Monique Lhuillier Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 15, 2012

You’ll never be disappointed with a Monique Lhuillier show; not if you like dramatic and luxurious gowns and dresses. You’ll never walk out of that tent uttering, “Meh.” It’s gloriously dramatic and glamorous, all the time. Taking her inspiration from the Year of the Dragon, as well as lava and volcanic stones, the theme was obviously heat, and there was plenty of it coming off that runway, when the reds and oranges walked down it. But there’s plenty of gold and shimmer as well, just to bring the glam factor up even further. If these looks don’t scream “red carpet,” we don’t know what does. C’mon, Angelina. You know you want to. Don’t be afraid of all the bright colors.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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    • Anonymous

      Salivating…. Weakened knees… LOVE just about every single thing… *sigh*

    • Stacy Parker Cole

      I DIE.

    • Irina Ryabchuk

      I want that gold jacket. WANT.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Absolutely love this collection. The orangish outfits with the dark highlights are my favorites. 2nd, 3rd and 7th row middle. Nice.

      • Urban Gypsy aka Tess

        They look like molten lava. I LOVE them!

    • Anonymous

      I normally have a violent reaction against orange tones, but I am loving all these warm reds!! Gorgeousness all around.

    • Nora Mulllin

      The center gowns in rows 2 & 3 need to appear in my closet immediately. Then someone needs to invent an occasion for me to wear them.

      • Anonymous

         You can have row #2 (though it is gorgeous), but row 3 middle is mine! I’ll come up with something to wear it to. Overdressed for the PTA meeting, pfui!!

        • Nora Mulllin

          I’ve got a wedding happening in October. This would be perfect.

      • Anonymous

         Heck, I’d sit around the house admiring myself in row 3 middle!

        • Tiger Gray

          My answer was going to be that I would wear it in my house while drinking my morning coffee :)

    • Anonymous

      Gold jacket!  Now!

    • foodycatAlicia

      The boob-framing leather vest is really going to be a thing this year, isn’t it?

    • Sandra Oh

      Wow, it’s amazing how she has evolved from her bridal origins to this show but at the same time stayed true to her original aesthetics.

    • Anonymous

      Those screams you hear are the Marchesa girls’ as this collection falls on them like goddamn lava rocks of awesome.

      • Irene

        if I were them I’d also be upset about that third dress in the first row… because it looks like a more flattering but more standard version of some of their fall 2011 stuff:… 

        anyway that third dress really confuses me, because it’s very pretty and all but it feels so DONE already. maybe it’s that I worked in bridal and it looks like a million wedding dresses just with some color slapped on it? I’m feeling pretty over the lace/tulle thing. 

        digital printing, though, yes please! especially that middle dress in the second row.

        • Cassie

          I noticed that, too. That’s one of the weaker dresses in the collection also, I think.

    • Anonymous

      Amanda Seyfried for the first dress.  I’m calling it now.  But really it is gorgeous isn’t it?

      • Anonymous

        Wouldn’t you love to take the gowns and play a game where you match the celebrity to the dress you know they’d work to death?  Either way, this collection has me geeked for the Oscar red carpet.  

        I’d love to see Charlize Theron in pretty much ANY of these looks – I could see her in looks 3, 4 or 9.  Or maybe battling out Seyfried for 1.  

    • Judy_J

      Oh, yeah….it’s all gorgeous.  Love the third gown in the top row of photos.

      • Anonymous

        UH HUH! Would love to see that worn to the Oscar’s! Maybe Kirsten Dunst or Amy Adams — I’m thinking pale girl, but maybe it’s because the model is milky.

    • Anonymous

      Ooh nice, apart from the gold and the midriff bearing I’m so there. :)

    • Anonymous


    • Sam

      I’m seeing lots of 30’s and 40’s influences in these pieces. Lots of pretty stuff here!

    • Anonymous

      Black gown, second to last row, Rooney Mara, Oscars.

      • Nora Mulllin

        I totally see it.

    • Mariah J

      WANT ALL OF IT…but will settle for seeing some on the RC…c’mon stars and starlets!

    • Anonymous

      I can definitely see Angelina in several of these bright red dresses, and I see Charlize in that slinky silver number in the third row.

    • Anonymous

      3rd row far left: Kelly Osbourne.  Gold jacket: Tilda Swinton.

    • Jasmine Moten

      I will cut a bitch for any one of these!!!

      • Anonymous

        I accept this challenge…and I’ve stated to others that I’m always down for breakdance fighting to resolve conflict/dress wearing. Whichever works for you is golden for me. 😉

        I’m swooning over this whole collection, but if it comes down to it, I’ll take some cuts for dresses 3 and 5 to start.

    • Jaclyn Semple

      I see several Katniss-inspired Girl on Fire looks in here…

    • Anonymous

      Gorgeous.  Full stop.

    • Anonymous

      Not that this is news, but the designers sure are pushing red lipstick this year.

      • MilaXX

         yep, red lips and cat’s eye winged liner

    • Anonymous

      Angie could rock any of the open-necked numbers, I can see Rooney Mara in the long black beaded gown with the leather band and xyphoid process cutout. The middle dress, second row could be a baby step for Aniston into pattern and non-desperate hemlines ‘cuz there was that one time she wore a red dress.

      Flo would love the gold sequined jacket, if only she could be convinced to pair it with something short and sassy.

      • Anonymous

        Desperate Hemlines… if T Lo ever decides to write a nighttime soap, you got the title right there. Completely agree with your fantasy stylist choices and love the shout-out to the xyphoid process. Believe it or not I used to say those words daily (I was a CPR instructor).

        • Anonymous

          Haha, I learned it in CPR certification! I’m an educator and I’ve been re-certified every year since I was fourteen.

    • Anonymous

      As a size 12-14, it’s great to see clothes on the runway that could “size up”.  I can actually see myself in some of these clothes and I can’t say that about most runway collections.  And the clothes are breathtaking.

    • Anonymous

      WORKS. OF. ART. PR really needs to take their contestants on a field trip to see what REAL fashion looks like.

    • Jess

      Michelle Williams – top row, right. Girl, that is your dress.

    • ecallaw

      Wow, gorgeous.

    • Susan Crawford

      Gorgeous. Angelina in the final gown pictured? YESSS! Pour moi, just pack up that golden jacket and send it over ASAP. I’m in lust for it!

      • Nancer

         I agree – that was a showstopper!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Eye-catching for sure.  I don’t think I like the concave upper edge of the leather belts though.

    • Anonymous

      Love her clothes. And I love that she successful considering that she is a rarity in the fashion industry – a woman of color (she is half Filipino)

    • Anonymous

      This is how the pros do it.

    • MilaXX

      Pretty, but the 3rd look has been done to death. I don’t really love the red leather but the slimmer cut might work on the right person. The black belly cut out will be grabbed by the JLo’s and Halle’s and maybe Roomey Mara. I really like the orange and black column gown

    • Aaminah Khan

      Third gown in the first row is gorgeously detailed, but did they have to overlay the beautiful orange over the dishwater yellow?

    • Anonymous

      This is as drool worthy as I’ve felt over a collection in a very long time and cannot wait to see some stars turn them out.  However, I’m now TOTALLY freaked by the model in the center shot, 4th row…she looks 12.  I know that’s fashions thing, but, WOW, that is a very young-looking girl.  Maybe because it’s the tightest shot, but it’s weirding me out a smidge. 

      • Anonymous

        Apparently that’s her in the first photo too…either way, she needs to be at home reading Tiger Eyes or something.  Honey, I’ll wear those dresses for you….I’m only here to help.

    • Anonymous

      Diane Kruger. Second row, first dress. Great collection, but I hate the styling with the greasy hair and red lippy.

    • Anonymous

      So much to love. First one in row three is a DREAM.

    • Anonymous

      love. it. all.

    • Ben

      My god, now that’s a show you want to see in real life. 

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see Meryl Streep in the black one on the right, second row down.

    • Antonija Mitt

      All stunning and gorgeous!  The only one I have even the tiniest quibble with is the long red…#1 in row 6…the color is fab, but the seming at the waist going down to the hem points right to the ladyparts and is not flattering.  But a minor detail–the rest of the collection is beautiful–even the red leather jobs. 

    • Alex McGeagh

      After last collection and now this, I think Monique Lhuillier would have to be my favorite designer, without a doubt. I would love to lounge around looking fabulous somewhere in any of these. So beautifully tailored, gorgeous colors, flattering, and classy. She clearly has respect and an eye for a woman’s body and curves. 

      Color me impressed.

    • Anonymous

      Distracted by the overly minimalist styling, which is, I guess, standard for a gown-oriented collections.  I was just so happy when women started wearing jewelry on the RC again.  Anyway, I love that gold cap-sleeve dress, like, a lot.  Like, I might do something desperate and inadvisable to have it.

    • Anonymous

      Want the red dress fourth row on right.  Come to think of it, just put all of these clothes in my closet.

    • Anonymous

      Sooooooo goooooooooood. Those curved leather waistbands…yes. And that lava print, or whatever it is, is delicious. I could go on.

    • Anonymous

      WOW!Favorite collection you have featured so far! amazing.

    • Anonymous

      Gorgeous!  After what I thought were a few lackluster collections from ML, this one is definitely not a disappointment!

    • Heather Snedeker Innis

      Angelina would rock the 3rd row middle gown! These are stunning!

      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly what I thought!  great minds…

    • Andrea Rossillon

      I bought the purple-and-white Wilma cocktail dress from the ML prefall 2011 collection (NOT the wedding collection) and wore it to get married in…. I decided I was willing to spend the money to get it and then when I got engaged I thought,  “Awesome! Now I can totally justify the cost. No one bitches about your wedding dress.”

      I think I might start saving for one or two of these.

    • Addicted2Glamour

      MMM. Lurve all this Pretty.

    • Anonymous

      Just, wow.

    • Natasha Fairweather

      Oh my. 

    • Anonymous

      Middle dresses in rows 2, 3, and 7!  There is just something about the color combination that I absolutely adore! Although the dress in the 3rd row is freakishly low on that model’s chest – how the hell low are her nipples?

      Overall, a fab collection.

    • Victoria Sharoyan

      Gorgeous collection. As always, can’t wait to see who rocks these on the RC.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see some of these on the RC but I’m betting most of those H’wood bitches are just going to go for that strapless one in the middle, 3rd row down which is one of the more pedestrian to me. 

      Also, I could totes see Queen Streep working that gold blazer and giving us Older Diva Realness. Hell, they could probably just make her one out of all her past awards. 

    • Liana Brooks

      Yes, please! One of each. 

    • Anonymous

      I look at the middle one in the third row and I think: “Katniss Everdeen: The Girl Who Was On Fire”.

    • Anonymous

      Love it all. Want it all. 

    • allisankelly

      Jaw on the floor! Beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      Top row right is fabulous. A great take on lace in a year of bad lace.

    • Anonymous

      I enjoy these, but could we possibly already be looking at the early ’90s for inspiration?  I’m struggling with the ’80s as retro.

    • Anonymous

      third row down in the middle..that fabric looks like fire,,,just fabulous!!!…it’s all good, but that one stands out for me..

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Eye catching. In a good way.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care for the color story, but the craftsmanship is lovely.

    • Anonymous

      Loving it…even though I can’t wear oranges or these reds with my skin tone LOL.  The first three rows say ‘Miss Dita’ to me, which of course means they’re fabulous.  I love pretty much everything here.  Wish I could see something like this in person!

    • siao

      First two dresses are FABULOUS. If I ever happened to make a red carpet debut, that would be what I want.

    • Anonymous


    • Tom Markiewicz

      while i know trends aren’t exactly mutually exclusive amongst designers, some of these looks look like direct knock-offs! mcqueen, michael kors, dior… some of them are a tad more than referential.

    • butter nut

      i cannot wait to see each & everyone of these on oscar night.  truly a gorgeous collection.

    • Emily Guillory

      That 1st dress and the 3rd dress is GORGEOUS!!!  And the 6th dress!

    • Heather McIlrath

      fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

      i have died and gone to fashion HEAVEN. this whole collection is to DIE.

    • Anonymous

      Fabulous.  Several of these scream Florence Welch.  If Christina Ricci wanted to do the black & sheer thing, the last dress would have been a much better choice.

    • Cathy S

      Those orange print dresses are incredible.

    • Anonymous

      WOW. The top row, right hand gown is a little too marchesa for me, but really- WOW.

    • Fio

      It’s difficult to say anything negative about this collection. The dresses are fab and worth to be worn at the Oscars or any upcoming award show. This collection writes what luxury in a modern society continues to be reinvented. Monique L. is perfect.

    • Anonymous

      So much prettiness.  I want the middle dress in the second row.  Drool.


      A very ambitious, cohesive, and successful collection. Me like.