David Beckham in London

Posted on February 02, 2012

Becks hits the town:

David Beckham heads to the H&M Launch Party in London.

The man can even look good getting out of a car. Do you know how much most celebrities dread getting out of a car? There is absolutely no way to do it while pictures are being taken and not wind up looking awkward.

LOVE those shoes.

We’re curious about that hat he’s carrying. There’s no way that hair ever came in contact with a hat, so what’s the point in carrying it around?

We may have said this about Becks before but it bears repeating (because it’s our site and we’ll be as repetitive as we like): He doesn’t actually do anything for us. And we don’t want to make generalizations, but we don’t think he does much for the gays on a whole. He’s like George Clooney that way. You ladies can have him.

Which isn’t to say we think he’s unattractive or anything; far from it, in fact. And as fashion bloggers, we couldn’t possibly say a bad word about the man’s personal style. Maybe wifey-poo picks out every thing he wears (we strongly suspect it), but who cares? The end result is suave as hell.



[Photo Credit: BPacificCoastNews – Video Credit: Stateofstylechannel via youtube.com]

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  • You guys got it in one.  Here’s one for all the women.  Take him, he’s yours.  Yeah, he’s handsome, but somehow disconnected looking. As though it all stops just under the surface.

    • Anonymous

      I am happy to be a gay man trapped in a straight woman’s body, ie, I don’t want him either. Bland and stupid.

      • Anonymous

         I objectively understand he is attractive and well turned out style-wise, but he does nothing for me otherwise. Maybe its his voice? He has a horrible voice.

        • He is a beautiful man, in that other worldly male model way.  Ghastly voice, ghastly wife, and it seems there isn’t much depth to either’s brain case, which takes away all appeal for me.  But let the masses roar and adore, whatever.

          • Victoria Perry

            He kind of reminds me of a Ken doll.  (Especially with his current hair.)

      • Anonymous

        Same here, he does nothing absolutely nothing for me. I’m not a fan of blond guys with overly defined muscles.

    • I never got the appeal of him either, but I love him and Victoria together!

      • Anonymous

        Match made in heaven.  Both are insipid.

        • True facts. No matter how well turned out, and perfectly groomed the two of them are, they have a kind of creepy douchiness.

  • Speak for yourselves! THIS gay absolutely loves Becks. Yum! And he’s possibly the best-dressed male celebrity out there, which helps a lot. As long as he doesn’t speak, he’s good.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, true. The Mickey Mouse voice is decidedly un-sexy. Ah well, nobody’s perfect.

    • Isadora Paiva

      SO TRUE, I remember thinking that he would be even hotter when i heard his voice, because I love a British accent (who doesn’t?), but I was sorely mistaken. Sooooo mistaken. 

    • Anonymous

       It seems hes done some vocal training. He was recently on Craig Ferguson and not sounding near as cartoonish.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently I’ve never heard him speak.  Which is just as well, if it makes him less hot.  I’ll stick with the pretty pictures.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m like “Speak for yourself!” Although George Clooney makes no sense to me either.

    • Geno Boggiatto

      Right there with you! His voice ruins it – but ooh boy does this gay think he is sexy!

  • Anonymous

    “You ladies can have him”
    Oh and don’t we wish?

    Is this our Pretty for the Day?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, um, I’ll take him.

  • And all this time I thought I was the only person on earth who didn’t think Clooney was the be-all end-all of sexiness. LOL Does nothing for me at all. Though, I must admit, Beckham is hot.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, me neither. Clooney’s massive status is a complete mystery to me.

    • Terence Ng

      I can SEE what Clooney is, but he doesn’t do it for me either.

    • elvira maricic

      Every time I see him, I flash back to his time on The Facts Of Life. And even though I was boy crazy, he did nothing for me…especially with the mullet. He’s gotten better with age, but it’ll still take a few more decades for him to make my panties uncomfortable.

    • Anonymous

       Clooney  – unlike Beckham – seems ENTIRELY unattractive to me. Not one bit. Beckham is a fine looking man but does nothing for me. GC however is downright homely to me. 

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous and so well put together. He’s a little too good looking for me, and Clooney doesn’t really do it for me either.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t do anything for me either, nor does George Clooney. 
    Anybody else wondering about the enormous label inside crown of  the hat? Is it instructions on what to do next?

    • Anonymous

      I’ll cop to thinking Clooney is cute, but Becks is a yawner (and don’t even ask me about his wife.)

  • Anonymous

    We’ll take his dreaminess. Thanks!

  • Genetic lottery winner! BTW, my best friend is gay and he LOVES George Clooney, and thinks he’s actually queer, either gay or bi. Not sure what his stance on Becks is. Will have to ask, though I’m guessing he doesn’t like him. The man fairly reeks of heterosexuality.

    • Anonymous

       He gets that rap for all the “trophy” girlfriends he goes through like clockwork…award show romances = beard. I don’t buy it myself.

    • Anonymous

      I have thought Clooney was gay for years. Explains a lot. I love him straight, gay or whatever, as he seems like a good person. And he adopted his dog, didn’t spend big $$ on a status symbol dog. Love!!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Ooo, I accept!  I’ll take him, even though there’s not any way he and I would ever meet in this lifetime.  Thanks for sharing, boys!!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, now I’m fascinated. So, if Becks and Clooney sit with the girls congregation, what about Michael Fassbener, Jon Hamm, Brad Pitt, Laz Alphonso and that piece of yum who plays Alcide on True Blood?

    • Anonymous

      My impression: Fassbender and Pitt yes. The rest of them no. Not too aware of who I presume you mean Laz Alonso, and the tribe is divided on the big fella from true blood (none for me thanks)

      • Anonymous

        Oh, Laz was in Jumping the Broom with Paula Patton. I saw my list and wanted to diversify. Really should have asked about Idris Elba. He is true sex on a stick!

      • Anonymous

        Darned spellcheck! I did mean Laz Alonso from Jumping the Broom but now that I think about it, I should have included Idris Elba too. He is so… just so amazing.

  • I do believe he has admitted that Victoria helps him with his clothes. He’s not on my Swoon List, but I would never turn away from staring him down.

    • Anonymous

      But could he park his cleats under your bed any day?

      • As long as he didn’t actually talk- I hate his voice. 

  • Karen Krub

    In photos #1, 2, and 4 he bears a striking resemblance to young (and hot) Clint Eastwood. Now I’m starting to see the appeal.

    • You’re right, he does, especially with his hair that way.  Brit actor Toby Stephens also resembles Clint, enough so that he was cast as Clint’s character in his youth in a movie they did.

  • Anonymous

    Clooney?  Ugh! 

    Becks on the other hand… he’s a dream!

  • Maybe I agree with you guys because I’m bi?  I can certainly appreciate that Clooney and Beckham are good looking individuals, but it’s in a very detached way.  The appreciation never reaches my ladyparts.

  • Isadora Paiva

    I have to add that Americans will never understand his whole appeal, because you guys don’t watch (real) football. Not only is he gorgeous, he’s an amazing player.

    I remember watching the World Cup in 2002, when i was 10 years old and kind of beginning to really thing about boys that way, and when England lost to Brazil he exchanged T-Shirts with one of the Brazilian players and I was like “WOW”.

    • Anonymous

      He does look good out there on the field, doesn’t he? I have trouble concentrating on the game.

    • True that. I do watch football (or soccer) although not religiously. I especially love his glory days with Manchester United. He’s a brilliant player. 

      And may I just add, Clooney bleeergh, I can’t stand him!! Beckham on the other hand..YUM!

    • Anonymous

       American – I watch – hes amazing.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never really gotten his status as a soccer superstar. His set pieces are so miraculous you could make a convincing case that God is a soccer fan, but he’s not that fast and his ball-handling skills never seemed up to par with, say, Zidane in his heyday, or, like, half-a-dozen Brazilians you could name off the top of your head.

      Admittedly, I don’t really care for club sports, so I’ve only seen him on the Euro/World Cup stage – perhaps he hasn’t been at his best in those tournaments.

      Anyway, this get-up is very, very grey. Even his hair looks grey in these photos. I prefer him with his shirt off and his hair buzzed.

  • Anonymous

    He’s attractive and he wears clothes well, but he doesn’t seem very interesting. 

    Someone was worried he’d be cold on the ride home and gave him the hat? 

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, as far as the mystery of carrying the hat around, maybe given his job he just really enjoys the opportunity to put his hands to use!

  • Terence Ng

    Um…actually, I find that many gays (myself included) find him drool worthy. Like, achingly hot. :O~

    The day I was in San Fran and saw a giant Armani underwear ad of him hanging down from 3 stories in the plaza was one of the happiest days of my teenage life.

  • Anonymous

    dont want either one of them.
    wish i could think of someone i did want. world has gotten too dull for me.

    • Anonymous

      That was my reaction, but then I remembered Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock and the world became lovely again. 

      • Yeah, he’s pretty awesome, and he has the best name in the entire world.

        I myself am madly in love with Craig Ferguson.

  • I’m not sure the missus picks out his stuff. I’m old enough and British enough to remember before they met and he was the golden boy of British soccer. He had great and fearless style for a young footballer, and loads of endorsements even then. I’ve read that he suffers from OCD and wonder if that’s one of the reasons that his tailoring is always so precise. If anything I think he’s influenced Victoria a lot over the years – he’s generally looked great  (though the sarong came in for quite a bit of ridicule) whereas she made  lot of questionable fashion choices in the early days. But I don’t think there’s any doubt that their mutual interest in fashion is one of the things they have in common…   

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think he was perhaps more influential on her than the other way round. I always get the impression he’s quite shy speaking on camera.

  • Julie Fountain

    Us ladies will take him, thanks 🙂

  • I see he’s taken smiling lessons from his wife.

    He’s handsome, no doubt. And the man can wear some clothes. But I think I’ve never recovered from the frenzy when he and Victoria came to the states. I got really tired of hearing about them, and there’s still that lingering affect. I just don’t care about him one way or the other.

    Georg Clooney is totally swoon worthy.

    • Anonymous

      Hands up for George too 🙂

  • Wrenaria

    That video was kind of hilarious. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    No, he seems to me like a man who very much cares about the way he looks and dresses, very much in common with his wife.

    Also, he is about as sexually attractive as a runway male model, which is to say, not at all. Vicky can have him.

    (I’m with you on the Clooney issue too. Unattractive, smug douchebag all over)

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t normally do it for me either- but then I imagine him talking in his sexy accent and it helps 🙂 And even though I don’t normally care for him -that superbowl commercial is HOT!!! 
    He does dress well for a straight dude.  (as does George Clooney IMO) 

  • Anonymous

    My ovaries are in no danger of exploding, though he certainly looks very nice here. 

  • Hmm, isn’t Beckham voted for years the top of many many gay’s favorite lists both in the states and in Europe? 

  • He’s sexy because he loves his kids and takes care of himself.  And he gorgeous and sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t felt it for him in a long while, but he looks goooooooood here.  Mmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Looks better nekkid. But waaay out of my yum zone.

  • R. L.

    He looks polished and together.  He’s okay but doesn’t light me up.

  • Vitantonio D’Ambrosio

    Well, count me out of the “gays as a whole” then ^_=

  • Anonymous

    Straight female and he does nothing for me.   But he is almost always really well dressed.  I can admire that!

  • Anonymous

    What the hey? I have an identical suit that didn’t cost a millions and I had those shoes in 1989.

    Also, carrying an item for show = douchiness.

  • Cathy S

    He doesn’t do anything for me, but the suit looks great. I like the hat too, even though he’s clearly not going to wear it.

  • Irene Contreras

    He looks like a young Clint Eastwood. 

  • Anonymous

    Unlike Clooney, he doesn’t do it for me either. But he sure does dress well. If Posh is his stylist, then good for both of them!

  • I can appreciate how well turned-out Becks always is, but he (and Clooney) do absolutely zero for me.  Personally, I was far more excited to see Bear Grylls show up at the end of the video.  I was forced to try to conceal my blushing as best as possible as I had a flashback that involved a glacier, Union Jack boxers, and naked push-ups. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He’s not my type either but he looks great.  He looks like a pulled together, grown up man.

  • MilaXX

    Yummy as long as he doesn’t speak, which when you think about it could be a good thing. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I think I may the only one to actually like his voice. I think it’s cute. Especially paired with those hot tattoos. Mmm. 

  • Anonymous

    I so agree about your comments about Becks and Clooney.  Attractive men, and Becks looks pretty much perfect here as well as usual, but you ladies can have them both.  They do nothing for me.

  • Oh thank you very much. We’re glad to keep him.

  • Anonymous

    He just looks unhappy all the time.  And the wife-y just looks grim and mean.  Honestly, can you imagine either of them eating and drinking and laughing?  No.  This is because they don’t eat or laugh.  I think they are robot people from another planet.

    • Anonymous

      I just said a similar thing up above. I dislike them, because they always look miserable, and she looks mean and nasty. THey seem to have so much to be happy about, especially a healthy family, and they seem like ungrateful snobs.

  • I think he’s handsome when dressed- those tattoos are a real deal breaker. I’m not against ink but his look like something you’d expect from a prison term.

  • So glad you said it again. I can appreciate his handsomeness but he doesn’t do a single thing for me.

  • Anonymous

    he was styling well before wifey – one of the first guys to get labeled metrosexual. Any who – yeah most days he doesnt do it for this gay guy but there are lots out there who he does do it for. 

  • As a Seattle Sounders FC fan, I of course think he’s all puffed up and will boo him when he takes the field.  But then I see that pic of his face and I lose my resolve… unf. 

  • Anonymous

    Man know how to dress/groom…

  • Pennymac

    Suave is not a word I employ often or even think about, but it’s the perfect adjective here, TLo. The hat confuses me, though.

  • Sara__B

    I’m not one of his fans, but he looks divine in that suit.

  • Aly Marti

    how would a gal go about obtaining a tiny silver david beckham? it’s for a friend..

  • Anonymous

    Well, if no other gays want him, I’ll take him. And the Cloon, too.

  • He does something for me until he opens his mouth.  Damn, he does dress perfectly, doesn’t he?  I think those are some of my favorite men’s shoes ever.

  • Anonymous

    He just seems like his wife, such a sour puss!! They have fame, wealth, success and healthy kids. Crack a smile, you ingrates!! I really dislike them for that.

  • Anonymous

    i would like that entire outfit, including shoes and hat, on my husband now.

    …and becks without them 🙂

  • Anonymous

    he doesn’t do much for me either in “that way”, but i have to admit he looks fierce here.  my first thought was “why is he carrying his hat?”  maybe when he’s finished with whatever he’s doing he’ll put it on for the trip home, since it won’t matter how his hair looks when he gets home.  kind of a prissy guy, no? 

  • Anonymous

    he is always fun to look at.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he so scowly looking lately? Same forehead weirdness as in the guyditorial TLo posted recently. (OMG, is it dude Botox?)

    Whatever it is it’s hampering my special area feelings, as normally he is on “the list of 5.”

    Those shoes, on the other hand, make me wish FERVENTLY that I was a guy or a cute little butch lesbian. I would rock the SHIT out of those.

  • He doesn’t make me tingly either, but that is one damn stylish look.  Boy knows how to wear a suit.

  • marilyn

    He looks great.  I think a different standard should be used to judge celebrities when they are living their lives as private people as opposed to being on the Red Carpet, or some other formal event.  (An example is Heidi Klum taking her kids to school as opposed to being at the SAG awards.)  Obviously, no one should go out looking like one of Nick Nolte’s mug shots.  But in general, if these celebrities are just living their lives, we should cut them some slack about their looks in private situations. 

    Here, David is going out to dinner, and by a nice coincidence, he looks great. 

    Even though David and his wife are very good looking, they both look like unpleasant people.  They do not seem to be even remotely personable.  I assume that is how people in thier positions are supposed to act in Great Britain.  However, it falls flat here.  But how they act is a different issue than how they dress.

    • Victoria shocked the hell out of me when was a guest judge during American Idol auditions a few years ago. I expected her to be bitchy and sour, but she was really sweet and encouraging to the people she liked, and diplomatic to the ones she didn’t. She even smiled and laughed. It seemed genuine, but if it wasn’t, she put on one hell of a show.

      She’s not my role model by any means, but it did change my opinion of her a little.

  • Anonymous

    He’s starting to resemble Clint Eastwood.

  • Anonymous

    The only person I know that “likes” him is a certain female relative of the my husband’s. A closeted (very poorly closeted) lesbian. Much like how Rosie O’Donnell “liked” Tom Cruise before she came out.

    (Which is why I am going anon here.)

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    On the hat – do you think he needs a prop to feel more comfortable?  Who knows…  T and Lo, I love those shoes, too!

    My #1 question, though, is WHEN is scruffy facial hair going to run its course??  Sure, on the guy in bed next to you on a Sunday morning, but ALL the time? 

  • Anonymous

    Neither he nor George Clooney does anything for me. He dresses impeccably, but like you I’d wager that’s Posh’s doing. They make a handome couple but I think she is the more interesting of the pair.

  • Wow.  He looks great.  Love the shoes too.

  • Anonymous

    nope, the only one who should take him is Vicky.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a straight lady and I love the looks of Beckham (which is odd because blondes never really do much for me) but can’t stand his voice. George Clooney on the other hand is who does absolutely nothing for me. I just never got the deal with him.

  • Anonymous

    No problem..we’ll take him…..anytime, any place…

  • butter nut

    impeccable.  there is literally not a hair out of place.  

    he doesn’t really get my fire going, but he is pretty to look at.  i’d let him dance around my house in his underwear.  that’d be alright.

  • kimberlini

    Great to look at but no speaking allowed.  Ruins everything.

  • Anonymous

    Nah, he doesn’t do it for me either. Is he good looking? Yep. Rocking bod? Sure. Appealing? Nope. But, like you, I do appreciate his (Victoria’s) sense of style style. 

  • Clooney is appealing because of his apparent intelligence and charm, and that voice … I’m a sucker for a deep voice. Funny, I never think of him in a ‘want to throw him down and be naughty’ kind of way – he is, admittedly, a bit asexual – but it would be fabulous to have cocktails with him in a classy bar and seduce each other with words.

    Becks: I’m also a sucker for a hot bod, but as others have noted, I can’t get past the helium-balloon voice and the sense that the lights are on, but no one’s home. Agree that he seems to have had some voice coaching – not quite as extreme these days.

    • Anonymous

      I would just like to second everything you said in your first paragraph. I was thinking of how to phrase it, and you did perfectly.

      (In addition to his voice, Intern George has a great smile, and he’s aging wonderfully, which helps a lot.)

  • Anonymous

    No, no, no TLO.  I’m a woman and he does ABSOLUTELY nothing for me.  Probably because I love football and find him to be completely overrated as a player.  Even if I somehow found him physically attractive and could get over his mediocre play I would have to contend with the voice and that’s just ughhh. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather have wee Dermot.

    Beckham has never done it for me either, he’s pretty enough but bland. He might improve with age. He was pretty clothes conscious pre-Posh though.

  • He always looks amazingly well put together. He’s not really my cup of tea, but I wish more men dressed like him! 

  • elzatelzabelz


  • Anonymous

    Ok, I listened to the clip and I don’t understand what all the fuss is over Beckam’s voice. It’s not pitched all that high–he doesn’t even speak as high as some of the tenors in my choir. So I don’t get that. Actually, hearing his voice made him more attractive to me because it’s a normal voice with a normal accent and it makes him seem more real.  

  • Anonymous

    He wears clothes so well, but I can’t deal with his voice… seriously, lol

  • Anonymous

    “You ladies can have him.”

    Thank you, TLo. I shall.
    As for the hat, I seem to recall him doing something similar with a top hat at Bill and Cathy’s wedding.

  • It does seem excessively  matchy-matchy to coordinate your suit with your car, though.

  • God, yeah, a man whose wife picks out his clothes… that’s rare.  Why is this a ding on the guy?  I will never get that.

    I don’t find him hot or sexy, though I do appreciate his style and his attitude.