Oscars WERQ: Viola Davis in Vera Wang

Posted on February 26, 2012

We have problems with a couple of things here* and that should technically disqualify this from being a WERQ, but once we saw Viola KILLING IT as well as SHUTTING IT DOWN in this stunning green color and sans wig, we had no choice…

… but to shout “GURL! WERQ!” roll our necks, give 3 snaps up in a Z formation, and sashay away.

In other words, she looks so fucking gorgeous it’s turned us into drag queens.

*Okay: her eyeshadow matches her dress and things get weird around the midpoint of that skirt.

[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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  • butterflysunita

    So happy she tossed the wig! And I love her attitude–she’s radiant.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Yes, RADIANT. Viola practically glows!

    • Kathy Schrenk

      I don’t get the big flap over wig or no wig. Her natural hair looks awesome!

  • And her boobs don’t look like they’re yelping in pain either.

    She looks divine.  A+!

  • TieDye64

    LOVE the hair. 

  • Libby Rhoman

    She looks smashing, and I love the natural hair style, but I do wish the color was darker.  It’s a little too close to her skin color, which is always a strange look (see Berenice Bejo).

    • kimmeister

      I agree about the hair color.  Would’ve loved a slightly darker brow too.

      • Sweetbetty

         I agree.  With those light brows and no color on her lips her whole face seems to blend right into her hair.

  • rumcg66

    The green eyeshadow is really, really subtle… definitely not enough to take away the WERQ.

  • She looks fantastic, that colour is beautiful on her and NO WIG!!!

  • gdougs

    I love her. You WERQ that crazy semi-shredded, boob-squeezing gown, Viola.

  • jenno1013

    Love her earrings.

  • What are you smoking? Her hair color with that dress made her look like a carrot and her tits looked like they were gasping for air.

    • jilly_d

      EXACTLY.  Color is fantastic but that boob fitting is atrocious.  And that hair color is not her friend.  Vi needs to listen to Amy Winehouse and go Back To Black.

      • PhillyDeb

        Agree as well.  Love that she didn’t wear a wig but WHY did she dye her hair?  It makes me want to cry.  And although the dress style, color, and detailing are beautiful, I cannot give a thumbs up to the way her boobs look.  So I like it a lot if I squint a little and ignore the hair. 

        •  Because she wanted red hair, and wasn’t terribly concerned with your opinion…

      •  Damn good thing it’s Viola’s hair then…

      • Sweetbetty

         Agree on the boob fitting.  I think if she just hiked the dress up an inch or so the problem would have been solved.  Her boobs would have filled in the wrinkled area below and the painfully pinched area would not have been so much on display.

    • tired_mommy

      Agreed–not a WERQ for me.

    • Celandine1

      I love that she ditched the wig but that hair color is horrible and maybe the bodice fits but it looks awful smushing her breasts like that. If this was IN/OUT I would have to say out. The color of the dress is good but that shiny green fabric on the bodice looks kind of cheap.

      •  I hear she has wonderful things to say about you, too.

      • Yeah, not loving this. She’s really beautiful, but I think this is her worst red carpet look so far. I like her with her natural hair, but why did she color it? And there’s a difference between great cleavage and squished breasts.

        The only thing working here is the color of the dress. The dress itself is less than great.

    • Evelina Chang

      Agreed. I love her dress color, but everything else… 

    •  What kind of carrots have you been eating?

    • MoreShoes

      Thank you for writing that. My sentiments exactly

    • I did not like this look at all either – she seems to have sabotaged the “natural hair” triumuph by being so…. so… “bronzy”.  I did not like her coloring at all and it really clashed with the green dress.  The boobs are odd.  Just so many wrong elements here.  She could have killed in – natural hair in the gorgeous dark color she wore in that magazine feature we saw a while back – that would have been a good place to start with this dress.  But, honestly, I’d rather see her in some other color period.

  • Joyce VG

    Love everything about her. 

  • saanrio

    All I can think is “Oh, Girl… DO NOT lean forward.

  • olsonam

    I like the last photo best – everything is at the right angle.

  • IAmJ

    I squealed when I saw the hair and the color of the gown (even though I’m not crazy about some of the design details). Love.

  • Zippypie

    I think you sampled the PRAS crack pipe from this past week.  She radiates gorgeousness from the neck up, but this dress is a miss in both fit and color.  As well as that weird ruffle thing that chops her in half.  So happy to see her with her natural hair!

    • I like the colour, but totally agree on fit and weird ruffle. It’s a WERQ because she’d WERQ it in pyjamas but not as an objective measure of bringing it to the red carpet.

    • I like the colour, but totally agree on fit and weird ruffle. It’s a WERQ because she’d WERQ it in pyjamas but not as an objective measure of bringing it to the red carpet.

  • Love, love, love it!

  • MK03

    Am I the only one who hates that weird cleavage cutout?

    • charlotte


    • altalinda


  • Alisa Rivera

    For once I agree on a WERQ. There are problems in the details but the overall effect is STUNNING.

  • nosniveling

    go Vi!!

  • LittleKarnak

    Love the hair, makeup, and attitude…the dress, not so much.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Uh..no.  She’s got smushed babyheads, the hair color is awful and the makeup is doing her no favors.  Points for not wearing a wig.  She looks much younger and hipper without the wig but that hair color.  Can’t go there.  The dress is beautiful but overall it certainly doesn’t look like a WERQ to me.

    •  Okay, then don’t dye your hair that color, dear.  This is VI’s hair, and she gets to wear it the way she wants to.

  • R. L.

    I think she is gorgeous!

  • Love the new hair color on her – she looks even younger than she usually does. Love the color on the dress. Will be watching and hope that when she wins, the frontal shot of her accepting won’t ‘over-focus’ on the boobs. It’s one thing with the whole dress, but when it’s above the rib cage???  I’m worrying too much. She looks gorgeous of course.

  • SVLynn

    She looks amazing, but I just hope she doesn’t get so excited when she wins that she raises her arms and has a wardrobe malfunction. Can’t wait to see what you think of the rest!

  • mozzer0906

    The color is stunning and I love she went sans wig. Werq indeed!

  • mjude

    i squealed with joy that she is doing her own damn hair.  WERQ indeed

  • butter nut

    she looks so incredible, i’m going to forgive her for what she’s doing to her tits.  

  • Love that she took a risk and wore a color no one else wore (or ever really wears on the RC)!

  • quiltrx

    She looks absolutely radiant!

  • elzatelzabelz

    I really do not like the bottom half of the gown, but she is werqing the hell out of it.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    The dress is a little weird, but her hair is SO GODDAMN FABULOUS that I’m willing to forgive the flaws.

    But for future reference, darling, the babyheads need some serious lifting, separating, and tailoring, or, as my girlfriends and I say, “Divide and conquer!”

  • NC_Meg

    This elicited a “damn, girl!” from me because damn, girl is WERQing it! Although my minor quibble isn’t the midpoint of the skirt but her boobs. It’s like she has suddenly forgotten what to do with them.

  • snarkykitten

    the babyheads ruin it.

  • DesertDweller79

    I love her natural hair.  And I love the color.  But, I don’t like the bottom of the dress.  And her boobs are still too squished.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    love her, but i do not love that weird slash on the dress nor the treatment of the girls, sorry gentlemen not a WERQ from me…

  • It’s a terrible dress being pulled off by pure fierceness

    • Judih1

      Exactly! I couldn’t quite figure out why I gave it a WERQ inspite of the many thins I don’t like about it. But it is the fierceness in which she is wearing this that won be over

  • Love the hair not so much the dress.

  • Judy_J

    I’m not loving the dress, but so happy to see she ditched the wig in favor of her natural hair.

  • ConstanceGrace

    I LOVE the hair and like the dress, minus the babyheads. But does anyone else think the makeup is way too orange? Her face doesn’t match the rest of her body.

    • LeoBloke

       I agree about the makeup being too orange, ConstanceGrace! It needs to be returned to Michael Kors.

  • Pennymac

    Lovely color, adore her hair, and while the top is just a little snug and low, this is a WERQ!  The bottom bothers me just a little-that slash that runs perpendicular is off, some how. But a minor quibble, GO VIOLA!!!!

  • ChristinaRi

    She looks beautiful in that color, but she’s doing the boobie squish — again.

    Also I would have liked that dress a lot better without the   — thing — on the bottom.

  • xmixiex

    werq?  seriously?  her boobs look weird AGAIN, the bottom half of the skirt is weird… she doesn’t look bad, but SO not a werq.  ESPECIALLY because of the boobs. 

  • jw_ny

    Viola is working the shit out of that dress…attitude counts for a lot!  Hideous color, and the baby heads and the jewel at the nipple are trashy.  2 thumbs up regardless…

  • Scarlet39

    No.  Thefit is terrible in the bust and that ruffle thing makes it look cheap.  I’m disappointed

  • Le tete du bebe

  • I dunno. When she came out, Beloved and I both had distinctly tree-like thoughts.

  • I think green’s got to be her power color. I’m so glad she went au natural for the awards show (and inevitable acceptance speech)!

  • Love the hair, love the color, hate the dress. I’m crying on behalf of her boobs.

  • Farthingale

    Those breasts deserve more fabric. Lazy tailoring at Vera Wang. 

  • I agree with the colour… but i really do not like the dress….her boobs look like its stuffed inside a child’s birthday party invitation envelope and also the chiffon looks like weird sea urchids…. its poison ivy going to her ball..

  • Judih1

    wish the boobs were not so squished and a little color on her lips would have been nice, but overall this is still a WERQ. So GLAD she tossed the wig. Guess she took TLO”s advice.

  • bitterk

    Put down the cocktails boys and take a closer look.  You should be reading her the riot act for this leprechaun green get up.  

    Shoot me but there is so much wrong with this look.  Where to begin.  The hair:  Love the natural look but the shade is off.  A deeper shade would have been more flattering.  As is, the color reads too orange-y.   On to the dress:  Ugh.  The embellishment at the top is ugly, the boobs look tortured and the ruffle is horrid.   

    And do I need to mention the matchy matchy earrings?  

  • dorothea_brooke

    More than the sum of its parts, somehow.

    • Chaiaiai

      Yes!  Exactly!

  • brookeinmn

    Love the color of her dress and the fit. I’ll be the odd one out and say I prefer her wig. Her hair is fine, just the color really threw me off. 

  • Rrroza

    Ooohhh….dress is great except for fit of the top. Yiiii. (But maybe she likes the feel of that, since she’s done it so often?) Also wish she’d left her hair black. But still, overall fabulousness

  • CozyCat

    After the beautiful speach she gave to Seacrest (whoe, btw deserve a WERQ himself for his performance during the “dictator” prank), it’s impossible to give her anything but a WERQ.

    Especially since it’s such a beautiful dress that she obviously fees wonderful wearing….

  • This WERQ brought to you by the power of natural hair and utter fierce.

  • i don’t know if it’s the colour of her hair or her makeup/foundation, but i feel like every time she goes sans wig she looks so washed out. i’m loving the dress, but her face looks so much lighter than the rest of her.

  • crackineggs

    She’s determined to let the girls enjoy the awards season!  I would have preferred less decolletage, but she looks radiant.

  • MarissaLG

    SHE looks beautiful, but I really don’t like the dress. The color is weird and there’s way too much going on. 

  • Sweetvegan

    I know this isn’t an in/out post, but to me, she’s just barely in. Her breasts look like they’re trying to escape being flattened by that bodice.

  • granddelusion

    Oh, oh, oh! I’m (almost) speechless. Not crazy about baby heads, but loving the hair and the color. She is a goddess! In!

  • Mirakel9

    I thought she looked great, but my 11 yr. old thought she looked like a 3rd grade art project, and, frankly….I can see that!

  • Fordzo

    No sure how you could say that Jennifer Lopez needed to put her nipples away and tone things down, but then have so much praise for this look?

  • Why do you keep doing this to your breasts, Viola?  Do you hate them?  Also, why did you let Vera slash the hem of your gown and then attempt to mend it?  Otherwise, looking good.

  • ccm800

    Boob torture and not IN LOVE with the color of her fro –  but she looks divine 

  • I mean, come on, people..

    748,000 Google hits for “Viola Davis wears natural hair” since the moment she hit the red carpet five-ish hours ago.

    A sistah goes out the house without a weave in and the world loses its damn mind.

    Frankly, I feel vindicated, because she and I use the same color on our naturals.  Now I feel like I need to go get rows put in so my hair doesn’t look so sloppy.

  • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

    I think she looks great without the wig. And oddly, younger.

    But what’s with the green ruffly vajayjay on the bottom third of that skirt?

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      in some ways it’s very sad that we, as a culture, have become so inured to the near everpresence of stylized female genitalia that it is the first thing we see when we fill in an abstract slash of a blank [right now i’m thinking etsy but etsy is just one vulvaceous facet].
      & i dont think this visual fill-in is specific only to you or to this dress. it’s not. people note it all the time. & it really is more than sort of distressing.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    No, no, no.  First, an African-American woman manages to make her skin orange.  She wasn’t bronze, she was ORANGE.  Shocking.  That dress is too shiny and tacky and I have been scared by and scared for her girls way too often this awards season.  I hate her dress, and I hate to say that because she rocks.  

  • AnaRoW

    I like the hairstyle but not the color.  I really don’t like the makeup. She looks older than she is.  Great dress color but I wish there was a little more coverage up top.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i would fit the top properly & darken the hair dramatically–together that would make this glorious look impeccable.
    & i hope she can at least revel a bit in the knowledge that there are many of us out here who are all but scandalized & heartbroke that she didnt win.

  • Anathema_Device

    Hmmm…I’m more inclined see this as an In but not a WERQ. The boob smooshing is very unflattering, but the everything else looks pretty amazing.

  • MilaXX

    LOVED this. Seriously squeed out loud when I saw her hair.  When she spoke about how free she felt letting go of the wigs, I nearly cried.

  • Toto Maya

    I didn’t like the hair color, but I can forgive it just for the fact that she ditched the wig. I’m sorry she didn’t win the Oscar, but she looked fantastic.

  • BookishBren

    She looks fab but I also found the hair color threw the look off a bit. It really is too close to her skin tone and made her eyebrows invisible.

  • dharmabum8

    I’m not digging the tight, green, and shiny. On a less awesome person this could seem tacky, even, but she is making that tight green shiny mess look good.

  • leilah

    So close and, yet, so FREAKIN’ far….
    Just when Viola slays everyone by going with the short curly ‘fro, she decides that universal acclaim isn’t good enough and dyes it red.  Part of why her dark hair in a ‘fro was so fabulous, is that the color contrasted with her skin, while the (NO BANGS!) style so beautifully framed her face.  I also think that a darker green would look far better on her, ‘tho it may just be the lights hitting the sheen of the silk satin.
    On second thought, the biggest problem with her hair color may be the blending of the makeup (which I SWEAR is a lighter shade than normal — google her images) past the hair line…no definition.  ALSO, my nubby just pointed out that her hair WAS RED at the Essence luncheon where she unveiled her ‘fro, just a darker (and better) shade of red.

    •  Viola and I have the same shade of red, thank you very much, though through generations of miscegenation, my complexion is closer to the caramel on the top of a macchiato than hers.  Somtimes I even go fire engine red, but then, I’m not going to the Oscars.

  • TxMom2011

    Didnt love the hair color.   She looked amazing.  I am so glad she ditched the wig.

  • I have to disagree. That dress is not attractive. The fabric is ugly–maybe it’s just the photo? It looks like it’s made of vinyl. But what I dislike most is the lift-and-smoosh boobs. Why???

  • filmcricket

    Love the colour, hate everything else about this look, including the hair.

    •  So she needs to wear a wig to meet with your colonialist approval?

  • She looks great! I hope she sets a trend for natural hair!

  • miwome

    Man, I kind of hate everything about this dress but the color and the general shape. But I love her, so whatever.

  • littlemissstrange

    In. That color is beautiful on her and I love her hair. And she SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THAT FUCKING OSCAR. Whatever, Oscars fucking suck anyway.

  • NurseEllen

    Designer, please?  And I hate the red hair.  Her own color was much better.

    • Do you know what her own color is?  She usually wears wigs, so it’s been a while since anyone has seen her natural hair to begin with, and you might want to walk that comment back a few steps.

  • joe_tey83

    …Seriously, that dress is pretty hideous. It’s like the design is inspired by fungi.

    It’s one of those times whereby the love for the actress clouds everything – not that I don’t think Viola is not fabulous. But this dress? Ew.

  • unbornfawn

    This is a miss. She looked better at the Essence luncheon. Her natural hair is so beautiful. I am so thrilled she ditched the wigs for tonight of all nights.  But WTF with the red? Not crazy about her make-up. The dress is a good color for her, but the fit is off at the bust. That is where your eye goes. She is however, rocking that smile!  

  • I don’t love her hair that light, and I don’t actually love the dress, but I do love her natural hair and I do love the color on her beyond belief. Also, frankly, I’m super impressed that she has noticeable stretch marks on her arms and is still werqing the shit out of sleeveless. 

  • alyce1213

    Why did she lighten/redden her hair?  It’s so much prettier dark brown.  I don’t love this dress and she’s having the same boobage problem as last week, but somehow, she’s just glowing and she looks great.

    • Probably for the same reason I wear my hair the same shade of red: because she bloody well wants to.  And my natural fro isn’t dark brown either, unless I’ve been out in the sun every day of the summer.

      She didn’t need your permission, because it ain’t about you.

  • StrandedFashionista

    Much like the rest of the commentariat, I love the color but I HATE that dress. It’s just a confusing mess of design elements. I was sorely disappointed that, after such an amazing awards season of gowns, she ends it with THIS. 

  • She does look beautiful, but that is one fuggly dress! 

  • PrincessSlaya

    I love everything except those “couple of things.”  It looked like she was wearing a wee baby’s butt as an ornament in the center of her dress.

  • The straight-on photo is disturbing due to the couple of things, but in motion she looked fine in every sense of the word.

  • Vodeeodoe

    Below the neck, yes. Above the neck, girl needs darker hair and some makeup. Also, what’s with Actresses wearing close to natural lipstick? This has been going on for years now, and I’m over it. You don’t have to Rooney Mara yourself to add some sensual/striking color to the show.

  • ASK26

    I am glad she looks happy and the color looks nice on her – but I really don’t love this look

  • ASK26

    I am glad she looks happy and the color looks nice on her – but I really don’t love this look

  • SewingSiren

    Vera did her wrong. It’s just an okay gown. I’ve seen her look so much better in dresses that are starkly simple , like the ivory gown she wore to the luncheon.

  • O H

    No, no, no, no, it’s not her, not flattering, and she needs body makeup.  The natural hair color is all wrong, and if you can wear the hair to the grocery store, it’s not Red Carpet Ready.  Try again, Viola.  You can demand perfection, honey.

  • I didn’t see the red  carpet but I was THRILLED when they showed the Supporting Actress nominees and there she was all bright and colorful and gorgeous.

  • kaycem

    love love LOVE the new hair, but would’ve worked better for me with some color on her lips.  b/c the new color is so much lighter than her usual hairstyles, i think a little more zhushing is called for makeup-wise.  and i’m not sold on the dress itself, but the color *is* spectacular on her.  get it, v.

  • I want her lips and hair color to not match her skin–is that her natural hair color?  Either way she looks gorgeous, but it could be better.

  • Cathy S

    To be honest, I hate the gown. But the color is lovely and she looks gorgeous. So WERQ that meh dress Viola!

  • Yea, this dress looks a bit confused. I do not like anything but the color.  It all goes to shit below the knees…that ruffle that connects to the pleating is just horrid.  But damn, from the shoulders up WERQ WERQ WERQ! 

  • SapphoPoet

    I’m so glad she went with her natural hair (although I’d be happier if she hadn’t colored it). She looks wonderful. And THAT is how the girls should be shown. 🙂 

  • piecesofconfetti

    That dress is amazing! Great color on her. My only gripe is I think she’d look better with slightly darker hair.

  • You can tell she knows she’s werq-ing it because she is carrying herself like a fucking QUEEN.

  • sid123

    no, not so much.  The fit looks stiff, the girls look suffocated, arms masculine, make up non-existent.

    Have you boys ever seen a green dress you didn’t like?

    Great smile though, lovely woman coming through.

  • Wow, guys, have you let your love for Viola blind you? This is so not fitting correctly, and if you want to talk about tacked on s–t, this dress has that in spades! Sorry, gotta disagree with you on the dress, but I do love her hair.

  • mmc2315

    I want to like this look more than I actually do.  I also want her hair darker, but I LOVE the short, natural look on her.  KILLAH.
    And girl looks so happy!

  • Susan Crawford

    VIOLA! Yes! Rock the carpet, woman – you look PERFECT! (I am screaming in a hoarse voice this morning after all last night’s screaming, groaning, gasping and howling.)

  • Larkin21

    Agreed, she looks amazing. Love her hair. And the midpoint of the skirt really is strange, isn’t it?

  • BeeBeauNYC


  • miatamam

    Love, love, LOVE her hair.  Bold choice and absolutely beautiful.

  • Ms. Viola looks stunning!!!  I hope to see her in more lead actress roles, so she can get her an Oscar to take home!!  Her breasts are perfect. 

  • kolokOlchik

    I agree!  She looked absolutely gorgeous, from her teeny afro to the beautiful green gown!

  • I thought she looked stunning.

  • lrhoff

    I’m not convinced at all.  Why does she smash her boobs like that all the time?  Not WERQing for me…..

  • Jeanne Desposito

    I think she looks hideous and unrecognizable.  I was so disappointed after how wonderful she has looked at all the previous award shows this season.   But here she looks terrible.  I hate the color of the dress and the color of her hair.   Green dress and orange hair?  Uhhh…. just no.  She also has too much black eyeliner on.  And she needs eyebrows!  

  • Love this but just wish she’d left her baby heads at home.  Otherwise–excellent color and she is glowing.  Well done!  (Too bad she didn’t win…) 

  • LAjane81

    The color is great on her and I dig the natural hair, but no.  The boob area is all wrong and the skirt looks like it was attacked by something.  She’s done so much better up until now.

  • EEKstl


  • Great color, but, oh, her poor breasts! 

  • samo_samo

    Although I really don’t love the dress, Miss Viola looks fresh and radiant. I love the hair and makeup. I think the color of the dress is flattering, but the fit left didn’t seem right (too tight).  The foo-foo-la going on around the bottom of the dress seemed unnecessary. Even with all of that Miss Viola made it WERQ! Kudos!

  • marilyn

    The girls must be REALLY taped in there, because they look like they are going to pop out at any moment.  Other than that, a GREAT dress.

  • nancylee61

    I really hate that she squishes her boobs like that in recent dresses. Have some mercy, woman!!! The color is lovely on her, however, and I like her hair like that.

  • oohsparkley!

    She looks ok, I wouldn’t give it a werq.  Her haircolor is unflattering and did she dye her eyebrows?  It reminds me of a cupie doll or something weird. And the lack of lipcolor doesn’t help. The dress is a great color and sillouette but looks a little cheap and the bodice shows a little too much cleavage from straight on (underboob).

  • MoHub

    Sorry. No WERQ until she stops torturing her boobs.

  • What did Viola’s boob’s do to her? Why does she hate them now?

  • SpcilK

    Do not like the way her breasts look in the dress. I do love her confidence!

  • Her bosoms do look like they want to escape, but if she’s comfortable with it, she looks fantastic! Love the green against her copper skin, and no more Supremes wigs! Yay! Gorgeous Lady, GO! 

  • Jennifer Coleman

    I love this look! Great color on her, the hair color is grand and she is radiating joy and delight. Yeah, there’s a wee bit too much going on at the mermaid tail, but that’s only if you stare at it too long. The bodice is complicated – the solid green corset piece ends at an odd spot in relation to the bust. I think this design is for an a cup, but it is correctly sized for her. Her bust is not squished in there, it’s just people are not used to seeing women display them in a way different than the JLo ‘tape & separate plunging v’ look.

  • altalinda

    I wish that beaded panel had gone all the way across her front.  Other than that, bravo.

  • Ehh, didn’t like the smashed boobs.  

  • PhoebePowers

    I like the hair a lot, but I thought the dress was one of the worst. Those weird boob cup things and the chopped up skirt – the whole thing is sort of an eyesore for me.

  • carpediva

    Okay, as a sistah who hope she would but predicted she wouldn’t, I am THRILLED about her natural hair: again, not for any statement it makes but because she looks gorgeous that way.  But it is all about keeping it real here at Bitter Kitten Feedback Ministries, so I must say: I’m a wee bit heartsick over the dye color she chose.  With the dress color, her skin tone, and her makeup, it’s coming off more than a little carrot-y, it pains me deeply to say. Also? Babyheads. (Also, robbery at the hands of Streep, but that’s for another post.)

    All that said, though she did look fabulous: confident, radiant… go, girl.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    She looks fantastic! WERQ!

  • PhillipWilde

    I love her natural hair.

  • pdquick

    The red hair makes her face look washed out against this dress. Love the natural style, though. If she took it back to black or very dark ash brown (which actually contains some on-obvious green tint), this whole look would have been spectacular.

    • Lisa

      I agree. I love her natural hair,but I’m not crazy about the red color – it doesn’t suit her complexion.  LOVE the dress, the color is gorgeous!  My only quibble with the design is that I’m not crazy about the diagonal ruffle below the waist, but aside from that, this is a WERQ!

  • Adriana_Paula

    I love a redhead in green.  WERQ.

  • I thought  of you guys when I saw her sans wig. She listened!!

  • ri_dic


  • What a fantastic color. WERQ just for that!

  • BrightsideSusan

    When I saw her I said “Oh! She wore the hair Jesus gave her!”  My husband thought I had gone insane – not being one who brings Jesus into things.


    Odd proportions, bad hair color and a really strange botom half to this dress. Sorry, can’t agree with this WERQ.

  • How do you do a Z in three snaps? Mine makes a 7.

    Help meee, I’m so white!

  • Snailstsichr

    My sister and I turned to each other and squealed, “Oh no, T Lo will ding her for the matchy eye shadow.”

    You guys never let us down.

  • mbelchic

    Flawless sans wig-