New York Fashion Week Front Row Day 5

Posted on February 14, 2012

3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2012 Show
Gia Coppola

Love the jacket.

J Alexander

That might be just a bit much yellow for us, Miss J.

Joe Zee

Linda Fargo

She never looks anything but impeccable.

Lorenzo Martone and Rachel Zoe

Nina Garcia

This entire look is to die.

Betsey Johnson Fall 2012 Show
Fern Mallis

Kristin Cavallari

Theophilus London

Carolina Herrera Fall 2012 Show
Cindy Adams


Renee Zellweger

Walked right past her and we had no idea who it was. We’re just not used to seeing her look this soft. Loved this outfit.


Robbie Myers

Custo Barcelona Fall 2012 Show
Alyssa Campanela, Danielle Doty, and Leila Lopes

Thanks for bringing the color, ladies! You can sit down now. Or are you about to start a kickline? Because that would be awesome.


Tinsley Mortimer

Donna Karan Fall 2012 Show
Adriana Lima

Gorgeous in person.

Ashley Greene

Emmy Rossum

You wouldn’t think so looking at these pictures, but we kept getting Ashley and Emmy mixed up. “There’s Ashley – no wait. That’s Emmy, right?” “If that’s Emmy, then who’s that over there?”

Rose McGowan

You should’ve seen her working those cameras. Turned it on like a switch. We were in awe.

Falguni & Shane Peacock Fall 2012 Show
Ashanti and Michelle Williams

Ladies, the dude behind you looks doubtful as to your outfits.


Eric West

Been loving his looks all week.

Jenny Packham Fall 2012 Show
Dita Von Teese

Shockingly understated. She looks great, though.

Kaylee DeFe

Taylor Schilling

Marc Jacobs
Anna Dello Russo

Honey, that is a LOT of coat.

Ariel Foxman and Hal Rubenstein

Brad Goreski

Hamish Bowles

You WERQ that shit, editor-boy!


Joanna Coles and Nina Garcia

Maria Sharapova

Michael Pitt and Kim Gordon

They were seated in the “Unhappy” section, apparently.

Rachel Zoe

Steven Kolb

Can we have your boots, Steven?

Suzy Menkes

We sat right behind her at Rachel Zoe and she couldn’t have been friendlier or more down to earth.

Dakota Fanning

Gorgeous, but it’s still February.


Reem Acra
Ahna O’Reilly

Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Nina’s jacket.  I would have thought T-Lo would have something to say about Sharapova’s outfit.

  • Anonymous

    So, I was scrolling through the pics and went “what the hell is Robin Williams doing at Fashion Week?” Then I realized it was Hamish Bowles. Oops

    And Joe Zee is the cutest thing ever…his smile is so charming and adorbs. 

  • Ooh, love Rachel Zoe’s 2nd outfit (dress + fur) and also Tinsley Mortimer’s dress. And Dita! Someone got herself a makeunder! She looks beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, were Kim Gordon and Michael Pitt there together?

    •  I wondered that too!

    • That would be interesting…

    • Anonymous

      I just hope her breasts didn’t fall out of her dress and was also thankful she was wearing underwear, sheesh.

      • Anonymous

        i know hes dating a runway model. Maybe she walked the show? Sometimes when she walks the shows he is there. Anyone seen his Prada campaign? gives me nightmares. But he was everything in Boardwalk Empire.

  • Anonymous

    Also, I love Fern’s candy collection!

  • Judy_J

    Anna Dello Russo looks like Big Bird’s hatchling.

    • Anonymous

      I like that description far better than my own reaction – Albino Yetti.  Either way, I think every term/phrase we bitter kittens conjure up for that “look” would be a great band name. 🙂

      • Judy_J

        You’re right….they would make great band names!

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea what he’s like in person but something about Lorenzo Martone in pics makes me want to check for my wallet and grab the Purell. 

    • Anonymous

      “our” Lorenzo is obviously the superior Lorenzo.

  • Anonymous

    How does Ashanti sit down without flashing everyone her ladycakes? I am sure that’s part of why she dressed that way, but the logistics of it are freaking mind boggling.

    • Lori

      I saw a pic of her sitting down and her hands were very strategicly folded.

      Also, the look on the face of the guy behind her in this photo is priceless. I have no idea who you are, dude behind Ashanti, but I’m with ya.

  • Anonymous


  • Why did Ms. J bring her luggage?  Was she going straight to JFK afterwards?

    • Just holding it for Mary Poppins while she’s in the loo.

  • victoria rodeno

    Taylor Schilling looks like she needs at least 3 good meals. Too skinny, anorexic. Anna Russo looks like a man in drag.Ew.

  • I don’t know who half of these people are – especially the girls (jeez I feel old).  Are they all on some WB show or something?

    • Anonymous

      Socialites, perhaps?

  • bp316

    Yes, Nina’s coat is nice, but I’m sorry, combined with those boots, those glasses and that centre-parting, the look as a whole is a disaster (especially when she sits next to Joanna Coles)

    • How I agree.  I thought it was hugely ageing and the colours are very unflattering…

      • Anonymous

        I agree.  She looks terrible and her hair Louise!

    • Anonymous

      I’d be happy to take the boots from her it if will help.

      • Anonymous

        Yuck!  I though Nina looked horrible.  It’s bad 1970’s JC Penney catalog.

  • I guess I’m not up on a lot of the fashionistas, as I don’t know who some people are. For example, I thought Anna Dello Russo was Mick Jagger in very bad drag. 

    • Anonymous

       And I thought it was Steven Tyler!

      • I too thought it was Steven Tyler holding a really cute clutch.

        • Anonymous

          I thought it was Willem DaFoe in drag

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know who I thought she looked like, I just knew she looked like a man!

    • Anonymous

       the heading confused me for a sec, so I thought it was a very weird looking Marc Jacobs X.x

    • Anonymous

      OMG, I thought the same thing!  I was like, who’s that old Jagger-ish drag queen in a Ostrich feather coat?!?

      • Anonymous

        shes the fashion editor for Vogue Nippon. Her face is …….. but her body is incredible. Shes Italian. 

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap – Steve Kolb is my next door neighbor. I didn’t know he was a fashion muckity muck. TLo, if you guys drop by, we’ll knock on his door and get those boots for you!

    • Anonymous

      I love that you found out this way! Always refreshing to hear that not everyone in fashion is insecure/braggy about it.

  • Anonymous

    What is the temperature like in those tents?  Cause some people are all wrapped up, and other’s look like they’re headed to a summer picnic!!
    Are these your pictures?

  • Wait, I thought Kristin Cavallari was preggers — she doesn’t look preggers to me. 

  • Anonymous

    Anna Della Russo has curling-iron curls.   If she were truly up on the latest, she would know better, just from reading your blog.

    • Anonymous

      How many do you think managed to notice her hair? (Kittens excluded of course)

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the human cotton candy?

  • Anonymous

    Love your comments..took the thoughts right outta my head


  • MilaXX

    I have to say I prefer the ones where people are dressed comfortable. The cute flats and actual winter attire make it seem like they are more about business than the photo- op

  • Anonymous

    I have two questions:

    1) How much swag are you two getting? Anything cool?
    2) How do you know who 85% of these people are?

  • Ms. Fargo looks like a bunch of little animals exploded all over her shirt.

    • Anonymous

      Ms. Fargo is WERQ’n IT!  LOVE the scarf!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love Linda Fargo’s hair!  Ashley Greene’s, however, looks like it was cut with a lawnmower.
    Rose McGowan’s dress is amazing.  Want.
    I can’t figure out what the print on Eric West’s shirt is of.  Anybody know?

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

  • God, I love the reaction shots.

  • Anonymous

    Jeff Gordon. SRSLY?

  • Anonymous

    Why no tiny heads of T and/or Lo? Are your seats in the nosebleed section? Did they put you two in the corner? NOBODY PUTS T LO IN THE CORNER!

  • Anonymous

    Amid tents packed with people in the most cracktastic garb, you really have to love Joe Zee’s easy, unselfconscious style. He’s been a stand-out in these Fashion Week posts.

    • Anonymous

       I know! I would imagine that it would always make you feel good to be around him, as long as he occasionally flashes that smile. He never appears to be posing, just relaxed and happy. Big fan.

  • I’ll take Nina’s boots and Brad’s jacket. Thank you. 

  • …the hell, Anna Della Russo? WTF?!

    Fern Mallis looks remarkably striking.

    LOVE Nina Garcia’s look. 

    Lorenzo Martone – I’m sorry, was he wearing clothes? #dreamy

    I think J Alexander’s outfit might have been perfect with darker pants. I quite like the top of that outfit. 

    Brad is SO CUTE!!

  • Tara Burkholder

    Jeff Gordon, like the NASCAR driver? WTF is he doing at NYFW?

    • Anonymous

      Well, he’s rich as hell, and that’s his wife, a former model. Remember, these front-row seats aren’t only for publicity hounds… some attendees are actually customers. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Anna Dello Russo looks like Mick Jagger in a chicken costume.

  • Anonymous

    I want Nina Garcia’s outfit and Fern Mallis’ frames!

  • Anonymous

    Damn– I don’t know who Linda Fargo is, but she can rock that silver/gray hair!   I only wish my hair would look that good.

    Edit- Google is my friend, but Bergdof Goodman is not in my price range 🙁

  • Anonymous

    After seeing her on Letterman, Zellwigger can do nothing right for me. And I love the movie Chicago.  She is an idiot in an interview. Id-i-ot.

  • This just in: Jay Alexander was swallowed by his outfit at the Philip Lim show. The death was ruled accidental but oh-so-inevitable.

    Oh Nina and Robbie I love you so. So chic. So effortless. Nina’s coat is just too fabulous. Joanna I’d say the same for you but you aren’t Tilda Swinton; couldn’t we put on just a little bit of lipstick and eyebrown pencil?  Just a wee bit?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like being pregnant did Rachel Zoe some good, her hair and skin look amazing.

    • Anonymous

      SO true. And it looks like she’s been eating food lately. I bet so many elements of her life are healthier now that she has to look after the baby (of course she has help, and Rodger, but I believe she is involved with parenting and that it has affected her priorities).

  • Anonymous

    You lucky sons of a gun

  • Fern Mallis and Nina look fabulous!  In fact, lots of the celebs in this bunch look nicely understated.  Good for not drawing attention from the fashions on the runway.  Renee Z looks great–she must have been hiding at a health spa lately, as we haven’t seen her around for a while. 

  • I love the Red Vines peaking out of Fern Mallis’ bag.

  • Anonymous

    Yesssss Rachel Zoe got a hairbrush! Bless her. She looks great. 

  • Anna Dello Russo looks absolutely ridiculous, that coat has ‘desperate for attention’ written all over it.

  • muzan-e

    One of my very favourite models, the spectacular Mackenzie Hamilton, was walking for Philip Lim!  So I’m even more terribly envious of your time there. *g*

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone explain Kim Gordon’s dress to me? It looks like she’s about to have a wardrobe malfunction under that jacket. Her dress is riding pretty low in that pic or am I not looking at her boobs under the jacket.
    I love Nina’s look except for her hair.
    I don’t understand the springy looking little dresses being worn in Feb in NY.

  • Lisa

    FERN!!!!  (We love Fern!)

    I would have never ever recognized Miss Dita in a million years.  She looks nice, but just not as fierce as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Ick – I’d have said nina looked like the death already happened (especially in the first pic with the glasses where she was standing.)

    • Anonymous

      I think the frames are awful. But it’s a bad picture – she has a funny look on her face, and the angle makes her look like a bobblehead. In the 2nd picture she looks a lot better IMO.

      • Anonymous

        Agree about the glasses. They overpower her face.

      • Anonymous

        Agree about the glasses. They overpower her face.

  • Libby Rhoman

    Dakota looks like everything she’s sporting- eye makeup, clutch, shoes, dress- was purchased at Claire’s.

  • Crotchfeathers again?  What is this?  Some insane new trend to gussy up lady areas with plumage?  Michelle Williams, NO.  And her freind there, Ms Ashanti?  I have no words for how ghastly that is in every possible way.

  • Anonymous

    Now see, this was all fun…then you had to go and ruin it with that horrible douche Jeff Gordon. (yes, I am likely the world’s only Bitter Kitten NASCAR Fan.)

    Anyway…for the first time ever, I’m going to say how pretty Renee looks.

    And I love that Rose is SO good at WERQ’ing that shit.  She’s always had “it” IMO.

    And Miss Dita Incognito!  She still looks like her flawless self, though.

  • Of course you didn’t recognize Renee, she was smiling.

  • Anonymous

    Can I just say? TLo, you are too fucking fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    Re Rachel Zoe, I hope that’s not monkey fur!  I can deal with rodent fur and even canine fur (Fox, Coyote) but NOT MONKEY FUR!

  • Anonymous

    BAD extensions on Ashley Green! Dayum.  And I mourn for Rose McGowans face.

    • Congratulations. The first comment about Rose McGowan’s face is on page 3. Hopefully there will eventually be no comments at all.

  • I have always had an irrational fear of scarecrows. So now that Taylor Schilling person is going to give me nightmares.

  • Boys I feel like an idiot because I have no idea who most of those people are…. however I DON’T CARE!! And please please share stories like the Rachel Zoe one!  Want to know about your conversations and gossip…. Seeing these photos makes me feel like I am watching my sons graduate from medical school or something!! So ecstatic for you both- attending these events and being recognized and I am sure praised to the heavens!!!!
    PS Squinty (aka Zellweger) could have brushed her hair out of her face and I thought Kristen Cavelleri was PG? And do Rachel and Brad speak?

  • Anonymous

    I love Nina’s look, but I think I would have preferred it with a simple black boot.   

    For me, I most look forward to what the editors and fashion insiders are wearing; not the celebs. 

  • Hmmm…. it occurs to me that the advantage of Dita von Teese’s persona is that if she wanted not to be recognized all she needs to do is dress quietly and leave off the lipstick–nobody would know who that gorgeous woman is. Could be useful.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always thought that about Lady Gaga.  If she walked out her door in jeans and a T-shirt with normal hair and regular shoes she could go ANYWHERE incognito.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous, but it’s still February.”

    She’s trying to look like an icicle. 😉

  • Renee is dressed how I would LOVE to dress everyday for work if I had unlimited time and money to shop for an endless supply of gorgeous pencil skits and smart blouses.

    Ashley needs a hair cut. Those layers. They are harsh.

    • Renee Thomas

      Agree RE: Renee Z. It’s understated, elegant, probably comfortable, and the colors are great on her.

  • OK You are all crazy because Nina looks Cuckoo with a capital C.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    That gold jacket is wearing Brad Goreski, but Hamish Bowles is wearing that purple!
    WTF is on Ashanti’s head? Wait – is that dress….see through?? What a sketchy broad.
    I didn’t know Sharapova is considering an ice skating career shift because that is surely a costume she has on, no?
    (Speaking of skating, where are the NYFW pics of Johnny Weir?)
    I want to be Linda Fargo when I grow up, oh who am I kidding -at least when my gray comes all the way in.

  • W A

    Kim Gordon, you Kool Thing.

  • Ashley Greene needs to see a podiatrist stat!

  • Cathy S

    I have no idea who Hamish Bowles is, but I want his coat.

  • Renee Thomas

    Ahna O’Reily’s dress looks exactly like a dance costume I wore in 1988.

  • Anonymous

    I miss Nina…. what a gorgeous coat she had!!! 

  • Zoe’s hair looks *so* pretty like this!
    It’s nice to see her break out of the frizzy cocker spaniel thing.

  • When I see Linda Fargo’s hair I get why Kelly Osborne wants to have a young face and grey hair.

  • Anonymous

    I love Hamish Bowles.  He is always such a treat for the eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Anna Dello Russo looks like a very expensive, very rare and very angry chicken. For example:

  • Anonymous

    WHY is Rachel Zoe’s makeup always SO SHINY between her eyebrows/on her forehead?!!!! It drives me nuts.

    Obviously, I don’t have any real problems. 

  • Daisy James

    Damn, I have been looking for boots like the ones Nina is wearing since forever. Wish I knew who they were, even if I’m never going to afford them.