Nautica Fall 2012 Menswear Collection

Posted on February 12, 2012

Let’s start off Sunday morning right, mkay?


BAM. There you go.


Now, we could talk about the clothes at the Nautica presentation, which were, typically for Nautica, masculine and sexy in an “I want to go boating with him and that’s totally not a euphemism okay maybe it is” kind of way.

But somehow, we keep getting distracted.


Very, very distracted.

Oh, so distracted.

We’re not kidding when we say going to the Nautica presentation is always one of the highlights of fashion week. It’s like the gay equivalent of going to Hooters because it’s all cocktails and drop-dead gorgeous men; easily the best-looking collection of men you’ll see all week. No skinny Eastern European waifs for these clothes. It’s the square-jawed All-American types, straight down the line and god bless them.

Putting on our Serious Fashion Blogger hats (and taking off our horny gay hats) we’ll say that this was the best collection we’ve seen from Nautica in a while; offering classic shapes and styles, updated slightly for current trends. The collection felt like NOW instead of a sort-of-now, but-with-a-nautical-twist. We’ll take any of the sweaters or outerwear, and we’re already fighting over the red cords.


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  • what clothes…?

    • Anonymous

      I totally thought they were overreacting to the hotness and then they said “red cords” at the bottom and I seriously was like “What red cords?”

  • Anonymous

    How about the red cords for Lorenzo and the green ones for Tom? Everything else in complete agreement with. 

    •  I was going to say that I see Lorenzo in the red, but the green are perfect for Tom.  Just don’t wear them at the same time.  Hot Christmas elves is probably not what their going for. 😀

  • Mercy.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oh, Nautica, bless you.  These are the men who are running around inside my ‘post-apocalyptic America’ fantasies.  Three cheers for a square jaw and defined brow! 

  • Anonymous

    Wow, there’s really something for everyone here, isn’t there?

    (Well, for everyone who’s into white dudes and/or black guys whom Nautica deems sufficiently non-threatening-looking.)

    Oh, and the clothes are nice too, I guess.

    •  The dude in the black overcoat, white blazer, and white and navy striped sweater *might* be middle eastern…
      He definitely is something for me.  Him and blue overcoat, blueish gray cardigan, white polo, and striped button down.  And Mr. sweater vest with jeans.  And Sir red corduroy pants.  And…

      • Anonymous

        Mr. Maybe-Middle-Eastern caught my eye too.  Then again, I’ve always had a soft spot for Middle Eastern men.  This is, indeed, an collection of exceptionally attractive men.

    • I think that’s an Asian guy in the red sweater. Only half of him is in the pic.

      • Basil Von Broccoli

        Where’s the rest of him? I’d like to see more of, uh, his outfit.

    • Basil Von Broccoli

      Skullcappy Pullover and his neighbor Red Blazer can non-threaten me anytime, baby… along with Blueeyes Toomanyjackets and possibly Brownvest Bluepants.

      I really like these clothes.

      • Blueeyes Toomanyjackets could honestly be half the guys here.

        I will take them all.

  • Susan Crawford

    Now that I’ve mopped up the drool from my laptop keyboard, let me say how delightful it was of T and Lo to make sure their bitter little kittens were given the pictorial equivalent of a dish of salmon mousse. Yes, these models are just IT: strong-jawed, toned, and utterly gorgeous.

    As soon as my hot flash cools down, I’ll go back and try to look at the clothing.

  • Sign me up for the red orange blazer in  pic number 17, and the denim coat in number 20. But please, please, PLEASE tell me we are not going to be subjected to shorts worn with leggings AND socks.

    • Anonymous

      Those of us near concentrations of the young (college campus, cheap rental property stuffed with struggling artistes, etc.) see LOTs of shorts & leggings here in the south where it doesn’t get seriously cold long enough to need many winter clothes. (read: haven’t done laundry in over a week, all that’s left is my extensive collection of shorts.)

      I don’t think that counts as a fashion trend though.

  • Oh yeah, and gimme a shopping cart for all the hot men I need. A BIG shopping cart.

  • MilaXX

    So much pretty….and the clothes are nice too. Seriously this is a nice collection. Easily translatable to everyday wear.

  • MilaXX

     You must not live near a college campus. I’ve seen the shorts & thermals look before. I doubt it will become a fashion thing, though.

  • Alisa Rivera

    I find that half-tucked in shirt business both teeth-clenchingly pretentious and strangely arousing at the same time. 

    Beautiful boys. And the clothes are nice too.

    •  I must agree.  Hopefully that was only a styling point for the runway.  Its damned tough to pull off the insouciant, “I don’t give a crap if my shirt is tucked in” thing and make it really work.

      • Alisa Rivera

        It’s rampant in my neighborhood for both boys and girls.

  • Damn…the hottie in the orange coat is mouth watering…scrumptious.  Thanks for the eye candy on a cold Sunday morning you two!  🙂  You made me one happy lady!  hehe

  • Let’s fight over the guy IN the red cords.  Laws!!!

    • Anonymous

      Forget it.  He’s mine!

      • Most of them look like the stuck up guys from high school, but blondie there looks so friendly…sigh

        • Oh yes, agreed, none of these fine gentlemen look like someone I’d actually want to -know-, except possibly in the biblical sense. 

  • Pennymac

    I seriously had to scroll through all of the pictures ogling the models, and then scroll back up to view the clothes. Both, (or would it be all?), are ridiculously beautiful. 

    Can you imagine the model casting session for these? *fans self*

  • Anonymous

    holy cannoli. just the thing to start the morning right. coffee with a side of gorgeous men.

  • Yum.

  • Anonymous

    I have looked at the pictures twice yet I still haven’t seen the clothes.  Wow, those are gorgeous men. Maybe this is why the other shows use those skinny 14 year old eastern European waifs?  They know it will force us to look at the clothing instead of the models? Anyway, thank you for this post. Indeed, a wonderful way to start off Sunday.  

    • Anonymous

       A ridiculous number of these guys look like athletes rather than models, don’t they? Part of it’s the clothes, obviously, but this reminds me less of a runway show and more of those shoots they do every 2 years where they get the hottest Olympians and put them in pretty clothes (and thank God for whoever came up with that idea. Ahem).

      The African-American gentleman in the navy toggle coat can wrap me up against the cold any time. Sigh.

  • ……I’m sorry, they were wearing clothes?

    DAMN, that’s the best way to start off my Sunday morning. Thanks guys! 🙂

  • This was the presentation style? All these guys crammed in together, elbow to elbow? …… Would they turn around if you wanted to see the backs? Of the clothing, I mean. Yeah. That’s what I mean.

  • There are some good looking men here for sure, but I can’t be the only one who likes skinny Easten European waifs, can I?

    • I like the look of skinny Eastern European waifs on the runway and the street, but gimme (any) one of these guys in my bed. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m a waif lass who dates waif lads. We can let them have the hunks and we can share the skinny ones. 🙂

    • Anonymous

       I definitely prefer the waifs. All-American has never done anything for me.

    • Anonymous

      Irrefutably you cannot be alone as there are so many of them about – SOMEbody is breeding ’em. [Thank the lord.]

  • Anonymous

    YumMERS!!! Would love to have about 95% of this for my husband, especially the striped jacket look.  And I’ll take the blond guy in the peacoat, too, for… um… styling research.

  • Anonymous

    Humina humina humina

    The clothes are nice. I have no shame.


    I’ll have one of each to go.

  • Anonymous

    Nice clothes. Nice men. Nice start to the day.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God Nautica didn’t do any crazy serial-killer masks…we would have missed ALL THIS.

    My, these men are incredible.  Great clothes, and a great tactic, having the “women want them, and men want to be them” kind of models.

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY, zippered cardigans are sexy again 🙂

    Not your neighbor Mr. Rogers

    (pssst, still luv u Mister R)

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU, TLo. What a lovely Sunday treat.

    • Anonymous

       Also, having FINALLY looked at the clothes, I can say that I really hope cargo pants aren’t making a comeback, because almost no one can pull them off. And, despite all the cardies and pullovers here, I’m pleased to see nary a Lebowski Sweater* in evidence. I love The Dude, but I wouldn’t turn to him for sartorial advice, yet I keep seeing sweaters reminiscent of his on people with, you know, jobs.

      *Is the Lebowski Sweater the 90s slacker version of the Cosby Sweater?

  • Anonymous

    Love the jackets with the different collar, very cool.

  • Want all the clothes for my boyfriend. 

  • Anonymous

    Those guys look extremely overheated. They should immediately remove those clothes.
    I’m only concerned about heat exhaustion.
    It’s for their health.
    I swear.

  • agreed on the statement about the best collection of male models.  Beats the pants off the last group you posted!

  • Please explain the runway. It looks like it’s inside a store.

  • Gorgeous looks!  Especially the white jacket.  Looks really quality.  I think their choice of models really makes these clothes look like things you would want a man to wear!  Squared-jawed All-Americans!  Perfect description.

  • Anonymous

    Put a couple inches (height that is!) on that red coated shaved head model- and you would have my husband!   I love that bald look.

  • Woof.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my………

  • Anonymous

    Nothing here for me, in any sense… And not sure why Nautica bother with showing their clothes, these look like the clothes they were making 15 years ago…

    Are we using woof for emaciated boys now? Ladies, the bears will get angry.

  • Anonymous

    Yummy…I just scrolled up and down the page about 10 times.  And didn’t look at crotches once 

    (ok so maybe I snuck a glance or 12)

  • Gabriella Soza

    I would marry any one of these men.

    Hell, I would have sex with any one of these men.

  • Anonymous

    boring clothes, cute guys.

  • Anonymous

    High-topped lace-up boat shoes? Basketball topsiders? Did I really SEE those? Have they been around forever and I’ve just managed to miss them?

    That’s just so weird that it’s got to be the Next Big Thing.

    In other news I’m ambivalent about the turned up (?) collar look on some of the suit-jacket-like jackets. 

    But there’s boatloads (ha!) of wearable and good looking menswear here & edited to bring down the prep-factor, I like.The skinny types are more my thing, but if they were allowed to break out into a smile or grin, this lot would be pretty fetching, I admit.

  • glennethph

    I love the coats.

  • Anonymous

    You boys must have been so torn between ogling the outerwear and ogling the in-the-wear. Seriously yummy.

  • Anonymous

    Raise your hand if you saw the clothes at all.  No?  Me neither.

    Lord those men are hot.

  • Mike Winget

    there were clothes there??   

  • They’re all gorgeous (the models and the clothes), though whenever I see a cardigan with frog enclosures, I have to giggle a little. It’s like the model is trying to be Grandpa in a Werther’s Orginal ad. 

  • Anonymous

    Guy in the red and blue pinstripes is the lovechild of Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello. Didn’t know a guest spot on a TV franchise could spawn grown-up, model offspring that fast.

  • Not only do these guys look smoking hot, but the clothes look like ones that REAL, LIVE (straight!!!) men could wear. No slight intended to my gays, but some other collections are far too flamboyant and colorful for the average straight guy to even be interested in, let alone get away with. I would be very impressed if I saw guys walking around in this Nautica collection…

  • Beth G

    Yum.  Yum.  And Yum.

    Insert old joke here “I’ll take one of everything and the clothes too”

  • Anonymous

    White sport coat with collar up, white cable stitch sweater, and blue vest over blue sweater, please join me over here…  🙂

  • I wish I could buy every piece for my guy! He’d look fabulous in it. This is a great collection, so wearable.

  • The jackets with the turned up collars are a gimmick, the rest is just fine. I’ll check this out when the discount stock hits TJ Maxx

  • Anonymous

    I’ll see the clothes on the rack.

  • The beautiful boy in the thumbnail looks like the lovechild of Chris Evans and Ethan Hawke.

  • Anonymous

    OMYTHANKYOU! I am so happy right now, I think I need some money to but some Nautica for my man…