BAFTA Awards 2012 Red Carpet – Part ONE

Posted on February 13, 2012

Darlings, it was that BAFTAs! That wacky British awards ceremony where they all use the “loo” and spell “realize” with an s! Let’s rip their dresses anyway!


Alycia Lane

 A pretty great dress poorly served by bland shoes and a necklace that doesn’t go with it.


Berenice Marlohe

 Simple, but it works.


Brad Pitt in Gucci

Why, Mr. Brad. You look downright suave tonight.


Christina Hendricks in Vivienne Westwood

 Clearly, the babyheads poking out of her dress have driven her mad.


Christina Ricci in Givenchy Couture

 Disco fabulous. Let’s all do a rail in the ladies room as a salute to this dress.


Colin Firth in Giorgio Armani and Livia Giuggioli in Sir Paul Smith

His and Hers tuxes can be too cutesy for words most of the time, but this works. It helps that they’re both so naturally chic. However, we don’t love her shoes and we shudder to think what she might be carrying in that clutch.


Edith Bowman

 Too precious.


Elizabeth McGovern

This is an improvement over recent red carpet appearances. Also a slight improvement on resisting the tuck-in-the-chin-and-smile-with-the-mouth-closed pose, which only serves to make her look batshit insane.


Gillian Anderson

 She looks like, if we lifted her up, there’d be some appliance or household item cleverly hidden underneath her.


Holliday Grainger

She has the exact skin tone to make this dress look ethereal and romantic. On anyone else, the effect would be greatly reduced, if not totally lost.


Jessica Chastain in Oscar de la Renta

It’s pretty goddess-y and we don’t love the shoes, but she looks great.


Joanne Froggatt

 Surprisingly simple, since she likes to shed her housemaid image when she goes out and tends toward sexy, slightly showy looks. Hair and makeup look great; questionable shoes.


Jon Hamm

Perfect. He looks like a cologne ad.


Naomie Harris in Emilio Pucci



Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive

 It’s the boob-in-a-box dress.


Tilda Swinton in Celine

Fucking love this bitch.


Viola Davis in Valentino

 Girl, that’s not your color. It’s okay on you, but not our favorite. Also, the makeup looks harsh.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    OMG–Tilda looks like she has a little Meryl Streep head growing in her shoulder? Wouldn’t that be fabulous and just so very Tilda if it were true?

    •  I would totally pay big money to see a movie in which a little Meryl Streep head grows out of Tilda Swinton’s shoulder and gives her unsolicited acting advice.

      •  And un-needed acting advice.  “Attack of the Two Headed Actress”

        • Anonymous

           A movie for which they would receive a two headed Oscar.

      • Anonymous

        It could be a boffo remake of “How To Get Ahead in Advertising.”

        • leilah

          Omigod — so sorry, I didn’t scroll down…apologies, but so glad there’s a fellow fan of the film!

      • leilah

        “How to Get Ahead in Acting”?    (If you haven’t seen “How to Get Ahead in Advertising”, do so — NOW!)

      • Anonymous

        “I Will Fear No Evil”by Robert Heinlein

    • Anonymous

      And did they drop the hem at the last minute and forget to iron it? What’s that fold across her shins?

      • Anonymous

        Looking at it again, it looks like it might be a satin inset and the fold might be a seam. Not sure, though, I’d have to see another pix.

      • Call me Bee

        It does look like a seam–between two fabrics of the same color but deffernt textures.  The bottom piece looks shinier.  Which makes this outfit even better! 

      • I think it’s more satiny/shiny from that point down.

    • Anonymous

      it’s her little side angel saying, “Yes, Tilda, you SHOULD wear cowgirl shirts to major award shows!”

      • Anonymous

        More like a little devil! 

    • Now I’m going to brand myself as a SciFi geek, but that picture brought back misty memories of Heinlein’s “Orphans of the Sky” and Robert Miller’s “A Canticle for Leibowitz”.  Someone should write another classic SciFi novel with Tilda as the main character.

      • Susan Crawford

        OMG! As another SciFi geek (and proud of it) your comment totally made my day. Yes,Tilda’s aesthetic definitely lends itself to some marvelous future where Planet Swinton, filled with glorious Tilda-creatures (sporting amazing hair and gowns made of strands of solar flare matter) glides into earth’s orbit and mystically transports all those in need of style makeovers to an ice cave . . . Aaaanyway, Tilda FTW, with Ms. Ricci a close second.

      • Anonymous

        I love you, Tadiana! ‘Nother Sci-Fi geek here. I thought Heinlein, too. But “I Will Fear No Evil” with Johann being advised on how to be a woman by his not-dead secretary sharing his body.

    • Best comment and photo-bomb ever.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha! like she brought Meryl for mean but nice chitchat about what goes on in the strapless-clad-starlets’ world.  

    • leilah

      I do think it’s fantastic that Tintin’s daughter is such style ninja.

  • Christina Hendrick is looking bat shit crazy. She really does love her boobage doesn’t she?  John, always perfection. Have we seen him do it wrong, ever?  Holliday for the win here.

    • Lori

      I’m starting to think someone seriously needs to have an intervention with Christina. Her body is not that difficult to dress. It’s not easy, but it’s not half as hard as she makes it seem, which means that the problem is with her not with her girls. There is just no good reason for her to leave the house looking like such BSC crap.

      • Anonymous

        She could do worse than to try to emulate Sophia Loren.

      • Anonymous

         I want to beg her to call Octavia Spencer’s people. Or Queen Latifah’s. Or anyone else- this is tragic, and she is working with TOO much natural God-given gorgeousness to be so poorly served.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that, when left to her own devices, she always looks so bad?? She’s gorgeous, but either she or whoever dresses her has no clue how to dress her figure. Christina, fire your stylist. NOW.

    • Anonymous

      I saw the Bafta’s (or the re-run after Downton) & she looked better in action. 

  • Anonymous

    Jon Hamm: I miss you; Christina: your hair looks crazy….
    (I can’t wait for the DA recap….)

    • It was nice of Helena BC to share her hairdresser with Christina. They both looked like they’d just climbed out of bed, gotten caught in a rain/wind storm and fixed their hair in the limo without a comb, brush or mirror.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda, man! Slaying again! (girl makes me rhyme lol) 

  • Anonymous

    Love that Meryl Streep photo bombed SWINTON!

  • Anonymous

    Jon Hamm…i love you. Downton Abbey cast can do no wrong. Why isn’t there an international social calendar so award shows don’t collide with major fashion weeks?! TLo, please tell me you are doing a DA post.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda’s hair these days just looks beyond awful to me — but maybe it just personally triggers scary 80s flashbacks.

    • Anonymous

       I’m not sure it’s just the hair. It’s the hair AND the bright, shiny, apparently makeup-free face. Now THAT is unusual.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say that Mrs. Firth was carrying a good old fashioned vibrator in that clutch, but I seriously doubt if she needs one.

    I’m giving this round to Christina Ricci for the win. The way she continues to impress when dressing that bitty body is something else.

  • Christina Hendricks, calling Christina Hendricks,…..Ma’am you are under arrest for over-deployment of the girls. Plus your escaped stylist, make up, and hair people have been found doing lines in the bathroom of a Walmart in Idaho.  You are ALL under arrest

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, this was a MAJOR “basket of tits” or “boob basket” (I can’t remember the name now) moment. 

      Maybe the girls are up there because the styling team is under that tent/dress. They wanted to feel what an award show was all about. 

  • Hmm. What does it say about me that, given the choice between this post and the Grammys one, I opened this first? Great comments (poor tea cosy) but I also love the ensemble of all these looks–just a general trend towards classy simplicity. Though I guess Naomi Harris has the most complicated dress and she looks amazing. But for once I would have liked to be there to admire these in person.

  • Anonymous

    Naomie Harris looks like she’s playing toilet paper bride. Hate, hate the bodice on that thing.

    Re: Mrs. Firth, I adore that clutch. So green & sparkly! The buckles on the shoes are a bit heavy given the sleekness of the suit, but I think they’re okay. I didn’t realize Mr. Firth was allowed to wear anyone other than Tom Ford in public anymore. This tux actually looks better on him than some of the Ford ones he’s worn, but is it me, or is his hem a little high? Maybe it’s just the lighting in the picture.

  • Anonymous

    the boobs-in-a-box comment made me laugh, but i think cruz looks great!
    im imagining the lesbian wedding of cruz & swinton, both looking exactly like they do here. 

    • Anonymous

      me too (on PC). That color is incredible on her. But she’s missing her best accessory (and that would be Mr. Cruz of course)

    • Cruz looked stunning – that color was gorgeous on her – but the bodice of the dress was just weird.  Or it didn’t fit.  Or something.
      I would like to be invited to that wedding though.

  • Loving the disco fabulous look! Whee!
    And Brad Pitt, wow. Best he’s looked in a while. 

  • Is Joanne Frogatt the only Downton cast member allowed to have a stylist? Because she is the only one I see consistently knocking it out of the park. No idea who Berenice Marlohe is but she looks so chic – I love it! And it makes me sad that Christina Hendricks just cannot seem to dress well outside of tv/movies; I saw Drive last weekend and even though she was playing a moll she still looked better than any time I’ve seen her IRL.

  • Oh Christina Hendricks we all know you have great boobs now cover them for a change, also that growth on her hip makes her look even wider than usual.

  • Anonymous

    What’s going on with the bottom of the Swinton’s dress.  There’s a big crease in it!  Or am I totally missing something?

    •  The bottom several inches are a different fabric. To my eyes the dress looks like its mostly crepe, and the hem is satin.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda for the win!  LOVE that dress.

    Everytime I see Colin Firth in a tuxedo I become instantly libidinous and shed at least 30 years.  Does anyone wear a tux better than he does?  Livia looks great but I agree on the shoes and the clutch. 

    Jon Hamm — yummy.  Brad Pitt finally and totally won me over with “Moneyball” so suddenly I’m that blinded fan-broad.  I.e., he looks great whether or not I really think so.

    Viola Davis needs the TLo private consultation to bring out her eternal inner diva.

    • Anonymous

      I think I read that Viola’s dress was made from recycled bottle fabric.

    • Every time I see Colin Firth, I think what a fine figure of a man he is.

  • Joey Melliza

    viola = wesley snipes = noxeema?

    •  (snorting with laughter behind hand)

      • Anonymous

        i like how this comment pretty much just describes your picture next to it.  classic!

        •  Thanks, and yeah, it does. I find a good deal of life to be pretty hugely amusing.

    • Anonymous

       I don’t understand this comment or see it as humorous.  Is it a reference to her skin tone?  Do you think she is unattractive because of it?  What’s with the Noxeema reference?  

      • Anonymous

         I think it’s a reference to the character he played in To Wong Foo, no? I laughed, but felt bad about it…

  • LOVE the Gillian Anderson comment, though I was thinking of one of those cutesy little bells my great aunt had on the tea table.

    • Exactly! I immediately thought of my sister’s extensive lady bell collection where the skirts of the ladies hide the bells.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who Holliday Grainger is (is that bad of me?) but you are absolutely right about her being able to pull this off. She looks like a John Singer Sargent painting.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had a schoolgirl crush on Brad Pitt since “Thelma and Louise” and this reinforces why. The dude is almost 50 and he’s still smokin’ hot (and not in a daddy-issues way like George Clooney).

    •  He looks good, but he treads a fine line with his grooming and styling.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Christina, there is a fine line between hoisting the girls up and providing your own chin rest…..

  • Tilda has gone from Eighties Bowie to Rockabilly. I love her so much. 

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure that is Alycia Lane?  If it is, she has had her face completely redone.  She is starting to get into that cosmetic surgery danger zone.

  • Anonymous

    The dark background behind Christina is not helping her look at all.

  • fucking love Tilda’s gown, she was best dressed for me. But almost everyone looked pretty on point, with the exception of Ms. Hendricks, tragically.

  • Colin Firth and Jon Hamm. Sigh.

  • Viola is real dissapointment. Let’s hope for the Oscar she leaves the wig at home.

  • MilaXX

    Christina really needs to put her boobs away, when she wears these low cut or strapless dressesall we see are boobs. a high cut or scoop neck would be so much better.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could wear my hair like Tilda’s.  Love it.

    That boob-box is doing strange things to Penelope’s side boob.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that’s the part I can’t stop looking at in horror!

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, Brad.  I’d like to snuggle in that coat with you.

    And Naomie Harris’ dress is lovely, that color is so wonderfully cheery in the middle of February.

    In the battle of the metallics, I give a slight edge to Chastain over Ricci.

  • Wait, no comment on Tilda’s shoes being too small and her toes are poking out?

    I really don’t get the Tilda-love. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I am over Tilda. She just elicited a “meh”.

  • Anonymous

    TLO SAYS.. “Fucking love this bitch.”  nuff said.

    i didnt recognize Gillian, a bit disappointed .

  • voter1

    Gillian Anderson looks like the infamous crocheted dolls to hide the roll of toilet paper on the back of the toilet.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thankful that Colin Firth and Jon Hamm never appear in the same picture. I would have to call for the paramedics. Brad Pitt will never look suave, not until he gets rid of that filthy hair. I’m glad to see Elizabeth McGovern has recovered, but now it’s time for a new makeup artist. And Tilda scores again with the perfect look. She is amazing.

    • Call me Bee

      I’m with you.  His hair has been awful–but I think it does keep him from looking like a 12-year-old, which he does with short hair…

  • What happened to Christina Hendricks’ hair???  

  • Lori

    Aside from the fact that
    Gillian Anderson’s dress is too stiff and therefore looks like an appliance cozy, I feel like her hair & make up are really aging her and that’s not right.

  • Anonymous

    Jon Hamm’s tux is too big for him. It makes his head look tiny.  Edith Bowman looks like she’s at a 1960’s debutante ball.


    Who is that dashing man in the Velour armani jacket on Tilda Swintons arm?

  • Anonymous

    I was going to comment on Colin Firth…until I saw Swinton…. that woman is glorious… she looks fabulous… I have a girl crush…oh me oh my!!

  • Patricia Gillett

    Gillian Anderson needs to stop spray-tanning. It does not go well with the shade of blond she’s currently sporting.

    And what is up with the epidemic of stars/stylists who just don’t know how to pick the right shoes to go with a dress? After you go through all that to get the perfect frock, you ruin it with crappy shoes?

  • Gillian Anderson’s dress looks like those snacks…what are they called? Oh yes, Bugles. Very strange.

    • Anonymous

      My first thought, too .  .  .  
      I do  enjoy that she chose an unusual color and texture, and that she accessorized with silver instead of gold, but … The design of the gown sure isn’t helped by how sharp and angular she is now.  

  • Call me Bee

    Lots of pretty here, which one expects from the British, no? 

    Gillian Anderson looks like something our of mu mother-in-law’s bell collection, that dress is so stiff.  

    I am increasingly unhappy about the trend of letting gowns puddle on the floor like drapes.  Saw a lot of puddling gowns at the Grammys as well.  Please, people!  Find someone to hem your skirts!   

  • Anonymous

    Viola looks like a girl who got murdered on prom night, except somehow she kept aging as a ghost…and that spooky bitch is TIRED!

  • Why are these pictures os poorly lit?

  • Anonymous

    I love both disco-shiny dresses.  Chastain would have had the win but she killed it with that busy necklace.  You don’t need jewels around your neck competing with the shiny dress.  Ricci accessorized better with the earrings.  Swinton’s gnarly toes touching the red carpet – ewww.  Love her dress but the feet are ruining it.  Holliday Grainger (who?) is perfection.  She does look like a Sargent painting, as someone noted earlier.  I think Elizabeth McGovern looks pretty darn great and is much improved.  Joanne Froggatt also looks very chic.  Love the color of Naomie’s dress but the bodice is giving me a headache.  Love Viola’s dress, especially the color, but her overall look isn’t quite working.  Maybe it’s the hair.

    This is the best I’ve ever seen Jon Hamm look when he isn’t playing Don Draper.  And Brad does look suave.

    Christina Hendricks is tragic.  Actually, she’s gone past tragic and is just annoying now.  It really shouldn’t be that hard to look halfway decent on the RC.  But she gets it spectacularly wrong almost every time.  I’m starting to think it’s by choice.  As long as the babyheads (snort! love that) are on display, that’s all she cares about.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the waistline on Christina Hendricks’ dress? Is it a blouson? And does her dress really have the one capped sleeve? So many questions.

  • Penelope Cruz looks a lot like Marion Cotillard during the Nine premieres. Weird.

  • Judy_J

    I had a major sad moment when I saw Christina Hendricks, but then I saw Jon Hamm and cheered right up.

  • Anonymous

    Brad Pitt looks better, but he won’t look suave until he cuts his hair. Colin Firth, on the other hand, is the personification of suave. And while you may fucking love the bitch Tilda, I love the fucking bitch!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta add points to Viola Davis for wearing recycled-plastic-bottles fabric (as did Fassbender?).  
    Also, a better venue/occasion for a bright color like this than at the Oscar nominees’ luncheon — thought that one was kind of poor etiquette for a group photo, sorry. 

  • Elias Pineda

    i love brights colors on viola  but that make up

  • Anonymous

    You know, I think Christina Ricci looks incredible.  talk about your basic glitz-and-glam…

    And Naome Harris…simply beautiful!!!

    I have to take issue with TLo’s Viola Davis verdict… I think she looks gorgeous.  It might not be the PERFECT color on her, but it does look really really good on her.  Yes, her makeup is a little strong,but I love the style on her.  She looks terrific!

    Meanwhile, I’m gonna go sigh over Colin Firth AND Jon Hamm…scrumptious. simply scrumptious!!!

    You know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so if either of these gentlemen would like to show up on my doorstep…I’ll even forgo the red bow!  (How’s that for generosity???  I’m so good…)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never really found Brad Pitt attractive.  He looks better than he has recently, but he still looks like he could use a good wash. 

    Jon Hamm, on the other hand, is dreamy. 

  • Anonymous

    I love Livia Giuggioli’s, but I think she should have worn them in another color.  And I am so loving Tilda’s Bowie hair.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think Christina looked all that bad on TV last night, but the dark background isn’t doing her any favours. Yes it’s a bit boobs on a platter, but I’ve seen her looking a lot worse. The hair needs help though.

    Likewise I really thought Penelope Cruz looked fabulous.

    I saw a great pic of Jessica Chastain on the red carpet from a bit of a distance with the wind catching the dress. She looked fantastic in it.

    Looking forward to the next batch. I was watching it last night anticipating these posts 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Naomie Harris is having a serious titscrepancy!! Am I imagining things??? What is going on???

    Tilda looks great and Joanne Frogatt does, too! Very elegant and sleek. Brad’s tie is askew.

  • Mariah J

    I don’t know who Naomie Harris is but she is WERQing it!

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on, anyone else & you would’ve trashed Tilda for wearing white with her coloring. 

    • That’s because the entire philosophy of this blog is and always has been that fashion is about who’s wearing it and where they’re wearing it.

  • Anonymous

    But at least Penelope Cruz isn’t wearing another mermaid dress. Although, she’s probably saving that up for the Oscars.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was the BAFTA FILM awards…what’s with all the television actors?

    That being said, I think Joanne Froggett looks the loveliest I’ve seen her on the carpet while Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth McGovern need the men in the white suits to come and lock them back up in a tower room at Thornfield Hall.

    Colin Firth and his wife look awesome.

  • Anonymous

    boobs in a box! *snort*  The cast of Bridesmaids needs to redo that song on SNL now, please.

  • Every time I see Viola Davis now all I can think of is how attractive she is without the wigs. 
    They age her something terrible.

  • I wish Chrisina Hendricks could have Janie Bryant as her stylist. Joan would never be caught dead looking like this.

  • Cathy S

    I could look at Tilda for hours. Her hair! So fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Colin Firth in tuxedos always takes my breath away.  I also think I have a crush on Livia.  I started reading her style blog on Vogue UK just to see bonus pictures of Colin, but she is so chic and cool, I now read it regularly. 

    Love Christina R.’s disco dress.  Hate Christina H.’s hair.  Scully looks awesome.  Definite improvement on Lady Cora.

    Jon Hamm is perfection.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously SWINTON!  Seriously…her hair

  • I actually think Alycia Lane looks spot on and I love that necklace paired with the dress. Brad Pitt… =) enough said about that. Also digging Christina Ricci, and the comment made me LOL TLO! Hate Colin Firth’s sig other’s clutch.

  • Ricci for the win. Tilda isn’t part of the competition. She hovers above them. It’s not fair to make them compete with her Tilda-ness.

  • Anonymous

    where the hell are the photographers standing? everyone looks like bobble headed midgets that are floating ever so slightly

  • Anonymous

    Christina Hendricks looks like she’s being swallowed by her dress and her hair is just nasty.

  • Anonymous

    Viola looks like a child applied clown make up on her. 

  • Anonymous

    JON HAMM…yum

  • Sheesh Gillian, can’t you have those tan lines taken care of????

  • Anonymous

    Anytime I can see Brad Pitt looking truly suave, John Hamm looking gorgeous, and Tilda is fabulous is a good time!

  • allisankelly

    What size are Penelope Cruz’s breasts? She has double side boob AND front droopy/smooshed boob AND plain old regular cleavage all at once. Not feeling Tilda at all in this dress. 

  • Anonymous

    Viola, you are beautiful. Ditch the wigs! PLEASE! I’m begging here.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t look at the first dress, I was too busy wondering where they hid all of the hydraulic cylinders to make a robot that realistic looking. There is something seriously inhuman looking about her. Also, why do half of the women look “on the cusp of organ failure”? 

  • Anonymous

    Naomie Harris’ dress is gorgeous but it’s bugging me–she needs to pull it up a little before it slides down her boobs.

  • Anonymous

    Penelope’s dress isn’t much, but that face – wow.  Talk about breathtaking.  Audrey Hepburn, Mediterranean-style.

    Damn the Oscars for not nominating Tilda.  Now she won’t be there.

  • I always wonder about the women who don’t seem to be carrying a clutch.  Don’t any of you ever need a tissue or a mint?  Even a place for your lipstick?  More importantly, a tissue or a mint!

  • Why are most of the photos out of focus? 

  • Every time I see Christina Hendricks wearing her boobs like a feeding tough around her neck I think “what an idiot”. Sorry to be so mean, but seriously, she clearly can’t handle what’s she’s got. She needs to get rid of them.

  • Anonymous

    re: Livia Giuggioli – oh, that’s a clutch.  i thought she was about to smash a bedazzled bottle of wine over poor Colin’s head.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda looks like David Bowie
    VIola looks horrible – especially after having seen her without the wig in the LA Times shoot – the contrast with that look and this look is overwhelming.
    Everything else is just blah. But compared to the freak show at the Grammy’s yesterday, blah is good

  • Anonymous

    Love your take on the Christina Hendricks issue.

  • Pretty sure the first pic is of British tv host Asha Leo, not Alycia Lane. Regardless, stunning. 

    Meryl for the win.

  • More great quotes…
    “Disco fabulous. Let’s all do a rail in the ladies room as a salute to this dress.”

  • Anonymous

    I just realized that I am totally spoiled/ruined by American red carpets/fashion shows, because I’m mentally bitching about how DARK everything is behind these people – put some of these in 3000 candlepower lighting, and everything changes – and did Christina and Meryl have the same dress except that Meryl wore a cardigan thing?

  •  The Swintonator rides again.  All-effing-hail!  By the way, what the hell is going on with Gillian Anderson?  She’s starting to resemble a character from the X Files….girl needs a sandwich.

  • Suzanne Johnson

    I haven’t gone through all the comments, so maybe someone already asked about this: What is going on with those shoes Jon Hamm is wearing? They kind of look like loafers with little silver tassels and silver studs on the side.

    I know I need a new prescription for my glasses, but I’ve looked at those shoes now a couple of times, and they still look odd (though not unattractive) to me.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Michael Fassbender has replaced Jon Hamm as the guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed. . . 

  • Andrea Weymouth

    I know I’m not the first to say it but Look in the mirror before you walk out the door!!! yes, I’m talking to you crazy baby smuggler!

  • Anonymous

    Ah, I knew she looked better on the BAFTA stage.
    So – a particularly windy red carpet combined with rubbish hairspray? a romp in the limo? (I don’t believe that’s as likely as it often looks like LOL!), she forgot to do her hair before she left? or was there a hedge between the limo and the edge of the carpet that she was dragged through backwards?

  • Not loving the coat length on Pitt, but I’d still lick him all over.

    I just figured out what Gillian Anderson reminds me of.  The skirt certainly looks stiff enough.

    Penelope.  She needs to shoot her gays.

  • frankystein123

    Berenice Marlohe (the pose looks a bit awkward), 
    Christina Ricci, Colin Firth, Livia Giuggioli, Jessica Chastain, Joanne Froggatt, Jon Hamm, and Naomie Harris, nicely done.