Costume Designers Guild Awards Red Carpet

Posted on February 22, 2012

Kittens, it was the 14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards! And people showed up!


Amber Valetta in Roland Mouret

A fabulous dress on her in a color fabulously suited to her … and it’s all shot to hell with a no-effort hairstyle, bad lip color, and Payless shoes.


Ashley Madekwe

She looks adorable. That’s a super-cute dress. Those are super-unfortunate shoes to wear with it.


Chloe Moretz in Vivienne Westwood

Girl, That’s Not Your Dress. At first we were all, “Well, if she took 4 inches off the hem…” but that collar is way too much for a tiny gal her age. Plus the shoes are too matchy.


Christa B. Allen

Skin dress. Hooves.


Ellie Kemper in Giorgio Armani

We love it for being different, at least. It looks a little towel-y and the hem’s a bit long for her, though.


Jane Lynch in David Meister

A personal best for her. Seriously. She’s worn this exact dress many times, but it never fit her so perfectly and no color ever suited her as much as this red.


Kate Beckinsale in Vivienne Westwood

Pretty. Not earth-shattering, but well done, in a Kidman-y kind of way.


Madeleine Stowe in Monique Lhuillier

We suppose, much like Linda Evans and her vehement wearing of shoulder pads long past their sell-by date, Madeline is kind of required to wear those super-tight Victoria Grayson-style dresses for the time being. This one seems a little too busy for her.


Penelope Ann Miller in IZMAYLOVA

Hunh. Why did we think Ginger Rogers died years ago? The old gal looks great!


Rooney Mara in J. Mendel

Ooooh, can it be? Can the Audreybot be considered a thing of the past? Because this ain’t no Audreybot look. Gone are the stark blacks and/or whites with Star Trek-y cutouts. Gone are the mental patient bangs (which, admittedly, she made look chic). This is downright normal; even plain. But in a good way, no? The color is gorgeous on her and it’s got a simple, classic shape that suits her. If those shoes were just a shade or two darker (because we love the shape of them), this would be a perfect look – and a nice step forward for her, style-wise.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

    • halleygee

      Aside from Kate B, that was a horrible looking bunch of dresses!

    • Anathema_Device

      Wow. Jane Lynch FTW!

      Kemper’s dress reminds me far too much of the Restoration Hardware curtains I considered for my living and dining room 4 years ago.

    • Sarawrs

      Something odd with the lighting here – it’s making everything looked a little washed out.
      And I really want to love Ellie Kemper’s dress but something in me is screaming NO – I think the flappy thing in the front is throwing it off and making it look like it’s too loose on her…and the hem definitely needs to come up a bit.

    • MissFern

      You forgot choker.

      • Heron

        UGH.  My first thought.  

      • norseofcourse

        She’s having a dog collar moment.

    • Pants_are_a_must

      Jane Lynch, knocking it out of the park. David Meister is really having a moment, isn’t he.

      I’m pretty sure Ellie Kemper’s dress is see-through.

      • JillSpill

        Yes – isn’t that Ellie’s belly button I see?  NOT GOOD.

    • Emma Jean

      Audreybot or not, she has great makeup gays. 

      • Shannon Beamer

        Exactly.  Some of these ladies would do well to hire her makeup gays for the Oscars. 

      • miwome

         I was thinking that too. Her makeup looks great here – strong, but clean.

    • Sinéad Doyle

      Christa B. Allen is wearing a choker c.1995. I’ve finally reached the age where things I wore as a teen are being worn again.  

    • Renee Thomas

      Oh god, please tell me chokers are not coming back!!
      and I think I had Ashely Madekwe’s shoes in 1997. From Aldo.

      • Cindi Williams

        I was thinking the same thing about her shoes. I know I had a pair, but not from Aldo.

    • Charlotte Horseman

      Don’t know who Christa B. Allen is but LOL!  Harsh.  True.

    • Catiline

      Amber Valetta’s hair and makeup gives me a “Fassbender-in-drag” vibe.  Madeleine Stowe looks like she’s wearing seatbelts.

      “Skin dress.  Hooves” gave me my loud, undignified laugh of the day.

      • Charlotte Horseman

        Oh my goodness – me too.  That was funny!

    • sarahofalessergod

      Jane Lynch looks absolutely smashing.  And Rooney somehow manages to look adorable even though we can almost see her bellybutton.

    • howdoilook

      Rooney should get in with Celine. I’d love to see her rock their stuff: so minimalist, so HER.

      • miwome


    • Coleen D. Wybranski

      Something about your Jane Lynch comment struck a note of remembrance, and I went back to your last post mentioning her. Sure enough, it was a David Meister and you praised the Hell out of it. I think Jane might have found her designer.

    • Cassie (C.M.W.)

      Are those discarded seatbelts on Ms Stowe’s dress? Reminds me of an auf’d look from PR.

      • mountainFashionista

        And her expression here reminds me of babies when they’re, uh, filling their diapers…

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      I’m just glad to see Jane Lynch kicking some red carpet ass against the “normal pretty”. Bravo!  She looks amazing.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      Ellie Kemper:

      Emma Stone wore that Giorgio Armani better! And we gave her an OUT back then. Funny, isn’t it?

    • carolynmo

      I wish you’d look at Amber’s shoes more closely. I saw them on (ahem) another site, and they looked fantastic.

      • TheOtherChristina

        The heels do look interesting, similar to a pair of Lanvins that I would do horrible things for. But I agree with TLo. The cut and texture of the vamp and the poor fit makes them look quite unfortunate.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        come on, tell us where you saw them.  t-lo won’t mind i’m sure…

        • carolynmo

          Jezebel had a post this morning. That’s right–I’m cheating on TLo with Jezebel! And the Fug Girls.

          • Alex McGeagh

            I consider myself to be in an open relationship with these exact three blogs as well, LOL! 

    • Gara St. James

      Ashley Madekwe’s outfit and styling look cheap. And Christa B. Allen’s dress and hoof shoes are travesties, but adding a ribbon choker is an abomination as well. And Jane Lynch looks good, although her bodice could stand to be raised an inch or two.

      • AthenaJ

        I agree re: Jane Lynch, hoist those girls up! That overall shape does look lovely on her though, and that shade of red is one of the most gorgeous that I’ve seen – it’s perfect with her coloring.

        • sleah_in_norcal

          me too, i just wanted to yank on those straps as soon as i saw her.

    • janetjb

      Apparently my ear infection has spread to my brain and eyes.  I read this post twice through wondering why so many would honor costumer jewelry designers…

      Jane Lynch looks beautiful.

    • Taija HU!

      The dress Beckinsale is wearing is almost bridal in my eyes… The only thing stopping it from being bridal is the fact that it’s not white. Lovely dress though! 

      • sleah_in_norcal

        it sure looks white to me.  what color is it?

        • Taija HU!

          It’s like an off-white tinged with blue-grey. It’s very subtle. Too subtle. 

    • Miranda Loeber

      It’s the Costume Designer’s Guild for the fashion gods’ sake, why would you not step it up? Ugh, actors. Useless.

    • Spicytomato1

      Wow, the Revengenistas were out in force! I think Audrey-bot looked the best, although her lipstick looks a bit harsh. I do wish she’d learn a new posing stance, though.

      That black ribbon around Krista A’s neck has got to be the most unfortunate accessory I’ve seen in a while. Reminds me of this spooky story my son used to read about a girl who always wore a ribbon around her neck. She grew up, fell in love, got married and wouldn’t tell her husband  what the ribbon was all about until she was on her deathbed, when she untied it and her head fell off!

      • tween00

        I totally thought of the same story! Very unfortunate.

      • SapphoPoet

        Ooo! I remember that story!

    • Cathy S

      Jane Lynch for the win. Rooney’s in second. Ginger Rogers looks great for an old corpse. Rock on Ginger!

    • Hannah Shule Katz

      Ginger Rogers! Bless. She’s still one of my favorites. Cheers, Sweetie-Darling.

    • sweet_potato

      Jane Lynch looks amazing!

    • Alli

      I loooooooooooove that dress on Audreybot! Great color, and I even love the low neckline – very AudreyReal.

      Also, I wish Ellie Kemper had access to better clothes for the red carpet. She’s so cute but makes the worst choices.

    • Belle Burnett

      Maybe Penelope Ann Miller is in a costume at the Costume Designer awards? That might explain why she looks…who am I kidding? She’s been looking 30 years older than she really is for the past 5 years. Or maybe I have her age wrong, and she is in fact in her 80s?

    • SewingSiren

      Chloe Moretz look is my favorite by far. The others are meh.. except the Audreybot who looks only slightly less fabulous than usual. Maybe she’s over the red carpet. 

      •ßen/708157034 Charlotte Henßen

         Meh, Chloe’s dress gives me a trash bag vibe.

        • foodycatAlicia

          I don’t get why little Chloe thought she could raid Helena Bonham-Carter’s wardrobe. 

    • mjude

      love rooney

    • Stacy Parker Cole

      I feel like there should be a stylist just for shoes.  Almost everyone is getting the shoes wrong almost all the time.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        and what about the hairdo’s lately.  we need some sort of screening at the curb where starlets with ugly messy hair will be re-directed to a brilliant stylist who would transform them.  what a change that would be!

      • pokokpuding

         Took the words right off of my fingertips!

    • Amanda Gun

      I can’t believe I never noticed before how much Rooney Mara looks like the guy who plays Sheldon Cooper!

    • kimmeister

      The heels on Amber Valetta’s shoes appear interesting, at least from what little I can see of them.
      Christa – wow, I haven’t seen black chokers on anyone since the mid-90’s!
      Well at least Penelope showed up in a dress that wasn’t royal blue again.

    • kimmeister

      The heels on Amber Valetta’s shoes appear interesting, at least from what little I can see of them.
      Christa – wow, I haven’t seen black chokers on anyone since the mid-90’s!
      Well at least Penelope showed up in a dress that wasn’t royal blue again.

    • shiftercars

      Find a close-up side view of Amber Valetta’s shoes! More than meets the eye.

    • shiftercars

      Find a close-up side view of Amber Valetta’s shoes! More than meets the eye.

    • Jessica Charlotte Siewierkiewi

      You forgot Christa B. Allen’s choker.

    • Jessica Charlotte Siewierkiewi

      You forgot Christa B. Allen’s choker.

    • Brittany Johnstone

      I’m getting the sense that Christa is in that unfortunate period where she is just famous enough to have free stuff thrown at her but isn’t quite well-known/rich enough to have a stylist yet.

      That is the only explanation for her clothes in public thus far.

    • turtleemily

      Ashley Madekwe’s ducklips appear to be her default facial expression… I was hoping it was just her character on Revenge.

    • granddelusion

      Enough with these hos! Where are the designers!

    • DaringMiss

      Whoever Jane Lynch has do her makeup is a genius!  She looks so lovely — fresh, polished and completely like herself.    

    • SapphoPoet

      I loved Rooney Mara and Jane Lynch. Otherwise, what a boring parade of neutrals. 

    • crash1212

      Re: Ellie Kemper…not to mention one can see your freakin’ belly button. GAH!

    • MilaXX

      Ellie & Penelope are wearing entirely too much fabric. They could both stand a bit of tailoring, well actually Penelope’s is just ugly.
      Roomey looks good, but for me it’s Jane FTW. Love the color and the fabric. Usually she wears similar shapes, but in a stiffer material.

    • TheOtherChristina

      That Armani has a distinct whiff of Gyllenhaal. I can’t sign off on that.

      Love Rooney’s style evolution, especially the brow mismatch which adds just the right level of dissonance. But dear lord, the comb-over! I can’t.

    • MinAgain

      I love that first dress, but the hair and shoes are appalling.

      Jane really has fantastic skin.

    • Judy_J

      Y’all made me laugh with the Ginger Rogers reference.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        seriously, how old is this penelope person?  (sorry i don’t know who she is)

        • Lisa

          She’s 47!  That’s it – 47!  A year younger than me, and *I* wouldn’t even dress like that!

    • letter_M

      I think Rooney looks stunning in that J Mendel minimalist perfection. Perfect for this event.

    • kingderella

      lynch looks fine and mara looks spectacular, but the rest is looking pretty shitty here.

    • ri_dic

      Agree on all points!

    • Sweetpea176

      I’m loving that TLo is loving a T-strap (which probably isn’t the thing about Rooney Mara’s shoes that TLo loves, but I’ll take it)!

    • serenitynow02

      Ellie Kemper’s dress looks like it’s melting.

    • berkeleygirl

      Rooney Mara looks amazing – one of her personal bests.  The color is certainly amazing, but she really pulls off that neckline.  One anyone not quite so tiny, it would scream Look at Me!  At the same time, she’s not so scrawny that we’re screaming Cover Up Those Bones!  Love-love-love…

      What I can’t figure out is the appropriate dress for this event.  With the exception of Lynch, who struck a wonderful balance, the rest seem to be dressed for either an afternoon/cocktail event or a full-on gala.  Very schizo…

    • formerlyAnon

      Yay for Jane Lynch (or her stylist)!

      If they were supposed to be *wearing* costumes, why is Penelope Ann Miller the only one who complied?

    • Lisa

      Oh, wow, Penelopne Ann Miller is ready for  a Golden Girls redux!

      Rooney Mara looks full-stop GORGEOUS!

    • Lilak

      Rooney Mara does it again (and the front view’s not even the best view)!

    • filmcricket

      What a bunch of bland looks for a costume designers’ show! I think this should be mandated as a fancy dress shindig – you have to wear a pirate hat, a flapper gown, or a Parisian street-urchin ensemble, in honour of the nominees.

    • PeaceBang

      Rooney Mara, or is it Mooney Rama, or whatever her name is: WERQ! 

    • Patricia Gillett

      The color on Kate B.’s dress does nothing for her. Jane Lynch looks terrific. Everything else was a big meh. 

    • pippitypup

      That’s nice. What did the costume designers wear? 

    • Megan Sullivan

      Pleasantly surprised to see Chloe Moretz actually kind of smiling instead of giving her usual duck face.

    • ccm800

      whoo. That’s quite a big hem on the old skin dress. 

    • Alex McGeagh

      Does anyone know who styles Rooney Mara? She consistently looks very good on most red carpets she attends. I’d be very curious…T&Lo, anyone else know?? Or do celebs keep that kind of info under wraps…hmmm?

    • BrooklynBomber

      Not earth-shattering, but well done, in a Kidman-y kind of way.

      That’s it! You’ve put your finger on it: she’s turing into Nicole Kidman. I preferred here as Kate Beckinsale, but that’s just me.

      “mental patient bangs”. . . “Ginger Rogers”. . . you kill.

    • korilian

      I think Rooney Mara also desperately needs some kind of bling.

    • RzYoung

      Skin dress. Hooves. Is hilarious, it’s like a drive-by style round up 

    • afabulous50

      Whole lotta ugly here…

    • malvernite

      Jane Lynch’s bustline starts a little too far down her chest, otherwise the look would be perfect.

    • kvlm

      Dear Lord, could these people be any less creative for the COSTUME guild awards.  Quel snooze.  

    • cam_lo

      christa looks totally hooker dominatrix. sigh.

    • Rrroza

      Sure, RM’s dress is “even plain”….except for the waist deep neckline. Wonderful look (except for the shoe color). Most of the rest of this lot are meh, or much worse (Christa Allen eeek)

    • bitchybitchybitchy


    • Jen R

      There’s something wrong about the way Jane Lynch’s dress looks. The proportions seem a tad off, because her boobs look like they’re resting on her stomach. If it’s supposed to be an empire waist, then the skirt is too low. If not, then there needs to be more torso. Or more support for her bust. Something. Because that’s a whole lot of skin between her chin and the dress. Don’t get me wrong – she looks great but there’s something that’s just a hair off.

    • Gorengirl

      Im So Over Rooney Mara…..

    • bitterk

      Penelope Ann Miller, good gracious chica, what were your thinking?