PR All Stars: Austin and Jerell

Posted on February 06, 2012

Can we just say…

That we love how Austin and his model look like a matched pair? He dressed to match her outfit. How can you not love that?

And how could the judges not love this enough to declare it the win?

Mondo’s was cute and all, but this was, to our eyes, a much more cohesive look – and maybe even a little more ambitious than Mondo’s (although his jacket was quite the piece of work”).


Design-wise, there’s little we feel like criticizing here. Not only does this look great, it looks like something you’d see in a runway show. The only real critique we have is in execution, as the entire thing seems to be askew on her and looks weirdly uneven somehow. It doesn’t look like that stuff on her left side is all that heavy, but for some reason, the whole top is pulling over to that side, in the front and the back. We think that was really the only reason he didn’t win. Well. That, and the fact that they judges clearly wanted to give a win to Mondo.


We just can’t with this one anymore.

He’s a likeable guy, but we just do not GET Jerell’s ideas about fashion and we’re kind of tired of trying to.

We think that yoke was an interesting piece and potentially the starting point to an interesting look.

But then, as always, he just kept. PILING. SHIT. ON.

The end result looks like a joke. Forget, “no woman would wear this.” How about “No MODEL would wear this” because we can’t imagine anyone getting the backing to mount a runway show based off a design like this? Just awful.

We’re all for a designer remaining true to themselves, but there’s a point at which “point of view” ends, and “refuses to edit” begins. This was always the problem with his work on the show and it’s disappointing to see that it hasn’t changed one bit. He really should have gone home for this. Anthony’s had its problems but it wasn’t nearly the disaster this is.

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  • Anonymous

    never got and still don’t get Jerrel. THIS might be one of my faves he ever put out and IT sucks s…that tells ya something. He’s next. 

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell needs to GTFO.

  • Anonymous

    I got really confused by Jerrell’s. I felt like I was having what my grandma used to call “an episode”.

    • Tatyana Jula

      Jerell’s outfit was beyond crazy to me, but still not crazy enough. The thing is if you throw a bunch of crazy at the wall sometimes it sticks… but here it just becomes a horrible status-quazy.

      Even though the combination of prints and cut that went on here are terrible, the thing I really don’t understand is that “bra”, “biki top”, “nonsense”. Everything else had some sort of earthy print thrown on a Paint ‘n Swirl machine that could have pushed passed bad into good, but then in the middle you had this sort of simple nautical stripe. In other words Newt Gingrich in a sailor suit visits Woodstock.

      It was like acknowledging that Jerell had no idea what he was doing because he couldn’t even see the intriguing chaos he started to make… and he’s still here.

  • I still cannot fathom how it was Anthony instead of Jerell who went home. I mean Anthony’s was pretty bad…but did they SEE Jerell’s??

    • Anonymous

      You may be on to something. Maybe the judges fainted en masse and blanked out on Jerrell’s “creation.”

      • Anonymous

        They can’t have, because I specifically remember TWO of them PRAISING it. Angela Lindvall, I am disappoint.

        • Anonymous

          I couldn’t understand how this got any praise at all.  How has he not been in bottom three week after week with all this fug?

      • Anonymous

        Or they were so impressed by the model’s abs that they forgot to look at the outfit.

        • Anonymous

          Abs? What abs? All I see is a big stomach. That’s what I really found distracting. Her disgusting obesity. God, Jerell, cover that shit up.

    • Yeah, me neither. I’m gonna miss Anthony!

    • Kristy Evans

       I think it was because Anthony broke the rules – his outfit was not at least 50% materials from his “muses.” If he had actually followed the rules, I have a feeling he would still be here, and Jerrell would be long gone.

      • suzq

        On Project Runway, the rules are important….until they are not.

  • Anonymous

    Liked Mondo’s outfit better.  Austin’s looks good overall, it’s true, but the trim on the jacket looks kind of cheap and over-done to me.

    • Anonymous

      Right…I thought that if Austin hadn’t try to a punk-Chanel version of a top, he would have won.  Get rid of the 3/4 sleeves and that feather, it would have been a clear winner.  Those little things seemed a bit incongruous with his muse and the bottom of his outfit (at least to me). However, bonus points for really utilizing his muse the best out of the designers. 

      • Anonymous

        Zippers could go too – on the skirt.  I wish they would post the shows on Lifetime site so I could actually see them.

        • has them, no fear!

          • Anonymous

            Aha!  Thanks!

        • they do post the shows on lifetime! i’m in the us, don’t know if that matters, but i watch them there all the time.

          • Anonymous

            I went back to the website – had to dig a little but found them.

          • You have to make sure to look at “full episodes” rather than “episodes”

        • I watch it on the Lifetime site.

        • Anonymous

          They do post them on lietime..the next day.

        • Lifetime only works in the US. It takes a couple days but eventually puts them up. 

      • Anonymous

        Right, he kind of missed his classic elegance a little bit — this design (to me) didn’t really look Austin — it’s more Seth Aaron.

    • Anonymous

      It looks very cheap, doesn’t it? Every detail looks like it was glued on haphazardly. I thought it should have won when I watched the show, but looking at the stills makes me realize that the jacket doesn’t look functional or well made at all. And I remember the skirt being too stiff. It all reminds me of barbie clothes. Great when you’re playing pretend; but it just can’t be put to use on a live human.

      • Anonymous

        I too thought it looked a little cheap, and the skirt was way, way too stiff, like it was made of cheap vinyl. 

  • Anonymous

    I liked Austin’s the best of everything last week. I was disappointed it didn’t win. His look was well put together and the from the rear it looked great on the runway. Jarrel’s was just dreadful. Totally should have gone home. WTH with the acid dropping belly dancer look on the bottom? Really? and poorly made. 

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Agreed on all counts about Jerrell.  He does seem very nice, but that thing that he sent out was crazy-house stuff.  Even if they decided to send Anthony’s home because of the rules, there’s no way that this wasn’t worse than Michael’s (and I say that as someone who likes Jerrell and does not like Michael, and who thinks Michael’s was tacky and nuts, too).

    It was fairly obvious that they wanted to give the win to Mondo when Austin really should have had it, but at this point, the winner doesn’t matter all that much.  All it is, is bragging rights.  I’m okay with the result, though I felt bad for Austin, who put in some pretty out-of-the-Austin-box thinking on that one.  And since I’ve never been a big fan of Mondo’s clothes (he seems so sweet and he’s so cute, but I don’t like all that pattern mixing, for myself), I’m maybe not the best judge.

    • Anonymous

       I agree…I can not stand Michael, but for Jerrell to place ahead of him was ridiculous.  At least he had an idea, with a little help, it could have been something.  Jerrell-there is no way to fix this.  This was hideous.

      And I think Austin should have won, but Mondo (who I do like and whose clothes I like) keeps showing up in the top and not winning and I think the judges (or producers) wanted to give him a win.  I didn’t dislilke Mondo’s, I just thought Austin’s referenced his muse so much better.  I agree, too, that the ‘winner’ of each challenge isn’t really important-unless something extra comes with it, like a magazine spread, or other prize, which can help a designer’s career. 

  • Anonymous

    Much of Jerell’s work has been terrible this season. I’m very surprised he is still on the show. The shoulder piece/yoke is actually quite cool, but otherwise his model looks like she got dressed out of a clothing donation bin. Or more like she fell naked into one, and this was what was stuck to her when she clambered out.

    The way Austin’s model’s jacket lists to one side is a deal breaker for me. His work is usually impeccable. He needed to get rid of a few of the gewgaws on the left side of that jacket. Even if they are not responsible for the jacket pulling, they look like they are. Otherwise, this is a great look and really holds true to his muse.

  • grouchywif

    I can’t say that I was a fan of Austin’s. I thought it was a bit too “Barbie goes goth”.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell’s a whole lot of hot air an not at all likable by my definition.

  • the other reason i think austin’s didn’t win is that it isn’t reallly recognisable as austin’s work. it’s a really cute design and it’s definitely something his muse would wear, but there’s no way i would have guessed who made it if you’d just showed me the pictures. mondo’s was, as always, very mondo, and i think that’s a huge point in his favour.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised Jerrel wasn’t sent home.

  • Greg Yoder

    I didn’t see the episode, but when I scrolled down and saw Jerrell’s, um, creation, I just could not. stop. laughing.

    I know you say nobody would wear that, but I’m thinking that maybe his aesthetic would go over really well in a Bollywood sci-fi movie.

    • Anonymous

      “I’m thinking that maybe his aesthetic would go over really well in a Bollywood sci-fi movie.”

      You sir, may have just made his fortune! (Wait – does Bollywood make sci-fi movies?)

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Ke$ha would probably wear it, but she’s the only one I can actually see in the ensemble as it appears on the runway. Anyone else would pick it apart and wear the pieces individually. I can see a lot of girls wearing that skirt with a simple tank and some flip-flops going to the beach. But… that’s about it.

  • Austin really embraced the challenge-I felt that he actually considered his “Muse” as his inspiration and worked from there. With the exception of Mondo, the others didn’t even really seem to notice that their “Muses” were people, as opposed to sources for fabric.

    Put Jerrell’s skirt over a black leotard, and you have what I wore through most of college in my “artsy dancer/musician” phase. Which was also my cheap phase, since such skirts usually were only a few bucks at street fairs.

    • Anonymous

       Exactly.  No other designers used his/her muse to inspire their design.  I mean, Jerrell took a tie-died nightgown and made this…thing.

  • Anonymous

    If the judges had awarded Austin’s look the win in this challenge, that would have been fine by me;having said that, I think they were waiting for Mondo to give them reason to award him a win-which is also fine in my book.

    As for Jerrell, I throw my hands in the air and just echo TLo-I just do not get what he’s doing, and it isn’t working. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Austin did a better job of realizing the challenge — or at least, a better job of transforming streetwear into runway-worth clothes.  Mondo’s look was a little bit more like taking streetwear and making better streetwear out of it.  But that being said, there is a costume-y aspect to Austin’s look that might have given Mondo the slight edge.  The show has, for a long time, been on the fence about whether it is a couture show or a ready-to-wear show.

    And there is Jerrell’s look, which is all about ready-not-to-wear.  I can’t fathom what he thought he was going for there.  If he was aiming for fug, then mission accomplished.  If not…

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen the episode yet so this is my first exposure to Jerrell’s product, and it has rendered me speechless.  I can’t even see anything positive about the yoke.

  • Toto Maya

    On the one hand, I like Austin’s. On the other hand, I’m sort of getting blingy Clinique vibes from it, and I feel like if I had been the one to make it we would be talking about how tacky and overdone it is. It kind of reminds me of Austin’s decoy collection from season 1, as well.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of Austin. It looks a little Blossom goes punk rock to me. 

    Jerell, I have nothing to add. I could kind of see where he was going with is Opera gown, but this (and really all the others I cannot. 
    Where is she going? She is showing all that skin, but has no neck? And underboob?

    • Anonymous

      Kudos for the Blossom reference….that had to have been what inspired his hat.

  • Anonymous

    And how could the judges not love this enough to declare it the win?

    Let me count the ways.

    1.  Visible zipper on the skirt.
    2.  Visible zippers for no apparent reason on the jacket.
    3.  Lousy fit on the jacket (look at how it pulls to one side – obvious from both front and back views).
    4.  Silly damn brooch(?) on the jacket
    5.  Pointless tulle ruffle on the skirt.
    6.  Fingerless glove.  A pair is bad enough, but one?
    6.  Fishnet hose  Torn fishnet hose?!?!?!?!?

    That last says it all.  She looks like she should be standing “Underneath the lantern, by the barrack gate .  .  .”

    • And, in my opinion, sloppy and fashion backward to boot.  That poof/origami/leather skirt… Oy vey!  It makes even that twig model look vaguely bloated.  I’m 30 and live in a big city surrounded by the fashionable youth of today, yet no one I know would be caught dead in Austins hot mess of an outfit.  I was baffled that this ‘fit made it into the top three.

    • Anonymous

      I like your list.  My response was “because its ugly.”

    • Anonymous

      I like your list (and the quotation) even though I liked his final result. 

  • Anonymous

    This is awful. I’ve read that some people like that yoke but to me it just looks like she’s being choked both up above and down below.

  • Why, Jerrel, why? Why did you style your model’s head to look like Plastic Man?
    Anthony nailed it with his Coming to America reference. She’s a Zamundi hooker!

    Loved Austin’s, but the top is wonky with the frou-frau. Still, I forgive. How nice there were so many nice options to choose from this week!

  • Anonymous

    I initially thought that maybe Austin didn’t win because of the styling.  But now seeing the stills, I see  the problems with it.  But, given that it was completed in only six hours, it’s not that bad. 

    He did dress to match his model!  I seem to think he did this sometimes in S1 as well.  I think his shirt matched the wedding dress he made for Julia. 

    And bless Jerrell’s heart, he just doesn’t have a bit of good taste, does he? I think they’re keeping him around to make up for doing him so dirty in S5.

    • Anonymous

      They had 2 days to complete their looks.  The six hour challenge was last week with the ice cream inspiration.  I liked Austin’s but it was a bit overworked.

      • Anonymous

        I liked Austin’s up to a point, but I think it was hugely overworked.  Austin’s trademark!  (Except now his trademark is becoming the stupid gondolier hat…and the porn moustache…)

        • Anonymous

          Seriously, that thing is more a molestache than a mustache.  It’s like something you’d see on To Catch a Predator.  Austin’s adorable and all, but I live in an area filled to the brim with PBR-swilling hipsters and the ironic mustache just needs to die.

          • Anonymous

            He used to be more adorable.  I’m finding him extremely annoying in this competition.  I think it all started with “In Season One, they called me the King of Couture,” and it’s been downhill ever since.  

    •  The gelato challenge was six hours long, and Austin made that white dress for “vanilla.” But he had two days for this street muse challenge!

      • Anonymous

        Oh my goodness, that’s right!  Somehow I think I kind of blocked the gelato challenge from my mind! 

        • Anonymous

          If only the rest of us could do that!

    • Anonymous

      Austin’s styling may or may not have lost him the win, but I think Mondo edged him out because of his styling. I don’t love either outfit, but Mondo’s model just looked terrific, and the hair and accessories worked perfectly with the clothes. Austin’s model, on the other hand, has kooky novelty sunglasses, overdone eye makeup, an unflattering hairstyle, and Michael Jackson’s glove.  Maybe Austin’s outfit was better than Mondo’s (I’m not sure), but if you put the two models side by side, Austin’s looks overworked and unattractive (no dig at the model – I’m talking about the styling), and Mondo’s looks real, relaxed, and appealing.

  • Anonymous

    I far preferred Mondo’s, but clearly I’m in a minority.  Austin’s read a bit Hot Topic to me, and I hated that tulle business on the skirt.  It’s very cute, but it’s very cute.  That’s generally my problem with Austin.  Though I guess his muse was very young, so perhaps a v. young look was appropriate.  

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell turned his model into a Hollaback girl…I’m surprised he didn’t outline her lips in maroon and fill them in with a blush color.  His outfit was not only tacky, but it was aggressively lazy.

    • Anonymous

      you are so right.  i havent watched the show yet, so i am peeking in on the final results and as i scrolled down i thought the look reminded me of someone but i couldnt figure out who would be that tacky. the answer is gwen stefani.  swap out platinum blond hair and that might as well be her walking that runway.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it took me a while but I eventually came up with Stefani as well.

  • Anonymous

    …I  kind of love Jerrel’s look, it’s Final Fantasy Fashion (That’s a video game for the non-nerds)

    • muzan-e

      LOL! Y’know, it would be a little Yuna, if he’d wrapped her in something delicate under that bikini.  Who knew he had a future in cosplay services?  *g*

      • Anonymous

        Right, totally Besaid Chic!

  • Two should have gone home last week: Anthony for not complying with the terms of the challenge and Jerell for forcing all of us to look at this monstrosity.

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s was great. She looked sharp and cool and he went outside of his normal thing. I would have preferred the top without all that crap on the front, just with the epaulets and the trim on the sleeves and at the waist, but it was a very cute look overall. A top 3 look for sure.
    Agreed on everything you said about Jerrell’s look. I like him so much, but it’s true that he always ends up with these cluttered looks that make the wearer look a little schizo.
    If I saw this girl walking down the street, it would be one of those roll your eyes and declare “only in New York!” moments. 

  • Anonymous

    When Jerell was the first of the bottom three to be named safe I was very surprised. I was sure he was going home. Who is going to provide the sound bites now that Anthony is gone?

  • Ceur –

     I think baring the whole belly was a bigger mistake than piling shit on, to be honest. No-one walks out like that, except if your a Spice Girl in the 1990s. And you’re not.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I was once in a Metro car across from a girl with a pair of tight jeans cut that low. She was strap hanging, and from where I was sitting, I could tell she was a natural redhead.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell’s just looks totally random to me.  Like leftover bits of costumes thrown together after a Janet Jackson video was filmed.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Austin deserved the win and Jerell deserved the schmauf. Jerell’s was really “Welcome to Crazytown.” It was some kind of feral woman, found in the jungle, dressing herself with scraps found under her bed and stolen from other patients.

    I think they thought Anthony violated the rules of the challenge and they had no choice. But really? Fucking A.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  At the heart of this show it’s a design competition….so choosing to get rid of someone who may not have followed the rules to the letter go rather than someone who showed no taste and little in the way of design seems more of an affront to the competition. 

      • See, for me, it’s a design COMPETITION — not following the rules is not acceptable.  The rules are there because showing your skills within those rules is how they can judge people evenly;  when one designer bends those rules and makes a better garment, how can you know if it’s because they are a better designer or if it’s because they weren’t as constrained?

        • Anonymous

          Fair point and well stated.  This is one thing I wasn’t clear on – was the main provider of their fabric supposed to be their muse?  If so, then Jerrell didn’t fall in line with the constraints, either (and it’s shocking he wasn’t in the bottom 2, regardless).  

          Within the gelato challenge I believe the judges agreed that they couldn’t see the grapefruit “inspiration” (which was part of the challenge guidelines), but rewarded Michael the win (not a 1-to-1 comparison, but still the same spirit).  So, to me, it’s cool to stick with the rules, but at least be consistent.Either way, Jerrell is there another week, so there should be more hot mess-y goodness to rant about next week. 😉

          • The way it was stated on the show was that 50% of the fabric had to come
            from the park — not all from the same person or the “muse”, but from
            people in the park total.

            I can understand being more flexible on the “inspiration” part — because that is so subjective — so I could have given Anthony a pass on the fact his outfit was not appropriate for his muse.  But 50% is a pretty clear line, which he chose to disregard.  I feel a bit bad for him, because the old judges were never that firm on rules, so I’m guessing he thought that wouldn’t hurt him. 

            Of course, I’m the same person who felt the need to yell “Cheater!” literally EVERY time Belichick appeared last night, so I might be a bit overly dogmatic on the subject… 🙂 

            And I do appreciate that Jerrell’s stuff is at least totally cracktastic and insane and ugly, as opposed to boring and ugly — I’d much rather see someone go all the way off the rails that just be lame.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I can appreciate any logic that is anti-Bellicheat, so amen to that! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Even though this was ugly as (bad) sin, and the ugliest thing on the runway all season, I have to commend the judges for sending Anthony home for not following the rules.  I hated the way the other judges excused people for not following the rules when they liked the outcome.

    • Anonymous


    • I agree with the latter half of your statement: I get tired when someone doesn’t follow the rules or the judges don’t even explain the rules or they bend the rules, etc.

  • Anonymous

    TLo, I just have to disagree; Austin’s outfit fit’s terribly (look at the back pic of the top), the hem of the skirt looks raw, the studding looks like leftovers from a Kiss video and the hair and makeup are utterly hideous. 

    • You’re very big on your music video references today, Stubenville.

      • Anonymous

        Oops – Madonna must have set me off.

  • Anonymous

    I really can’t stand Jerell’s blithe obliviousness to any problem that might ever exist with his work.  He’s been in the middle throughout (undeservedly, IMHO, since everything he’s made has been ridiculous) and the bottom this time, and he still seems to think that he’s putting out something on the level of Dior’s New Look every time he completes a garment.

  • Anonymous

    I so agree that Jarell’s should have been the losing entry this episode.  The yoke is interesting, especially the fabric, yet also unflattering with the over sized shoulder pads and constricting neck.  The bikini top was a horrible choice, fabric and style, along with the sunglasses, high ponytail, and necklaces…too much shit.  The skirt was actually ok…hate the shoes he paired with it though.

    Austin’s…I really dislike the top and not overly crazy about the skirt either.  He should have been middle of the pack imo.  Too many embellishments, too 80’s ish, Desperately Seeking Susan-ish, and too Michael Jackson-ish for my taste.  Lopsided didn’t help…fit/construction problem.  Hate the hair, sunglasses, leather glove, rip in the stockings..ugh.  Mondo’s was so much better and tasteful.

  • lilibetp

    Add me to the list of viewers who never got Jerrell.  Oddly, I can picture the yoke as the beginning of an otherwise simple LBD.  Or maybe my poor overwhelmed little brain is just blanking out everything else and perceiving that as an LBD…

  • Austin should have won, great design and his muse was considered, actually she was his inspiration.  Everyone else looked at the materials as their muse.  Jerrell needs to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      PS i lOVE austin’s work here, but yeah, it’s pulling to the side… i don’t know if that’s something the model inadvertently did or if it’s badly sewn (which i couldn’t imagine coming from him).  the outfit is extremely, extremely “me” so i totally dig it. 

  • muzan-e

    The word ‘vulgar’ has made frequent Project Runway appearances, and the next time they pull it out they’ll have a photograph handy of what it looks like. 

    Jerell’s outfit appalled me – at the least because in other cases (skirt too short, top too sheer, bikini too questionable) it was often a question of accidental design issues. This, though? This is exactly how he wanted it to look, this is exactly how he thought a woman might want to look, and he was clearly in love with it.   

    Don’t get me wrong: I loved its beginnings, early in the episode. That shoulder-piece is gorgeous, it’s the start of something really interesting, really surprising. I love the main fabric choice for the skirt, as well. But the end result isn’t just tacky – it’s nasty.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Seriously, underboob showing and just straight-out funk nasty from tip to toe.  And he had some of the best fabric to work with, which is sad as hell to me.  The other day someone said his muse was Craigslist and truer words have never been spoken. 

      • muzan-e

        Craigslist and Regretsy. Oh my god. Perfect. *g*

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about the beginnings of Jerell’s design and the shoulder-piece.  All of his collections show that he does have a tendency to pile on, and he is as far from Calvin Klein and “classic American sportswear” as it is possible to get.  I don’t always like his designs, but he has gone completely off the rails in this show, and this atrocious mess is ample evidence of that.  He’s a sweet guy, and it makes me sad to see the stuff he’s been turning out in the competition.  It would be merciful to send him home.

      • Have you seen Jerrell’s line? The pricier items are the worst, in my opinion. Check out the back on this – – It has the oddest shape butt covering, it reminds me of a bicycle seat. Hate it. The front isn’t bad but then again it’s priced at $2750 which is all kinds of laughable.

        I also don’t get the shoulder pads on crack on top of that shrug. The whole thing was a mess, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with this week. Schadenfreude. I’m a horrible person.

        • Anonymous

          NOMYGOD! Straight fugtastic nonsense! His other collection, was so appropriately named – Haute Catastrophe. 

          And schadenfreude does not a terrible person make…well…even if it does, we’re the most fun people to be around. 😀

          • I was going to mention the name of that line. Totally fitting. His aesthetic is utterly cracktastic. But he does seem like a sweet guy, just clueless when it comes to clothing. Which is a shame since it’s what he does 🙂

        • Anonymous

          OFF TOPIC!  Urban Gypsy, we went out for cocktails after a concert Saturday night, and there was your Nutella Martini on the menu, so I tried it.  Insanely delicious!!!  Only problem–now I can’t eat anything for four days.  Lots of calories to work off!  But thanks for that TLOunge tip!

          • OMG, I have all the making for that evil yet amazing drink here but have held off waiting for the perfect occasion. It is just the best and so easy to drink, unfortunately while packing in the calories. Is it worth two spin classes to burn off? I think it just may be.

          • Nutella is the most dangerous food in the world. I can only imagine what it tastes like mixed with the right alcohol. “Evil yet amazing” is pretty much what I’m imagining. And I don’t even like sweet drinks.

          • Anonymous

            Nutella Martini!  Really?  Two of my favorite things together!

        • muzan-e

          That was so awful that I had to google the rest of his line, in hopes that – 

          I don’t even know what. In hopes, maybe, that something made him worth keeping over Gordana and April. *g*

          I’m willing to forgive him the awful messes on that site just a little, simply because the photography is so bad; the colours seem off, but worse, the whole thing seems to be so poorly lit that you can’t make out any detailing beyond “there’s sequins and a funky neckline”. On the other hand, after eyeballing some of his other collections it’s possible that sequins-and-funky are all that he does. The 2009 set seems to consist solely of scrounging up a vaguely-80’s look and covering it with spangles – 

          Yeah. I just can’t stand him. For the next challenge, I’d love to see him teamed with Bert and equipped with a muzzle – or teamed with Josh and equipped with a megaphone.

          • The site is horribly done. The clothes are mainly awful – and I dig funky and sequins. 

            Josh, how I miss Ms Clinique Counter. Well, not really. Do not wish him back upon us, I beg you.

          • Oh, and I love Korean horror too. Still traumatized by The Audition. That was some sick film. Shudder.

          • muzan-e

            O lord, can I ever not watch Audition. Horror’s my thing, but torture’s my anti-thing, so that for me Audition sits right there in the same category as Ichi the Killer: To Be Appreciated From A Distance.  *g*  My husband, who’s not really a horror fan, swears it’s magnificent.

            But he shudders while he says it, too. *g*

  • Austin’s wasn’t declared the win because it looked like Hot Topic had done a line for K-Mart. You throw the words over-worked and tortured around, but don’t recognize it in this look?

  • Maria Rosenfire

    Jerell’s outfit looks like personified schizophrenia. It is literally not suitable for any occasion ever.

    I like that Austin went a little outside his usual aesthetic, even if it’s a bit overworked. He could have taken off an element or two and still had a fantastic, mildly innovative outfit.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Austin’s look overall, and would have had no complaints if it won.  But I think he also suffered a little bit of Piling Shit On syndrome – between the studding of the zipper and the fooferaw on the left shoulder and the stripes and the torn stocking, my eyes get more confused the closer I look.  It was a little bit of a Monet for me. 

    IMO, despite some weaknesses, Mondo did a better job pulling together a bunch of different elements. 

    As for Jerrell, I’m still boggled he didn’t go home.  I’m freshly boggled every time I look at that outfit.  Good lord.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointed that Austin’s wasn’t better fitting.

    Disappointed that Jerrell still can’t edit.

  • Rand Ortega

    Gah! So glad I didn’t see Jerell’s craptacular before eating lunch.
    ‘Cause here comes breakfast.
    Austin’s ensemble is exquisitely made, tasteful, funky & whimsical all at once.
    But his jacket just isn’t as brilliantly conceived as Mondo’s.
    Mondo’s jacket reminds me of a Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton 1 of a kind bag MJ made out of different pieces of LV denim that was unlike anything done before. 

    • Anonymous

      I admire Austin as a designer.  However, the top of his outfit is not exquisitely made.  There’s a construction error that is skewing the whole left side.   At least I hope he didn’t intend that lopsided look.   

  • Yeah, I don’t get the love of this Austin look.  It looks cheap and stiff, like it’s made out of naugahide and poly blend denim. And if Austin is dressed to match her, than she must be ready to jump onto a gondola in that skirt. That oh so easily looked up skirt.

    • Anonymous

      Ha!  You made me laugh.

      I get that Austin’s dress might be fun to look at, but it would be a total nightmare to wear.   Plus that top!    It’s all wonky. From the looks of it, it would have to be recut and sewn again.  It seems to need more that just a little tweaking.  

      Also, I’m so over zippers as decoration on a garment.

  • Judy_J

    I agree with you two.  The only interesting thing about Jerell’s look was that yoke.  The rest is a joke.  Austin’s little dress is really cute, and totally wearable.  Unfortunately, it does have those fit issues, but I’m sure with more time those could have been easily remedied. 

  • Agreed on all counts. Loved Austin’s; hated Jerrell’s. Or rather I laughed at Jerrell’s. oy.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell’s outfit looks like something Anya might make if she ever learns to sew. Definitely should have sent him home.

  • MilaXX

    I agree on both points. I thought Austin was the clear winner and I have to admit I have tried to rationalize Jerrell’s outfit every which way possible, but that was just plain awful.

  • Joyce VG

    I miss you Anthony. Seriously.  WTF?

  • Anonymous

    The skirt on Austin’s is all kinds of wanky – it’s too stiff, too pleather, too cheap looking and it really killed the look for me.  The jacket looks pretty great, but that skirt is just a lampshade.  I would venture this is why he lost to Mondo.  Plus, Mondo’s jacket is superior to this one.

    Jerrell should have been sent home for this monstrosity and it was Georgianna who liked the top part, so I blame her.  Anthony should have never been sent home.

  • Anonymous

    Good god. That’s not even costumey. It’s just ridiculously hideous.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    Liked Austin’s a lot, but the jacket seemed overworked. I could have done without the zippers, but I loved the silhouette and the styling. It looks like the purse is making her left arm hang a little lower, and since the sleeve is so fitted, it’s probably what is pulling down the shoulder. That was super distracting.

    I have to say, the top half of Jerell’s look is pretty fab. It might even be my favorite “moment” in his PR history. But the bottom is just a hot ass mess. If he had wrapped the striped bra back around to connect to a higher-starting skirt, it could have been more cohesive and less like a weird swimsuit hybrid.
    Oh and those sunglasses were KILLING ME. I want to burn them.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Austin’s, but it strikes me as a bit “Barbie’s first Metallica concert.”

  • Anonymous

    i loved austin’s look & i was torn between him & mondo.  as for jerrell, that was just plain stupid & i dont get the judges.

  • Was it Georgina Chapman who liked that yoke thing? That’s what kept Jerrel in, I think. But not to be in the bottom two, at LEAST, is not fair at all. I think the yoke mighta been cool if you had a very simple outfit underneath, instead of that nonsense.
    I love Austin, and will root for him until the bitter end, but he could have tailored that outfit better, and that’s what cost him, I think. Mondo’s outfit was perfectly fitted.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I liked Austin’s outfit almost as much as Mondo’s, but the pulling and lopsidedness of his jacket, along with the ripped fishnets, just killed it for me.  Mondo’s jacket was perfect as is.  I did love how much Austin used his muse as an actual muse, instead of just a fabric source.

    Jerrell – just no.  Fug, and badly made fug at that.

  • Lattis

    I think these two designers could have been helped by good mentoring on this challenge. 

    Jerrell needs someone to forcefully (like kiss him with a club forcefully) tell him to stop while he’s ahead. To my eyes, the yoke he created is arresting. He obviously needs to get to the point where he’s editing himself, but til’ then I wish Tim had been there to tell him how bad this outfit was going.

    Weirdly, Austin was in the same boat. He really should have stopped piling the weight on the left side of that top. She’s listing to port in a bad way. But, I commend him for being true to his muse.

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s way too overworked. Like Jerrell, it’s piling shit on albeit it’s cohesive matchy looking shit arranged in a slightly more cohesive way. Nevertheless it’s still shit and there’s too much of it.

    And Jerrell? Whatever, his time is up.

  • Anonymous

    Jerell should have received the schmauf.  This is laughable.  Talk about slapping crap together.  Though he was the most hilarious in the park.  (“That won’t be necessary, home boy.  But thanks for the offer.”)

    Austin’s is a cool design, but pretty jacked up in execution.  It looks to me either like one of the sleeves is higher than the other, or he thought she was about twice as broad in the shoulders.  So one half of the outfit is weirdly hunched over.  Still, a decent effort.

  • G

    When you asked last week who we thought should go home, I said “Jerell and a margarita” (to drink)
    Little did I know how right I was, if you had asked who should, but WON’T, go home.

  • maybe jerell was designing for gaga. he certainly styled the model that way. boooo to austin’s not win! he had it in the bag. i thought mondo had this season down pat, but he has not impressed me this season at all. 

  • Anonymous

    I thought that Austin’s was pure Mondo!  I actually thought it was Mondo’s when it walked out! 🙂

    And Jerrel’s sucked majorly and he should have been auf’d

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, my underachieving Internet idiot nephew did nothing to redeem himself, did he?  As usual, he dressed himself better than his model. The best I can say is that I sort of liked the yoke, though those extra-strength shoulder pads were a bad sign. And I liked looking at the colors, I enjoy his eye for color and pattern, even if he always does layer on just 2 or 7 things too many. But it was a costume, not clothing. He’s lucky Anthony broke the rules.

    Although I liked Mondo’s jacket better, Austin had the far better ensemble, IMO. He shoulda won. [Jerrell honey, look at Austin: you really can dress both yourself AND your model nicely. Really.]

    • Yep. Gwen totally would have worn it, and looked as ridiculous as ever in it. But get-up was made for her.

  • Anonymous

    Really? I generally love Jerrell’s pieces, they’re entirely different from anything else out there and they’re sexy in an almost Gaudy way. If I were 20 again, I would wear his clothes. Just … not that one. But only ’cause even in my 20s I needed more clothing than that. But I love his color/pattern combinations. Remember Marko’s coat from “The Lost Boys”? I STILL covet that coat, and Jerrell’s work reminds me of that coat.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about his color & pattern combinations (although I would urge him to step back the trim & embellishments just a tad.)

      What continually disappoints me about Jerrell’s work is that the color/pattern isn’t confined within much of a structure or a shape (probably why I DID like his yoke, here) and when he does make a more fitted piece, it usually seems a bit wonky, as if he can’t pull off a supportive bodice or fitted waist.

    • He’s another PR designer that I feel really needs a design partner — there have been many. 

    • I have always liked Jerrell’s stuff as well. (Not that hot pink and black lace number he sent out recently though, that was hideous). I really loved the print combos here and he reminds me of Paul Ropp. This is boho cabana-wear and I see a lot of it  where I am.

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s really reminded me of all the things I liked or wanted to wear in junior high (middle school). Not that I could have ever found it all in one place like that, of course. But I’m not sure that’s a point in this piece’s favor.

  • Anonymous

    I really, really like Austin’s, and would still be happy if he won last week instead of Mondo. But there’s something a little off about it. Maybe it’s the awful hair, but this dress looks like Judy Jetson’s version of his punky-arty muse. A little too cute, and a little too much bric-a-brac.  

  • TLo put their fingers on the problem I felt with Austin’s, the apparently unintended skew to one side, as if the central strap thing were pulling or flopping out of place. This was really so nice I was thinking it would be great if they could award a double win. 

  • Anonymous

    Totally with you on the schmauf-worthiness of Jerrell’s.  He hasn’t learned anything in the time he’s been away from PR.

    Austin’s was a little too precious for me. The Jackie Kennedy collar and three quarter sleeves on the jacket, plus the poufiness of the skirt took it too far to be the edgy, cool girl he was going for, plus the “lean to the left” aspect of it does throw everything off.  A strong second for me, but definitely second.  

  • Elaine Lang

    Jerrell HAD to style his model with those giant sunglasses.   He couldn’t let the judges see how badly her eyes were rolling at having to wear that shit.

  • I thought Austin’s design would win because it channeled his muse much more than Mondo. Wasn’t that the point of the challenge??

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Jerrell really wants to go home.  Where is this person going in that get up? 

    LUV Austins’ outfit…it’s really cute, and ladylike retro 80s.  

    • Anonymous

      Belly dancing

      • Jabba’s dancers were much better attired. 

        • Anonymous

          Now I’m imagining Jabba with a team of designers that he feeds to the rancor when they make something he doesn’t like. *nerd*

          • Screw Miss Piggy challenges, I want a Jabba challenge — in fact, let’s have a double guest judge and we can have Jabba and Yoda, since they’re the two major puppets.  I’d love to see those critiques. 

          • Susan Crawford

            How about Carrie Fisher as guest judge for the Jabba Challenge? And each design must work in a light saber and those ear-buns. How cool and funny would THAT be?

          • Being a nerd is good, though.

            And now I’m imagining the same thing.

  • Austin’s looks sloppy, and really nothing like what a modern girl would wear on the street.  I do love you boys, but sometimes your ideas about what might constitute street fashion for real girls 30 and under is fairly off.  The poof/tulle/leather/origami? skirt is a wreck and the proportions on the jacket – neckline, bust, sleeves, fitting and details are ALL wrong.  The original muse looked more put together.  Really.

    Agreed on Jerell – the yoke has potential but the rest is bizarre, he should have gone home instead of Miss Anthony.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like the proportions are off on Austin’s – like it should’ve had a pencil skirt instead.

  • Anonymous

    As I was watching Jerrell create this look, I kept thinking, “is he serious? is he cray-cray?” This look is bullshit and I’m not even going to attempt to go there.

  • I do NOT get how Jerell slipped in ahead of both Michael and Anthony.  The yoke is an interesting idea but the top of it is bulky and odd; the rest looks like a costume in a low-budget play.  Austin’s was my favorite outfit when I was watching the show, but I didn’t notice then how off-kilter the top is (not that the rushed tempo and odd shots of the runway show have ANYTHING to do with that).

  • Anonymous

    You know, it’s easy to accuse Plastic Man of being tacky, what with all the red and gold, deep-v-neck with lacing, etc. (see:'Brian_(New_Earth) 

    And yet “Eel” O’Brian seems less tacky. Maybe because he’s a superhero.

  • marilyn

    Jerell’s ou-fit looks like the result of a 4 year old picking everything out.  He is barely on the shows, so he is not there for personality (sassy/crazy/crying, etc).  So why is he here?  

    • So the target market is Katie Holmes?

      • Susan Crawford

        Please – let’s give Suri credit. Even little Miss Lipstick Cruise could do better at it than Jerrell did this week!

  • Anonymous

    Word.  The judges were looking for a way to give Mondo a win if it was at all close and, wow, *no one* else should have gone home when Jerrell trotted out this pile of scraps from the laundry bin.  

  • Anonymous

    maybe it’s just me (it’s probably just me), but i can imagine someone like M.I.A. wearing jerell’s pieces. maybe not all of them at once, but her personal style is very much a pastiche of various, sometimes contradictory, elements and influences–sometimes overdone, but always distinctive.

    his aesthetic is not accessible, and i don’t think it’s meant to be. he designs for one type of woman with a very specific mindset / aesthetic (a female version of himself, i imagine), and she is the only one he’s interested in designing for. i don’t wonder why the majority of viewers haven’t responded well to any of his pieces all season, myself included. but i agree with TLo: he needs to edit. i can see his aesthetic having the potential of being well-received, or at least appreciated, even if it remains largely unadaptable. whether he can make a living off selling his pieces is another story, because, well, bikini-yoke.

  • Austin– great idea, a very cohesive look, edgy and severe, very much what I like to wear. The look deserved to be highlighted, but I wouldn’t award the win to a look that’s so… “askew” is a good word here, yes. You’d have to be blind not to notice the significant disparity in the length of the sleeves on the back of the garment. What the hell happened? The judges criticized the ripped stocking, but I like it– nice touch. The embellishments are great, although the central vertical strip looks like it’s collapsing sideways. And the epaulets look like they’re slipping, too. See that’s the thing with Austin. His execution is never quite… there. It almost always pales in comparison to his design.

    Jerell– ???

  • Anonymous

    I loved loved loved Austin’s!! I liked Mondo’s as well but really this was my favorite 🙂  As for Jerrell, I like him but have no clue what saved him on this look…none.  This deserved to go home.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I think Jerrell just needs to change his client list.  He needs to market to South Korean entertainment companies, mainly YG Ent and SME.  I can see the members of 2NE1 or f(x) wearing this in a performance, sadly enough, but not anyone who didn’t have to go on stage a dress for a concept.

  • i don’t think austin deserved the win; he made a circle skirt (with some cute panels) and a sloppy looking jacket with sewn onto it. mondo’s look was fresh, impeccably made, and three pieces. i actually gasped when mondo’s model undid her jacket.

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl who wore Jerrell’s creation must have been saying in her head, “I do NOT want to be remembered as the girl who looked like a cross between a South American hooker and a Mayan virgin sacrifice.  Please let me wear something pretty and winning next week….”

  • Anonymous

    I could so see Austin’s entry, skewed and all, on Avril Lavigne, and she would totally kill it.  She might wear an angrier shoe.

  • Anonymous


  • I think, if you hike up the skirt on Jerells’ to over her tits and treat it as a mini dress, it’ll be something.

  • I think, if you hike up the skirt on Jerells’ to over her tits and treat it as a mini dress, it’ll be something.

  • margaret meyers

    That model has got a great body and she is wearing the shit out of that… er … SHIT!

  • JERRELS LOOK WAS A TOTAL JOKE. Like i was astounded at the praise it got because it had “potential.” no. that embarrassing mess was bad and I was shocked he stayed in after that. 

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s was my choice for the win.  Ah Jerrel, sweetheart. I love ya, but darlin’ ………….. that was a mess.

  • Lisa

    I loved Mondo’s outfit, and was very happy for him, but Austin should have absolutely won this one.  It was fabulous.

    And Jerell?  Safe again for THAT?  Does he have sexually compromising pictures of the judges?

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell’s look was the worst look in the history of project runway, or at least in the all-time bottom 10. That… thing was a crime against nature. And it’s LUDICROUS that he would say he was sure this would be top 3, and ludicrous that the judges didn’t berate him more for this (or maybe it was just edited out).

  • Anonymous

    I was so sure Austin was going to be the winner.  I mean, I love Mondo, too.  But, seriously judges?  If you wanted Mondo to win, what about last challenge?  Austin’s seemed pretty close to perfect.  Oh well.
    Jerrell’s was beyond terrible.  I cannot believe he has coasted through this competition turning out one horrible piece after another.  Can’t believe the show suddenly decided to use “broke the rules” as an excuse and let Jerrell stay.

  • Anonymous

    TLo said: He really should have gone home for this. Anthony’s had its problems but it wasn’t nearly the disaster this is.

    Yeah, this felt like the return of the crack pipe to the judging. Freakin’ UNBELIEVABLE that this didn’t get sent home.

    They tossed Miz Sophia for THIS???


  • Anonymous

    Me too.
    I don’t know why I liked Austin’s alittle bit more than Mondo’s. It’s crooked, it’s more costume-y than practical.
    Mondo’s is very cute, very wearable, sewn perfectly. His model was styled sweetly from head to toe in a kinda
    HAIR the musical vibe. Mondo-tastic.  
         Austin’s design was just so delightful when it hit the runway. Maybe I just like a more formal or classic look.
    Maybe I’m A-Retentive. Or maybe it looks like a Mondo design. I don’t know.
    Is it pretty? Is it fantasy? WHAT IS IT? I don’t know.   I shouldn’t like it, but I do.

  • Anonymous

    Mondo’s muse in her street clothes reminded me a little of what I’d like to think Claudia Kishi would wear as a grown-up.  Jerrell’s is too bad to even BE a Claudia Kishi outfit–it has no theme!  Even her clown outfits had cohesion!

    /babysitters club geek alert

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Agree 100% that Austin should have won and Jerrell should have gone home.  Every time I see a photo of Jerrell’s outfit I either gasp (and not in a good way) or burst out laughing.  Truly a horror.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell should have gone home. It was horrible. It was, as MK would say, “vulgar.” 

    I was OK with Mondo’s win as I said earlier, but I adore this look by Austin. Doesn’t his model look like Lady Gaga?

  • these were my choices for winner/aufee.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got to agree with yous guys this time (tho I haven’t found Jerell likable at all).

    Ooh I’d LOVE to SLAP those you decided to send Anthony home on a show where Jerell sent this cow pie down the runway!
    As far as Jerell’s mess being a costume.  If only. 
    It was more a 7 year olds (with some initial disorder) go at the costume trunk.
    Choosing the worse pieces from as many costumes as possible.

    Whatever…I swear I’m not bitter.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell shouldn’t even be here. He is a mess. 

    I think Mondo deserved the win because Austin’s, while good, was a little overworked. That thing going up the front, plus that ribbon thing near it…just too much. Good, but not a winner. I still love Austin, though!

  • butter nut

    i still maintain that michael should have gone home for the executive swimming costume, but jerell should have been in the bottom with him.  this was not his shining moment.  the shoulder thing was a good idea.  even the basic concept of the silhouette has something to it.  but the big chunks of mismatched fabrics, the shit ton of accessories, the under-boob…  yikes is all i can say.

  • Anonymous

    While Austin’s work was interesting, I could not get past that cliched torn stocking.  It absolutely infuriated me!  I had a rough time even paying attention to the rest of the clothes.

    • Anonymous

      me too, oddly enough. it just rankles.

  • Susan Crawford

    When I saw Austin standing next to his model, I wanted to cheer for him. He just looked so damned coordinated and cute! You GOTTA love that – and I do. I liked his design a lot, except for the ripped fishnet and that sparkly/feathery thingamabob on the jacket. He definitely was a major player in this challenge.

    As for Jerrell’s . . . I was going to say “design” but my brain shut down . . . THING: well, WTF was that all about and how in the hell did he make the cut? The shoulder piece could have been the start of something interesting and McQueenish if Jerrell had even an iota of taste. But no-o-o-o. To the ethnicity of that shoulder treatment, we must add a limp bra that let the boobage slowly sink southward. We exposed more belly than one would have dreamt possible in a sample-size model. Then we allow some pieces of sagging, mismatched cloth to cling precariously at the hipbone and . . . my brain is shutting down again. GAK!  

  • deslonrox

    Jerrell, stop that weed! Austin, whom I adore as a person and somewhat less as a designer, will not win Project Runway because most of his designs are at least a little retro. Mondo’s didn’t look retro, that’s why he won.

    “Kenley is loud. If a black person tells you you are loud, you are too loud.” Anthony, I’ll miss ya.

  • I really like Austin’s. It’s cute, and while 80s-ish, it doesn’t seem dated. I think Mondo deserved to win this week, but I like this enough that I wouldn’t have grumbled too much if Austin had won instead. Even so, there are problems with it – the oft mentioned geegaws and the lopsided jacket being the primary ones. But it just looks like there might be some small construction issues too, whereas Mondo’s looked like perfection.

    Jerrell’s is just… I’m having a hard time finding the right adjectives. What in hell was he thinking? Was he trying to channel Mondo? I actually like each individual piece, sans the underboob, but I don’t understand how he could look at all those pieces on one body and think it was “just right”. I like Jerrell, but this was a “get the boot”-worthy look from head to toe. Oh Anthony, why couldn’t you follow the rules?

  • Austin’s model is TALL.

    Oh Jerell. You’re quips in the confession room are funny, and so is that outfit, but not in the same way. They’re clown clothes. Slut clown clothes.

    I thought of a new PR concept. Project Runway: Jerell Hell. There will be all new designers (or maybe all the previous designers that everyone disliked), and Jerell. Every week, no matter what Jerell sends down the runway, he will not be eliminated. He will be heavily encouraged by the producers to make snarky comments about the other designers as well as praising his own looks to high heaven. And after the elimination, all the designers will have to listen to Jerell’s comments from the confession booth, especially the Aufed One. There, Jerell hell. Just like this episode.

    • Anonymous

      austin’s model is tall, yes, but she always looks to me like the secretary on the bob newhart show [the old one] if she decided to bleach her hair & become a model. something like that.

      then again, i remember being a child at disneyland during some kind of industry days. we were sitting around for a raffle [in which my father won a tape recorder, one which i dont think my parents ever replaced]. another winner was jerry the dentist. one of the greatest names in showbiz, peter bonerz. funny what sticks in yr mind, i remember him leaping over people to get the prize but that cant be right.

      • Anonymous

        yes, and his model’s face is a little butch.  thanks for the disneyland anecdote, i grew up in so cal and i was so jealous of the kids whose fathers were “in the industry”.  no possibility of their mothers being so employed, mothers didn’t work.

  • Anonymous

    IDK, I kinda like Jerrell’s it does have an Afro- Futuristic vibe to it. However dude needs to edit edit edit. His look would have been 100% improved he made the skirt into a simple dress or something. I think the shoulder gear stands out on it’s own, it doesn’t need a striped bikini top and a long weird skirt. . I adored Austin’s and if I was judging I would have given him the win.

  • Call me Bee

    I am acrimonious that jerrell did not get the boot for this…I don’t know what it is!  Boggles the mind, really, that the judges even liked it.  *shudder* 
    Loved Austin’s–he should have won, since his outfit was actually styled after his muse. 
    The judges seem to be on the verge of drinkng the BM kool-aid, making these weird decisions. 

  • Anonymous

    what makes me most nuts about jerell’s is that there are some elements to it that are fascinating, even beautiful. the collar treatment, for one. if you just saw the thumbnail you would have no idea what suddenly lies beneath. & what lies beneath, so help me, is not good. but not all of it. i think this particular outfit is one of the most consternating ive seen on PR. cos even the skirt has potential. everything does but that baffling bikini top. nice, or at least nice enough, combo of fabrics on the skirt. but, again, he’s got two problems. the first, obviously, is his lack of editing. the second, coming up more & more this season is his inability to find attractive proportions. cos if anything here seriously does not work, it’s that.

    i think i must be the only person who isnt too crazy about austin’s. i really am not. i didnt like it at all & i like him & i usually like what he does. it may be cos this week my life was so jampacked w/ sad occurrences that i’ve only seen everything in stills. it could be that i’ve seen stuff just like austin’s for at least thirty five years now. it could be that i am thoroughly irritated by the itty bitty net kneehole. it just makes me want to scream quietly. it could be, like my friend says, that mercury is in retrograde. only i am not sure if it is.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you on the virtues of Jerrell’s outfit.  It’s hideous as shit overall, but there are some individual elements that are really striking.  It really is kind of agonizing to think how cool the look might have been if he had gotten anywhere close to making the disparate patterns play well with each other.

    • Anonymous

      i was wondering about those fishnets.  were they on the nordstrom wall, complete with rip?  can’t see them in nordstrom.  were they intact and austin added the rip?  that would be a ballsy move.  was it an accident?  no, the placement is too intentional.  did the model bring them in?  are they allowed to do that?  inquiring minds want to know.

  • IMO, Anthony went home simply because the judges decided to stick with the rules. Anthony failed to follow the rule, so he got the boot. JerelI’s stay is pure luck. I don’t think Jerell realize it though. 

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t a big fan of the goo-gaws that Austin tacked on the left side of that jacket, but that was a fierce little outfit! 

    I never could with Jerrell. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on PR, and that is a bold statement considering
    some of the ass that’s been on that runway!

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s look needed editing. Like everything he’s done this season, it seems self-conscious, over-complicated–tortured, even. Definitely better than anything else that walked the runway, though. And that Jerell is still standing is one of the great miracles of the 21st century.

  • Anonymous

    I think Jerrell’s model saved him.  Her walk was so fierce, and she exuded so much confidence, that she had me thinking “well maybe that’s what passes for street fashion these days” until the judges educated me otherwise.  She deserves extra points for that.  And speaking of which:  are the models simply being paid this time around?  Is that why they seem, well, more professional than in the past few seasons? 

    • Anonymous

      it pisses me off that we don’t even know the models’ names anymore.  if i were one of the models i would be TOTALLY P.O.’d.  here you were are with all this exposure and the possibily of kicking off a runway career, except no one knows your name or how to contact you.  and they want you to do it for free?

  • I love how everyone shied away from using the g-word–Goth!–when describing Austin’s look and muse, including Austin himself.  Is it because April was labeled as the goth designer, so now it’s a bad word?  Goth != Hot Topic, it can be elegant and fashionable! 

    • Anonymous

      i wondered about that too.  it’s an unusual departure from his academy awards style.

  • Anonymous

    I think the “askew” bit was what kept Austin from the win.  to my eye, the embellishments on the top all look a little random and oddly the same scale, like a collection of knick knacks.  The skirt is great.  Jerrell was having a (badly executed!) Gwen Stefani, pre glam LAMB days, moment.  She used to do some really off beat stuff in her younger days with No Doubt.  Fun for a young neo punk alt rock chick but hardly runway fashion.

    • Anonymous

      i kept thinking austin’s top was going to fall off the model’s shoulder on one side.  i couldn’t decide if it was accidental or intentional.

  • Anonymous

    Why, please tell me why, the heck is Jarell still there? I just don`t get it. Last time the throw-up-gelato, this time the past-lsd-trip-burpcloth… no. Just no. 

  • I assumed that Jerrels actual outfit was minus the weird bra top but the producers wouldnt let it go down the runway without covering her boobies. cause if the yoke and the skirt were the outfit, it would be awesome.

    • Anonymous

      i could go for that!

  • vmcdanie

    I like that the new judges aren’t full bore assholes to the contestants but sometimes they are so polite (from Le Miz, go figure!) that I can’t tell who is top and bottom. I got the idea that Jerrell’s look wasn’t even in contention for the bottom? Come on, man! This is what it looks like when a Putumayo cd has a stroke.

    It’s even worse in stills. That tie-dyed bottom clashes horribly with the dashiki dicky. I can’t believe I just said the words “dashiki dicky.” Can’t bear to look anymore.

    • Anonymous

      dashiki dicky… what a cute turn of phrase. it’s a name for an obscene underground cartoon character.

  • Jerrell’s outfit literally left me speechless.  I couldn’t believe he’d send that down the runway AND thought it looked great.  Rules or no rules, how in hell was he not in the bottom and out for this week?  His taste level is questionable at best and pales in comparison to most of the other contestants.  In nine seasons of PR, this one of Jerrell’s was easily in the top 3 most horrible outfits.  My god, that was an awful number…three words come to mind looking at it: Woodstock, Vomit, and Blackout. Yuck!

  • Anonymous

    Mondo’s (although his jacket was quite the piece of work”).
    If by “work” you mean crapola, I agree.  Go away Mondo – you and your clothes annoy me.

  • Anonymous

    in case anyone’s wondering why i am replying to every other comment today, i am in bed with a sore throat.  here, forthwith, is my main soliloquy:

    i must be the only person alive who loves jerrell’s look.  you can stop throwing eggs now.  here’s what you have to do to appreciate  jerrells’ aesthetic:  time travel back to 1969, take a shitload of acid, and hang out in golden gate park by the conservatory of plants (a very trippy victorian greenhouse full of exotic vegetation).  she’s got to lose the shoes, though.  bare feet required.  

    the following is an off topic anecdote.  if you are annoyed by such things, please skip this paragraph.  once i was engaged in the above described activity and a storm came in off the sea, only my companion and i didn’t know because for us things were flying around anyway.  when we went to enter the greenhouse, there was a sign on the door saying CLOSED DUE TO STORMY WEATHER.  is it stormy weather?  we pondered, seeking hidden metaphors.  just then an albino guy dressed in black leather strolled by singing “don’t know why, there’s no sun up in the sky, stormy weather….”  i believe that was the day the pansies spoke to me.

    anyways, does jerrell’s model have a scrumptious stomach or what?  i just want to smoosh my face in it.  and i’m straight.  well, ok, i’m pretty close to the bi borderline.

    yep, nothing but sex, drugs, and rock’nroll here at sleah central. 

    • vmcdanie

      She does indeed have a beautiful belly. I hope she didn’t take Isaac’s “giant stomach” remark to heart.

  • mhleta

    I am the last person on earth who should get this look, so why do I?  Lady Gaga meets Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I can see this catching on in a big way, maybe not next season, but in a few years. This is for the artsy extrovert. Silly but kinda ballsy. People might snicker at her behind her back, but on some level they’re slightly impressed she had the stones to show up at the Keith Haring Retrospective opening reception at LACMA in this. Or maybe at CeeLo Green’s pool party. Whatever. I get it. But I ain’t wearing it. 

  • spooki C

    Jerrel’s was so cracktastic, fashionable fuckery at its finest. LOL

    Seriously, what was he thinking???

  • Louise Bryan

    …and here I spent most of the show thinking he was trying to decide which pieces to go with and then finish a look.  I truly never expected that he was using ALL of the little pieces that don’t go together.

  • Megan Patterson

    I enjoy how Jerell managed to pile so much shit on and yet still send the model down the runway practically naked. 

  • Cheri Lee

    I’ve never thought Jerrel could put together prints at all. Everything he does looks like the crazy country quilt your grandma wins a blue ribbon for (but you know she shouldn’t have).

    He’s so entertaining though that I want to LOVE everything he designs but I just can’t.

  • Anonymous

    WHY is Austin sporting that mustache? It’s distracting me from paying attention to his designs.

  • Anonymous

    I like Austin’s look, but perhaps it would have benefited from one fewer embellishment.  And Austin himself would benefit from one fewer mustache.

    As for Jerell’s look, I can smell the patchouli from here.  And the peyote.  And whatever else this chick surrounded herself with at Burning Man.  Like you said, the yoke could have been spectacular if paired with something more conventional, but as it is, we get underboob and a skirt riding so low we can practically see the poor girl’s hooha.  The overall effect is tacky and tasteless, and I’m shocked Jerell didn’t get the Schmauf.

  • Now that I look at this again, I disagree… I clicked on this post because the image of Jerell’s garment looked so interesting. 
    I think this would be a good stage outfit, something Rihanna or Gaga would wear… or even Gwen Stefani.  I love the references… Kanye West Hippie. Or just Afrikaa Bambataa.  Misunderstood Genius~!