Grammy Awards 2012 Red Carpet – Part TWO

Posted on February 13, 2012

The Grammys! Like the Oscars, with prostitutes!


Anne V and Adam Levine

 He looks stunning. She looks ridiculously tacky. We’re embarrassed for her.


Alicia Arden

Girl, that’s not your dress. We’re not even sure Elle Fanning is young enough for this dress.


Amber Rose in Versace

 Yellow wouldn’t have been our choice for her, but she looks striking as hell.


Bonnie Raitt



Carly Steel

 The dress is doing its job, we suppose, but the pinhead hair is distracting.


Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia

 She burned out the screen on our hotel room TV last night. We think she’s a bit too covered up, but it’s head-turning for sure – and the black purse was a great idea.



 We feel assaulted by this dress.


Diana Ross







Jane Seymour

The dress is pretty standard, but the message is loud and clear: I. DON’T. AGE.


Jessie J in Julien MacDonald

Juicy Fruit wrappers.


Jo Champa

Enh. We can’t work up the words. The belt’s ugly, we can tell you that.


Joyce DiDonato

 Pretty. Soft hair would have been a better choice.


Julianne Hough in Kaufmanfranco

Ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer Anist–

No, wait. She’s almost 20 years younger than her. Julianne, SET YOUR STYLIST, HAIR AND MAKEUP GAYS ON FIRE.


Katy Perry in Elie Saab Couture

 We don’t know what is going on inside this girl’s head anymore.


Kelly Rowland in Alberta Ferretti

 We don’t normally use this as a criterion for assessing a dress, but her butt looked AMAZING in this. The front view’s pretty good too. Love the hair.

LL Cool J

 We love you, Cool James, but this is kind of shapeless and unflattering. Don’t hide that bod under a bushel.


Malin Ackerman in Cushnie et Ochs

Girl, that is not your dress, your color, your shoes, OR your makeup. Get back in the limo, stop off somewhere for a pint of Chubby Hubby, and head home to watch the show on you couch. Your heart’s clearly not in it.


Mika Newton

 Gown by Victoria’s Secret.

Miranda Lambert in Pavoni

 We have this thing about dresses that match the hair color. Makes our eyes twitch.


Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad Couture

We can’t decide if this is too much dress for her or too much dress for the Grammys, but it’s not working here. It’s a stunning dress, but she might not be woman enough to pull it off.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Tashina Savage

    I actually think Katy Perry looked pretty amazing last night. Loved the blues together.

    • I didn’t love the hair, but I loved the blue of the dress and thought it was very pretty–am I showing my age by liking something that leaves a little something to the imagination? 
      P.S.  Joyce DiDonato is fabulous!

      • Anonymous

        Love Joyce DiDonato!  Always nice to see opera singers get on the red carpet.

    • Anonymous

      Agree wholeheartedly; there was just one teeny problem — she needed a better bra. Other than that, unconventional and gorgeous.

      • Anonymous

        I couldn’t decide if it was a bra thing or a neckline thing, but for the most part I thought she looked lovely.  That was a beautiful dress.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. She actually managed to look both Rock-n-Roll and elegant at the same time- something many women tried and failed at. 

    • BerlinerNYC

       YES. I don’t even get not liking it. Her look was—for once—understated. She didn’t wear a crazy wig or feel the need to wear a dress that screamed BOOBS. I’m always on the fence about her, but I thought the look was fresh and beautiful. (And of course the rack is still there—it’s not like she wore a muumuu.)

      • Anonymous

         I thought she looked so elegant. I remember my mom came in the room and the first thing she said was, “that woman has a beautiful neck.” I just think that’s so nice and old school.

    •  Agree – beautiful color on her, even with the blue hair.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the color on her was amazing with the hair- yes. But the dress in terms of style was incredibly aging. she went from young and crazy to [insert middle aged actress of the moment’s name here]’s golden globes gown. not sure if I liked that. And yes to the person who noticed the boob issue. with a dress this covered there’s no need to be without killer undergarments to make your bod look its best.
      Few thoughts on two other looks: hat dress on D’manti is assault with a deadly weapon. that is all. as for Taylor, she manages to make even the most interesting garments a snooze fest. not only is it too much dress for her, its about 10-15 yrs older than her, its too close to her hair color, and she slouches too much so she doesnt even work it, and the dress doesnt fit well, and on and on and…. basically, girl thats NOT your dress. And you need more gays to make you look more interesting and more your age.

      • Taylor Swift looks like she thinks she’s being coronated (for what, I don’t know). For real, that dress is gorgeous, but it looks ridiculous on her.

      • Anonymous

        Am I the only person who noticed that you can see through her dress?  I would think that might possibly limit undergarment choices. 

      • Anonymous

        QFT. This dress looked like Katy Perry went to the Grammy’s to do an homage to matronly looks (this was going to be the Queen Mum, but the Queen Mum dressed better than this). It needed to be MUCH better fitted for her to carry it off.

      • Anonymous

        QFT. This dress looked like Katy Perry went to the Grammy’s to do an homage to matronly looks (this was going to be the Queen Mum, but the Queen Mum dressed better than this). It needed to be MUCH better fitted for her to carry it off.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely right about Taylor. I want to see someone with the right presence and maturity in that stunning dress, though–maybe Iman?

    • Loved the blues too, but I thought the shape of the dress made her look super matronly. The colour was perfect though.

    • Karn Mazzei

      I liked her look, too.  But I also think she was reminiscent of a blue version of the Heat Miser  (

    • Agreed.  She looks stunning.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. The hair was not bad enough to ruin the whole look. In fact I’d put her as #1 or #2 Best Dressed.

    • Amy Ellinger

      Agreed, she was one of my best-dresses last night.

  • Anonymous

    I love Bonnie Raitt. Just keepin’ it real.

    • This is her “dressed up”. Bless indeed. 🙂

    • Cathy S

       Her pants are fabulous. The ruching on her top hurts me, but it matches her hair so it’s all good. I love her sooooo much. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      This the way Musicians used to dress for the Grammys. They wore the clothing that they performed and partied in. It didn’t become a Red Carpet affair until perhaps 15 years ago. 

    • Anonymous

      Bonnie Raitt is to the Grammys what Meryl Streep is to the Oscars.

      I love these women whom I admired nearly 40 years ago and are still doing what they do and doing it well.

  • Anonymous

    but she looks striking as hell.”

    Yeah, like a hand striking me across the face. Seriously, wtf. She looks like a trainwreck, along with about 95% of the people who showed up to this thing.

    • I second that!  At least it wasn’t a leopard jumpsuit or her usual insanity, but she’s not fooling me!

    • Anonymous

      Ugh, totally. I did not expect *those* shoes -paired with *that* dress- to get a pass. 

  • Jasmine Moten

    I’m more embarrassed for Mr. Levine for having to walk with her.

    •  Hones’tagawd.  She looks like she’s wearing a bathing suit wrap.  I would have refused to be seen with her like that.

      • Um, me thinks by the look on his face he loves it.

        •  Then he just descended into utter douchedom.

          • Anonymous

             I don’t think it’s a very long trip for Adam Levine to reach utter douchedom.

          • Anonymous

            He spelunked that dbag cave long ago.  He’s trailblazing by reaching new and utterly ridiculous lengths of shittitude. 

          •  Just?

        •  I dunno. To me he looks like he’s ready to hand her off to the highest bidder.

      • Cathy S

         I’m not sure how’s she’s managing not to show off her entire pubis in that thing. It’s god-awful.

        • Anonymous

          I received my new Bazaar this morning. Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing the same dress in a long version, sub-titled “Gwyneth Revealed”!!! I showed it to my husband. He said she needs grannies under that. The lack of dress on Gwyneth is by Anthony Vaccarello. Disgustingly horrible on both women.

      • Anonymous

        He probably picked that dress for her.

      • Anonymous

        The godawful but logical conclusion of how slits have been creeping ever upward on dresses worn on the red carpet by women who are ostensibly not strippers.

    • Anonymous

      Dunno, he seems pretty pleased with her. and himself.

      • next time he should just bring a naked date.

      • They always seem to be pulling away from each other. They’re blindly smiling as if to keep the rumours at bay. Odds are they won’t make it through this season of The Voice.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, he’s got that ‘Bagged one’ look on his face, and his body language says “I’m hiding a woody.”

    • Anonymous


    • My second reaction to that was “wow…there’s some serious waxing involved in the prep to wear that dress”.  First reaction, of course, being “OMG WTF”.

      • That dress…. wasn’t it… you know… it looks TUCKED IN maybe?

      • Shoelover1512

        How do you walk in that dress? That I’d like to see. I can’t imagine how you walk without showing off the goods.

  • Taylor Swift would have to be Elizabeth Taylor to pull THAT dress off.

    Dianna Ross’s wig is slowly but surely forcing her head into her body- her face will be peaking out of her cleavage very soon.

  • Anonymous

    Whole lotta meh.  And I feel cooley.

  • Kelly is WERQing it and Levine cleans up pretty nice.

  • Anonymous

    me too … best of the lot and liked the blue tinge

  • Anonymous

    for real … she doesn’t need to prove a thing to anybody … LOVE her

  • I felt the same about Taylor’s dress. My thought was, hot damn, Nicole Kidman would kill in that dress.  Loved Katy Perry’s dress, but that blue hair with whatever is going on at her roots drives me bananas.   Alicia Arden :those are not your shoes either. Adam Levine is gorgeous, the supermodel arm candy looks ridiculous. Call Gisele dear and get some pointers.  You got the man honey, no need to keep up with the advertisements. Amber Rose can go away now. 

    • And I want to see Cate Blanchett in Taylor’s dress.

      • Anonymous

        I can so see Cate Blanchett on the RC in that gown. I think Taylor Swift is a tad too junior for it.

      • I said the same.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like baby Swift’s stylists picked that slightly-pinker-than-skin color to layer under her dress so that people would KNOW she is not showing too much skin. Gotta keep that girl a virgin!


  • Crotch feathers, D’manti?  CROTCH FEATHERS? I think that is a new word. “Oh, crotchfeathers, my zipper is stuck again.”

    • Anonymous

       I was just going to comment about this. She has feathers coming out of where her pubic hair would be. wow.

      •  the designer should be strung up by the crotchfeathers.

        • Anonymous

           And it looks to be shorts…on a jumpsuit. So we have a half-animal print, sequined, illusion-netted, romper, with shoulder and crotch feathers. Did I miss anything? I hope not, because I’m not looking at that thing again to double check!

          •  Brave soul that I am, (or is that just a glutton for punishment?)  I took another look myself.  You got it all.  And still she managed to wear nude platform heels from Payless.  just, wow.

          • Anonymous

             Thanks for taking one for the team.

          •  Jus’ doin’ my job, ma’am. Jus’ doin’ my job.

    • Anonymous

       I know!  It’s like a bird merkin.  I don’t know whether to blame her or the designer who created the monstrosity. 

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Hilarious!! What every woman wants, to shave or get waxed and then wear crotch feathers!! Red ones!!!

      • Oh man how I wish Adam Levine’s date were wearing a maribou merkin under her dress…..

      • Anonymous

        I like the pose, which we all know she practiced fully-dressed in a full-length mirror hours before the event. Oh, that and the curling-iron curls.

    • Oh my god, I can’t stop laughing. I’m gonna start crying any second.

    • Anonymous

      When I first saw it I thought she might have worn the dress backwards (intentionally). 

      Not that the crotch/ass feathers would look any less like a HUGE ‘crimson wave’ accident. From the night before.  

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand, crotchfeathers also sounds like a drag queen villainness.

    • Anonymous

      Just be grateful the top has some lining.

    • Anonymous

      The whole dress looks like something that came out of a little plastic ball that she got by putting quarters in the machine so she could grab it with ‘the claw.’

    Cate Blanchett would look stunning in Taylor Swift’s dress.
    Adam Levine’s girlfriend looks painfully inappropriate. I wonder if at any point during the night she looked around and wished she had a bath robe or at least something to cover herself with? I’m all for flaunting it if you’ve got it, and lord knows she’s got it, but that goes beyond flaunting.

    • Should have scrolled down before I commented above. Cate Blanchett FTW.

    • Anonymous

      She forgot the rest of her clothes, just as she forgot the rest of her last name.

    •  It’s like she’s auditioning for a new boyfriend because Adam looks like he’s ready to run away. You can practically hear him saying “I know you’re a Victoria’s Secret model but even Miranda and Alessandra wear clothes too.”

  • Anonymous

    Was Alicia Arden dressed by magpies?

  • I want to see Taylor Swift’s dress on Kiera Knightley or Zoe Saldana…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, TS is not woman enough for Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, let alone that level of elegance. *Disclaimer: Taylor Swift is the Queen of my Irrationally Hate list*

      • Anonymous

         I think your hate is totally rational. I despise her for being famous while having no talents that I find enjoyable that would justify her level of media saturation. She is just there. All the time.

  • Anonymous

    Katy Perry’s blue dye got into her brain…. that’s the only way to explain it…. 🙂
    and Alicia Arden’s (no idea who she is) shoes: are those beach sandals from Payless? oy….. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I thought! They’re actually bogo distracting.

  • Anonymous

    A long train of tacky. I actually think Katy Perry looks better than most of them, if that’s saying anything.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure Joyce’s dress is Carolina Herrera…and was worn before by Renee Zellweger.

  • aimee_parrott

    Hated Bonnie Raitt’s ensemble, but DAMN did she sound amazing singing Sunday Kind of Love.

    Katy Perry is living in the Emerald City.  “Can you even dye my hair to match my gown?” “Uh huh.” “Jolly old town!”

    • MilaXX

      Emerald city or the capital of Panem

  • i couldn’t put my finger on why taylor swift’s gown didn’t do it for me…but you guys knew…you guys always knew…

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Mika Newton’s would be a great costume for a vampire spoof film.

    Did somebody drop a safe on Diana Ross?   She looks very… squished.

    On Julianne Hough, I have to admit–I thought she was Jennifer Aniston until I read the text.  Homage is one thing, but that was just weird.  She may as well have had her hair done in The Rachel at that point–at least it would be imitation at the same phase of life.

  • iCouture

    Katy Perry is soo pretty, thin, and rich…  why does her hair always have to look so damn crazy?!

    • Anonymous

      And cheap.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of think Taylor Swift looks awesome. It might be too much for the Grammys (okay, it definitely is), but that’s a gorgeous dress–risky for her–with interesting, less cloying makeup and styling. I just love that dress and think she looks fascinating–I still hate her music, but it makes me think there might be something to her as a person after all.

    •  I agree re: the dress, especially because she tends to go the “I’m a Country Princess” route with her formal gear.

    •  Her Sally Field act is getting OLD now. Like seriously girl, people like you, smile, bow, thank them, wave, appreciate it but the doe-eyed “OMG YOU REALLY DO LOVE ME” look is so freaking done.

  • Anonymous

    Too many blonds in gold-nude. Ech.

    Adam Levine is the newest entry for my Clooney Douche Club.

    • Even Clooney doesn’t drag around the slut-tastic like that

      • BerlinerNYC

        Clooney just drags around sluttasticas who clean up well. I’m fairly certain he’s established a Clooney finishing school for his ladyfriends so they’re presentable until he trades them in for a newer model.

  • Anonymous

    I really really like Taylor Swift’s dress, makeup and entire look (three things I have pretty much never, ever liked about Taylor Swift even once, let alone all three at the same time), but it is so very much an Oscars look, not a Grammys look.

    The one surefire way to distinguish Julianne Hough from Jennifer Aniston is that she’s wearing an actual dress, with an actual visible-without-the-use-of-an-electron-microscope skirt.

  • I like the juicy fruit wrapper dress!! And I like Katy Perry’s dress, just not the hair……

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Swift is wearing Nicole Kidman’s dress.

  • Ann M. Erickson

    Well now I want to see Kelly’s bum.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Jane Seymour is amazing. Dang! 
    I’m embarrassed for Adam Levine
    Taylor is absolutely not enough woman for that dress
    I kinda like Katy’s look. 

  • Geoff Dankert

    God, wouldn’t you have hated to sit behind Miss Ross and that enormous wig? I swear she could have smuggled Nicki Minaj in with that thing.

  • Anonymous

    Most of these artists look like they’re in line to be committed…either to a mental institution or a self-esteem camp. Good Lord.

    But Kelly Rowland looked fantasticals.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who D’manti is, but her hoo-hoo has a feathered beard.

  • Anonymous

    Anne V’s dress (if one could even call it a dress) looks more suited to some sort of adult entertainment industry event.  She looks cheap. 

  • I think Mika Newton needs a blood transfusion.

    I have to disagree about Malin Ackerman’s makeup. I think that looks good. The rest is a hot mess, though. 

    You guys can’t talk about Kelly Rowland’s butt looking amazing and then not post a picture. That’s just mean.

  • I thought Jessie J’s dress was incredible.  The detailing alone was exquisite.  

    • MilaXX

      The E! guys were all over this. I think this may look better in personthan on camera.

      • Anonymous

        The E! guys are overly impressed with shiny.

  • Beth G

    I think Taylor needs a little more chest to pull that off.

    • I was thinking that, too. That kind of neckline creates a frame for the cleavage. She doesn’t need to be popping out of the dress or even have deep cleavage, but it’d be better with a little more oomph up top..and I’m saying that as a fellow small-chested woman. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh Anne V: you shouldn’t need a full pubic waxing in order to wear a dress. Really now.

    D’manti’s pubic feathers are deeply disturbing.

    Aren’t the Grammys a little looser than other events? Shouldn’t some of these people be having fun with their clothes? It is all either slutastic, insane, or overly formal.

    • Anonymous

       Oh, and Bonnie Raitt looks like she works at Chico’s.

  • Anonymous

     I immediately though Aniston 2.0 when I saw Julianne H…I laughed when I scrolled down and saw I wasn’t the only one.

  • Toto Maya

    My dad was drunk and watching the red carpet last night and going off about how Katy Perry looked SO GOOD in that dress. I liked it. I also like the Juicy Fruit wrapper dress.

  • Taylor is just a little too much dress for the Grammies. But she looks good.

  • I totally agree about Taylor Switfts dress.  It’s like her head and the dress are from 2 different pictures.  

  • I don’t know who D’manti is, and judging by that dress I hope I’ll never figure it out.

  • lilibetp

    What I find the most stunning about the Grammys red carpet, is that they’re actually showing an opera singer.  Unheard of!

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, the dress is the same as one Renee Zellweger wore on the red carpet for some event or other about a year (?) ago (and the entire look isn’t too far off either.)  The fact isn’t disappointing enough to overshadow my happiness that she’s pulling for the Classical world and industry. Baby steps!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is Jane Seymour at the Grammy Awards??

    • Pennymac

      No particular reason, I suppose. Except she. never. ages. (She’s 60 years old, for cripes sake! Is she sacrificing virgins and drinking their blood?)

    • Call me Bee

      I always ask the same question about random celebs at these things.  Like Paris Hilton?  Or Kate Beckensale? 

    • Her husband James Keach is making a documentary about Glen Campbell and his final tour. I’m guessing they were there because Glen Campbell was being honored.

  • Patricia Gillett

     Why do these stylists insist in putting these pale girls in pale dresses that exactly match their skin tones? I’m getting so tired of it.

    • Me too. I’m pretty pale and I know which colors I need to steer clear of because they’re either too close to my skin tone or they make me look sick/sallow. You’d think stylists would know better. 

      • Call me Bee

        Agreed.  As a life-long pale-skinned blond, there were certain colors from which I stayed away–anything yellow, anything…well… skin-colored.  Makes you look sick and/or naked.  Not a good look for anyone. 

  • Anonymous

    Some things I never thought I’d see:

    Diana Ross, Miss-Ross-To-You, has transformed herself into a Jewish bubbe.
    Famed chanteuse Jane Seymour … wait, what? … looks really really short.
    Katy Perry has forced the issue and TLo must decide: what do we think about hair matching the gown when neither is a naturally occurring color?

    • “Famed chanteuse Jane Seymour … wait, what? … looks really really short.”

      Ha! What is she doing there, besides making us not believe she’s actually 60 years old.

  • MilaXX

    Julianne said Ryan picked out that dress.
    Katy Perry seems to have fixed the haircolor. it’s more saturated and showing less roots. The problem is the whole look is too mature. Other than the colof, the hair and dress  could be worn by Helen Miren.

    • Ohhhhh, Julianne. Bless her heart. And I’m thinking Katy can’t let the Smurf thing go.

      • MilaXX

        yeah Julianne needs to stop letting Ryan dress her. I actually like Katy’s hair color and dress. I think the style of dress and the way her hair is styled is geriatric.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly R just stunning

  • I have no idea who anne v is but how desperate for attention to you have to be to wear something that hideous? Who even designs something this tacky?!

    •  She’s a Victoria’s Secret model.

      • Anonymous

        That explains it all.

  • Anonymous

    If Jane Seymour has had “work” done, she needs to give the name of her surgeon to Christie Brinkley, stat!! Just gorgeous, still!! And I liked Katy Perry’s dress, just hate the hair!

  • Anonymous

    D’manti: I didn’t realize Ed Hardy had a formalwear line.
    Alicia Arden: preschool craft project. All that’s missing is a few Froot Loops glitter-glued to the bustier.
    God bless Miss Ross for bringing the cray-cray.
    I think Taylor Swift raided Nicole Kidman’s Oscar dress-up box.
    Katy P…don’t hate me, but I don’t hate it. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was “ooo pretty!”

    Want Adam Levine & Kelly together; they’re the only ones dressing at the same level.

    • Ed Hardy Formalwear!!! *snort*

      • Anonymous

        I know, right? Hysterical!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sigh.  Seeing photos from the Grammys is bringing back happy Project Runway memories.  Season 1 Grammy challenge.  The judges didn’t like any of the designs, but they were all way better than many of these outfits.  
    Diana Ross is an uber legend.  Let her wear what she wants.  Even…er, silver legwarmers on her arms.  She’s still way fiercer than anyone else there.  

  • Can we give Taylor’s dress to Zoe Saldana? Can we make that happen?

    • Anonymous

      And then give TS the Michelle Williams Grumpy Bear Beckham dress she wore the other day.

  • LOVE Taylor Swift in that dress. 

    Adam Levine’s date – WTF? Horrible

    Alicia Arden’s shoes – srsly? Girl, I think those were the temp shoes for walking around getting make-up and hair done. You forgot the real ones. 

    I actually think Katy Perry looks awesome…

    I think Jessie J looks pretty great too

    Carrie Underwood – color is amazing but the shape – it looks like she’s gained 20 lbs. 

    Carly Steel – I swear I’ve been seeing photos of Whitney Houston wearing that exact dress in all the In Memoriam tributes

  • Annie Leung

    Adam Levine, marry me? This is probably the best he’s looked on the red carpet ever.

  • Anonymous

    Time traveling, Taylor Swift thinks she’s being presented at the Russian Court of Czar Nicholas II.

  • Anne and Adam “No we’re not breaking up. No indeed.”

  • Joey Melliza

    taylor looks like a less sassy christine baranski

  • The single greatest atrocity Alicia Arden (who is that anyway) committed is with those horrible shower shoes.  Although, between the dress, jewelry and shoes, she is truly a triple threat.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing Miss Diana Ross just makes me sad to miss the crazy old broad that Whitney would have become.

  • Taylor Swift looks like an Oscar. 

  • Anne V, when Amber Rose has more skin covered than you, it’s time to reassess.

  • Taylor Swift looks amazing.  Don’t mess.

  • Taylor Swift is a little too insipid for this dress.  It’s wearing her.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not often that I respectfully disagree with T and Lo this much.  There was plenty of cray cray and sluttin’ it up, but I liked a lot of looks that our fellas are not digging.  That being said, can someone link me to a site where I can buy a gigantic sentient wig of my own?

  • Oh, L.L. Who is looking at your suit? Your LIPS. *sigh*

    • Anonymous

      Every time I see him in a picture I hear the strains of “Doin’ It.” The only reason I even moderately disapprove of his ensemble is because he clothed. 

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Swift needs at least another ten years and the hint of maturity or five years and a divorce under her belt for the dress to work for her. Both beautiful, just met at the wrong time. 

  • Scott Lichtman

    Is Anne V’s dress supposed to be like that, or did the left side get stuck to her leg after the limo ride?

    •  I didn’t realize it was that short as well. All the other pictures I’ve seen of them we cut off mid-thigh for her. I thought the dress was longer. It’s like she’s trying to create a Liz Hurley moment.

    • Anonymous

      Funny.  Something about the position of his left leg in this photo tells me something’s sticky there too.

  • I adored Katy Perry’s dress!  The hair, not so much.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Levine **swoon**
    Alicia Arden, gurl those are not your SHOES, either
    Julianne Hough/Jennifer Anni– lololol

  • Anonymous

    you gotta bow down to Bonnie Raitt cause she is Bonnie Raitt. 

    • MilaXX

      agreed, I bet she thought that shirt was dressing up. Bonnie has never been one for glam.

  • Anonymous

    That is Nicole Kidman’s dress, not Taylor Swift’s.  You’re right, Taylor is not (and will never be) enough woman for that dress.

  • Anonymous

    Alicia Arden looks like the one who should be laying the egg this year.

    Is Julianne Hough still pretending to be “dating” Ryan Seacrest?

  • Allyson Wells

    Katy’s dress was beautiful! It would have been even better with the super-dark hair she typically sports. I know we haven’t gotten to Gaga yet, but I’m not sure she even walked the red carpet…. does anyone know? I assume she had something very different planned and then changed into a funeral-esque outfit for Whitney. She probably skipped the red carpet for that same reason… just a guess though!

  • Taylor Swift looks lost in that dress. Too much dress for her and the Grammys.

  • Call me Bee

    Oh you are so right about Taylor Swift and that dress.  Did not watch the broadcast save for watching her walk to the microphone in that frock–it wore her–not the other way around, 
    AND WHAT’S WITH THE PUDDLING??!?!  Everyone has hems draggin’ and who can walk like that? 
    Sorry–it hurts my seamstress DNA to see that…

    • Then you missed the grandma farmer dress she wore for her actual song, which was unlistenable AND unwatchable.

  • I think Zoe Saldana could have made Taylor’s dress WERQ

  • Anonymous

    Mika Newton is not wearing a dress by VS as there is too much skin showing.  I’d say Venus, which is Hustler to VS’s Playboy.

    • She looks like what Christina Aguilera WANTS to look like these days, which makes me sad for both of them.

  • Amber Rose looks like a cartoon character in the best way possible.

    And yes, Adam Levine, we get it. You’re dating a Victoria’s Secret model. You win. You can stop now.

  • Anonymous

    I wondered when Jen Aniston started a musical career…then I read the caption.   I bet Bonnie Raitt is fun to hang out with…just sing and play guitar girl…simple!

    I don’t really get Adam Levine…is he boy band, is he rock and roll, is he seriously annoying…

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take Door 3 with a side order “Summers Eve” please

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Edward VI’s mother was still alive.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want *adam levine* of all people to look that good. his model-girl’s “dress” really can only be described as embarrassing. Loved Katy Perry’s blue dress, don’t mind her blue hair, hate that hair style. There was a lot of broken-down looking hair at the grammys, it seems. 

  • Anonymous

    Can we just talk about Alicia Arden’s shoes?  I mean WHAT. WAS. SHE. THINKING. 

  • Judy_J

    I don’t know who the following people are, but I’m gonna critique them just the same: Anne V looks like she belongs at the Adult Video Awards.  Mika Newton’s gown looks more like Frederick’s of Hollywood than Victoria’s Secret. D’ Manti’ looks awful from head to toe.  That is one seriously ugly dress.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know what happened when Anne V sat down. I don’t want to SEE it, I just want to know out of curiosity.

  • Anonymous

    D’manti’s dress looks like a Jerrel creation.And I love Diana Ross. There’s got to be at least one legend at these events looking crazy.

  • I don’t understand how Alicia Arden was spared the fashion eclipse/”rare occurrence when someone manages to get literally every single aspect of her look wrong” treatment that Linda Ramone got. She looks completely absurd. 

  • Anonymous

    I really need paper cut-out dolls (by the way, my favorite childhood activity) to put the right dress, the right hair, the right accessories on the right person.   
    All this theorizing is making me frustrated. 
    I want to see it. I want to make it happen!

    Kay Perry’s dress on Helen Mirren.
    Taylor Swift’s dress on Keira Knightley.

  • Carrie Underwood looks beautiful, and I’m impressed with Tay Swift for trying something a bit different with the neckline, even if it didn’t work that well for her.

  • Anonymous

    Bonnie Raitt rocks.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      God, yes. Diana Ross gets a pass, and Bonnie Raitt does not? I OBJECT.

  • Anonymous

    Joyce DiDonato

    Just saw her in The Enchanted Island at the Met.  Awesome. 

    And I see that the recording of John Adams’ Doctor Atomic won a Grammy as well.   Well-deserved!  Heck, just for this one aria alone:

  • Anonymous

    Joyce DiDonato

    Just saw her in The Enchanted Island at the Met.  Awesome. 

    And I see that the recording of John Adams’ Doctor Atomic won a Grammy as well.   Well-deserved!  Heck, just for this one aria alone:

  • Anonymous

    Some of these… garments scare the crap out of me, but LL Cool J just makes me sad. A guy that hot should NOT be dressed like a chauffeur!

  • mrspeel2

    Last night on the Red Carpet coverage on E! Julianne Hough told Guiliana Rancic that Ryan helped her pick out the dress. Enuff said?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that dress was too old for Taylor Swift, but it was pretty.  They at least could have done something else with her hair or makeup to balance the look. At least a bracelet or something….

  • Anonymous

    I loved Katy’s dress, but HATED the hair. The blue has to go! I thought Taylor looked stunning! I do not even like her but thought WOW.

  • Anonymous

    Adam is hot.
    I conceptually like Jessie J’s dress, although in execution it turned out wrinkly.
    Kelly looks incredible!

  • Anonymous

    The only explanation I can come up with for Katy Perry is that she’s trying so hard to be the anti-hot-starlet that she’s intentionally trying to look unattractive. Like, she’s doing it to be badass or something. I don’t even know.

  • Amber Rose is so beautiful that I don’t care what she wears.
    D’manti looks like a comedian doing a parody of a pop singer.
    Katy and Kelly both look fab.
    Carrie Underwood looks like a genuine star.
    I kind of love Jesse J’s Juicy Fruit wrapper dress.
    I hope Anne V’s parents weren’t watching
    Miss Ross is…. Miss Ross
    Jane Seymour wins this round.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Levine looks gross to me when he’s wearing a T-shirt and skinny jeans, but the man can wear a suit, that’s for sure. And nice to know his date waxes.

    Amber Rose makes me want to go out and shave my head, she just rocks it.

  • Anonymous

    Bonnie and Alicia Keys together, performing Etta?  So beautiful.  LL Cool J?–Classy opening–nice tribute.  I wondered how many of the women changed their dress choice last night to black.  Looked on TV like there were far more black dresses than it appears from these postings.

  • Anonymous

    I am pissed off by the almost complete lack of lip color in this post.

    I think Katy Perry’s red carpet look is pretty polished, especially compared to the complete derailment that was her performance look.  THAT looked mental.

  • Put Taylor’s dress on Nicole Kidman and you’d have a winnah!

  • Alicia Arden is wearing SnapOnSandals, or something! And her poor toes are making a hard left to get outta there!

  • Carly Steel is wearing the same dress that Whitney Houston wore to the 53rd Grammys…really?

  • D’manti’s thighs actually terrify me

  •  I think that in this look, Katy Perry looked pretty good.  And what was wrong with Malin Ackerman’s make-up?

  • Anonymous

    Round two of the worse dressed red carpet crowd in recent memory.  

  • Taylor Swift- it’s the the not woman enough thing.

  • Pretty much exactly how I feel about Taylor’s dress. It’s GORGEOUS, but she’s just… not enough for it. It would have be striking on the right woman.

  • Anonymous

    Diana Ross, looked like a drunk, ditzy little old lady instead of a diva receiving a lifetime achievement award. What a disappointment, instead of the class act she could have been

    • Cheryl Wingate

      I admit I had to google the definition of “sentient”.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Kidman would look stunning in Taylor’s gown IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate that, since Taylor has been on Vogue’s cover, she seems to be branching out beyond those ridiculous Disney Princess dresses.  Unfortunately, this was too much dress for this event and she is about 10 years too young in style years to pull it off.  A for effort, though.

    You know Julianne is not Jennifer because she isn’t wearing a dress that grazes her lady parts.

  • Alicia Arden’s shoes look like they escaped from my closet circa 1998.

  • Anonymous

    Worst hair ever! What’s with the hair, everyone? Was there a plague on hair stylists?

  • Anonymous

    It looks as if these people are attending four different events: a porn convention; an awards show; a tea dance; and happy hour at El Torito, circa 1998.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like Anne V knew he was WAY more beautiful than her, so she wore the Imminent Cooter Flash dress to get attention.

    And if that weren’t enough, her tits got in an argument  on the way to the show.

  • omg cate blanchet should so be in taylor swifts dress – right now!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and I LOVE Julianne Hough’s dress…but the doppelganger-of-the-hated-Aniston styling is just a nightmare.  Different styling would have made a big difference!

    And I thought Taylor looked awesome…like a goddess.  Maybe more of a performance dress than an RC dress, but fabulous.

  • I only recognize like 25% of the people here. I need to get cable again…

  • I actually liked Katy Perry-minus the blue hair.  Taylor Swift looks like an Academy Award.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Levine was clearly the best thing on that red carpet!!!

  • Sophie Collier

    Alicia Arden:  Forget the dress, those SHOES!  ROFL.  It’s like she forgot to change them in the limo. 

  • Adam looks like he was photoshoped into that picture lol. 

  • re: Taylor Swift

    Too much dress for the Grammys and for her.

  • Kristen Wirick

    T. Swizzle looks like the Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story…