PR All Stars: Austin & Jerell

Posted on February 01, 2012


We thought this dress absolutely should have been in the Top 3.

It’s unbelievably standard in a lot of ways and felt like a direct appeal to Georgina since this could have been a Marchesa creation. It’s not a dress we haven’t seen before, that’s true. But it’s incredibly well done, given the time constraints.



Jerrell’s just coasting. There we said it.

He’s just churning out the same dress every week and doesn’t seem to care much about the proceedings. We wonder why he’s there at all.

Ridiculous. Explain yourselves, judges.

No, really. Explain yourselves. This was close in score to Austin’s? It would have to be for both of them to be in the safe middle. That’s nuts. This is ugly as sin.


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  • Anonymous

    Same dress every week is what I said last week about Jerrell, and it just got one week truer.

    • Anonymous

       Jerrell most definitely does NOT make the same dress every week. Every week he finds a new way to create a failure.

      • Anonymous

        Yikes. Not arguing but ouch.

      • Anonymous

        He’s making ANYA look good. 

        • Melvis Velour


      • Anonymous

        Whole lotta fug from Jerrell.  I was never a big fan, but he’s produced nothing but fug.  Is he messing with us?

    • Anonymous

      Jerrell sure has a lot of confidence in these crap designs. Austin’s was a bit to bridal for my tastes.

      • Yah, I thought bridal too at first, then I saw those awful shoes he put on her… and the bag, yech! The poor styling was what probably kept him in the middle.

    • Anonymous

      I agree he does repeat but I believe Jerrell did better than Michael on this challenge, along with Mondo, Austin, and Mila

  • Once again, I don’t remember Jerrell’s on the catwalk at all.  I agree with you about Austin’s dress – not the winner perhaps bu top three.

    • Susana Reyes

      How could you not remember that monstrosity?!?! LOL

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t remember it either. I think my subconscious blocked out the memory. Ugly, hippy dippy b/s. And I agree Austin’s belonged in the top three.

  • Marie Dees

    I just saw that first picture of Jerell’s dress and realized its the perfect dress for Edina Monsoon in a hippy LSD flashback!

    • Anonymous

      Ohhhhh, you’re so right, sweety darling.

  • Isadora Paiva

    I don’t think it’s the same dress every week, I’m quite sure they are getting uglier!

  • Anonymous

    Agree about Austin’s dress being in the top 3 – I would have chosen it over Michael’s to be in the top 3 and given Mondo the win.  However, it is simple and has been seen before and I think that the fabrics he used contributed to it’s invisibility.  It was a little bridal/prom-ish and that counted against it.

    Jerrell – WTF?  Bondage Woodstock redux.  Seriously?

    • Agree about Austin’s styling.

  • I think the reason Jerrell wasn’t in the bottom is the DVF seemed to ooh and aah over the POS he created. 

    • agreed, didnt she shoot him finger guns and a smile when it came down?

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gaaaaaah! I had forgotten that fugly from Jerrell. What was his gelato? Why would he (or anyone) do something like that? And he’s an all star?  Really?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. And I can’t remember what his gelato was at all, and this garment provides zero insight into the answer. A far cry from “Cataloupe Magazine.”

      • Anonymous

        It was fruits of the forest, mixed berries, which he apparently took to mean flower child/strung-out-wood-nymph-wearing-berries.

    • Anonymous

      “Fruits of the Forest” or some nonsense. It was berry flavored.

      • Anonymous

        Is ‘Fruit of the Forest’ not well known in the US? It is such a standard thing in Ireland.

        • Anonymous

           We call it “mixed berries” here.

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t it something like “fruit of the forest”?

  • Isadora Paiva

    I like Austin’s dress, but choosing Vanilla as your inspiration when there are still tons of flavours left kind of pisses me off.

    • Anonymous

      Vanilla describes that dress to a T (not in a good way).

      • Isadora Paiva

        Exactly. I mean, vanilla is another word for boring for a reason.

        • I take offense! 😉 Seriously, though, vanilla gets a bad rap. It’s a wonderful flavor, and it provides so much to anything you add it to. It’s tricky in its simplicity. I consider it a secret ingredient. I wouldn’t want a cookie that didn’t contain vanilla.

          I like Austin’s dress, and I think he was smart to choose vanilla. He didn’t have to worry about color combinations or matching patterns, which gave him more time to make a decent dress. (Notice I didn’t say a reasonable amount of time.)

          • Anonymous

            Viva vanilla!

          • Melvis Velour

            word – I had some vanilla in the Moscow in the middle of winter that was just incredible. The fact that the ice cream was warmer than the air added to the experience…or maybe it was the incredibly high butterfat content?

          • mmmm…. incredibly high butterfat content

          • Anonymous

            When I went to school in St. Petersburg, the university food was so horrible that we lived on ice cream. There is nothing like Russian ice cream. Yes there is high fat content, but they also import sugar from Cuba, and this is why Russian sweets are the best. And yes, the vanilla is the very best.

          • Heh. I probably sound like some weirdo militant in the Vanilla Liberation Front. I do think it gets a bad rap though. You only appreciate it when it’s not there.

          • Anonymous

            Not at all. A foodie friend of mine is always grumbling about how chocolate tends to steal the spotlight from vanilla, which she feels is far more complex. I’d argue that chocolate can be complex, too, but I have to agree with you both that it’s underappreciated.

          • Chocolate can be very complex, although I agree it tends to take vanilla’s thunder. I think that’s probably because vanilla is a flavoring, whereas chocolate is a thing you can eat on its own.

            I could talk about this all day. I’ve been working hard to amp up my baking skills the past few years, so I’m pretty obsessed with stuff like vanilla.

          • Anonymous

            I will happily march with you in the VLF! Vanilla is the most sublime of all flavors. In fact, I think it even defines the word “sublime” better than anything out there. Have you ever made vanilla extract? It’s super easy and makes a great gift too. Best of all, it ensures you’ll never run out of vanilla!

  • Anonymous

    I CANNOT believe that Jerrell is still in the competition, never mind never landing in the bottom 3.  This is well-made and that’s all it has going for it.  Which flavor did he have?  Was it Fruits-des-bois?  If so, I can sort of see why he would go in that trippy-wood-nymph direction, but it still doesn’t make it a good result.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Austin’s too. The perfect dress for a garden wedding. It looks exactly like a dress that was inspired by vanilla . Just like all the dresses this week , I have seen variations of it. I agree that it should have been in the top three. Mila, Austin, and Kenley.Any of them winning would have been loads better than that  washed up old film star gown that won.
    Jerrel is saving his patterns from week to week. This is exactly the same dress as week 1. I think it needs more trim though. He should have been in the bottom 2 for this, maybe even out.

  • I can’t wrap my mind around the success Jerrel has in just coasting by week after week. I thought his creation LAST week was horrible and he didn’t redeem himself this time around. 

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s was my favorite. I figured it was at least partially producer manipulation…they can’t have him win or be in the Top 3 every single time. Gotta throw the others a bone once in a while (although Michael’s win this week was a head-scratcher for me).

  • Gosh. I usually agree with you guys on everything. But Austin’s dress? Its like he got the jumbo pack of wrapping tissue paper from Costco, did some cutting and gluing, then tacked a snake onto the front. That’s all I can see. Maybe its the cold meds.

  • Really?  A vanilla bridesmaid’s dress does not seem top 3 to me.  Of course none of the dresses were great, 6 hours is just nonesense.

  • Loved Austin’s. Did not like the brown shoes and clutch.

  • I can’t say I much like Austin’s effort here.  Even given the time constraint, that decorative stuff on the one side looks oddly out of shape, and dangerously close to falling off.  Jerrell’s dress is flat out atrocious.  And the styling is ridiculous.  That earth mother hippie chick thing is costumey, and so silly I barked with laughter when it hit the runway.

    • J Dreesen

      “I barked with laughter…”

      ^ LOVE.

    • Yeah, the styling’s atrocious.  But I loved Jerrell’s.  It’s no different than Mondo’s Anya caftan.  But looks more modern and editorial IMO.

  • Anonymous

    It’s kind of interesting to see the dresses without having seen the show.

    Austin’s looks really good, although it seems to me you could say the same thing you said about Kenley’s (and hers at least had a freshness and fun-ness that made me smile, which this doesn’t). 

    Jerrel’s is ridiculous and full of poor decisions, and yet. . . there’s an exuberance in the idea and the intention (though not in execution) that tips the balance in its favor. But then I’m biased in favor of hippie clothes, so probably am not thinking clearly.But what flavor did Jerrel have? Rocky Road? Spumoni? Jamocha Almond Fudge?

    • Anonymous

      I liked both Kenley’s and Austin’s for different reasons. They had flavors that were about as different as they can be. Hers looked fruity and fun, his looked smooth and vanilla.

      Jerrel’s flavor was rose hips or twigs and berries something like that. He must of thought they were just making a pun when they said the challenge was all about taste.

  • Jerrell is getting on my damn nerves. He has all this mouth and yet, safe for the 1st week, he’s been sending down some shitty ass dresses. Not impressed. Not at all. He needs to find himself in the Bottom 3 to give him a bit of a reality check.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Yes!  This.  Everytime he opens his mouth it is like fingers on a chalkboard, and he hasn’t sent down one damned outfit to deserve all the self-congratulations he spouts on a regular basis.  Creepy, creepy guy.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think being in the bottom 3 will change anything. He’s doing the same kind of stuff he’s always done, during his season and in his subsequent work. There’s just enough in it for me to like that I keep hoping he’ll pull something truly wonderful together. But I’m losing hope . . .

      • But during his season, he wasn’t this bad. And he wasn’t this cocky, either. I actually kinda digged him. But now? Nah.

  • marilyn

    Austin’s dress was wonderful, but the accessorizing was wrong.   The model is wearing a gorgous, ethereal gown, and she is carrying cowgirl accessories.  The bag and shoes are decidedly casual and earthy.  The bracelet is modern.  He would have been better off leaving off the bracelet and bag.  I don’t know what he could have done about the shoes.  He needed evening shoes.  This may not be Austin’s fault.  What’s with that accessory board???

    Jerell’s tribal-hippie-unfitted-wild-colored-3/4-length-bedazzles caftan is not only truly ugly but is over designed.  How many more fabrics and bells & whistles can he work in?  Not only that, but the fabric is ugly (in a bad way) and it makes the model look fat.  You are right-he should not be here.

  • Cheri Lee

    Jerell isn’t as good with mixing patterns as he thinks he is and all the beads as embellishments are just poor taste. I still love his funny quips.

    • Anonymous

      The embellishments look like something out of a grocery store challenge – “let’s stick on Skittles and trail mix!”

  • Anonymous

    What I can’t believe is that DVF gave Jerrell a sassy little smile for this rag. Does she have the hots for him? Oh well, I always hated his designs.

    Austin’s is so veryneighborhood-bridal-shop; on the other hand, I agree that it’s well made given the time constraints and certainly makes sense for the challenge. I hate the styling, though.

    • I wonder if DVF’s smirk wasn’t meant for someone else, and BM did one of its editing tricks to throw us off.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t put anything past BM.

      • Anonymous

        If I remember correctly, then it threw Jerell off as well because I think he said, OMG, DVF just gave me a thumbs up!

        He was definitely pulling from his wheelhouse, though:

        This one was hippie bondage, and the past one thunderdome bondage — it could have been used in the RuPocalypse!

  • Anonymous

    I would never in a million years pick this dress out as an Austin Scarlett original. It’s pretty generic and lacks his usual splendor. I’d put it somewhere in the middle and from a coasting designer.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely.  I didn’t like this dress at all, and the fact that it was hot-glued together and that he had to sew his model into it doesn’t speak well for its execution.  I think it looks sad and droopy, and I definitely did not like the white-over-cream.

    • Anonymous

      But, to be fair: 6 HOUR CHALLENGE.

  • Toto Maya

    Jerell’s was hideous and I was sure he’d be in the bottom. I don’t know what crack the judges were smoking for him to be in the middle.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even remember Austin’s…

    Jerrell should have been in the bottom 2 at the very least…could have been eliminated too, as far as I’m concerned.  This was a hideous dress (?) and nowhere is there any resemblance to the inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Jerell would make a great  designer for tacky, hippy pregnant women (not sayin’ hippies are tacky, just his hippies).

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Jerrell is over these ridiculous challenges and is hoping they’ll put him out of his misery.
    Honestly, they put together a really talented cast like this and then give them Miss Piggy and a 6 hour ice cream flavor challenge?
    It’s a little insulting.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I liked the idea of this challenge because I thought it was interesting to see how designers fared when constricted to a certain color inspiration…but 6 hours? That’s just asking for subpar output.

    • I am nodding my head in agreement. The Miss Piggy challenge was definitely insulting. I know I would have been very sarcastic throughout the whole ordeal. But that’s giving a pass to Jerrell. Even if he was coasting and not showing his best due to those two inane challenges, the work he has done is still shit. And even worse, he’s boasting about his shitty creations. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, he has always liked talking a little smack for the camera. I’m not defending his work; his dresses have definitely been shit-tastic, and as much as I love him, it has to be said that Miss Jerrell isn’t exactly the most um, tasteful designer. He’s coasting for sure and his number is just about up, but I just wanted to make a point about how uninspiring these challenges have been.

  • DNW Jerell’s dress.
    I never really like his clothes, to be honest.

  • Allison Woods

    Jerrell’s dress looks like barf.

    No offense to actual barf meant.

  • Anonymous

    Pocahontas. End of story.

  • MilaXX

    Hot glue or not Austin put in some effort to make an interesting dress. Definitely should have been a top 3 contender. Jerrell is still Jerrell, ’nuff said.

  • I was amazed that the judges fawned over Jerrel’s Hippy-dippy-stream-of-consciousness-what-else-can-I-stick-on-here dress.  Monstrosity.  Maybe the horizontal straps are to keep the model from escaping its hideousness.

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s was bland enough that  I don’t actually remember it at ALL. To the point where if you’d asked me about Austin’s dress, I likely would have answered “Austin showed a dress?” So while it’s pretty good by the standards of this week, it’s also completely boring.

    Jerrel’s was a mess. Why are there M&M’s glued to the neckline? And the styling is, amazingly, even worse. Perhaps the judges were struck temporarily blind, and that’s how it sneaked through.

  • Austin’s is a total snorefest with no sex appeal or modernity. Austins at least has some edge and contrast and attempt at style other than soft and pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I like Jerrel as a person but his taste level is stuck on shit. It always has been.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell is firmly ensconced in Anya land.

    This was an interesting challenge.  The people who have actual design chops really rose to the forefront.  Rami’s garment is a great example.  He designed something that was unexpected, unusual, and pushed his own boundaries.  Mila stayed with her beloved Mondrian theme, but she worked in a difficult fabric and re-worked the shapes of the colors to produce a stunning dress.

  • Sorry, I love Jerrell’s.  It’s different and well made.  Even if it is an Anya re-tread.  I think it’s very modern.  I felt both this & Austin’s should’ve been top 3.  Definitely over Mondo’s caftan, which was an Anya re-tread as well.

  • allisankelly

    Jerell has most definitely underwhelmed me so far. Everything he’s sent down the runway could have been bottom 3 as far as I’m concerned. Is he afraid of the womanly form and that’s why everything he’s made has been either flow-ey or just plain loose?

    And yes, DVF did indeed give the boy a winkie-poo (at least that was the edit) so that’s why he ended up where he did this week , IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I loved Austin’s dress. I’m going to say what I said earlier about the judges. I think there might be HUGE variations in their scores and that accounts for some of our “huh?” moments. It seems based on the editing that DVF LOVED Jerrell’s dress. I sense the others probably didn’t, and that led to the mid range for him.  We saw in the discussions of the highs / lows how wildly divergent their views were (Isaac loved Mila’s, the others kinda didn’t, etc.).  It sure makes for interesting judging, though.

    • Anonymous

      I always wonder when the host(ess) says “let’s talk about the ones with the highest scores” … “let’s talk about the ones we didn’t like.”  It always appears that the judges are pretty much in agreement on high end and low end and I think that’s kind of strange.  Sometimes there’s lively discussion, but we hardly ever see one judge rave over a look that another judge hates.  

  • Couldn’t agree more. I also had Austin in my top three, and I also thought Jerell’s entry was a hot fucking disaster. You’re right about Jerell not even seeming invested in the show – even his one-liners seem less invested than before.

  • Susan Crawford

    If someone had handed Anya a bunch of buttons and some black ribbon, Jerrell’s dress is what SHE would have come up with. How did he make it to PRAS??? Because he certainly hasn’t shown anything I’d consider “all star” design. Of course, he gives lots of snarky opinions and that makes for good Bunim/Murray TV, so I guess I answered my own question.

    Austin’s design definitely deserved more attention – despite the glue gunning, he executed a perfectly pretty dress that was fitted well, moved gracefully and was accessorized with taste and originality. Yet he didn’t make the top three? Perhaps OrangeMichael, Ninah Gahcia and The Kluminator lefy a pitcher of their special Kool Aid in the PRAS judge’s fridge?

  • lydia mead

    i know we aren’t susposed to rag on the models but austins girl is kina scary looking. Usually I don’t notice as I’m to busy looking at the clothes. Jer’s girl is gorge. could this have any revelance?

  • that looks like a bad Cher dress.

    • Anonymous

      OMG I know, right?  I am now singing “Cherokee People” in my head.  Thanks Jerrell.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t ‘Cherokee People’ a Paul Revere and the Raiders’ song? 🙂 (With Mark Lindsay of course)

        • Anonymous

          OOOH you are right!  But looking at that head band – that music just jumped into my head.   Along with, of course, “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.”  LOL

      • “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”

      • Anonymous

        I keep thinking he could make a *good* Cher dress (more hippie chic than Vegas, though) and he never quite does.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, I didn’t quite remember Austin’s, I blame the evil flu I had last week for that. It’s nice to see him return to making pretty things again. I love the detail on this one! I completely forgot Jerrell was even there on the other hand, and I can’t blame the flu for that.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t remember Austin, either, and I was perfectly healthy.It’s just not that memorable.

  • Anonymous

    One of the things I didn’t like about this challenge is that picking a flavor WASN’T the same as picking a color and the flavors available were limited – why couldn’t they have 12 flavors so that the last couple of designers had at least SOME choice. Austin’s choices were vanilla madagascar, kiwi, green tea or chocolate with cayenne. Can you really see Austin picking an uncertain shade of green or brown over a probable white/cream color? I thought what he came up with was tasteful and pretty. Jerell had a very vivid and pretty shade and just came up with a tasteless ugly mess. I thought his was worse than Anthony’s and Kara’s though it was executed better than April’s.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Jerrell’s dress and modeling were a joke when she first came out. I laughed out loud!! And now that I see Austin’s up close in these photos – gorgeous!! Should have won!

  • I do like Austin’s but the snake creeping down her cleavage puts me off. Jerell has made the same dress every week and it’s not even a good dress.

  • Jerrell’s is ugly 1000^2: mullet skirt and horizontal lattice straps that remind me of a football helmet’s faceguard. Atrocious—totally bottom 3. I hadn’t noticed the giant H on the back of the skirt. Was he practicing his quilting?

    Austin’s is better than I remembered. I think the vanilla color scheme usually isn’t memorable, but you’ve made a good case for Top 3 (mine would be Austin, Mondo, and Mila).

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell has been my choice to go home for the last 3 weeks.

  • I remember seeing Austin’s for a split second, and liking it. The photos haven’t changed my opinion. It’s a really pretty dress, and considering the challenge, that’s the best I could hope for. I was surprised it wasn’t in the top three.

    I do love me some hippie girls clothes, so I actually like Jerrell’s dress. I don’t mind the different patterns, but the dress as a whole is too damn fussy. There’s not a hippie girl I can think of who’d want those straps.  And holy cats, he didn’t have to make it that wide.

    It’s so overworked, and he didn’t use his time well. Instead of creating the pattern blocking, he could have used his time to give the dress some shape. A dress that voluminous just makes him look lazy.

  • I don’t personally like Jarrells dress.  But when it came out, I absolutely saw the  “fruits of the forest” influence- possibly too literally.

  • Anonymous

    I can actually picture Miranda Kerr wearing Austin’s dress, and am sorry that it wasn’t a top 3 pic. 
    As for Jerrell, well, Jerrell’s being himself, which means he sent a rather whackadoodle look down the runway last week.  I suspect Jerrell reins in his crazier instincts occasionally and then they just break through.

  • Also, I love the bag Austin’s model is carrying, but it’s completely wrong for the dress.

  • Lattis

    Austin’s model looks like a girl who said, “Dammit. I paid good money for this wedding dress and by God I’m gonna get my money’s worth.” Then took scissors to it, paired it up with her go to shoes and purse and headed off to work.

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s is over-wrought and tortured. I winced with pain when it came at me. He has over-thought almost everything he’s sent down the runway this season. Usually love him, but he is one of contestants–Mila, Kara, April–whose design sense seems to have been strangled by the burden of being an ALL STAR.

  • Anonymous

    DVF definitely was smitten with Jarrell’s and he was (understandably) squealing about it. The only reason I can guess is that he mixed prints like she does; and maybe she responded to the boho-drama of the styling. I don’t understand it — she/her work is so chic!– but those could be a root causes for a positive response.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more, TLo.  Short, not too sweet, and right on the money.

    I actually loved Austin’s dress.  In a week when all of the designers basically pulled tricks out of their bags, Austin came up with a very pretty dress that looked well done in spite of the glue.  I actually think it was smart of him to pick Vanilla.  Colors inspired by gelato could lead to the dreaded “taste issues.”  At that point he didn’t even know that the choice of fabrics would be limited – and some of those were pretty ugly.

    Jerell is totally coasting, and his smack talk isn’t nearly as cute as he thinks.  In fact, this crew of all-stars seems to show a lot of respect and support for each other.  I wouldn’t mind a bit if he were the first guy to be eliminated.  Tomorrow would be good.

  • Mariah J

    “We thought this dress absolutely should have been in the Top 3.”


  • Anonymous

    Ohh, Jerell, honey. I feel like you are my under-achieving nephew and I am more and more lonely in my belief that there is a wonderful, brilliant kid in there. 

    This was a very “Jerell” dress, very like things I remember from his previous work (hello! 6 HOUR CHALLENGE). I didn’t hate the fabrics – and I liked the way he combined them waaay better than either of them individually. If DVF really favored this,that has to be why. It’s what she does, after all.

     But all there was to this was fabric, excessive – hey, it’s Jerell – trim, and styling.  I hated, hated, hated, the pre-raphaelite hippie styling – but what could you do with this dress that would be better?

    It was weak as a design, and I might laugh at anyone wearing it, but I liked it, as a visual experience, better than any of the top three. (It’s o.k. Stone me now. He’s MY idiot nephew.)

    Austin made a pretty dress and it had a nice bit of flow and movement. It should have been top three, though I’m lukewarm about its fade-away color and the particular cross-bodice embellishment he chose. Heck it was a 6 HOUR CHALLENGE.

    [“We just got finished saying what a joy this season is because the level
    of talent is high and the execution of the garments is perfect. So what
    do they do? Devise a challenge where execution and talent aren’t as
    important as simply getting something done in the allotted time”  That TLo. They know what’s what.]

  • I saw Jerell’s and screamed “EUPHORIA IMPORTS!”  (The local hippie store.)  

  • Say what you will about Jerrell, at least he has a definitive style. I could walk into a department store stocking his dresses and recognise them as his. I don’t know that I could do the same for any of the other designers.

    And even if it is not to everybody’s taste, there is a market out there for it. I know Katy Perry wears his dresses and I am sure there are many girls out there who would love to own one. It’s that Coachella musical festival, LA hippy, effortless, breezy aesthetic.

    Maybe I am just making excuses because I find him hilarious and adorable, but I was surprised to see the overwhelmingly anti-Jerrell sentiment on here!

    • Anonymous

      My new best friend!  He can be YOUR under-achieving Internet nephew too!

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell = Anya with straps.

  • Anonymous

    It occurs to me that styling wasn’t even a judging factor in season 1, and in fact, Wendy was quite thrown by having to style her models in the Finale. Styling came into play in season 2, but it never carried the major weight it does now until the show moved to Lifetime. At least that’s how i remember it.

  • Anonymous

    No one is going to agree with me but I think that this dress by Jerrell is one of my favourites from all stars so far. I love that print. Normally I hate him because he tacks on things that just look grotesque but this is weird in a more pleasant way. 

    • Anonymous

      I liked it on the runway. And I know people had taste issues with Rami’s, but I liked that too. In fact, I really thought the entire middle safe group had all the top designs this week.

      • I loved Rami’s. He used great colors, and the look was kind of funky. Neither of those are things Rami’s known for, and I think he pulled them off nicely.

  • Anonymous

    Austin,s dress..easy, breezy, beautiful
    Jerrell,s dress…Anya worthy, although it was sewn.

  • Anonymous

    WOW!  Jerrell’s dress is really UGLY close up.  I guess it didn’t translate this bad when I saw it on television, but it really is incredibly bad.  The styling…oh NO…R..A..N..D..O..M.

    Austin’s dress is really pretty.  I have a soft spot for his very pretty dresses.

  • I LURVE Austin. Definitely shoulda been in the top, and shame on them for barely showing it in the show. I have been waiting all week just to see it in still photos! And it’s not styling, b/c other people had poor styling, too, and made it in the top (Mila.) He can do no wrong, in my eyes, but I think anyone should agree that he did pretty right, this time. Austin FTW! You go, sweet fella.

    Jerell: I dunno, I like it. I admit I’m a fan of intensly saturated hues/color/patterns, so I may be romanced by that. I do think he makes that shape a lot, and it could have used less crap on the front in the colorful buttons department, but I thought it was striking on the runway, much as I expect DVF did. Now, that doesn’t mean I think he should stay, I just mean I don’t have a kneejerk hate reaction.

  • Anonymous

    austin’s dress is lovely and expresses vanilla gelato well.  the shoes, purse, and sunglasses need to go.  it should be styled as an evening look with skimpy stilettos in gold, bronze or caramel.  the bracelet could stay, although a little sparkle might be nice.

    sorry to the haters, but i love jerrell’s dress.  of course all the kittens and fawns know i’m nothing if not a hippie geezer.  i especially like the back where the two prints are displayed to maximum effect.  i also like the beads which appear to pieces of tiger’s eye, and the touches of mint green which, okay, could be skittles.  i love the whole floaty forest vibe, but could do without the headband- you just had to go there, didn’t you jerrell.

    • Yeah, he had to go there. It’s like he couldn’t stop himself.

      I’m something of a hippie geezer at heart too. There are some things wrong with Jarrell’s dress. I think there’s too much going on, e.g., the straps at the shoulders and around the neck, but I like it anyway. I’d love it without those straps. I mean, how’s a hippie girl supposed to dance to her favorite jam band if she can’t raise her arms?

      And I have to say it. I love her hair.

      • Anonymous

        I, like sleah_in_norcal, like the back of the dress best.

        The hair – even, yes, with headband -would be awesome if it were the most complicated and exuberant thing on her body. It’d be dramatic and establish her look.  But with this dress I thought it was beyond overkill. 

        • He could have gone with pin straight, parted-in-the-middle hair. It would have worked, and I wouldn’t mind it. But I assume Jerrell though the hair was the topper for the whole look. And I like the semi-dreadlocks she has. (I’ve always wanted dreads, but I’m a 55 year old white woman. I know my limits.) You’re right, though. There’s way too much going on there.

  • Anonymous

    I actually let out a tiny shriek when Jerell’s… dress came walking out.  Hiddy.

  • AMartel

    Love Jerrell’s dress.  It’s very last winner of Project Runway Whose Name I Can’t Remember albeit that lady had better taste in prints.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I can’t look at Jerrell’s dress without shuddering due to every single thing that Anya did on her own looked exactly like it.  To be fair, this has always been Jerrell’s thing (so much for the judges saying how much Anya was fashion forward…NOT!!)  The styling was bad and the straps excessive.

    Austin, I wish I liked more. Actually I do like it…I get the vanilla aspect of it.  I get nothing Madagascar about it…at all. Okay looking at the detailing, maybe I can see where he is going with it but…I will say, to me, this was a 100 times better then Mila’s and deserved to be in the top 3.

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s is okay. It is pretty but not very exciting. It fits in the middle of the pack, in my opinion.

    Jerell continues to disappoint me. I like the idea of these two prints together, but the way he did it was awful. Reminds me of Rami’s in that way. It is too short in the front, those straps across the front and shoulders are ugly, and the glued on stones? With only 6 hours to make this, he could have made a much better dress by focusing on the cut and design and not gluing all that shit on it.

    Both of these designers failed in the styling dept.

  • Is that an Alexander McQueen Demanta clutch that Austin’s model is holding…?

  • Anonymous

    Um-cringe-I liked Jerrell’s 6-hour dress.  It was pure Xena, but it kind of worked for the challenge

  • I don’t like all that strappy toggle crap on the bodice, but I have to say that I love the prints that Jerrell used in this dress.  And it really is pretty from the back. 

    I didn’t like Austin’s, at all.

  • jen

    I really liked Jerrell’s dress – a few of the details could have been toned down…and i know wearability/comm appeal isn’t the same as design, but still I’d have to give the dress props for being something that, maybe with a few tweaks, a lot of girls would wear…in fact, I like both Mila’s and Jerrell’s this week for that exact reason –

    • jen

      the more i look at it, the more i think those buttons etc on the top really need to go…

  • Vic

    Jerrel’s dress is awful, as you say. Austin fell short on styling, though his model’s hair is gorgeous. 

  • Late to the party as usual (time zones are a bitch) but I’m glad I found a few Jerell supporters at the end. I liked this dress–although the comments re last season’s winner are making me wince because, y’know, true–but then I liked his original season final collection and I liked his Night at the Opera gala gown. I love print combinations and this looked good enough walking down the runway that I thought it would be top 3. Possibly I have taste issues. I find Austin’s dress overwrought and boring.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell sure has been bitching alot this season.  Not sure why he it there either.  Austin’s dress isn’t horrible, it’s just a bit bland.  

  • Lisa

    I’m really disappointed in Jerell this season – he’s just been terrible.

    Now Austin – yes, my sweetie should have been in the top 3, along with Kenley’s. 

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s not quite Top 3 material, IMO. Considering he had vanilla, this does feel a bit bland, so it does reflect his gelato name.

    Everything Jerell has made so far would fit right in with his S5 decoy, which is not a compliment, considering that was one of the worst three collections a PR contestant has ever made.

    • Anonymous

      i just looked up his decoy &, while i dont think it’s that bad, it shows absolutely that the man Just Will Not Edit. cos he’s got a whole lotta fabulous ideas & idiosyncratic techniques going on–but he sticks all of them on everything he does! everything! each piece! seventy seven ideas on every one of em! oh heavens.

      & he’s awkward around fabric too. too bad, cos somewhere in there are some very interesting things. but where is the question.

  • vmcdanie

    When Jerrell’s came out, I had a moment of laughter and then contemplated whether Jerrell would be bottom two. Then DVF came him a thumbs up. WTF, this whole show has gone cray cray but I love Miss Jerrell so…uh…where was I? I think the sight of that dress made me high.

  • Austin should have been top three over Michael. It was a delicious dress.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I thought Austin’s should have been in the top, if not the winner, as well.  Yeah, sure he used a glue gun (and was hilarious in his self-castigation for it), but come on, it’s a six-hour challenge.  They have to be expecting shortcuts.

  • I’ve loathed everything Jerel has churned out this season (and missed his season)…but I liked this dress. I feel so ashamed. 

  • Anonymous

    i like both of these too.

    however, i liked jerell’s much better when i’d only seen it in the lifetime site’s stills. when i saw it moving i couldnt believe how voluminous &, at the same time, stiff it was. i actually really like the prints & i like the fussy foofaraw of the collar’s ribbons. i even like the tchatchkes he’s attached. but it made her look like she was wearing the queen mary. much much too much wind beneath those stiffened red sails. the patterning is kind of wonderful but it needed to be on a silk or something equally ethereal, not on something that seems to have the texture of a slightly lighter cotton duck. & the bottom needed to be lined in a deep color solid. the pattern showing through looks, say, inexpensive at best. & the headband is a mistake in any occasion & on anyone. how can he not know.

    otoh, his model is very pretty & a decent model, qualities which, i think, are lacking in austin’s model. in fact [& i may be wrong, & people are, of course, free to disagree] –anyway, i think the deficiencies of austin’s model are hurting him in the competition. i remember from a million years ago recognizing how very much more important it was in that world to be thin & tall rather than beautiful. i dont know if everyone knows that & it looks to have changed a bit since them old pleistocene days. but austin’s model is quite a reminder of this. did i not believe it was causing him some grief in the competition i might not mention it, but i do so i have.

    cos here i agree his dress is one of the best. & it was certainly the cleverest dress sent down the runway this week. i think i mentioned earlier that i have some fancy respect for the wound up threads of sequins as apliquée technique he used. i know i did. it stands. it’s almost as rare as a chicken’s tooth in a stack o’ hay to see anyone do something that unusual on PR/PRAS. but here he did & he did it in under six hours. dont mean nothing to me about the glue gun & the sewing in, not in that time frame. making an unusual & unusually made dress under the circumstances is impressive. so there you go.

  • Anonymous

    Didn´t know there was a gelato flavor called: “Eaten, thrown up and chewed again” until I saw Jerell`s dress. 

    • Anonymous

      oh jeees…most unexpected lol !!

  • “He’s just churning out the same dress every week and doesn’t seem to care much about the proceedings. We wonder why he’s there at all.”

    I think he watched last season and learned one all-important lesson: To impress the judges you don’t have to do any more than Anya did. This could have easily been confused with any one of the tent-shaped maxi-dresses that she produced.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell SOOOOO belonged in the bottom 3. Scarlett O’Hara had no curtains, so she stole some aprons and a tablecloth straight out of some Mary Englebreit fan’s cozy kitchen and slapped them together with electrical tape. Ridiculous. And I thought Austin’s was the only one that actually expressed the flavor of gelato he was given. It looks like a pineapple gelato oughta. 

  • I was stunned that Jerrell wasn’t in the bottom last week. That is the most hiddy dress.

  • Actually, I could see wearing Jerrell’s before wearing Austin’s.  I think it really needs the right person with the right style — this is not it.  While Austin’s is just… dull.