Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet

Posted on February 22, 2012

Hit it, Brits and the people who like to receive awards from them!

Adele in Burberry

Hey there, Georgy Girl. We feel like she’s entering Flo Welch territory. Not only has she locked herself into a look, but she settled on one that, like Flo’s, is a bit aging and grandiose. Sometimes it works for us and sometimes it doesn’t. This isn’t working. The tightness throughout the top is a big part of that.


And speaking of Flo…

Florence Welch in Alexander McQueen

Cheeky girl! Making T Lo think you disregarded their continued advice by wearing some high-faluting gown and then unexpectedly deploying the considerably less faluting mullet skirt!

But we still hate it, hon.


Jessie J in Falguni & Shane Peacock

Miss, the Euro Adult Video Awards are tomorrow night. Embarrassing!


Kylie Minogue in Yves Saint Laurent

When Miss Kylie starts dressing all classy and demure-like, we suddenly feel old. C’mon girl. You can show us. You’re wearing hooker platforms and a sequined garter belt under there, right?


Lana Del Rey in Vivienne Westwood

Lorenzo discovered her during Fashion Week, when half the shows seemed to feature her music, and now Tom is looking to buy a gun so he can shoot out all the speakers in the house.

But she looks very pretty.


Nicole Scherzinger in Versace

That’s pretty fabulous. The color looks amazing on her.


Rihanna in Givenchy Couture

We are terribly confused. Because from the neck down? Sicktastic diva sexbomb. From the neck up? “I need a price check on Monistat.”

[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos]

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  • Spicytomato1

    I like Rihanna’s gown best, it’s beautiful…and do agree that her hair and makeup need serious help (not to mention her judgement re her monster of an ex). Jessie J looks like a brunette Fergie. Just an observation.

    • Let’s not shame a woman for an incident with an ex that occurred three years ago. Shame him, by all means. But victims of domestic abuse need support, not shaming for their “poor judgment.” /serious.
      But yeah, her hair looks a little Kate Gosselin, and that’s not a good look. 

      • Kimmu

        I think she’s not being shamed for what happened three years ago, but she is getting the side eye from me for promoting Chris Brown and doing work for him on his album in a song that is about nothing but sex. Great message there.

        • Catiline

          Honestly?  I go back and forth between feeling like you do, and also feeling sad because Rihanna’s still pretty young, and she’s the product of an abusive home herself.  They don’t call it the “cycle of abuse” for nothing; and most people trying to break the cycle don’t have their every failure or questionable decision up for worldwide scrutiny and hatred.  I really, really do not envy her position.  (Her body on the other hand…)

          • Kimmu

            Terrible position yes, but she’s clearly not made the hard decision to actually be a role model and support others who have gone through what she has, and as such, I really can’t respect her anymore. The fact that she’s now supporting him and showing how for men there are no negative repercussions at all for such actions…yeah, she’s lost me.

          • Catiline

            I hate her participation in Brown’s image rehabilitation, but it’s ridiculous to place the majority of the opprobrium on a single victim.  Especially since she has already been blamed and smeared six ways to Sunday for the attack, humiliated by having her post-beating face posted for the world to see, and then victim-blamed some more anyway.  

            We have blamed victims since the dawn of time, and it changes nothing – in fact, it contributes to the culture where men receive no negative repercussions.  The more time we spend holding victims “accountable” for being victims, the less we seem to hold abusers accountable for being abusers. 

          • Kimmu

            I’m not sure how deciding to not support her career after she makes the offensive, to me, decision to create sexual, violent music with Chris Brown and publicly support his all around disgusting and offensive behaviour is blaming her for being a victim. I’m disappointed in her choices.

          • Catiline

            I’m not objecting to your lack of support or respect for her.  I just think homing on Rihanna as “showing how for men there are no negative repercussions” ignores that we are boiling in larger cultural issues of misogyny.

            Charlie Sheen, Michael Fassbender, Gary Oldman, and Glen Campbell (off the top of my head) have all beaten the shit out of women without suffering any real consequences.  There was a huge swelling of support for Roman Polanski, who anally raped a 13-year-old girl.  Steven Tyler and Ted Nugent both legally adopted underage groupies and had sex with them – and in Steven Tyler’s case, coerced the girl into having an abortion when she became pregnant.

            I would like to see the day when the people who enable, support and rehabilitate THESE abusers get as much flack as Rihanna is getting now.  And it makes my stomach crawl a little bit that a young woman who is already a victim several times over gets singled out for enabling DV, but the powerful people who enable Polanski, Tyler et. al don’t seem to be held nearly as accountable.  This isn’t really directed at you, just one of many reasons I don’t have a lot of anger to expend on Rihanna.

          • miwome

             I’m with you. This piece over at the Atlantic really summed up why I can’t get mad at Rihanna, even if I can feel some anguish watching this happen.

          • And that is my problem- it is neither her responsibility nor her obligation to live her life as mine or anyone’s “face of” DV. I don’t believe ANY victim is obligated to live their lives in a way that enables any stranger to use them for a political/moral agenda.  i don’t think chastising the victim for how they’ve coped with trauma because their process makes US uncomfortable is fair.
            I also think there are some, who’ve never had that experience, who feel WAY too comfortable “knowing” what they’d do or say, and are using her to…vicariously experience it themselves. So they’re mad when she doesn’t choose the path they think THEY would.

          • lucasuk82

            I didn’t realized she was from an abusive home, but just did some reading.  It makes her actions/reactions make a lot more sense. 

        • amywinns

          They are also semi-openly dating again, complete with semi-public displays of affection and gushy tweets. And he’s totally dropped all pretense of remorse, accusing those of us who would prefer to see some humility and maturity as “haters” and announcing anyone who disapproves to “fuck off” now that he has been rewarded with a Grammy. It’s terribly disheartening all around. Sorry to “shame” Rhianna, but someone shoul dhave some shame somewhere in this mess..

          • Kimmu

            He’s pretty much one of the most disgusting pigs I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing. Actually, calling him a pig is giving pigs a bad name. They’re intelligent and clean animals. I can’t say the same for Chris Brown.

          • Synnamin

             why are we busy shaming Rhianna, when we really should be shaming Chris Brown? Why is it always the victim’s fault. Yes, she has some responsibility, but all I hear is about her choices and not his.

          • Because she’s the one who had the choice to take him back and she’s the one who made it. If she never wanted to speak to him again, he would have been at the mercy of HER choice for HER degree of interaction with him. But alas.

          • Catiline

            Sorry to “shame” Rhianna, but someone shoul dhave some shame somewhere in this mess.. 

            Yeah because if there’s one thing abused women don’t get enough of in this society, it’s shame. 

          • Patti Lever

            One thing is to be abused and get away from the animal, the other is to go back to the same POS that abused her in the first place.  It’s not like she doesn’t have money, unlike many victims of domestic abuse. She is a hot young thing that could have her choice of decent men.

          • Catiline

            On average, it takes a woman seven attempts to leave her batterer.  Money or being a “hot young thing” does not give magic immunity to the psychological issues at play.The psychological issues are generally NOT helped by having society at large dump shame on them – and don’t forget that Rihanna already underwent one of the largest avalanches of public victim-blaming in recent memory when the original beating happened. 

            I’m frustrated with her too, but I’m MORE frustrated at a society that dumps pounds and pounds of you must have done something to make him angry, don’t be such a bitch, can’t you see he’s changed? on battered women.  If you’re pissed off that sometimes these toxic messages actually sink in with abuse victims, get mad at the people sending them.

          • miwome

             I believe the statistical average is seven times returning to the abuser. Add in the fact that on top of the usual “he’s not that bad, he would never, I can’t believe, what did you do to make him so angry” that most victims get from the people around them, you have a whole society–or, at least, industry–that’s apparently just jumping up and down to heap accolades on the man and forget everything. Is it any wonder she lowered the restraining order so he could perform at the Grammys? Not to mention the choice to collaborate on the song–there were a LOT of people involved in that decision on both sides, not just Chris Brown and Rihanna, and not a single one of them, apparently, felt the need to nix it.

        • Spicytomato1

          Yes, that’s what I was referring to, thank you. I heard on the radio this morning that not only is she doing work for him but he’s now on a track of hers that’s extremely explicit and violent in nature.

      • themandy

        I think Spicytomato1 may be referring to the fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been spending time together lately.

      • MilaXX

         The poor judgement is reconciling with said monster, recording a single and performing with said monster. Yes she need counseling, but she needs to be called to task for having anything to with him ever again.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      I agree about Rihanna’s gown. It’s beautiful and she looks amazing in it.

  • Adele: Stand up straight!
    Florence: Go home and burn that thing.
    Jessie:  Honey that look on your face makes you look pissed, and insane.
    Kylie:  How did you manage to age 20 years overnight? Did your deal with the Devil expire?
    Lana:  Girl you brought it.
    Nicole: Props, lady for that amazing color and finding a dress that’s individual with out shouting the fact.
    Rihanna: Kill your hairstylist, now.

    • P M

      Adele: FIRE YOUR STYLIST AND HAIRDRESSER! Such aging country-star looks. And 60s-70s ones at that. Even Loretta Lynn doesn’t look this bad.

    •  Rihanna: You may be the only woman who can wear that dress with opera length gloves and not look ridiculous.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    What happened to Rihanna recently? She has been looking quite terrible for the past few weeks as I can recall.

    • twocee

       Does the timing dovetail with her hooking back up with Chris Brown?  That would explain a lot.

      • MilaXX

         I don’t think her fashion choices have anything to do with CB. Rhi takes choices and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That dye job worked at the Grammy’s when she was going for the Michelle Pfierfer /Scarface look and doesn’t really work with anything else. Same thing with the red hair she wore for a minute Half the time it worked, the other half the time it didn’t

  • RIhanna looks horrible. Out of all these, Adele looks the best. Lana looks like she’s trying to pretend she’s not smelling poop stuck under her nose.

  • I agree with you guys on Adele. I can’t believe she’s only a year older than me. I get that she may not be comfortable showing a lot of skin or that that’s not her goal, but the way she dresses in all black columns just makes her look older.

    • NC_Meg

      The big hair isn’t helping either.

      • Lori

         That is total Middle Aged hair, and she needs to cut that out right now. (I say that as a middle aged person, but one who does not have Middle Aged hair.) The style problem is made worse by the fact that It looks like it’s held in place by half a can of Aquanet. Adele deserves better than this.

        • I wonder if this is a style choice, i.e. her music, what little I’ve heard of it (and love, by the way) sounds kind of like ’60s Motown. And she has that old-style voice. Maybe it’s all part of a package.

          I’m just speculating though. It could be she just doesn’t know how to dress herself.

          • Lori

             I think you’re right and it’s an (attempt at) a style choice. It’s just not working. The hair isn’t saying “fun 60s retro”, it’s saying “I’m a 40-something mom who hasn’t given a minute’s thought to my look since my first child was born”.  That’s makes me sad for the 40-something mom with no time for herself. On a 23 year old it’s just tragic.

            The clothes aren’t really giving off the right vibe either. She needs to be looking at old pictures of Aretha and this feels more like Tammy Wynette or something. If she wants to go really obviously 60s-instirped without going full on costume there are some things in Barbara Tfanks last couple of collections, as an example, that I think would work really well on her.

            Instead, I feel like she’s on the verge of falling into the Christina Hendricks trap of allowing bitchy, crazy, thin-obsessed wackos to convince her that she’s so huge there’s no way for fashion to look really good on her. I also worry that folks are convincing her that she needs big ol’ giant hair to “balance out” her supposed enormity. Adele deserves better than that shit. (So does Christina.)

            Girl needs some good gays is what I’m saying.

          • A big old “Yes” to everything you said.

          • Spicytomato1

            If it is a style choice, it needs to have a hipper, newer edge to it. A fresher take on the past vs. a retread.

    • NC_Meg

      The big hair isn’t helping either.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i love Adele but perhaps she should call her next album “42”….

  • serenitynow02

    I am so disgusted by Rihanna collaborating with her abuser that I don’t care what the hell she wears.

    And I just give up on Flo. I just can’t believe that they didn’t cast her as Miss Havisham.

  • Eva_baby

    Man, the way she has been dressing lately, Adele needs to call her next album ’40’

    I think RiRi looks fab!

    Flo looks like a Madam Tussaud’s version of herself in a bad mullet dress.  Actually every mullet dress is bad, imo.

  • RzYoung

    I love Nicole’s dress, it’s gorgeous, but I do feel like she was .5mm away from nippletown all night.

  • sarahofalessergod

    Wow, Lana del Rey.  I care not a whit for her music, but that is a flawless look.

  • Scarlet39

    Should I be concerned that I have no idea who Jessie J is?

    Rihanna consistently has the worst hair on the red carpet.  It almost seems like she’s deliberately going for fug. 

    Adele is lurching towards Ethel Mertz territory. I can’t tell for sure, but is that a french manicure? Just my personal taste, but i cannot stand french manicures.

  • Scarlet39

    Should I be concerned that I have no idea who Jessie J is?

    Rihanna consistently has the worst hair on the red carpet.  It almost seems like she’s deliberately going for fug. 

    Adele is lurching towards Ethel Mertz territory. I can’t tell for sure, but is that a french manicure? Just my personal taste, but i cannot stand french manicures.

  • Anathema_Device

    The Lana Del Rey caption provided my first belly laugh of the day. The Rhianna caption provided the second one.

  • Anathema_Device

    The Lana Del Rey caption provided my first belly laugh of the day. The Rhianna caption provided the second one.

  • I love what Rihanna is wearing, and I like her hair with that dress. As far as her relationship with Chris Brown, I find it interesting that the assumption is that they’re sleeping together, instead of simply continuing their professional relationship. Do I think it’s a good look for her? No- the backlash would not have been worth it to me, but you know…”24″ and “hardheaded” go together like rice and peas. 

    I love Adele, but that top doesn’t look comfortable. I’d love to see her turn it out in some color too. 

    • amywinns

      The assumption is based on eyewitness reports of PDA, photographs and their own tweets. Other than that, it’s all speculation.

      • Gossip, the photographs of them exiting and entering the same clubs- separately, and on more than one occasion, with his gf, even though that’s not documented because she’s not famous, and him wishing her happy birthday and her saying thanks. Based on that, I’ve been dating my ex for the past 4 years lol. He says they aren’t together, and she hasn’t said anything, so until they do…I’m gonna chalk it up to a professional relationship. 

        • sweetestsith

           Add to that, in the celeb world hinting at dating to spark controversy is part of the job these days… I’m with you, professional until proven otherwise.

  • I love what Rihanna is wearing, and I like her hair with that dress. As far as her relationship with Chris Brown, I find it interesting that the assumption is that they’re sleeping together, instead of simply continuing their professional relationship. Do I think it’s a good look for her? No- the backlash would not have been worth it to me, but you know…”24″ and “hardheaded” go together like rice and peas. 

    I love Adele, but that top doesn’t look comfortable. I’d love to see her turn it out in some color too. 

  • Cannot stand LDL but she sure does photograph real purty like.

    And I kind of love the fact that Jessie J’s thing is to dress like a robo-hooker. Hey, *somebody* has to pick up the slack if Kylie is all classy now.

  • Also, nobody looks good in elbow-length gloves. With the exception of Miss Piggy, of course.

  • Agree – Adele can do something besides black.  She will look just as gorgeous in something softer.  Florance Welch looks nuts.. hate it.  RiRi looks really great – especially for her.

  • tsid2012

    One thing is for sure, the Brits go considerably cheaper on their RC backdrops.

  • Oooh, Nicole S. – like a stick of butter sliding down a hot … something. Is that glued on? 

  • Rihanna, oh Rihanna. FABULOUS, except for the hair/makeup and the matchiest shoes I’ve ever seen. Not only dyed to match, but blinged to match. WHY?

  • Good call on Adele. She looks like Catherine Deneuve trying to be ordinary.

  • Ok, Ri Ri, we get it. YOU HAVE BOOBS. Moving on.  Unlike Adele’s Grammy dress, the one she has on now makes her look huge from the waist down.  I think she can do black all she wants, we all have our schtick, but it must be a bit more modern and youthful from now on.

  • P M

    Mullet Skirt.
    I hope it becomes a fashion-ism to call those monstrosities that.

  • mhlmh

    Looks like Lana Del Rey found Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman dress in the dress-up bin and wore it to the party. 

    • Spicytomato1

      Not to mention her lips.

  • GorgeousThings

    “Lorenzo discovered her during Fashion Week, when half the shows seemed
    to feature her music, and now Tom is looking to buy a gun so he can
    shoot out all the speakers in the house.”

    Hahahahahahahaha! Snort!
    Best line of the day – so far!!!!

  • janetjb

    Florence? What has happened to you?  Did your stylist quit?
    I loved your style but lately you’ve been looking sad instead of fierce.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Adele has got to stop dressing like a divatastic widow.

    Florence is just making me sad now.

    I think I’ll go and make a dubstep remix of “Cosmic Love” and “Someone Like You” together. It’ll be called “Someone like You Love (Cosmically)” and it will make everyone hate me.

  • jw_ny

     You guys are on fire today with the witty and sarcastic jabs!  XD 

    Tom…when you shoot out the speakers, make a youtube vid of it!  Those viral vids of shooting electronics (laptops) are quite the rage these days. 😉

    Adele really needs a stylist…her ’60s pageant hair and basic black dresses do not suit her bold personality and talent. 

    That’s not a good color on Flo.  That horrendous mullet showcasing her pasty white legs ain’t a good look, and her face makeup is so white and her lip and eye makeup is so severe…check for a pulse!

    wtf was Rihanna thinking with that hair and makeup…fantastic otherwise. 

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Flo really needs to rethink that “dying of consumption” look she has been sporting lately….

  • Judy_J

    I’ve got two words for Nicole Scherzinger: baby heads.

    • poggi

      I think Nicole’s dress is very low but it doesn’t seem to smashing her breasts into bagels like Viola’s dress did the other day and like half of Christina Hendrick’s red carpet choices.  That said, her breasts do seem just barely contained by her dress. 

  • Florence: you’re an international acclaimed singer INVEST IN A GOOD MAKE-UP ARTIST AND A STYLIST. You don’t need to look so washed out anymore, you’ve earned it girl!!

  • Gayer_Than_Thou

    Regarding RiRi: “We are terribly confused. Because from the neck down? Sicktastic diva sexbomb. From the neck up? ‘I need a price check on Monistat.'”

    As is so often the case on this blog, when you guys nail it exactly (as you’ve done here), that is all I can see from then on. Also, this made me snorkle my breakfast burrito.

  • There is a very big difference between blaming Rihanna for being abused (which NO one is doing as far as I can tell), and blaming her for continuing to be in contact with her abuser, hanging out with him, and collaborating/promoting his music. 

    That said, nice to see Flo show a little leg, even if that means a mullet skirt…Lana Del Rey looks gorgeous. Adele can do better! 

  • hahahaha i need a price check on monistat. 

  • mommyca

    Dear Jessie J: Fergie called, she wants her dress back! 

  • Greg Yoder

    Who went back in time and brought the young Suzanne Sugarbaker to the Brit Awards?  I’m thinking there were more interesting people you could have chosen.

  • oohsparkley!

    Florence is so cool, she can wear whatever the heck she wants!  I would love to see her in more color though. Rihanna is smokin!

  • I have to say, I think RiRi is werqing the hell out of that blond hair if I don’t particularly care for this style coiffure.  I don’t always love blond on her skin tone but for her…it’s kinda smokin.

    And, please, someone tell FloWe that she is not Karen Elson.  Karen is the only red head on planet earth who can rock that shade of peachy shade of flesh.  She needs a hair and wardrobe makeover STAT.  And p.s. just because it’s couture or designer does not mean you should do it.  Editorial does not always translate to the street, girls.

  • “I need a price check on Monistat.” Thank you, gentlemen, for the huge laugh, I needed it!

    • I was going to post the exact same thing. Hilariously perfect description.

      • Lisa

        I know!  That cracked me up!

  • Okay just noticed this, does anyone else think that Lana del Rey looks like Blanche Baker from 16 Candles?

  • BrooklynBomber

    now Tom is looking to buy a gun so he can shoot out all the speakers in the house.


    price check on Monistat.


  • MilaXX

    As much as I love Adele, that dress is a no. She needs to speak to Tadashi Shoji or David Meister cause a 23 year old, no matter how retro she wants to dress should not look like my grandma. Florence Welsh look like she’s wearing a chenille bedspread.Jessie J looks like a ho.Nicloe is one sneeze away from a wardrobe malfunction.I’m not feeling that dirty blonde look Rhianna is wearing lately.

  • lucasuk82

    I love this makeup on Adele, but much preferred her Grammy dress.  How could Florence in McQueen have gone so, so wrong?

  • Synnamin

    Nicole Scherzinger = Basket of tits

    • Lisa

      Haaah!!!  DYING!

  • Corsetmaker

    Adele’s dress isn’t great on fit. I’ve got no problem with the look in general, I like a retro look. But she could do with a bit of something to spark her up a bit,
    Florence needs to go back to the lighter, brighter red she had before. Her hair is too dark at the moment and it’s too harsh for her. She could do with gaining a little weight too. The colour isn’t good on her either. But I’ll never condemn anyone for being pale, I hate this get a bit of colour attitude. She’s pale, big deal, why should anyone be told to change the colour of their skin! 

  • Florence Welch: The Coal Miner’s Daughter meets Frederick’s of Hollywood.

  • GTrain

    In this group, Nicole’s boobs look that much more fake.

  • nannypoo

    If Nicole leans forward she is going to embarrass herself and anyone nearby. Florence Welch looks just awful here, but honestly no worse than usual. Exhausted, haggard, a little like a country singer after an all-nighter. I think Rihanna looks pretty but that’s because she has set her personal bar so low. And then there’s Adele. If the dress were the right size she would look fabulous. In this case let’s just focus on the neck up, because she is gorgeous.

  • kingderella

    oh boy. rihannas hair is terrible again!

    dear Lo, know that T is wrong! del reys music is divine!

    not loving welchs look here – the dress is overworked and the colour is dreadful – but i like how its a variation on her signature look.

  • Lisa

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Adele – it’s only been a week and a half’s worth of dresses for awards shows.  She’ll get it back together, and really, if the dress fit her a little better, it would be a knockout.

  • Guys, you just SLAYED ME with “I need a price check on Monistat.”
    Thank you. I so needed that tonight.

  • PeaceBang

    Rihanna needs an intervention. I’m worried about her. Flo and her machine continue to also look like they need a month in the country. Adele is Rolling In the Dress – it’s drowning her, and that Nicole person in the yellow? BABY HEADS. 

  • I love LDR too Lo!  SO GOOD.  Sorry T, at least you don’t have to listen to me singing along with her for hours on end like my roomies.  🙂

    Oh the clothes… I love Rihanna’s choice in clothes almost every single time, but her styling is frequently so cracked out.  Especially the hair.  Sigh.

  • ccm800

    Back in the hole Nicole!

    • ItGirlTori

      Just checked Lana Del Ray.. Thanks Lorenzo!  Only loved Nichole and RiRi’s look. On the RiRi/ Chris Brown thing…I think that we as a society should 1) expect Chris Brown to apologize for his actions and publicly admit that he is seeking help and leave it at that unless its clear he is being abusive once again. As for RiRi, I think she’s an artist & a survivor of abuse. Although its clear she’s not writing her songs, she still does not owe it to anyone to be a role model for our youth. To expect that out of famous people is ridiculous…and goes against our understanding of media or even for that matter the way that media is produced. Again, lets remember the cycle of abuse- and think about how relationships work and how our laws work- and realize they don’t often harmonize. Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up because of a restraining order. Neither seemed to want to break up and for a while it appeared their relationship continued despite a no contact order. Although this doesn’t bode well for the DV movement, it does explain their behavior and gives us insight into unhealthy relationships & our societies expectations of abuse. The DV movement, while it has helped publicized the plight of abused women & has done a lot of great work, doesn’t capture the honesty and reality of most relationships- especially those where abuse is part of the dynamic. We shouldn’t be blaming RiRi for going back with him, or for participating in the creation of shitty music/or dysfunctional music. Nor should we be shaming Chris Brown. We should be advocating help for these people and giving them personal privacy. Our goal shouldn’t be to break relationships up or decide the fate of relationships for other people. Our goals should be to provide the space for people to acknowledge when they fuck up, and provide a route to learn to do better, while understanding its gonna take a few times for them to get right. That should be our response. Not gut reactionary bullshit inspired to create victims and perpetrators and funding…

  • nancylee61

    I cannot abide the boobs almost out look. That Nicole woman has it. It distracts me from the lines of the gown and the beauty of the fabrics. Why can’t women have a wee bit of elegance???? I feel old. 

  • J

    Rihanna and Sherzinger –  Seriously yuck neck down. Both. 

  • miwome

    I completely mistook Lana Del Rey for Amy Adams up there. And I’m bummed about Jessie J; normally she’s quirky and fun and I like her style (not that I would ever want to emulate it, but it’s fun to look at sometimes) and I wish she hadn’t gone out in a naked dress. And that hair is weird on her–I wouldn’t have recognized her at all were it not for the caption.