Blake Lively for ELLE Magazine

Posted on February 03, 2012

You bitches better love us. Because, while we’re used to meeting reality show contestants, having drinks with them, and then turning around and criticizing them on our blog, we’re not at all used to it when it comes to fashion editors and stylists that we know. Even worse when it’s someone you adore and on whose TV show you made an appearance. Joe Zee, you’re killing us here.

Blake Lively featured in the March 2012 issue of ELLE magazine photographed by Tom Munro and styled by Joe Zee.

PSYCH! No you’re not, Joe! Fortunately, you’re incredibly talented as a stylist and we haven’t yet had that moment where we realize we might have to write something critical about someone we know and like. You best keep up the good work, Mr. Zee. Otherwise you’re going to put us in QUITE the spot.

Anyway, Blake gets the Mr. Zee treatment for Elle and it’s to her enormous benefit. Take notes, girl. Granted, some of the outfits aren’t public appearance- appropriate, but they do make her look sexy as hell. LOVE the pops of blue and green in the jewelry on the cover. Masterful.


Net shirt, $180, linen tank top, $235, both, Isabel Marant.


Silk-and-nylon-blend jacket, Blumarine, $2,295. Nylon-blend swimsuit, Michael Kors Swimwear, $320. Suede and patent leather sandals, Pierre Hardy, $895.


Embroidered top from Gucci; stretch leggings from Alexander Wang; and emerald-and-diamond ring, sapphire-and-diamond ring, both from Lorraine Schwartz.


Stretch dress from Victoria Beckham; gold hoop bracelet with diamonds from Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co.; and white gold and diamond earrings, emerald-and-diamond ring, sapphire-and-diamond ring, all from Lorraine Schwartz.


[Photo Credit: Tom Munro for]

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  • Chloe Stabler

    Aww man, I want those leggings.

  • Jamie

    you had me there for a moment, but couldn’t figure out what the problem was

  • Anonymous

    When she’s wet she looks really slutty. In the other pictures she looks glamourous and beautiful.

    • Lori

      ITA.  The wet ones took me straight to busted Brittney Spears.

    • Anonymous

      The unnecessary crotch shot doesn’t help either. Wish they had switched the position of her to avoid that.

  • Jasmine Moten

    She is gorgeous, but I don’t get the appeal of her.

    • Anonymous

      See, i don’t even think she’s that gorgeous. I think she has a beautiful body and knows how to best show herself off – but otherwise just “eh” for me.

      And that second shot looks like it’s got boobies painted on.

      • Helen C

        She has a young Sarah Jessica Parker’s face.   SJP’s face is not regarded as attractive… 

        • jaymeglynn

          Argh, then how come all the guys I know think Blake Lively is the sexiest thing ever, and SJP the ugliest? IT’S NOT FAIR!

          • Euphory

             Two words:  Boobs Legly.

            SJP lacks both.  Blake has some nice implants and nice legs. 

        • Denny Li

          She’s a young SJP after some really excellent plastic surgery.

  • Sara__B

    Is there something wrong with the other side of her face? Every shot is from the same angle. Other than that, well done, Joe Zee.

  • Anonymous

    I JUST saw these pictures on and wondered if you were going to post them :)

    • jaymeglynn

      Cool story bro!

  • Anonymous

    I love the cover, but the rest aren’t really doing it for me.

  • Anonymous

    The cover copy is killing me: Bad make-up? Sex life? Relationship? Diet not working? Basically, does your life SUCK or maybe you didn’t realize it until you read this cover so buy me! Geez.

    • Vera

      Women’s magazines have some hilarious copy.  Glad I grew away from believing all that negative hype.

  • Anonymous

    why is she famous again?

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    She better hire Joe Zee full time. For once her stunning good looks match her clothes. 

  • Allison Woods

    Hey Joe Zee, can you be MY stylist? Pretty please? Kthnksbai.

  • Anonymous

    Oh – next time you have coffee with him, please ask Mr Zee why women aren’t allowed to close their mouths anymore.
    I am bored beyond belief with the same and same and same passive *come fuck me*- pose in magazines that aren’t aimed at straight men.

    • Anonymous

      YES! This.

    • Anonymous

      Usually combined with the dead/vacant eyed stare that tries to be come hither.

    • muzan-e

      Did you ever watch America’s Next Top Model? *  Because Tyra Banks spent the first seven seasons snapping “Close your mouth!” at every girl in every shoot, and even years later I scroll through these photos reflexively flinching.

      (* Just kidding. Friends don’t expect friends to admit they ever watched ANTM *g*)

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        And to be honest, we think everyone should take Tyra’s ideas about modeling with a massive grain of salt. You can look at fashion photography from 50 and 60 years ago and see the same open-mouthed expressions. People tend to put it down because they think there’s a sexual element to it or that it makes the woman look vapid – and we’re not really arguing against either of those points – but it’s often deployed because it makes the model look like she’s in motion and alive. And it’s often due to the fact that she WAS in motion when the shot was taken.

        • muzan-e

          Absolutely, and not only because her ideas perpetually contradict.

          Her concern was the vapid-eyed stare you’ve described – but within a season or two she’d also advised that a girl may wish to gasp for a tiny breath right before the photograph’s shot. It transforms the posture, she’d explained, but it also animates the face. Sometimes often by slightly parting the lips.  *g*  Just as you say.

          That was always the tragedy of the show, though: a host who’d placed herself in the position of mentor over a group of students; a position for which she was completely unprepared, and students who didn’t particularly interest her. If you’re willing to spend only the necessary minimum of time on your role, eventually everything devolves into a stream of convenient catch-phrases, peppered with the occasional moment of useful insight. The gasp was useful. The much-maligned ‘smiling with your eyes’ was actually useful (much like smiling when you speak on the phone). But they were drowned in a seasons-long tide of “close your mouth!” and “smi-i-ize!”

      • Euphory

         C1 of ANTM was actually pretty decent.

  • Anonymous

    I wish there were just ONE photo where she were turning to her left, instead of her right. (I wouldn’t go so far as to ask for head-on or anything more different.) It’s just. always. the same. pose. It’s making me nuts!

    • Beth M.

      But maybe she’s not an ambi-turner!

  • Theresa Johnston

    TLo I think you’re screwing with us. Blake Lively looks cheap in every. single. shot. Now maybe Joe Zee channeled and distilled her essence and came up with trashy…if so, job well done. If she was supposed to look polished, beautiful and

    • Anonymous

       In Joe’s defense, there’s only so much you can do with the materials you’re given. He was given Blake Lively.

  • Anonymous

    That cover shot is the first time I have found her to look anything other than completely average. Then I scrolled down and she reverts back to looking like every other bland, tacky blonde.

    I am an extra bitter kitten today. Probably because Ms. Lively is on my Irrational Celebrity Hate list. 

  • Anonymous

    Wait, you were on All on the Line? Damn I wish I had the Sundance Channel. 

  • Anonymous

    Can she do a different angle/pose? She bugs me so effing much.

  • Judy_J

    I’m not a fan of the sweaty, unwashed look (photos 2 and 3).

  • Anonymous

    I am covetous of that Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co. bracelet.

    ETA: If they ever were going to roll the clock back on Sex and The City, Blake here should be shortlisted for Carrie (my brain supplied Emma Stone for Miranda unbidden).

    • foodycatAlicia

      YES – I realised the other day that Blake is going to look like SJP in a few years!

    • jaymeglynn

       Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! I might actually start to find Miranda interesting. Can you dream-cast Samantha and Charlotte with modern celebs now too?

      I may try and push you in the direction of Leighton Meester for Charlotte cos she does prissy so well, but maybe that’s too much GG for anyone’s sake.

      • Anonymous

        I adore Leighton Meester, but somehow I feel she is a little too shrewd for Charlotte (And too campy? Or is that just GG?). Charlotte is hard because she is a romantic and an idealist and a lot of actresses tend to play that as ‘dumb’, which she’s not. More willfully naive. Alison Brie could do it. She has great comic timing and early Trudy is a lot like Charlotte. She’d just need brown contacts.

        Samantha is tough too, but I think Rachel McAdams could pull it off. She’s the right age, can be dyed to the right look, and we know from Mean Girls that she can do more than Little Miss Sweetie Pie roles. She also has good comic timing. The Hot Chick was a gross movie but while she was ‘possessed” she did some overtly sexy/just gross pretty well.

        • theneva

          Alison Brie as young Charlotte would be BRILLIANT, as would McAdams as Samantha. 

    • Euphory

       But Carrie’s whole thing is short and nondescript looking.  Hence her later inadequacy when meeting the tall and beautiful Natasha.  Blake is way too tall for Carrie. 

  • Anonymous

    One day she’ll turn her body in the opposite direction and fade immediately into obscurity. Until then, enjoy this side, bitches.

  • Susan Crawford

    The main thing I love here is the Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and the Gucci top. One small query? Is it just me and my dirty mind or does it appear that her lady-parts are about to burst into flame? (Mr. Zee, the rosin or talc or whatever she has on her hands has created this impression. Styling tip: clean hands, clean mental imagery!)

  • Pamela

    I can’t stand this bitch.  She looks like a stick figure in those leggings; like these bony-ass starlets have to have more Photoshop-shaved off of their waistlines.
    I’m hating on her and I don’t know why.  I hate her stupid name, too.  Another case of why-is-she-famous?

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, is it “Irrational Hate Week” over at T Lo central? Heigl, Paltrow and Lively all in the same week! (Not suggesting that T Lo hates these women, but oh so many people do. )

    Cool clothes, but the shots are kind of cut and paste. She is either standing and twisting to the camera, or she is leaning back with stringy hair covering her face.

    Not feeling this editorial at all. But then, I don’t really get Lively as a fashion icon. She is a pretty girl, but I never get any sense of charisma from her at all.

    • Anonymous

      I like Heigl, and I don’t hate Lively, although I am indifferent to her.


      Don’t ask me about Goop!

  • Phyllis Craine

    What do I not get?  She bores me

  • Anonymous

    I like the cover, but that’s about it.  She’s a pretty girl for sure, but I just don’t see her as a fashion icon.  I especially never understood Lagerfeld’s fascination with her.

    • Helen C

      I guess because she’s Lagerfeld’s type.  

      Lagerfeld prefers plain-jane face but athletic body types.  Hence his current “muse” Baptiste.  His former “muse” Brad.  Hence Lara Stone.  His favorite French girl Clementine Posey.  He’s a German trying hard his whole life to be “French”.  

  • Anonymous

    Oh, hey! It’s a (female) super-hero style boobs’n’butt pose!

  • Victoria Pavlova

    Like the cover very much, don’t like everything else.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, her body’s bangin’ and Mr. Zee is certainly doing a good job here, but she is just so BORING.

    I swear, she is 1,000,000 obnoxious interviews away (+1 Weinstein-bought Oscar) from being the new Goop.

    • Helen C

      At least Goop can act better way better than her!!

  • Anonymous

    I dislike the wet shots.  The other 2 are nice.

  • Anonymous

    very tall ex-cheerleader posing for maxim then finding out it’s elle.
    has nothing to do w/ the styling [or the clothes for that matter] & everything to do w/ the person. thats who she is & all she ever does.

    edited to add:
    the only other thing is that, at least at this particular remove, whoever did the photoshopping shouldve done the very simple thing of not letting that tiny bit of the second L peek through her hair. i keep wondering why she has something floating around in it & i bet i am not alone in that. of all things, this particular piece of photoshop would be totally inoffensive & quite a bit less distracting. then again, cover size maybe what it is is more obvious.

  • Anonymous

    Telling us who designed the earrings she’s supposedly wearing in the cover shot is pretty funny.

  • Anonymous

    this chick is SO average to me. 

  • Anonymous

    “Sexy as hell” ??
    No, that’s lipstick on … the sweet young Labrador retriever next door.

  • Emily

    like the cover, the rest i could take or leave.

  • Anonymous

    Slutty in a bad way.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Somehow I don’t think this actress will have a long career. Dull.

  • MilaXX

    She looks great here.  Oddly my favorite is the the sports wear with the net top over it. Sadly this twit still brags about how she doesn’t have a stylist and can’t see how much better she looks in photo shoots and on her show where she has one.

  • Anonymous

    It must be me, but I’m not seeing the amazing styling here. She looks like the same, chip Blake to me. The cover is ok, but nothing to get excited about.

  • JillK

    Can we PLEASE stop Photoshopping women’s arms to within an inch of a Barbie arm? Jeez!

  • Anonymous

    I am seriously freaked out by that photo of her in those black pants!! Her head is wider than her body! Is that photoshopped? I pray it is, because it is very weird. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s like a watermelon on a broom handle!

  • Shannon Stewart

    That cover shot is fabulous.  It’s probably the most real and the most sexy Blake Lively has ever seen.

  • Helen C

    Wonder why she’s constantly pushed as the next big thing, when her movies flop and get no good reviews, her most famous project is where she’s generally regarded as the worst actress, and her fashion choices are ridiculed throughout the internet. 

    Guess she’s the New Sienna Miller. 

    • Vic

      Or Gretchen Mol

    • Noelle Haland

      I thought she was really good in her small part in “The Town.”

  • Amelia Logan

    This girl needs to hook up with someone like Victoria Beckham and learn how to look sexy with out making o-face. i like that posh is always clean and put together where as serena always look a little cheap and sloppy.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks terrible.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, I think she’s supposed to be a young person, but she always looks like she’s older than me–in her late 40’s at least. . 

  • Anonymous

    way to make a bunch of designer clothes look trailer parkey.  Cover is good,  rest is well….. not aesthetically pleasing and a little raunchy.  I generally like Blake Lively, watch her on Gossip Girl — I actually watch it to see what Kelly Rutherford is wearing but still, she is a pretty girl with an SJP vibe.  I don’t like this editorial very much.  Sorry Joe!

  • jan lee

    In the third shot — the one with the black and red bodysuit — did anyone else notice weird her right hand is positioned?? Is it just me or does the positioning look like it’s totally someone else’s hand? Bad case of photoshop? 

  • jan lee

    In the third pic — the one with the red and black bodysuit — Anyone else notice how strangely her right hand is positioned?? Is it just me or is that a really bad case of photoshop? It looks like it’s someone else’s hand 

  • jaymeglynn


    … but will admit, she looks really good.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    So I guess we aren’t allowed to see the other side of her face?

  • Anonymous

    Really? Wet/greasy and pantsless is amazing styling? I do agree the manicure and Schwartz jewelry combination is lovely. The rest is very whatever. (and that maillot is a little too BAYWATCH for me)

  • andy

    In the words of the immortal Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Speaking of heads, if I had a watermelon as big as [Blake’s], I’d be rich!”

  • Anonymous

    I like the cover shot, the others are kind of skanky.