Mena Suvari for Christian Siriano Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

Posted on February 03, 2012

One instance where the title of the post says it all. We adored these looks when they walked the runway and they look fantastic on Mena, who’s sporting quite the chic and flattering little haircut.

Christian Siriano Spring 2012 ad campaign starring Mena Suravi photographed by his partner Brad Walsh at the SOHO GRAND HOTEL in New York City.



Christian Siriano Spring 2012 Collection


Video edited by Brian Hicks and Alicia Solombrino. Music by Brad Walsh.


[Photo Credit: – Video Credit: bradwalshdotcom via]

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    • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao

      AMAZING.  I love Christian Siriano. Mena Suvari is perfect in the dresses.

    • Chris Halpin

      To steal a line from you guys, J’ADORE!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think of  Suvari as a fashionista or anything (actually, I don’t think about her much at all, if ever), but this works really well. She looks beautiful here, as do Siriano’s dresses. The last stripes & chartreuse combo is fantastic.

      • P M

         Isn’t it, though? It seems to evoke ‘American’ style (at least, that’s what it used to be called – what’s it called now?). You know, non-fussy and the like. At the same time, has an haute feel with the draping and such.
        It’s also a great cue to the clueless amongst us (okay, me) as to how to incorporate the trendy with the basics. i would never think to combine the chartreuse with the classic striped top.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder what “girl on the street” gave up that red and white top for his “inspiration” this challenge? 

    • Anonymous

      I know I don’t know him but I have to say this… I AM SO PROUD OF HIM. Aww, I feel fuzzy.

      • Anonymous

        I feel the same way about Christian. He’s continued to work and to grow as  a designer.

    • Thombeau

      Yes, it’s best when she keeps that forehead covered. The dresses are divine!

      • Emma Jean

        Well, that’s rude. 

        • Thombeau

           Perhaps. But I know it’s in your nature to forgive.

      • Anonymous

        The black feathers springing from under her worry lines would detract from the understated beauty of the fashion! 

      • Cassie

        Oh Thom…

        She does have a history of choosing some very unflattering haircuts, no?

    • Terence Ng

      It’s insane how gorgeous these are. And these are only TWO of those shown.

    • Anonymous

      Well-done, Christian! These looks are so fun and chic. Perfectly Spring.

    • Anonymous

      These are beautiful.  I love colors!

      • Anonymous

        and THESE colors! Especially the main attraction. Is this Siriano red? or Siriano orange?

    • Call me Bee

      Mena and Christian together–it’s heaven!  Beautiful and fancy clothes on a gorgeous girl.  The editing on the video is just a bit frenetic for me, but I love the music and will be downloading it momentarily. 

    • Anonymous

      Soon to be seen on a runway near you. Gorgeous.

    • WordyDoodles

      The looks are very pretty! But I”m feeling a little bitterkittenish about:

      – the peachy-orangey blush. I’m not convinced this almost bronzer-y look is right on her.
      – the video. The story isn’t quite there for me, and in some parts it looks and sounds like they’re trying to parody modeling. “Look left! Look right! Dramatic look! Now laugh!” It seems like not quite acting, not quite modeling. What do I know, I’m not in expert in either at all. Just a bitterkitten on a Friday. :)

    • Anonymous

      Okay, I can’t get past the Christian Siriano type treatment. Is this new? Have I just not seen it before?

      It’s one thing to have his designs influenced by Alexander McQueen. This is just straight-up biting the McQueen mark. I like Christian Siriano but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Anonymous

        Ooo–I was thinking that I really liked it but that it seemed familiar to me. Guess there is nothing new under the sun…

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t get enough roles. What is up with that? 

    • Anonymous

      She reminds me of Christina Ricci in the 2nd shot.

    • Paola Thomas

      Clothes are gorgeous, Mena Suvari looks great, photos OK, but am I allowed to really, really, REALLY hate the set?

    • Anonymous

      As someone who’s worked in the film business for over 20 years, I’ve got to say that video was crap. She looks bored and annoyed (responsibility: the director/photographer and her), and the editing is like a film student’s first attempt at cutting a music video — jump cuts, flashes, gratuitous dissolves, slo-mo, etc — so trite and amateurish. Shockingly bad. (And it took two editors to do that?)

      Plus, she will be taken for Christina Ricci, because she doesn’t really look like Mena Suvari.

      He should have called me — I could do a much better job and show his clothes to their best advantage.

      • Anonymous

        Edit: Well, Brand Walsh and Christian both directed the video, and I believe Brad’s his boyfriend. I agree the video sucks but that’s who you’d have to go through and tell that to.

    • Emily

      WOW.  Love!

    • Amanda Rose Gilbert

      He has seriously grown as a designer! LOVES IT!

    • Anonymous

      Look at him, all professional and stuff. Great clothes. Great photos. Great ads.

    • MilaXX

      These are gorgeous! Princess Puffy Sleeves is all grown up. 

    • Anonymous

      The last one, lemon and orange, would look awesome on Swinton.

      • Susan Crawford

        Oh, yes! And also on Cate Blanchett – a couple of risk takers. They would ROCK this look!

    • Anonymous

      So very pretty. Lush. I’m liking her ‘do.

    • Jen Greenberg Roberts

      Fantastic. Mena Suvari is great in his clothes.

    • Anonymous

      oh god..

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      So happy for him and her.  Great looking clothes and she is bringing it.  Good tonic after a so far very disappointing Project Runway All Stars.  Some talented folks being wasted on BS challenges.  Love the stripes and the tulle. 

      • Anonymous

        The stripes with the tulle is my favorite look. It reminds me of this . I actually made a sketch of that barbie dress years ago to keep on file for future prom dresses for my own kids.

        • Anonymous

          I know — classic, timeless, and very Marseilles apache dancing!  I hope your children got to experience your no doubt amazing creation!  It’s a good good parent who thinks along the lines of having the kids look awesome on prom night.

    • Anonymous

      That red gown is gorgeous, as is that green skirt. I love it!! I hate, hate, hate that striped top. It is so incongruous to pair that with a long skirt. I must be stupid, I just don’t get it. Bleh.

    • Maggie *

      This is the first time in ages that I haven’t seen Mena looking 20 years older than she is… The red dress is fabulous too.

    • Allison Woods

      I was one of the many kittens that was kind of meh on CS during his season on PR–the work felt too derivative and referential.

      Clearly I didn’t recognize his potential until after PR. Now every time I see something new from him I say, “holy CRAP, that kid’s got some real TALENT!” Not to mention the fact that he’s done a great job of developing his brand and name recognition. This is looking like the beginning of something really fabulous, collection-wise.

    • Anonymous

      Beautiful clothes, especially the dress. But Mena bores me as a model. Maybe my computer is too small to feel the magic. What I see is “I threw my head to the right” three times. 

    • Anonymous

      Beautiful! Love seeing PPS getting the success he deserves. His win on PR is still my favorite moment from the show ever.

    • Anonymous

      Somebody years ago must have told Mena that her high forehead was her signature look, but that look wasn’t do her any favors lately.. Do looks good.

    • Anonymous

      The video is kind of depressing.  I’ve wandered around alone in empty places enough to not want to watch someone else do that.  The striped top and skirt combo looks good, much better, in the video than in the stills, though.

      • Anonymous

        i didn’t have the patience to watch the whole video since my laptop is stopping every few seconds to download, and combined with the fast/slow quality of the video, it was too much.  however, i did think when i heard the music that the tone was the exact opposite of little christian’s personality.  i always think of him being carried into the workroom by cute muscle mary jack.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      She looks like Patricia Kaas, I think. Amazing dresses, too!

    • Anonymous

      LOVE the clothes!  I just don’t get Mena Suvari. 

    • Anonymous

      Regarding the video: it does do the job of showing how the gowns move, and what it’s like to have all that volume, color, different layers, how it can spread out all around you. I get that it’s sensuous to wear a Siriano gown. It evoked  Mena Suvari channeling the rose petals in American Beauty.  I can see how she is meant to channel some essence of Christian’s gowns too.

    • Susan Crawford

      This is a wonderful campaign, and I feel a wee lump in the throat to think that my fierce little Sir Siriano has done so well. He has stayed true to the aesthetic that he – apparently – was born with, but over the years, he has clearly widened his scope and become savvy in the ways of the fashion world and the needs of his clientele. The clothes here are glam and fresh and zhuzhy and kinda dreamy on Mena Suvari. I’ve always had a soft spot in my wizened heart for her. I have NO idea why.

    • Heather McIlrath

      holy crap these are perfect! i saw the post and immediately said: “i love mena suvari!!!” i was excited to see the pics which are, of course, gorgeous and styled to perfection

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how these things work? Does Chrisitan or another designer announce he’s casting for his spring ad campaign and would prefer an a actress? (Great ads, btw)

      • Sam Corbett

        I’m not sure how it works in general, but I believe Christian and Mena are quite close (she’s worn his stuff on red carpets in the past, and always comes to his shows at NYFW), so I think it’s less of a casting and more of a “Hey, do you wanna?” phone call.

    • MinAgain

      That red dress is pretty spectacular.

    • Melvis Velour

      Honestly, I was left speechless…which is saying something…  These are just incredible!

    • Anonymous

      Love, love, love the orange dress. 

    • marilyn

      I love Christian Siriano.  He is bringing back elegance with fresh colors that totally make it all younger!  Kudos to Christian!!

    • Anonymous

      Awww, our little boy is all grown up.  He really has turned into a great designer.  Kudos to him.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Wowie! Love.

    • Paula Berman

      Is the dress red or orange? In the stills it looks red, but in the video, orange.

    • Anonymous

      Awwww little Christian…. beautiful!  And just think, I knew him when….. good to see a PR kid doing so well.

    • Anonymous

      Beautiful. Love her hair too.

    • Anonymous

      Is she standing on a box in that first pic? WTH?

    • oohsparkley!

      Yay! for Mena’s new haircut.  Yay!  Christian S. doing well.