PR All Stars: Austin & Mila

Posted on February 20, 2012

Darlings, we haven’t forgotten our first love. We could never leave a Project Runway dress unremarked-upon. Our minions would never forgive us and we would get upset stomachs. We do it for you, darlings. And for the children. Also, our stomachs.

During the episode we thought this was a very close second to Mondo’s. In the light of day, not so much.


It’s definitely still a close second to Mondo’s; just not quite so close as we originally thought. When you get right down to it, Marie Antoinette simply doesn’t carry much cultural weight in 21st Century America. In other words, if you’re designing a costume for a rich-girl character in the modern day, we’re not sure Marie Antoinette was the way to go. When we think “rich” in the modern day, that’s not the image. Paris Hilton is the image. And while we have no doubt Austin could spin a “Paris Hilton is the modern day Marie Antoinette” sort of take on this look, we’re not seeing enough Paris here. It’s definitely clever and it’s beautifully made, but we have our doubts that it serves the needs of the character or would fit well in a production of Godspell.


We get the impression that Mila sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees in her work.


Because, sure, you can look at certain aspects here discretely – the fur jacket, the gold accessories, the fashion-y skirt – and think they read as “rich” individually, but it’s hard to believe anyone could look at this look as a whole and not think “streetwalker.” All of the pieces have their own merits individually, (although we’re not sold on either the shape or the fabric used for that skirt), but once you put them together, you have a problem on your hands. Especially once you start piling on the gold and the hooker shoes. We think with a different skirt, far less jewelry and a more tasteful pair of shoes, this could have read as a costume for a rich girl, but right now it just reads like someone who gives handjobs in an alleyway, which is as far away from the brief as you can possibly get.

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  • sherrietee

    Maybe she thought she was designing for Mary Magdalene instead?  

    • Melvis Velour

      LOVE IT!!!!

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    OK, Mila’s was pretty bad, but Austin’s was worse. Could anyone be expected to dance around a stage in that outfit without popping out of it. Plus it’s ugly. It looked like a bad copy of an outfit that Tim Burton would design for Helena Bonham Carter on an off day. Or am I being too harsh?

    • brora

       I agree. She looks like a bedraggled survivor of a levee break during a tranny festival.

      • JosephLamour

        best. analogy. ever. please write for michael kors.

    • CarolinLA

      I don’t think the designers were given the criteria that it had to be dance-worthy.  The production designers would’ve made the necessary modifications to the winner’s design to suit the show.

      • serenitynow02

        It’s not as if Mondo’s would have been easy to dance in. And in fact, they modified his win almost beyond recognition. But I agree that Austin’s was just darned ugly.

    • ampg

      I actually think it would work well as pieces designed to go over other pieces – the jumpsuit was obviously a blank slate stand-in for the actor’s original costume.  I thought it was very clever of him to set it up that way, especially considering Mondo’s jacket was the only piece to make it into the final onstage look.

      • shiftercars

        I felt like Austins was one of the only pieces that kept in mind the heart of the challenge which was the performance. She was supposed to be adding layers on, and with Austins jumpsuit base, she could theatrically add each piece, the dress, the shrug the jewels, ect and create the final piece. Michael Costellos design would have required the actress to be completely topless to start, he had TWO pieces, one of which was a backless halter. Mondo’s could have been layered a bit as well, though not as well as Austins.

      • formerlyAnon

        This. I thought Austin’s final look was too “finished” for Godspell, but the jumpsuit underneath and the suspender-like straps attached to the skirt captured more of the feel of [what I associate with] an actor in this play than anyone else did, excepting Mondo – I think his could have been constructed to layer over a leotard & leggings or shorts, as well.

  • Terrie_S

    The hem on Mila’s skirt drives me NUTS. It looks like a wrap skirt that’s falling off and needs to be rewrapped.

    •  It looks like Gift Wrap

      • bluefish

        Exactly!  It was driving me bats not to be able to put my finger on it.  Perfect.

  • kittenwithaquip

    One thing that becomes even more apparent looking at the still shots, is that Austin’s model seems really put out by what she’s wearing. I look at her expression(s) and all I see is, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

    • Terrie_S

      What gets me is that hat. It looks like one of those old-style ice packs for headaches. I suspect that was not the image he was going for.

    • Diane_G

      Ha! You beat me too it. She’s just been consistently really shlumpy and pouty to me.

    • CarolinLA

      The All-Stars apparently have not been given an opportunity to bond with their models, nor do the models have a contest to win themselves, so it seems like a lot of them are really not trying.

      • There’s no excuse for making the fish face on the runway.  Dead eyes, mouth agape… absolutely not.  And while you may have no prize, PEOPLE ARE SEEING YOU.  Who’s going to want to hire you after this?!?

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Word. Contrast that with Kenley’s model, who really seems to work any and every design that Kenley creates.

    • LongTall_Sally

       Her slack-jawed expression was completely distracting for me during her walk.  She looked lobotomized.

      • Tigrrl

        Yep. I thought I was being hard on her when I saw the show, but after looking at these stills it seems she’s been lobotomized. Either that or she took one too many Xanax.

        • muzan-e

          At first, I’d thought maybe that was part of the performance. Glassy-Eyed Xanax Stare sort of screams Paris Hilton, you know?

          ….but she’s doing it post-runway too, so I s’pose not.

      • I think she looks stoned.

    • Kayceed

      Really. It is for a broadway show. Is is too much to ask for a little sparkle during a 30-second walk down the runway?

    • Greg Yoder

      I don’t see the problem here.  Her facial expression is COMPLETELY appropriate for a zombie version of Godspell.  She looks like she’s going to start in on “Brain by Brain” any moment now.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        The zombie “Godspell” -can “Jesus Christ SuperWerewolf” be next?

    • MaryMitch

       That’s why I like the “real person as a model” challenges. Real people smile; they’re happy to wear those clothes!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Austin’s model looked distinctly unenthusiastic about this look-it was as if she could barely be bothered to walk in it.

  • Diane_G

    The more I see Austin’s the more I like it. That model is killing it though. 🙁

    • BuffaloBarbara

       Yeah, I’m with you–unlike TLo, the more I see of it, the more I think it edged Mondo’s out.  It looks like a costume put together from bits available in a trunk, made to look like a parody of a rich woman–exactly what the performance calls for.  It certainly isn’t fashion, but it wasn’t a fashion challenge.  It was a costume challenge, and as a costume, it works very well.  The low cut might be uncomfortable for dancing, but given how much he seemed to be studying the specs, I’d guess that was the underlying costume.

      • I still don’t quite think it edged Mondo’s out (that hat, that despondent looking hat!) but I think it portrays the character really well.  I was frustrated by how much so many of the looks didn’t look at all like costumes.  Austin’s may not look great in close up, but I think it’d work nicely sparkling on a stage.

  • siriuslover

    I agree completely, TLo.  I thought for sure Mila was gone this week as this disaster was so far away from the brief that one could argue that Mila has an inability to think about the client’s needs.  I liked Austin’s, but in no way should it have won. And it looks less like Marie Antoinette and more like a painting the Medici family would have commissioned in the fifteenth century (not bad, but not historically correct).

    • Diane_G

      I agree with you here about Mila. I feel like if Kara had bumped it over the edge like Mondo had said, Mila for sure would’ve been going home.

  • Mila was so lucky that Kara hadn’t built up any goodwill with these judges. On its own merits that was far and away the worst look this week.

    I thought Austin’s read as costume and it would have been entirely appropriate for Godspell. In fact, I was kind of rooting for Austin to finally take a win here.

  • brora

    I thought Mila’s outfit was awful – three pieces bought from a ratty thrift store and put on any old how and then covered in cheap costume jewellery. How she avoided the boot, I’ll never know.

    • Stubenville

      Mila survived by the unofficial “don’t bore Nina” rule; Kara was schmauffed because she sent dull stuff down the runway every week. 

      • Agreed.  When confronted with a choice between boring or wacko–the judges have always gone for wacko and sent the boring home.

  • SewingSiren

    I thought Austin’s was horrible. I assumed it was , along with Michael’s in the bottom. It’s too matchy matchy  for a costume that was supposed to have come out of a trunk. and how on earth would she put a suspender skirt on, on stage?

    Now if Austin and Michael had been on bottom that would have meant that Mila would be on top, which was impossible. It looks like it came out of trunk, and the skirt looks like a wrap around which could be put on on stage,   everything else is wrong though.  A poster back in the lounge had it right when they said she looks like Patty the daytime hooker.

    • No, Mila could have taken the safe spot and Jerrell could have been in the top.

      • Charis G

        Jerell’s outfit was dead wrong for Godspell IMO, visually — too heavy and monochrome, from what I remember.

        There was quite a bit of stuff this week that just didn’t work.

  • CarolinLA

    I actually thought Mila’s skirt had come unbuttoned and that’s why it was hanging askew.  Then I realized she did that on purpose and I was flabbergasted.  

  • I thought Mila did a good job with the “found items” part, but not so much the rich part.  Because I could see all of these pieces being found objects, and that’s the only rational explanation for why anyone would wear them all at once.

    Austin’s… well, I’ve never seen Godspell and I know nothing about it.  (I grew up in evangelical country — anything that has a whiff of religion to it, I tend to shy away from)  So maybe this works for that.  But it’s still pretty ugly. 

    And why did so many designers have such unflattering skirts this week?  There were a lot of full skirts on that runway and NOT ONE seemed to fit well — they all sat oddly.

  • Anathema_Device

    Looking at Austin’s again, the only word I can think of is “goofy.” The leggings under the full, shiny skirt are just too childish to me. Not sure who I would have put second to Mondo, but probably not Austin.

    I think Mila was stuck on the missive to make the character look like she grabbed various odd luxurious things from her closet. That can make a girl look expensively boho (as Mondo’s look did) or sad and shabby, as this does.

    • kittenwithaquip

       To my eye, Austin’s was far too Madonna-in-the-’80’s, mixed with her Marie Antoinette send-up when she performed “Vogue” for the MTV Music Awards. Jesus, that’s a lot of pop culture referencing, isn’t it? Eh, I’m old.

      •  I thought of Cindy Lauper…LOL.  But Madonna is a good one too.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Both the Madonna and Cindi Lauper references are on point for Austin in this challenge.

  • DinaSews

    One thing that I am having trouble with is that they (mostly) didn’t look like anyone could have put them on onstage.  I would have liked to see that on the runway.  Put the clothes out and have the model dress themselves in front of the judges.  If you are going to do a costume challenge that dresses the actress onstage, how can you ignore this fact?

    • Qitkat

      It’s been far too common on PR that certain criteria are given for a challenge, and then never EVER addressed by the judges. Unless it’s just the editing, which I doubt. I really believe that often the judges have no knowledge whatsoever of the specific instructions given to the designers.

      •  Isaac seemed unaware that these were costumes- he was discussing them like streetwear.

  • ShivaDiva

    Something about the straps and dress screams “scullery maid” to me.  Almost looks like an apron.  Maybe a good costume for a rollerdisco stage production of Downton Abbey.  It doesn’t help that the model looks completely over it.  Still, it’s well made and interesting, at least.

    I loved the sheepish way Sutton Foster was trying not to come right out and say that Mila’s model looked like a straight-up ho. (“Unforunately, it kind of… maybe looks sort of like… someone who would be… walking the street.”)  How unfortunate, because I’ve been rooting for Mila to step outside her B&W box.  Now we see why she rarely strays from her aesthetic. She ain’t nothin’ but a hoochie mama!

    • Lilithcat

      Austin: Something about the straps and dress screams “scullery maid” to me.  Almost looks like an apron. 

      I thought “school uniform pinafore”!

  • Judy_J

    Your assessment of Mila’s costume was spot on.  It looks like a uniform for working girls.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      That skirt really sends this into working girl territory for me, althought the faux fur jacket goes there, too.

  • fridacormorant

    I agree that Austin’s look is less wonderful than originally thought.  On examination, it’s the necklace that made it for me … but that’s from the accessory wall, no?

  • donnaINseattle

    Mila’s was pretty awful. Everything about it. BUT I did feel she was trying to work thru the direction they were given. Her thought process made sense to me, even if the final result was auf-worthy. 

    And unlike y’all I actually wasn’t fan of Austin’s either. I think your statement about Mila — “We get the impression that Mila sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees in her work” — actually also applies to Austin most of the time.

  • Austin, Austin, Austin, whatever are we to do with you, you crazy kid?  Apart from the utter unwearability of such a thing on the stage, (looking at that cavernous neckline, here)  It reads as just barely separates. What exactly do the other characters put on her?  The fur stole thing, and the hat?  Otherwise, girl is gonna have to be next to nekkid to make it work, theatrically speaking.

    And Mila’s doesn’t even begin to address the challenge in any way whatever, other than attempting to create a luxe look.  Plus, that asymmetrical wrap skirt is just flat out cray.

    • I believe that was the point of the jumper underneath.  She would come out wearing that, then add the overdress, stole, jewelry, and hat.  I hate the hat, but it was an interesting way to take up the challenge of how to dress the actress without starting nude. 

      Most of the others made outfits you couldn’t possibly start out as anything but nude with.  Michael’s froofy halter shirt and skirt?  She can’t even wear a bra!  Kara, Kenley and Mila had the exact same problem but with a jacket.  Do they start wearing their teeny shirts and skirts and then put that jacket on, is THAT getting dressed?

    • NCDFan

      The black top and leggings were actually a catsuit. The skirt and straps go on over that, then the fur stole and accessories. Agree about the deep V neckline though – very hard to dance in and most stage actresses do not seem to be size 0. 

      •  So, if you and Barabra Guttman are right, then its far more  separates than I noticed it being. Did he make the cat suit? I never saw it in construction.  Hmmmmm

        • He ran around frantic in the work room near the end, trying to finish the catsuit that goes under the dress, and at one point talked about fitting it on the model.  It’s unfortunate that this is how we have to learn about it, because it should have been a selling point to bring up during the final critique.

          Apparently Mondo’s outfit wasn’t great to get dressed in either because they only ended up using the coat

          •  Thanks for the link!   Looks like they cropped it short, too.

  • Pam Winters

    Mila’s skirt is a nightmare. As for Austin’s look…I liked it on the show, but the model’s clinically depressed expression in the screencaps brings it way down.

    • Stubenville

      Get that girl a dose of Lithium… or ten.

  • CozyCat

    I’m getting the feeling that Mila is just trying to survive challenges that don’t fit her extremely well defined style.   It’s really hard to fit Ms. Piggy and Godspell into her highly tailored mod revival perspective.  Then in the weeks when she can do her thing she does much better (like last week). 

    It may not be a bad approach to getting far into the competition.  It’s also not a bad approach for building a business, since she has a style that can appeal to a reasonably large number of customers (I wish I could afford to be one).  But it is unlikely to win the competition since the judges will pull out the “too expected” card….

  • tripletmom96

    i too thought mila was lucky that it was time for kara to go… that outfit was awful.  i’m so over mila.  i never was a big fan in her season – too much of the same thing over and over, but this is another example of how she just can’t seem to do anything outside of her narrow vision.  at least this time she tried, but it was a dismal failure.  i’m still annoyed that rami got sent home with that beautiful electric blue top (granted the chartreuse blouse underneath was whack) and mila won their faceoff with that stiff cape….anyway, i loved austin’s entry — remembering that it’s a costume.  (nobody in their right mind would wear that for real)… but i thought it was fun.  i still liked mondo’s better and was glad he won, but austin’s was a close 2nd….  

  • EverybodysStarling

    It seems to me that whenever Mila is tryin to break out of her comfort-zone (aka. b/w colorblocking) she fails horribly. This really looks awful. Very very awful.

    But I didn`t like Austin`s either. It has nothing to do with Marie Antoinette for me, it doesn`t look like it has been pulled together from different bins and it looks very 80s for me. Guess that`s what is bothering me the most. All in all I am not very impressed with Austin`s last two entries. 

    Hope you`ll come to Jerell soon, I was really disturbed when I saw his. His model looked unbelievably massive in it. 

    • NCDFan

      And old. My 82 year old mother might wear that.

      • EverybodysStarling

        Absolutely. And – I might be remembering wrong since I`m tending to rule out his designs – it totally looked like a very bad made Chanel-Knockoff. 

  • rainwood1

    Austin’s clothes always seem to hark back to a different age in a way that reads “old-timey” rather than vintage.  This looks like a costume, but I’m not sure for what.  I didn’t get the leggings at all. 

    I disagree about Mila’s.  To me, the overall look was terrible but so were the components.  None of it reads as rich or over the top or Godspell.  And those SHOES. My God, those SHOES!  When Mila steps out of her box, she gets lost.  Immediately. 

    • Spicytomato1

      Agree with you on Austin. I think the hat contributes to the vibe a lot. I could see someone putting the outfit on for one of those faux-sepia, “Olde Tyme” photos (which was one of my favorite parts of the Museum of Science and Industry).

  • Paigealicious

    I know the judges praised Mila’s top, but all I could think was trying to see the costume from the nosebleed seats (where I’d undoubtedly be) and thinking that the nude-colored camisole would just blend right in.

  • Laylalola

    I tend to think of the Kardashians as the current modern gaudy rich most likely to have their heads called for by the masses. (Or, they’d be excellently cast as the Evil Stepsisters.)

  • BrooklynBomber

    Yeah, I thought Austin’s was gonna get him aufed!  The thing in its favor is that it’s costumey. The downside is it’s too costumey and (I know I’m repeating myself from the other day) more Madwoman of Chaillot than Godspell.

  • I hate the way the promos made the “Austin Starlet” remark seem mean, when it totally wasn’t… but they do that all the time. I’m finally to the point where I don’t believe the promos at all.

    I didn’t get Austin’s look at all. Just seemed kinda sloppy looking, and not “rich bitch”.  Mila’s skirt was awful, but I thought the top half of her outfit did look kinda “rich bitch”. 

    • I never thought that one was going to be accurate — I’ve seen Isaac on a lot of things over the years and that’s just how he talks, in terms of tone.  And I could totally see how that slip would happen; Austin is more than a little bit “starlet” deep down.

    • Spicytomato1

      Yup, the old “bait and switch.” My 11-year-old son, who watched the first episode, but no others, recently asked me if they’d gotten to that moment yet and I had to explain how it was a nice and not a mean comment as we’d expected.

      I think he was so conditioned by the Kors-Garcia-Klum snark of recent seasons that he couldn’t even wrap his head around the idea of a compliment!

    • Spicytomato1

      Yup, the old “bait and switch.” My 11-year-old son, who watched the first episode, but no others, recently asked me if they’d gotten to that moment yet and I had to explain how it was a nice and not a mean comment as we’d expected.

      I think he was so conditioned by the Kors-Garcia-Klum snark of recent seasons that he couldn’t even wrap his head around the idea of a compliment!

  • Mila’s look felt very Samantha Jones circa 2004 to me. I liked Austin’s look quite a bit during the show, but I’m not entirely familiar with Godspell so the extreme hippiness of Mondo’s turned me off, and thus my perception was skewed. I do feel like Austin’s was maybe a tad too fash-pack, and not really representative of the needs of the character / actress / show. 

  • DeborahLipp

    Mila’s skirt was terrible. The blouse was interesting. I wish the model had shown it without the jacket.

  • Stubenville

    I love me some Mila, but girl, WTF were you thinking? You’re lucky that judges thought you have more potential than Kara. This look is an express ticket to a schmauff, with a stop to turn a trick on the way.

  • Catiline

    Oh man, Mila kind of broke my heart with this one.  The gold top looked really interesting in the workroom, the white fur seemed like it could produce something intresting… and then that godawful skirt happened.

  • Stubenville

    Okay, I DO NOT get the love for Austin’s disaster. It looks like a deflated Hershey’s Kiss costume. And all the beret needed was a miniature Eiffel tower perched on top to bring the look into TRULY cracktastic.  A reference to Paris?  Which one, Hilton or Texas? 

    • Thanks!  I’ll bet it was exciting for him to see that garment in the show, even though they didn’t use the whole outfit.  That pleated shiny skirt is way more theatrical. 

      • Spicytomato1

        And way easier to pull on.

      • Spicytomato1

        And way easier to pull on.

  • Zippypie

    Austin’s is only a second place for me because there really was nothing else on the runway that would work for Godspell.  I feel like all the designers heard was “rich bitch” and “conspicuous consumption” and forgot which SHOW this character is appearing in.  Except for Mondo.

    Austin’s looks like Marie Antoinette meets Desperately Seeking Susan with an icebag on her head for her headache of being trapped in the 80s.  It’s so costumey that it is almost cartoon.  The thing that makes this look for me is the necklace – and that’s not part of the design.  Otherwise, it’s a little “wenchy” for me as opposed to opulent.

    Mila – I’m at a loss for words.  She was truly lucky that Kara hasn’t designed one damn thing in this competition worth snot because this was the worst of the lot. By far. 

    • sleah_in_norcal

      the necklace was my favorite part of austin’s look as well.

  • Mariah J

    Since this was Mila’s first bad look and Kara has been consistently on the lower end Mila was spared from schmaufing. I like Austin’s but not for Godspell. Really, none of the looks would fit into Godspell except Mondo’s. 

  • Megan Patterson

    Well at least we now know why Mila doens’t do colour — apparently she is colour blind. 

  • NCDFan

    Now that we have fewer looks to critique and examine, the model’s  contribution to the look is becoming more important. Mondo has one of the better models, she never looks sour. Austin’s model always looks bored. Some of the others look like they are unhappy to be there and nothing would ever make them happy to be there.

  • I liked Austin’s, and I’m glad he did well last week (phew!) but I wish he would find a way to vault himself in to the 21st century and WIN a challenge. As far as Mila goes, that skirt looks like a pool toy that’s been deflated and wrapped around her waist. HATE IT. Too bad, because the top doesn’t look too terrible. That white fur jacket is pure hooker, though.

  • While scrolling down to look at Austin’s I briefly forgot what the challenge was.  Then I remembered, and I don’t think Austin’s comes close to fulfilling the requirements.  I don’t see rich here at all.  I see child-like dress-up doll.  I dig the necklace, though. 

    I always like Mila’s esthetic, and I can see where gold and white fur might read “rich bitch.”  While this outfit doesn’t really work, I certainly don’t see streetwalker–maybe a call girl.  I see nuveau-riche New Jersey girl (and my impression of nuveau-riche New Jersey comes entirely from watching The Sopranos, so I hope I’m not offending anyone…)  If this had different shoes and less tacky gold jewelry, it would have been much better. 
    I am just glad that Mila made it through the judging.  Kara was starting to grate.

  • The funny thing is that I bet both Mila and your average streetwalker go through a very similar thought process to arrive at that outfit.  Both are trying to do rich and ‘classy’, neither has the very first clue what a wealthy hippie chick would actually wear, and both reach for the same old cliches – fur, bling, shiny fabrics – with predictable results.   

  • Austin’s is not a great look that is further hurt by a bad model (someone give that girl some cake and balloons!).  I do think that he’s one of the very few that addressed the idea of “dressing the character on stage.”  The jumper underneath may not look great with the final costume (which I think is not the idea’s fault), but the actress would be able to go out wearing just that and then add on top the overdress, the stole, the jewelry, the (admittedly despondent) hat.

    I wanted to shake Michael.  A blousey halter top and a skirt?  She can’t even start off with a bra!  She comes onto stage either nude or fully dressed and then adds a hat.  This was the same problem with Mila, Kenley and Kara, except instead of a hat, it’s a jacket.  I haven’t seen Godspell, maybe it has a nude scene, but I think it’s more likely that most of the designers completely ignored that part of the challenge.

  • Seatart

    Brocade and leggings should never be in the same room together.  Dressing someone else in leggings?  Almost impossible.  Austin’s outfit sucked but sucked less than Mila’s.

  • serenitynow02

    Mila’s girl looks like she’s about to hit on Eliot Spitzer. You just know where’s she’s going and what she’s carrying in her little bag.

    I’m a fan of Mila’s but this was a very unfortunate look.

  • I’m sorry, I just do not get the praise for Austin’s dress. SO ugly and unflattering and unappealing. 

  • sleah_in_norcal

    austin’s look just doesn’t have anything to do with the era of hippies and godspell.  and the silver and black would just die on the stage in the midst of those colorful characters.  and, sorry, but his model is not prize.  she has the same dumb stunned expression in every photo.  they should try recognizing the models as individuals, and maybe they’ll perk up a bit.

    mila’s look is just really terrible.  the white jacket would look like nothing on the stage, the blouse doesn’t even show, and that geometric neon skirt does look sixties, but not rich in any way.  her models looks bored as well.

    • Yes.  In the earlier seasons of PR, the models had to perform well or they would not be chosen again.  Since they abondoned that here and in the last season, the models have been less than stellar.  Mediocre at best.  (Except Leslie–Michael’s model here on PRAS.  She makes even his crap look good.) 

  • hughman

    I really hope after the series ended, they all went back and actually listened to Godspell (or watched the movie) because these have about as much to do with Godspell as if they’d made Jack Torrance a bell hop outfit for The Shining because it took place in a hotel. THE CHARACTER WASN’T ACTUALLY A RICH WOMAN! AGH! 

    • LongTall_Sally

       That was never really explained well, IIRC.  I assumed it was explained but just wasn’t shown, but judging from the results and even the designer comments in the workroom, I’m not sure.

  • I would have had no problem with Austin winning. I thought the velvet catsuit was a good starting point to pile on those riches, but the plunging neckline was ridiculous.

    Mila’s was horrible. A short white “rabbit fur” coat always reads as hooker to me; a stoll or chubby might have read as higher class. The skirt fabric looks like it was made for Hawaiian Shirt Day at the Office. This was a total miss and she was lucky that the judges were sick of Kara’s clothes. She could have been another Rami.

    Oh, I miss Rami, but he would have made a Helen of Troy Rich costume instead of a Kardashian Rich costume.

  • Hm. Austin kept going on about “conspicuous consumption”. “conspicuous consumption”, he kept saying as if anyone were doubting him or as if he’d just invented that phrase.  So… speaking of “conspicuous consumption”, I’m afraid I don’t see it in this look. I can’t get past those straps which, apart from being unevenly placed (there he goes with his execution issues– even when the design is great, he can’t execute it to perfection), are also very reminiscent of full-length house-apron straps. So he thinks “conspicuous consumption” and picks a shiny fabric… CHECK! He thinks “conspicuous consumption” and makes the skirt portion voluminous… CHECK! I dunno, what I get from looking at this piece is a composite of a baby-doll and a housewife in an apron.

    As for Mila– Can I just say that I WANT that chevron, gold-accented top? I WANT it. I wanted it from the moment I set eyes on it– she hadn’t even lined it yet in the workroom. I’m looking at this entry and all I can think is having a dress for myself made entirely out of that same material. With the golden sheen and all. As a matter of fact, why didn’t Mila use that fabric to make a dress? What the hell was she thinking when she made that skirt? That’s a kids-craft fabric and print. It looks like candy-wrapper. (and, girl, you can SEW! Why the hell are the seams on the skirt so pucker-y and poor?). And the asymmetry was just stupid. How does it advance the design? All it does for me is make the skirt look limp and flimsy and papery. Here’s what you do: ditch the skirt, ditch the horrid belt, keep the fur coat (ain’t exciting but at least it’s made well) and use that gorgeous chevron fabric to make a fluid skirt (not tight, not pencil, not volumetric either– just fluid, easy, and with some movement and flexibility).

    • turtleemily

       Austin kept going on about “conspicuous consumption”.

      I was thinking of making it a drinking game, but then he stopped saying it. 😛

    • DeTrop

      I also want that chevron top.  That’s a winner but unfortunately not in this context.  Too bad.  Mila has some serious talent and I’m sure she’ll have success with her tailored/color-blocking designs.  She just seems to be a fish out of water at PRAS.

  • Gayer_Than_Thou

    I seriously did not understand this challenge at all.  Were they supposed to create “rich lady” clothes using Godspell as inspiration?  If so, who would wear something so costumey?  Or were they supposed to create costumes for Godspell, which case how on earth do either of these looks register as “rich lady” from the stage?  Ill-conceived challenge, in my book.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Yeah, I was talking about that the other day – it really wasn’t clear, though I think Mondo managed to achieve what they actually meant: make something that treads the line b/w costume and Godspell-inspired fashion. To me, his was the only one that did both. Kenley tried (though not successfully).

    • alyce1213

      It was pretty clear that they were asked to make a costume when they were told it would be worn by a character on stage in the show.

  • alyce1213

    A different skirt, far less jewelry and a more tasteful pair of shoes would not have made the difference for Mila.The problem is when you put a disgusting white furry jacket on top of anything, it screams cheap hooker.

  • Austin’s is very similar to a mid-1980s Studibaker Hawk dress. This sort of thing for those of you too young (or not Australian enough) to remember!

  • Hooker. Hooooooookerrrrrrrr! Bad Mila!

  • muzan-e

    “I think there’s a bit too much hooker-style going on.  Go down to where the hookers hang out by the docks, see what they’re wearing, and avoid it.”

    True words, Mr. Doonan. True words.

  • guest2visits

    I thought Austin’s evoked the ‘rich and selfish’ kind of look that fulfilled the requirements (though too match-y to be
    ‘found’ items. A broken tiara maybe; just not the beret).  It was still a dramatic costume for the part, and definitely
    an Austin point of view.
         Michael’s design was a very glamorous dress that spoke wealth and haughty decadence. But it was also less like a
    costume and more for a real-life character. Celebrity-wear? But it was actually beautiful. (TO ME)
        I thought Kara’s was very costume-y; big bow and all— but the pencil skirt was not a good fit for this play. Nor was
    Jerell’s dress. It was for a different play altogether (Orphan Annie).
        Mila’s  20’s flapper in 80’s party clothes was not at all the bill. Maybe the part as one of Al Pacino’s dolls in ‘Scarface’,
    I think if Kenley doesn’t address the challenges’ needs more seriously; shes going to end up like Mila.—Scoffing at
    requests to show alittle more range and imagination. Kenley chose to represent a wealthy-meany in a charming
    springtime collection (cherries over florals). Alittle bit Eliza J or Maggie London. (I’d like the shell and skirt)
        the coat/jacket gives some added drama but really, it was all too pretty to be the ‘jaded’ woman required for this
    challenge. It was more cheerful day wear. Beautifully made.

  • ElitheMonkey

    Love Austin’s design. Hate Austin’s model. 

    • Lisa

      Yes, this!

  • MilaXX

    To my eye I just couldn’t see someone putting Austin’s look on while singing. This challenge to my way of thinking pretty much screamed for a jacket or cap of some sort. Mila’s on the other hand was as you mention too streetwalker. It would have taken a lot of skill to make that white fur jacket look like anything but ‘ho wear. Sadly Mila much like Kara simply doesn’t seem cut out for this competition.

    • judybrowni

      Knew a street ho in NYC in the ’70s — because she had to be out in heels and mini skirt in all weather, I suppose, yeah, she always wore some sort of fur chubby.

      So short, shiny skirt, heels and fur chubby: I guess that is the international sign of the street walker in towns with four seasons.

  • So if you go to (thanks Fuzzyismet) and then onto the site mentioned there, you can see what the costume was expected to do both in terms of dressing on stage and then wear/danceability. From that stand point it is obvious that even Mondo’s had to be limited to only the jacket but you certainly couldn’t fathom any piece of either Austin’s or Mila’s (or for that matter any of the other designers’) creations satisfying any of the criteria.

  • granddelusion

    Theres more to the character/play than “rich”, but most of them didn’t get past that. Mondo’s is the only one that looked like a theater costume.

    • To be fair, they weren’t really told anything beyond that.  And I think it’s fair to say “A professional designer should be familiar with Broadway.” but I don’t think you can ask them to know EVERY POSSIBLE SHOW.

      • alyce1213

        But . . . they were given a show book and time to look it over at the theater. I assume it had a synopsis, photos, etc. to give them some idea. Also, Godspell is very well-known, so much so that if you’re a certain age (which all of them are except Kenley), you know what’s up at least in terms of style.

        • Oh, I didn’t see them with the show book, it may have given them far more information than their descriptions gave the unfamiliar viewer. 

          However, I’m coming up on 30, and I know NOTHING about Godspell — I got the impression that many of the designers aren’t too far off from my age, though I could be wrong since I’m far too lazy to Google right now.  And I have a lot of theater friends (in fact, at a recent party, cops were called by a neighbor because the Hello Dolly singing was getting too loud:), so I could believe that some of them wouldn’t be familiar with it. 

  • granddelusion

    Theres more to the character/play than “rich”, but most of them didn’t get past that. Mondo’s is the only one that looked like a theater costume.

  • nannypoo

    Mila’s outfit is so irrelevant as to be insulting. What challenge is she participating in?

  • mrspeel2

    Oh, poor Mila! That was harsh, boys; VERY harsh! (Truth be told, I hated the skirt the moment it hit the runway.)

  • nosniveling

    Disagree that Austin’s was well made, it hangs lumpily and unevenly from those straps.  Mila’s was gawdawful.

  • alicat23alicat

    I think the only reason Mila did not get sent home for this monstrosity is because the judges were just over Kara (they pretty much said they didn’t think what she did this week was so bad, it just wasn’t enough to make up for what she has done thus far) and Mila, while obviously not in the running to win this thing, hasn’t annoyed them enough to be sent home yet. 

  • jw_ny

    Mila’s…definately cheap hooker wear.  It has a ’70’s ABBA disco feel to it too…which is also not the correct image for the show either.

    Austin’s…The model and hat are the worst parts, but it also has a Madonna circa ‘Like a Virgin’ feel to it…about 2 decades in the future from the era of Godspell. I don’t think it was a close winner…was the next best though.  These designers, aside from Mondo, really didn’t capture the essence of the play or the era.   

  • unbornfawn

    I liked Austin’s I think it had some theatricality to it.  His model looks like a zombie. She’s not helping anything. MIla’s screamed streetwalker.

  • annieanne

    Nobody but twelve year olds and hookers, and probably twelve year old hookers, wears white faux fur jackets. Mila was in the bottom three right there. She really isn’t a very good designer once she steps out of her black/white colour blocked wheelhouse.

    The only part of Austin’s look that read ‘rich’ to me was that necklace. The rest looked like somebody went thru Cindy Lauper’s 1983 Goodwill donation.

    • Laylalola

      The necklace was all that I liked, too, and that almost certainly wasn’t his creation.

    • ASK26

      eek – I have a blond fur faux fur- more like a car coat    – and I don’t think hooker or 12 yo  I think very soft and fun.  oh well I also like some kinds of acrylic shoes

      • It’s like anything else — it depends greatly on how it’s worn, both in terms of pairing and attitude.

  • Qitkat

    I thought Austin’s was OK on screen, but as I look at it here, I’m more and more disappointed. Very strange look, especially with those short tights, well catsuit. Nothing about that spelled rich to me. The pinafore/apron is just gaudy and not very well made.

    I’m not on the hooker train with Mila’s. I like each piece individually, even the white fur jacket, which looks like something from an earlier era (maybe ’40s?) to me, and it’s well made. I can even appreciate the skirt fabric, which seems to be universally hated here. It was the wrong choice for this challenge and an odd silhouette. But I like the fabric, it’s rather Mondo-esque. And I appreciate that she did not do any color blocking. What she did do, was make a beautiful top with gorgeous fabric. I would love a blouse in that fabric. Poor Mila, she gets smacked down no matter what she tries. Maybe that’s why she’s always so dour.

  • boweryboy

    I didn’t think streetwalker with Mila’s look.  I thought Kardashian…but I suppose there’s not much of a difference between the two.

    • Stubenville

      The difference? Two letters.

  • rorschach1992

    I love Austin’s. Personally I wish it could have been a tie between him and Mondo. The whole look just works for me, and on a side note his model had the best hair-styling, love it with that hat.

    Huge misstep from Mila unfortunately this week. I don’t mind the top half, the gold chevrons, and the fur overcoat, but the skirt completely kills it. Looks like she wrapped it around her model on the way to the runway. Disappointing look from her.

  • ccm800

    H-A-T-E-D Austin’s dressed. It is a sad eighties gift bag with clammer leggins. I think it is a tacky ass fabric and it gives me a sadz looking at it. At least MIla’s looked like a the spawn of some nouveau riche celeb kid on the town. AND its in character of the play! You could see this pulled out of a trunk to “play” the character by some hippie kid. Austin was as far away from Godspell as it could get. I’m this close to calling AS over-rated.

  • ccm800

    PS good point on Paris Hilton and I think Mila’s is a kid dressed up like Paris at her peak – perfect for Gospell’s piece together by the character aesthetic. Just think you guys are dead wrong about it.


    I don’t much care for the brocade suspenders on Austin’s skirt.   They’re weird without being funny.   Given his background in costume design (if my memory serves me well here) I’m not so surprised to find that he was one of the few who seems to have remembered that it needed to be assembled onstage.   This does not evoke Marie Antoinette for me.   She looks more like a drama student from the early eighties.   I remember when all the girls in the theater department were making skirts out of upholstery fabric.    At least this seems fairly well made.    Mila’s also appears well enough constructed; and some of her ideas might have worked in another context.   However, this is unspeakably funny.   I know that Paris Hilton sometimes liked to get up like a hooker, but I believe this was supposed to evoke an earlier decade.   It fails. 

  • BethR52

    The hem on Mila’s skirt made me think more crazy person than streetwalker.

  • sashaychante

    Austin – Maya Angelou/Whoopie Goldberg hat – what’s up with that

  • bluefish

    Mila should have been sent home for this dreadful outfit — totally mismatched in every sense.  I loved Austin’s — am still a sucker for a good stiff petticoat. 

  • formerlyAnon

    However hoity-toity the character, in my conception of Godspell* everybody is played by a raffish street-kid-hippie-turned-busking-clown who has conjured their costume out of the dumpster behind Michael’s [craft store] and Goodwill. Austin came closer, by far, than Mila to this aesthetic. But both looks were too finished and not sufficiently improvisational-looking, IMO.

    *It is entirely possible that the designers for a given production might not share my conception, so these guys might be closer than I give them credit for.

  • Susan Crawford

    Austin, bless his southern debutante heart, made an amazing concoction. It had glitz, it had poufiness, it had a fur shrug Joan Crawford would have been thrilled to wear, it had incredible styling – LOVE that crimped pompadour – it had a kicky little chapeau . . . and it was DEFINITELY a very close second to Mondo’s. I think what happened was that it looked a bit too refined. If there is a dumpster anywhere in the world that kids can rummage in and come up with these duds then lead me to it!

    Mila, Mila, Mila. I love her dearly, but what happened in this challenge? Nothing – but NOTHING – about her design spelled flashy wealth. It looked, as TLo said, like something found down by the piers, under a streetlamp. BUT: that gold bird necklace from the NM Accessories wall? I would cut a bitch for it – awesome!

  • Austin’s costume was lovely but did not fit the hippy flavor of Godspell.

    BTW, I saw in the extended judging videos online that Georgina actually said Mondo’s dress looked like it stepped out of a Klimt painting. Just saying, since someone else had mentioned that earlier.

  • guest2visits

    Yes; but everyone went with the description they were given. If only the judges had said this character thinks
    she is better than, and more important than everyone else around her; and wants them all to believe it too.
        Therefore she likes the trappings of wealth to sustain the illusion. But she’s one of them.
            —– I hope I recall this correctly. The last time I saw this was on ‘tape’ in the classroom, a LONG time ago.

  • Kate McCain

    Honestly, if you scroll up so only see the top half of Mila’s outfit it’s not bad at all. The skirt looks really cheap IMO, and more fitting to a PR innovative materials challenge.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Austin’s entire look (floppy hair and pseudo-beret, falling-off-the-shoulder shrug) combined with the model’s facial expression make her look either completely stumbling drunk or rather stoned?

  • For me Mila’s is a costume out of that movie where Kathleen Turner plays a hooker — I don’t know what she was going for but my God, she was lucky Kara’s was worse.  You’d never guess she made runner up from what she’s giving this season. Austin’s managed to look cheap, sad, and oddly too put together.  Perhaps it’s better in person but on the screen it looks quite drab and NOT Marie Antoinette. (Is his model on too many opiates or what? She’s not helping things always looking like an extra from some zombie film.) His styling really is of another year with a touch of the geriatric to all he does…someone get him a Vogue Italia!  With the exception of Mondo’s, they all pretty much bombed this episode for me.