PR All Stars: Bringing it Home

Posted on February 21, 2012



Either we’re confused or Jerell was. Did we miss the part when he was assigned Miss Hannigan from Annie?

This takes the problem Austin’s had and turns the dials to eleven. In Austin’s case, we can at least understand why he chose Marie Antoinette as the inspiration. She’s a shorthand figure for “rich” even if she’s not the most modern or up-to-date choice. But this? We have no idea what he was thinking. What’s with the Andrews Sister hair? The outfit’s not bad (although it’s typically overdone); it’s just that it doesn’t appear to have addressed any of the requirements of the brief: young, wealthy, with a thrown-together outfit she’ll have to put on onstage. We’re halfway to thinking he should have been in the bottom, just for missing the mark so badly.



Kenley had half the qualities needed for this challenge: she does “quirky” very well and she’s got a flair for the theatric in her designs.

And while there’s a lot to like here, we think she got too hung up on the “vintage,” “East village” side of the brief and didn’t pay enough attention to making this look expensive. We love all  three of these pieces, but that coat needed to be way more exuberant than this. That collar looks like she cut up a bathmat.


Michael Costello

Once again, Michael makes something that’s pretty good, but very “mannequin in a window.” No matter the challenge, whether it’s winter sportswear or Godspell, he makes a look that would likely sell well, but doesn’t always address the brief and doesn’t always look as modern or stylish as it should. He couldn’t do an artfully mismatched costume no matter how hard he tried. With him, it’s all matched ensembles, all the time. That probably serves him well in business, but it’s always made his entries on this show less than exciting to us.

And this is essentially a cocktail dress, which is totally wrong for the challenge.

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  • Candigirl1968

    If Jerell had taken his skirt to the floor, it would have looked like it belonged on one of the ladies on Downton Abbey.

    • Clueless_Jock

      I’m suprised Jerell designed something so matronly and dated.

    • Only if the housekeeper or the Dowager Countess were wearing it.

    • I think it looks more like something to be worn by Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine.


      • donnaINseattle

        Omigoodness, thank you, I had her in my head and haven’t been able to recall the character’s name! I just kept repeating a snorting noise to myself.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          It’s something that Ernestine would wear for a dressy lady’s lunch, I think.

  • donnaINseattle

    Jerell’s hem was NOT an All-Star quality detail. I liked Kenley’s coat and until she doo-dadded it. I actually thought it had the best potential, until Mondo was struck by the Godspell gods and did his perfect design.

    • donnaINseattle

      And Michael’s made his models boobs look saggy.

      • Oh I know. WTF with that hem. It was too uneven to look planned, and too obviously planned to be a mistake. Mistake it was, though.

      • Tom Shea

        Michael’s top was about as wrong as it could have been. Backless? No support? For someone singing and dancing and moving around on stage? Whaa?

        • introspective

          This times a million. Im flabbergasted that Michael’s was even in the running to be a winner making the top 3 as it did when it woukd have meant all kinds of peril for the actress’s breasts flopping about wildly under half a blouse and under spotlights to boot.

          Jerrells is just plain fug. And Kenley needed an edit button as the coat itself was fab but those feathers made it eye searing. And can she stop with the frou frou matchy head accessories every week? Its takes all her designs- which though often problematic have much potential- down a notch. Or two.

    • EveEve

      Kenley could have won with more expensive-looking fabrics.   A floaty lame’ for the coat with some rich trim and a bolder belt, would have been great.   And some jewelry  – that’s what the accessory wall is for, FFS! 

  • Jerell’s makes his model look roughly 1/2 mile wide and that uneven hem is kicking my OCD into overdrive.

    Michael’s poor model looks like she could be an extra in West Side Story.

  • Amy Ellinger

    My eyes, my eyes!!!  Kenley’s gives me a headache.

    • JimMcC

      It looks like a costume from a community theater production of Rent. I don’t mind Kenley or her designs, but this one just went crazy off the tracks. But as T and Lo say, there are good ideas there…which just makes it more painful how eye-searing it is.

      • Amy Ellinger

        HA! community theater Rent- just about perfect there!

        different prints would have made all the difference….

      • introspective

        I just used the same phrase to reply tothe post above about Kenleys coat and scrolled down to find that your and my eyes (and probably many others) were seared last thurs looking at that feathered mess she pulled out!! Great minds…

  • Paigealicious

    Jerrell’s model’s hair was sooooo “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”

    • Thank you! THAT’s what it was! Knew I’d seen it before but the exact reference was escaping me …

    • dress_up_doll

      Hilarious! I totally agree. Now that’s what I’d love to see — a horror movie inspired challenge. The looks would have to be a modern interpretation of classic Hollywood horror films.

      • RebeccaKW


      • CozyCat

        They tried doing movie costumes “with a modern twist” in the awful LA season. 

  • Looking at the back of Michael’s outfit, I’m not totally convinced he made separates.  Is that blouse just a bib?  How did this get into the top three?  It’s “pretty” and sort of “wealthy” but it’s nothing else they were looking for.

    • DinaSews

      Yes.  If she is going to put the top on onstage, what the hell is underneath it?  I’m not sure that Godspell had any nudity in it!

      • BuffaloBarbara

         Yes, that’s definitely what I was thinking–how on earth was she supposed to put that on onstage?  I mean, sure, it could be worn over a catsuit, but the back of the catsuit would absolutely show in it.  Add it to that ugly color and… top three?  REALLY?

        • RebeccaKW

           Exactly.  I just knew he was in the bottom 3.  It’s not terrible, but it is not what the challenge called for and definitely not something that could be put on quickly onstage.

        • Kat Chappell

          not to mention, how would she dance–at all!–in it?

          though that question goes for most of them, quite honestly.

          • Sweetpea176

             I thought I heard in one of the extended judging clips that the judges had asked for “fashion” and not for them to literally fulfill what was needed for the actual production.  Which is confusing.  Why say they had to be separates and able to be layered over something else, if they didn’t really have to be?  And, if it’s true, not airing that in the episode needlessly made a bunch of these designers look foolish. 

          • If they wanted “fashion,” why bother doing a costume challenge at all?  If they didn’t care if they fulfilled the briefs, why bother giving them?  Sometimes I get the feeling these things are mentioned after the fact to push certain designers up or down in the lineup depending on where they want to go with the drama.

        • That skirt has to be the ugliest shade of green I’ve ever seen.  And green is my favorite color!

      • I was thinking it DID have nudity in it, but then I realized I was thinking of Hair instead of Godspell.  I’m clearly having trouble keeping my 1960’s/70’s musicals straight (in my defense, I’ve never seen either).

  • amywinns

    I didn’t remember Jarell’s at all. I guess that’s why he was literally dead middle.

    Watching the episode, I couldn’t believe how EVERY designer — save Mondo! bless him!! — totally missed the mark. Even if you know nothing about the show (I don’t), I could figure out some basics just from the brief, the meeting, the show posters, and the simple fact that it’s a stage musical. How could all these professionals get it SO wrong, in so many ways?

    • formerlyAnon

      “Like” X 10 million.

      I just don’t get where these folks got lost between the simple fact that “the winner will be worn by the actor on stage” and what they produced.

    • YoungSally

       Wasn’t one of the requirements that the outfit be made of separates so that they could be piled on the actress?  The runway should have shown that….

    • letter_M

      Because most likely the “brief” given was utterly confusing as they live to do… and then edited differently so the viewers see it a different way from the designers.

  • Anathema_Device

    Jerell’s looks more like a costume for the character’s mom. The feathers really ruin Kenley’s look. I absolutely adore the fabrics she used, especially for that skirt, but ultimately it is a little more Anthropologie than Godspell.  I kind of dig Michael’s look, but it doesn’t fit the bill at all. Funky cocktail attire, not fabulous bits and pieces pulled from the trunk/closet of the character.

    • Agree. I love her jacket fabric and I like the combo. I was really excited when I saw the fabrics but somewhere along the lapels, she went off the rails. Hated the obligatory hair poof.

      Liked Michael’s combination of fabric as well but he was designing for a different challenge. Hilariously wrong for this one.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I am hating Jerrel`s design with hot red burning rage. The Jacket looks as if it is minimum 4 numbers too small, although maybe he wanted to go for a kind of cutout effect. She really looks like an old crazy person with a really badly made Chanel Knockoff which you can get out of a trunk on a very bad corner. This outfit is really unflattering.

    Plus I can`t get over of how much Jerrel reminds me of Wanda Sykes` character “Barb” from “The new adventures of old Christine”.

    • I didn’t realize until I saw the close up that Jerrell made a “dickie” -isn’t that what they used to be called?  The fake turtlenecks that you wore under a button shirt?  Only his went longer to fill in the hole in the top?  Add to that the hem that zigs and zags all over the place and I flashback auf him!

  • Terence Ng

    I interpreted the hair on Jerrell’s model as Coppola’s Dracula, which I’m sure all the unfortunate girls under her care would view her as.

    But the dress is just way too rich for the character. But how do you do a good fashioned piece that’s for a low-level, drunken, embittered governess?

    Actually, if we take a note from the Carol Burnette version, I could totally see Mondo’s being perfect for her.

    • JocastaDeVilleneuve

      I actually think Kenley’s look reminded me of a nightie and dressing gown for Burnett. Jerrell’s models hair (and the quasi-Victorian style) was full on Cinderella’s evil stepmother from the Disney cartoon.

  • eight_of_nine

    I adore Michael’s look, especially the headpiece, but it’s too glam and well put-together for the concept.  I don’t think backless was a smart way to go, either.  I don’t remember much about the actress who was going to wear it, but I don’t think she shared the model’s frame.

    • Maybe he thought the challenge was to create a look “inspired” by the character, not a literal costume.
      Or. Maybe he doesn’t care about winning, he just wants the exposure.

  • I really hate the proportions on Michael’s — I just find them completely unflattering. 

    Kenley’s is TOTALLY wrong for the challenge (as it has been understood by me based on conversations here:)  but there’s something there.  Not my taste, really, but something interesting. 

    Jerrell’s is also oddly unflattering.  Why does his model look so wide?  That shouldn’t be…

  • robynjd

    I don’t understand Michaels as something you would pull out of a closet and put on on stage. It is a halter with no bra. and unless she is letting it all hang out on stage, it would have to go on over something. Maybe the skirt could be pulled on over something, but not that back baring top.

  • ShivaDiva

    Jerell is just one of those wildly inconsistent designers that occasionally throws together something really unique and interesting, but usually creates a disaster.  No idea how he thought “Godspell” and then came up with this.  I guess he didn’t bother.

    Kenley’s has some interest to it, but those prints just clash too much for me.  As you said, take them apart and they work, but the gestalt is a big old mess.

    I was surprised Michael received as much praise as he did, and was even more surprised when he wound up in the Top Three.  Normally any kind of reference to Carmen Miranda by the judges and you are staring at the bottom three.  This doesn’t read “rich” at all to me – more like “anime magical girl.”

    • janetjb

       Michael was “Top Three” by default really.
      I’ll go as far to say only Mondo came close to meeting the requirements of the challenge and the rest missed the mark in varying degrees.

  • DeborahLipp

    I thought Jerrell’s was hardcore FUG and should have gone home. That uneven hem doesn’t look intentional. The way the jacket/cardigan gaps open clearly is intentional, but holy shit it shouldn’t be. She’s dressed as “Bitchy Secretary” with a little too much ornamentation, in bland grays, and hideously styled.

    Kenley’s mix of white feathers on that particular print reads “housecoat” to me. Just doesn’t have any luxe to it at all. It’s the white-on-white.

    I agree with your criticisms 100% about Michael. In addition, hello backless halter? To be donned ON-STAGE? Are you crazy?

    • Seatart

      Better than the leggings in Austin’s outfit.

  • mjude

    i keep wondering why jerrell keeps getting a pass?  i dont get it.  kenley is in her own world again.  as for michael i just feel i have a grudge against him & i am not sure why.

    • RebeccaKW

       Can not stand Michael either and I can’t explain why.  I mean, yes, whiny and all that.  But he’s not the first whiny designer.  I have no explanation. 

  • tallgirl1204

    I love Kenley’s coat.  If it’s still up for bids, I may go for it– (maybe size-wise, it would forgive my size 10 frame?)

  • How on earth would the actress put Michael Costello’s outfit on while onstage (which was one of the requirements for the challenge)?  A woman can’t even wear a bra with that outfit!

  • I love the prints of Kenley’s skirt and jacket and think they are so lovely together. I am dying to track down that fabric from the skirt to make my own summer skirt. And it’s best to not even mention the other 2 designs except to say that my dislike of Michael continues to grow.

  • VioletFem

    The way that Michael’s model is styled makes her look like Ongina. 

    • Gianni_Rubino

      Thanks.   Now I want a cast of RPDR contestants to be the models for season 10 of PR.

      The idea of Ongina doing the runway … I’m beaming.    Thank you.  =o)

  • Stubenville

    This challenge really was a flop. Out of all the remaining designers, Mondo was the only one who even seemed to have an inkling what the requirements were and what production the costume was for. 

    Until the last episode, Jerrell made nothing but glad rags in crazy patterns and colors, so how did he manage to make a monochromatic secretarial pool outfit? Even worse, how did he make a size two model look short and dumpy? 

    Kenley may have made something reasonably close to the challenge requirements… but only if the production were being held in Pee Wee’s Playhouse. 

    And Michael? WTF? It’s a Chiquita Banana girl costume. Is he completely insane?

  • Susan Crawford

    Even allowing for individual aesthetics, you would NEVER imagine that these three designs were response to a single challenge. They aren’t just different “takes” on a brief – they are different galaxies AWAY from the brief.

    Ginger from the commentariat said it best regarding Michael’s:

    “, , , an extra from West Side Story”

    Yes! Exactly: “I like to be in Ah-mair-ee-kah!” Jerrell – this is a middle-aged eccentric Upper East Side matron on her way to her bank to see about upping her overdraft limit. And Kenley created the “Godspell Barbie” look.

  • The fabric that Kenley used on the coat is BEAUTIFUL. Shame that the coat just downplays the print. I want to drag my ass to mood just to find that damn fabric and buy all of it.

  • cheesebomb

    I actually really love the mixed prints and patterns on Kenley’s. I like the cut too. But that collar can go to hell. 

  • Catiline

    Man, I was pissed that Michael Costello got into the top three – although I understand that probably happened by default, since so many of the outfits were such misfires. I don’t think his outfit met ANY requirements of the brief.  It doesn’t look like “conspicuous consumption” (thank you Austin), it can’t be easily borrowed from the other performers, and it doesn’t really say Godspell to me at all.  And, I thought it was plain ugly on top of that.  Though I agree with all the criticisms of it, I actually like Kenley’s look better simply because I can see those items in Godspell.

    Jerrell, like Mila, made me shake my fists at the sky.  I had such high hopes when I saw both of their tops on the dress models in the work room.  Then the finished outfits walked out on stage and I went – WAT?

    • mochajava13

       Michael’s was only in the top three by default – did you see how fast he was deemed safe?

  • janetjb

    Jerell’s blouse looks quite similar to Micheal’s blouse; which was made first?  😉

    None of these hit the mark.
    Jerell’s is awful from the heavy neck to the uneven hem (was that on purpose?).
    I like Kenleys jacket, but the feathers are bad.
    Micheal made pretty clothes for someone, but not for anyone in Godspell.

  • MightyMarshal

    All I could see when Michael’s look on the runway was last season of Drag Race. That looks EXACTLY like something Raja would strut out in. Right down to the smokey ghoul eyes and head piece. It didn’t help that his model looks a bit like Raja (and also worked with him on ANTM, ironically). It reminds me of the “poolside cougar/milf” look from the runway where the queens had to show off their best asset.

  • JMansm

    You guys I am so done with Michael. Well, I never liked him to begin with but his clothes are beyond boring and he seems to stumble on to good ideas. Also, when he speaks he sounds like a complete idiot (ie. calling his garment “my thing”). I can’t stand inarticulate people. If he lasts longer than Kenley in this competition I will explode. 

    • RebeccaKW

       Yes.  When he was describing his sketches, about this thing, that thing, I thought ‘you seriously can’t even formulate words to describe your idea? How can you work with clients?’

  • greyhoundgirl

    Is Kenley ever going to leave out the polka dots?  I would love to see her choose something else.  The coat was cut beautifully but that’s it.  When Mondo mixes prints it usually works beautifully and looks sharp and modern–Kenley, not so much.

    • janetjb

      Did Kenley add the polka dots after Joanna mentioned that this is the first week she hadn’t used them?

      • RebeccaKW

         Seems so.  The top under the jacket is white sheer with polka dots.

      • MissMariRose

         Either Joanna spoke too soon or Kenley has some kind of polka dot addiction she’s barely trying to hide.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Kenley’s should have been in the top three–the colors, if nothing else, would have popped, and it did look like pieces you could have pulled from a trunk (especially the  jacket).  Number three, certainly–that collar was terrible and wouldn’t read at all in the back seats–but she’s miles ahead of Michael and Jerrell.

    Jerrell… I almost see a Dynasty look in the idea.  Why he paired it with the Dracula hair is beyond my ability to guess.  I’m not sure how it goes on, but if the lace  over the front is covering up velcro or something, I guess it could be put on during the scene.  It reads ’80s rich, though, not contemporary, or quirky.

    Michael… is lucky that Kara and Mila did such a bad job, or I’d say he should have been at the bottom.  That doesn’t suit the challenge, is made in a horrible, tacky color, and wouldn’t read on stage one little bit as anything but an extra in a club scene that doesn’t exist in this play.  Terrible.  And even as fashion… ick.

    • Chantelle James

      I think Kenley should have been in the top and Michael in the bottom. Although Kenley’s outfit didn’t look rich and I hate that fur collar,at least it looked like something that was kind of randomly put together from a trunk. (Not that I knew that “randomly choosing clothing” was one of the requirements, because I don’t know anything about Godspell and this part of the brief wasn’t mentioned). Michael’s top was backless, which was totally inappropriate for the challenge, and it looked like it was designed to go together. 

      I was really mad when Michael’s was in the top and got so much praise when it clearly didn’t fill the brief. I didn’t mind him on his season but he’s annoying me here – there’s something almost smug about the way he comes across.

      • Sweetbetty

         The “randomly choosing clothing” was mentioned when the designers were being given instructions at the theater.  The look was to appear thrown together from pieces picked out of a trunk or at a thrift store.

  • Cathy S

    I loved Kenley’s coat except for the feathers, which are pretty horrible. And I like how, after Joanna made mention of the fact that there were no polka dots, she did a top with polka dots. Jerrell’s is horrible and Michael’s completely missed the point, which I think should have gotten tossed like it got Anthony tossed.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Love Kenley’s prints here (though not together). Michael’s model is gorgeous.

  • I don’t like Jerell’s and I do like Kenley’s, but I hate the belts on both of them the worst.

    I thought that the narrow black belt was worse than the bath rug trim on Kenley’s–such an exuberant design should not have been sliced in half like that.

    Jerell’s was indeed a perfect Miss Hannigan costume–take a shapely, sparkling actress and turn her into a shapeless villainess.

    Michael’s–well, TLo said it last week and says it again this week and he keeps on doing rather well.

  • Kate4queen

    If I could take the ratty fur off Kenley’s jacket I’d wear that outfit-but it doesn’t work for the show.
    Jerell’s was drab and horrible and it looks like something vile is bursting out of her chest.
    Michaels had great colors and richness for the theater, but wasn’t as good as Mondo’s or Austin’s.

  • formerlyAnon

    They ALL missed the requirements (and the look) of the show COMPLETELY.

    Without the white fuzz, Kenley’s coat had much promise. Pencil skirt? Complete fail.

    Michael, you missed the challenge? You didn’t get to see the playbill, hear the part about an actor wearing the costume? They sent you to an undisclosed location and you worked in isolation from everyone else?

    Jerell, beloved idiot Internet nephew: You clearly do not aspire to designing the look I’ve been thinking you’ve missed by everything from an inch to a mile – the look I would love – the look MONDO HIT ON THE DAMN HEAD this week. Go with God, young(-ish) man, wheresoever you go.

  • Victoria Sharoyan

     I’m glad you guys made the cut-up bathmat point, because all I was thinking during this episode’s runway show was that if I hadn’t seen the rest of the show, I’d think this was an unconventional materials challenge. Pretty much everything was ugly, tacky, and/or cheap-looking.

  • mochajava13

    I think Kenley’s would have been far better had she chosen a different collar.  Those feathers have to go.  If it had a different collar, I would want all of those pieces. 

    I like Michael’s but mainly because I think his color choices worked really well with his model’s skin tone.  And I almost hate to admit it – I’ve got a backless top like this, so it can be done.  But he completely missed the mark on being able to put on this outfit onstage. 

    The less said about Jerell’s the better.  It looks like a craft project.  He should have been on the bottom instead of Kenley.  Why is he still here???

  • rainwood1

    I thought Kenley came the closest of the three to meeting the challenge (confusing as it was), but those prints were so  clashy, they were hard to look at.  

    Jerrell and Michael each suffer from the same problem.  They make whatever they want regardless of the challenge.  Sometimes the challenge works to their strengths and sometimes it doesn’t, but you’d never be able to figure out the challenge from looking at their designs.  I think they’re both lining up to be the next schmauf.  

  • SewingSiren

    Jerrell’s model’s hair is so completely Cinderella’s Evil Step-mother from the animated Disney movie. The jacket is very similar to Mondo’s , but the skirt is much less effective. I can’t figure out why the bottom edge is so wavy. It looks like a regular dirndl, so it should have been easy to get it straight. Was it intentional? 

    I loved Kenley’s I thought it should have been 2nd. The skirt is wrong for the part, but it does look like mix match pieces that fellow actors could pick out of a trunk to represent the greedy , showy, rich character for one song. And it looks like JoAnna was wrong , Kenley did use polka-dots for the under blouse. I kinda love that.

    As a mother, designer , and person, I do not understand Michael’s entry . As a costume or as a 3rd place finisher.

  • Sally Brownson

     Everyone bitched about Rami’s color sense, but I look at MIchael’s skirt and all I can see is cabbage.

    • Not only cabbage, but cabbage with no relation whatsoever to the top fabric!

  • I loved Kenleys’ skirt, and that coat was pretty sweet (except the feathers). They didn’t look rich or bitch, though.

  • turtleemily

    The black holes between the boobs for Jerell’s is really weird.

    I liked Michael’s on the show but in stills his model looks like a drag queen.

  • serenitynow02

    I must be having a moment of madness, but I really like Kenley’s. Pull the bathmat and I think it’s perfect. 

    Granted, I’ve only seen stills from the show, but from what I’ve seen of the costumes, Kenley’s would have fit right in and, in fact, been a big improvement.

    • Celandine1

      In the still that I have seen, those are some really ugly costumes. I kind of expected more from a Broadway production. It looked very high school musical.

  • FunButNutz

    Jerrell:  Its “Ernestine!!! The Musical!!!!”  One ringy dingy….

    • formerlyAnon

      You, sir or madam, are brilliant!

  • discordany

    I kept getting in arguments about Michael’s look. Everyone started raving about how much they LOVED it. Don’t get me wrong – it was beautiful. Like you said, I’d buy it. But if we want to give it a character, this was, at best, a Gossip Girl dress. Not Godspell, by any stretch of the imagination. Beautiful, yes. Right for the challenge, no.

  • judybrowni

    Jerell’s pieces also looked hot and itchy. 

    No one wants to dance around under stage lights for two hours in grey wool tweed, honey. And nobody– not even Gary Oldman in Dracula or nurse Hannigan–is able to pull off that hair do.

    Kenley, we’re sick and tired of the feathers, sweetie, and not everyone in the east village worships the ’50s.

    That ucky green skirt of Micheal’s would command attention it didn’t deserve on stage, and he made the model’s boobs fall down to her waist. Talk about a distraction!

  • For all his over-the-top Rich Bitch detailing, I thought Jerrell would have had a leg up on the other contestants. Instead he stopped at middle aged Texas oil baron’s trophy wife with inexplicable Ernestine telephone operator hair (WTF?). I think if he had gone bigger and louder with the jacket and dropped that sad pillowcase of a skirt, he could have been somewhere.

    Kenley had some nice pieces, but they didn’t evoke “materialistic” at all. And I wasn’t digging the prints together—to Christmassy altogether with that Santa jacket trim.

    Michael’s separates… did he think that Miss Piggy got the part in Godspell? He designs the same things over and over. Also, how do you layer this on while onstage? Does she start out in a costume from Oh, Calcutta?

    • minnye

      Ernestine – thank you!  I was trying to remember who had that hair.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    That’s it!  I was thinking “secretary”, but you nailed it!

  • dear_sweetlings

    Jerell is driving me nuts, he looked SO smug when he was told he was the only one who was safe to go. His designs are so ugly and yet he’s ridiculously cocky, urgh. 

    • donnaINseattle

       So, now I am trying to decide which is uglier – his design or his inappropriate cockiness?

  • Hey I have some black feathers just like that in my stash of trims!  Now I know what to do with them

  • I thought Jerell would have been the one most likely to ace this challenge. His “opulent” and “adorned” (his words, not mine) sensibilities would have served him very well. He makes things that are heavily embellished, heavily bejeweled, and heavily layered. That’s what the challenge required: make a look that exudes a woman’s voracious appetite for excess. The look should have a deliberate gracelessness about it. It should convey the somewhat deranged mindset of this woman. And Jerell’s look is too coordinated. It’s too harmonious when it should have been anything but. There’s immaculate symmetry to the look (the front, the fringed cuffs– a little similar to Mondo’s, no?). It’s too cohesive in color palette. It’s too “put-together” when it should have been extravagant, awry, and discordant. I like the outfit, though. It’s way better than Michael’s, Mila’s, or Kara’s. There’s extraordinary attention to detail. The cuffs are the best part (yes, yes, they ARE similar to Mondo’s)– they work best (as compared to the other elements of the outfit) because they mimic jewelry cuffs and look as if they COULD be detachable from the sleeves (and that attempts to address the versatility part of the brief). All in all,  it’s a decent entry. Very well made. He should have placed top 3 instead of Michael:

    Michael’s look was a styling success, not a design success. He did well with the hairpiece and the make-up. Both radiate some sort of instability. The judges went on and on about how clever he was to crisscross the straps to hold the model’s shoes. That makes me laugh. What does THAT have to do with anything? What does the entire outfit have to do with the challenge? They praised his pairing of the chartreuse with the glittery print of the top. I can agree with that. It’s a pairing that works– unlike Rami’s lush blue and chartreuse. Outfit’s not terrible– he executed it well and on its own right it’s a good piece– but it has nothing to do with the challenge.

    Kenley– yep, all three pieces work, as does the combination of prints. It needs more exaggeration. It’s too meticulous, too pristine (right down to the cut of the coat, to the perfect symmetry of the collar). On its own right, it’s a good piece.

  • NNgela

    It’s amazing how much these designs contrast and underwhelm after scrolling through the collections from Fashion Week.

  • siriuslover

    Yes, yes, and yes. But mostly a yes about Jerrell’s school marm outfit that couldn’t be put on easily onstage. WTF?  Kenley would have been best served by putting all her energy into that coat and making a very simply dress underneath. And I liked Michael’s, but didn’t quite see the rich thief lady in it. I liked that hat thing.

  • rawrgrowlrawr

    Long shot, but can anyone recommend a shade of lipstick similar to what Kenley has been wearing on the show? It is gorgeous. 

    • Stubenville

      Someone replied to one of my comments implying that it was Revlon’s “cherries in the snow”. I have no idea if that’s correct.

      • rawrgrowlrawr

        I will check it out. Thank you!

  • MilaXX

    Jerrel needed a better skirt. I can’t even get started with the hair. Kenley’s look was nearly as wrong for the  challenge as Micheal’s was. She needed something to make it pop. Michael needed at least a jacket. Where are the layers the brief called for?

  • CarolinLA

    Jerrell’s looks like a semi-modern take on Mrs. Kravitz.

  • tired_mommy

    I am really surprised Kenley wasn’t safe and Jerrell wasn’t in the bottom 3. I just can’t get past his hem.

  • Rand Ortega

    God, I love you guys. You’ve just given me my new order to my team when they go off message: “Address The Brief, People!” Pretty soon this & “Greedo’d” will be in the Urban Dictionary. You’re such pop linguistic arbiters!

  • Logo Girl

    I actually really like the brocade pattern and color of Kenley’s coat. I dislike the clashing patterns, yet I do like the contrast of red and aqua, though it feels a little what a bunch of graphic designers were doing in the late 90s with contrasting opposite colors on additive and subtractive color models (green and magenta was also popular).

  • I think Jerrell was thinking , not of the Andrew Sisters, but of Cinderella’s stepmother for the hair inspiration. Which is pretty apropos when you think about it!

  • BrightsideSusan

    While I like the fabrics Kenley chose, I don’t like the lapel feathers or whatever that is.  If she had dome a sequined skirt it would have made it richer. 

    And I kept thinking that they certainly were not thinking in terms of the challenge – separates whcih can be put on while on stage.  Seems like sthey shoulkd have demonstrated that they met that requirement (without nudity!)

  • butter nut

    i genuinely do not understand how kenley’s outfit could merit any praise at all.  tailoring aside, that model looks like mrs. clause on crack!  nothing goes together – it’s a total eyesore.  this is the worst thing she’s ever made & it should have sent her home for good. 

  • These were all, pretty much, mall clothes – except for Kenley’s but hers couldn’t be worn in Godspell.

    The biggest problem with this challenge was they didn’t show the performer doing their thing. And actual costume designer would never create a costume without knowing how the character was supposed to move. And Joanna made things worse by saying a pencil skirt would be good. In Godspell? With the way they are dancing around and all over the floor? I don’t think so.


  • Zippypie

    How any of these are Godspell costumes baffles me. 

    Jerrell’s is incredibly dour and ugly, as well as matronly and it makes the model look like wide as hell.   And that hem – WTF?!

    Kenley’s coat had a good start before she made it Mrs. Claus.  The fabric is gorgeous and if she had let it stand on its own with something less bright underneath and no bloody dead goose around the collar, I think it might have made its way to the top three.  I love the fabric of the skirt, but it just doesn’t do anything except muddy the overall look.  Someone sitting in the middle to the back rows of the audience is only going to see a mismatched blob of color, not the shape of the coat.  And yes, Joanna was in Godspell where? In a prep school where they all wore pencil skirts and button down collars?

    I actually like Michael’s a lot as an eveningwear outfit, minus fascinator.  The fabric of the blouse is beautiful.  However, it has nothing to do with the show except that it used fabrics that would work well on stage.  Too Palm Springs.  Again.  I’m not sure why he was in the top three except for default.

    Mondo was the only designer who got it.

  • Damien W

    Re: Austin, I think it’s not so much “Miss Hannigan/Andrews Sisters” as it is “Bette Davis in The Little Foxes/Andrews Sisters”. Either way it’s off-base.

    Kenley is still on Planet Kenley, where she assumes the universe will come to her begging to be dressed to look just like her. Pfft.

    Michael was thinking of Paris Hilton for a rich woman, when he should have been thinking of her mother. Or grandmother.

  • minnye

    Even tho it’s wrong for the challenge, I’d look for something like Michael’s dress if I were going to a dressy cocktail party. 

  • QJ321

    Michael should have been sent home for not meeting the requirements of the challenge.  It was not stage wear, it was not Godspell, it didn’t look like it was made from pieces someone would find in their closet, nor did it look wealthy, and the actor couldn’t have been “dressed” on stage.  Anthony was aufed for not following all of the challenge requirements, but put Michael was in the top 3 by ignoring all of them?  I don’t get it.  Jerrell’s is ugly and not Godspell, but you can at least see he was trying for a costume not a cocktail dress. 

  • Jerrell–I just don’t get him.  Always all over the place.  His look had nothing to do with the challenge.  I can almost see that he was going for rich, but it ended up cheap. 
    I really liked Kenley’s silhouette.  I loved the coat and the skirt, but the prints were too close in scale, so they got lost in each other and muddled up the look. 
    Micheal’s was just as you said–a cocktail dress.  Just like everything else he’s made.  It seems as though it would be so hard to be his friend–he’s kinda whiny and needy and wants to be the center of attention.  Classic narcissist.  It’s so exhausting to watch him, so I’m ready to see him go. 

  • quiltrx

    I love the fabrics Kenley chose!

    I have to say…I REALLY don’t understand this challenge.  Maybe it would help if I had seen Godspell, but I have NO idea how so many wildly different designs are supposed to be for the same character.  It’s not even comparing apples to oranges, it’s like these looks are all the fruits in a large basket.  Just weird.

  • GorgeousThings

    “What’s with the Andrews Sister hair?”

    Patty, Maxine and Lavern are all spitting on you (and Jerrell) from heaven.

  • dharmabum8

    Hurray, Kenley finally designed clothes for a grown up instead of oversized kiddie clothes. So, that’s an improvement. However, that skirt is ugly, doesn’t work with th

  • Michaels C’s looked too much like regular clothes you could buy in a mall.

  • hearkentoit

    I thought Michael’s was particularly well-styled.

    • dharmabum8

      I dunno…I have always thoguht Michael’s styling, and this goes back to his original season and hasn’t changed too dramatically, channels Goldie Hahn’s character from Overboard before her amnesia. In fact, this very look reminds me of the dress Joanna Staton’s mom was wearing in the final scenes of the movie. Maybe it’s that poofy 80s skirt….Andrewwwwwww, I’m sitting….

      • That’s it! Overboard! Camp Beverly Hills! Michael’s fashions do have that 1980s campy comedy vision of “High Fashion.” I keep thinking that all his dresses look like they’re designed for Miss Piggy. And that’s why.

  • PantherontheRunway

    I don’t care what anyone says, Michael’s look was adorable! perhaps not for a theater performance….but it would be a cute little cocktail outfit. I will however say, lose the matching headpiece(not a hat/headband person lol)

    And I hate that Kenley has such a beautiful black model and never flatters her with styling/makeup

  • PantherontheRunway


  • PantherontheRunway

    I thought she had lost her mind when model walked out!
    But you have to figure if they didn’t send her home last week, she’ll be around for a while lol

  • sdtripper

    I was baffled at Michael’s inclusion in the top 3.  This piece did not meet the challenge at all.  His model is supposed to be dressed onstage.  What could she possibly be wearing underneath?  Also that chartreuse is a really bizarre choice.  Was he not paying attention when Rami was eliminated last week?  If there’s one thing this judging panel has in common with Heidi, Nina and MK, it’s their mystifying eagerness to give Mr. Costello a free pass.   

  • bluefish

    I hated this challenge. 

  • The collar on Kenly’s coat really just throws away her chances. She should have had a blouse that worked with that coat dimensionally. That whimpy shell is ridic.
    Michael’s and Jerrell’s didn’t meet the challenge. 

  • pippitypup

    Jerell, as usual, found a new wail to fail the challenge.  The tones are not ones that will read well to the audience as anything other than ‘secretary’. We will not mention the nightmare that is the skirt.

    Michael’s would work in the sense that it would project well. It could not be put on or off onstage, though, unless nudity was a part of the production.

    Kenley had the right idea with the coat–big brocade. Then she slaughtered an innocent pillow to tar and feather the helpless coat.

    Had Kenley’s coat, sans feathers, been paired with Michael’s dress, the final effect would have been striking.

    I still can’t believe how every single one of them ignored the requirement that the costume be changeable on stage. After many years of costuming experience, the thought of doing a production without Velcro is enough to make me crawl away to whimper in fear. To do a show where one of the costumes must be put on in front of the audience, not using it would be a sign that it’s time for the nice men in the white coats to collect their straightjackets and remove me to the Enchanted Kingdom.


  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Jerrell’s design looked to me to be more appropriate for the ladies who lunch crowd than a production of Godspell.  As for Kenley, there were too many different elements and she didn’t bring them together successfully. 

    This challenge just seemed outside Michael’s experience, and he appeared to default to his backless top mode.  Ah well, onto the next week.


    As I mentioned in an earlier comment, Kenley’s entry in this stage costume contest should have come in second.   This in spite of the fact that the print pattern for the skirt looks to have been inspired by the Arizona Iced Tea with Ginseng and Honey can.   The jacket is excellent, and I’m including the (much disparaged) white feather collar in my praise.   It has a definite late sixties vibe about it.   The red and white brocade she chose is gorgeous.   The skirt should have been longer, looser, and darker.   A bronze or tarnished copper material with streaks of turquoise oxidation (something along the lines of Warhol’s so-called “piss paintings,” though more conscious and artful) would have worked better.   I liked the construction of Michael’s skirt. That’s it.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Haven’t seen the episode yet, but that Jerell outfit is making my eye twitch.  Particularly the hem.  And the collar.  And the stuff in between.  I like Kenley’s coat, but not the fabric choices. 

  • Are you idding me?  Both Kenley’s & Michael’s were ugly and dated.  Jerrell’s wasn’t bad, but had too many elements and didn’t go far enough in some.

    And the HAIR!  Yikes!

  • bitterk

    Unfortunately the All-Stars suffer from the same shortcomings as contestants in all seasons, namely a complete lack of exposure to anything outside of their tiny world.  How to you study design and have no sense of what differentiates the 80s from the 60s or resort wear from sportswear.   How do you study design and fashion and have no historical or cultural reference points.  If I had a nickel for every time a contestant gave the lame “I wasn’t born in that decade” or “I don’t go to broadway shows” or “I’ve never been outside my apartment”.  I’m thinking it’s time to replace the accessory wall with library.  

  • ccm800

    Who has a feathered bathmat?? WHAT?
    Jerrell…lol – I want her hair to look like an ass hat? Thanks!  
    Kenley Mondo and YES Mila were the ONLY ones that looked remotely like Godspell. Period. That thing of Michael’s is hideous.

  • Truly_Outrageous

    Chartreuse? Electric blue? Is Michael still looking to the left for inspiration?