Katy Perry in Versus

Posted on February 08, 2012

This is the type of outfit that causes an involuntary wince and sharp intake of breath at the sight of it.


Katy Perry attends DIRECTV’s Sixth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl After Party in Versus.

Versus Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Daphne Groeneveld

Ohhhhhhhhh, GURL.

Katy, we think it’s safe to say divorce doesn’t seem to agree with you. This is clearly a cry for help.

We’re here if you want to talk. You’ll have to excuse us if we don’t look directly at you, though. We can’t guarantee we won’t laugh, you see.


[Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for DirecTV, elle.com]

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  • Anonymous

    Chick’s getting a divorce. I can’t be mean to her outfit. I like the separate elements.

    • Anonymous

      Agree!  I like the separate elements too.

  • Anonymous

    Filtered through my admittedly irrational dislike of her, my first thought was: she looks like an idiot, but doesn’t she always?

  • You know s*** has truly gone left when the blue bob is the best part of the entire look. 

    • Anonymous

       I thought the same! That shade of Cookie Monster seems to work for her.

    • I thought that was the worst part. The dress isn’t bad. That purple thing and the blond (brown? who the hell knows?) roots coming out of the blue bob are both baaaad.

      • I’d really like the blue bob if it wasn’t for the roots.  I know from experience that keeping up roots on candy colored hair when you are naturally dark haired is a royal pain in the ass, but I’m not a millionaire with stylists at my beck and call and I still managed to do it.

        • Anonymous

          KP is naturally blonde, which just makes the dark roots all the more puzzling.

          • I am a natural blond but I dyed my hair dark brown for a few years in HS and now my hair grows in brown. I don’t know if the dying has anything to do with it growing in brown but I’ve heard other people say that happened to them too. My stylist said that sometimes blond hair gets darker with age so it could be that as well.

          • Anonymous

             From sixth grade to graduation I went from sandy to brown. I started out almost platinum.

          • The dye itself doesn’t change how your hair grows in, but a lot of people have hair that naturally darkens as they age, and if you dye it you don’t notice the gradual darkening as much as you would if you left it natural. I was a platinum blond baby and now, in my 20s, my hair is just a few shades off of black. Totally normal.

          • Oh wow, I thought she was a natural brunette.  Dark hair looks so good on her.

  • oh my. i’m surprised by how nice the dress looks without the dead muppet shrug. the hair is unfortunate.

    • Anonymous

      My thought exactly: Who killed the muppet?

    • Anonymous

       Right? If she woulda just left the poor dress ALONE, this would be fine. I mean, in that quirky Katy Perry way.

    • Anonymous

      I know, right? It’s SUCH a cute dress, in a playing-tennis-in-the-twenties way, and then she had to go and throw Cousin Itt over her shoulders.

    • Anonymous

      OMG! “the hair is unfortunate” just gave me a flashback to an old architect boss who constantly used that adjective; “That’s an unfortunate place to put a thermostat.” and “That’s an unfortunate choice for the carpet color. How is it going to look after someone spills coffee on it?”

  • Toto Maya

    I like her hair. I like the dress. WHY THE PURPLE RIDICULOUSNESS?

  • Anonymous

    OK, this just makes me angry. Katy has the potential to be quite pretty and has boatloads of money with which to purchase really amazing clothes. And this is what we get.

  • Anonymous

    does she have to stand that way to hold the vest up?  why is she standing that way.  hurts.

  • Anonymous

    She reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake characters who always stay in a certain color scheme for character.  She’s in the Sour Grapes end of the ROYGBIV spectrum

    • Anonymous

       Well, she IS Smurfette, after all.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, Christ, don’t remind me. If they destroy another one my childhood loves and remake Jem with her in ANY role then I quit at life

  • Well, at least she is color-coordinated, except for the brown roots.

    • Anonymous

       The roots are KILLING ME. The color could be fun, but it’s making her roots look…grimy.

  • This has Spice Girl written all over it. And I like it. 

  • Hair = Meh
    Muppet pelt = WTF?

  • MilaXX

    It just missing the mark. The dress is certainly right in her wheelhouse and I like the shoes with it, but who told her to wear that muppet jacket? I also like the hair color, but I can’t understand why she didn’t get the roots done. It’s makes the hair look like she did it at home and is letting it grow out.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the blue doesn’t take to reasonably healthy hair, just the part that has already been bleached, colored, rebleached, redyed and is within an inch of just falling right off.

    • BerlinerNYC

      The whole point of not meticulously touching up the roots once a week is to let it be edgy and show that it’s real (as in, her real hair). She wore that stupid blue wig for most of 2010. No root issues there, but I find this look a lot more compelling than that party wig she was determined to extract maximum mileage from.

      Some stars are meticulous to the point of obsessiveness about maintaining color (think Gwen Stefani, who must get touchups as often as Marilyn Monroe did; you never see more than a few millimeters of regrowth). Others make a point of highlighting the contrast; think of late 1989 Madonna, particularly the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Express Yourself” and the video for “Oh Father,” both of which featured massive (longer than an inch) dark roots. It’s not like she couldn’t afford to get her roots done, or that she’s somehow known to be a lazy, unkempt person. It’s a fashion choice, whether or not it’s to your liking.

      • MilaXX

        I thought it was pretty clear that this was just my opinion.  I am well aware it’s a style choice. Trust me. Been there, done that.

      • Anonymous

        Often, it’s not that they are not meticulously touching up the roots, because they are!  They go in just as often as Gwen or Marilyn, but only to touch up the gray in the roots.  Think about it – Madge’s roots growing out would be be what color?  She’s 53!   

  • Anonymous

    Her hair looks kind of cool except for the roots. And the dress looks kind of cute if it weren’t hidden by the Furry. Maybe she is embracing her inner AND outer Muppet now.

  • The dress itself is fine, but not paired with that fur, that hair, and those shoes. A celebrity getting a divorce is practically a mandate for dressing in a “F U” manner to the soon-to-be ex, but it shouldn’t be sad like this, it should be fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is kind of cute, but what’s with the weird wrinkle at her hips?  It’s like her pantyhose is rolling down.

    The vest is a disaster and I shall not speak of it again. 

    Her hair…oh dear.  I love funky hair, I’m all for it.  However, I also think you can’t drastically change your hair color every month without seriously damaging it.  Wigs, Katy!  Give your hair a rest before it all falls out!  Did Christina Aguilera teach you nothing?

  • Stephen Bornstein

    Ms Katy looks as though she is not havng a good time and that purple bathroom rug helps bring her down…
    Blue hair is fine if the brown roots weren’t so apparent. Poor GURRRL.

  • Meh,  She’s dressing like a Muppet.

  • More Muppet RTW. Ho hum.
    And why does she always go so matchy-matchy with her hair? She’s like dye-to-match bridesmaid’s shoes in head form.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I gave an involuntary exhalation — a loud “HAH!” She really wants us to believe she’s a cartoon character, not a human, doesn’t she?

  • Anonymous

    You know, I think she’s adorable and I really dig her quirky sense of style, but this is just full on cray cray.
    The top and skirt are so cute, but that big fuzzy vest just takes it straight into fugsville.

    I think the blue hair is cool, though. Do it while you’re still young.

  • Jasmine Moten

    I had highlights that color in my hair…when I was 17.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she wearing a fluffy fur vest with a tennis dress?

  • Marie Dees

    It looks like a Muppet mated with a tennis dress. 

    • Sam

      Is this fashion disaster the “after” or the “during”?

  • Anonymous

    I like the absurdity of a pose with her hands designed to highlight her slim waist…that is totally obscured by Muppet pelt.

  • aimee_parrott

    Those shoes are TRAGIC.

    • Anonymous

       Do we have a rule on “matchy-matchy-ness” when it’s the hair and shoes, and we’re not talking brown or black?  😉

  • Anonymous

    she looks sad
    i can’t rip on her

  • My daughter would have loved the Muppet pelt.  When she was 3.

  • If it looks like you slaughtered a muppet, don’t wear it. Sorry, my own personal rule.  If she’d take that off, I think the outfit would be cute even with the nearly matching hair. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress. I liked the hair in the performance she did so I’m going to let that slide. But the purple fraggle rock remnant is just not working -to say the least. 

  • nancy

    Eeeeek, she ruined that cute little dress. Please, Katy, don’t match your shoes to your hair anymore….

  • Anonymous

    would you like some legs with that tanner? geez.

  • Anonymous

    that dress is cute! Why did she have to ruin it with the dead muppet?

  • Anonymous

    The photo of the model is weird.  It looks like you can pop her head off and put it on another body.  On a positive, I think Katy’s makeup looks nice.

  • Judy_J

    I spy a contestant for “Fashhole of the Week” on Fashion Police.

  • Anonymous

    The dress could suit her.  I could see her wearing it– it’s a fun, flirty dress with vibrant colors.   It looks better on the model because she is taller and has a hair color that does not directly match the dress.  The purple fuzzy mess covers up a “Katy Perry” dress.   Katy Perry is a chick that can rock a Smurf dress and whipped cream/ice cream dresses but this is just wrong.

  • Is it weird that I really like the blue hair on her? I think it’s the cut but it’s way better than that weird pink/grey thing she had going on.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, six posts today and no review of Glee.  I suspect I’m not the only one who thought it was God-awful–yes, worse than Katy Perry’s dress.

  • Ann M. Erickson

    You know what? I like it. You rock that freaky bold-Crayola-makers box look, girl. All the colors are pretty together.

  • Liz

    Without those shoes, it almost works along with her schtick.

  • butter nut

    muppet tits.

  • Anonymous

    Well.. her hair matches the DirectTV logo…. isn’t that good? 🙂 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Everything I have seen from Versus really strikes that incredible balance between sporty and slutty. Meaning it suits Katy perfectly, no?

  • See? This is why I hate the return of pantyhose.  I’m not saying this started out as a good look, but only nude hose can take this from misguided raver to nursing home.

  • Anonymous

    That muppet fur looks like it would work great at dusting my dining room table.  Just silly as a garment, tho.

  • Anonymous

    What is with the Smurf hair?

  • Terence Ng

    I like the dress, hate the shoes, hate the capelet (?), but actually think the hair is okay. Maybe I just like the pin-straight, sleek, look and it’s causing me to overlook the color.

    It’s just different from her Bettie Page roller hair standard.

  • Anonymous

    They said the tv posts were on hold …. i guess they take a little longer…. because Tlo is at Fashion Week… or something.  I really wish they had a “general” info board for stuff like that.  It was weeks before I found out they werent going to review Boardwalk Empire any longer.  :/

  • Take off the muppet around her neck and I would actually like it.  And, if you’re going to dye your hair blue, stick with it ok. NO brown roots allowed on the red carpet. You’re Katy Perry for pete’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    They said the tv posts were on hold …. i guess they take a little longer…. because Tlo is at Fashion Week… or something.  I really wish they had a “general” info board for stuff like that.  It was weeks before I found out they werent going to review Boardwalk Empire any longer.  :/

  • The pink zigzag on the bodice reminds me of the ring the Cat in the Hat left in the bathtub!  (and then all over the house.) http://iphone.appinfo.jp/img/thumb/iphone/42/10/53/421053770_3.png

  • Anonymous

    What’s the cutoff age for going Crayola on your hair — early 20s, tops?

  • Anonymous

    Bwaaaaaha! Muppet couture!

  • Anonymous

    At this rate, she’s frying her hair so badly she’ll need wigs by summer.

  • Anonymous

    i just dont know…

  • Anonymous

    The dress is actually cute. The blue fuzzy thing is not, and her hair is a shame.

  • My friend’s 8 year old daughter has that same vest!!! (actually, it might be the exact same vest, in which case, Katy bitch give it back!)
    I think the dress is super cute, I like the pleating. Um, yeah, that’s all I like about the photos…

  • Mariah J

    If the muppets had a prostitute character…this would be it.

  • She looks surprisingly pretty with blue hair and I would like the dress without that purple fuzz thing.

  • troublejf

    Dear Katy,

    Please stop aping shit that Lady Gaga wears within months of her wearing it, like turquoise hair with deliberate black roots. Maybe it’s not intentional (I’m convinced it is) but it comes off as being tragically one step behind. Stop riding her coattails, kay?


    Not A Fan

    • Anonymous

      oh for heavens sake, i’m not crazy about either of these people but i wore that hair seven years ago. for the last time. cos i wore it years before that–& i am talking decades. & people wore it before i did. to think that gaga made it up is not only, how you say, ludicrous but ahistorical & almost almost almost almost insulting to everyone that gaga has ripped off. which is a multitude of many [myself certainly not included] & which equally certainly does not begin & end w/ madonna. if you wanna carp about appropriation you gotta familiarize yrself w/ a little bit more of, i dont know, almost anything.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t she always dress like this?

  • Anonymous

    Evil woman. Who skins a Muppet then wears its pelt? 

  • She always looks ridiculous. I think this is a perfectly acceptable ridiculous look for her…. if that makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Tim Gunn and this site I now look head to toe at any outfit. Head to toe she looks like shite.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like the 1980’s collided with a sheep farm.   Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see her in the dress without the bathroom rug around her shoulders. It is a cute dress and not all boobstastic as her usual outfits. The blue hair is better than the pink. But, ugh, I’m just kind of over her whole schtick. Actually, I was over her schtick the first time I saw her, but now I’m REALLY over it.

    Ack, now i feel like an asshole b/c I know she’s still recovering from her split. But then again, what better time for a new look?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a cute dress. Vest, not so much.

    But don’t bash. She’s known for pop star excess in her dress & this one is just a little more, well, Herman’s Hermits than usual. And the girl’s going through a divorce, that gives her a pass.

  • marilyn

    She wore this ou-fit to get attention, how ever possible.  The only way to get her to stop is to ignore her.  

  • Anonymous

    The dress is nice.  Not so crazy about the vest.  But I think the entire would look better if her hair were the color of, you know, hair. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear.
    (I am intrigued however with the dress in the backgound of the model shot.)

  • Without the purple faux-fur, it’s a very pretty dress, and Katy’s thing is weird hair, so it’s almost an “in” for me, judging on the Perry scale, but the fur does it in.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re going to wear this stuff you have to totally commit, and she has. I think it’s great, for her and only for her. 

  • Anonymous

    Ouch!  My eyes!

  • Anonymous

    I love that dress, and am a sucker for blue and purple together, but why she’s gotta throw on a vest that looks like Grimace’s ass end and ruin it I have no idea.  Firmly in the “visible roots = fug” camp, too.  Will that ever stop being a thing?

  • Cute dress, but it doesn’t fit her across the hips. The less said about the purple people eater on her chest, the better.

  • Oof. In some weird way she’s reminding me here of Miley Cyrus. (Which is not a compliment.) There’s something not quite right — maybe it’s a lack of joie de vivre in the aftermath of divorce or something. She usually pulls these over-the-top outfits off like nobody else.


  • Lisa

    So… so BAD….

  • Anonymous

    I can’t explain why but this look not only doesn’t bother me at all, I like it. She established herself early on as kooky and marching to the beat of her own drummer. She’s still under 30. She’s a pretty girl, a decent pop singer, has a lot of spunk. It’s cute enough for the Celebrity Beach Bowl After Party, which if you think about it, just begs for fun outfits, based on the name alone.

    And she wore it to the NFL Honors Show, which with Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon among other celebrities, was aiming for a young, hip audience.

    Now if I wore this, it would be considered a Halloween costume. But I’m, ahem, *of a certain age*. It kind of makes me wish I had dressed like this at least once in my life!

  • Call me Bee

    Well…it’s a cute dress, but it pretty much overshadowed by purple fake fur, blue hair and shoes and a deer in the headlights look.  Too bad. 

  • Anonymous

    It seems quite in keeping with Katy Perry’s style, which I am ambivalent about anyway, so I’m not as offended by this outfit as our gracious hosts. But I did, however, just think up a brilliant new game for T & L: chop off the head of an outfitted celeb (via Photoshop, of course) and then we get to decide who wore it, or, better, who should have worn it….
    …I’ll get my coat.

  • Anonymous

    hate the skirt.
    love the hair.
    would at least like the vest if she had the gatkes to wear it. i’m really tired, apologies for going directly to the yiddish instead of wandering in my head looking for an appropriate translation. then again, maybe the word i want is kachas. i have no idea how to transliterate these, btw. i think, though, those who knows will knows.

    i wonder if she’s working the tebow angle cos her newly-estranged is working the zooey angle. actually, i wonder if either of them is working much of any angle & if, instead, the tabs are merely working both corners. no idea. probably wouldnt be thinking about any of this were i awake. do like the hair though. usually find her nothing other than annoying so i guess thats a step up. not that it matters to either of us, mind.

  • Anonymous

    pretty shade of attention-whore purple. 

  • Anonymous

    fame. whore.

  • She needs to stop looking to Bratz dolls for styling inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Forget the chicken and the egg; I want to know whether the shoes or the hair color came first.

  • Rand Ortega

    Painful. Poor girl. She’s clearly hurting.

  • Zi Jie Tan

    it’s probably a blessing that her hair doesn’t look like her shrug

  • Anonymous

    Well, she knows how you hate things that are too matchy-matchy.  So she picked a hair color that  kind of complements the color of the dress.

  • Cute dress spoiled by a muppet bolero.As far as the hair is concerned, I need to add Katy (Rachel McAdams is already there) to my “Back to Brunette” campaign.

  • Anonymous

    Well…the texture…it’s…I …her hair colour brings out her pretty blue eyes? That’s all i can manage

  • Anonymous

    I love unusual hair color, but the roots are unfortunate and I think the color doesn’t flatter her. It’d look much better if she went with a darker blue. Or lighter, maybe Special Effects Fishbowl, it’s a prettier turquoise than that color is, that color looks flat to me. 

  • Anonymous

    huh, the purple thing is my favorite part. the whole thing doesn’t bother me like it’s bothering everyone else either. Yeah, the roots re unfortunate but overall I like it. 

  • If she weren’t wearing a muppet on her chest, she’d probably look great.

  • Anonymous

    Katy more or less defines the Cyndi Lauper lyric that states unequivocally that “girls just wanna have fun.”  I’m cutting her a lot of slack for a couple more years.  At which point she’s going to have to show a bit more maturity.  But for now, blue hair and Muppet boleros are par for the course.  Especially now, what with the divorce and all, Katy just wants to have fun.  And that’s fine with me.  

  • Cathy S

    I think the dress is really cute, but she should have left the purple Muppet at home. I’m actually liking her hair. I must not be feeling well.