PR All Stars: Kara and Michael

Posted on February 13, 2012

Hey, remember Project Runway? We’re not so caught up in Fashion Week and awards shows that we’d forget to post about it, though. Just took a little time getting here, is all.

Didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either. In fact, we got what she was going for and we agreed with it.

From a style or retail perspective, these kinds of clothes are perfect for the type of setting she was describing. There’s certainly a market, for simple, easy-to-wear clothes and plenty of women dress this way. And there’s the bonus of being very well executed, flattering, and beautifully draped. But this is a design competition; more importantly, a reality television design competion, and while there’s certainly design and technical skill on display here, the judges are going to want to see a little more in the way of fireworks. It’s definitely way better than Austin’s entry, but not the kind of thing that wins challenges. We liked it a lot, though.

We liked this look too.

But we think the judges nailed it when they noted that it was a bit too unified and put-together. To us, this looked like how you would style a mannequin rather than a person. Put against Jerell’s look, which, if anything, had too many disparate elements, and this one comes in second. You can edit a couple elements out of Jerell’s look to make it near-perfect, but you’d have to imagine different choices altogether for this to look more stylish. Still, well done. It’s sellable as hell.

As to the big hissy fit, as someone who has no problem making a stink when another designer uses the same color as him, getting THAT bent out of shape when someone points out that he scrapped his original design for something that was rather obviously close to something they were making was, like Mondo’s boo-hooing, just a little too camera-aware. Suck it up. It’s not the worst thing in the world and it’s not the first time it happened on Project Runway. If he’d said he had no idea how close his coat was to Jerell’s until it was pointed out to him, it would have been believable and perfectly excusable. But, as with almost everything else, he over-reacted and did a poor job of pretending he’d lost his original sketch. Whatever.

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  • Anonymous

    kara’s was laughable to me. sooooo under designed.

    • cluecat

      And, understyled.  And badly fitted.  Either the model is shaped like a can or the pants are about to slip off of her hips.  Sadly she would have no interesting accessories to cover herself!

      • There was a good outfit in there somewhere. I liked the waistline of the trousers (sorry, pants) and the hang of the cardigan at the back made you look twice, but the top looked less like it was deliberately loose and carefree and more like either a) it was made by someone who didn’t know how to fit clothes or b) like it was made for a supermarket chain to fit as many people as possible in order to keep it cheap. Either way it was odd coming from Kara. As for that neckline…yeuch. Maybe if you’re on a weekend getaway to a retirement village.

        I haltingly admit I actually preferred Austin’s outfit. He was just one tiny step away from being witty and subversive with his choices and it’s just a shame that he was too chicken to push it that little bit harder. I know people who like to riff on this “dressing like Grandma” idea and they do it really, really well. The problem with Austin is that he is constantly fighting with the witty side of him that wants to play with the idea of old-fashioned clothes, and the conservative side of him that actually genuinely wishes that people did still dress like his Grandmother. Should have taken a lesson from his own book on the success of last week and been more dramatic with his choices.

        Having said that, this is a problem with everyone this season. They are showing us, as they did the first time round, that they can make great clothes, but they have lost all their tenacity and sense of drama. It is so frustrating when we’ve seen what they can do when they push themselves. Maybe none of them are nervous enough anymore or something.

      • MilaXX

         That was my issue. I get easy breezy, but then add a little pizazz with the styling. This was so laid back it was nearly comatose.

    •  Me too. Kara’s looked like a randomly thrown together outfit — the kind of thing you throw on quick because you are late picking the kids up form school — not a pulled together look. Sure, there is a HUGE market for the individual pieces — they’re designed by Eileen Fisher & I’ve got a few in my closet — nothing original design-wise here at all & certainly not chicly put together.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah.  Not terrible pieces, but such a snooze.

  • Anonymous

    I almost peed myself laughing at Michael’s Joanna impersonation. That was the best thing this week, the designs were kinda “bleh”.

    • Anonymous

      That was a spot-on impression

      • Word. I’m British and normally Americans doing British accents (I’m looking at you Jon Stewart) are laughably bad. But both my British husband and I agreed that Michael’s was perfect….

        • Well, I think Jon Stewart’s is supposed to be awful.

          • I know, but there’s ‘awful’ and ‘sounds Pakistani’…

  • Anonymous

    When they first came out, I was actually more in favor of Austin’s look only because it looked like he did something.  Kara’s may not be quite so quaint and old-fashioned as Austin’s, but it also doesn’t do much, and I don’t think that’s a particularly pretty color combination — or even a color combination that automatically says “spring.”

    I liked Costello’s outfit better than Jerrell’s, but it’s true — you’d wear it the one time, and then what?  The next time you wore it, all the bitches would be all “Oh, she’s wearing that Costello thing again.  She’s so proud of owning it, bless her heart.”

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you about Kara’s vs. Austin’s. I wouldn’t go near Austin’s with a ten foot pole, and I would wear something like Kara’s (though the color combination wasn’t quite right). But Kara’s had nothing going on. If the colors had been gorgeous it might have lifted it to another level. If she’d accessorized it well. But as awful as Austin’s was, I thought Kara’s was more aufable. Remember this: 
      Simple, simple, but a gorgeous color with perfect accessorizing.  I feel bad, because I like Kara, but I don’t think this is the context for her to do her best work.

      • Anonymous

        On PR season 2 I didn’t care much for anything Kara did and felt that she had squeaked into the final four by default of a few others screwing up. Her final decoy collection was pretty great so I don’t think she really does well in the challenge and short turn around format of the show. She needs more time to  let her ideas percolate and maybe someone to help her focus.

        • Anonymous

          I felt the same way about her in her season and I agree that she just squeaked into the final. She was never good enough to win, but never bad enough to auf, although as you mentioned, her decoy collection was gorgeous. This might not be the best showcase for her talent.

          • Anonymous

            Given who the final three were that season, I disagree.  We had Santino who couldn’t construct–do wish Kara had just raised her arm slightly in that jumpsuit to show just how inept Santino’s construction was.  Then we had Chloe Dao who sewed beautifully but had a really dated aesthetic.  it always felt like that season was supposed to be Daniel Vosovic’s, but he flailed in his final collection.  Kara should have had Santino’s spot and, then, she would have won the final show.  She’s like Laura this year.  Well, Laura and Bert, who both made stronger collections than any of the final three.

        • Call me Bee

          But then again, she hadn’t really accomplished much after PR when Joe Zee went to help her, and apparently hasn’t since, either.  When does one face the fact that one is not a high-fashion designer, and go work for Chico’s?

        • Anonymous

          I liked Kara on Season 2 of PR, but I agree that this format and she anre a mismatch. 

    •  I could easily see a tweaked version of Costello’s coat on the department store racks, maybe in a warmer color. That cut could be flattering on a lot of women

    • Anonymous

       I didn’t like Austin’s but I didn’t like Kara’s either.  I just thought it was odd that Kara’s had the higher score when during the judging, they all said how great Austin’s pants were, but had nothing really good to say about Kara’s.  It was just weird to me that, for whatever reason, they loved Austin’s pants, yet he scored lower.  I know it’s an overall look that’s scored, but It must have been like one point difference or something.

      • Anonymous

        they did say that Kara was on top only because Austin’s was so bad

        • Anonymous

          They also said it was very close.  I think Kara would have been in the bottom three if there had been open judging.

  • Anonymous

    I said to Arthur that Michael is a whiny baby who habitually complains that people pick on him. Which I never noticed during his season, because people WERE picking on him. But now it’s obvious.

    • Completely agree – Michael is a whiner and his lack of confidence makes him susceptible to sucking off other designers’ ideas and hypersensitive about anyone treading on his territory.

      • mrspeel2

         Time for Michael to GO! I like a lot of what he does but the crybaby routine is getting on my last nerve.

        • Anonymous

          I agree that he’s a whiner/crybaby.  When Diane VonFurstenberg told him to contact her when she was a judge, I nearly fell off my chair.  That was the episode where he made that flowing pink number and won the challenge????  Maybe you just had to be there.  Sometimes he makes some very interesting outfits but it’s his personality that gets me.  I don’t like Jerrell’s personality either but I guess they make for good drama and that’s what these producers like.  I’m still hoping for some fabulous designs to cheer about.  Am I hopeless or what?

          • mrspeel2

            Me too! Since it’s called “All Stars” I’m expecting way more pizazz! 

  • The Spring entries were rather disappointing. I agreed with the judges in giving the high mark to Kara over Austin’s cartoon granny clothes.

    Anthony’s was fine, but I’m confused about those sleeves. It makes me think of a shaved poodle cut. Also, does that belt attach in the back? He’s not a horrible designer, but I’d like him so much more if he didn’t feel compelled to tell us what he’s thinking all the time.

  • I was super annoyed when they yelled at Michael about the leggings. He’s totally on trend, even if it’s stupid looking.

    • Cathy S

      Maybe I’m misremembering; I thought they liked the leggings but hated that he paired them with those shoes instead of boots. They thought the shoes were wrong. I really liked that coat; I thought it had a pretty shape.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s would sell well; it has an Eileen Fisher vibe, and EF sells like bagels.  But yeah, it’s not befitting a design condition.

    I was amused by Michael’s comment that Jackie Kennedy would wear his design.  You can put big black sunglasses on your model all you want, Michael, it doesn’t mean Jackie would go near your stretch pants and itchy rug-jacket!

    • Anonymous

      Still, those are spectular big black sunglasses, aren’t they? 

    • Personally, I consider myself to be the farthest thing from Jackie O. and I STILL wear giant black sunglasses.

  • Anonymous

    I do like Micheal’s more than Jarell’s…I just don’t understand how one would put Micheal’s coat on.  Is it like a poncho vest that goes over her head…and then a matching scarf is wrapped around her neck?  Is it a black shirt with cuffs that match the coat?  idk.  I don’t really see much similarity between his and Jarell’s, aside from color. 

    Kara’s design is better than Austin’s…which isn’t saying much since there really is nothing new/innovative about this.  I do like the practical and easy vacation feel is has…but white pants are kind of cliche.  I also like the color combinations and sheens of the purple and grey…even though the judges didn’t like the purple paired with the grey.  I didn’t understand that criticism.

    • The grey seems to have an odd undertone, which might clash with the purple if you see it close up. But I think it’s a good combination. I don’t know what in hell they were talking about either. Also, I love that cardigan. It looks very luxurious.

      Now that I’ve seen photos of both Jerrell’s and Michael’s coats, I’m not seeing much, if any, similarities, other than they’re both heavy winter coats. I remember thinking Michael’s is more sophisticated and Jerrell’s is kind of funky. I think Jerrell’s might be better if only because I can understand how to put it on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand how you get that coat on your body. Very confusing. I like it better than Jerrell’s Deadhead look, though.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s was just clothes. Separates to be purchased at Century 21. or forever 21. Or wherever. Not gonna cut it on all stars.

    Michael is a drama queen. when he “lost his sketch” in the one on one with Joanna I snorted. dude had a copycat moment for sure. And rightfully lost for that alone. But I’m not convinced by the fabric choice either. dont want to be so annoying as to quote myself from a thread on PR from a few days ago, but I look at it again in these close ups above and that fabric says ratty couch throw. not gonna cut it for me either.

  • I’m still annoyed that even after they declared that he (Michael C) has no design ascetic that they still kept him in favor of Rami. If this is a design competition, WHY WOULD YOU KEEP SOMEONE YOU SAID CAN’T DESIGN?! Sure he can churn out clothes but I don’t think that warrants him staying. 

    • Anonymous

      The little (or big) oddities like that just scream BM to me.  It feels like Bunim-Murray is seeping into judging pores.  Michael’s camera cloying may be obvious, but it gets people emotional and involved. However, I think they underestimated the effect that the sight of Rami had on the viewing audience. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m concerned that as more designers leave, BM is going to turn PR into The Michael Show.

        • That was essentially my comment to a friend of mine. Why would BM air the judges speaking of the Michael’s lack of design capabilities & not expect PR loyalists to pick up on it? BM is totally shoving it all in our faces. 

      • BerlinerNYC

        Oh yes. Tank-top Rami gives me the vapors. He got so little camera time this season, but one thing we did learn is that he’s very touchy-feely. A few weeks ago he was sitting back at the hotel with his arm around Anthony on the couch, and I swear I saw him more or less have his arm around Mondo while the designers were sitting there being briefed on the challenge this week. Surely one of the major motivations for the other boys in the competition was to stick around to snuggle with Rami! If I were one of the remaining gays, I’d be bereft, lacking motivation, and would probably throw in the towel…

  • Anonymous

    Kara is lucky someone keeps screwing up each week.  One of these weeks her boring designs will surely send her packing.  I love how they made clear she “won” by sucking slightly less than Austin.  Just on the other side of zero.

    Michael’s is not all that bad, but clearly inferior to Jerell’s.  We all know at least one person who, despite constant protestations, seems to be at the center of every controversy.  After a few of those, the idea of coincidence becomes harder and harder to swallow.

  • Anonymous

    was michaels model on last year PR?  she looks so familiar. help kittens.

    • lila rogers

      im pretty sure she is from antm

      • Anonymous

        Leslie Mancia from ANTM Cycle 6, I think.

    • Anonymous

      She is Leslie – from quite a few seasons back on ANTM

      • I like to call her the Lovely Leslie because she’s so beautiful. I’ve always thought so. And loved her on ANTM.

      • Did she not win? She is gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      She was an America’s Next Top Model Contestant in season 6.

    • Annie Booton

      She was on America’s Next Top Model. Can’t remember her name. Walked with her butt out

  • I don’t know where else to ask this, and maybe the answer is in a very obvious spot but I just can’t find it… but here it goes:

    Are the finalists of PR All Stars showing at Fashion Week? Are they getting a big runway show like in previous seasons? I haven’t seen or heard any buzz about it and was wondering if they’re doing it differently this time.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The first All-Stars was just a closed runway show with DVF.  But that was a single episode, so who knows.  The Heidi stand-in (blanking on her name!  Doesn’t that say a lot?) did mention worrying about what kind of collection Michael would create if he made it to the end, so maybe they are going to full regular PR route.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s was nice, nothing more, although I didn’t love the color combo.  She really isn’t furthering her brand being on All-Stars.

    As for Michael’s, Georgina said his outfit looked like it was the “mother” look to Jerell’s “daughter” look which was quite insightful.  I never would have thought of that, but she nailed it.  I liked it on the runway, but looking at the stills, the fabric is a bit too hairy in a pot-bellied pig sort of way. 

  • Anonymous

    Michael (slap, slap)!  Stop whining!

  • Kara’s model looks like Diane Furstenberg. I mean the outfit, the hair, the whole thing, minus maybe those colors. I mean it’s a good look, but it look too much like Diane.

    To Michael’s the material is just a little too fuzzy for me, otherwise fine.

  • Cameron Crowley

    I’m confused about Michael’s outfit.  Was it a long sleeved shirt and long-in-back vest?  Was it a single coat, with a mysterious opening?  Or was it a coat with really thin sleeves on the upper arms and a matching turtleneck with a sideways belt?

    How do think you’d get it on and off?

    • Anonymous

      Yes.  This. ^

      Who wants to work that hard at putting on a coat to run out for a minute?

      • Anonymous

         I think this woman is at Sundance – once she changes into a pair of fabulous boots.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Kara’s, especially because she had a specific woman in mind. Isn’t that part of the goal? To know who is the person for this particular outfit?  And I liked Michael’s alot. Loved the back crimping.  And I stand by my comments from the Jerrell thread.

  • marilyn

    Your comments were perfect. 

    However, Kara’s jacket had an interesting back.  I think it is hard to used billowing fabric, as she did on the jacket, and not make the model look fat.  She somehow succeeded.  I think it is a classic look, and the billowing back was a twist.

    It is nice that Jerell stopped sandbagging us, and made his coat/ensemble.  I thought it was busy but ineteresting.  The monotone look kept it from looking too kookoo (which is what happens when he is turned loose with colors).  Michael’s was a poor imitation, and his stripes emphasized the hips, which no one should deliberately do.  I am not interested in his drama.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like Kara’s quite a bit. It something I would wear and I get the vibe she is going for.  Is she going to win the competition with it? Heck no.  However it is certainly not the horrible piece of garbage that most of the judges pretended it was.  As with Kenley’s and Mondo’s, these are all safe.  I don’t think All Star is the time to be safe.

    As for Michael’s. It is fine. I probably would have liked it more if he hadn’t had such a big fat whiney hissy fit.  Sorry dude. You can’t talk. You had a fit when someone did red. The color RED!!  Because that is totally different then copying someones design.  Whatever.  Every weeks reminds me more and more why I can’t stand this dude.

    • I don’t think the judges pretended it was bad.  There were a lot of comments about how it was a nice look that a lot of women would want; it just wasn’t really designed so much as it was made. 

      • Anonymous

         You may be right. I thought that Isaac and Cynthia were pretty harsh until whatshername said she would wear it. 

        • Though I love that Georgina is ALWAYS willing to go against everyone else.  It doesn’t matter how many of the other judges love/hate it or how much — she gives her real opinions every time. 

  • Anonymous

    The whole time Michael was complaining about the accusations, I was wishing someone would remind Michael that he complains about others copying him simply b/c they choose the same color, but then he makes a very similar coat and acts so offended by the accusation.  I’m not saying he did or did not draw some inspiration from Jerrell, but his reaction and attitude in the whole thing was ridiculous. 

    I agree on the Mondo crying, also…that was way over the top. 

    • Anonymous

       Agreed.  I had forgotten about the incident where Michael changed his fabric choice because April also chose red fabric, until right now.  So hypocritical!  I wish he would just keep his mouth shut and work, because he turns out excellent clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Michael irritates me to no end, and I would never buy his stuff because of my personal animus. That being said, he is a good designer, and I liked this look, and last weeks. But the fabric on this is just a skosh too heavy and furry.

  • Anonymous

    I think what’s missing from Kara’s is some pattern or texture. It is all so flat, despite the slight sheen of some of the fabrics. Maybe if she had put a belt with it? A necklace? A bangle? Anything to break up the flat blocks of solid fabric. Agreed that this is how women dress when they want to be comfy but not sloppy, but even so, this reads as a little boring.

    I liked Michael’s. His model in that outfit reminds me of Vanessa William’s character on “Ugly Betty.” Very chic and in control. Wish he had gone for boots instead of the leggings with pumps, as the judges pointed out.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the whole pretending that he had lost his sketch pissed me off and made me wish they’d auf’ed him

    • Anonymous

      For all we know, he found his HP pad right after that but that part was edited out.  We simply don’t know.

  • I never understand how it’s possible that people who are so clearly playing to the cameras have no idea how to do so effectively.  If he would have done as TLo suggested and just chalked it up to a simple human error that he didn’t realize at the time, he would have gotten huge points from the viewers and his fellow designers for being honest and admitting his mistake.  Instead he just looks like an ass. 

    Kara’s sweater and pants are great — they look comfortable and stylish.  But she really needed more in the blouse — something to make it a bit more “designer”. 

  • Anonymous

    Out of Jerell’s and Michael’s looks, I did like Jerell’s better partially because that fabric Michael picked looks like it would itch like crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Hated Kara’s!

  • Anonymous

    I also understood what Kara was going for with her look. Not the most new or innovative, but it felt kind of like it was supposed to look effortless. I didn’t love it, nor did I hate it either.  Michael irritated me. This is the third time this season that he’s had a copying issue with another designer. Remember the two other times with April? Well Jerrell is now the new April. It seems to me that if this is the third time Michael has been involved in a copying issue with another designer, the problem is Michael, not the other designers. It’s funny, during his season I didn’t understand all the hate for him from the other designers. Now I’m just kind of over him, his phony emotions and his whining. What really disappointments me is seeing Mondo turn into Michael 2.0. It pains me to see him become a whiny camera whore. I hope he snaps out of it soon.

  • k op

    I love breezy over-sized pants that are NOT linen.  Unfortunately, Kara’s are far too catalogue.  Some perfect touch of print or an interesting wrap top with shoulder details would have helped elevate this look.

    I’ve always found Micheal to be a very interesting designer.  Of course he imitates!  He is so insecure.  Strangely though, he has a strong individual esthetic for women’s clothing.  He may not know how to use it but his clothing is always intriguing.  Would I wear a poncho dress/coat with matching arm leggings?  Oh dear god no, not based on description alone.  But when the outfit is seen, I can always imagine that someone would indeed wear his armour clothing and really enjoy the hell out of it.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Kara’s outfit, but if it hadn’t been for this silly faceoff thing she definitely should have been eliminated for this underdesigned look.  She hasn’t ever been in the top this season, and keeping her over Rami is absurd.

  • Anonymous

    The leg warmers on her wrists were a big turn-off for me. It was like that challenge where you MUST use every scrap of material you bought.

    • Anonymous

      I think he did that because his “coat” is really a vest (a vest over a vest in fact) and he wanted it to look like it had sleeves.

  • I find Michael very interesting as a designer. He seems to work in a completely different way from everyone else, which has led him to be misunderstood, both in this season and his last one.  Instead of the normal method of idea ->  sketch -> cut pattern -> sew, he seems to start with fabric choice -> fabric draping -> idea -> sew.  I’m not even sure that I’ve seen him cut a pattern.
    Because he lets the fabric ‘talk’ to him, he never tries to ‘torture’ the fabric to fit into some preconceived idea (such as Mila does) and as a result his execution, tailoring and fit is generally spot on (though people criticise his execution because he doesn’t do what they were taught at college). On the downside,  because he is ‘channeling’ the fabric rather than trying to stamp his own aesthetic on it, his aesthetic comes across as fluid and changeable and in the initial part of the design process he seems insecure and confused. He’s more of a bespoke couturier than a ready-to-wear designer and I’m not sure how much of a market there is for designers like that any more.  But I do think he’s better than people give him credit for.  

    • Oh, I’ve seen him torture some… I think a lot of the formally educated designers have an issue with the way he constructs.  And for garments that were being sold, they might have a point.  But these garments only need to hang together long enough to walk the runway.

  • Anonymous

    I was completely baffled as to why so many posters thought Kara should have gone home for this look. I is every so much better than Austin’s. It fits the brief for a Spring get-a -way weekend perfectly. Although I agree with the judges that I can’t really see “Kara” in it at all.

    The body of Michael’s is exactly the same as Jerrel’s , if he had put the sleeves on as I believe he intended to do . I would be exactly the same coat, but in different fabric. I can understand why Jerrel was mad. Although the neither is a completely or even nearly original idea. Both coats look like watered down Issey Miyake sewing patterns from the 90’s . It fits closer to Jerrel’s usual aesthetic I suppose, because I have know Idea what Michaels is .

    • I totally agree about Kara. Granted, they’re not particularly exciting, but they’re simple and classic and have a lot of ease to them. Those are all qualities you want for a weekend getaway. I’d say they’re clothes, not fashion, but I think there’s room to consider wearability in such a challenge. Austin also made clothes, not fashion. If you’re going to compare the two looks, Kara’s wins, not just in the judges’ eyes, but in mine too. For what that’s worth. 🙂

    • Lattis

      For me it’s not that Kara should have gone for this look in particular, just that she seems like the weakest link left and I thought she should exit before Rami. 

  • Michael is working my last nerve. And on top of that, he’s a seriously bad actor (his performances remind me of an grown-up child TV actor). But he’s so delusional that I suppose he thinks we can’t see how dishonest he is. It cracked me up when he pretended he couldn’t find his sketch. I wished Joanna stood there and said, ‘that’s OK, I’ll wait…’

    As for the look: I didn’t get where the love was coming from. Too Maude for my taste.


  • Anonymous

    I laughed out loud at the “search” for the nonexistent sketch. So glad you pointed that out!

    I could appreciate the fluid movement of Kara’s outfit but did think it was dull.

    • Anonymous

      I live near the ocean in Los Angeles and could buy Kara’s separates on Main Street in my neighborhood today — in fact, could have bought them there anytime in the last decade — or two.

      That’s designing?

      • Anonymous

        last four decades, i think. & sort of circa late 30s/early 40s.
        then again, it might be five decades. i am terrible at math. from around 1970 on. the outfit, not my brain on math. then again, maybe both.

  • kara’s outfit was so offensively dull i cant belive it got any praise. maybe…nice colors? this is a design competition, not “make something” competition.

  • Yuck.. Don’t like Kara’s AT ALL. There is loose and then there is falling off. The model looks ridiculous.

  • Lisa

    Actually, I liked Michael’s look better than Jerrell’s – it was more polished, although it would have been better with boots, since it’s winter.  But you’re correct – he’s a big huge baby if someone so much as uses the same color as him, but then he’s all wide-eyed and “I don’t know how it happened!” when he damn near creates the same coat as Jerrell.

  • Anonymous

    If Austin’s look hadn’t been so cracktastick, Kara would have been schmauffed. Kara didn’t make fashion, she made random separates, the type of which can be found at any mass merchandise store which sells women’s clothes. Kara’s style is about as exciting as oatmeal; I cannot imagine why she’s on PRAS.

  • Anonymous

    I find Michael’s personality and “Oh poor widdle me” playing to the camera extremely grating. He is good at constructing garments, but where are his design chops? What is his point of view? On almost every PRAS runway show to date, you could instantly pick out the garments by Austin, Kenley, Mila, Mondo and Rami. But Michael, like Kara, has no discernible style; he’s a human chameleon. Michael is the dressmaker a wealthy woman goes to with a few yards of material and a picture of a runway look to say “Make me this.”

  • Anonymous

    Kara could use some coaching on how to style her model.  The pieces are nice, but together so boring.

  • I think my favorite comment of the night was when the judges were discussing Michael Costello, and one of them said that, if he were asked to make a collection tomorrow, no one would ANY idea of what he might do. Because the guy just has zero point of view and zero originality. He makes pretty, mediocre clothes that have been made a thousand times before. But you know he’s gonna stick around forever (like in his season) because he’s a drama queen in a group that is pretty low-key for drama so far. It’s fucking irritating all round.

  • I think my favorite comment of the night was when the judges were discussing Michael Costello, and one of them said that, if he were asked to make a collection tomorrow, no one would ANY idea of what he might do. Because the guy just has zero point of view and zero originality. He makes pretty, mediocre clothes that have been made a thousand times before. But you know he’s gonna stick around forever (like in his season) because he’s a drama queen in a group that is pretty low-key for drama so far. It’s fucking irritating all round.

  • Anonymous

    I think Kara’s was a fine look, just nothing new here, you can walk into any store, be it a Macy’s, Ross, or Target, and find these pieces. Nothing exciting here. But it does look like “spring” and is a helluva a lot better looking than Austin’s so she won that head-to-head by default.

    I just don’t get the Michael love. Out of all the comments on and Facebook, I’d say about 99% of the people who comments, all women, always say the Michael, and Mondo, are always making things that are fashion forward. This week was no exception. All I could think upon seeing those opinions is that Express is incredibly fashion forward. Because that’s all this look is, I saw it a few weeks ago in an Express, only styled better, and a lot more expensive looking. Its a fine look, but I’ve seen it a thousand times before, and very recently, and better made. Plus those long tights with pumps, oh man. And I couldn’t figure out what the hell it is, is it a one piece or two?? Any shape it has it due to that belt he put on, and I can’t tell it its a dress with a long vest or a big rectangle, shaped by a belt.

    Michael himself I’d describe the same way I’d describe Mondo, boy-man. From his overly fake wide-eyed open mouth “shock” look, to his lazy excuse of the sketch being “somewhere here” I personally just don’t get the love for him, or Mondo for that matter. Only where as Mondo had previously carried himself in an elegantly mature manner and regressed, Michael is same-old same-old.

    • k op

       I don’t think Micheal is fashion forward at all, nor would I personally wear any of his clothing.  What interests me is that he comes on a fashion show from a different place than other contestants.  His ideas about clothing and styles are not the same as other contestants.  I’m always interested in what he comes up with, even if it’s a busted look, because he is not typical.

      It’s not like these contestants are really designing great clothing.  Very, very few have.  The show is riddled with good pattern sewers, dreamy art school grads and boutique stylists.  Why not be find Micheal somewhat more interesting than the PR norm?

  • Anonymous

    i just noticed how kara’s and michael’s models weren’t carrying their inspiration bags…? 

    • They were told up front that they didn’t have to use the bags.

  • Anonymous

    Kara’s outfit looked exactly like Eileen Fisher. Comfy and totally unoriginal. Yeah, I’d throw it in my bag for a weekend trip, but this was not a wining look.

  • I hate Kara’s look. It’s one of the most under-designed things I’ve seen on the show. There’s nothing to it. Period. I was never, ever, ever a fan of her work, but she did manage to produce garments in her own PR season that had quite a bit of design to them and showed a strong color sense. This is just bland. She’s been struggling through all of the challenges, and I’m surprised she’s still there. This is the kind of look that gets people eliminated. I’d much rather have Rami’s coat with its tone-on-tone aspect than this yawn (Kinda conjures up Ivy’s clothes for Season 8). 

    Michael’s– Eh, I’m not big on it, but, hey, at least it’s got some design. I liked the draping in the back and the cinching in the back. Other than that, I don’t know. The silhouette is too similar to Jerell’s for my liking. The cuffs, too, are strikingly similar. I did agree with the judges in that this looks younger than Jerell’s. Good enough to advance him to the next challenge, but he’s been getting on my nerves. He clearly falters when faced with things that aren’t gown-ish, drape-y, or cord-bound.  

  • Anonymous

    Putting aside Michael’s persona, I like this look and think it’s very urban chic (if worn with the right footwear). Jerrell’s look was more bohemian while this look I could see here in NYC.  But there’s nothing about it that stands out and I believe that has to do with Michael having no discernable POV.  It would sell like hotcakes though.  During the runway, I liked this better than Jerrell’s and better than Mila’s but I have to say, of the three, I would probably go with Mila’s for the win now after seeing all the stills.

    Kara is fortunate Austin was channeling some bad late 80’s fashion this week because this is only so marginally better and so underdesigned as everyone and their mama has been saying.  Kara should have been gone a long time ago.  The pants are like oversized ship sails flapping around.  The top half is okay.  I know what she was going for, but like Michael, she has no POV.

  • Anonymous

    But Jerrel called his ass on it and he could NOT handle it. These queens are all Puff anf Pith when  behind someone’s back but call em on their shit and the sissy shows. 

  • I preferred Michael’s look by far. I never have thought of myself as a mannequin, but I do prefer a more polished or perfected look. All I could think when I saw Jerrell’s was boho chick, try too hardish.

  • Anonymous

    i keep looking at michael’s outfit trying to figure out how it goes on.  how many pieces is it?   does the belt hook in back?  is there a blouse under everything with sleeves and the arm warmers go over it?  is the high throat wrap attached to the coat/poncho or is it part of the thing covering her torso that the belt goes over?  or is it all one piece.  i’m totally confused. 

  • Anonymous

    i have been really sick this week, apologies. i dont know the what for, precisely, but there must be something.

    i like both michael’s & jerrel’s–their textures are similar but their styles are different enough. i think i like michael’s better but, then again, that may be cos it’s right in front of me. but i do remember i thought both were very professional, very interesting, well constructed, flattering, pretty close to universally wearable–the whole thing. i’ve only seen the photos, though, not the show [i was really sick & watch television, if i ever do, on my mac so upright–something that was not really happening over the last few days]. so maybe i’ll change my mind later.

    i like kara’s too. although it’s certainly not wool or knit, etc & ect, it reminds me of early sonia rykiel. the pants in particular. if you want a late 60s/early 70s silhouette, they come pretty close. high waist, big bells, palazzos that look almost like a skirt. these have the appropriate flow, as well.

    otoh, rigged or fixed or not or what have you, i do not think kara is long for the competition. too bad, i dont know why she chokes on the program. as i most likely already said, off television she makes some nice stuff. but she is always all over the map. not consistent. maybe one good thing–but a very very good thing amid five or six other items which lurch & range all over the place, bad, fair, on & on. very odd.

    o-someone-elses-h & believe it or not!, i think i may have liked austin’s better than most people did. somebody on another thread mentioned lily pulitzer? yes, kind of, but w/o the puns. she put a lot of puns in her fabrics. i think the gentleness of his sweater is what pushed him over into the happier camp for me. then again happier camp is a none too bad way of describing austin. at least the austin we see on our screens, the one who sang rainbow connection not very well but very earnestly & while wearing all kinds of warm & wonderful costumes.

    o-the-very-last-h of all, i figured out who his model looks like. gaga a little, yes, but way more chloë memisevic. i dont know how famous she is so here are a couple links, if anyone cares:
    [they are from medusa’s site so, yes, i do know a lot about eating disorders & yes, i really am okay now. i promise. but if anyone isnt, her site is very good.]

  • Anonymous

    Are those leg warmers on the sleeves of Michael’s look?

    • Call me Bee

      They do look like legwarmers, and I think they are supposed to substitute for sleeves, because his “coat” didn’t have any.  Practical for NYC winters, eh?

  • I thought the waist on Kara’s pants was sad. Even on a skinny minnie model it was so meh. Not fashion; just clothes. And snooze inducing ones at that.

  • Call me Bee

    I actually like Kara’s design.  It’s easy, breezy, beautiful, and I’ve been wearing this exact outift, down to the silver gray drapey knit sweater, for about 4 years.  Go to Coldwater Creek and find this outfit right now (along with Austin’s.)  So yes–it was nice but hardly new.  Or Fashion. 
    Michael’s, also, was so under desgined.  Looks like a big rectangle of fabric ,with a slit so you can put it over your shoulders, and a belt.  Nicely paired with some great leggings (though I agree with Isaac–I think it was–that boots would have been killer.)  But still. 
    I’ve made a little epiphany (that I’m sure you and other bitter kittens have known for years…) that if I see something on the PR runway that I would wear in a second, it probably means it’s not fashion forward or even fashionable.  I mean, I am a middle-aged lady in flyover country, and anything I wear has most likely been out of fashion for at least a year or so, even though I like to think I keep up with fashion.  Not embarrassed by that, it’s just the way it is. 
    So, thinking that I would wear Michael’s or Kara’s is actually not a good thing.  Jus’ sayin’.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the giant white pants I can’t deal with. It looks like she walked through a clothesline of bed sheets.

  • I think Kara’s ensemble looks like a Coldwater Creek travel knit jacket over Eileen Fischer separates.  

    And I still think that Mondo and Costello are mugging for the cameras because BM wants draaaah-maaah.  I kept thinking the Kara-Kenley sisterhood would melt down into a fight, but it isn’t happening.  But maybe that’s what this week will be about — the battle of the best buddy teams!   A Kara-Kenley & Mondo-Costello tag team bitchfight!  I put nothing past BM, but I will be delighted to be proven wrong.    

  • Anonymous

    This is probably the first thing that Kara’s put down the runway this season that I didn’t instantly hate.  (Mostly, because she goes for those redonkulously high waistlines that I do. not. get.)  It was a bit meh and the model’s hair and those glasses look like bad 70’s, but it was miles better than Austin’s look.

    Micheal?  I also didn’t hate it right away, but the ensemble was a bit one note. 

  • Bree The Vole

    I don’t know what happened to Michael C’s POV, but he used to have one. As demonstrated by his decoy collection:

    It’s kind of tacky and very non-fashion forward, but it’s a POV. It’s not present in his competition work (except for his three first looks for this season), which I think is because he’s ready to sacrifice it in order to go with what may please the judges. So maybe not a strong POV, but it exists, anyway.

    • Thanks for the link. I had completely forgotten Michael’s runway show (and probably will again).

      Wow. His “winning” 6-hour Blanche satin bathrobe look was just like Look #2 from his final runway show (with a longer skirt). Trickbag: deployed.

  • Anonymous

    On the one hand, Kara’s has fewer aggressively bad parts than Austin’s.  On the other hand, I could see myself wearing her outfit to the grocery store.

    I’ll retract if it later comes out there was some wonky editing, but Costello’s “how DARE you sir” reaction to the accusations of copying were obnoxious.  I was Team Jerrell all the way, both fashion-wise and drama-wise.

  • Anonymous

    Michael continues to impress me.  Since when is styling a mannequin a problem on the runway?