same fabric in both makes it seem like a lady’s day suit, just more modern. Still, I’d buy each and every piece. I just wouldn’t wear them all together.

  • Anonymous

    Mila’s pants are fabulous, but I have to say the rest of that outfit could be bought at some terrible place like Wet Seal. 

  • I liked Mila’s the best. It should have been in the top. One reason why it didn’t place in the top could have been her using pants to make pants. She had a man’s jeans that she converted into women’s jeans. Granted, she really did jazz up those pants. I like all the black panels and all the black shading. Vest is really awesome, especially the matte vs. shiny surfaces in the lapels.

    Kenley’s is pretty cool. It’s a very simple silhouette, but I like what she was doing with the pattern and print mixes. No, I don’t think she does it quite as well as Mondo does it, but she CAN do it competently. Come to think of it, there’s definite similarities in her aesthetic and Mondo’s.

    Kara’s isn’t terrible, but it’s nowhere near “done”. The fit on those pants is laughable, and the pants are too high-waist. They look like sick-day pants. Nah, scratch “look”. They ARE. The prints and patterns on the top aren’t a bad mix, but the whole bodice needs a good polish. It’s saggy as is.

    • Anonymous

       Kara’s pants, as Michael pointed out, were mostly sewn by Kenley so of course they are high-waisted.

      • Anonymous

        They’re hip hop! 

        • Anonymous

          Those pants were what got me started on PR actually. I was flipping through channels and saw the worst jeans ever and had to finish watching the trainwreck.

        • Call me Bee

          Hip hop!  Ahahahahahahaha…..  *sigh*  That’s funny.

    • Anonymous

      If I were to pick a look to wear out of the All-Star group from this challenge, I would pick Mila’s.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the first things I’ve liked from Kenley, even it it is her usual silhouette. She deserved top three for this.

  • Anonymous

    Mila was robbed. Not only did this deserve top three, IMHO it should have won. It’s actually fashion forward and as finely finished as anything else which walked the runway. 

  • Anonymous

    Good gawd, Kara’s is fugly, right down to that heinous upholstery fabric she used on the lower half of the top. (My grandmother had drapes which matched.) It’s a death match between Kara and Jerrell to see who will be “schmauffed” next.

    • Oh, man, I know it. I can’t even agree with TLo’s comment that it’s not bad. It’s very bad. I’d probably like that floral fabric for a cute sundress, but it looks awful against the other two prints. Mixing prints is a relatively rare talent. I don’t remember if it’s something she did during her season, and maybe she was experimenting here. But it was a huge failure.

      I wouldn’t mind so much if the pants were well-made, but dag. They’re just embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love Kenley’s dress without the colored panels.

    Mila’s look is one of the best except for the black stripes in the leggings across the thighs/under the ass and up the crotch and butt, especially the crotch. Every woman wants a black stripe between her legs that contrasts the rest of the legging.

  • Anonymous

    Frankly, I liked these all better than the top 3 (with the possible exception of Rami’s).  Mila & Kenley should have been top 2.

  • Kenley’s dress is pretty great, but I don’t think she really followed the rules any more than Anthony did.  Clearly, more than 50% of that dress came from a fabric store.  She technically should have probably been in the bottom 3, but because they usually ding only one person at a time for not following the criteria, she scraped by.

    Mila’s is pretty amazing, and kudos for her to show something impeccably made after something creative but kind of shoddy.  Kara…I want to like her stuff more, but she seems to get a block every time she’s on this show.

    • Anonymous

      RE:  Kenley not following the rules – there was no way they were sending another woman home this week.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m sad to say it, but I think Kara’s outfit is really ugly and badly made.  If she had ended up in the bottom 3, Isaac would’ve had a field day with his dated bra-burning remarks, because it is just as bad as Michael’s.  The fabrics are so unattractive, and the tailoring on the pants is atrocious!  The waist is just below the armpits!

    I liked Mila’s look very much, but I agree with TLo that for her, it’s same-old same-old.  I’d really like to see her try something different.

    • Anonymous

       I’m so happy someone else thinks this about Kara’s!  That top is unattractive, the bra part lacks support . . . it looks like a junior high sewing project.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Kenleys quite a bit and the more I look at it the more it grows on me. 
    She can make very cute dresses that I think a lot of gals would look great in.
    She’s made several this season. 
    I’m not sure she always deserves being in the middle.
    I usually always like a retro influence.  I also like pretty.   So, I’m glad she’s hanging in there.
    I’m thinking she may have consistantly done better than the other females in the group.

  • As much as Kenley annoys me, I thought her dress was kinda cute (for what it was)-I felt like Mila/Kara were “eh”-turned a shirt & pants into…a shirt and pants. (maybe not strictly so, but that’s how it seemed). I’m starting to think that Kenley owes quite a bit to her model-talk about WERQ-and the girl is gorgeous. 

  • Anonymous

    I love Kenley’s dress, but when I 1st saw it, assumed immediately is was Mondo’s.  Not crazy about the shape of the red hip panels, but like that she did introduce the red in the dress.  The rest all really works for me.  I thought this was better than Austin’s. 

    Kara and Mila…definitely deserved middle of the pack. No great shakes, but nothing schmaufable about them either. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry. well made Mila’s stuff might be, but it’s BLACK and DEPRESSING. And those pants don’t look good on anyone larger than a size 0. All that crap going on in the pants makes me crazy. The only part about her  outfit that I even halfway liked was the striped top, and that was mostly hidden. If I saw it full on I probably would hate it too.

    PLEASE…send Mila HOME!  

    • Thank you!  I was beginning to think I missed drinking some potion that let me see Mila’s greatness.  I for one, just don’t get her at all.  I also think those pants would be uncomfortable with all the seams for all the stripes

      • Anonymous

        I know she constructs well- but I’ve NEVER liked her style. Everything appears dusty and faded to me. ‘Linty’.
        Like she pulled out some clothes from under her bed that have been hidng there for about a decade.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s looks so unbelievably dated. Mila’s would be better if it didn’t emphasize the ass crack.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I hated the way the butt looked on Mila’s pants.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Kara’s pants were wide-legged and the awful sheet vest (jacket?) thing were just gone. The top is interesting in a mostly-good way. Kenley’s dress could sell like hotcakes with some adjustment to the shape and pattern of the contrasting blocks. One of her more interesting designs.

    Again, Mila’s pants made me think of Lilu’s bandage outfit in Fifth Element.

  • Normally I’m not a Mila fan, but I *crave* those pants. I’d bid on them if I didn’t know my non-model booty would never go into them.

  • Anonymous

    Mila’s got the same problem as Jerrell – she still does everything she used to and is very predictable. The main difference is she has actual taste. I’m liking her a lot more this year than last time she was on.

  • marilyn

    You are completely right about Kara. 

    Kenley:  Ithink she made a fitted dress because it takes less fabric than her usual semi-poodle skirt.  She really should design for Katie Perry (or Minnie Mouse).  They are all into perky retro. I was wondering which fabrics were the ones from her muse(s).  If the stripe fabric came from the muse(s), did she buy the other fabrics for the patches of color?  If so, YIKES!!! If she bought the stripe fabric, why is she still here, since that is about 80% of the dress.  Hmmmm……….

    Mila:  I never like her stuff, and this is no different.  It looks like it was fished out of a garbage bin and the model might be carrying a knife.  Drug/pre-bag-lady wear. Mean stuff.   

    • They showed Kenley geting a striped shirt, but she may have acquired other clothing items from other people that wasn’t shown.  Anthony had half a dozen or more t-shirts, but we only saw him get the print shirt and the shorts from the guy who gave Austin his number.

  • Anonymous

    Mila does cut a fierce pair of leggings but what is up with the Cameo crotch cover? My eyes went straight to the model’s personal space as soon as I saw that first photo and then my mind went to the Larry Blackmon and the Word Up video.

  • MilaXX

    Kara’s was barely passable to me. And overworked top, horrible pants with a waist so high the model has no butt at all & that awful fedora. Kenley’s was cute, should have been top 3. Mila’s was nice, but as you mentioned uninteresting. 

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Kara’s made that same top several times now, this season alone. And yes, Mila’s repeating herself. Two days and neither of them can come up with a fresh idea?

  • Anonymous

    Kara totally ripped off this shirt I made in high school home ec that I got an F on! Its totally fug…Kenley’s is interesting but it looks like she ripped off Mondo…and Mila just ripped off herself…I’m so bored with this All-Stars thing already that I’ve been switching over to watch hockey instead. So sad.

  • Anonymous

    Kenley’s dress should have been top three.


    So, yes, another fine entry from Kenley.   This seems to surprise some folk, if not me.   Perhaps if they looked at (or remembered) her past body of work they might see how well it fits within its parameters.   Kenley clearly loves thick bold stripes mixed with other geometric or floral patterns.   One of the first things I liked about Mondo’s work was its similarities to Kenley’s, allowing for the different eras from which they took inspiration.   Mondo seems a great deal more driven, ambitious and focused; hence his greater success.   However, it is very tiresome (and unoriginal) to be continually accusing Kenley of copying.   Any way, I hope that Kenley sticks to fashion design, or moves into costume design (for which she may be better suited,) because she has a remarkable talent; and I hope that she gets what she needs out of this competition.  

  • Anonymous

    kenley:  pretty darn cute.  i still think i would pick it out as kenley’s, even though it’s mondo’s prints and colors.  i like the way the stripes go various ways in the torso.

    kara:  nothing can overcome the ugliness of those pants.  and don’t forget the shoes.  hideous!

    mila:  very attractive, but so expected.  reminds me of the rock star look created for jerrell by suede.  don’t smile, mila, your face might crack.

  • Lisa

    TLo said:  “Someone’s been checking out Mondo’s and Mila’s dress forms, it seems. If you’d shown us this dress, we wouldn’t have assumed it was Kenley’s.”
    Awww… I don’t think that’s very fair to Kenley. Again, for the dozenth time this season, I can’t believe I’m defending her, but I think she did a lovely job here.  Mondo and Mila don’t have the market cornered on a bold color block.  I think she did a fantastic job, as she normally does. Plus, it’s got an adorable 80s vibe to it that makes me nostalgic instead of embarrassed!

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree. Kenley has never shied away from prints.  In fact, I usually don’t care for her taste in them but she does use them a lot. I thought the dress was very sharp with the 80’s reference but in a more body conscious silhouette.  Whereas Austin…. another ballerina Barbie dress.  In fact, Austin and Mondo’s garments could have been in the same collection.

  • Anonymous

    Kara is skating on thin ice.  This isn’t horrible but it is boring and uninspiring.  Not worthy of all-stars at this point in the season.  

  • Anonymous

    Kenley just doesn’t have the skill at mixing patterns that some of the other designers have, namely Mondo. I think this was her attempt to grab the win in what was considered the “Mondo” challenge. Too bad Kenley. Now go make some more OTR dresses, miss thing.

  • Anonymous

    Your right that I wouldn’t have guessed that was Kenley’s if I just saw the picture; at the same time, knowing she made it, I can absolutely see how it reads “Kenley.”
    That’s a good trick to be able to pull off on PR too, even if I suspect it was some what accidental.

  • Anonymous

    While the judging has been pretty good this season, I don’t understand why Kara is still there.   I liked Kenley’s dress a lot and would have worn something like it back in my day.  I think Mila is very talented and professional,  she gets too much flak for her work. 

  • Anonymous

    While the judging has been pretty good this season, I don’t understand why Kara is still there.   I liked Kenley’s dress a lot and would have worn something like it back in my day.  I think Mila is very talented and professional,  she gets too much flak for her work. 

  • I really liked Mila’s look.  It would have made my top 3 over Rami’s — the matching trim on top and bottoms were not my favorite thing from him ever.  It’s not particularly innovative, but it’s at least well-made and appealing. 

    Kara’s I liked better before she added the blue on the top;  the shots of her top during construction were nice, if not overly interesting. 

    Kenley needed to ditch the pink houndstooth.  It doesn’t go with the other fabrics very well and hip bubbles are odd.  They aren’t flattering and they don’t work with the overall vibe of the dress.  (I hate when I can’t explain just exactly how and why it’s wrong because it’s simply instinctive…  I don’t know how you boys do it.)  I think if you ditch those and stick with just the yellow striped fabric, it’d be a far more chic and flattering dress.  Plus, she doesn’t have the skill for combining patterns that should not go together that Mondo does and if she continues to try, she’s going to get booted simply because she’ll suffer by comparison.

    • Those houndstooth patches grow on me a little more every time I look at Kenley’s dress, which is a lot because I really love that dress. But I understand exactly what you’re saying. I agree it would be a more chic dress without them. I think she was going for a little fun when she put them on. Either that, or she had to use that fabric and couldn’t figure out what else to do with it.

      I’ve always liked Kenley’s work, but I’ve become kind of a Kenley cheerleader too. She’s almost adorable this time around. My whole world’s turned upside down this season. I don’t even know myself anymore.

      • I hate the placement and shape, in part because every other seam is very linear and stark.  If they had been a black and white houndstooth (which I admit I do have a preference for) or a pink stripe or swapped with the yellow at the waist, it would have been improved, because you would have had some kind of unifying element (the yellow being set as a stripe itself).  As it is, they don’t coordinate in color, print or cut. 

        • I think you’re right. I just really like those silly patches. 🙂 On the other hand, black and white houndstooth would have been fabulous. Can’t argue with you one bit.

  • Anonymous

    Love Mila’s look.  Give me those pants, NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Kenley’s is good, and I like Mila’s too.  To me, Kara’s look is disappointing and amateurish.

  • Anonymous

    Love Kenley’s dress. Still do not love Kenley.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t figure out why Kara is on this show after her episode on Joe Zee’s All On The Line. She seemed to be redeeming herself then and I’m afraid she’s slipping backwards with PR All Stars.

  • butter nut

    all the girls had good stuff this week.  kenley’s was the best (most modern) thing she’s ever done on the show.  she really is a great tailor.  kara’s proportions were a bit off, but it was a cute idea.  and, i agree, mila’s was really good, but it feels like we’ve seen this exact look from her already.

  • Kara was my choice for the auf. Uninspired and insipid. 

    That is *not* how you mix patterns.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I seriously doubt whether Kenley’s dress meets the 50% of the outfit needs to come from the street clothes requirement. Even if those patches of strips and houndstooth came from something she got on the street the majority of the dress is the black with  white stripe fabric from Mood.

  • kimberlini

    Mila’s jeggings are KILLER!

  • Mariah J

    Kara’s and Kenley’s are fugly but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mila’s. Kenley is the one I would worry about, making the same dress with minor changes every week.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s look is forgettable.

    Kenley’s look is kind of amazing, but definitely more Mondo’s aesthetic.

    And Mila’s pants draw so much attention to the poor girl’s crotch.  Who wants that?