New York Fashion Week Front Row Day 6

Posted on February 15, 2012

It’s the morning of our seventh straight day of running from one end of Manhattan to the other, trying to fit in every show we’ve been invited to, and it’s finally happened: we’ve hit the wall. We expect to see a “spotted in the tents” item that goes like this: “Fashion bloggers Tom & Lorenzo were spotted sniping and rolling their eyes at each other as they walked into the Michael Kors show!”

Don’t worry; we love each other still. We just can’t spend another day in a hotel room together. Okay, maybe one more, just so we can go to Marchesa. But that’s it. We mean it.

Anyway, let’s all be tired and cranky and take it out on the famous and pseudo-famous alike; shall we?

Badgley Mischka Fall 2012 Show
Kate Mara

Kate Mara and Kelly Osbourne

Pretty great dress, but lousy shoes on Kate. Kelly’s serving it up, but we still don’t like the hair.

Kelly Bensimon

Great skirt, but we don’t love the top.

Dennis Basso Fall 2012 Show
Kristin Cavallari

Love the colors.

Joan Rivers, Susan Lucci, and Ivanka Trump

This was clearly the section labeled “Rich Bitches.”

Joan Rivers, Susan Lucci, Ivanka Trump, and Kristin Cavallari


Naeem Khan Fall 2012 Show
Kristin Chenoweth

Cute, but we hate the hair and the skirt’s a little wonky on her.

Matt Damon and Luciana Damon

Oh, come on, Matt. Try a little harder than that. Then again, the wife didn’t exactly dress to impress, did she?

Padma Lakshmi


Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2012 Show
Claire Danes

Gloria Estefan

Serving it up, Miami-style.


Pamella Roland Fall 2012 Show
Beth Riesgraf

Erin Andrews

Jennifer Aspen, Kristin Chenoweth, and Sydney DeVos

Tinsley Mortimer


Rodarte Fall 2012 Show
Anna Dello Russo

Serving up the fashion cray-cray.

Dakota Fanning

Don’t love the shoes with this, and the colors may not be her best friend, but we dig this look.

Maria Sharapova

Meredith Melling Burke

Fabulous coat.

Rachel Zoe

We have another story.

Last night, we attended the Oscar de la Renta show and were seated directly behind Rachel, who was sitting next to Joe Zee. Joe turned around to talk to us and at some point mentioned both our names. Rachel spun around in her seat. “Ohmigod, are you guys Tom and Lorenzo?” Not knowing what else to say because she caught us off guard, Tom blurted out “Yes! Are you Rachel Zoe?” This, after every photographer in the room just descended on her. She laughed and told us how much she loves us, then she asked if we attended her show and if we liked the collection. We answered in the enthusiastic affirmative both times and had a short convo about her and her work. Our life has given us many “sucked into our television set” moments in the last several years, but this was the most surreal of all. She was very sweet and talks EXACTLY like you hear her on her TV show. Best moment of the week.

Stefano Tonchi

Fabulous coat. Seriously, we are on SUCH an outerwear jones after this week.

Tim Blanks

Lorenzo is a huge fan of his and got the chance to tell him so. He looks great; very put together, which is what Fashion Week dressing is about, if you ask us. The ones who show up with every trend tacked to their bodies look silly.


Tory Burch Fall 2012 Show
Brad Goreski

Love the jacket, but girl looks EXHAUSTED.

Joe Zee and Robbie Myers

Linda Fargo

Tamara Mellon

 Everything was going fine until you showed us that purse, Tamara. A bridge too far.


Vera Wang Fall 2012 Show
Leighton Meester

Ooooh, we really don’t want to get into the weeds of fashion analysis, but honey, the yellows and greens in your look all clash with each other. Sorry. Cute pieces, though.

Renee Zellweger

God, does this woman look tense or what? Sweetie, breathe and think of the ocean.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis, Anna Wintour, and Maria Sharapova

Don’t love the sweater she’s sporting, but Viola looks cute. Clearly not a fan of Anna, though. And the feeling seems to be mutual.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • You know what guys, NYC fashion week ain’t all that in terms of fashion anyway, and besides that I NEED MY DRAG FIX! I wanna swoon over Dida’s epic lipsync with the other commenters here….from now on QUEEN, FROM NOW ON!

  • You know what guys, NYC fashion week ain’t all that in terms of fashion anyway, and besides that I NEED MY DRAG FIX! I wanna swoon over Dida’s epic lipsync with the other commenters here….from now on QUEEN, FROM NOW ON!

  • Such a cute Rachel Zoe story!! Lucky. 🙂
    Poor Viola next to the stony queen bee…

  • Gloria hasn’t look this fit since she did the rehab after the accident. She’s killing that red dress. The length of Ivanka’s legs is astonishing. 

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      And Gloria’s shoes – WANT!

    • I agree, Ivanka’s legs are crazy long!

      • Anonymous

         are they or are the majority of these stars and starlets just insanely, ridiculously TINY? I’m 5’10” and whenever I see them all crowded in together like this I think thank god I’m not there because I’d be an elephant stepping on everyone. It’s like famous people are all grown on hobbit trees.

  • aimee_parrott

    I love your Rachel Zoe story — it’s so great you guys got to meet her, and to know that she’s a fan of yours.  All is as it should be.

    •  Couldn’t agree more. You both deserve it for telling the fashionable truth, lo these many seasons.

  • I think Leighton Meester looks gorgeous. Great shoes, especially.

    • Anonymous

       i too think its a nice ensemble. in fact, i have a cone of mustard yarn and a ‘dirty seafoam’ one flirting with each-other on my table in front of me! (im a knitter)

      • Melanie Dunn-Fiedler

        So, don’t leave us hanging! Is it gonna be mustard with the green trim or vice versa? LOL. You’re not the only knitter in the room *sideeye*

  • Snort.  Viola looks ready to cut a bitch, and we know which one is gonna get it, too.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t THAT be a fun catfight to witness? I can see Viola ripping those glasses right off Wintour’s mug and stomping them to smithereens. My money would definitely be on Viola.

      • Anonymous

        I think she could win by just throwing water on Anna and watching her melt. 😉  Too mean?

  • I’m so happy to see Beth Riesgraf there, she looks absolutely stunning!

    • Anonymous

       Agreed.  Very anti-Parker.

      • I didn’t even recognize her.

        Parker is one of my all time favorite TV characters.

    • Libby Rhoman

      I used to do her hair a few years back, and she couldn’t be any sweeter or more fun.  I’m happy to see her out and about too.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Kristin Cavallari. Not even famous enough to get her name spelled correctly. And I LOVE your Rachel Zoe story. It’s adorable. GREAT comeback,Tom.

  • Even Joan River’s wig (weave?) has roots. Celebrities dye your roots!

  • Anonymous

    I was so excited for you last night when you tweeted you talked to Rachel Zoe. 

  • Roey Thorpe

    Renee Zellweger is unrecognizable.  So sad.

    • And those legs.  Renee, honey, I have one word for you. Bodyfat.  You need some.

      • Anonymous

        Right? She needs to discover the joys of the potato.

    • Anonymous

       Has she been to the “dentist?”  Something looks different….

      • Melanie Dunn-Fiedler

        Ever since the Bridget Jones movies, and she dropped the weight she’s looked like that: Like she’s had her jaws wired shut.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Sad, miserable, tense, unrecognizable.  WTH? 

      • Anonymous

         Sort of like her career these days….

    • She looks HUNGRY!!!

      • leilah

        That was my thought — not “tense”, just HUNGRY!!

  • I saw your tweets last night – very exciting for you to meet Rachel! Joe’s hookin’ ya’ up all over town!
    And why wouldn’t you have a jones for outerwear after of week of fashionable NYC in February? So many gorgeous coats this year. So many stupid girls missin’ it in sandals and cocktail dresses. oy.

    • Anonymous

      Oy! is right.

    • I’ve been wondering about the women and their coats all week. Do they really arrive in just those flimsy outfits or do they check their coats before their pictures are taken? Even though I hate them, I can see the appeal of those long hairy vests so many of the girls are wearing. You can have more freedom of movement but still enjoy some warmth.

      As for the men, the overcoats and jackets are truly wonderful this year. But why do they keep them on inside the show instead of checking them? If it’s warm enough for the women to go half bare, aren’t the gents too warm and uncomfortable in their bulky outerwear?

      These are questions we Southern Californians need to have answered.

    • Oy indeed.  Seems all sad and silly. 

  • Oh my God, TLo. As if we didn’t love you enough, that “Yes! Are you Rachel Zoe?” was probably the most hilarious and amazing thing you could have said upon meeting her.

  • Rene Zellweiger looks stoned…

    LOVE that color on Viola Davis. 

    I don’t know who Tim Blanks is but he looks fabulous. 

    LOVE the Rachel Zoe story. Will be interesting to see how you review her show next time possibly a little more self-consciously… 🙂


    Beth Riesgraf has a stunning face. 

    • Agreed. Tim Blanks is my new favorite person I’ve never heard of. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I think Cristina Cavallari looks like a set of watercolors threw up on her dress.  And it’s cold in NYC this week, so I want to shiver just looking at her.  As for Dakota Fanning, she looks like the love child of Judy Jetson and a hippie.  Not my favorite look.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good description of Kristin Cavallari’s dress. 

    • That’s a terrible combination of colors. It would be a great dress if the colors were more vibrant, but as it is, it’s dishwater dull.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, so now I’ve got to go get checked from Rami-level colorblindness because I actually think the combo is pretty. It reminds me of a pillow I have on my couch, which maybe isn’t the most glowing endorsement for this color combo. 

        I do agree with you and sarahofalessergod that it’s February and put on some sleeves, woman!  You’re dressing for two, you insipid chav. 

        • I think your eyes are fine. It’s just a personal preference. 😉

          What the hell is up with the women running around like it’s June? I get cold just looking at them.

        • I like the colors too, and I KNOW I’m not colorblind — I have an excellent doctor:)

          I’m not as much of a fan of the colors on HER.  I think they’d work better on a brunette where you’d have the greater saturation in natural coloring.

    • I kind of like this dress–the colors are nicely subdued.  Except…why is she wearing this long gown when all those around here are sporting chic and warm outerwear?  Seems weirdly incongruous.  As with all the others wearing cocktail attire in the tents in February in NYC.  During the day. 

  • Anonymous

    The last pic seems to be clashing with the Fug Girls’ report of Wintour looking gleeful during that Vera Wang show.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Kristin Cavallari supposed to be pregnant? She hasn’t sported so much as a bump in months.

  • Anonymous

    Love, love your Rachel Zoe story! 

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to know what Ivanka was showing them on her Iphone.

    One of my biggest fashion weakness is coats.  They’re like my crack, so I understand the obsession.  That one on Meredith Burke is to die for.

    • Anonymous

      By the looks on their faces, I’m sure it was baby pictures of Ivanka’s daughter.

      TLo, it’s quite fun for me to see snaps of these celebs in all their un-retouched glory. Everybody looks so much more real. Like Tamara Mellon, for instance. Or Stefano What’s-his-name from W. I dislike the b&w headshot he uses with his editor’s letter because it’s as precious as hell, and now I know that he is just a good-looking guy who has good taste in coats.

      Did you get close enough to Viola to pitch her on your idea of ditching the wigs?

    • Anonymous

      And I’d love to know what happened to Ivanka’s wedding ring.

  • Anonymous

    Cray-cray is the best!

  • I’m actually surprised the Damons’ are there at all. Doesn’t really seem like their kind of thing.

    Rachel Zoe is one of those people I’d love to meet in person — mainly just because I bet she’s far more interesting than her show makes her look. 

    And I commend you both for making it 6 days before sniping at each other:)  The husband and I (okay, me only, he’s clingy and would be in heaven…) would make it about 48 hours before snapping.

  • psst. Its not Christina its Kristen Cavallari. I know this because..well I don’t want to get into it. But yeah.

  • I think we need a caption contest for the rich bitches picture.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at Renee Zellweger, it occurs to me that, if you’re already tense, the super pointy-toed shoes makes you look MORE tense. A pinched-toe look to go with a pinched mouth.

    • I can’t see the super pointy shoes without thinking of a former pageant girl I know who now has to wear fake toenails from them.  Even I’m not willing to go that far for fashion or vanity, and I once quit smoking because I got a wrinkle NO ONE ELSE COULD SEE!

    • And my goodness, look at her legs. I don’t usually comment on how thin someone is, but those legs of hers are scary thing.

    • Those shoes are KILLING me.

  • Everyone is looking more and more tense and tired as the week goes on, except Joe Zee who has THE most wonderful, genuine smile. 

  • Maria’s face seemed to got longer.

    She looks like Emily Vancamp here, doesn’t she?

    Leighton looks pretty.  I’m starting to buy the bangs.

    Dakota seems to have good fashion sense, but please change the hair somewhat once in a while.  

  • butter nut

    omg squeee! about rachel zoe!  that is so awesome!!  although, she would have to be a total loser not to love you boys.  good to know she’s got some real taste 😉 

  • What is the temperature in these tents?  When I see people in fur sitting next to sleeveless dresses, I’d like to know who the crazy ones are.  Also I love that Joe Zee is the only person who looks like he’s got a job to do rather than be there for the paparazzi…

  • I love Tamara Mellon’s… dress? Long shirt? Whatever. I like. Also love Viola’s dress. These blues got me in a good way.

  • Anonymous

    Now I can’t get the image of Yolandi Visser with the Rich Bitches out of my head.  It’s hilarious like a train wreck.

  • That neckline isn’t doing Viola any favors, but HOLY CRAP that color on her…

  • Anonymous

    I at first thought Cristina Cavallari was Piper Perabo!
    Gloria Estefan look way better in that red dress than the one she wore for the Red Dress event.
    I figured out who Anna Dello Russo reminds me of – Willem Dafoe!
    Dakota Fanning is wearing a Vulcan top.

    • Renee Thomas

      RE Dakota, it made me think “springtime Romulan”

    • Debbie Barsotti

       I was just thinking that Anna Dello Russo was Willem Dafoe in drag and wondering why he would do that.

  • Can we retire the phrases “Serving up the” and “xxxx realness” and their derivatives and combinations? 3 times in one post….

    xoxo, the cliche police 

    • No.

    • Kimberly Cooperrider

      you must be watching RuPaul’s Drag Race this season as well? that’s what is killing me – that many serving up xxxx realness statements crammed into an hour of viewing is making my head hurt

  • Anonymous

    Loved the Rachel Zoe story. You two must have been pinching yourselves.

    “Breathe and think of the ocean”. I’m going to follow that advice when Bossman is serving up his douchery. Serenity Now isn’t working anymore. Alcohol still helps.

  • Anonymous

    The purple dress on Sharapova is fantastic (if a little simple). Dakota looks like she just stepped off the Star Trek set.

  • Anonymous

    So happy you got to meet Rachel! And she knows so much of you! Good for you!

  • Boy that Renee Zellweger is a bony marony!
    Joe Zee has such a great smile. It makes me happy.

  • Anonymous

    I love that look Viola’s sporting.  I kind of hate the way the pattern in the dress comes together, but I think the color and the cut of the dress is so cute with the sweater and the shoes.  I could see myself pulling off a look in my day-to-day life – but then again, I’m not a movie star at fashion week, so maybe that’s where the look fails?

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree…it’s super cute and accessible.  I’d rock that because it could easily go from day to night with very few changes, so I’m with you.  

      And I actually like the wig she rocked and I think it’s one of the more flattering ones she’s used recently. Besides, she looks like one of the few ladies who went for seasonally appropriate.  All those sleeveless numbers and open-toed shoes, while a lot of the fellas are rocking really cute outerwear and seem warm just doesn’t seem right. Come on gals, you’re better than that.

  • Anonymous

    Re: the Joan Rivers, Susan Lucci, Ivanka Trump, and Kristin Cavallari picture….one of these things is not like the other

  • Anonymous

    OMG, look at Renee’s knees!  Seriously, this poor girl needs a sandwich or something.  

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, that shot of Anna Wintour might as well be a stock photo run 1000 times before where editors just photoshop in two random fresh faces on either side of her.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! So true. She redefines the concept of committing to a look.

  • Anonymous

    TLo, can you explain by some people, notably Anna Wintour, wear sunglasses while watching the runway shows?  I would think they would distort the color of the clothes.  Are the lights really that bright?

    • The lights are really that bright and famous people are subjected to a barrage of camera flashes, none more so than Anna.

      • Anonymous

        Additionally, Racked recently highlighted exactly why she always does. It’s not a secret, and it’s precisely why poker players wear visors and sunnies: to hide ‘tells’.  
        “They’re seriously useful. I can sit in a show if I’m bored out of my mind and nobody will notice and if I’m enjoying it, nobody will notice. At this point, they’ve really become armor.”

      • Anonymous


      • Do the flashes continue during the show?  Because that seems awfully rude to the designer and models — like photographing the crowd while the bride is making her entrance 😀

  • Anonymous

    That might be the most tastefully dressed Ms. Cavallari has ever been in her life. Great dress and one she can even sit down in; I approve.

  • Your Rachel Zoe story is amazing.  That’s so awesome. Good for you!

  • Anonymous

    You guys made Rachel Zoe squeee?  Gentlemen, you have ARRIVED!

  • Anonymous

    Linda and Robbie are flawless. Matt and his wife anger me. I realize they have 4 kids and are busy, but you couldn’t get dressed?? That is what I wear on a Sunday. All the opportunities in the world and you show up in old jeans! ok rant over. 

  • Anonymous

    Renee Z. looks pissed that she has to sit so close to another human being. What’s up with that? And Mr. Goreski looks great, though his pants look like his fly is undone (yes, I looked).

    • Anonymous

      That crotch is insane!

    • Anonymous

      I just figure she’s freezing and very, very hungry.

      (ETA: Renee, that is.)

    • It was pretty difficult to miss. It’s a total eye magnet.

  • Anonymous

    Russo looks like her head is getting sucked into a black hole

  • Anonymous

    Kristin Cavallari is wearing a gown. People should not wear gowns to this, that’s even stupider than dressing like it isn’t February.

  • Anonymous

    Oy. Dakota looks like she’s sporting fancy dress on the USS Enterprise. Don’t like it a bit. When you look at the collection of photos, it’s hard to believe that all these people are dressed for the same event – or the same season of the year.

  • Kristin Chenoweth looks great, which is something I can’t always say. The same goes for Padma. She either looks fabulous or like a total fashion victim. She’s looking fab here.
    No matter what she’s wearing, Claire Danes always looks like a soccer mom. The prettiest soccer mom, but an SM nonetheless. She does look really good here.
    Beth Reisgraf! She’s gorgeous.
    What  kind of karma does Viola have that would get her sitting next to Anna Wintour?
    I like Kate Mara’s dress, but I am absolutely coveting her hair.

    TLo, one of the reasons you’re so tired is you’ve been spoiling us with all these posts. Get yourselves a good night’s sleep when you get home.

  • Man, I usually love Kelly Osbourne’s looks, but this hair looks like she brought a picture of Ricardo Montalbán from The Wrath of Khan in to her hairstylist.

    • Anonymous

      His pecs (in that movie) would’ve filled out her dress quite nicely too!

  • Rachel Sawyer

    I wish Kristin Chenoweth would invest in another color lipstick.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Claire Danes, OMG. Love the dress, and those shoes are KILLER.

  • ahhhh i got so excited reading your RZ story! so happy for you guys, I am always happy to see you guys being recognized for your work and being so fab! ya congratulations!

  • “Miami-style”?  Really?  Gloria appears to be wearing hose.  Hose are not Miami.  Hose are not style.  Hose may be Retirement Community in Boca Style, but even those old broads are coming around.

  • Anonymous

    Great story about Rachel Ohmigod Zoe.

    I’m amazed that you guys can even see all the clothes anymore. Doesn’t it just all become a blur after a while?

  • Boys, it’s Matt Damon, he does not need to dress to impress. 

  • It looks like Viola missed the posing mark (look at the spike tape on the floor).
    I like Chenoweth in the white number at Pamella Roland better.
    First the Golden Globes, now this: is Clare Danes trying to will her breasts out of existence?
    Susan Lucci’s earrings are bigger than she is.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t like Kelly’s hair; hate the tats. Dakota Fanning fresh from Logan’s Run.

  • irielle

    I adore Padma’s skirt, but gosh, doesn’t it look like she’s got a terrier around her neck???

  • Judy_J

    I can’t get over Kelly’s hair.  When I was a kid my mom would go to Mr. Gene’s House of Style to have her hair done weekly, and I remember all the bottles of Roux Fanci-Full on the shelves.  Ladies would go in and have their hair colored lavender, just like Kelly’s.  Amazing.

  • Joyce VG

    I can’t wait until your TV show is on.  Seriously.  That needs to happen.  Love the Rachel Zoe story, you both deserve the recognition and love you get.

  • Anonymous

    love the rachel zoe story 🙂  which would leave me to believe they ALL are reading your blog.

  • When I saw the red shoes to the right (looking at the photo) of Tinsley Mort, all else faded from view.

  • I

    After seeing the pic of Beth Riesgraf, then Erin Andrews, I was struck by how often female celebrities pose with their legs crossed. It looks like they all have to pee!  Is this supposedly slimming?  I would think that a pose like Maria Sharapova’s here would be slimming, instead of a full-on cross-legged thigh squeeze.

    • I always pretend that they actually do have to pee.  They’re standing there for a long time, after all, and it’s not impossible.

  • Anonymous

    I know she makes movies and takes time off for that but WHY is Dakota Fanning at a fashion show and not in school???

  • MilaXX

    That picture of  Joan Rivers, Susan Lucci, Ivanka Trump, and Kristin Cavallari should be captioned, “One of these things is not like the others.”

  • Anonymous

    wahooo, and who pray tell is the blondie behind Kristin Chenoweth?

  • Hold on, I’m confused, I thought you guys were from NY, how come you’re staying in a hotel?

    • Alyson Lamble

      I believe the boys live in Philly, correct?

  • Anonymous

    I have just decided that Linda Fargo is my Spirit Animal. 

  • What the hell is with this young-things-with-grey-hair trend??  Honey when it gets there on its own in 30 years you won’t dig it quite so much trust me.

  • Anonymous

    Such a shame about Leighton’s shoes and bag, because the dress looks glorious and may even be a personal best for her.

  • Anonymous

    Goodness . . . Two (Sorta) Separated At Birth occasions in one week!
    First, Linda Ramone looking like Reba McEntire’s naughty twin; now Tamara Mellon who – without full makeup anyway – sure looks like a long-lost Farmiga sister.

    (Or am I hallucinating?)

  • Anonymous

    We just can’t spend another day in a hotel room together.

    Next time, get a suite.

    Tim Blanks

    Didn’t know who he was, but I had to go Google him, because that is one very attractive man!

  • Anonymous

    I feel terrible for the person who had to try to watch the show through Anna Dello Russo’s headpiece.

  • Anonymous

    Kristin Cavalerri is wearing a frock appropriate for the beach and she is sitting next to 3 women wearing fur coats or vests. How wierd is that?

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on getting to meet Rachel Zoe!  It must have been wonderful, and I’m so happy for you two!!  😀

  • Anonymous

    Now you’ve got me wondering if Rachel and Rodger call their sprout BabyBabyBaby in private.

  • Read the Rachel story on Facebook –how fabulous!! 
    Gee Anna Wintour–is it too bright in there for you?  Good thing you have your sunglasses on. 
    So nice to Padma Lashki out and about. 
    Kelli Bensimon is another one on my “Irrational Celeb Do Not Like List” ever since The Housewives of NYC.  Just livin’ off her ex-hubby’s money.  Which would be ok if she…oh never mind.  Just do not like her.   And her skirt is ugly. 

  • Christina Brennan

    I don’t get it- are the tents super heated or something?  It’s 40 degrees where I live today and I would not be caught dead in a strapless minidress.

  • Anonymous

    This is probably the best Gloria Estefan has looked in well, forever!

    I’m uncomfortable just looking at that pick of Viola Davis an Nuclear Wintour. 

  • Anonymous

    Dakota looks all futuristic and adorable. Hate the shoes, love everything else. I don’t know who Anna Della Russo is, but I wonder who she thinks she is wearing that ridiculous hat. Maybe she’s on her way to the wedding of some minor British royal.

  • Anonymous

    You think Gloria Estefan looks good? She looks completely busted to me, and whatever’s not busted is boring. Oh, well.

  • Anonymous

    Love when you boys step into my office & share juicy tales like how you met Rachel Zoe & that she loves you (of course she does!). I just wish we were doing this over cocktails in some fab bar! 

  • LOVE the dress Maria Sharapova is wearing and love, love, LOVE the Beefeater coat that follows it.

    And congrats to you boys for once again stepping through the Looking Glass. You’ve worked hard and deserve all the kudos (as well as a rest!)


  • Lisa

    Jesus, Anna – unclench!  It’s Fashion Week, have fun!

    I LOVE your Rachel Zoe story, congrats!  I don’t watch her show, but still, I know that feeling of getting to meet someone you admire, and have them be sweet and gracious in return.  I had a moment like that at the Museum of Television and Radio back in 1992 with George Carlin, so I know how you feel – you’re geeked out for days!

    • If I had ever had the chance to meet George Carlin, I’d still be geeking out to this day.

      • Lisa

        Not to distract away from TLo’s great story about Rachel, but long story short – he was such a sweet and gracious man – you’d have never known he’d been in show business for about 33 years at that time.  He was just very warm and kind to his fans.

      • Lisa

        Not to distract away from TLo’s great story about Rachel, but long story short – he was such a sweet and gracious man – you’d have never known he’d been in show business for about 33 years at that time.  He was just very warm and kind to his fans.

  • Kelly Bensimon? Why? 

  • Anonymous

    Happy to hear Rachel Zoe has the sense to enjoy you two.

    Love Jennifer Aspen’s red shoes.  Kristin Cavallari looks like odd woman out next to the women dresed in their winter clothes. I have been googling so many of the poeple wyou have featured to understand who they are.  I like seeing the others in the backgrounds and what they are wearing, too.

  • Anonymous

    Anna Wintour…b-bb-b-b-r-r-r-r-r-rr-r-……………………..

  • Erika Swain

    Jesus Christ Renee; eat a sandwich.

  • If I was sitting behind Anna Dello Russo I would knock that stupid thing right off her head!

  • Anonymous

    I. Am. Literally. Dying.  Literally. Like, please, Rachel Zoe?  Oh, my God!
    So happy to hear that she really does have great taste. xo

  • Anonymous

    I love your Rachel Zoe story — do you think she reads your blog posts about her show (“BABYBABYBABY”)?

    And how great to run into her and be able to genuinely and enthusiastically praise her collection. (It WAS fabulous. She’s very talented.) 

    Have to ask, at any point in your convo with her did she use the word “moment” — as in, someone’s having one?

  • Anonymous

     Chenoweth looks like a little demon lately.

  • Sophie Collier

    Good lord, does Ivanka have 8-foot-long legs or what?  Like she had nowhere to put them.

  • Hee, love how the Tim Blanks comment “The ones who show up with every trend tacked to their bodies look silly” led straight to a pic of Brad Goreski.

    • Lisa

      I know!  I noticed that too!

    • Lisa

      I know!  I noticed that too!

  • Anonymous

    Ivanka Trump looks impeccable.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Renee Is so tense because she knows that if she relaxes even a nanosecond she will be scarfing down every cheeseburger in sight! Girl, being sickly thin is not worth it!

  • Wow … look at you guys hanging out with the stars.  TLo may get too famous for us one day,  oh let me count to the day.