New York Fashion Week Front Row Day 3

Posted on February 12, 2012

Celebrities, darlings! Aren’t they just the answer to EVERYTHING?

Christian Siriano Fall 2012 Show
Alicia Solombrino

You can’t say she didn’t commit to the look, that’s for sure.

Brad Goreski

This all looks surprisingly mismatched to us.

Cindy Adams

Bringing it, old-school style.

Gabourey Sidibe

Leigh Lezark, Mena Suvari, Nina Dobrev, Isabelle Furhman

Poor Isabelle is one shutter click away from being buried under a pile of starlets.

We totally thought Mena was Dianna Agron from across the room.


Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2012 Show
Camila Alves and Nina Dobrev

Oh, Camila, sweetie. THOSE ARE NOT YOUR PANTS.

Coco Rocha

Kristin Chenoweth

Great dress; bad shoes.

Tinsley Mortimer


Jill Stuart Fall 2012 Show
Nikki Reed

Sophie Stuart

Another starlet about to topple over! Despite what these pictures might lead you to believe, the floors of the tents are actually level. Swear to god.


Lacoste Fall 2012 Show
Joanna Coles

About to be devoured by fashion queens.

Kellan Lutz

We are prepared to start making veiled allusions to his sexual preference now. He looks very cute, but he looks no different from the fricking army of gay male stylists, bloggers, and editors we’ve been seeing all week. He needs the pea coat with the popped collar, though. Every fucking gay man within a mile of Lincoln Center seems to be sporting that particular look (Tom included, it has to be said). Last season, they were all wearing the same purple gingham shirt.

Leigh Lezark


Monique Lhuillier Fall 2012 Show
Camila Alves

We didn’t love this color on her and her hair looked Jheri-curled.

Mary Alice Stephenson

Fabulous coat.

Nina Dobrev

That color looks gorgeous on her. She and Camila walked to their seats at the same time, and despite Camila’s bright yellow dress, we couldn’t take our eyes off Nina.

Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 Show
Mia Moretti

Zoe Saldana

 We love the outfit, but the shoes may be a bit too much. Looks like the gal to her right agrees.


Ruffian Fall 2012 Show
Amanda Setton

It’s always so refreshing to come across a lady willing to pose in her coat. Most of them shed their coats in stripper-fast time when a photographer asks for a pic.

Steven Kolb and Lorenzo Martone


Can we have your sweater, Steven?

Tibi Fall 2012 Show
Louise Roe

Almost knocked her over at this show, but she’s very sweet in person; posed for a million pics.

Olivia Palermo

Say what you will about this gal, or even this outfit (which we like), when she glides through a tent, she doesn’t give off the normal starlet/fashion dilettante vibe. No, she’s a true fashionista; knows her stuff and dresses the part.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    Amanda SettonIt’s always so refreshing to come across a lady willing to pose in her coat. 
    Well, it is a fabulous coat!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know who made Zoe’s pants?  They’re gorgeous!

    • Anonymous

      It’s Prabal Gurung:

      • Anonymous

         Thank you!  That look is a lot to pull off, but of course La Zoe can do it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who 1/2 these people are but Thanks for some morning pretty!! Totally dig Cindy Adams old school vibe!

  • I’m just going to say it. Zoe Saldana is ridiculously gorgeous, but she doesn’t photograph well. Work on your starlet smile girl.

    • Anonymous

      This is probably one of the most unflattering photos of her ever. It’s hard to tell if it’s the lighting, angle or what.

      • She looks quite tired and drawn doesn’t she? Definitely not her best!

  • Jeebus, Kellan Lutz is even sporting the “I don’t give a crap if my shirt is tucked in” thing.  I guess I’ll have to rip that shirt right off of him and show him how its, erm, done.  Joanna Coles looks surprisingly relaxed and kinda sweet.

    • Anonymous

       If I ever go to Fashion Week [SNORT!], I’ll take my styling tips from Joanna. Love her normal but fashionable look. I’m bewildered at who most of these are.

      • Joanna has a great style. She actually inspires me.

        And none of that snorting, missy. Anything is possible.

        • Anonymous

          Well, I promise not to snort in public if I actually ever DO go to Fashion Week. It would be ever so awesome to sit with you…
          (continued below w/Call me Bee)

      • Call me Bee

        Yeah–Joanna is always put-together and chic.  And here–you can tell from her that it’s actually February with her fab houndstooth checked coat.  And if I ever get to Fashion Week (snort!) we can sit together in the first row!! 

        • Anonymous

          (continuing from accidental housewife)
          …and to sit with you too, in the first row! We would have the time of our lives!

  • Miranda Neville

    Why is Nikki Reed wearing her grandmother’s house coat?

  • If Kellan Lutz is gay, than I’ll be one super ecstatic camper. 🙂

    Not that I’d go after him to be with him. It just makes good eye candy even more delicious for me when they’re gay.

  • Anonymous

    What the world needs now is more Coco Rocha. Thanks for starting my Sunday off so fabulously!
    Mena is totally WERQing that Jackie O vibe!
    Have no idea who Alicia Solombrino is but I’m guessing a relative/friend of Paz de la Huerta.
    Brad! Light gray is a bitch to match (other than with black and white). He should know better than to put camel next to it. But still love him!
    Mia Moretti looks like a younger, less crazy Chloe Sevigny.

  • Tinsley Mortimer sounds like a the name of an Addams family relative. She could be a floating legless cousin!

  • Anonymous

    somewhere a forest is weeping for the loss of all its denizens [cough cough – Cindy Adams – cough].

    (ETA: but she *does* look fabulous.)

  • Ceur –

    That’s a bad boob-angle for Tinsley Mortimer. They look uneven. And the pictures of people sitting down are making me dizzy!

  • Mena has some Hillary hair going on. Not crazy about the cut on her.

  • Anonymous

    Sophie Stuart, I don’t know who you are (don’t feel bad, it goes for most of the folks in these photos) – but that is one god-awful ugly dress you are wearing.

  • Anonymous

    Ladies rockin’ the black and white!

  • Anonymous

    Loved Olivia Palermo outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Please tell us who are all these people… I only recognized the names of a couple.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too, but if I’m interested enough, I just Google ’em.

  • MilaXX

    Not liking Brad’s look at all. Too many varying shades of blue and the mixing of what looks like orange toned red with blue toned red is eye searingly bad.
    Gabby looks to have gotten a new weave. I like!
    I like that Camilla occasionally wears her hair in it’s natural state.

    • Anonymous

      ack, orange-red vs. blue-red!  i just had flashbacks of my teenage years, with my father stating very matter-of-factly, “you’re not leaving the house in *that* – look at you; you’ve got competing blue-black and green-black between your pants and your shirt.”

      • Anonymous

        Wow, your dad was exceptionally observant!

        • Anonymous

          That’s one way to put it.

  • I love Joanna Coles and she always looks fabulously put together except for one thing.  Her hair!  It struck me on PR:AS the other night and again in this photo.  Can’t she at least run a comb through it?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, yes.  It always looks disheveled. 

    • Anonymous

      It looks like straw and dried out because she’s over-dying it.  Maybe she needs to adjust her diet a bit to make her hair more healthy.

  • Anonymous

    Coco is shutting it down.  Want Brad’s scarf.

  • I can’t get over how much Olivia Palermo looks like Tara Muscarella of Fashion Hunters. For the longest time I’ve apparently been under the impression that they’re the same person. They look like they could be sisters. 

  • Lisa

    Mena Suvari’s whole look and Nikki Reed’s dress aged them both about 20 years. 

  • “Tlo said:  Looks like the gal to her right agrees.”

    I was thinking the girl is trying to read her text.

    Love the dress Leigh Lezark is wearing.

    Sigh…It’s so much fun to be back reading you boys!

  • Do they announce these people, like at a royal ball? Or else how do you know who they are?? 

  • Alisa Rivera

    It’s long been rumored that Kellan is bi. I suspect he’s one of those guys who will sleep with anyone as long as they keep up a steady stream of praise for his body.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing much to add about the looks. Just wanted to say to TLo that I as a longtime lurker from back in the projectrungay early days, miss dress libs. Im thinking that we need to revive every so often cause some of these nyfw looks are screaming for some bitter kitten creative snark. never mind the fuggery thats about to commence with the grammys tonight.

    Pleease bring the dress libs back!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d care more if I knew who most of these people under 30 are.

  • Camila Alves’ hair – I suspect it’s her natural hair — curly.

    Like it.

  • Anonymous

    I was a weensy giddy reading about the pea coat thing since I always assume that years of being out of the fashion business and living in LA have left me looking like a Wal-Mart employee. Yet! I still have my beloved pea coat (from 1995 however) made in black leather! Of course I never have need to wear it here but at least I can now gaze on it fondly and regale it with stories of how it could have been a star! 

  • Call me Bee

    Gentlemen, thanks so much for this Sunday chic-ness.  I always appreciate weekend posts from you. 

  • Anonymous

    Brad G would look cute but the scarf throws it all off, I think. 

    • Anonymous

      I think Brad’s cuteness is overrated.  I had to stop watching his show because he was coming off as a total douche.

  • nah, i would agree on the sexual prefenrence assumption of kellan lutz just based on that outfit. On my campus, there are literally thousands of guys dressed exactly like that…

  • my bad, would not

  • Anonymous

    Poor Alicia Solombrino looks like a cheap hooker in the hot pants getup by Christian Siriano.  There are some serious taste issues here (on both their parts).

    Nikki Reed in Jill Stuart — this could be a housedress in the ‘Austin Scarlett Southern Lady Collection.’

    Nina Dobrev’s dress, only kind-of-pretty, is thoroughly inappropriate for a FW show.  It’s clearly an EVENING cocktail dress.   Overdressing is a worse offense than underdressing.

    I’m in shock about Zoe Saldana’s shoes.  Wish the photo had cropped out her feet.  Well, nobody’s perfect.

    Cindy Adams and Joanna Coles take top honors.  Let’s hear it for mature good taste!

    • Anonymous

      Let’s argue about that “overdressing/underdressing” rule!
      I have heard on the one hand that it’s more polite to slightly underdress, as that way you don’t show up the hostess or guest of honor.
      OTOH, it’s argued it’s better to overdress as that shows more respect for the event when one puts in more effort.
      MY personal feeling has always been that I dress up to my own level of fabulousness on a given day — and I don’t worry about overdoing it. It’s not my fault if you weren’t feeling as fabulous as I was today. (I am not an over-the-top type, so I don’t mean Gaga-Minaj-Perry levels of overdressing, btw.)


  • Anonymous

    The Tinsley Mortimer photo was wonderful. I love the spooky floating thing.

  • Anonymous

    Coco should know that lighting at that angle would make her look scary.

    And Zoe always looks much older than she actually is in the face, which makes the clothes look like she’s trying too hard.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if I knew who most of these people were I could differentiate among them.  They all look so same-y to me.  I applaud anyone who dresses for February, esp Cindy Adams, Amanda Setton, and Olivia Palermo.  I also like the Prabal Gurung girl because she looks like she has a personality, though for all I know she is a vapid mannequin for her stylist. 

  • Brad looks ridiculous and like he is carrying my mother’s purse.
    Kristen Chenowith needs better shoes but also a better make-up person. Her make-up always looks like she just finished a matinee. The pale lipstick – ick! – the orangey base and dark eyes. Someone help her. She has more access to gays than the ticket taker at a Liza Minelli Tribute Concert, how can she not have someone helping her out?

  • Anonymous

    I love that blue dress on Nina Dobrev-sigh, to have the figure to wear that!

  • Anonymous

    I definitely get blips on my gaydar when I look at Kellan Lutz.

    He seems like the kind of guy who is no stranger to a …um… how can I put this?…uh… a male member in his mouth, even if it got there because he tripped, fell and it lodged itself there by accident.

  • I don’t know who Leigh Lezark is, but she always looks hungry. And pissed about it.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate myself for starting to like Olivia Palermo.  She just always looks so put together.  And her hair is so SHINY.

    Amanda Setton and her beautiful coat make me sad One Life to Live is gone all over again.

  • Anonymous

    I know stars seem to always be smaller in person, but I didn’t think that was possible with Kellan. Yet, after seeing that picture, I can believe that all the others may have provided a skewed perspective. He seems, if not wee, than definitely back to human-sized. (Yesterdays’s grey turtleneck pic was like a jersey-draped brick wall with a floating head above it!)

  • I love Joanna Coles. I just saw her at my local Starcucks. She was so lovely! 

  • Anonymous

    Coco Rocha looks fierce but terrifying.


    Mia Moretti looks like a crazy person.
    LOVE Zoe’s jacket.

  • Liz

    “We totally thought Mena was Dianna Agron from across the room.”

    I thought it was Courtney Thorne-Whatsit circa Ally McBeal. Or maybe a first lady..

  • Anonymous

    You guys are at your bitchiest best!  Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Mary Alice Stephenson looks like Beth (stern’s wife)

  • Anonymous

    Mary Alice Stephenson looks like Beth (stern’s wife)