J Lo’s Parade o’ Coats

Posted on February 01, 2012

Say what you will about Jenny From the Block, the lady has excellent taste in outerwear (if not men). She’s been running around town with her not-at-all skeletal new beau, wearing a different coat each time. We wonder what the criteria are for deciding which one to wear. Or does she just have the day of the week stitched inside each one, like underwear?


Dolce & Gabbana Coat
Jennifer Lopez in NYC (with her boyfriend, Casper Smart) promoting her show Q’Viva! The Chosen.

Personally, we wouldn’t recommend popping the collar and zhuzhing the sleeves on a coat like this. It comes pretty close to ruining it, in fact. And red shoes, honey? With pink? It’s not Valentine’s Day yet. Still, it’s a gorgeous coat.


Alberta Ferretti Coat

Okay, if it’s real, we won’t defend the fur. If it’s not, this is fabulously divatastic.


Paul & Joe Sister Coat

Sometimes a gal wants a simple trench to go with her glitter pumps and controlling boyfriend who leads her around like a poodle on a leash.

OK, fine. We’re jealous because he gets awesome coats out of the deal too, apparently.


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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  • Isadora Paiva

    Wow, I think I love his even more that hers!

  • Anonymous

    She looks lovely, but all that nice warm coat fabric, yet bare legs?  Can’t we bring back hoisery for winter, at least?  Le sigh.

    • Anonymous

      It has been unseasonably warm in NY, so I’m not that bothered by the lack of hoisery.  But yes, in general, hose should be worn in the winter! 

      • Seriously, it’s in the high 50s today. Why wear hose if you don’t have to? (I find it SOOO uncomfortable: I’m too tall for every pair, so the crotch is always like mid-thigh, so I never wear them if it’s possible to avoid.) Also, WTF February?

        • Anonymous

          Hose are worn to complete an outfit, to make it look finished, elegant. When  you wear a formal gown or dress, it is not to the beach, no? So hose should be worn or it looks tacky to many. And there are comfortable hose out there. Just don’t get the ones that suck you in!

          • Anonymous

            Hose are making something of a comeback from their previous total fashion exile, but I don’t think we’ve reached the point yet where it looks tacky to NOT wear them.

          • Especially given that I’m 23.

        • BuffaloBarbara

          Ah, see, I can’t see not wearing them, especially when it’s hot, and especially in the northeast–sticky legs!

          • Oh, it’s even worse to me in the summer! The idea of anything TOUCHING my legs when it’s that hot gives me hives. I’d rather deal with the sticky legs!

          • BuffaloBarbara

            Heh, I guess that shows why both ways are still done.  I can’t stand sticky legs, and will wear anything to get away from them!  (Except wool. Wool gives me hives that are even worse than sticky legs.  But that’s not usually a summer options. ;p)

    • Anonymous

      I always thinks that looks silly, too. And, yes, it was quite warm yesterday; I was in a spring jacket. But it wasn’t exactly bare legs warm. (And if it was, no coat needed.)

      • Anonymous

        I’ll be the one to defend her bare legs, not just because it has been unseasonably warm, but because when you walk into places, they always have the heat blasting. I know I’m always schvitzing within seconds of walking indoors during the winter, so I make a habit of wearing short sleeves under my winter layers. JLo is around my age, so maybe she’s also starting with the hot flashes.

  • I’m a sucker for a nice coat, and these are much more tasteful than JFTB’s typical wardrobe choices (in silhouette at least, can do without the fur). I could even see Kate Middleton wearing the grey one. Who would have thought there was a clothing item that BOTH JFTB and Kate M could wear???

    Boyfriend is a total dumbass, however.

  • CQAussie

    Loved all the coats on her and you’re right, she kinda ruined that pink D&G coat wearing it like that.

    • And if TLo didn’t like the red shoes with that pink coat, they should have seen what was under the coat. She wore those shoes this morning on Live with Kelly with a sequined magenta dress! 

  • I think he’s wearing Zara; he probably bought it himself.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he’s the one doing the controlling in this set up. 😉

    But yes, love the coats!

    • Anonymous

      That was my first thought also when I read TLo’s comment. He looks whipped but I guess he’s getting good stuff (oh, that has two meanings, doesn’t it? I only really meant the coats). And yeah, what’s with the footwear and jeans–his dress and demeanor says handler (a la Gaga’s Ginger) more than boy toy.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree with the whipped theory. You know he was instructed to walk ahead of her like that. And as anti-fur as I am that Alberta Ferretti is the business. Only Jenny could get away with it without being splashed by PETA.

  • Anonymous

    HA! I was hoping you’d mention HIS coats and jackets, because she’s clearly buying him some good shit, too!

    • Fio

      Fashion wise, Ms. Lopez knows how to style and she knows how to handle trends; however, speaking of her personal life, she likes to control and it is clear she is dressing her “boy toy” well it is part of being JLO’s current guy before his expiring date. Let’s face it the majority of her relationships has an expiration date like milk, yet he could her Achilles heel.

      • Fio

        I actually noticed the boy toy is dressed like Pitbull! he looks like Pitbull, what the heck?!

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, I love fabulous outerwear. She looks great in all of these, but I agree on the popped collar and turned-up sleeves on that pink one. Of all the coats here, I think I’d probably wear the boyfriend’s one.

  • MilaXX

    Gorgeous coats. My favorites are the pink and the gray. JLo needs to chill with the boy toy before she ends up with an Ojani Noa 2.0

    • Anonymous

      Ojani! Lol! For me, he’s the most memorable of her long and intriguing line of men. I would’ve killed to get a peak at his tell-all!

  • Laurie Bergman

    I agree…this is quite the thoughtfully chosen (and deployed) coat wardrobe!  I can almost imagine her slamming them down in succession on a desk a la Streep in “Devil Loves Prada.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m positively giddy with these coats!  So pretty!  Really, so positive….

  • Yosa Addiss

    Woah- check that last photo- is the boyfriend wearing a kitten heel?

  • WANT the boytoy’s red coat so bad it hurts.

    Oh, and JLo? That’s not trim, dear, it’s lining–learn the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Who would’ve thunk she could be so tasteful on the outside when she’s usually so tacky on the inside?

    Dude looks like a baby Vin Diesel. At least she didn’t go for another vampire.

    • You leave Marc and his Nosferatu swag out of this! 

    • Totally.  Love the pink one, and his red one.

  • Of course the fur is real. It’s also pretty fantastic. I wish she hadn’t fussed with the pink coat, but as always, whether or not you love it or hate it, J-Lo never half steps on anything. If she goes outside, she goes outside looking like a movie star, and I LOVE it.

    That grey coat is EVERYTHING though. I even love the boytoy’s red coat too. 

  • Anonymous

    I love that Alberta Ferretti coat, but for me it would have to be faux fur. Somehow I doubt that JLo’s is faux, though. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Love the grey coat.  The boyfriend is a bit of a douche, style-wise:  It’s 2011, and you’re still wearing unlaced work boots and super-long jeans that have to be pegged up to your crotch?  

    The Ferretti fur is apparently real.  So fuck that.

  • Anonymous

    Is she capable of being without a man in her life for more than 5 minutes?  Also, what do you think she carries in her purse?  The grey one is like 10 times the size of the other two, yet looks full … does she stuff it with paper to make it look filled out?  I just can’t see her carrying around her check book and bills and the kinds of things I stuff in my handbag. 

  • What?  Does she have some secret deal going with Burlington Coat Factory?  And just looking at the two of them together I smell a train wreck coming.  Watch for it kittens, in six months we’ll be getting the, “as a singer, actress, and woman” speech again.

    • Anonymous

      “Does she have some secret deal going with Burlington Coat Factory?”  Bwahahahaha! That is hilarious on so many levels!

      I somehow don’t think this one is going to rate the “singer, actress and woman speech.”

  • Is that boy a construction worker or a choreographer?  What is with his shoes?  Great red coat, though!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE both the coats in the last pic. Wow. I need that red coat.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the Alberta Ferretti coat: I did a search, and while I could not find the exact coat online, the designer has been known to use real fur in her collection (rabbit, raccoon, fox) in the past.

    Regardless, my favorite out of all of these is the gray. Not a big fan of the middle one (the inserts seem to distract from it) and the pink one might be nice but she really messed it up with the sleeves.

    • JLo has been known to wear fur eyelashes hunny. She has no shame.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, I had no idea they even made such things.  Doesn’t surprise me now that I think about it, but still…


  • I just wish he didn’t have to half-tuck his pants into his shoes ALL the time… what’s with that?

    • I wish he’d learn to actually *gasp* TIE his shoes!

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I love his awesome coat.  I know nothing else about him, but I have to give a cheer for the red.

    I have two winter coats.  One is lined, and the lining is shredded.  The other is quilted, and frayed through so you can actually see the quilting material.  Do you suppose JLo would let me have one of her cast-offs when she’s finished wearing it?  We share a birthday.  I think that makes us coat-sisters, right?  She’d totally do that…

  • He looks like a copy of her second husband (the dancer). 

  • Lauren Maier

    Dear Casper:
    Are you a friendly ghost?  I only ask because you’re skinny enough to be see-through but you don’t smile.  If I was dating J.Lo, I’d smile.  
    A Bitter Kitten

    P.S. Please show you’re friendly by sending me the grey trench coat she’s wearing in the last picture.  The one with the belt.  Yep.  :3

  • OK, love the coats, but I can’t get behind pairing them with bare legs. Pick a season, Jenny!

    • I see this is in NYC which has had a few unseasonably warm days here and there from what I’ve heard. Also, it may be cold on your way from car to venue, but too warm inside for something gown-y or pants. I often have this problem when going out here in California….

  • Love the Alberta Ferretti coat Jlo is wearing and his red coat is really cool too. I’m a sucker for red coats. 

  • Anonymous

    I love the red coat, grey coat and the pink coat (without her fussing).

  • He looks a little like Brad Pitt

  • marilyn

    They look like a mom taking her kid to school.  She is dressed for work, and he is dressed to play.  Her fashion style is much older than his is. 

  • Judy_J

    I want that pink coat!  I would treat it with such care and love…

  • Anonymous

    i do like the coats, the bf must get an allowance to dress the part.

  • Anonymous

    Well see, I don’t read the tabs or watch them so I didn’t realize the boy toy was a) really a choreographer or b) 18 years younger (younger, yeah that’s obvious, 18 years?!). So J Lo, take a page from Demi–don’t get too wrapped up in him. And Casper, get all you can while the gettin’s good–your 15 minutes is ticking away.

  • Anonymous

    He is boyfriend/bodyguard. Boyfuard.

  • Anonymous

    He also appears to have day-of-the-week coats, scarves, and untied boots.

  • I can’t tell whether he’s controlling or he can just walk normally (and hence faster) in his casualness, not being impeded by 5″ platform heels on his feet. She’s looking down and careful about her path in all shots. And is it just me, or do they look a lot alike? He could pass for her younger brother. She does look good, and I LOVE his red coat.

  • Fuck the pink coat. I want those red shoes. NOW.

  • Cathy S

    My god that gray trench. I want that.

  • Anonymous

    They look great, but I’ll throw in that I totally dislike the way they’re styling his shoes/boots/pant bottoms.

    Big miscalculation on the pink coat, darling – no pop-n-szhuszh on that one, you wrecked the look of a perfectly lovely coat.

  • Anonymous

    She’s an asshole.

  • Anonymous

    I covet the grey wool trench.  Covet. 

  • Anonymous

    I thought that guy she’s with is her son. Or at least her nephew or something.

  • Anonymous

    his jaw muscle is about to POP in that last one. I hope he leaves the coat to me. 

  • Considering the record warm temps, I wonder what makes her so cold.   Perhaps more of the completely senseless fashion flaunting that is so annoyingly common?  And he looks like a major-league douchebag in his shitkickers and untucked shirts.

  • Anonymous

    I like the pink coat best of all, although I agree that pairing with red pumps is not so wonderful.

  • I was wondering what you guys thought about fur. Now I know (:

  • I want his coat. 

  • Anonymous

    his coat is better than her coats, except the second one. except the fur.

  • Anonymous

    All the coats are nice – I am wondering about all his shoes with the tongues hanging open and the pants sort of tucked under?

  • butter nut

    i am going to steal that grey trench from her.

  • Patsye Peebles

    Does the boy toy know how to tie his shoes?

  • Anonymous

    Even though I usually despise pink clothing, that D&G coat is the best of the lot. Ahhh, the good things that money can bring!

  • Anonymous

    Love his red coat!  Those Timberlands are soooooooooooooo 1999.  Ugh!

  • No! Fur!

  • Oh my God, the last coat is just gorgeousness.

  • Do her legs always have to look so glossed over?!! Yikes, it looks like she just left the baby oil wrestling contest at the biker bar!

  • Nice coats, i want the pink and grey one… but why does he look so unhappy!

  • Anonymous

    I would kill for his red trench.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Why do people wear coats and no tights?