Josh Bowman for GQ Magazine

Posted on February 03, 2012

Cute boy Josh Bowman models cute boyclothes for GQ. There are worse things to spend your day looking at.


Josh Bowman featured in the February 2012 issue of GQ magazine photographed by Mei Tao.

Parka, $328 by A|X Armani Exchange. T-shirt, $70 by Todd Snyder. Chinos, $60 by Gap 1969. Boots, $442 by Surface To Air. Hat by J.Crew. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban. Necklace by +Beryll. Belt by Gucci. Watch by Hamilton. Backpack by Kelty.


Parka, $398 by RLX Ralph Lauren. Sweater, $710 by Brunello Cucinelli. T-shirt, $69 by Gant Rugger. Chinos, $68 by Dockers. Dneakers, $50 by Converse. Hat by American Eagle Outfitters. Bandanna by Kaufman’s Army & Navy Watch by Timex.


Parka, $345, and sweater, $198, by Gant Rugger Shirt, $120 by AllSaints. Cords, $315 by J.Lindeberg. Shoes, $175 Band of Outsiders for Sperry Top-Sider. Watch Hamilton.


Parka, $1,250 by Bottega Veneta. Shirt, $265 by Band of Outsiders. Tie, $15 by The Tie Bar. Chinos, $199 by Closed. Loafers, $99 by G.H. Bass & Co. Belt by Billykirk.


Parka, $350 by Victorinox. Hoodie, $46 by American Apparel. Tank top, $125 by Gant by Michael Bastian. Pants, $279 by Closed. Sneakers, $110 by Jordan Brand. Necklace by Me&Ro. Bracelet by Miansai by Michael Saiger. Watch by Casio.


Parka, $228, Jeans, $98, and belt by J.Crew. Cardigan, $155 by Gant Rugger. Shirt, $265 by Band of Outsiders. Tie, $140 Alexander Olch. Shoes, $850 Ralph Lauren. by Cap by Adam Kimmel x Carhartt. Watch by Mougin & Piquard for J.Crew.


Total boyfriend material, amirite? Or maybe just “dead body on a beach” material? If you’re not watching Revenge, that last sentence won’t make much sense and probably makes us sound like monsters, doesn’t it? Oh, well. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Revenge, please hurry back to our TV soon.


[Photo Credit: Mei Tao for]

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    • Sarah

      He reminds me of the kid from Sixth Sense…amiright?

      • Anonymous

         not one bit to me…sorry.

      • Sara L.

        I can see it, a little. Something about the squintiness of his eyes and the shape of his face…

        Not exactly a dead ringer, but a resemblance, for sure.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I can see it. 

      • Anonymous

        hes what i wish the kid from the sixth sense grew up to look like. 

    • Joseph Davidson

      I want him…and outfits 2 and 3.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      I want that dog. That is all.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, everyone can fight over the man meat. I just want to snuggle with the puppy. 

      • Anonymous

        LOL. I had to go back and check to see where the puppy was.

        • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

          It was the first thing I saw. I’m a sucker for a dog now. I actually kept scrolling down hoping for more pictures…of a dog. 

    • Anonymous

      I would like to make babies with him please and thank you. And I’d like that dog as a pet too. If it’s not too much trouble. Cheers.

    • Anonymous

      Cute guy.
      Cute doggie.
      Potato chips.
      What’s not to love?

      • Anonymous

        Seriously. I think that’s the recipe to a happy life.

      • Zuzu Ogden

        It’s actually a french fry food cart! It’s delicious.

    • Anonymous

      These pictures are ridiculously adorable, and my husband might actually wear some of the clothes.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking the same thing; these are clothes that a regular joe like my boyfriend would actually agree to wear without giving me the stinkeye.

    • Anonymous

      HE WAS IN MY TOWN???!?!?!?!?  Why didn’t I seen him!!??!!??  Whine whine whine.  Cute clothes.  And I run that trail.  DAMNIT.

      • Keegan Lucas

        My first thought too, as soon as I saw Wildwood Trail and Potato Champion: why did I miss him in my town?! Gah!

      • rynerman

         I said the same thing when I saw the Bagdad.  Damn it I missed him!

    • Anonymous

      Boyfriend material for my SON if my SON was gay. Just waaaaaay too young.

    • Anonymous

      If he were my boyfriend, I’d buy him socks.

    • Anonymous

      Hate the short pants, but love the jackets.  And doggie! *pets*

      • Sara__B

        I think it’s the rolled up hems on these that bug me. I usually don’t mind skinny pants on the short side.

    • Anonymous

      He’s selling him and not the clothes. Nice tie.

    • Bridget Smith

      He looks adorable and on anyone else I’d be swooning, but his character on Make It Or Break It was so douchey that I can’t like his face anymore. I sort of hate that that show influenced my opinon on ANYTHING, but there we go. Sorry, Josh Bowman. :(

      • Bridget Smith

        Incidentally: one thing I like about GQ is that if they’re not showcasing suits, they tend to dress up actors in good quality but not absurdly expensive clothes. It’s a very subtle way to very effectively advertise. He’s wearing J. Crew, Gap, Dockers, Converse, and even American Apparel mixed in with the $300 parkas (and that one Bottega Veneta). Women’s magazines almost never do this unless they’re specifically showcasing affordable clothes.

    • korilian

      That is a nice looking comic book store! 

      • Sarah Oleksyk

        It’s Bridge City Comics on Mississippi Ave, in case you’re ever in Portland.

        • korilian

          Nope. And the odds that I’ll ever visit are slim to none to be honest, since I’m not even in the states :).  

    • Anonymous

      So are socks just “over” now?  Why is it always the practical fashion that gets tossed?

    • Emily Hogg

      “boyfriend material” is the perfect way to describe him/this editorial! i kept thinking as i was scrolling through, “i need to date someone who dresses like this!” 

      …looking like him wouldn’t hurt either, of course 😉

    • Fifi LaRoux

      Mmmm. Thanks for the Friday treat!

      And yes, Revenge needs to get back on the air. Like yesterday.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      Having no idea what “Revenge” is, I thought this was Jim Carrey in the thumbnail.

    • Nancer

      Cute guy, nice clothing, but am I the only one bothered by all of the rolled up pant cuffs?

      • Leigh Anne Statton

        NO!  You mos def are not.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know who he is, but he’s adorable.

      And I feel like a sick pedophile for lusting over him.

    • Joshua Woofter

      Revenge is back this Wednesday and the following week we find out what really went down on the beach. IF that is really Daniel dead and IF Jack pulled the trigger…I’m thinking it isn’t Daniel, it’s either psycho gay or the guy that attacked Jack.

    • Anonymous

      ooo! He is a cutie! Like Darren Criss, but corrected. I want evey damn thing in this spread. Boy, clothes, dog…all of it. 

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t had time to watch Revenge last couple of episodes.
      So it’s really him dead on the beach ? So sweet…

    • meghann chell

      How was there cute man meat running around in my city and I wasn’t informed?

    • Jasmine Moten

      He is insanely adorable.

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t do a thing for me on Revenge, but he looks pretty darn cute here.  I like the rolled up pants, but I have a 34″ inseam and never have enough pant leg for it to work. 

    • Patrick Cleary

      In photos, totally yummy. In “Revenge”? The boy has absolutely no upper lip. It’s freaky, because his lower lip is all full and pouty, and his upper lip? Nonexistent. Kissing him must be like eating the worlds’ smallest Vienna sausage.

    • Anonymous

      American Bulldog or white Boxer?

      • Mary Warren

        kinda late, but def a white Boxer

    • Anonymous

      He looks like he has True Blood zombie eyes in the last couple of pictures.

    • Jenna Kuhmann

      Love the dog, love him.  Seriously, could they have found a cuter dog to match him?  Love love love.

    • Terence Ng

      I flipped through this editorial, and it all looks cute, but when you stare up close at that frozen mouth open grin, it’s a bit unnerving. Like, serious Darren Criss camera work there… Not a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      These pics should have been taken at the Fire Island Botel. 

    • Ally Monge

      I will take him, the dog, and maybe all of those pants. I think they are pretty cute for a female too. But seriously Revenge has got to come back. Withdrawal is presenting already.

    • Jamie

      love the last pic – so cute!

    • Anonymous

      Can I have the dog? The jackets are nice.

    • oohsparkley!

      Cute!  I second that “hurry back Revenge”.

    • Anonymous

      That face is built for a high end suit, IMO. He is a teensy bit too mature-looking for ‘cute boy’ to be his best thing. Though he is one.

      ETA: and I’m not a fan of those tight pants rolled up above the ankle bone on men built as athletically?, healthily? as he is. I think they’re the province of the small-boned, spindly, and/or undernourished guys who look as if daylight and fresh air are not high priorities for them.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I agree those pants do work best on the consumptive-looking, tortured artist types. As an actor, he may be an artist but he most definitely doesn’t look tortured.

    • Anonymous

      Oy, he really is really cute. This is not helping me with my current romantic disappointments.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone know if that’s an American bulldog? Puppy’s adorable. Josh looks good, too, even though the catching-flies-and-smiling gape that Katherine Heigl also does bugs me.

      • Mary Warren

        The dog is a Boxer, my absolute favorite type of dog :)

    • Anonymous

      Aw, he is very cute. And I’m such an old fart that I say that in a totally maternal way. Goddamnit.

    • R. L.

      I saw this dog’s doppelganger today at the Humane Society where I volunteer.  With another boxer.  Anyhow, these are cute pics of the boy too.

    • MilaXX

      He looks cute here, but thanks to photo shop I thought he was Darren Criss in a few of these pics.

    • Anonymous

      Love the striped boat shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Dang.  If only the guys in Portland, Oregon were as cute as Josh. Most are just dirty hipsters.   I totally would have stalked him if I had known they were shooting a GQ spread around town.  

    • VFL Miss Helenes

      Kinda like a lower level Ryan Reynolds frat boy guy.  Meh.

    • Anonymous

      The dog stole his socks.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve only seen Josh in Revenge so I like how he seems looser and hipper here than his Daniel Grayson alter ego. I like how accessible the fashions are, too. 

      Also, I recently saw a little video interview clip with him and EVC and I have to say his real-life British ups the cuteness factor considerably. Boyfriend material indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Totally cut guy but cannot carry off the outdoorsy look. He looks like a gay guy trying desparately to look rugged. He looks best in the book store waiting for a “pick up date”

    • Anonymous

      Hey, these pics are totally taken in my hometown!  (Wasn’t sure until I got to the last pic, which is shot just down the street from where I was last night.)  Dig the pants in every single look, these are what I’ve been wearing for awhile now–so glad to know I’m not off point, haha!

    • Anonymous

      He’s wearing WAY too much clothing!

    • Anonymous

      I keep thinking: “Smelly feet. Smelly feet.”

      I can understand the appeal but He. Does. Nothing. For. Me.  Too generic.

    • Anonymous

      innocuous. but i’ll take the dog over him. 

    • Anonymous

      He looks so cute and is so cute. What a handsome young man. And great photos.

      BTW: Is Revenge ever returning to us? I mean WHERE are the new episodes?! I am salivating with anticipation! Damn Primetime break – I feel like it’s this ice cream ABC is dangling in front of my obsessed, soap opera deprived face and saying not yet, you’re still on Weight Watchers – eat this plum instead.

    • Anonymous

      I hate all those pants, except the jeans in the last photo.

    • Beth G

      So… wait… we’re rolling our jeans again??  Are we pinning and rolling or just folding and rolling?

    • Anonymous

      Is it sad that my eyes went to the dog first in the top picture?  Because that is one damn cute dog.  I mean, the guy’s ok… I guess…

    • Anonymous

      Wow he is unbelievably cute here.