Elie Tahari Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 19, 2012

The atmosphere was very casual during the Elie Tahari presentation, which made for an oasis in the middle of the usual runway show madness. The models were chatting and having a good time and Champagne was being passing around, giving the room a feel almost like a party, where all the women just happened to be wearing very cohesive and color coordinated outfits.  A clever way to do a presentation, because it shows how the clothes would look in “real” life use, as opposed to literally standing on a pedestal. For Fall 2012 Elie Tahari played with layering and tone-on-tone looks in navy, purple, red, fuchsia and teal and green. A chic, but down-to-earth collection; nothing fantasy about it.


[Photo Credit: elietahari.com]

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  • This looks like a totally wearable collection. Love the color palette.

  • A lot of that I love, although I don’t get some of the styling. Not sure I get the half snood idea….

    • Yeah, I don’t get it either. But the rest is lovely. All that peacock!

  • muzan-e

    Elie Tahari: an engine designed to turn my wallet into a gaping, empty void. 

  • Love the coat in the third row, middle. Not entirely sure that bell-sleeve leather jackets will take off though.

  • R. L.

    I love the whole collection!  These are my colors and the clothes are VERY wearable.

  • Anonymous

    Love the color palette, desperately want the purple and teal velvet blazers, must have the David-Bowie-as-Jareth teal leather jacket. When are these wide-legged pants finally going to arrive in my price range?!

    • Anonymous

      I was already coveting that jacket; with that description even more so…

  • Anonymous

    Love many of the pieces but not the monochromatic 80’s styling.  The jackets and coats are especially delish!

  • Anonymous

    interesting collection, but i want to know what exactly the first item in row 6 is supposed to be? is that a one sleeved/half-sided cape/wrap/sheath dress under another dress, help…..

    • finnishmaria

      I think that dress looks terrible! I think it’s a dress….?

  • Anonymous

    Great colours here. Fave piece is that final purple and red jacket, if that was cut for a man I’d actually cut someone to get it.

  • Anonymous

    What a great collection. The word here is wearable. Love tone-on-tone dressing. My favorite pieces are the wide leg trousers and metallic(pewter) pencil skirt.

  • Love the colors. Hate the fur, but I want everything else.

    • As I scrolled through all of the lines shown over the last two weeks, as well as the photos of the audiences, I wondered, “When did it become OK again to wear fur?” What does it say about these people that they have abandoned the awareness of animal cruelty and given the finger to those of us who still don’t think this is a humane thing to do? I am not an animal rights activist, still eat plenty of meat, wear leather and am offended by most of PETA’s shenanigans. However, this just doesn’t feel right.

      • It’s getting cold out there. Plus, fake fur has a lot of chemicals. The poor people who work at the factories in some countries are exposed to chemicals and die way before their time.

        • I don’t understand your answer. I’m from L. A., so please explain. Is fur the only way to keep warm? I was in Minneapolis in February. The temperature, without the wind/chill factor, was below 0 degrees, but I managed to stay warm enough without any fur, real or fake.

          • Nancy, cavemen wore fur to stay warm; it’s an original insulator.Now, there are other materials to keep warm, but they are not pretty enough for a collection.

            True, you don’t need fur to keep warm, but why not use it? 

            People who approve of the fake furs don’t realize how toxic it is to make them.

            The good thing is that if you don’t like fur, you can write to the designer and tell him/her why he/she shouldn’t use them in future collections.

      • ConstanceGrace

        I just don’t get how you can not be an animal rights activist, eat meat, wear leather, be offended by PETA, and still hate fur. I get that it’s so conspicuous, but its warmth really is utilitarian. I don’t know the story on the animals used for furs, but I’m guessing it isn’t worse than the way we treat the animals we eat. Maybe fur is back because people are starting to think about it more rationally–why should it be in a separate class from other uses for dead animals? Personally, I doubt I’ll ever have fur that I didn’t buy at a thrift store, but I just don’t get why it is so demonized. What’s different about it from leather, other than the expense?

  • Anonymous

    These models look like they’ve eaten and some of them may have lived a few years longer than your average runway waif. Bravo! 

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking that, too: they look like very beautiful women, but they don’t have that otherworldliness that characterizes so many runway models. Adds to the collection’s aura of wearability, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the color palette and *some* of the asymmetry. (A couple of the pieces look more wonky than intentionally asymmetric like the blue boxy jacket in one of the lower rows, styled with a scarf.) 

    Someone needs to get me that purple leather jacket with the exposed gold zippers. Oh hell, just get me all the jackets. Email me and I’ll let you know  where to send ’em. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have a very soft spot in my heart for Elie Tahari, because my husband was the tech lead on their website. The blues aren’t for me, unfortunately, but the reds and purples are right up my alley!

    • Opposite for me; the blues are right for me, but not the reds.

      GT – did your husband receive any samples to take to you when he worked there?

      • Anonymous

         I wish! He did buy me a beautiful necklace, that goes perfectly with an Emmett McCarthy dress I own. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love the gorgeous, saturated colors. There are lots of pieces here I’d love to wear, but I do hate those fur neck braces some designers are throwing around. How uncomfortable and not particularly attractive.

  • Anonymous

    Love these. Very down to earth and I can see myself in these clothes. I appreciate the over the top designs of some, but I also really appreciate a designer that does understated and very practical as well. Nicely done.

  • Anonymous

    Love the colours. Not dramatic, but quite wearable.

  • Susan Crawford

    I’ve always ADORED Elie Tahari – and this is a fantastic collection. The saturated, rich colors, the subtle little details that give a bit of an edge to classic designs, the wonderful interplay of fabric textures and weights. Tahari understands style and he knows how his customers want to present themselves. I will be in line for a few of these pieces to add to my wardrobe – SUPER!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE this color story!  Jewel/bright tones have always been my favorites, and I’m glad to see from this and other collections that they are on the upswing again.  Especially PURPLE!

    Oh, and I really like the multi-colored totes (not the clutches so much, they look unfinished or something).  Wish I could see more of that skirt (dress?) middle of 2nd row, it looks divine.  As do all the jackets/coats.

    Yeah, I pretty much like everything here!

  • Anonymous

    Can I just say how nice it is to see models that don’t look like skeletons? Still thin, but at least not insanely so. I hope to see more of this in the future!

  • Michelle Loizeaux

    Many of these models look downright frumpy in these clothes. But I am loving those oversized, patterned, lined coats in red and blue.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Loving it!!  Double wow 🙂  Happiness looking at these.

  • Anonymous

    Love the wearability of this collection. Just right for the stylish woman with a complicated life who wants uncomplicated clothes to do it all in.

    Also Im really loving the saturated blues and teals that seem to be all over the runways for fall. Especially since Ive been wearing these colors for a while, its nice to see that Ive held on long enough for it to circle round to trendiness again.

  • k op

    Way too conservative for me.  Too padded, too saturated, throw on some head coverings and this could be a fashion line out of Kuwait.

    I know, my mother would want to buy me these kinds of things.  I’d push her towards the brown coat in R9 with the rust lining.  I could work with that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited for all this indigo/navy for fall!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Almost all of the jackets and coats are incredible, but THAT PURPLE LEATHER BIKER JACKET. I am dead.

    But from beyond the grave I’d like to mention that these are some of my favorite colors, and I’m so happy to see they’re becoming trendy.

  • There are some fit issues with the pants. Also, the wide-legged pants are begging for models who can fill them out. They look sloppy here.

    Gorgeous colors and practical, wearable items, but I’m torn on this collection. I assume these are not inexpensive clothes, and something like a bright purple or red pant isn’t going to stay fashionable for very long. Soon enough they’ll be the equivalent of pegged, pleated pants.

  • Gabriella Soza

    I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could have that leather jacket in the fourth row.

    • Anonymous

       I would like to put that purple leather jacket with the gold skirt in the seventh row.  That would be movie-premiere worthy!  Evan Rachel Wood, are ya listenin’?

  • Anonymous

    Blue is my favorite color to wear so I’d be all over this collection.

  • Anonymous

    I love this. gorgeous, rich colors, some interesting design, and all totally wearable on a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Anonymous

    omg that purple leather jacket with the crooked zip… there’s definitely not “fantasy” to this collection but there is *plenty* to fantasize about!

  • MilaXX

    I like this collection but hate the fake fur, especially the random pieces sitting in the neck. Make it look like some one dropped a load of tribbles into the workroom.  Really love that peacock skirt.

  • Anonymous

    nothing new or innovative in the lines and construction, but the colors are sumptuous.  i love to see all the shades of purple, ble, magenta, and red,  and esp.  the red/orange/ fuschia combinations.  my daughter used to choose those colors to wear together to preschool.  i always thought she looked smashing.  i like the coats and jackets,  the one button teal coat on the left in row eight is my favorite.  everytime i see a collection by elie tahari, i wonder if his name is pronounced like elly mae clampett or like eli in the bible.  does anyone know?

  • Anonymous

    The word “wearable” comes to mind.

    That blue motorcycle jacket with the belled sleeves: yum!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know. Some of the pieces are great, others not so much. Hate the padded ski jackets. And most of the “fur” elements. Those teal wide-legged pants are awful. The zippered jackets skew very young. (Which is fine for the youngins.) Kind of a mixed bag, to me.

  • Anonymous

    Now these are real clothes, that still have real style and a frisson of couture.

  • Love, love, LOVE!


  • Anonymous

    I really, really really want that blue leather jacket, 4th row from the bottom.  I love the oddness of the bell sleeve and deep color with the moto style.

    • Anonymous

      Oh me too! I love the color and the shape. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        My eye landed on that jacket right away too.  Sigh.  

  • Anonymous

    I would wear the hell out of these clothes.  Colors are fab.

  • The colors are wonderful. I don’t thing the asymmetrical pieces work as well as the others. 

  • Anonymous

    You can send that whole collection on over to my house. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    great saturated colors!

  • Anonymous

    I needed a pallet cleanser between The Blondes and this collection. This seems so dreary when viewing it directly after The Blonds’ post.

    The colors are so deliciously fabulous I’ll have to come back to this later on after the  effects of the last post die down.

  • Anonymous

    love it! So luxe

  • Anonymous

    Love that this collection is wearable. Adore that bell-sleeved motocycle jacket. THere are so many things to love here.

  • Sarah Thomas

    This looks like what the Dowager Countess of Grantham would be wearing if she were still alive in 2012, sniffing at reality-tv stars and being confused by smartphone keyboards. And I mean that entirely as a compliment. 

  • Anonymous

    Love it! And the tone on tone reminds me so much of Jay McCarroll. Love. 

  • Anonymous

    beautiful stuff w/ just too many superfluous elements overreaching for a relevancy the collection neither needs nor attains.

    ie: what is the purpose of the half fur/half chain collar? why the h-e-double-toothpicks were bells, of all things, added to the bottom sleeves of the elsewise gorgeous deep turquoise leather jacket seven down on the right? why the doubling of layers on the redpink jacket, last of them all, which only serves to make that jacket look too narrow, too short, too–of course–tight, & poorly constructed around an obtrusive button that should have been worked differently in the first place?

    not everything needs to be avant garde. in fact, most things dont. you gotta have a garde languishing in the middle & one bringing up that very rear or else all that avant is in front of & leading nothing. when everything is in the forefront there is no forefront, which is the case here. too bad too cos this stuff in particular couldve made its mark relying on the fantastic depth of the unusual colors & what is undoubtedly pretty perfect tailoring. didnt need the gimmicks, didnt need them by half.

  • Gorgeous colors, beautiful construction, and totally wearable looks, and not just for 6 foot tall 120 pound women, either.   Verrrrrry nice.

  • finnishmaria

    I literally winced when I saw the dress on the sixth row down, first on the left… I think that looks terrible. And the model’s face looks as though she knows how terrible she looks. Ouch.

    The pants and jackets however — are amazing.

    • greatscoutm

      Me too (re: sixth row dress). Nay.  Like that navy is coming back though.

  • Lovely colors in this collection.  And does this mean navy’s making a comeback?  I sure hope so.

  • Pterodactyl111

    Oooh I really like the maxi skirt and blazer. I don’t know if I could pull that off and still look modern though …

  • DeborahLipp

    I want that purple leather jacket SO HARD.

  • I love the colors. This is the first collection I’ve seen where I’d wear everything in it, very wearable and Real Woman friendly I think. Plus, I’m a sucker for jewel tones. 

  • PrunellaV

    I guess Tahari is my designer, because I would wear everything in that collection. Love the rich colors!