Nicholas K Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 18, 2012

Taking her inspiration from the Taos art colony of the twenties and thirties, designer Nicholas Kunz offered up a layered desert chic for the jetsetting bohemians of the 21st Century in a subtle, soothing, muted palette. We always drool over Nicholas K’s menswear, so we’ll take some of those coats and parkas, thank you very much. We don’t know if we can pull off the really drapey pieces, but we sure do love watching pretty boys make them work. For the ladies, we’re digging those fringe pieces very much; it’s flapper-meets-the desert, which is pretty damn cool, if you ask us. Cool as a desert night, hanging out with your gorgeous, opium-smoking artist friends.

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    • Kiltdntiltd

      A lot of terrific looks here. Easy to wear, graceful, and able to be worn by a broad range of bodies. The ten gallon hats mostly look ridic.

      • Mercy

        Yes, the hats and wigs look cartoonish and cheap.  Aside from that, lovely collection.

      • Anonymous

        Not crazy about the turtle shell necklaces either.  That’s a little to “organic” for my blood.

    • Anonymous

      I like a couple of the boy’s coats,  although winter coats aren’t something I use in L.A.  Most of the looks seem more like costumes than clothes.  Hate the stupid hats & clunky necklaces. The colors are blah with the exception of the flashes of orange.

    • Margo Anderson

      These look like what Gretchen would do, if Gretchen had talent.

      • Anonymous


    • Jody Corbett

      the evolved Pokemon form of Gretchen.

    • Alisa Rivera


    • Anonymous

      Some of these are pretty. Those hats look like the hats city-slickers would buy to try to look like cowboys. They should have been more aged and lower profile.

      • Anonymous

         The hats on the rodeo circuit now are pretty stupid looking too, IMO.  Have you seen the short square brim things?

      • Rachel

         To be fair, these clothes are the clothes city-slickers would buy to try to look like cowboys.

        • Anonymous

          Heh. Veeeery stylish cowboys!

    • Sarah Lewis

      Why do all the men get to look like themselves but the women get matching wigs and unflattering make-up? The whole thing’s dull and all that draping makes those models look *gasp* average sized – so what are they going to do to average sized women? The whole thing makes me sad. 

    • Deborah Jozayt

      I think I’m in clothing on pretty people overload, but I just need that one last fix. Does anyone else feel the same way?

    • Deborah Jozayt

      My Goodness, those wigs are absolutely atrocious. 

    • Anonymous

      We get it. You took a tortoise shell and put it on a chain, or a rope. Over and over again.

      • Anonymous

        also, poor tortoises!  boo hiss.

    • Anonymous

      there are still opium smoking artist friends? jetsetting bohemians? real ones? it’s another planet.
      otoh, the clothes are nice. lived in santa fe longer ago than i would like to remember & she does a good job of truly updating the aesthetic.

    • Keith Williams

      It’s so frustrating to see pictures of draping pieces.  I wish I could watch the movement of the pieces, since that’s the point of it.  Everything looks stunning though.

    • Anonymous

      Mmm…there are the two guys with the beautiful long hair.

      The Mad Max meets English Patient vibe mostly works…the styling with the tall hats and the super-fake wigs looks a bit silly, though.

    • Sara__B

      Piling on layers of body-obscuring clothing doesn’t make much sense to me. I can appreciate the fabrics and workmanship, but not the resulting silhouettes. I’m sure there are lots of nice separates here, but it’s not worth the trouble to dig through the layers to find them.

    • Anonymous

      It’s Jedi cowboys!

      • Delysia LaFosse

         LOL, perfect. It’s sure not for me, but there’s definitely a market for the Jedi cowboy aesthetic (see: Jones, Gretchen).

    • k op

      I really dig this collection, especially after scrolling up to eliminate the hats and most heads.  Unfortunate that the stylist felt the need for such literalism with South West accessories, because I see a ton of applications and influences here.   This is certainly layering done right! 

      Love the color tone scale, too.

      • Anonymous

         Yah, Southwestern does NOT = Western.  One wears cowboy hats and one visits artist colonies. 

    • Anonymous

      all i can think of when i look at this collection is that challenge back in Season 1 of PR when they had to make prêt-à-porter looks for the year 2055 (which i *loved*, by the way).

    • cluecat

      Futuristic sci-fi cowboys/girls.  Also, not liking the baggier silhouettes on the ladies.  It seems the past couple of seasons designers are trying to nudge the fitted look of the last 10 years toward totally shapeless.  It’s not happening!

      • Anonymous

         The drapey stuff fits the aesthetic of Austin pretty nicely. 

    • Shelly H

      I love me some drapey flapper-type clothes, even though I don’t have the body to carry them off. I love some of the floaty stuff, but in some of the looks there are too many floaty layers and they read sloppy. And some of it just seems to be too heavy and weighed down. I know this is for Fall, but some of these look hot and bulky instead of casual and chic. Still, overall, it appeals to me. Love the colors, and love a lot of the individual pieces.

      The turtle shell necklaces are gross though.

      • Anonymous

         I would definitely try these pieces on to see what I could make work, though.  Love almost all of them. 

        Agree with you on the turtle necklaces.

    • Mori Clark

      colour palate is v nice, but the styling on some of these models is horribly distracting. the first male model in particular- what am i supposed to be looking at?? 

    • Anonymous

      I like the slouchy, layered, artist vibe. 

    • Anonymous

      I want so many things from this collection! Especially the dresses, and the dapey tops, and the boys…Thanks T Lo for bringing it on a Saturday, especially after fashion week! Loving the posts :)

    • Anonymous

      This is what PR Gretchen’s collection could have been if she were a better designer.

    • Anonymous

      This is the collection Gretchen Jones WISHES she’d made!

    • TigerLaverada

      Haven’t read all the comments so don’t know if this has been covered, but are those box turtle carapaces used as necklace decor? Better not be. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I love it. These drapey silhouettes would never work for me (doesn’t matter how skinny I am or am not, I’m just not the right shape for them), but this is still precisely the kind of weirdo-hot I aspire to. I LOVE the glam-zombie makeup.

    • Anonymous

      This is what Gretchen’s finale collection wants to be when it grows up.

    • Anonymous

      Huh.  I like a lot of the pieces and even the layered, drapey droopy effects, but as worn most of these are one piece too many. I love these colors (though they don’t do a lot for me.)

      When my vast fortune and 4 or 5 extra inches in height arrive, my opinion might matter!

    • MilaXX

      This is a collection where the styling darn near ruins it for me. I hate the necklaces and those hat just plain bug. However if I look at a few of the individual pieces  like some of the flowy dresses or tops, I see things I like and would wear.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear:  so much fabric and so little beauty.

    • Anonymous

      I love this collection.  I was drooling over it when my husband pops up from behind me and says of the middle model – “Hey – is that a MAN?”  

    • Antonija Mitt

      Wow these are so different than what eveyone else is showing.  After several runways full of straight skirts and tight pants, these drapey thingies confuse.  I don’t think I like these–muddy colors, no shape, silly hats.  They make the models look sad, drawing their features down, down, down… lost in all those folds.  No thanks.

      • Anonymous

         Worn properly, drapey things can be great for disguising a bulge here or there.  You have to watch volume, but one of these pieces mixed in with a regular tailored outfit could rock on a plus size.

    • Sam

      Why are all the female models made up to look like Abbey from NCIS?

    • Anonymous

      Turtle shells by Willa Kim.


    • MandyJane

      I love the boots! The wigs and the makeup are awful. 

    • Anonymous

      So, forgive me if someone has already said so, but I’m getting distinct Gretchen vibes from this collection. In a good way! There are fewer granny panties and a bit more glitz and glam, but the desert color palette, chevrons, and jewelry all seem like her scene. Good for her for doing it first, I suppose, although I do think that Nicholas K is doing it a bit better. (Not that I’ve necessarily kept up with her collections after PR–I did like her jewelry line for Piperlime though). 

    • Anonymous

      Fourth row, far right – I adore that color!  And the dress to – sans the turtle shell of course.  That’s just mean and nasty.

    • Anonymous

      The styling is distracting me. It’s so androgynous and weird.

    • Anonymous

      Does this mean I can wear sweats and a ginormous sweatshirt and get away with it?

    • VicksieDo

      Most of it’s just so bulky, screams Gretchen to me. And that’s never good.

    • Anonymous

      That blue dress is delicious.

    • David Kresner

      Why does drapey equal artist? Who’s idea of an artist? Artsy poseur maybe.

      This is all a comparatively elegant and chic updating of Vivienne Westwood’s “Nostalgia of Mud” collection from the early 80’s. Too many similarities to discount.

      • Anonymous

        the hats.

        & a bit of the color & some of the layering & some of the bulk. but some of the rest of it is too fitted, too liquid. i’m surprised when i see people say that this stuff would look bad on a variety of body types, it’s the exact opposite of what i thought. 

    • Patrick Cleary

      I’ve taken to looking at/for the designers’ websites when you introduce me to new-to-me designers in menswear, and Nicholas K., while still ridiculously expensive ($125 for a scarf?) has a couple of things that, should I want to save my pennies for awhile and splurge on a piece of outerwear, I might actually be able to do so. I covet the drapey pieces, though I don’t think I could layer them, and I’m steadfastly refusing to remember that I’m about 20 years too old to wear them.

    • Phyllis Craine

      Love the colors and shapes and oddly this made me think of Ralph Rucci, who might produce something like this if he ever stops taking himself so seriously

    • Anonymous

      This is my favorite collection in a very long time. My fellow kittens are welcome to divvy up the Tahari collection; I’m happy to have this one mostly to myself.

    • Anonymous

      The third row, leftmost look totally kicks ass.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll skip the clothes and take the opium-smoking artist friends.

    • korilian

      This is the first fashion show this week that I really liked. 

    • Judy S

      I like these. They seem very wearable and yet a cohesive collection.

    • cam_lo

      To be honest, aside from Oscar, I think this was my favorite collection of the week.

    • boweryboy

      It’s the collection PR’s Gretchen Jones wish she did.

    • PrunellaV

      If I were ever to go to Burning Man, these are the clothes I’d wear.


      I wanna say the clothes are interesting and cool, but I’m so distracted that all the women look like they’re dying of renal failure.

    • kaywyoming

      Oh, my God! Why are the gals made up like Cupie Dolls? Many of these looks remind me of my husband’s crew after a 2 week hitch in the North Dakota Oil fields. Not pretty. Interesting, if you like tattered clothes smelling like crude oil. The guys on the crew can’t get out of their work clothes fast enough when they leave the oil field headed for home. Hubby says, “There is nothing fashionable about most of the clothes in this collection.” When I suggested the clothes would be perfect up north, he replied, “Not even if I’m dead!!!!!!” Besides these clothes wouldn’t work in the real world on real people, but they’d be great for posers.

    • kaywyoming

      All those words- totally unnecessary.