Academy Awards Nomination Luncheon Red Carpet

Posted on February 07, 2012

Darlings, it was the 84th Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon, which means everyone dressed like a politician’s wife and they all pretended like they weren’t secretly wishing ruin on each other. God, we love the kabuki that is Oscar campaigning.

Hit it, grasping, desperate, clawing nominees!

Berenice Bejo in Elie Saab

Pretty enough, but a little lackluster. Seems a little shapeless on her.


Viola Davis in Juan Carlos Obando

Great dress in a great color. We even like the shoes. But we’ll always think she should ditch the wigs now.


Glenn Close in Stella McCartney

JESUS CHRIST, GLENN. Are you actively trying to look like an 80-year-old Boca retiree?


Janet McTeer

 Miss Hathaway, the Clampetts will see you now.


Melissa McCarthy

 She looks cute! She still seems to be of the opinion that volume is a good idea, but at least she looks like she’s having fun with her dressing up.

Meryl Streep

Mary Louise, you’re killing us here. Do you see? Do you see how, when you don’t wear some big, blousy thing you actually wind up looking several sizes smaller and a decade younger? Don’t be afraid of your body, girl. It’s in fine shape and wearing something that shows that doesn’t mean you’re not a Serious Actress.

Michelle Williams in Victoria by Victoria Beckham

Twee as fuck.

Octavia Spencer in David Meister

 She looks great. She’s been returning to this shape a couple of times since she first seems to have discovered it and we’ll repeat: similarly shaped ladies would do well to look at the lessons she’s learned about what shapes and proportions work for her.


Rooney Mara in Thierry Mugler and ASOS

Typically weird, dramatic, and eye-catching. It seems strange to say this about pants, but she almost comes across a little over-dressed in comparison to the others. But the girl knows the rules: If you want that Oscar, you better get people talking about you.

[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America]

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  • Anonymous

    Mary Louise for the win (in more ways than one)!

    • Anonymous

       She looks wonderful! I hope this means she has a new stylist.

  • Anonymous

    Love Meryl Streep!  Best I’ve seen her look in forever. She evokes a “Faye Dunaway” here, no? 

    • Anonymous


      Meryl looks sane and intelligent.

  • Anonymous

    Viola – ditch the wig and you’d be an 11 out of 10!  By far the best look of all the ladies…I’m still swooning over that LA Times piece and was literally disappointed to see the wig on in that pic.  

    Michelle Williams now gives me flashbacks of when I cut all the hair off my Skipper doll. And, seriously, Rooney Mara, bleh.  I’m over you….she seems like she’s trying to be the character she played and it reads shitty/forced to me.  

    • Anonymous

      I dunno- chic and retro looks DEFINITELY don’t read Lisbeth Salander to me.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not the outfit, but the facial expression (of which I should have been clearer). The look on her face doesn’t seem natural to me and it distracts me from EVERYTHING she wears because it seems forced.  I can appreciate the clothes, but her (to me) forced demeanor is SO off-putting.

        • Totally agree. She ruins every interesting thing she wears with that “I am a serious actress” look on her face.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure what part of Rooney’s ensemble you think Lisbeth Salander would wear…

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I was totally unclear…it’s the expression, not the clothes.  It just reads false to me and it’s distracting when I look at her I get stuck on that pissy face, rather than looking at her clothes

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about Rooney.  Bleh. Sick of the deer in the headlights playacting and posing.  Like a child stuck on the red carpet for the first time.  Knock it off.  Same with Michelle.  Her look off the red carpet is usually head turning; on the red carpet ‘twee as fuck’.
      Melissa – please find someone to make you a dress that doesn’t use 5 yards of fabric.  You look pretty and happy but the dress isn’t doing you any favors.

      • Anonymous

        Yes! You said it better than me…it’s phony and grating. If you check out red carpet pics from movies before GWADT she’s not had that constant sullenness to her. 


        • Anonymous

          Maybe she is hungover from celebrating the Giants’ Superbowl win. 😉

      • If you look at her a year ago Rooney has the same face (i think a deer in headlights is how her face is) but lots of boring blush tones and uber femme dresses. This look is MUCH better. 

        • Anonymous

          I have absolutely nothing against her fashion look.  I think she takes risks and is usually successful.  But, I have seen her with make-up properly applied and she is a beautiful woman who has looked confident on the carpet.  This minimalist make-up routine with the clasped hands looks like such play-acting (because we HAVE seen better) that it’s a tad offensive to me.  She could have been caught at a bad moment but if that’s the case, she has many of those.

  • Anonymous

    Meryl looks great…but please, please, please, no stockings with peep-toe shoes!

    • Anonymous

      Meryl is of the age where a lady wasn’t dressed without stocking, no matter what the shoes. I, too, am of that age, and I am always struck by women wearing dresses worth thousands and shoes in the high hundreds and no stockings. Their feet are sweating into those shoes – YUCK!!!!

      • Me too.  I am 47 and I was raised that a dressy outfit just wasn’t finished looking without nice stocking.  Bare legs were strictly for sundresses and sandles in the daytime.

        • Anonymous

          I hear you. I feel like I see both sides on this- I would feel naked in winter, or at church, or most very formal events, without tights, but in summer? Pass.

  • Meryl and Octavia look fanTASTIC – it’s amazing what a striking impression a well-cut dress can make.

  • Anonymous

    Now that Octavia Spencer is managing a bit of a smile, she looks so much prettier. That dress looks great on her.

    I want Meryl Streep’s dress because it would look great on me.

    Viola Dace looks lovely, but you are right, she would looks SPECTACULAR in this dress with her own locks.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Williams’ dress is ugly and shapeless and the shoes don’t go.  Well, since her shoes are so dark, they are blending into the carpet, so I can’t really see the shoes and it gives the illusion she doesn’t have toes.

    • I agree about the shapeless thing. It could be cute on the right person, though. Right now, the dress looks like it’s two inches too forward on her shoulders.

      Thanks to TLo, I’ve been singing “L L Cool J is twee as fuck” all damn morning.

      • Anonymous

        Michelle is also standing in a really odd, hunchy way for someone who knows her photo is being taken.

  • This is where twee doesn’t work for Michelle Williams.  She looks too old for that dress.

    Meryl Streep looks fab! Love that color on Melissa.

    • Anonymous

       Elle Fanning is too old for that dress.

      • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily on Modern Family) is too old for that dress.

  • Anonymous

    Octavia FTW. This is the first awards season runway photo that I’ve seen of her with something resembling a smile. To quote some long lost poet, “she is bangin’!”

    Honorable mentions: Viola, Melissa and Meryl

    And Michelle Williams needs to stop turning to her toddler for styling advice.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, her dress has rain clouds. It’s like her daughter implored her to dress up to the theme of the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

      • Anonymous

        I just realized that Victoria “I don’t know what a smile is” designed a twee dress with clouds. Only she could turn a popular babies’ room theme into such a dour look. Or maybe the clouds realize they don’t belong at this event and they’re super sad. They just need Elmo to run out and sing a song. JM&O this look just gets more ridiculous.

        • Anonymous

          OMG…I don’t know why I’m shocked Posh designed this.  It’s so odd to see a juxtaposition between dour and Teddy Ruxbin. 

          • You all realize this is the spitting image of Grumpy bear from Carebears.Right?

          • Anonymous

            Once I saw Sara B’s comment I did…no idea why I didn’t think of it because Grumpy Bear was my fav when I was a kid. Either way…how in the HELL did Victoria Beckham dream that shit up? 

      • Lori

        I see two old men in profile (or maybe witches?) and their noses are her nips.

      • Sara__B

        It reminds me of Care Bears.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best I’ve ever seen Meryl Streep look.  Gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Meryl and Melissa accessorized in perfect Oscar gold… coincidence? i think not!
    And UGGGGHHHH Michelle. Seriously. Give that dress to Matilda. (Rainclouds? During a “gotta love me” campaign?)

  • Anonymous

    Rainclouds? Motherfucker that’s twee.

    • Anonymous

       KISSING rain clouds with what look like FACES! I think Michelle is just playing with us…waiting for our heads to explode with twee.

    • emily mcginnis

      the rain clouds are a bit much. smiling rain clouds with sparkly rain? is she four years old? i also cannot believe Victoria Beckham even designed that dress for an adult! 

    • Anonymous

      Rainclouds???  I thought she had Carebears on her dress!!  Now that would really be twee!

  • Meryl Streep and Melissa McCarthy look great! A little dissapointed with my fave, Rooney Mara. The shoulders on that jacket read Urban Outfitters 2 years ago to me.

  • Rooney Mara’s so elegantly chic. And that face just whispers how she’s above it all. In it to win it, I say.

    • Anonymous

      Above it all? More like “What am I doing here?”   Sorry, with Meryl, Viola, and (even) Michelle in the pack, she doesn’t have a prayer.

      • Lori

        Maybe she really was thinking ‘what am i doing here’.  By all accounts her family is very close and surely she would have liked to be celebrating with them. 

  • In this group it’s the skinny ones who look a bit under par/shapeless.

  • Terence Ng

    I actually think that Glenn looks good. It’s colorful and fun, but still formal, and the clothes themselves look good in quality. Hard to pull off, but with her, she’s got it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh! So happy to see Melissa McCarthy there 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I can’t look at Viola Davis wearing wigs any more–not after that amazing LA Times spread.  But Olivia Spencer looks better with every appearance–she’s positively beautiful here.

    Glenn.  What the fuck?  Are you going to Loehmann’s after the luncheon?  

    If Meryl Streep would wear a longer version of this dress to the Oscars, she would look lovely.  She actually put some effort in this time, and it paid off.  However, if you’re wearing hose (and you should be), you need to wear closed-toed shoes.  

    • Anonymous

      Exactly how I feel about Viola…that whole look would be elevated without the wig. I can still appreciate her utter badassery, but I cannot abide covering her beautiful, natural look with those wigs. 

      And Loehmann’s…bwahahaha…nicely played.  I honestly feel like she’s about to ask the photographer where Captain Stubbing is…she belongs on the Ledo deck.

    • …..Loehmann’s rocks…. 🙂 And she’d probably find a better designer outfit there…. 🙂

    • Anonymous

       Though I agree Viola looks AMAZING without the wigs I don’t think she should be limited to only rocking that one look. As an owner of a TWA (tiny weeny afro) myself that is currently growing out, I would have loved the chance to use wigs to change up my looks at a moment’s notice without doing any damage to my real hair.

  • Lori

     Good Lord, what was Glenn Close thinking? I feel another rant about how much I hate Stella McCartney as a designer coming on. I’m going to do everyone a big favor and just go have some more caffeine instead, but seriously, I hate Stella McCartney’s work.

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree. I can honestly say I have never seen anything by Stella that I liked.

    • Anonymous

       Scrolling down, I thought it was Betty White at first glance.  I would be fine with that outfit on Betty White.

      • Call me Bee

        I dunno ’bout that.  I think even Betty would look like a Boca retiree in that getup. Both Glenn and Betty are better than this outfit. 

  • Anonymous

    Miss Hathaway, the Clampetts will see you now. — TLo said

    Hahahaha! Good one, boys!

  • Michelle Williams, maybe don’t steal your Oscar luncheon dress from a fourth grader?  Berenice Bejo is a stunning woman wearing an old bridesmaid dress of mine.  Not an ugly dress, but not OSCAR NOMINEE, either.

  • Anonymous

    It’s because the drape Audreybot’s pants and the wide leg almost makes them look like a full skirt.  A less voluminous leg would look cleaner and less formal.  Still, love the jacket.

  • Michelle Williams grates my nerves so much.

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

  • Anonymous

    I think Rooney wins this round.  She does her own thing without being garish or inappropriate.  Most of the other dresses just sort of blend together for me.  She stands out.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the appeal of Stella McCartney.  She did a few nicely cut trouser suits years back, but since then?   Ugh.  She’s a menace to the red  (or any other) carpet. 

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Williams is starting to look like a possessed Kewpie doll to me. Ugh. Do not want. Melissa McCarthy looks great- that color is stunning on her.

    • Anonymous

      Michelle needs to muss up her hair a bit – sex it up. The dress is awful, no way to save it.

      I think Melissa should wear something with less volume. I understand where she’s coming from; most large women think folds cover your flaws and make you look thinner, but they just make you look sloppy.

  • You should have put Berneice with her brown hair and purple dress as the thumbnail image. Just to fuck with the layout a little more 🙂

  • MilaXX

     Berenice Bejo- Kinda boring and to quote Wendy Williams, that waist line needs to be snatched.Viola Davis  – Pretty, but it would look so much better with her twa & some nice earrings.
    Glenn Close – I like the pants, but that coat is hideous and the hair is tragic. I don’t get it, she’s so well dressed on Damages, does she not see that?
    Janet McTeer – YIKES! She looks like someone running for local city government, all dull clothes and sensible shoes.
    Melissa McCarthy – TLo I think you’re being kind to the fat chick. This is awful.That’s a shapeless fat lady dress, but even if you like the dress how can you cosign on those chains? That’s as bad as Vanessa Hudgins and her many rings from the other day. I like the color, but that’s it. I think she’s dressing herself instead of using a stylist.  It show because she always seems to just miss the mark.
    Meryl Streep – Much improved, she looks pretty good here.
    Michelle Williams – Awful. The blue bits looks a little like carebears so it makes it sickeningly  twee. On top of that it’s completely shapeless.
    Octavia Spencer – So glad she figured thing out. I almost wish she would go speak to Melissa because this dress in the blue fabric she is wearing would be really pretty on her.
    Rooney Mara – Not 100% in love with this look. The pants seem a tiny bit too long, yet somehow this works for her.

  • Anonymous

    Viola, throw out your wigs NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Michelle is trying to say “don’t rain on my parade”?

    Miss Hathaway!!  Now I’ll be giggling all morning over by the see-ment pond.

  • Susana Reyes

    Viola looks amazing. Best dressed imo.

  • Anonymous

    Meryl is beaming, Rooney’s make up is better, love the jacket. Everyone else ok. Michelle Williams took it too far sadly- i’m more embarrassed for Victoria Beckham, that dress is just so naive, me no like.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Michelle Williams looks like my Easter Sunday photo from when I was 5. All she needs is a white hat & gloves. Meryl is KILLIN’ it, and I totally agree with the rest of your assessments. Melissa McCarthy should ask Octavia who her stylist is, although she’s looking better lately (not perfect though).

  • “JESUS CHRIST, GLENN. Are you actively trying to look like an 80-year-old Boca retiree?”

    I hear ya. What in hell was she thinking? She wins for worst-dressed.

    I usually don’t mind Michelle Williams’ twee style, but that dress is awful. That’s something you’d wear to a cook-out, and you’d have your bathing suit on under it.

    I love Ms. Mara’s pants, but the top and the jacket aren’t working.

    Melissa looks pretty, because she’s always pretty. I agree she just needs to work on the volume of her clothes. I’m so glad that she’s getting some attention now. She’s really talented.

    Meryl looks fantastic. Octavia takes it.

  • Brad and Anne White

    Don’t they have anyone to dust Oscar’s base? Look at Octavia’s pic to see the dirt. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh Bejo, this isn’t dinner out with few suburban mom friends! (I say that as a suburban mom.)

    The Miss Hathaway comment provided my first belly laugh of the day.

    And yay for Streep!! She looks so much better than she has lately.

  • Anonymous

    Are we 100% sure Michelle Williams isn’t wearing Victoria Beckham’s children line in here?

    WERQ, Octavia and Meryl!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn WTH??? LOL.

  • Cathy S

    Meryl and Rooney Mara. Very nice. I like the color of Viola’s dress, but not the shape, and I hate her shoes. I do wish she’d go without the wigs though; her natural hair is fabulous. And sue me, I like Janet McTeer’s suit. Admittedly she looks like she’s off to a business lunch, but it’s got a nice shape and it fits her well.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I have a total ladycrush on Rooney Mara, based solely on what she wears and how she styles her hair. Shallow, yet satisfying.

  • Anonymous

    My grandma was a retiree from Boca Raton and she never wore anything quite so hideous.

    Meryl and Octavia are dressing as winners.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Rooney <3

  • Anonymous

    Michelle W.:  Raiding the wardrobe of a sweet Tokyo tween (I give you more margin than most, Michelle, but you have tested my patience for the last time).

    Rooney M.:  Don’t laugh, y’all, but there’s something about the jacket that works wonderfully with her ears (esp. in close-up shots). Adorable!

  • Anonymous

    My vote for the win: Viola Davis in that fabulous pink. Other pointers (this judging business has gone to my head):

    Meryl: no black hose for day.
    Rooney: hem your pants.
    Michelle: put that dress back in your daughter’s closet.
    Glenn: never wear Stella Mc. Her clothes range from disaster to merely overrated.

  • Anonymous

    Octavia looks just beautiful, and I actually like Rooney Mara’s get-up.  Meryl looks amazing.

    Michelle Williams’ dress actively annoys the shit out of me.

  • Anonymous

    “Twee as fuck.” Now, that’s  line for the ages. Volumes spoken in just three little words.

    Meryl Streep – yowza!! If she can do that, why in God’s name doesn’t she??! As in all the time??!  (Though I think sheer hose would’ve been better than black. But given that this is such an enormous improvement, that’s small potatoes.)”JESUS CHRIST, GLENN. Are you actively trying to look like an 80-year-old Boca retiree?” Funny, because I saw the outfit before I saw the face and that’s exactly what I saw: Seinfeld’s mother, Golden Girls, whatever. (Though I do kind of like the narrow pants.)

  • Anonymous

    Meryl looks beautamous! Finally! Love!

  • Loved Meryl. She should wear this everyday and for any function from now on. 

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Meryl: I had no idea she still had that figure? No excuses for billowing frump from here on out!
    Viola: Good as is. Would have been great with the natural hair.
    Michelle: Not just twee, also infantile and shapeless. I really hate this one.

  • Kyle Crawford

    per Janet McTeer : I don’t see anything at all wrong with wearing a simple grey suit to a day time event… she only failed in not adding some interest, some color, some pop….That and she is sort of unknown, so maybe no one offered her anything free , I mean Michelle and Glenn both got free stuff and look where they ended up! What is the bigger crime boring or silly ?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I have ever seen Meryl Streep look better. This is a perfect dress for her. Octavia Spencer is looking sophisticated and beautiful here, too. And then there’s that little pixie Michelle Williams. I am so sick of her I could puke. That whole “I was so busy with my daughter that I forgot about the nominations” crap was just too much. She must think her fans are idiots.

  • Oh Michelle Williams looks AWFUL. Ugh… Girl needs some red carpet posing lessons STAT
    Berenice would have looked better with different shoes. 
    I agree re Viola Davis. Would love to see it. 
    I LOVE the Rooney Mara outfit. 

  • Anonymous

    Must Agreewith my fellow bloggers Mary Louise for the win and Octavia Spencer for the first runner up! 

    Rock It Girls!

  • Anonymous

    Love Meryl, aka Mary Louise!! Hope she wins and wears a Chris March to the ceremonies!!! I think Michelle Williams’ problem is in how she stands, also. Look at those hands – they look like the Barbie pose from that horrendous Toddlers and Tiaras, the one Kathy Griffin made fun of!

  • Anonymous

    You guys are in fine form this (still) morning (in Oakland). Thanks for being such a sunny part of my (otherwise rainy) day.

  • Anonymous

    Meryl looks stunning, and Melissa McCarthy looks divine! Best look ever on her.

  • Kyle Crawford

    Meryl looks even better close up!  and AND someone else once wore that horrible Victoria Beckham rain dress:

  • Anonymous

    How could Michelle’s dress be a Victoria Beckham?  It is, like, well, I’m, I, um.  Hmmm.  It has clouds and shiny things on it.  I keep thinking it is a White Cloud toilet paper ad printed on a shift dress.  Lordy.

  • Audreybot is definitely visiting SWINTONville.

    Meryl looks fabulous, and I too would love to see Viola Davis ditch the wig, although this one is better than some she’s donned. Melissa McCarthy looks adorable, and she’s well accessorized too. 

  • I just woke my boyfriend up yelling – omg are those RAINCLOUDS?!  FFS, Michelle. You’re not a toddler.

  • Anonymous

    I have to keep reminding myself I once found Michelle Willliams to be the most glamorous gal on the red carpet (the year she wore the yellow Vera Wang, had a soft loose bun, and red red lips, I think when she was still with Heath). Because God knows it’s like she’s another woman altogether anymore. 

  • Call me Bee

    Michele Williams–Twee as fuck indeed!! Clouds, yet? oy.
    Meryl looks fabulous here, as do Melissa and Viola. I laughed so hard at Glenn and Ms. McTeer. How many young people had to look up Miss Hathaway??!? Thanks for the giggle.

  • Anonymous

     “Miss Hathaway, the Clampetts will see you now.”
    Oh my god I love it. Spot on.

    Also, I think it’s time for Michelle to grow her hair out. It looks ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Mary Louise for the win (and the Oscar). I listened to an interview she gave Terry Gross on Fresh Air about the process of becoming Margaret Thatcher. I haven’t even seen the movie and I want her to win. Fascinating insider details. She’s lovely to look at here, and quite lovely to listen to in her own voice. An actor who takes her craft very seriously, and herself, not too seriously.

  • I now realize that the thumbnail from Facebook was Glenn Close, but I swear to God when I first saw it I assumed it was Betty White.  Set that outfit on fire, Glenn, posthaste. 

  • Rooney Mara’s outfit is lovely. I really dig the way that girl puts herself together and the choices she makes. I want to introduce Rooney to Berenice and tell Bernie there to kick it up a notch.
    I love Michelle’s dress. On Vicky B. it wouldn’t look twee; it would look chic. Maybe those rosy cheeks and pixie cut just magically turn everything Michelle wears into twee?

    • Anonymous

      You’re absolutely right, check out the link below with Danielle Lineker wearing it — she doesn’t look half as twee as MW, even with the matchy-matchy shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow the clouds in Michelle’s dress seem to have smiley faces????? Love Rooney (as usual) and hurray for Mary Louise and her form-fitting dress!!!!
    by the way, Glenn Close is wearing Stella McCartney, which (if I’m not mistaken) has been also responsible for some of Mary Louise unfortunate looks of late….. I’d say: Ladies, stay away from Stella!

  • Anonymous

    I love Michelle’s Vicky B. dress and just wish she had stood up straight!  Really really cute dress.  Stella McC continues to prove that her clothes are yuck — And re Viola Davis looking so much better in her real, natural hair — of course!  This has been true for generations now.  Let’s hope it sticks.

  • Anonymous

    Jezzacripes, can Michelle Williams at least try to STAND like an adult and not some kid at the playground.

  • Umm…someone forgot to dust the Oscar statue apparently. 

  • Anonymous

    Melissa McCarthy is KILLING IT. I have no problem with the added volume — I think it’s great, in fact. As a big girl, I am tired as hell of the idea that we’re always supposed to be trying to look as tiny as possible.

    Rooney is also amazing as ever, and I love her for mixing ASOS and Mugler.

  • Susan Crawford

    Viola looks great, and I agree 1000% about ditching the fake hair – she is GLORIOUS without the wigs.
    Octavia and David Meister are a fantastic combination.
    Janet McTeer – channeling my terrifying college Latin professor. “Now, Miss Crawford, shall we discuss the passive pariphrastic?”
    Glenn, let me say this most sincerely: Stella is NOT your friend. And this is the Nominees Luncheon, not the Early Bird Special!
    Meryl – Do you see what a well-fitted dress can do? You look KILLER!
    Melissa – Your inner joyfulness and zest outshines ANYTHING you wear. I bow to you.
    Rooney – Heading for Tilda-land in a few years. Love her edge, her cool and her whole vibe.
    Michelle – Back to Wendy in the Nursery. And yet one more shot of her TERRIBLE posture! Gaaaah!
    Ms. Bejo – great little dress, super color, but a better bra would pep everything up.

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY, Melissa McCarthy gets it right. Nice color, nice shape, looks like it actually FITS!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Octavia looks super svelte!  Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Audrey-bot decided for a little replicant style.

  • Anonymous

    Did Jessica Chastain skip this event?

    Michelle Williams, stand like a grown-up!

    Meryl, Melissa and Octavia FTW.

  • Anonymous

    Octavia has never looked better! And love that she is starting to be more playful in her accessories, with that leopard clutch. Next stop, the shoes!

  • Anonymous

    why does michelle williams rarely have a purse?

  • Anonymous

    That Hawaiian housecoat Glenn Close is wearing is pretty bizarre but the dress from the children’s department that Michelle Williams is wearing is much worse. Octavia Spencer just keeps getting better and better, she looks great.

  • Anonymous

    “Twee as fuck” is my new favorite saying ever.

  • I think usually Michelle looks lovely (thinking of a recent red striped maybe Chanel outfit) and I don’t mind that she looks serious, like she’s pondering the meaning of life and death all the time (maybe she is!). But rain clouds? After what she achieved in Blue Valentine?? It boggles my mind.

  • Judy_J

    I’m a believer. Viola needs to give all her wigs to charity and start sporting her own glorious head of hair. She looked fabulous in that LA Times spread. Oh, and your Miss Jane comment made me laugh out loud, and I needed that today.  Thanks.

  • I’m just excited someone wasn’t afraid to mix brands in one outfit. Thank you, Rooney Mara!

  • Anonymous

    “when you don’t wear some big, blousy thing you actually wind up looking several sizes smaller and a decade younger?”

    I have a date coming up with someone I haven’t talked to in 4 years and haven’t seen in 5 years.  With this directive, along with the Streeptastic photographic proof of same, the question of “blue dress vs. flowy pants/blousy blouse” has been definitively decided.  

    Thanks, boys!

    Lady in The Blue Dress

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Great jacket on Rooney Mara. Viola Davis has incredibly striking eyes, and that wig really covers them up. If she went without she would be positively arresting.

    I am surprised that a Victoria Beckham dress could look twee, but I think that one would even if it were on the First Fembot herself. It makes me think of Grumpy Bear (great for a nursery, not going to garner respect in an Oscar race)

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Williams’ dress looks like it was a three year old’s art project.

    Octavia is in the zone now, looking sharp as fuck here.

    Melissa needs to lose some of that fabric, a sleeker silhouette would have totally turned this cute look into va-va-voom.

  • Lisa

    “Miss Hathaway” – HAAAA!!!  

    I was starting to like Michelle Williams in her past few go-rounds, and now I can’t stand her again.  This is just gross.  From the cutesie poo dress to the “It’s my first day of kindergarten” way she’s standing – she totally lost me again.  

    Octavia looks GORGEOUS!!! That color against her flawless skin looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Berenice Bejo totally reminds me of Natalie Wood.  Something in the eyes and the smile in her pictures.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, nor have I really seen her in action, but standing there, smiling, totally.

  • k op

    I have no where else to express this but…

    I loathe Michele Williams with the heat of a thousand suns.  I hate her lisping baby acting style, little girl banging her tiny fists on Big Man’s chest, her fucking poses like she’s reciting a poem in front of her 3rd grade, her affected retro-baby doll way of speaking.   All this is only confirmed by her choices in fashion. 

    People have told me that she is a shy person.  The why pick such a public profession like film acting?   I find her painful to watch in movies with her immature gesturing and limping around, knock kneed in a fuddle.  I sit in the theater and wince waiting for her to start sucking her thumb.

    There, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, Rooney Mara is rocking it, so far, sartorially speaking.  It’s been a long time since an actress dressed with such verve and a fresh POV.

  • Anonymous

    missy meryl deserves a werq!!! 

  • Anonymous

    why oh why does viola davis insist on wearing that hair? is hollywood really still so very racist that she feels like she has to look like julia most of the time to get work? her dress is gorgeous, it’s inspired me to at least think about wearing my similar one tomorrow when i have to go to the bank. i am not looking forward to tomorrow, come to think of it. then again, cant remember the last time i was.

    part of the thing w/ meryl streep, at least in this photo, is she figured out how to use the foliage’s backshadows for her own benefit. thats certainly not all of it but it’s part of it & the part of it that it is, is clever.

    i think the entire internet might rise up as one, maybe in a mini-version of the way it did for PIPA & SOPA &, in a less heated manner, tell michelle williams it’s time to leave her daughter’s dresses to her daughter. i felt very bad for her for a long while, if pressed i probably still do & i believe i can assure that for once nearly all of the known wired world is w/ me. but it’s finally time, it’s probably past time, to halt the worn stagnation of mourning in its tracks. i get it, i unfortunately know entirely too well how it is, but this has stopped working, is no longer doing any favors, etc &, exhaustedly, ect.

    i would bet you just about anything that that is almost the equatorial, maybe, opposite of what stella mccartney had in mind when she made that jacket. i would say polar but, well, you know. equatorial is wrong, obviously, but i cant think of something that would work instead. i would take suggestions.

    octavia spencer is looking better & better. i always wanna call her octavia butler, apologies if i am ever not quick enough to stop myself.

  • Brenna McClellan

     “Miss Hathaway, the Clampetts will see you now.”
    I nearly stopped breathing. You two are amazing. 

  • Anonymous

    Street looks the best Ive seen her look in a while. She also looks so much better than all the rest of the ladies….and poor Rooney Mara. She & her ears needs to go home.

  • Patricia Gillett

    Viola is BITCHIN’ in that dress. Great color on a dark-skinned woman and a fantastic shape on her. (P.S. Serious props to her trainer.) Wig or no wig, she is shuttin it down. 

    But I am friggin’ over Moody Rooney and Michelle Williams shopping for clothes in the American Girl doll store. 

  • Anonymous

    Dear Lord-WHO put Glenn Close in that get-up? Or is she auditioning for a remake of “Cocoon”?  Meryl looks good, Michelle is back in twee mode, Viola-great color, wear your own hair!

  • Anonymous

    Berenice Bejo needs bangs. And I just can’t with Michelle Williams. Enough already, girl. And I do, unfortunately, mean “girl.”