New York Fashion Week Front Row Day 7

Posted on February 16, 2012

We’re home, darlings! Our cologne bottles didn’t break in our luggage and our cats didn’t eat each other in a horrifying, frenzied lapse into feralism OR destroy anything in kitty resentment. All is right with the world. But we just can’t say goodbye to Fashion Week yet. And fair warning: we’ll still be talking about if for days to come. We’re like those friends who force you to watch their wedding video or look at their vacation pictures.

Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 Show
Angela Simmons

Leigh Lezark and Joe Jonas

Yes, sweetie. We all see you. Now sit down. And put a sweater on because IT’S FEBRUARY.

Sky Ferreira


J. Mendel Fall 2012 Show
Kelly Osbourne

Girl, that is SO your dress.

Olsen Twins

You didn’t expect us to figure out which was which, did you? Cheeky little bitches fucked with all the photographers by dressing alike.

Marchesa Fall 2012 Show
Adepero Oduye

SUPER-gorgeous in person.

Bar Refaeli

Carla Welch

Daniel Benedict and Andrew Safir

Harvey Weinstein and Anna Wintour

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

All kinds of bubbly in person. Half the starlets in the room stopped by and gave her big airkisses and hellos. Lorenzo didn’t know who she was and asked Tom. “That’s the woman whose life your going to have to destroy, Emily Thorne-style if you want your shot with Channing Tatum.”

Olivia Palermo

Petra Nemcova

Also insanely bubbly and an absolute camera pro (to no one’s surprise).

Rachel Zoe

Stacy Keibler

She is outrageously tall in person and very, very pretty; with delicate features. She looked gorgeous in the dress.

Taylor Momsen

Absolutely as moody as you would expect her to be, but we gasped when she came in because she hasn’t looked this good in AGES.

Oh, and just so you know, we weren’t canvassing the room and listening in on all this stuff.

Petra Nemcova, Bar Refaeli, Stacy Keibler, Adepero Oduye, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and Taylor Momsen 

 We were sitting right behind it. In an absolute seizure-inducing barrage of flashes, the whole time, saying in long-term-marriage-speak (i.e., no moving lips, at a pitch only the other person can hear): We’re going to be in every picture. Don’t look stupid. I agree; don’t look down. Don’t look at the cameras. Don’t pick your nose. Why would you say that to me? I never pick my nose. I’m just saying. Don’t start with me. Great. Now you’re gonna make this a thing.

Michael Kors Fall 2012 Show
Anjelica Huston and Joan Kors

Anna Wintour

Brad Goreski

Debra Messing

Don’t love the hair but the dress looks great on her.

Anjelica Huston, Debra Messing, Paula Patton, Amber Heard, and Jessica Alba

Amber Heard and Jessica Alba

Gotta say, we don’t love that dress Jessica’s got on but it really works on her.

Stacy Keibler and Nina Garcia

Like we said: she’s amazingly tall. Fabulous dress.

Sutton Foster


Nanette Lepore Fall 2012 Show
Arianna Huffington

Avril Graham

Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford

Kristin Chenoweth

She’s just here poledancing for her GCB show, right? That’s why she’s been dressing so, well, twee all week? We’re thinking.

Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt


Stanley Tucci, Kristin Chenoweth, Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford


Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 Show
Alina Cho

Fabulous coat.

Anne Slowey, Robbie Myers, and Joe Zee

We briefly met Anne Slowey the night we went out for drinks with Joe and The Fug Girls, (for whom our undying love got even more undying this week. It’s like the Walking Dead of love. Seriously, those gals are awesome, but most of you knew that already).

Anyway, Anne was very friendly; very down to earth, and said as we introduced ourselves, “I was just reading your Front Row post today.” She also said as she was leaving that she was looking forward to the next. This one’s for you, Anne.

Dakota Fanning

Really cute dress.

Felicity Jones

Nicole Phelps, Dirk Standen, and Tim Blanks

Sky Ferreira

Steven Kolb

Can we have your sweater, Steven?

Suzi Menkes


The Blonds Fall 2012 Show
Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen

The Blonds show was more fun than any room of people should be allowed to have during Fashion Week. High energy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Anyway, Adam was very friendly when we asked for a pic and we think we might have momentarily broken twitter when we uploaded it. Those Glamberts are FAST and ORGANIZED. “Quick, my sisters! A sighting! Descend! Descend!”


Nigel Barker, J Alexander, and Jay Manuel

Vivienne Tam Fall 2012 Show
Bebe Neuwirth and Vivienne Tam

Whitney Eve Fall 2012 Show
Allie Gonino

Eric West

Nigel Barker and Tyson Beckford

Nigel’s not really our thing, and this is a terrible picture to use to illustrate the point, but we’re always struck by what an elegant-looking man he is.

Angela Simmons

Y’know, if that skirt sat just 3 inches lower, this would look great. Yet another time in life when 3 inches make all the difference in the world, darlings. Teachable moment.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    Ashley on the left, Mary-Kate on the right. 

    • Mary Saucier

      Yup. You can tell by the accessories (shoes, sunglasses). Ashley tends toward classic styles whereas MK is more boho. Why I know this I don’t even know.

      • Cali Sherwood

        Also because Ashley has a fuller face while Mary Kate tends to look more bony.

        •  Yep, that’s how I knew it just from glancing.

          • I tend to like them.  Maybe I’m just happy they bore up so well under the massive amounts of fame and money they grew up in.

          • one of them should prolly slow down on the self-tanner eh?

          •  Oh, I actually like them quite a bit. I feel bad that Mary-Kate’s anorexia has made her look a little older and more gaunt than she probably “should” look for her age. But I can definitely tell which twin is which.

        • Once I heard 2 teenage boys calling Ashley the fat one.  And they were serious.

        • I think MK is aging faster than Ashley. Her face looks much different than it used to a couple years ago, whereas Ashley’s has for the most part stayed the same.

          •  Probably a result of her anorexia. I have nothing against either of them, but yeah you can definitely tell which is which–Ashley’s face isn’t so gaunt, and she looks her age as a result.

  • Anonymous

    Catherine Malandrino: tres chic comme toujours.

  • Welcome home, darlings!

    • I want to see what goodies you got. Landscape pic, please

  • Jasmine Moten

    Debra Messing’s hair looks like my Barbie’s when I would chop her hair off with craft scissors. I also have a feeling that Sky Ferriera could give Kristen Stewart a run for her money in who’s got the best :l face.

  • Why does Joe Jonas’s t-shirt have a picture of the Eiffel tower with the names ‘New York’ and ‘Sweden’ on it?

    • Anonymous

      Because he got dressed in the tool shed.

      • Anonymous

        because he is a tool

      • Ooh, well-played indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Bebe’s dress is wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      I adore that dress!

    • Anonymous

       Is it wrong that I was more excited to see her than anyone else? She is made of awesome.

      • Anonymous

        I <3 Lilith Crane/Sternin

  • Guys, I’m so glad you started putting your little notes underneath the photos rather than all in a lump on top. All that scrolling back and forth was frustrating. This way is much easier and much clearer!

  • Anonymous

    No comment on Dakota Fanning’s shoes?  It seems like when I scan to the shoes, I usually have an objection — maybe I’m just out of step with current styles…

    And while I believe that Stacy Keibler is really gorgeous in real life, photos don’t capture that, in my opinion.  Maybe she needs a stylist to help her look a little more up to date and a little less Dallas.

    • Well, bless your poor little un-informed heart.  Clearly, you’ve never been to Dallas.  I’ll back our Fabulous Fashion Divas against ALL comers!

  • Anonymous

    WANT Dakota Fanning’s dress!!

    The idea of T Lo and the Fug women out together just makes my heart sing. You four need to combine for a one-off blog entry a la The Justice League or The Avengers movies (not sure whether Tom is a DC or Marvel guy).

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Rock, paper, scissors for Ms Fanning’s dress…

  • Anonymous

    Anna Wintour SMILING! That is all. Oh – and the long, unidentified leg sticking out between Stanley Tucci and Kristen Chenoweth – these are a few of my favorite things.

    • Judy_J

      I too was shocked to see a photo of Ms Wintour with smile on her face.  It’s a first for me.

      • Anonymous

         All I could think about was how difficult it looked like it was to wring that expression out of it. It’s practically frozen.

      •  If you watch “The September Issue,” you’ll see Ms. Wintour smiling and having a hell of a time. She’s still very severe, but it humanized her as much as anything could.

      • Anonymous

        Me three!  That was THE most notable thing in this whole series of pictures!

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        And without her sunglasses on either!

    • Anonymous

      it’s Felicity Blunt (i had to use the shoe as context!).

      • Anonymous

         How cute is it that Emily introduced them?

        • Cathy S

           They were so adorable. It’s good to see Stanley Tucci so happy.  He’s so cute.

  • Anonymous

    It’s much better that you two were there and not me.  I wouldn’t have recognized 80% of these people.  

    And I still can’t think of Anne Slowey without the visual and the audio of her clumping into the first episode of Stylista or whatever the name of that short-lived show was in her platform stilettos.  I’m assuming she’s learned to walk in those kind of shoes since then.  And gotten a better hairstylist.  Catty, I know, but I can’t help it.  I haven’t met her in real life so I only know her from TV, including Season 2 of PR and the infamous Sasha Cohen challenge. 

    • Anonymous

      I knew the named Anne Slowey sounded familiar!  She looks nothing like she did on Stylista.  I would’ve never recognized her (partically because of the smile).  I, too, remember the awkward clomping.

    • I wonder if she called out these runways models for showing tootie.

  • Dufus and Lily look cute together in real life too

  • Anonymous

    I am disappointed in you boys for not stealing Stanley Tucci and stowing him in your luggage.  I adore him.

    • Anonymous

      And the guy seems to have a good sense of whimsy!  Take a look at his socks in the picture of him with Kristin Chenoweth. 

    • He was DELICIOUS in the Julie and Julia movie!  He justs gets better with age.    

      • AngelaGreen

        I totally agree!  And he couldn’t have been more charming and adorable in Easy A.  Love him so much.

  • Wow.  I’m blind from all the fabulosity!  Bebe!  Stanley!  Debra and Angelica!  Joe and Zoe and Olsens, oh my.  Anna actually smiling at MK’s show. Didnt even recognize Catherine Malandrino–she looks great!
    Am still green with envy, but  love all the pics–espeically the one with you two in the background.  You didn’t look goofy or pick your nose or anything!!  In fact, you looked like you belong there–as you do. Well done!! 
    While scrolling through all the celeb photos, though, I wondered where Sarica Jessica Parker is!  Does she not attend fahion week?  I thought of all the celebs, she would be one to take them all in.  Just wondering…

  • Anonymous

    I live in NY and if I had walked into a bar or restaurant and seen you two, the Fug Girls, and Joe Zee having drinks, I would’ve died ON THE SPOT. Now I has a sad that this didn’t happen, though I’m sure you frequent FAR classier and more fabulous establishments than I.

    In any case, thanks for all the Fashion Week coverage, and so glad you had a wonderful time and made it home safely! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. The thought of that group of fabulous hanging out together gives me palpitations.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t love the color on Sutton Foster’s dress, but love the boatneck–so flattering to a lot of women. Let’s see more boatnecks, designers!

  • Anna Wintour never smiles, and yet she looks positively giddy with Harvey.  Who knew Harvey could bring out the girl in her?

    • Anonymous

      Well he’s married to Georgina Chapman, so clearly he knows a thing or two about charming fashionistas.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I was wondering what his secret power is to get Ms. Wintour to smile AND to take off her sunglasses in public. Surely she hangs out with enough rich people that it can’t be his money.

    • ccm800

       its the dough and power. She cant help herself.

  • Stephen Bornstein

    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful vacation pics…..

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you guys have been busy. There’s a double of whatever you’re drinking for each of you in the lounge.

  • Anonymous

    At Marchesa, Anna Wintour looks like she’s thinking “Ima gonna kill me an intern for seating me next to this fat f*ck”

    • Is her hair real or is it a wig?

      • ccm800

         Wig! for a long time now.

  • Anonymous

    Omagosh, “long-term marriage speak”.  Love you guys so much.  That’s exactly what my husband and I do!  Now I know what to call it.  Haha.  

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    “We’re like those friends who force you to watch their wedding video or look at their vacation pictures.”

    Yeah, except you always have something to say!

    I love Petra Nemcova in that red dress. That is so her dress, really.

    Those Olson twins, I have to say, also look pretty darn great, too. Or is that just an immensely flattering photo?

    Does Kelly Osbourne have any other shoes but those?

    Oh look! A Finn! Oh… wait… it’s Glambert’s boyfriend.

    You say Adepero Oduye is “SUPER-gorgeous” in person. Why did I get that distinct whiff of “nursing home”? Her legs are different colour from the rest of her, looking like she has some white hose on. Bad photo, then?

    • Anonymous

       One of the best pics I’ve seen of the Olson twins in a long time.  I forget how pretty they are, especially when they go running around in their grandmother’s drapes.

    • Anonymous

      It helps enormously that they’re smiling.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know anything about Stacy until I saw her on Jimmy Fallon.  I couldn’t believe she used to be a lady wrestler!  She has a lot more going for her than other girls George has dated.

    • She was also a contestant on an early Dancing with the Stars season and she was GOOD. Got a lot of perfect scores but lost in the final freestyle as I recall. And yes, she was freakin’ tall which sometimes gave her beautiful lines.

  • Anonymous

    Who exactly are the Fug Girls and how do you know them?

    • Anonymous

      Heather and Jessica, who run the wonderful Go Fug Yourself website.

  • Judy_J

    Glad to hear the kitties behaved themselves while you boys were in NYC.

  • Anonymous

    Heh for a moment I thought that was Nick H’s freakishly small arm behind Virginia… but that’s the guy behind them.  Carry on…

    Rachel Zoe looks on the verge of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady.  She might actually become interesting if she stopped bathing and started animal hoarding.  

    • Anonymous

      heeeey….i scrolled back up to catch your reference about the Virginia pic and some of the photos are gone now from this post.

      but i KNOW i saw the photo on my first pass…why is my internets lying to me? [Frown]

  • Susan Crawford

    So glad to hear you are back home after the whirlwind week of fashion. And you deserve not A medal, but a whole chest full od medals for your amazing blogs, tweets and updates. Here you are, probably dying to slip into your Sulka robes, cashmere cozy socks and simply dive into a restorative drink, But not our T & Lo! The dauntless blogmeisters publish this dishy pictorial with comments galore – and THIS is why your minions grovel before you.

    And honestly, I am ready to meet up with Angelica Huston, Bebe Neuwirth and Suzy Menkes for drinks. A gal could have a hella good time with those three, I’m thinkin’!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Sutton Foster. YOU’RE KILLING ME.

    • Anonymous

      Right? SO talented, so accomplished, so utterly adorable, yet so clearly incapable of maxing out her fabulousness? I can rarely remember an appearance where she didn’t disappoint, in terms of clothes, hair, makeup or all three. I mean, there are few women on earth with more access to gays than the most famous triple threat currently working on Broadway. Why does she always look so ordinary?? (Her PRAS judging appearance last night is another sad example.)

  • I imagine Kristen Chenoweth has a lot of trouble getting clothes that doesn’t make her look like a doll.

  • Sara__B

    T Lo, I’ve seen you in the background of four different photos of the front row beauties, and both of you have managed to take a nice photo in all of them. Good work!

    • But TLo, how could you see past those tall ladies and big hair?

  • Anonymous

    let’s face it…Adam and Sauli look like Frankenqueen and a Kewpie doll…..admit it!

  • Anonymous

    OF COURSE Anjelica Huston and Joan Kors are rolling together. Of course.

    I am shocked Nigel Barker couldn’t get a better camera face on. The man is a former model. One thing I can always say for Miss J at these things, she always seems to have a very genuine smile.

    Finally, Stanley Tucci IS adorable, I have always thought so, and I am SO EXCITED for him to play Cesar Flickerman! Soooooo excited.

  • “Quick, my sisters! A sighting! Descend! Descend!” = DEAD.

  • Maybe Virginia Madsen couldn’t switch her face on, but her date sure got HIS Blue Steel going with lightning speed.

  • Kelly Osbourne has finally found a dress that makes that hair work.

    Now that she’s proven it can, perhaps she can change it to something more flattering?

    • Anonymous

      Like shaving her head? Anything would be more flattering than granny hair.

    • She needs to style her hair to minimize her jaw. Now that she’s thin, she looks like a bobblehead.

      • Anonymous

         Yes, yes, yes!  I actually thought her photo here looked like it was taken at a fun house mirror.  Her head and body seem so distorted and out of proportion.  Skinny head down to the cheeks then wide mouth and jaw.  Broad shoulders, full bust, then tiny waist and hips.  And her head from top to bottom seems way too large in proportion to her body.  Maybe it’s just the angle at which this photo was taken because I never noticed this about her before.  Well, the wide jaw, yes.

  • Anonymous

    forgive me, but i don’t know who Sky Ferreira is, and my initial thought when seeing her pic at the Jeremy Scott show was “Christ, is this the new Momsen?  are we going to be begging her to put on pants and threatening to give her a Full Silkwood for the next five years?”

    And then MOMSEN was featured shortly thereafter, looking rather world-weary for her ripe old age of isn’t it something like 18 (though, admittedly, looking fairly put together and like she only used washable crayola marker to line her eyes this time as opposed to every single grease pencil in my father’s garage growing up)?!

    i just hope my fears about Ms. Ferreira are short-lived.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t know who the little Sky girl is either and she looks like the highlight of her year should be her 8th grade dance, not hanging out with the grownups at Fashion week.
      Who is she and how old is she?

      • Anonymous

        according to the intertubes, she is 19 and “an American singer, songwriter, model and actress.”

        then again aren’t we all.

      • Anonymous

        She reminded me of the old pictures of Drew Berrymore hanging out at 54 when she was a kid!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you guys – that IS Kelly Osborne’s dress.  She looks fantastic.  Oh, but the hair…..

    • MilaXX

      Kelly pretty much ruins an otherwise great look with that hair.

  • Cassi looks adorable. She’s channeling Aaliyah Haughton and I love it. 

  • Anonymous

    Newsflash to Fergie: see Stacy Keibler’s dress and how she wore it. Now that’s style.

  • Anonymous

    Bitter peanut Rachel Zoe looks like Brad Goreski just peed in her purse. 

  • allisankelly

    When I saw Marchesa’s collection I pictured Stacy Keibler in the gown that I would call the sister of what she has on. She looks good. Thank you boys for all you did this week! Love it so much!!

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys have any influence with Kelly Osbourne? Please, somebody, do something about her hair.

    I do not know who Adepero Oduye is, but that will not stop me from asking her if I can borrow her dress. So cute.

  • Dakota’s dress is FAB. Want want want.

    There was also a geeky part of me that was like, omg Lily and Rufus! It’s IRL!

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Bless you darling, darling chaps for taking us all with you to NY Fashion Week.  Words do little to express how completely thrilled I am that you are recognised and lauded by these people.  Hugs and more power to you!


  • Anonymous

    Forgive me because I’m so fashion backwards but is the placement of the hem of Rachel Zoe’s pants considered normal?  This is the second time I’ve seen that, covering the shoe, almost stepping on the hem treatment on her pants.

    • From what I’ve witnessed on past seasons of her television series, that’s just how Zoe does it. Check out TLo’s coverage of her resort collection. Zoe pant in full effect –

    • Not “normal” per se, but not some odd quirk of Zoe exclusively either (though clearly she does enjoy the long inseam quite a bit). It’s a fashion for wearing tall heels and letting the pant drape completely over the shoe–no broken line on the leg means it looks longer.

  • I think Kristen Chenoweth is dressing twee because she’s well…twee.  I mean she’s as big as a minute!

  • Anonymous

    Now all the fashionistas, starlets, supermodels and wannabes are going to be shoving and elbowing each other in the kidneys to get Lorenzo and Tom’s tiny little heads in their pictures. It’s official: You two are the new FW status symbol! So apropos, so well-deserved, yes?

  • Anonymous

    Deborah Messing needs to take “How Not to Try So Hard” lessons from Angelica Houston.

  • Anonymous


    That is all. 

    • Anonymous

      Srsly. He’s on my list of all-time most beautiful men.

  • Anonymous

    Who was the guy in the purple coat next to Adam Lambert…. and who was the older man next to him?

  • What sort of square thing has eaten Avril Graham’s feet?

  • Does Angela Simmons have a neck? Is her posture just that bad? She looks like she’s hunched over, and a little drunk in that last picture.

  • Anonymous

    It’s great seeing Nigel, Mr. Jay and Miss J. And Mr. Tyson Beckford, de-lish.

  • That Kelly Osbourne’s hair makes my eyes hurt.

    • Anonymous

      It ages her terribly.

    • Pennymac

      Yes, she’s rocking that dress, but the hair is beyond horrid.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome cheekbone action on those bitches in the background.

  • Anonymous

    Anna Wintours glasses at Kors show….I love them and want them. Who makes them?
    (Bravo! ~~~Love the smiling shades-less Anna pic! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one.)

  • The fact that you guys and The Fug Girls adore each other and had drinks somewhere in NYC makes my heart SO HAPPY and Im weeping in joy.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve loved reading these posts TLO! I have a question: as you met so many famous people this week who you found out read your posts, do you think it’ll effect how you report in future? – eg are you nervous about being bitchy in case they read it? x

  • I saw Nigel Barker in Vegas. He looked me in the eye. I haven’t fully recovered. So tall. 

  • Anonymous

    Shut UP! Stanley Tucci? I have no idea what the rest of the folks were wearing featured in this post, because once I saw Mr. Adorable in the line up, it was all over. He is. Wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back! Love your “we’re going to be in every picture” dialogue. And glad all is right with the world now that you’re home.

    Gotta say, I didn’t realize that Nigel Baker wasn’t everyone’s “thing.” I thought he had universal appeal. Oh well, I swoon over the man.

    • Get in line!! Ha ha. 😉 I must agree. One hot hunk of manflesh, for sure. More for us 😉 

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back! Love your “we’re going to be in every picture” dialogue. And glad all is right with the world now that you’re home.

    Gotta say, I didn’t realize that Nigel Baker wasn’t everyone’s “thing.” I thought he had universal appeal. Oh well, I swoon over the man.

  • The entire post is fantastic but, gotta say, your long-time-married-speak is BY FAR my favorite part 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nigel Barker – Tyson Beckford sandwich.  Yum.

  • P M

    Michael and Madame Kors are lucky lucky.
    Michael Kors is lucky because his mother is still alive.
    Joan Kors is lucky because she has Michael as a son :), and therefore will always be fantastically kitted out.
    And they are BOTH lucky because they seem to have a strong relationship.
    Mazel Tov and Mashallah to them both!

  • Why does Kristen Chenowith look so painful when she smiles lately?  She has had work, but I can’t figure out what’s too tight…

    • Anonymous

      She has looked to me like someone with a chronic pain problem.

  • Anonymous

    I think I would have a stroke trying to figure out what to wear to one of these shows. 

  • Kelly Osborne with human hair would be the one to beat… one day she’ll be old enough to realize it. 
    And I love the Tucci.

  • Honestly, I was more excited about TLo in the background than I was about any of those ladies!  Congrats on all your success, you both deserve it! =D

  • Drinks with you two, Joe Zee, and the Fug Girls is like, my dream. Can I come next time?

  • Stanley Tucci: Forever mine. And heaven is a room where I am stuck for all eternity listening to Tom and Lorenzo deconstruct popular culture.

  • Anonymous

    So, I sort of love that suit on Rachel Zoe.

    That and Dakota Fanning’s dress. She looks great.

  • You guys give great Fashion Week.

  • “the night we went out for drinks with Joe and The Fug Girls”

    I want more details!!! This is like the best crossover fanfic ever and it’s real!! <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    If you take the granny coat off, Rachel Zoe looks better than I’ve ever seen her.

  • Anonymous

    great shot of amber & alba.  ‘dorable.
    carla welch – mmmmmmmmmm…. cute. 

  • Anonymous

    Props to Anjelica Huston. Sharp and age-appropriate without looking dowdy.

  • Anonymous

    Are Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford a couple in real life?

  • ccm800

    Chenoweth increasingly looks like a jerky (as in the dried beef stuff) version of Pamela Anderson. A Pam raisin.
    Oh, and that is the best pic of Anna Wintour I’ve seen in AGES!
    Lastly, Cassi…sweats at The Blondes show makes you to asshat of fashion week. 

  • Messing and posture have parted ways.

    I am going to throw a bag of cake flour on Jay Manuel so he will STOP SHINING.