In or Out: Jennifer Aniston in Chanel

Posted on February 23, 2012

You guys! Jen really meant it when she said recently that she was going to shake up her style! Darlings, slapping her in the face a couple of times a month for the last couple of years actually WORKED!

Who should we spend the next year slapping across the face? We only want to use our awesome powers sparingly, lest we get DRUNK with power! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Jennifer Aniston honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She wore a Chanel Resort 2012 dress to the event.

Chanel Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Rose Smith (NEXT)

But this isn’t quite WERQ territory, is it? What it is, is another step away from her sequined bath towels, which can only be seen as a good thing. This thing has color and pattern and shape to it and all of that makes us very very proud gay uncles cousins. It’s funny, though. A decade-plus of posing in strapless little cocktail napkins and she doesn’t seem to quite know how to stand and pose in a more conventional dress. Little tip, Jen: that vaginocentric, hip-first, “Daphne from Scooby-Doo” style of standing doesn’t work in a dress like this. Stomach in, shoulders back, tits out, girl. Have we steered you wrong yet?


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OUT! Slap an apron on her and put an apple pie in her hands.


Rihanna’s ’80s coke-fueled party girl look was not to the kittens’ liking, and they sniffed and harrumphed and voted her OUT.

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  • Hum.  I am glad to see some length on the dress, but dare I say this is too long?  I hate the huge panel at the waist.  It is very ‘apron-y’. Can I give the dress an OUT and Jen and IN for hair and make up?  

    • tallgirl1204

      From one tall girl to another, I agree!  Four inches shorter (ever so slightly above the knee) would take this out of  matronly territory and into “forever-young-but-not-pretending-to-be-twenty” territory.  I have to give an out for the dress, but it’s not as outy-out as the bath towel look.

      • Just below the knee and mid calf should only be reserved for tall girls.  It really doesn’t work on average height or shorter. Even with sky high heels on.  

        • JohannaEG

          But she’s at an event that requires her to sit on her knees. The length makes sure everything is covered.

          • TheOriginalLulu

            True, but that exact same dress hemmed right at the knee would also keep everything covered. It’s just that the mid-calf length is extremely matronly and unflattering unless you’re like 5’11” and a beanpole.

      • I think she needs the length to make sure no one gets to take pictures of her underwear when she knees to the ground. 

    • MissFern

      I was JUST about to say that.  Too long.

    • Agreed, it’s a skosh too long. But I think she still looks pretty darn good, and I want her makeup artist. So I’ll give her an IN.

    • MissMariRose

       I thought that too, at first. But now I think she was smart to go that long. How many times have we seen women awkwardly posing on their knees in front of their star because their dress was too short or too tight. I’ll bet Jen had no problems getting down or up and she looks beautiful to boot.

      I give this clever girl an IN.

    • introspective

      Hell hath frozen over. the words “Jennifer Aniston” are in the same sentence with the descriptor “too long” for her dress.
      and I agree. Yet the makeup is fresh and the hair is getting better (while she’s still in a rut, no bedhead is still an improvement) and her strategy of not showing the good china for the walk of fame honor was well thought. So definitely an in for her.

  • Noshmek

    From sequined bath towels to muumuu… not a positive direction.  OUT.

    • gabyripple

      Have you ever even seen a muumuu? Because that is not one.

  • Its not amazing but definitively a step in the right direction, it makes me interested to see what she’ll wear next. IN.

    • ITA.  It is such a positive step that it’s very hard to give her anything other then an IN.

      • In here too!  She’s looking her age in a very nice way!

    • Spicytomato1

      Agreed. IN.

      I was going to nitpick the shoes, but when I scrolled down to see what the model was wearing I flinched. They’re so horrible that anything else, including Jen’s choice, is an improvement.

      • I did a double take at the model’s shoes too!  They are horrid.

        • Pam Winters

          Can’t TLo give us some kind of a shoe clinic? You know, photos of dresses (on their wearers) down to the ankle area, along with photos of just shoes, so we can match them up? Sometimes I can tell the shoes are wrong with a dress but I can’t guess what shoes would be right. (This is one of those times. Damn, Jen looks good, though.)

  • She looks happy and pretty. In.

  • I love the dress. I think it’d be better on me though.

  • blogless

    Gosh, change is nice and I love her hair and makeup (which are not so changed), but I think she looks sort of frumpy. I’m going have to say OUT.

    • Frumpy is exactly the word that sprung to mind when I saw this dress. 

    • Melissa Zade

      I think if she changed her posture, as suggested, that this wouldn’t look frumpy at all.  Whenever someone stands like that, it takes the whole loook down a couple notches.

  • Jessi03

    This is going to sound weird, but she looks great in the shot where she’s on her knees!  It’s the only one where she seems to feel comfortable posing in the dress.  OUT, but a step in the right direction.

    • angela rose

        dare I say this dress was picked for the sole reason that she knew she’d be kneeling on the sidewalk- so her normal attire would not do…
      does that really count as a step in the right direction, or just a fleeting glance of practical thinking by a publicist?

  • NC_Meg

    This is so weird, I don’t know what to think. She’s not in black or grey and it’s not strapless. Little in because I wish that hem were just a few inches higher but she did make quite a departure so good for her!

  • Sam Corbett

    She gets a tentative IN for it not being her usual bath towel, but it’s a downgrade from the Tom Ford she just wore. I think she’s a beautiful, but frankly somewhat boring-looking woman who needs something more than “Oh, this is kind of pretty” to make her stand out on the red carpet.

  • She knew she couldn’t wear a towel to this event since she’d be on her hands and knees. She’ll probably dive back into her comfort zone soon enough. It’s amazing what posing can do to an outfit! I really think she could have sold this much better by following your posing advice! 

  • She’s IN for all the mentioned reasons, and also because there is some hair progress too. yes, she’s standing in all the wrong ways and the shoes are forgettable, but let’s reward the girl on a job well done and a step in the right direction. 

  • She looks sweet, accessible and in good taste, for once.  My only quibble is the fit of the opening on the back, it seems to drape oddly.  Otherwise, a clear-headed IN.

  • NurseEllen

    She looks undeniably better, but also oddly reminiscent of an old Betty Crocker ad.  Somewhere in between is the magic balance, dear.  Keep trying.  OUT.

  • Patricia Gillett

    I like the dress but I think the shoes she paired with them are a miss. And for Tim Gunn’s sake, get a new hairstyle! 

  • howdoilook

    Total IN. I said “WOW” when I scrolled and saw the hem was past her knees.

  • sarahofalessergod

    OUT.  I should be encouraging her baby steps, but she looks like she’s about to start speaking at a Betty Crocker Family Values luncheon. (Such a thing does not exist, as far as I know.)

    • siriuslover

      Be careful, you never know who’s trolling these blogs. You may have planted an idea in someone’s head.

  • In.  It’s cute.  It also allows her to crawl around on Hollywood Blvd. without looking like a crack addict who dropped her pipe.
    Another step in the right direction, along with her appearance on Conan last night.  I thought that outfit looked great on her, too–long sleeves!  Longer skirt! But she still looked hot!

  • OUT. She looks stumpy. REALLY stumpy.

  • I wish the length and silhouette was more like what is on the model,
    and are the colors paler?  It looks washed out to me and I think the
    stronger colors would have looked fresher.  Overall though, I’ve gotta
    give her props for trying something so different, for her, and give her an IN.

  • girliecue

    Michelle Williams. Slap Michelle Williams around next. A lot. Oh, wait – this post is about Jennifer Aniston. Out. Granted, it’s not her usual bath towel, but you don’t get an automatic IN just because you DIDN’T wear something awful. This dress is fine, it’s just not IN material.

  • tsid2012

    I’m not a huge fan of this print but I think she looks great.  Fresh, young and a sort of “I’m pretty just the way I am” feel to it.

  • Ceur

    In for improvement.

  • TAGinMO

    I think a knee-length hem would have made this an unquestionable IN. As another commenter has already mentioned, the picture of her on her knees posing with the star looks pretty amazing, so I’m willing to allow that THAT was the shot she and/or her stylist was going for. The shoes were a good choice; more youthful than the model’s. And I really like the back.

    All in all, a subdued IN from me for this situationally appropriate frock.

  • In!!  She looks sweet. 

  • sleepycat

    In, she is moving in the right direction.

  • ccm800

    Out  – Happy medium Jen? Nice print – lovely back and neck and such but the length is actually mumsy 

  • At first I thought frumpy spring wedding attire. But the back is lovely, and the fabric quite pretty, Japanese cherry blossomy. I think she looks pretty nice in this frock, actually. IN.

  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    I think it could be hemmed an inch or two but otherwise – LOVE IT. IN.

  • poggi

    She looks pretty and she can kneel and such without worrying about flashing anyone. In for this event.

  • I feel like this is not her dress. It’s a cute dress, but it looks so matronly on her. Probably because I am used to seeing her in a crotch-length shiny bath towel, it’s altered my perceptions. And it’s ironic that this pedestrian dress is a risk for her. I guess it’s an IN, but only in the slightest way, because she looks pretty and classy, if oddly disjointed.

  • I think it’s adorable, and she picked something where she can bend over and not be “a gash in a sundress”. IN.

  • IAmJ

    It’s pretty and it’s not one of her uniforms! IN.

  • VioletFem

    IN. She looks very pretty.

  • Oh my gosh, there is shape to her hair. Well good heavens. She looks 10 years younger. And in a different way than what she’d been attempting. IN.

    And start slapping Michele Williams. Pronto.

  • She actually looks younger.

  • DinaSews

    It looks like pants on the model.  It could have used a hem or tapering but giving her an IN for looking fresh and appropriate.  Smart choice for having to go down on her knees.

  • nannypoo

    Is she attempting to make handprints in a slab of granite? I think she’s at the wrong sidewalk. Pretty dress, though. It’s age-appropriate and not frumpy.

  • serenitynow02

    I’m torn. I feel we have to give her an In just to keep her moving in a new direction. But, that is my dress, not her dress (and I agree it’s an awkward length on her). I’m going to have to go with a small in. Keep trying Jen.

  • That dress looks like she got it at JC Penneys

  • RzYoung

    I just can’t believe my eyes! I can’t believe how lovely she looks. It might also be because the sun is shining here today and she just looks so fresh and ‘spring-y’. Love it, IN…I’m still not ok with her hair but babysteps!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    It doesn’t fit her quite right, but all in all it’s a nice dress and it’s definitely better than what she used to wear. IN for effort.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties


  • Vaniljekjeks


  • DeborahLipp

    I hate to discourage her, but that’s an ill-fitting housedress.


  • IN!!!

  • tylka5

    IN – perfect dress for photos of you kneeling on the ground.  She has never looked better. 

  • lrhoff

    I’m just not a fan of the girl.  Why did she get a star again?  Anyway, the dress looks rather frumpy to me, and she would’ve been better off with a good supportive bra.  Out.

  • jw_ny

     IN!  I believe she’s been reading TLo…thusly, improving. 

    The pose in the 1st pic is the only thing really off with this look.  She looks fantastic in the kneeling shot and from behind. I think she looks pretty, fresher and younger, and not desperate.  😉

    (and I’ve been quite critical of her style in the past) 

  • TheAutisticStepmom

    IN! I love this.

  • It’s apple pie worthy alright, but IN for the huge change!

  • Terence Ng

    It’s cute. IN.

  • mhlmh

    IN. I think the length is okay, but there’s definitely something off about the mid-section. The opening in the back I think keeps the dress out of totally boring territory. 

  • IN. On the one hand, the dress itself looks kind of like an apron. On the other, she looks lovely in it and I think it flatters her.

  • I would wear this to a wedding or to church on Easter Sunday back in Tennessee.

  • Pinkie57

    Did anyone else notice something about the shoulder area of the dress?  In the model pic, it looks like there is more detail on the dress.  In the close-up of Jen, it looks like they’ve folded that detail under – it’s puffy there.  ??

  • In. She looks cute. Plus, she knew she’d be posing in awkward positions, so the length of her dress works here.

  • Judy_J

    Wow…she looks positively demure!  Love this dress.

  • Pupioso

    In but she needs to stop slouching.

  • bookish

    IN! She looks adorable.

  • Such a cute dress! LOVE the back of it, so unexpected and yet easy. IN!

  • tired_mommy

    Seems like a slightly dressier dress was called for at such an event?? Slight out.

  • fringebenefit

    IN. So many celebrities don’t seem to think ahead about the awkward photographs that result from kneeling down with both hands on the Walk of Fame, and some sorry sights have ensued. Jen wore exactly the right dress for this task. It pools beautifully around her feet as she strikes the contorted Walk of Fame pose. I wonder how many dresses her stylist forced her to kneel in first? Worth the effort!

  • Love her, love Chanel, hate the dress.  It’s way too cutesy and Sunday brunch after church for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I loathe the length, especially from the back.  If she’d worn a less Molly DoGood shoe, maybe something funky, it would have leveled out the cute.  Maybe. She is gorge but that is not her dress.

  • Totally IN.

  • saanrio

    I really don’t like this dress on her.  Too long, and that odd panel combined with the open, loose back make her look wide across her midsection. 

    However, I want to encourage this new direction, and her hair and makeup are beautiful, and with a little bit of modification, this could have been absolutely perfect, so…


  • egl48

    She is glowing.  Must be love.

  • newleaf1

    This was a smart choice, because she knew she would be posing on her knees, which would mean her usual dresses would have shown all the goodies.  I think she looks nice.  IN.

  • Cathy S

    Why does it look so much better on the model than on her? It’s a really cute dress though. Maybe it doesn’t fit her properly? Maybe it’s not her dress? I don’t know. I want to encourage her, but it’s not looking right on her so I can’t. Also, Jen, find a new hairstyle.

  • siriuslover

    In, definitely in.  The shoes, meh, but she looks great.

  • VicksieDo

    IN for covering her knees, and her hair looks sleek~~~

  • Hem it to the knee and I’m in.

  • Qitkat

    From a cocktail napkin to dollar store paper picnic napkin. Kinda in, kinda out. Hmmm.
    A little too church lady at the summer social. Small out.

  • zelavie

    IN!  Let’s encourage this progression!  Besides, it’s a cute dress that’s fully appropriate for her.  Yes, there will be some growing pains, but she’s headed solidly in the right direction.

  • Hair! I want that hair!

  • gabbilevy

    She looks fabulous in the one picture that actually matters–where she’s on her hands and knees. No view of the goods, top or bottom. Brava, suddenly classy Jen!

  • butterflysunita

    IN.  It’s not perfect, but the photo where she has her hands on the star is one of the most appealing pictures I’ve ever seen of her.  I’ve never liked her, but that shot almost makes me like her.  

  • AlieMichelle

    I actually really love this dress. It’s a bit demure, sure, but I think it works for her. Looks a bit retro, even. I love the print!

  • Joey Melliza

    love  the way she looks here

  • IN – I think she looks great – the dress has a pattern and a shape. Also, I love that she wore something longer, since she knew she was going to be shot on the ground like that – too often we end up getting a disturbing and wholly unnecessary up-the-skirt shot here (*cough* Kristen Stewart in a post from earlier this year *cough*). The length both looks good and keeps us from getting a peak at what color underwear she’s wearing today, which I am always glad for. Not a fan of the shoes really…but her hair and makeup look great. She looks fresh and fun and very pretty. Yay Jen!

  • crash1212

    IN. Cute dress perfectly suited for the bending down on the ground situation. All her bits are covered and her hair and makeup are beautiful. She’s fab…and she’ll get the posing right.

  • AthenaJ

    In, only because she looks so gorsh-durn adorable in that pic where she’s kneeling. Happiness and a great smile goes a long way, plus her hair looks healthy and shiny… so nice to see after some of the bleach blond fried messes we’ve been seeing lately. That being said, I’m not totally digging the first pic where she is standing… the dress looks sliiiightly housecoatish, and way better on the model. However, she’s selling it in the other pics, and I quite like the suprise bit of skin showing in the back- it keeps the dress from being too sweet and church-y. Not bad, Jen, not bad at all.

  • Anathema_Device

    In! I agree it isn’t WERQ worthy, but she looks great. I might have shortened the dress a teensy bit, but that is the only complaint. I think overall, this style of dressing makes her look younger but not into twee territory.

    I’m also biased because I would wear that in a heartbeat. If someone would only give me free Chanel stuff. Something to add to my to-do list today: Find free Chanel conduit.

  • janetjb


  • DinahR

    IN.  I was on the fence but that picture of her kneeling by the star did it. What a smile. She looks gorgeous there and the dress proved to be perfect for the event. 

  • Julie Fountain

    Oh she looks cute! In!

  • tinyredlocks

    In. But you know she’s only wearing this (which I actually like) instead of her usual dress because you can can’t possibly be on your hands and knees in public in a sequined bath towel without showing the good china.

  • gabyripple

    I love this dress. I have no fucking clue where people are getting “muumuu” with that lovely tailored shape and gorgeous pattern. It’s a little long, but I don’t even slightly see stumpiness – it’s a fresh, springlike dress and a silhouette I think she should use much more than the sequined bathmats she normally favors. Plus, I don’t think it’s a tailoring issue even – it’s one of the currently trendy demure shin-length dresses. IN IN IN. Also, Karl, if you sent me a one of these dresses, I wouldn’t sneeze at it.

  • kingderella

    you know, its ok for her. its not what she usually does, and its not terrible.
    but i dont think its the most fabulous print, and it all looks a little boring and house-wife-y.
    i could vote either way, but im going for OUT. just because im a little grumpy.

  • CatherineRhodes

    IN, although I like the dress better with black shoes.

  • DominoEstella

    LOVE. IT.

  • I don’t think it’s very flattering on her and she has a GREAT figure.

  • OUT.  I love a good pattern more than most, but that one is hideous.

  • Eva_baby

    In.  I think it looks great on her.

  • minnye

    The posing was the first thing I noticed.  Makes the whole look just blah.  On her the skirt looks A-line-ish and to my eye it would be great if shortened (can’t believe this applies to Aniston) to knee length or just below.    The bodice and colors are  beautiful though, perfect for early-early spring.  The keyhole back is nice too, since she is surrounded by the audience.

    ETA — IN.

  • BrooklynBomber

    And the hair — much better! Good work, boys.

  • Rrroza

    Agree with you she needs to learn how to pose . And dress *is* too long, but the print is lovely and I like the back. And it looks fab in the on-the-ground shot…as others have mentioned, that makes it a good choice. IN !

  • BazoDee

    Are those pants? On the model they look like pants. Because that changes my answer!! The shape is nice, the overall color pallet isn’t working for me -it looks sort of washed out. And nude shoes?? Really? But I’m grudgingly going to reward her effort and give it a marginal IN.  

    • minnye

       I think I would flip for the right coulotte jumpsuit.  Insane, yes I know.

      • BazoDee

        Does this qualify? (if it is indeed a jumpsuit)

        • minnye


  • aimee_parrott

    A for effort, and that makes this IN for me. 

  • she looks darling, which deserves a WERQ just for being associated with that word.

  • ballerinawithagun

    She was on Conan last night and looked great, if a trifle boring. But, at least she could sit down without showing her lady parts and constantly tugging at her dress. My husband even commented that the length of her skirt was appropriate for sitting down. (No, he isn’t gay, just tired of tacky short dresses!)
    So the cute dress for this ceremony is an IN! Almost perfect. After looking at the style again, I would do a V neck that would meet the waist panel. There is a little too much fabric in the chest area.

  • kaycem

    this is definitely an IN for me.  it’s actually interesting and flattering, and although this length doesn’t often work on … well, anyone, but particularly shorter women, i’m surprised she’s pulling it off.  i know it’s not quite WERQ territory in general, but it’s most certainly a WERQ for jen a. personally.

  • IN, say I.  Jen, we judge you too harshly.  You can just stand back and look pretty for a while.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Eh.  Cute but somewhat boring dress for a casual dinner at the beach, not really glam enough for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The print isn’t very interesting and I don’t think the cut of the dress is flattering to her at all.  The dress certainly doesn’t call to mind Chanel.  She does look adorable kneeling on the star but the dress is OUT.

    • meowing

      But why is she kneeling?  There’s no concrete for handprints there. Is she petting the pretty little star?

  • A lower case “in” big improvement over her usual.  Its not a sparkly beige bathtowel.
    It could be a little shorter (but given that she had to kneel maybe a good idea)
    Her posture could be better.

    Can we do Penalope Ann Miller next?  I have always loved her but lately she looks like she trying for 80

  • SatelliteAlice

    In for effort?

  • eruannalle

    It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s such an unusual and refreshing choice for her that I have to give it an IN.

  • In! I actually love the hem length, and think it looks much better on Jen than the model. 

  • butter nut

    i want to give her an IN, simply for not wearing a sequined bath towel.  but this isn’t the greatest dress in the world.  it looks nice & all, but like you said, it could just be her pose that makes it wonky.  maybe it’s just a teensy bit too long.  it’s not really IN or OUT.  but it’s for sure an ALMOST!

  • Agreed that it’s a step up from the short, tight and shiny, but she’d look much better if the hem were just a skosh shorter–like just below the knee or at the knee.  As it is, it’s a tough length to wear–not flattering on anyone.  it makes your calves look shapeless and pudgy. Other than that–it’s a darling dress and she looks very cute.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    About friggin time!
    Ok, so I hate the length of that dress, but LOVE everything else. Can we talk about how much YOUNGER she looks in this sort of fresh, breezy type of dress? Amazing. Keep it up, Aniston.
    PS- TLo’s posture advice is bang on. Please listen to them.

  • unbornfawn

    IN. It’s still baby steps. Look at that she parted her hair on the side instead of down the middle. Good work TLo.

  • Ms_Flyover


  • Wow, she looks beautiful. IN.

  • mhleta

    Say, “No!” to the dress. If you told me it was from Kohl’s I’d believe you. Hate the pattern, cut, length, fabric. Blecch. I think tailored Calvin Klein is more her speed. 

    • sarahofalessergod

      Yes, Calvin Klein or some Michael Kors.  This just does not work for me.

  • Oh very lovely change. It brings out her eyes so nicely! America’s sweetheart indeed- IN. 

  • AlexisPayne

    She looks so fresh and youthful in this but not in a grasping way. IN, now if we can get her out of the strappy nude shoes….

  • guestela

    In. Breath of fresh air.

  • CQAussie

    Tits out indeed!  I hate the slouching she’s doing here.  But still – it’s an actual dress that’s appropriate AND stylish – IN!

  • j_anson

    I was going to say it needed tailoring but I think the posture thing is probably the true problem. Anyway, eh, it looks fine, it’s different, what the hell, IN.

  • mike__tv

    Now the HAIR!

  • PeggyOC

    Adorable.  It’s a little aprony, but she looks fabulous.  In.  

  • In-tastic!  You don’t always have to look like sex-on-a-stick Jen.  I like the dress version better than the pants version.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    She has time to learn how to pose for photos. IN.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Not a fan of Ms. A and really not a fan of her style. But this is an IN for me, because (1) It’s something new!; (2) It looks great when she’s kneeling and is perfect for the occasion; (3) I love the back. Really, if the hem were closer to the knee, this would be an IN even when not grading on a curve.

  • cluecat

    Is that a dress or a jumpsuit?

  • I love this dress, I can’t explain it. So that, I give her an IN. 

    (Plus I’m having serious hair-envy.)

  • Synnamin

    I think I wore this dress to my junior high graduation – in 1987. OUT

  • beebee10


  • Give her an IN, if for no other reason than positive reinforcement.  Besides, she does look pretty cute.

  • bluefish

    Totally IN.  And the pair of you should be falling down drunk with power!  Blanche Dubois levels of inebriation!  She listened and look at her now.  Either that or Justin is proving a good and thoughtful mate.  I really really like that dress … Now for a good haircut …

  • Kate4queen

    IN I love the colors and shape on her. 🙂

  • MzzPants

    Can’t believe it.  She’s actually IN.

  • Joyce VG

    It’s so housewifey I laughed.  IN. cuz it’s NOT a sequined bath towel.

  • IN

  • This oddly ages her. It’s the length, the pattern, the sleeves. I hate it all on her. On someone in their 20s and taller, this would look perfect. OUT. 

    • WAIT. Are those shoulder pads on the straps? That’s insane. SO OUT. 

  • In, she looks really good. 

  • NCDFan

    In. I love the length – very smart considering the kneeling she was going to do. Not perfect but definitely IN.

  • formerlyAnon

    I like. And it looks best in the shot of her kneeling by the star, which is the one most outlets run from these things. Though that may be because usually the woman has tits hanging out & it accentuates that.

    Edited to say: and that’s a lower case “in.”

  • Pterodactyl111

    IN IN IN IN IN !!!

  • Pterodactyl111

    IN IN IN IN IN !!!

  • MilaXX

    small IN, the dress needs accessorizing ( a bracelet or earring or something) and I think it looks better with a darker color shoe, but it beats the hell out of shiny bath towels.

  • MilaXX

    small IN, the dress needs accessorizing ( a bracelet or earring or something) and I think it looks better with a darker color shoe, but it beats the hell out of shiny bath towels.

  • IN!! she looks great

  • IN!! she looks great

  • another_laura

    I just don’t like the dress.  I applaud the desire to change things up.  I’m torn.  lower case in.  No, wait, I don’t like those shoes with it, in any case.


  • another_laura

    I just don’t like the dress.  I applaud the desire to change things up.  I’m torn.  lower case in.  No, wait, I don’t like those shoes with it, in any case.


  • Two inches off and a little something to define the waist and break up the sea of pattern would have put me over the moon for this one, but as is I’m still giving her an IN. It’s a pretty dress, on a very pretty woman. And I have to say that this is the youngest she’s looked in a while, matronly hem and all.

  • Two inches off and a little something to define the waist and break up the sea of pattern would have put me over the moon for this one, but as is I’m still giving her an IN. It’s a pretty dress, on a very pretty woman. And I have to say that this is the youngest she’s looked in a while, matronly hem and all.

  • It’s longer.  It’s a cute print.  This direction needs to be encouraged.  IN!

  • shiftercars

    She looks smarmy & boring, YAWNING over here. Please for the love of god can she get a new effing haircut! The back of the dress is the most beautiful part and its covered in bland bleached and flat ironed hairs.

  • This could have been an IN if it had been the runway version with the beading, it was much more interesting and gave the dress more life- here it looks drab and washed out (I think it needed that extra pop of the cerulean and coral the embellishments/beading provided) and if it were cropped a bit because she is so lean and has few contours to work with. Sorry Jen… also that hair… this was mentioned before, but seriously- we get it, it has been the same shade, with the peek-a-boo roots and all, straight-straight, come from bed/beach… okay we get it- you’re care free (but actually spend gazillions on trainers, dietitians, chefs, etc.)!

  • alyce1213

    IN.  Not perfect, but so much better. I agree that she needs the encouragement.  
    I love the colors and the shape of this pretty, classy dress. She might have worn some really gorgeous shoes, since the dress is so understated.
    Must go softer with the hair, otherwise she looks pretty damn good.
    She IS America’s sweetheart (or one of them anyway).  But then, I’ve always been on Team Jen.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    The colors and print are lovely and she looks beautiful, but (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I wish it were a little shorter. At knee-length or just below I think it could be perfect, but as it is is it’s making her look stumpy.  Still, not so stumpy I can’t give her an IN for excellent effort.

  • Candigirl1968

    Kudos to her for really moving away from those stupid black/white/beige bathtowels.  Also snaps for wearing the right length dress for getting on hands and knees. Many claps for experimenting.  Dress isn’t great, but it is pretty.  Now let’s do a little something with posture, hair, shoes and makeup.

  • Lizzyisi

    In! It’s a pretty dress that’s appropriate to the occasion which suits her coloring and generally flatters her shape. It’s not a particularly head-turning, dramatic or risky look, but it’s a pretty one. I hate stringlike shoes like those, but I can’t say they don’t suit her personality/image or the dress. Needs a bracelet.

  • TheOtherChristina

    Looks like she’s parting her hair a bit differently, too. She is pointing in the right direction.

    And good on her for not choosing a silly putty pump. Those shoes, while safe, look fabulous.

  • sagecreek

    In, we need to encourage this trend.

  • nancylee61

    I think she only wore this dress because she knew she had to kneel down, and didn’t want a Gyno Moment. 

  • “Stomach in, shoulders back, tits out, girl.”

    Can I get an AMEN? That shoulder slump makes her look saggy.

  • ringthing

    Oh, keep slapping Jen all you want. I’m saying OUT.

  • elemspbee

    OUT. From a bath towel look to apron-y look doesn’t make for a fresh, interesting, or risk-taking look.

  • mike__tv

    Both Aniston and Goop Paltrow’s are definitely in a hair rut. I read over the comments and see it’s quite divided. You guys should do a post about style ruts. 

  • fiestyfashionfem

    She’s pretty and the dress is pretty.  So I’m giving it an IN, but only barely.  Yawn.

  • demidaemon

    I don’t particular like the length on this, but it’s cute and different and perfect for the occasion. IN.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    Hm… I was tempted to give an “IN” just for changing it up a little. It’s definitely a fresher look for her. It looks like she got the memo about dresses that are too SHORT… but this is definitely a tad bit too LONG! The makeup looks great but the hair still needs some updating! Tick tock Jen!

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Well, IN, I guess.  I’m waffling on this one.  But I am still a fan, god knows why because she hasn’t put out much that was great since Friends, but still, in.

  • PrunellaV

    IN, because I want to encourage her to explore new horizons. Also, I’m shocked to see her hair parted on the side!

  • I think she looks great! Perfect? No. Pretty, and a huge bound in the right direction? Absolutely. IN.

  • benjamin478

    OUT. love the change, don’t love the current result

  • KathKo

    At least, she’s not half naked, so 2 points for demureness.
    But she needs to know there is a middle between a bathing suit and a the good housewife uniform.
    In, but barely.

  • PastryGoddess

    IN because it is NOT a sequined bath towel

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    I rarely love anything she’s in, but I f-ing love this. The pattern and colors are fab. Don’t like the shoes paired with it though. And the hair is tired. Hell, it was tired 5 years ago.

  • luciaphile

    IN. Definite improvement over the towel dresses. There are things that could have been tweaked, but I’m giving it an IN for being in the right direction.

  • SapphoPoet

    IN. It looks light, pretty, and appropriate for the event. 

  • Larkin21

    I think she looks great! Love the dress. IN!

  • Laylalola

    Out. Awfully … homely? Almost high-school Laura Ashley-ish. We’re talking about someone with a $45 million house (or something outrageous like that).

  • Oh, I think she deserves a WERQ no matter how she’s standing.  Great dress (and appropriate for the event), hair & makeup good and a big smile.  She can’t please EVERYONE.

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    Pretty, classy, age-appropriate. IN

  • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

    While I give credit for trying something different, this dress just looks dowdy. I like it from the back tho. Is that weird?


  • turtleemily

    Dress needs an updo, but she can get an in as positive reinforcement.

  • AngelaGreen

    IN!  Such a vast improvement for her!

  • Delaney Davis

    In. I dig it.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    she looks like she wanted to dress properly for what must seem like a serious occasion plus she must like her boyfriend. she’s no longer advertising for one. either that or she’s no longer advertising how hurt she is by her divorce. all are good things.

    the dress, though, is iffy. would be a lot better if she, believe it or not, had it shortened. but only to knee length! still, put her in the plus column for me too. cos of all of the good things, above.

  • adorbs.  in.

  • I like it. It’s refreshing on her and the back is gorgeous. IN.

  • GorgeousThings

    Best she’s looked in ages. I’ll give her an IN just to encourage her to keep moving in that direction.

  • This could be it for Jennifer’s lower half. Say goodbye to her knees, thighs and where you think her crotch starts. IN

  • donnaINseattle

    It is amazing how beautiful a woman can be when she doesn’t look desperate. Good job Jen! Dress like this a few more times, then we can start commenting on things like . . . oh, hush up Donna! Good job Jen!

  • oohsparkley!

    In. And I agree on the posture.  Might have just been a bad pic.

  • Love it! IN. 

  • IN. So IN! It’s the perfect dress for this event. Meaning when she leans over we don’t look down her bra or up her area.

  • Lisa

    While I appreciate that she’s not doing another bath towel, AND that it covers “the good china” when she gets down on her knees for the unveiling of the star.  But I do think it’s too long, and the dress is too “iffy”, as someone below put it.  I would say “in” because it’s a drastic departure for her, but I’d also say “out” because it’s just so… “Little House on the Hollywood Walk of Fame”.   So I give her neither – it’s great that she’s changed it up, but not this.

  • Alisa Rivera

    I love this dress and I think she looks fresh and pretty in it. IN.

  • thebitterkitten

    and winner of the most improved! IN totally based on the vast improvement. I’m not too sure about this dress but I think she is definitely stepping in the right direction…

  • She looks quite pretty and soft here as opposed to her usual harsh and nearly naked.  I say in.

  • aristida_girl

    Out    Sadly frumpy…

  • lalahartma


  • Susan Crawford

    It’s not SHORT! it’s not SHINY! It has no SEQUINS! It’s not TIGHT! Holy Hausfrau, Batman, Jennifer fell down the frump well! Props for trying something new, but going from party girl to sister-wife in one giant leap is not the answer. Still OUT, but the motto is “Progress, not Perfection”.

  • rainwood1

    This was a good strategic choice so that neither the girls nor her good china would be on display in that stupid pose required for all Hollywood star recipients. 

  • I like it, but you’re right, her posture is weird — she looks slump-shouldered. But overall I say IN, for encouragement’s sake if nothing else. This look is fresh and young to me. The sequined bath towels made her look older and desperate.

  • elzatelzabelz

    IN- Its not a black minidress. FTLOG, In. Finally.

  • In, but barely. She looks a lot younger and prettier in a soft dress like this. Those bath towels were doing her no favors!

  • dharmabum8

    In. You’d think she’d look older in a dress like this vs. the short and shiny she usually favors, but oddly it’s just the opposite. She looks…pretty, and five years younger.

  • BrightsideSusan

    I think the dress is appropriate for the occasion and the fact that she has to kneel down.  It saves her from the typical tabloid “slip” shots. 

  • quiltrx

    That’s a kind of cute dress, but I still hate her and she’s still styled like/acting like herself.  OUT.

  • Anna Tree


  • ChristinaRi

    I agree that she looks younger and prettier.

    I’m not that crazy about the dress although it’s certainly an improvement.

    I hate hate hate the darker tips on the hair.    She definitely needs to have a softer hair color and it looks as if she’s moving in that direction, but I don’t like the dark tips.

  • lucasuk82

    Out.  I don’t want to do it because a. this is progress and b. I love the dress itself.  The whole look is so disjointed, though.  A dress with with much xo going on needed something with a bit more visual weight than strappy sandals; I’m seeing a peeptoe in one of the lesser colors from the pattern.  The hair, while fabulous, needed something like a piecy chignon to look more polished from the front and not get mixed up in the open back.

  • Her posture just made the dress unappealing. She looks really suburban. OUT.

  • NasserShaheen

    Out. Hate to poop on her for trying something new but this dress isn’t working for her at all. And that design? Ew.

  • fashionablylate


  • Mexxoo

    Look up the pictures of Jennifer cementing her hand- and foot-prints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  The dress there is short and certainly does a fine job of hiding any oopsie-peek-a-boos.  I almost want to say that this dress is a more grown-up version of the one she wore for Grauman’s.  Yes, I agree that this dress is a bit too long, however it’s pretty, and it looks nice on her.  I’ll go with IN. (even though it looks like the sleeves were tucked into the shoulder – same as on the runway version, so that’s the designer, not Jennifer…)

  • Truly_Outrageous

    She’s not wearing a tube dress. IN.

  • Esz

    I think it looks better on her than on the model – but she needs a fraction more waist to hip ratio for a dress like that to work. It’s totally a 1930’s house-dress in my eyes and the busy pattern and waist ties really need a small waist and larger hips for it to show off the pretty shape of the dress.

  • miwome

    I love this. I think it would be better with a couple inches off the bottom, but that seems to be teh norm these days. The colors are beautiful on her (I don’t think I’ve EVER said that wrt Jennifer Aniston) and she seems sort of shyly happy in it? Which I find appealing.

    Her hair looks the best it has in a long time, too.

  • Amanda in Austin

    If only she had hemmed it to knee length.  Then it’d be working.

  • IN – c’mon.  It has a pattern, actual colors and is longer than a bath towel.  Plus, she looks great.

  • bitterk

    Until she does something with that mane, she’s on my OUT list.  

  • Hilary Sain

    SO IN.  She looks completely fantastic. And a dress thats actually long enough for kneeling! Hooray!!  Too much shorter and it would have been a crotch shot.

  • bellafigura1

    Chanel, schmanel, that is one ugly dress.  It’s just … ugly.

  • OUT. Looked old.

  • it looks to Mid-west conservative farm girl and the stomach part makes her look chubby.


  • Alexandria Nichandros

    Girrrrllll that is not your dress! TLo have misjudged this one…