In or Out: Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton

Posted on February 10, 2012

We wouldn’t ever have pegged Leighton as the kind of gal who can make a difficult dress work, since she’s the kind of gal who can’t even make simple dresses work half the time.

Leighton Meester attends the amfAR New York Gala To Kick Off Fall 2012 Fashion Week in NYC in Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Xiao Wen Ju

But not only does this dress work on her; she looks better in it than the model. We don’t actually love the idea of hanging animal pelts off your skirt and we’d almost certainly love this dress a lot more if they didn’t have them, but we can’t help it. We love the way this looks on her. The neckline really works on her – and that’s not a neckline that works for a lot of women. She looks soft, sexy, and feminine. We don’t quite know what to make of that belt, though. It looks like it’s bolted to her. We get the thinking that says such a soft, fuzzy dress needs something hard and statement-making like that belt, but it’s not quite working for us. The shoes and purse are pretty, if a little on the standard side. Still, “standard” was probably what was needed here. Not really loving the hair and the makeup seems a little underdone. It’s weird, we can run down our likes and dislikes and the latter are greater in number than the former, but we can’t help thinking we love this look, overall. It’s better than the sum of its parts.


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IN! Darlings, anything that combines a LBD with fur can only be considered genius.

OUT! Oh, for fuck’s sake: SHE’S WEARING A FUR SKIRT.


The Bitter Kittens argued strenuously both for and against Scarlett Johansson’s basic look, but in the end, she just barely eked out an IN.

[Photo Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images]

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  • VicksieDo

    Fur = No, but if it’s faux, I like it.  Loved the fur purse too, in the original look. This chick BORES me though.  

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree: Meester resides in Snoozington Valley for me, but the outfit works. So: IN.

  • leah besson

    ew. fur. out.

  • Alli

    That dress has muttonchops and her hair is frizzy and limp. OUT OUT OUT.

    • Christina Brennan

      Her hair is a tragedy.  It almost ruins the entire look.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahahaha, muttonchops is the perfect way to describe them!  Which is sad, really, because I normally adore muttonchops when they’re on a face where they’re supposed to be and not on some starlet’s thighs… 

      Also, I would have thought you guys would’ve come down harder on her for the hair.  To me, this looks about a thousand times worse than all the yoga hair.  This is bed-head, but not the attractive kind.  More like the in-bed-all-day-with-the-flu kind. 

      Oh, and OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT with the flat hair/curling-iron curls and the bear pelt – 

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      We will be using “curling-iron curls” in the future. 

      • Anonymous

        It’s a technical term.  From the 70’s.  You’re welcome. 

    • Anonymous

      curling-iron curls = lol

    • Tadiana Walton Jones

      As a child of the 70’s, I’m still attached to my curling iron. You can have it when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.  I like to flatter myself that I don’t still do weird curls, though. 

      Also, OUT for the bear fur saddlebags. Faux or not, it doesn’t work for me.

    • Anonymous

      yup, i am sure i have a picture of myself with “curling iron curls” hair circa 1976…nice and flat on top, some big fat sausage curls on the bottom :)

  • Anonymous

    In…I think she looks good…the hair is bothering me…it needs some more volume on top or something

    • Anonymous

       Yea, it’s like she has hat hair.

    • Anonymous

       I kind of want to walk up to her and say “zhuzh girl, ZHUZH!”

  • Anonymous

    Her hair and makeup say “sweet young thing,” not fierce-as-shit, which I think the dress calls for.  So, nice try, but out. 

    • Anonymous

      hair and makeup say “Soccer Mom” to me.

    • Sara Munoz

      Her hair says “Michelle Duggar”.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree, TLo. She doesn’t look better than the model. The model had better belt and shoes. Leighton Meester wore the dress with unimaginative black accessories and messy hair. I think it looks more sophisticated on the model even though the gossip girl has some cleavage to fill it out.

    Out. She should’ve worn makeup.

    • penn collins

      Thank you for mentioning the belt on the model, I like what the belt color did to the outfit, the black belt just does nothing fort the outfit…like a stylist just grabbed the first thing s/he found.

    • Denny Li

      Agreed! No idea why T&L thought Leighton Meester looked better than the model. I thought the model looked totally sharp in the photo, whereas Leighton comes off dowdy and overly hippy -which she isn’t at all.

  • Anonymous


  • G

    She is so pretty – but I hate the dress.  The pelts.  NO. 

  • Anonymous

    Ehhhhhh. She’s looking better than usual, but really? Fur pelts, just randomly attached? Not a huge fan.

  • Gus Casals

    Great dress, pulling it off, IN. But what about that amateur hair and makeup?

  • Anonymous

    Anything that makes you use the word “pelts” really is a no go.

  • Anonymous

    I want to brush out her hair and I should be able to see her earrings.


  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

     Huh.  It must be ‘fuck up a challenging dress with shitty hair’ day.  (I’m looking at you too, Diane K.)

    • Anonymous

      Her hair kind of reminds me of PR’s Gretchen. Bleh

  • Judy S

    IN, I guess. She is just a furry teacup here.

  • Gara St. James

    No, it’s out for me. It makes her look awfully hippy. And her hair and makeup are terrible, she looks tired.

  • foodycatAlicia

    OUT. Awful dress, awful hair and the ankle straps make her legs weirdly thick, which they really are not. I like her makeup though.

  • Anonymous

    You boys must have had a boozey fasion week brunch this morning or something… cause this looks sloppy and awkward on her, and I’m almost certain that look on her face is saying “someone is getting fired for this.” The belt totally ruins any chance the dress had and the shoes are a bit too…. little girl for such a BLAM dress. There’s potential here, but it’s just not working. OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    God, that’s actually worse than Katy Perry’s muppet-fur vest the other day.  Leighton honey, no.  Do not ever go out of the house with mink on your hips. (Or whatever fur that might be.)

  • Sandisan

    IN!  I think she looks really cute (although her hair color is too light).

  • Anonymous

    If this were simply being judged from waist to shoulder I’d give it an in, as I like the neckline. But her hair looks slovenly and those Davey Crockett pelts aren’t cute, to me.


  • CQAussie

    OUT.  Fur panels on a skirt = always OUT.  Loved the hair but the make-up was rather tragic and the shoes….ugly!

  • Anonymous

    Out. The fur skirt is less offensive on the model, because of the fun contrasting color. Black on black takes out the irony. It’s a fur skirt. With bad hair and not enough makeup. And ankle straps. WTF are you thinking?

  • Anonymous

    Out. it’s a fur skirt.

  • Judy_J

    They look more like fur pockets to me.  Big, Captain Kangaroo fur pockets.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    IN! finally, meester starts dressing like viewers of gossip girl always knew she could!

  • blue

    OUT. No one could make that thigh pubic patch dress work.

  • Emily

    From the neck up she looks a little like Paz’s character in Boardwalk Empire. Those bangs are gross. Still, it’s such a step up for her, I’ll give it an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, the dress does maybe look better on her than the model, though I think it’s more interesting with the green accents. the hair/makeup does seem sorely lacking. but it’s late on Friday, I’ll go IN.

  • Anonymous

    It is a bizarre dress, but in the words of Tony the Tiger: she looks GRRRRRREAT! IN.

  • Sarah Marnell


  • Kacper Nedza

    IN, although I wouldn’t be looking so happy if I had two giant black man-eating caterpillars crawling up my thighs. Plus the bangs are sad.

  • Anonymous

    I am not going to quibble about the hair and makeup because they are completely overshadowed by that hideous thing you are calling a skirt.  Ew.  Burn it.


  • Anna Tree

    Blah. OUT

  • Anonymous

    This is an IN for me, although I would have liked it much better in the green that the model is wearing.  Don’t care for the drippy earrings that looks like they must be rhinestones although it’s likely they’re real borrowed ice from some big jewelry house.

    Can’t believe ScarJo was voted in on that last outing……she just seemed all wrong to me.  Oh, well.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Fur.  Feh.

  • Anonymous

    “OUT! Oh, for fuck’s sake: SHE’S WEARING A FUR SKIRT” suits me just fine.

  • Anonymous

    IN – might be the best she’s ever looked.

  • Anonymous

    Fur makes anything an OUT. And fake fur is hardly better since it still glamorizes wearing hairy animal skin. (unless it’s wild blatantly superfake muppety type fur, which is automatically hilarious and therefore potentially awesome).

    I do like the neckline and the length for her, though.

    Also, I wish I could go out so underdone and look so lovely. I generally prefer a hair little messy to too helmety, and polished-natural faces to highly painted ones.

  • Gina Knox Rook

    That has got to be the most ugly dress I have ever seen.  Fur covered hips? For when her saddlebags get cold? OUT.

  • MandyJane

    In, she looks cute despite the limp hair.

  • Merneith

    Fur. Skirt. Out.

    I might have liked it better if it was solid fur, rather than random patches. I do like her from the waist up (including the belt) but I I think darker hair suits her better. Still, I’m mostly blaming the dress for the this one.

  • accidental housewife

    She’s so pretty, but yikes. The belt belongs with a pair of jeans, the shoes are doing her no favors, and, while I see where she was going with the hair, it looks like she forgot to comb out the curls.

    And I just can’t with this dress. OUT

  • Anonymous


  • Joanna Schuth


  • Sara__B

    Out. Fur skirt. Blah styling and makeup. Awful hair. (The bodice is extremely flattering on her, though.)

  • Victoria Pavlova

    I didn’t recognize her in the thumbnail. Really cute look, I don’t like straps on the shoes but otherwise: super cute!

  • Anonymous

    Blargh. It looked better with the green belt to me, but largely it works so IN. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT for lots of reasons, including both the fur and the shoes.  And, in this case, looking better in it than the model is setting the bar really low.

  • Anonymous

    It’s WONDERFUL!  You’d think that fur on the skirt would make her hips look big, but au contraire

    Of course she looks better than the model.  She’s smiling.

    She should have worn her hair up, though.

    • Call me Bee

      Oh yes!!  If her hair were up she’d be killer!! 

  • Sara Munoz

    The model looks like a night-shift hooker on her way home. 

    So in that sense, Leighton looks better. But still OUT. 

  • evelina lundmark

    The hair is awful, I like the belt. I think it’s an IN though, she really needs to do something about her hair…

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress except for the fur skirt, which I guess means I don’t actually like the dress after all. Her makeup looks pretty and fresh. She has succeeded in having big hair that’s too flat, an achievement that doesn’t seem possible. I just don’t understand how a rich, pretty woman with access to stylists, technicians and every imaginable dress and accessory can fail to look fabulous every time she goes out.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT ARE THESE PELTS I DON’T EVEN. MY EYES. An OUT from me, but I think it’s compounded by the way her hair offends me: bangs and artificial looking doll-curls? On top of non-existent make-up? No. Just, no.

  • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao


  • Anonymous


  • dulcian

    OUT.  I can’t with that hair.  The bangs are tragic, the curls are limp, and somewhere under there is a pair of statement earrings that are drowning in lameness.

  • Laura Schultz

    Hmmmm… That would be OUT for me. Do not like the hair or the dress on her at all….

  • Anonymous

    Meh. Way too Barbarella for me.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Hair looks all wrong and don’t think she’s carrying off the dress.  

  • Dave

    Business on the top, Pan on the bottom.  OUT.

  • Dave

    Business on the top, Pan on the bottom.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    just, out.

  • Anonymous

    just, out.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Out.

  • Sophie Collier

    Big hairy thighs.  Nah. OUT.  Her lower half looks huge.

  • marilyn


  • Anonymous

    OUT. Hideous dress, makeup, hair. Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Sorry, I get what you like about it, but it just looks like a couple of patches of fur glued onto an off-the-rack dress. Plus her hair is AWFUL. And her makeup has gone from dewy to full on Exxon Valdez territory.

  • Call me Bee

    Cute dress with pussy pockets!!  She looks good and love the shoes so IN. 

  • Anonymous

    no no no no NO. has never looked worse. not in the crazy stuff she sometimes wears, NEVER. from top of head to, i dunno, bottom of fur the whole thing just does not work. looks way better on the model. cos it’s gonna look pretty terrible if it isnt accessorized & posed just so. & it does.

  • MilaXX

    small in. I don’t like the bangs and I wish the shoes didn’t have the ankle straps, but it’s okay.

  • Anonymous

    In.  Would have preferred a different coloured belt (that’s one thing I prefer on the original – well, they only thing…) but props for working a difficult look.

  • Carol

    Out. I saw those fuzzy skirt things when I took my Escape through the car wash last week.

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to go out with a dead cat stapled to each hip? Even if it’s faux, shame on her. If it’s real, double shame. Go home and write “I will buy a full-length mirror and use it every day” 500 times.

  • Anonymous

    OUT OUT with those Pan fur thighs! 

  • Anonymous

    As a fellow gal who can never get her hair to remain curled, I will give her a pass. I think she looks pretty great. IN.

  • Anonymous

    The model looks way better. The touches of color make the outfit fun and somehow balance the fur thighs. Leighton’s lack of color and point of interest force you to look only at the dress. And criticize it. Plus, Leighton looks like she JUST had either good sex or good pot. Doesn’t she look, um… languorous?

    ETA: Out.

  • Emily

    In.  She looks so pretty i will overlook the skirt.

  • Joyce VG

    OUT. OUT. OUT.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    IN. Cute dress and I like the belt and bag but the shoes are a little precious.

  • Jane Morris

    oh no, uh uh.  right off the 24hour catwalk!

  • Vera

    Totally IN.

  • Anonymous

    She just needs to run a brush through her hair to loosen the curls and the bangs. Otherwise, this is pretty fab. I even like the belt.

    I’m pretending the fur is faux.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Outta here. And it’s absolutely the wrong hair and makeup for it.

  • Haley Buchanan

    No.  Just No.  I don’t necessarily think it’s Leighton’s fault, but that skirt is freaking weird.

  • Anonymous


  • AWStevens

    I like the green belt on the model.  She played it too safe. 


  • Anonymous

    I say there is no bad time or place to wear fur — but I’m probably the minority, since I also like Chris March’s hair ensemble.

  • Anonymous

    I join the OUT chorus:  blew it with the shoes, half-assed the hair and makeup.  
    Too bad — I like her, and this coulda been a contender.

  • nkauj thao

    She looks great, in. I actually really like the fur. Just hoping it is faux though.  

  • Anonymous

    She screws up a lot, but I find Ms. Meester far more interesting than her tall, blonde co-star.

  • Anonymous

    IN! Love it!

  • Patrick Cleary

    I don’t know, the skirt looks kind of like the screen door to my back porch when the cats hang on it.

  • Anonymous

    Just came from a  naughty three-way after the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.  OUT.  

  • Aly Light

    OUT. because the hair just really irks me.

  • Anonymous

    dear lord who art in heaven….please make the badly dressed lady go away.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, the proportions of the fur panels makes the dress look strange

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Ordinary girl, there are animals crawling up your thighs.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a strange dress, but she looks good.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Not liking Louis Vuitton clothing much recently. They should stick to handbags and luggage

  • Anonymous

    i’m pretending it’s faux fur.  is the dress on the model dark green or is it just the light?  i would love it in dark green.  still, she gets an in from me.

  • Anonymous

    If she will walk close to all the furniture in my house once or twice, then IN. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Don’t like the fur and I hate her trailer park hair.

  • Anonymous

    In.  She looks effortlessly beautiful and born to wear this dress and look. Claps all around.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Those fur panels are HIDDY. Out.

  • Natalie

    It’s cute. IN.

  • Anonymous

    I have to give her an out for the hair and makeup. The dress is cute enough, but I can’t even see it because of how underwhelmed I am by her face.

  • Melissa Della

    I…don’t like the dress, but somehow she is making it work. IN.

  • amyw

    I can’t get over the hair. It’s so flat and horrible. She has such lovely hair on GG… 

    • Helen C

      This is way better than her hair on GG ever since S3.  

  • Molly OBM

    Not perfect, but an IN! (I feel she needs a voice in her defence)

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Fur is so tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Looks like furry leeches are climbing up her skirt.

  • Anonymous

    I am willing to be persuaded on the dress, but I am completely baffled by y’all’s reaction to her hair and makeup. She looks sweaty, colorless, and vacant–possibly feverish–and her hair looks like mine when I was seventeen and my mom made me let her blowdry it for me for some special occasion. She is SO MUCH PRETTIER THAN THIS.

  • Mags

    Yikes. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE her but it’s an OUT for me. First of all, please stop wearing FUR! Second, I hate her hair and make-up. As her Vera Wang ad and gossip girl appearances can attest, she is so much more better than this. 

    I can’t understand why she makes such crappy fashion choices outside of her show. TLo please make an INTERVENTION to this fashion emergency!!

  • erin l.

    out. no fur. horrible hair. she can look much better than this.

  • Amelia Logan

    Ooo all of a sudden I want a faux fur skirt.

  • penn collins

    Maybe if she had stalked and killed the creature herself to make the dress?

    oh whatthe…Out.

  • Anonymous

    I had to look at the calendar to make sure this wasn’t April Fool’s from you two.  I don’t like the dress but I think it looks better on the model.  And looking at model and actress side by side is a cautionary tale of why ankle strap shoes are not a gal’s friend.  Leighton has lovely gams but they are shortened by 5 inches.  

    OUT to Ayla’s fashion week skirt.  I hate fur but even if this is faux, it’s hiddy.  

  • Anonymous

    IN or OUT??? Are you kidding???
    Really really OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently  SundaySchoolTeacher was on to something in the last post.

  • Vera E Sticker

    OUT! It looks WAY better on the model, you guys are whack. 

  • Anonymous

    No.  Absurd.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

     I do hate the hair and the make up is horrible… I shouldn’t like, but somehow i do! IN

  • Sorana Tarmu

    Barely IN because of the hair. Fur is ok as long as it’s not from endangered species.

  • bookish

    I really like the neckline and her cleavage looks lovely, but man that fur is weird. OUT

  • Nels P. Highberg

    What? Happened? To? Her? Hair?

  • Anonymous

    Another one to file under: Girl, this is not your dress. Sorry.
    Out. Way out. Left field Out. Right field Out. Over the fence Out. The Grand Slam of Out.

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress on her, but she should have had her hair “done up” a bit for a look this important.

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    i love her and with her track record here, she needs an IN

  • vmcdanie

    In-PROVIDED no fuzzy black creature died in the sprint to make Leighton have fuzzy hips.

    I never watched Gossip Girl so I was indifferent to her until I saw “Country Strong” which she was unexpectedly quite good in (the movie is hilariously bad. Required viewing.)

  • Brienne Calmer

    OUT because those are clearly two very fuzzy caterpillars working their way upwards, hoping for a chance to snack on the belt.

  • Hilary Sain

    Hair is bad but otherwise she looks sharp.  IN.

  • Samantha Irene

    In! Super cute – though I wish it read more green in the photos.

  • Paula Berman

    OUT. I hate the fur. It looks absurd.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, OUT.

  • R. L.

    IN surprisingly. 

  • Rachel

    The dress does look good on her and it’s an interesting silhouette on her, but the styling has failed to elevate this at all. Dull hair, dull shoes, dull purse. OUT.

  • mcglory13

    I’m one of those people. Fur is an automatic out.

  • Fatima Siddique

    That’s a horrible dress. I don’t think it would work on anybody.

  • Anonymous

    Not liking it… 

  • Brittany Johnstone

    When bad bangs happen to good dresses… IN

  • natalia h

    Out. It’s not the fur that bothers me but the fact that it makes her look bigger. She even looks uncomfortable.

  • Danielle West

    Sorry–that hair takes it into the OUT category.

  • ecallaw

    Ugh.  The dress is crazy and she looks like she isn’t wearing any makeup.  OUT.

  • Lexie

    In. I do agree that the hair is a bit limp though.

  • Brittany

    I’m just on this side of OUT. She looks more put-together than usual, but her hair and make-up are sad-looking. She actually looks likes Jessica Alba on a bad day. 

  • Anplica Fiore

    She looks beautiful! In

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Fuck fur skirts. PERIOD  (PS: I fail to see what is complicated about this dress)

  • frankystein123

    I love the sexy bangs and curls of her hair, and the dress looks very good (not excellent) on her, because of the facts that I just can’t get behind hanging patches of fur on a dress and the shape of the lower part of the dress itself.