Nicki Minaj in Nanette Lepore

Posted on February 17, 2012

Miss Nicki picks another bright, fun outfit but fails to stick the dismount.


Nicki Minaj attends the MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Party in New York City in a Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 dress and jacket paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 Collection

We adore this on her. It’s so perfectly her. But darling Nicki, what is going ON with that busted-ass wig you’ve got on? And why are your buttons so sloppily closed? Is it because the skirt’s too tight, sweetie? Maybe? As your imaginary gays, we feel it’s our duty to tell you that you’ve been slipping on the details lately and making the classic amateur’s mistake of thinking merely wearing a great garment is enough. It’s never enough, dear. Finishing is key. And fit, of course. And then there’s the whole question of shitty wigs. Basically, what we’re saying is, Girl, this is so TOTALLY your dress, but not in this size and not with that thing on your head.

Also, not those shoes.


[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images,]

    • Gara St. James

      Somehow, on her, this looks like something from the Jaclyn Smith Collection at K-Mart.

      • Mylynka

        HI GARA!   Fancy seeing you here!  ;)

        • Gara St. James

           Hello, Mylynka, darling! It’s always so gratifying to be recognized away from movie screens!

    • Judy_J

      I agree completely with your assessment.  Buttons don’t pull like that when garment is fitted properly.  Nicki needs to pay attention to you.

      • Anonymous

        TLO speaks the TRUTH. 

    • Mori Clark

      so, so close. also i think her hair might look better if it were against a darker background, but the glowing white behind her is doing her no favours. 

    • Anonymous

      My eyes!  Dear god, my eyes!

    • Anonymous

      Very cute dress and jacket, but you’re right. The pulling at the buttons is bad. The wig? Ugh. Not the color or style, but the way it looks so cheap.

      I have to say I don’t generally dig her brand of artifice.

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      The blazer is the bigger crime for me–that thing is at least three sizes two small–it’s not even fitting her shoulders!

    • Anonymous

      I love the style on her. Those gaps between the buttons are LOLOL. And yes her wig is getting majorly tiresome. She just needs to step it up and get with the program. I love the look on her though. Not many people can wear this style and design, but she sure can.

    • Lauren Maier

      AHHHHHHHH!  It’s a candy-stripper nightmare!  My eyes!  MY EYES!

    • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao

      Psychedelic Drunk Meth Barbie! Love!

    • MilaXX

      I like the shoes with this, but the I agree the wig is busted and the skirt needs to go up a size.

      • AnonMom

        Agreed.  I love the shoes, as well.

        • Mercy

          Yes I think it’s the backdrop, not the shoes, that elevated this outfit to “seizure inducing,” to borrow TLo’s fashion week caught-in-the-paparazzi-glare phrase…

    • Anonymous

      I can’t tell if it’s the lighting & the background (IT IS SO BRIGHT) but she looks like she might have gotten a little crazy with either some makeup or self tanner. Her skin doesn’t look quite right. The dress is so great but yea, the buttons. I can’t with the wig. I stand by what I said the other day: she got it at Party City. 

      • Anonymous

        I noticed this at the Grammys, too. Something off about her face color.  And again, she’s not smiling. Have some fun, for God’s sake.

    • Rebecca Johnson

      Nikki, you’ve got a voicemail from Tammy Faye Baker, she wants her lashes back. 

      Ditch the crappy weave and a few of the bangles and she’d be on the adorable side of wacky.

    • Anonymous

      When she sits, her vajayjay is going to get a real airing. That button is ready to explode and pop someone’s eye out.

      Cute dress, but it’s too much with the jacket also; it is giving me a headache. 

    • Cathy S

      Again, just like her last outfit (the colorblock dress) I love this on her but it’s too tight. Loosen up Nicki!

    • Judy S

      Lord, with those stripes I didn’t even see the gaps between the buttons. Good eyes!

    • Cate

      I like the shoes! the wig is a mess though…

      • Isabel

        What’s her real hair color?

        • Cate

          I assume black, or some variant shade of brown? no idea to be honest.

    • Anonymous

      I love those fucking shoes.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      I think without the jacket, and the hair of course, she would have nailed it.  The buttons aren’t sloppily closed, she’s too big for the dress (her butt specifically–not hating, just saying) thus the buttons pull, especially when she’s sitting down.  Gah. There is a full on open space right at her crotch.

    • Anonymous

      I am shocked to find I desperately want that jacket…and those shoes in a non-ankle-breaking heel. She look like she slept in this (and did a few headstands to wake up).

    • Jasmine Moten

      I, for one, just wish she would stop wanting to be white.

    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t ever look to me like she’s having fun so these clothes just look garish and attention seeking on her.  Katy Perry dresses like a wack job but she looks like she is having a great time doing it and so carries the clothes.
      I barely know who she is, however, so perhaps that expression IS her enjoying life.

      • accidental housewife

        Huh. I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. She never looks like she’s enjoying herself. I know nothing about her or her music either, so maybe the dour look is part of her persona. Why so serious?

    • Anonymous

      seriously girl?

    • Sara__B

      Uh, oh. This is one of the worst cases of button gap-osis and wig crap-osis I’ve ever seen. I hope she finds a cure soon.

    • Anonymous

      Ooooh.  Pretty shoes. Pretty sandals.  Ooooh. 

    • Paula Berman

      I like the shoes! I agree that if this were worn in the correct size and smoothly deployed, she would be awesome.

    • accidental housewife

      I was going to blame the dress, but after seeing in on the model, it’s apparent the dress is not at fault. The problem isn’t only that it’s a size too small. I don’t think this is Nicki’s dress. There’s a difference between being a rule-breaker and making bad fashion choices. This falls into the latter category.

      And the wig. Yikes! I love me some platinum hair, but I cannot defend that wig.

    • Anonymous

      Lady Gaga can dress wackadoodle and look great, like she just marches to her own drum beat and is loving life.  Maybe it is that weird expression Nicki always has but she just looks like over-medicated mental patient.   

      • Anonymous

        Yes–I just commented on her blankness–kind of disturbing and not in a good way.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely LOVE the shoes. I also love the little pink flats on the model. I will not speak of the atrocity on her head.

    • Anonymous

      Although, those shoes are FIERCE!

    • Anonymous

      dolly called… she was looking for that one.

    • Anonymous

      After looking at the model pic, I’m wondering if some of her, uh, “issues” might have been alleviated by taking a cue from how it was presented and not buttoning the bottom buttons on the skirt. 

      Also, lose the bracelets. You’re not shilling them on QVC. 

      • Anonymous

         Nice try, but one of the pulling buttons is mighty high on the skirt. She would have to undo at least two more buttons than the model, and that would be scary high.
        Go up a size, honey.

        • Anonymous

          Well I did say “alleviated”, not “ready to be shot for the cover of Vogue”. For a last minute attempt at a fix, it would have been worth a go. 

    • Anonymous

      I think it somehow looks frumpy, especially from the side.

      And is it her “act”, or does she always look like there’s nothing going on in her brain?

      • Anonymous

        My comment exactly!

    • butter nut

      i LOVE this on her!  she is killing it! but that hair… oh girl…

    • Kat Wright

      Too much!

    • Anonymous

      Am I just old?  I am always so disturbed by her face–the lack of vitality–she can’t really be that blank inside her head?

    • Trevor Burroughs

      Is she just standing with her legs too wide? Look at the way the dress pulls at the bottom around those buttons.  If these were pants, we’d be seeing camel toe.

      • Anonymous

         She’s standing with her legs crossed!! So imagine how tight it would look were she standing even normally.

    • Belle Burnett

      I beg to differ — totally with those shoes! They are so fierce!
      The wig? Ugly as sin. It looks like she picked it up off the floor at the last minute and shoved it on her head in the elevator, no mirrors around to get it correct.
      The ensemble? It’s ok, love the colors…I don’t think it’s the fit that bothers me. Maybe without the jacket she wouldn’t look quasi-matronly?

    • Anonymous

      At least the wig is a better color than some of those horrible Crayola looks.  In all a very fun, cute and dare I say practically professional lok  (for Nikki Minaj).    I still wish her 15 minutes of fame were up!

    • Anonymous

      I used to have a set of Barbies that had molded hair upon which you put these little pre-made wigs.  Nuff said.

      • Anonymous

        it looks a little like the big plastic ice cream cone on top of a dairy queen.

    • Anonymous

      Every time you show a photo of her I have no other comment except what an eyesore that wig is.  Please NIcki, make it go away.  

    • Anonymous

      fails to stick the dismount. 


      What I’ve decided about yesterday’s picture and today’s is that she’s feeling chastened and a little embarrassed because she went for that big old crazy scenario at the Grammys, and expected to be everybody’s darling, and NOBODY liked it. Sort of a post-Grammys walk of shame. That’s my story, anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Also, maybe the jacket and dress together are overkill. Seems to work better on the models. A smaller amount of a good thing goes a long way.

      • Anonymous

        but she’s definitely not going for tasteful here.  reminds me of kenley telling heidi ” i so wasn’t going for elegant here, heidi, totally.”  or something like that.

    • Kelsey Albrecht

      I wish she would go away.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not convinced layering the jacket in that pattern on top of the dress in that pattern was  a good idea either; I like them better separately, as they’re presented on the models.

    • Mylynka

      this & the Jennifer Aniston dress have given me a migraine.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The effect is so Malibu Barbie, it’s searing my eyes.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, the Nicki hate that has been cropping up in the comments is disturbing.  Her psycho-Barbie persona doesn’t necessarily mean she “wants to be white,” listen once to “Did it on ‘em” before asking if she is “blank in the head”; her “15 minutes” won’t be “up” any time soon – Young Money Entertainment is dominating the hip hop industry – oh, but you “don’t listen to her music”. 

    • Anonymous

      That Nanette Lepore collection looks like it would be right up my alley.

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes, but not necessarily with that whole rig.

    • Anonymous

      Girl needs to stay away from polyester hair. Actually, we all need to do that.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely not those shoes. They’re right at the edge of matchy, which would be bad enough given how bright the color is. But it’s even worse to be eye searingly bright AND dissonant.

    • MinAgain

      She never looks like she’s having a good time.  If you’re going to dress like a cheap streetwalker with money, you should, at the very least, look like you’re having fun spending the john’s cash.

    • Shelly H

      It’s poorly fitted and she’s not committing to the look. She wants to be a cartoon Barbie character and do her wacky thing, but when she doesn’t turn it on, everything goes contrived. The reason GaGa and Katy Perry get away with being kooky is because they stay in character and usually they look like they’re in on the joke and winking at us. Nicki doesn’t seem to put much thought into her look beyond BARBIE CRAZY EYES, and lately she’s following it up by looking bored. She’s a striking woman who can carry off unique looks, but she just doesn’t seemed committed anymore.

    • TigerLaverada

      The hair and makeup are so offputting that the clothes are secondary. The clothes fitting poorly doesn’t help.

    • Anonymous

      I’m gonna disagree on the shoes — I think they work. 

    • Terence Ng

      The buttons, no, but the wig, I’ll give a pass. Like the dress and the shoes, it lines up with MAC’s whole drag/WW campaigns.

    • Anonymous

      i’m a bit disturbed that her skin looks so incredibly pale and washed out here.

    • Anonymous

      kudos to the person who pointed out that the pulling on the buttons is caused by nicki’s posterior. it’s just not the dress for someone with her size backside. as for her lack of smiliness, she’s apparently going thru some issues in her personal life, breakup of a long-term, somewhat dysfunctional relationship.

    • Anonymous

      Well, at least she didn’t wear blue lipstick.

    • Anonymous

      Is she still around?

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s fab, wig and all. But she needed to go up a size and have it tailored down to fit that ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS.

      • Anonymous

        she does have the most bodacious badonkadonk ever.

    • Anonymous

      If I had a super-cute bod (and I don’t need a wig), I would totally wear this outfit, in the correct size, and prance all over town.  It practically screams “confidence.”

      Too bad it’s on her, though…she can cheapen anything.

    • Anonymous

      two pieces that might have been ok on their own just don’t go. Love the shoes.

    • Alisa Rivera

      Agree on the wig, disagree on the shoes. Isn’t the idea to pull out one color? Not sure why these are a problem.

    • bellalozza

      i hated her before, but trying to pull this crap off makes me hate her even more. go back to newark, you boring trashy ms. thang.

    • Anonymous

      I like…the colors.

      If I thought Nicki was halfway down the road to clever I might give her credit for being ironic with that busted blond wig, but she’s not so I won’t. I’m weary of her whole tired schtick.

    • Allison Woods

      There is never an appropriate time to wear the jacket and the dress at the same time.

      That is all.

    • L.

      Her whole entire face looks botox-ed.   Is it?  Can you do that?

    • Anonymous

      i’ve seen more busted looking wigs (on dida ritz, for example) but i guess that’s not much of a compliment.  it looks better in some shots than others.  the first and last i kind of liked, but the second view, from the side, just no.  i noticed those straining buttons right away, and at first thought the shoes were too matchy.  but when i saw the side view, i liked that additional shot of color.  she may be trash, but she’s got class, and a world class ass, so i say IN.

    • Anonymous

      I 100% agree with you about the rightness of the garments and the wrongness of the details. But I just fucking LOVE that she wore the dress and blazer together. She’s like one of those eye-puzzle posters, but from like Stepford Barbieland, or something, and I AM SO IN.

    • amanda lynn

      why not those shoes?

    • Jen L.

      Those shoes are straight-up fabulous! They must be mine.

      The rest? Terrible.

    • Lisa

      Yeah, the hair is bad, and the buttons are gaping.  If she’d gone one size up and had it tailored down, then done something with the hair, it would be amazing.

    • Sue Tyler

      she needs Chris March’s hair person to be  with 24/7 because that woman was a wonder with wigs

    • Phyllis Craine

      The gaposis is unforgivable

    • Pennymac

      NO. But I love the dress on the model because she has no boobs or ASS ASS ASS.

    • Anonymous

      Dress is too tight in the hips – she should know that her figure requires a custom fit. The shoes I could forgive if the hair wasn’t so bad. Did someone go dumpster diving outside Dolly Parton’s old dressing room? Even Dolly isn’t wearing this kind of big hair anymore.

    • Eric Scheirer Stott

      The dress and jacket are both cute but NOT together

    • Sara Munoz

      When you’re right, you’re right. And TLo, as always, you are spot-on.

    • Anonymous

      You said it perfectly. To sum up: Yes to the dress. No to the button poppage. Yes to the shoes. No to the dollar store Halloween wig. And, adding this, no to the lips.

    • Sophie Collier

      Not those shoes?  Really?  I kinda like ‘em.  Agree about the too-tight skirt but a curvy girl with a tiny waist has a hell of a time with button-front anything.  I’m going to say “IN” on this because it’s cute and kind of modest for Miss Minaj.