24 Hour Catwalk: Quick n’ Dirty

Posted on February 03, 2012

Every week, we say, “THIS will be the week we get around to blogging the It’s Just JustRaymona Show!” and every week, we get behind on Project Runway and all the haute couture and menswear collections, not to mention awards season and the upcoming NYFW, which means every week it gets pushed aside until Thursday rolls around and one of us says to the other “24Hour Catwalk is tonight. Do you want to blog the last episode before then?” To which the response is almost always “I can’t remember one thing about the last episode.”

This show is an enjoyable bit of junk food, but when you get right down to it, there’s no opportunity for the viewer to get engaged for anything longer than the 60 minutes it’s on the air. No one progresses to another episode. It’s quick n’ dirty fashion, and then they’re shoved out the door for the next group to come in. That’s not (much of) a complaint, but it does make it difficult for us to blog the show. It’s the same reason we don’t blog Tabatha Takes Over, even though we adore her and she’s one of our favorite people we’ve met through this blog. “Done in one”-style reality shows don’t give bitchy bloggers like us a lot to work with and when we try to write about them, we find ourselves being nastier to a bunch of strangers than we feel comfortable being. Or we wind up writing bland, polite reviews (See: Mad Fashion). We can be bitchy if we get an idea week in and week out of who you are, but if we only have 42 minutes and you’re playing to the camera for all its worth because it’s you’re only shot, then it leaves us with not much, in terms of blogging material.

So here are the contestants: Black Guy, Hippy Chick, Flamboyant Queen, Southern Belle. Forget names, darlings. Everyone’s playing a type to the hilt and that’s all you need to remember. The challenge: take an ugly old chenille bathrobe and make a red carpet look.

That’s one of the things we really love about the show: the insanely impractical and ridiculous challenges.


Flamboyant Queen

He mentioned he designs for drag queens. It shows. He’s out.


Southern Belle

It’s pretty amazing, considering she had two hours. The chenille solution wasn’t bad in theory, but it’s too heavy so close to the face like that. That detail would have looked better closer to the middle or bottom of the dress. But she’s in.


Hippy Chick

She had two hours and no dryer, so the silly girl decided to hand-dye a chenille bathrobe. The result is piss-poor, but we have to admit our agreement with the judges. It was bold and the final product, while awkward and a little ugly, definitely had something to it.


Black Guy

He tripped himself up (like a lot of people do on this show) by trying for perfect execution in this challenge. He wound up making a surprisingly well-tailored gown, but didn’t have enough time to figure out how to use the chenille in a way that wasn’t Amazonian in its breast-baring qualities. He’s out too.

So that leaves Southern Belle and Hippy Chick to make a mini-collection in 24 hours based on a tote bag, scarf, and Covergirl makeup products. Hippy Chick gets JustRaymona on her team and that practically guarantees her the win, even though she kept wandering off to dye things and needed JustRaymona to shake her by the shoulders and tell her to focus.

Can you tell we love JustRaymona? She really does need her own show.

Meanwhile, Southern Belle is getting a mite too imperious with her team and there’s a lot of in-fighting and confessionals about how someone’s grandma might wear her clothes.

So of course, Hippy Chick won. Is JustRaymona getting a kickback from all the designers she’s ushered to their win? She should.


Hippy Chick

Basic, but cute. We really liked the sheer strip around the waist, although it guarantees that 98% of the female population wouldn’t even consider trying the dress on. The top’s just a little too big and blouson.

Totally sloppy, but there was a kind of modern chicness to it, even if it’s not executed all that well.


Her best look. That coat is great and we love the color story here. Using the scarf as a sash almost ruined it. Why not make the camisole out of the scarf?


Southern Belle

Very nice, but a dress we’ve seen dozens of times before and having her wear a big printed scarf over it, Julia Sugarbaker-style, took it from current to 20 years ago, almost instantly.

She tried to be edgy, bless her. The skirt’s great, but everything north of her waist is awful.

We give her a a lot of credit for attempting it, and while a jumpsuit’s pretty on trend right now, rendering it in an autumnal gold silk charmeuse only made it look like Cougar-wear. She makes pretty clothes but Southern Belle isn’t the kind of dressmaker that’s going to get that panel of judges excited. Out she goes.


[Photo Credit: myLifetime.com]

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    • Pam Winters

      I really like the host of this show (I know that that’s controversial) and think that she needs to wear HippyChick’s little black dress. It’s perfect for her.

      When this episode started, my husband said, “It’s a rerun.” It took a while for him to be convinced that it was new, given that the designer demographics are so similar from episode to episode.

      I still have a sick fascination with this show, as disappointed as I usually am with the results.

      I’m waiting for the challenge where they have to make three runway looks by using the clothes their sewers are wearing. ‘Cause someone’s gonna have fun with Miss Fascinator’s dead-animal hat.

    • MilaXX

      I love this show and all it’s cracky ways. Just Raymona is a hoot. I loved her standing hippy chick in front of a mirror and pointed out that she’s designing for herself and that won’t wow the judges. I have to admit though, this week Dereon was trying his hardest to snatch some limelight from JustRaymona

    • Anonymous

      It’s the first time I watched the show completely and now you blog about it!!!! Perfect timing on my part! ūüôā I really like Alexa Chung and JustRaymona is awesome…..¬†

      • Me too!¬† I always turned it off partway through – just too much crazy.¬† Maybe this week was the right level of crazy for me.¬† And Alexa – comb your hair!

    • Susan Crawford

      Honest to all the Gods and Goddesses of fashion and reality TV, if JustRamona doesn’t end up with her own show, I will have a hissy fit! I want to be Miz Just’s BFF, have drinks and hang out. What a woman! Love. Huh.

    • Anonymous

      I liked the belt made with the scarf from Southern Belle. That is all. And another thing, this challenge was supposed to spotlight the makeup on the models? WHAT A FAIL. Hippy Chick’s models look dreadful. Awful hair too.

      Stuupid, silly show, oddly compelling. But I’d rather not. I vowed to quit after last week’s diaper disfunction. I really will now.

      But, sure, give JustRaymona her own show. I’d peek in on that.

    • JustRamona, with this win, has ushered in 2 winners (last week with whatsher/hisname). So she is at a 50% win rate – I actually thought that LAST week having the JustRamonaness would guarantee a loss. So glad that’s not true because JustRamona is the best thing on this show.¬†

    • Definitely thought that sheer strip was a brown sash…if it was I would be IN LOVE with that dress. However stomach baring is not in the realm of possibility for me.

    • Anonymous

      JustRaymona is truly the best thing about this show.
      While I kind of like the hostess’ style, every week I find myself wondering what she has against hair brushes.

      • Anonymous

        I just figured she keeps having a quckie right before the show with the key grip and then skips on stage. Also a good reason to wear the cute short dresses.

    • oohsparkley!

      I can’t believe the JustRaymona love.¬† I watched the last few weeks and seriously wanted to muzzle her or smack her.¬† I didn’t think I could take it, so I turned out last night when the sewers came on the scene.¬† Too much negativity for me.¬† She does have a reality TV personality.

    • Anonymous

      OMG…I was just thinking I kinda like that gold jumpsuit…and then I saw the “cougar wear” comment.¬† I need a drink….

    • Anonymous

      The Flamboyant Queen looks like Evil Josh’s Greasy Uncle.

      • leilah

        Okay, no fair, you’re either a psychic or know their family — and don’t even bother to ask Josh, cuz he’d never admit it….

    • Anonymous

      I love JustRaymona too, but I was under the impression that she was 0-3 before this episode and that this was her 1st win. ¬†So glad y’all are blogging about it again!

    • Southern Belle’s two-piece outfit reminds me of Rami’s ugly gelato entry last week and the jumpsuit is reminiscent of Michael’s winning negligee.¬†

    • Anonymous

      I love Tabatha! You should do a weekly blog highlighting what she wears and the fantastically bitchy things she says each episode.

    • It’s so sad you guys aren’t doing a regular blog of this show. The designers change every week, but those judges are always the same, and they can be really really harsh, especially the one with the bowtie.¬† I wanted to read more about the superhero challenge where the judges made that poor designer cry because they told him he obviously hated women because he made Catwoman’s cat suit, and then talked him in a circle until it seemed like he was saying a woman’s only self worth could only come from sex. That poor poor man. It was like watching a train wreck.

      • Anonymous

         more like watching a crashing meth addict. that was HILARIOUS.

    • Call me Bee

      I DVR this show to watch it when The Hubs isn’t around, and it really is a big snore.¬† Of course, I watch it every week–just to see what the designers come up with. Unfortunately, not much. I find myself forwarding through most of the construction stuff because its always the same.¬† Drama from the the sew-ers and drama about time running out.¬† Yawn.¬† The whole thing could be done in a half hour.¬† And the model host drives me nuts.¬† I like her commentary, but I’m so distracted by her messy¬†3rd grade hairdo, I can’t take her seriously.

    • Anonymous

      I thought you guys probably lost interest in this Trainwrecky Game Show. 
       I do find it hard not to stop and stare at the weekly crash.

      I thought you would have commented on the Cape Wearing Drama Queen from a couple episodes ago
      Now that was one scary train wreck.

      I was thinking JustRamona had lost more often. 
      She teaters on a fine line for me, but the only ongoing story is: which side gets Just Ramona this week. 
      And every week her designer doesn’t know what he/she is doing and needs some JustRamona to straighten them out.

      In the end she’s the only thing you remember.

      • leilah

        Ahhh, Indashio…. ¬†It would have been fantastic to read TLo’s deconstruction of Miz “Indashio-Means-Living-The-Dream,” but this is probably a case of either saying everything (and they would’ve need 550+ words for Dashi, alone) or nothing — and given how L-T-D seems to be popping up everywhere, nothing is probably prudent.

    • I want Flamboyant Queen’s pink plaid jacket.

    • This the perfect show someone who has couture-worthy sewing skills …but there are so few of us.

    • patitasdeplata

      I love this show – I find it so calming. I don’t have to make a commitment to a designer (or several) for weeks at a time. I like that it’s over and out, pronto! The hostess could be so loony if she spoke a somewhat different type of British English – she sounds idiotic saying “guys” and “dollars.” She ought to tone it down and accept that she has to be a loon to host this show.¬†

      The judges are just creepy enough each week, and that New York Times number one author guy DOES NOT WEAR SOCKS with his shoes! It is just too preppy! There is just too much to see on this show, and after Project Runway, it’s a nice soporific! Also I think $10K is a decent prize, kind of cheapskate but not an insult, if you know what I mean. I get very tired of all the hyper-excitement over the PRAS prize and the breathless delivery of the list of treasure-prizes one of them will win! You can’t get breathless and hyper-excited over $10K.¬†

      But Justraymona is the reason I watch the show. She truly deserves a show of her own. . .

      • Anonymous

        I like Alexa Chung and her messy hair and skinny legs and Minnie Mouse shoes, and she seems nice and not all up her own ass. ¬†But funny accent or no, it drives me nuts how she pronounces the ‘H’ in Herbal Essences. ¬†

    • Anonymous

      What drives me crazy about this show, is that 3 seamstresses each have a full day to execute an outfit but the final product looks like they finished it in 2 hours.  When PR has a one day challenge, they have maybe 11 hours from start to finish.  These seamstresses are really lousy or inexperienced.

    • Anonymous

      i wish you guys had blogged the episode before this one, with the raging ranting speed queen freakout! this show is INSANE. it’s just so amazingly stupid. i’ve watched it a few times mostly to see which judge/host can hold in their giggles and smirks the least.

      • Actually, we looked at each other after it was over and instantaneously decided we weren’t touching that one with a ten-foot pole. It’s fun to make fun of reality show assholes, but when they have clear emotional issues, it feels a little dirty.

      • Actually, we looked at each other after it was over and instantaneously decided we weren’t touching that one with a ten-foot pole. It’s fun to make fun of reality show assholes, but when they have clear emotional issues, it feels a little dirty.

    • Oh Miss Bee (commenter) has taken the words out of my mouth. The flow of the show is basically the same with the only ‘surprise’ at the end so it does a get a bit repetitive. I haven’t seen this one but your critique of the ‘edgy’ outfit is spot on.